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The Clan - Halo
The Clan - Halo : Chapter 8

Chapter 8

  2011.07.18. 11:21

Chapter 8

„Mmmm Foxy Lady…”
Screaming electric guitar made her jump out of the bed. She was just staring in front of her shocked and slightly trembling from the sudden awakening then she slowly looked towards the nightstand where the alarm clock on Dave’s mobile screamed Jimi Hendrix’s song persistently. Her brain didn’t give the order yet to do something about it, she was just staring at the flashing-vibrating-chiming little object. She doesn’t know Dave’s phone anyway.

In the next moment the door was ripped open and a very disheveled and grumpy singer marched in, barely holding the sheet together on his naked body. He lumped down on the edge of the bed, switched off the alarm, threw the cell back on the nightstand then grunting loudly a few times he fell next to Usi in the bed, squirming closer with his butt to make some space for himself. He was cute like a little sulky boy, or at least in the wakening girl’s eyes. A tingling hot energy was slowly flowing from the man’s body as if it wrapped itself around her like an embracing arm, stroking her back. Usi lay back down too with a smile in the embrace of this nice energy. She was about to fall back to sleep next to the rhythmically breathing man when Martin’s pleasant voice reached her senses.

Blondie was kneeling next to the bed, trying to wake his pair with caresses. Worried adoration was glistening in his eyes as he tried to beg him out of the bed on a low tone. Hearing the movements he looked at the girl over the singer who tried to collect himself reluctantly.
- Morning! We have to pack, because they’ll be here for us soon. The circus goes on – he kissed Dave’s face then took his hand to pull the whining and protesting teenager with him.
- Leave me aloooone!!! It’s a problem if I don’t sleep… once I could and you bug me then… - he grunted, but followed him and started packing. He can’t do anything about it, even if he whines, they have to go. They closed the door between the rooms so she could start to pull herself together and pack her things quite excitedly, because she’ll meet the others that work with the boys. Andy, Chris and she’ll have to present herself as an advisor. Wow!

By the time she dragged out her luggage she found only Dave in the hallway.
- Usually we are separated in front of the others – he answered her unsaid question toiling with his own bags. It was clear on his face that he wanted to cover up the clouds of sadness with the excuse that he hasn’t slept enough.

They went to the waiting bus in silence. The fans were up early and Usi nearly suffocated from the violent energy of the people tightly surrounding the parking lot as they just wanted a glimpse or to make a photo of the group.
In the car she was sitting between Chris and Dave, examining the nice floor, while the good pals were playfully joshing over her head. They asked her, she answered, smiled at them, looked carefully around the others. They seemed regular people on a trip. Suddenly she didn’t feel anything strange or that distant devotion either. Leaning against the strange dark-haired creature’s side, as he friendly put his arm around her shoulder, all of a sudden she felt herself in safety. Again. Just a tiny thought ran through her rational brain next to the tingling nice feelings, trying to guess what they really were. Because they’ve mentioned some unearthly things and she have seen with her own eyes and felt on her own skin their special abilities. From the Universe!!! She had to laugh out loud on herself. The boys didn’t understand, but they laughed with her and the good mood stayed on the airplane as well.

After they took off Martin lumped down next to her with a wide grin.
- I heard you’ve been thinking – he winked at the girl – and what was so funny about us?
- Well the sounds of the Universe and that you aren’t exactly regular people… but I hope you aren’t from Mars – Usi said as giggles burst out from her again.
- No, not really – the blonde man giggled too – It’s interesting that nearly no one gets it even after the cover pictures. Universal studios, so the album is the sound of the Universe – he winked at her impishly.
- Oh… I really didn’t think about it this way. But still, you could comfort me that you didn’t come from the space.
- No – Martin smiled at her kindly and with shining eyes – From the opposite life level, where you came from too. Don’t be surprised, when we get to the next city, there’ll be time to fill you in into everything. You’ll see everything you’re curious about. – With this he left her there to get lost in her thoughts, watching the clouds and the chessboard of the settlements’ outlines through the plane’s window. Clearly the special link between the two men was deeper than it seemed at first sight and they want her to help them as some kind of a link to understand each other again like a long time ago. Or at least she got this information from them so far. She’ll get answers to her questions. Well, she doesn’t even have questions yet. She sighed resignedly and looked around in the plane, watching the chatting, sleeping and reading group and crew.

How and when has all this begun? How did they become attracted more to men? Because she already saw that their feelings for each other are true and deep, maybe deeper than she had ever written in her stories. Still there are all those countless women who adore them and they have a quite good reputation from conquests… She let herself think it over carefully: they are in love with each other. Yes! Somehow it seemed that this filled her with relief. If she takes a closer look it’s not surprising at all, she and her co-writers nearly always imagined their relationship differently. Dave was the macho, who was only after trying to satisfy his insatiable needs during fucking around with the blonde man, who was given a sensitive, nearly fragile suffering soul in the stories. This easily blushing, thoughtful and funny teenager didn’t resemble the egoist sex-addict who treads down everyone. And what did Martin say? “The way I treated Dave so far”… What does this mean? Anyway, they want to solve something very important in their lives and it seems that it’s their common life. Their relationship is important to them. After getting over the shock of the first days she started to get more and more curious. She’ll pay attention and will bottom this.

She wasn’t even surprised from the fans following them from the airport to the hotel, she just wanted to get far away from them as soon as possible. It was as if they were animals and they ran scared into the safety of the cages from the hungry stares of the zoo guests. She felt like this as she finally sighed deeply and let her bag fall on the ground in the suite.
- You wouldn’t have thought that we are chased animals, would you? – came the murmuring chuckle from behind her. Dave pulled his suitcase into the room, he clomped into one of the bedrooms where Martin was packing, he sat down next to Curly on the bed and jumped into his neck, pushing the laughing musician over. Usi didn’t understand the quiet words he murmured into his curly lover’s ear but they made him sniff and caress the singer’s back passionately as he covered him with his body. Filled with love and gentleness, she stated watching them and her heart melted from the nice sight, too. She unpacked and she could already hear the not exactly shy pair inviting her loudly into their room.

Martin was leaning against the headboard with his back, Dave curled up like a little boy in his lap, hugging Mart from the front, as if he was his protecting tower.
- Tonight we’ll go to a similar place like when we first met face to face. On a hidden level that is visible only for our kind. It’s still full moon which means its power is stronger and hopefully our cat here will come to himself again – he smiled, but Dave’s darkly glowing eyes looked up at him sulkily.
- I’ve already told you to tell me if I bother you with my stupid things – he stood up and marched off into the bathroom, clearly hurt.
Mart slid to the edge of the bed, rubbing his face with his palm. He looked confused and sad at Usi, who didn’t understand a thing.
- It’s always like this. I don’t know when I hurt him with something and during the past years he became too sensitive to such things from me. Today you’ll learn everything you have to know, plus the thing in what we need your help this much – he puffed in front of him and headed after him languidly, already addressing him kindly from the door.

to be continued...

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