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Shayan Akbar - The Beating of Our Hearts (ENG)
Shayan Akbar - The Beating of Our Hearts (ENG) : Chapter 1

Chapter 1

  2012.11.18. 12:16

The beating of our hearts


Chapter 1

“Jared and Shannon are this close. They finish each other’s sentences, exchange coded looks and speak in their own slang.“
— David Keeps, Details magazine (via steelnglass)

Los Angeles 2005

// Look at the red, red changes in the sky.. //

Another long awaited visit from Jared after the shooting of Alexander. A small recording studio in L.A. nothing too fancy, except the long haired slim figure sneaking out of a cab and into the building, pulling a bit lower his big pair of shades to look around in the half lit room, a small half smile of a naughty kind forming at his lips spotting what he was looking for, and with animated moves, like a creeping cat he get behind the small but more wide guy sitting at the drums, who bobbing his head in the rhythm coming from his headphones, not even stopping or opening his eyes as the long arms holds him tight from behind.
“Welcome back bro, I could feel you in the city.” – Shannon smiled like a happy little boy, stroking the arm around his neck as he pulled the music off his ears and turned his head just to be smacked with the biggest wet kiss ever on his lips by his brother, making his deep brown eyes round and chuckle onto the full red lips opening his mouth to let the sneaky sweet tongue again search his, pulling Jay in his lap. All the missed months of build up longing reflected in his kiss as he made love to the other pair of incredibly soft and tasty lips, breathing his brother’s air, stripping off his usual cool – “You had enough of the great sexy Mr. Farrell?” – he moaned almost in his deep voice, pulling back to look over the beloved face, running his finger across the lines of it.
”You are jealous Shan?” – came a cat like giggle from the other one, the hat and sunglasses was dumped on the drums. “You were away yourself, we said we try to change, remember? “-the lips said that, but the round eyes of Jared gazed adoringly at his older bro, they made a promise that they will become famous together, still they took separate path during the years, Shannon was always one with music and Jared’s beauty got discovered and rewarded with various roles of movies and commercials. Once back in the poor little house the two young boys raised to be close and caring awoke to the feelings they shared, something has driven them both not only towards each other, but seeing the world around them much different then others did. Their mother said it is a second sight, seeing and knowing the truth behind the mess the world is in, the urge to show the people what should be the sign to follow. One day.. One day they will be famous, as this civilization only listen to the ones in the front of the magazines, and then they will listen to what Jared see in the universe, and Shannon like a good guard was behind him to protect and support no matter what came along.
”You are still so beautiful…” – Shan ignored the question grabbing the long thighs and moved Jay to sit astride him, after his shining eyes now his hands examined the body hovering over him with much carefulness to the smallest detail, the slightest curve of the well toned muscles, not leaving those hypnotizing cat like eyes for a second, not that he could melt into them once again. Holding back the rage of attack and have his way like his desires dictated him, feeling more and more like a mad dog tugging against his short leash that keeps him away from what he truly wanted. “I can’t take it much longer Jay.” – came the confession that made the younger Leto blink in surprise, Shannon was the cool who had more control, well as it came to hiding his true self behind the ever joking silly guy they both was in the surface, he stayed quiet, scanning the surroundings of them all the time keeping his beast like eyes on Jared, this burst of his emotions was rare of him and showed the depth and honest meaning of the words. His task was to be around Jay and as their career divided more and more that made them drift away from each other and from the mission also. “Shan… I came to tell you I stop acting. You thought I forgot what we have sworn to brother? “– Jay held the stubby face between his hands, caressing the flushed cheeks with his thumbs feeling his heart sink from the touch, he could feel it again, the beating of the two hearts as one. “I believe still, and want to play music as we were planning as kids. Won’t be apart from you, everyone will know what a genius is my older bro is, you still want to lead the world with me?”– he were a small boy again, in the arms of the older one the big actor was just a giggling kid, with eyes filled with true love and fire. Who could have said no to that face. Shan couldn't, never in his life so once again he just smiled back nodding without a word and bend closer to those lips he missed so much.

Things happened fast, with the fame of the movie star Jared Leto people reacted to the promo music, some with doubt, not knowing much of the highly musical past of the brothers, but most of the fans were positive and open to this new career and things started to build. As so does their relationship turned back to the old days, when curious teenagers first kissed the only one they been trusting more then they own life. Jared became the prophet like lead singer of their band, using both of their connections to reach higher, keeping their unique bond to themselves. Now at the tour of the second album the fans are hearing not just listening followed them around the world, forming the cult on their own, understanding the signs the band could not be more pleased and happier with them.


// Again and again and again and again I see your face in everything…//

Messy hotel room somewhere in Europe, Jared once again showing up his sick sense of humor to all the fans who awaited eagerly to the video diary about their newly claimed ‘messiah’, and Shannon cannot hold back his giggles any longer as he fooling around with his breakfast, not really caring about that from the webcam if the humans would see not just stare they could spot the lying half covered naked drummer in the background trying to sleep, or more like giving up and shaking with laughter.
“Okay guys and girls, gotta go now be a busy bee..” Jay quickly blows a kiss with a goofy smile to the fans, closing down the conversation and the laptop, turning around in his stool making an annoyed face “And you are young man, not only a sleepy head but also ruining the show!” That is it, Shannon turns on his back letting his laughter free holding his taut stomach from the voice and face of his bro that soon came into his tear blurred sight as the singer dive jump on top of him and holds his arms over his head. “Now get prepared for the well deserved punishment!” He made a cartoon like evil giggle and open his mouth wide, cause an even louder wave of laughter from the pinned man looking up at him with rounded eyes as the sharp looking teeth slowly came down and the end a pair of sweet lips folded his with a tender kiss, his arms were moved to hold the now laying Jared close to his chest, touching together their hearts just like they always did.
“One day our sex tape will be all over the net, cause you don’t log out fast enough” – chuckled in his low voice kissing his brother more with passion. The show they played last night been draining them all in a good way both spiritually and physically and they just fainted into the big double bed. The little tease of Jared of course fired up Shan behind the drum set, making the worked up man trying to beat his frustration out on the poor leather, as the sparkling pair of blue eyes kept locked in his warm browns as J leaned above the drums to sing directly to him shaking that tasty figure he got, now it is revenge time, Jared folded his strong arms over him and Shannon with a swift move turned them, trapping his bro under his heavy body, biting down the lean neck with desire and lust, forcing deep groaning moans out of his victim.
“The net is already full of your dirty look on me all the time Shanny bear” – Jay wiggled giggling in the fake fight to get free, getting his jeans trapped bulge rubbed to the drummer’s thin sheet covered crotch. If he wanted to make him lose the control over the raging hungry beast inside, now Jay used the perfect tactic, the man on top groans up grabbing the narrow hips to pull closer to his burning groin, stroking the long slim thighs apart to drop in between, lifting his gaze up to the younger Leto.
“You enjoy my hungry eyes on you, admit it J! “ the long sleeved shirt is already off, revealing the toned upper body and pale skin he is so mesmerized about still, after all these years, the little minx made him lose his mind and just want to worship and love him with all his body and soul, not thinking about facts and taboos just feelings and bonds.
“What are you thinking I am so close to you all the time dude? You are mine and I must scare the bitches away” – mumbles with his fingers lost in the messy hair of Shannon as those full lips traveled greedily on the singer’s chest and from the words he just heard stopped for a moment. Thoughts run over his mind, but he put them in the back of his head focusing to the morning exercise before their band mate Tomo gets up and storms in with his usual way.
“Not answering will just get you into some trouble with big bro…” – Shan moaned as the aching in him reached the level he could not take anymore, he knelt removing the sheet from around him, causing J to curse out loud from the sight of the big muscles and already fully erect beast of a manhood, very ready just for him, just like always wanted, not for some ten buck slut or fangirl but him. Suddenly the skinny jeans felt like a fiery trap that kept him from his desired person, and that damned belt only made his nerves wreak, thank to the spirits that the big hand of the ever helpful Shan teared it all off him with a few ragged moves, so all he had to do is wrap his long slim limbs around the wide body hovering over him, making his colder skin break out in goosebumps from the hell like raging fire that he felt from him, from the kisses, the caresses that became more greedy, the kiss sucked away the breath of the younger one under his body moving more in rhythm, giving back the tease to the moaning and groaning Jared.
“May god fuck you for this!!!” – he blurted out shaking for more deeper contact, lifting his hips to feel the wet shaft press closer to him, digging his short nails in the strong back deep, swearing some more hearing Shannon’s giggle. Finally the very wet fingers touched him where his aching body was screaming for it the most, the long cold lubed fingers entered him and he leaned his head back in lust gasping out.
”So fucking beautiful...” – the other one breathed watching the face flushed with pleasure, the throbbing in his private parts brought him back to his animalistic purposes, pulling his hand back and smearing the remaining lube on the thick head, laying back in position, bucking roughly forward to break through the tight ring of muscles and lost his breath and mind at once from the tight fiery grip the shaking body squirmed under him, pressing down on his length to get him more inside. – “Fuck you are so hot inside..” – that was all his blurred mind can put in words as his hips came alive to first slowly ease his rod inside with caring for the other, but soon as Jay’s muscles provided him to move free and fully in and out his raw lust took over in a maddening rhythm as his moves welcomed and matched by his lover, escalating their passion more and more higher as their groans and pleased moans filled the hotel room in the first curious beams of the morning sun that ray over them like a blessing of the pure, true love’s physical act when a long almost painful howl echoed between them in the high bliss of a joint release.

“Tomo will be here any minute Jay..” – said in a whisper Shan as he caressed lazily his little bro’s back and side, amazed once again by the softness of his pale skin, smiling when he moved closer over his chest as they cuddled in the afterglow of their lovemaking in peace and feeling complete. – “The deal with him was that he don’t sees us like this, and we have a plain to catch too.”
“You’re such a mofo Shanny!” – moaned J looking up in the almond shaped eyes with the same soft love shining in his crystal blue ones. – “But you’re right, I don’t want to get him mad at us. You know you’re still the sexiest man alive? No, just don’t answer to that one. I can feel it.” – smiled moving up and giving a tender kiss to the plum lips stroking the stubby face – “let’s get up then and take a shower before the circus starts again”.
”We should shower separate, or we never get to the airport”– laughed into the kiss the older one, he could stay there caressing his other half forever, but their task won’t let them to enjoy more blissful moments as the loud knock made Shan sigh and opened his arms that held Jay till now. Fuck this fucking hiding! He wrapped the sheet over his waist with some low growl while Jay pulled his jeans up on his bare ass and stumbled to let their otherwise beloved bandmate inside who greeted them cheerful to be welcomed by the grumpy wave of the drummer as he slammed the bathroom door on himself. ~Shannybear.. Just a little time now. I love you~ he heard in his head walking into the shower cabin placing his head on the cold tiles to let the hard wave of water splash all over his back and nape. ~I know, I love you too brother~ He sent back the mindlink to calm the worrying Jay starting to wash his body shaking with all the injustice of his swirling emotions, wishing the cascade of the cold drops could wash his soul clean and bring him peace.
All those years yearning something that this half blind society damned, having all the urges to tell the humans all. He met people more like him and J but not much, they were different then humans, never really know what breed that cold used such abilities as mindlink and supernatural sensing though some artist seemed to have similar visions as they did, and under the heavy secret even if they met their own race a few times non of them reacted or brought up such topics. ‘Just a little time now’ Shannon sighed thinking of Jay’s voice in his head and that how many times he heard that before in the long years of their mission. He has to be patient and believe in that day, nodded a few times to himself finishing the washing and closed the water rubbing his body dry grabbing a robe to go out and greet normally their almost brother.

“Hey dude! Hate to get up this early, ya know my lazy ass”– he was all giggles again hugging Tomo and patting his back, avoiding the ‘I know what you did, but nice try Shan’ look in the small dark eyes. – “I bet ya already packed up and ready, huh? “
”As so we are Shan, only thing is needed some clothing over that sexgod of a body and we can go before get a call from the managers” – grinned J with that speech into their guitarist face, pushing the limits of what he can do or bring up before him. The hiding made him suffer as much as it did Shannon, the worse part was when he kept telling how the older Leto was more talented or creative, the people only saw him as the actor, beside the Echelons, the Echelons loved the Shanimal and played around with the idea of the two of them, warming his heart as he read such blogs in his mobile in the long travelling.
“It is all cool, he looks great in a toga dude.” – Tomo laughed and Shan laughed with him exchanging a meaningful look with his bro. ~Next time shake your ass before the drums and you get tied down in the dressing room~ said to him in his mind and had to turn away to dress and to hide the naughty smile and blush from the look he got in respond.
"On the second thought maybe we could leave him here and just parade with all the fancy people just the two of us." - Jared laughed leaning to the doorway with arms folded on his chest being very amused as his bro stood there with his pants in his hands and looked at them both unsure of he now allowed to dress before them or not. Finally looking up from the morning leftovers what he been picking from Tomo saw and had mercy on him, suggesting that they take the luggage down to the hall and meet there while the cab arrives leaving the drummer to his thoughts.

Throwing the towel on the creased sheet he still smiled as he could still see Jared laying there with flushed cheeks from the desire for him, just like the first time.. decades passed by and this feeling never changed, still he didn't felt natural by it. Not for the fact that their love count as taboo, he got over that before he turned twenty, the feeling of something missing from the picture and they haven't reached what they should.. Shannon shake his head as he still stood there bare with his jeans in his hands getting now really to not think just get ready, the fans awaited them in another city, more soldiers to gather to their war, more people to meet in the after parties that Jay could get jealous of, he thought back of the sentence of his brother about scaring away the bitches. His other half was jealous over him that much? Somehow that made him feel all warm inside and he grabbed his bag rushing down to the hall.

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