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Shayan Akbar - The Beating of Our Hearts (ENG) : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2012.11.30. 15:50

The beating of our hearts- 3  

// steelnglass:
Interviewer: Shannon, the last time I interviewed you, I noticed you are very protective of your brother.
Jared: Shannon is indeed very protective of me..
Shannon: (to the interviewer) Be careful with what you’re gonna say!
Interviewer: Why are you so protective of him?… //

'What can possibly happening now?'- pulled his hood over his head Shannon in the middle of the foreign city. Took his shades off, a man with a hood deep in his face with sunglasses is rather suspicious, and that he wanted to be last now. Scanning as much he could the area for his brother, feeling his own blood rushing in his ears louder with every goddamn second that got wasted. How could he lose Jared now again? The bitter helplessness almost turned into panic, no matter how much he tried to force his infamous cold blood behavior on himself, now it was about Jared! Anything can happen with him while he is failing big time as his guard. 'THEY' are here, he already felt the icy chill on his spine and the strange sensation as the air would burn over his skin. Just when he finally picked up a trail of the feel of his baby bro suddenly a black jeep turned before him.
"I take this is one of those early dawn and middle of the night, usual secret rushing out of sight and return injured type of adventure, whatever is up you two trusted me and I'm not blind. Where did Jared disappeared to?" - Tomo's voice was calm and spiced with the stubborn decision that he will help, no matter what is the actual case. No time to argue now, Shan thought jumping in the rented car,which their guitarist wanted to use to look around the old European town.

They were young boys when the first 'attack' happened, Shannon just turn eight, spring made the small muddy town joyful with flowers and sunshine. Not having a full two year between them they often recall things like they had always the same age. The mindlink turned out to be a whole lot of fun. The brothers realized it is an ability between them only, starting to build the web of many secrets they kept all of their lives. School started to get more serious and the older Leto found himself mesmerized by the tales of history and literature. Having the biggest blessing special children could have, a mother who is open the world and supporting they every eager attempt to know and explore anything around them. Being a woman of similar interest in arts and philosophy Shannon had first hand source to his questions. He knew he has to look after Jay Jay, and at that time and age this got more into his mind. They are brothers, like one whole with special skills. He read what ever he found about Romulus and Remus, and the ancient stories about boys and brothers succeeding in their great faith together with various ends. Like the Roman twins turned against each other. His boy mind, raised in the freedom and love to the world had hard time to digest it, when from curiosity in the southern state's mainly Christian religion he bumped into Cain and Abel. He sympathized with that God punishing Cain for his deed, killing his own brother. Shannon's most precious being was Jared and Constance, their mother. He almost could see the scene as God asked 'Where is your brother Abel?' and a young man, Cain answer in his imagination was so neglect 'Am I the keeper of my brother?' Every time he lost Jay somewhere or someone asked that, it replayed in his mind.

Then it happened. He did not found his baby brother anywhere. He waited at school but the other kids informed him that he was not in. Where Jared can be? Mom would have left a note if she got him home earlier, she knew he would wait for Jay. His worried thoughts choked him in the long run to the small house, what he found empty. 'Am I the keeper of my brother?' Running over every hiding spots they gone to usually, the younger boy no where to be seen. The sun started to hide under the horizon, mom was now home, probably worrying for both of them but he can't give up, he just couldn't. Not seeing nothing from his surrounding or hearing people calling his name, the boy as last attempt recalled the feelings what he and Jared shared, his scent and the buzzing chill when they cuddled, calling in his mind as he went the fourth circle in town.

"Turn right here Tomo. We go to the end of this long road and have to keep it down, I don't want you to get more into this then necessary"
"What is this exactly? What kinda mess you to get in time after time and with whom?" - After the turn right he faced Shannon's stiffening features, waving his hand to the drummer to hold the wheel while he held up his long black hair. "I think of you both from long as very close friends, I only seeing you like this when Jared is in some danger.. " - finished Tomo focusing on the road patiently.
"I dunno man.. I don't know who they are or if they want to harm him or just take him to a place to show something.. We never knew what they really wanted. Mostly giving a heart attack to me when I cannot feel Jared around. " - Shan in his deep grumble didn't notice the other's questioning face to his last line. 'I am the keeper of my brother!
That evening in Missouri, with drained by all his might and strength, lips curving down in a desperate but useless attempt to find some clue, a last cry in his mind sent out to his little brother with closed eyes concentrating at him, the young body shivered in cold yet felt the air fiery around him, his skin itching as he opened his eyes to see strange 'letters' written all over his skin, but had no time to get shocked cause he just heard a small voice calling his name and without another thought with new vigor he ran to the direction using the mindlink to locate Jared till he realized he actually can 'feel' him and his presence.

Almost at the edge of the next town, he ended up before an abandoned factory building. Not thinking just 'talking' with Jared in his mind he followed his second sight up the fire escape till the roof, down the dark staircase, while his body started to ache from the held back air, his brother is here and alright! Cold, hungry and a little scared, but alright. Despite the fact Shannon didn't felt either brave of known what he is doing he slowly crossed the dusty hallways to the one room lit, peeking in counting a small group of people and Jared in the back sitting on the floor between some old huge factory machines. The people were looking at each other standing close without a word, the older boy knew by instinct they have a mindlink also. Could be those people like they are? Why they brought here his brother? Jay told him he don't know how he got here from school, they placed him down and just waiting. Both of the children noticed that they could not recall anything about those mysterious people, they saw them, their faces and all but as soon their eyes turned away it all disappeared from their mind.
How to get Jay out? Shan pulled back, his quick working brain processed all the small details of the building, thinking and dropping possibilities within seconds, deciding to check out the room next. Not seeing much in the poor light filtering from Jay's prison, a broken glass just might be a gate to his other half..

"Just stay here hidden.. please." - the darkening brown eyes looked deep into the small black ones of Tomo, deadly serious. Not even waiting for a reply Shannon was out of the pick up and rushed into the weedy yard of the once office building, calling his brother, feeling him inside with 'THEM'. Even till this day, after many many years he could recall the very first night, tonight is just like that was, with this place out the middle of nowhere. Climbing to an open window and inside while the usual itching become stronger over his skin, the back of his hand were covered with black writing.

'I am the keeper of my brother!
Jared did not responded to his calling, was here though. Up in the roof now, in the intensifying wind he spot his brother laying in the fence boundary of the roof, out cold all alone..

Back decades ago the older brother with minor cuts over his back finally pulled his sibling into the shade of the huge machine and held him to his racing heart with all his strength.
~We have to get out and home, just stay behind me and don't stop, okay Jay Jay?~ The tired pair of blue eyes gazed into his with a nod, Jay squeezing his hand strong, when all of the sudden they got cornered, and surrounded by the adults towering over the hugging boys.
Withing a blink of the eye Shan jumped to his feet and with something that later Jared sworn it was a growl of an animal, ran against the bodies, shoulders up like a football striker, dragging the smaller one after him, out to the hallway, down the broker stairs till they both fall from the high first floor.

Patting Jared's warm pale face, calling him silent and aloud, nothing helped and Shan started to panic even though he felt the rushing blood and the beating of the same heart clearly. Their stalkers intention probably was that, distracting the elder's senses and they did succeed as the keeper haven't noticed the shadows closing up around them while he kept calling his most treasured being. Suddenly the round eyes flew open in panic and Jay grabbed his shoulder
"SHANNON TURN!" - shouted and rolled off the edge next the kneeling man before him when Jared saw the jumping shadow. The older one turned and stand to be stabbed by his side and cut deep.

The two young boys cuddled strong, the fall was not long but they felt it slow motion. Shan tried to cover Jared with his then bigger body from the hit at the ground.. Surprisingly they landed on their feet. After a quick look to each other rushed like crazy back home, never looking back.


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