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Useless-girl - Beam of Light series
Useless-girl - Beam of Light series : Chapter 2 - By the Rules

Chapter 2 - By the Rules

  2014.03.25. 12:02

A decision is being made by Tommy and some rules are set down between him and Adam.
But will they be able to play by those rules?


Note: The sequel to “Beam of Light”. Yes, I couldn’t help myself and as it seems a few more parts will follow as some are already roughly drafted out in my mind. Until that enjoy the second part of the “Beam of Light series”.

Recommended song: Adam Lambert – By the Rules (Quotations are obviously from there.)                                     

Rating/category/pairing: NC-17, slash, supernatural elements, romance, angst elements, Adommy, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff


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By the Rules


“You are my lover
My lava flow
Burn like no other
Right through the core
Just like the constellations, we shine
No wreck or ruin, our planets align…”

There they were, sitting across each other on the two couches of Adam’s hotel room. Soon they’ll have to get ready for the show, but now they had some free time to kill. And what a better way to do that than talking about serious things? Or at least try… For Adam’s sake. Because he was full of unanswered questions since last night when Tommy left him in his room after that passionate kiss and confession. That certainly blew the singer’s mind. Talking about sleepless nights… Now Adam’s and the shadow self’s excitement made sure he had a restless few hours before the sun came up and they had to hit the road again. They were traveling for long hours and somehow the singer never had the chance to talk to Tommy about the whole situation he found himself in. That one sentence changed so many things and Adam wanted to see clearly before letting his hopes get too high. He wasn’t particularly fond of the idea to fall flat on his face and of course it was very important to make sure he wasn’t imagining things and he wouldn’t lose the unique relationship that was his and Tommy’s.

His throat was dry despite the beer he sipped on time after time as the silence dragged out between them. The way Adam acted was so ridiculous. Where the hell did his confident self go? And why wasn’t his other side stepping forward to take control over the situation like it did before in the past? Because this was much more important, he realized and damn, he didn’t want to blow it this time. The stakes were high for sure. If he did blow it, he would lose not just his best friend but his colleague too – he was sure about that.

Tommy appeared to be calm as ever, drinking from his bottle, looking pretty as always and obviously enjoying the situation a bit more than he should have – or at least Adam thought so after looking at the familiar face. He could read it quite well by now. This was his amused face. “So… will we talk too or just sit here and stare at each other until we have to go?” he asked after a couple of more minutes when he thought he gave enough time for the singer to calm down – though by his look he was far from calm. He acted… insecure? Scared? Adam fucking Lambert scared of talking? That was a first… Nonetheless he understood.

“I… uhm…” he cleared his throat, gripping the bottle of beer a bit tighter. Get a grip of yourself too, mate. You are pathetic. He could nearly hear the words from that dark corner and as much as he wanted to talk back, he knew that the shadow self was right. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, fixing his gaze on his friend. “How long?”

“Does it really matter for how long I’ve known you were writing about me?” Tommy asked back flipping his hair to the side with a move of his head.

“It does matter to me. I’d like to know” Adam sounded a little calmer as he began scratching at the edge of the beer label.

“Long enough” he shrugged and smiled faintly.

“Were you freaked out and disgusted?” he asked biting the inside of his mouth, jaw flexing.

Tommy inhaled deeply and shook his head then stood up with his beer and slowly walked over to Adam, knowing that he’d have to help Adam snap out of this shy state. It wasn’t really the Adam he knew and loved. He watched as the singer pressed against the back of the couch as he got closer. He nearly looked scared, a lot of emotions running through his face but Tommy was more interested in the way Adam’s bluish-grey eyes began to darken in shades as he slowly straddled him and sat on his lap. That look… that was more like him. Or at least when Tommy was around the singer. “Not really. I was surprised of course when I figured it out, but looking back it wasn’t so difficult to piece it together” he answered sipping from his drink before tilting his head slightly to the side, finding the warmth of Adam’s body underneath nice. He sat in his lap before, of course, but not like this. This was different and… good. Felt natural and exciting at the same time. The guitarist has known for a long time that his body would be a perfect fit for Adam, because he knew the singer’s type. Small, pretty and witty – just like him. But he wasn’t sure he’d sit here one day and look into the serious eyes like this. “I should’ve known from the very beginning from that look at the audition” he sighed and a small smile played in the corner of his lips.

“Yeah… well you were just my type and your guitar playing blew my mind…” he cleared his throat and held his beer a bit tighter, his other hand resting on Tommy’s thigh.

Now we are getting somewhere, Tommy thought as a quite normal reply came from the singer. He tentatively slid closer on his lap just to be rewarded with a sharp inhale.

“Wait… before this gets any further… I have to know what’s happening. Is this… a one night stand, or becoming fuck buddies or you want to be with me?” he asked. He just had to know and see clearly.

Tommy looked down into Adam’s eyes as he finished off his beer and put the bottle down behind him on the coffee table. He then put his hands on Adam’s shoulders and smacked his lips, clearly thinking things over. “You know well that I wasn’t really attracted to guys so far… besides finding some hot and pretty, but I never did anything else than teasing and occasionally kissing them… But I like you. A lot. You must have felt it already. What if I said I wanted you to pop my cherry? The one I want to experiment with? You know I’m not shy when it comes to trying out new things. I feel safe and comfortable around you and know you’d be more than attentive if we did this. How about… waiting with my answer to your question after we tried it? I understand your concerns. I don’t want this to come between us either but I’m curious and not just about having sex with a man but about having sex with you… If you say yes, I think we can see where things will lead us. I just don’t want things to get weird between us after… well, after you fucked me” he said bluntly and licked his own lips as even the thought made his cock twitch in the confines of his skinny jeans. “Taking it slower would be better, I think, although I don’t think I’d freak out as my mind is already set” he added and waited for Adam’s answer with a confident expression, hips slightly rubbing against Adam’s groin.

Adam had to close his eyes from the delicious friction after listening to Tommy’s thoughts on the subject. He had to take a sip from his beer too and lick his lips as he returned the honest look. He really looked confident about his proposal and oh man, what a proposal! Adam got so turned on even from the possibility to finally touch Tommy like that for real, not just in his fantasies. Choosing Adam as the first one to share this experience with was more than flattering to the singer, but he wasn’t so sure what he’d feel or do in case Tommy said he’d rather just stick with chicks afterwards. Would Adam be able to move on and let that night become nothing more than just a pleasurable memory? But at the same time if the singer said no, he knew he’d always ask himself the ‘what if’ questions, wondering how it would’ve felt having sex with Tommy and of course what might’ve come out of it in case it worked out. Taking a deep breath he slowly nodded. “If you are serious then my answer is yes. I’ll gladly be your first… and I don’t want this to come between us either. You are too close to my heart for that. A too important part of my life” he sighed and slid his free hand on the back of Tommy’s head, caressing his nape and neck. He let the blond take his bottle and put that on the table too then watched him lean closer to lean his forehead against Adam’s. The singer had to close his eyes, body slightly shaking in anticipation as Tommy’s fringe tickled the side of his freckled face.

“I am serious” Tommy nodded pulling his head back enough to be able to look into Adam’s grayish-blue eyes. He could tell only from that look that this’d mean more to the singer than to Tommy but as selfish it might sounded, the guitarist had to know. He wanted to know how it’d be with Adam… if it would be as good as he imagined during his drunken nights when he had enough liquid courage in him to dare to let his thoughts wander into that direction, then it was worth a shot, wasn’t it? Besides, he didn’t know anyone else who’d be more perfect than Adam.

“What do you like in bed? Any limits?” Adam’s question pulled him back to reality.

“With guys? I have no idea. With girls I’m usually in control, but tried out this and that. I like spanking, bondage, a little choking/breath control and I consider myself pretty open-minded. I like it rough” he flushed for the first time “Limits? If you don’t piss or shit on me I’m cool” he chuckled, trying to make Adam look less serious while he reached for the big hand adorned with rings. Fuck, he couldn’t wait to feel those on his dick… “But I’ll tell if something’s too much.”

“Ew, Glitterboy!” he grimaced “I’m a pervert alright, but not that much” he chuckled shortly then ran his free hand down on the narrow back, finding Tommy even prettier from the blush “In control, huh? Then we might have a problem, because I’m a top…”

“And a Dom, as I’ve heard…” Tommy breathed, excitement glistening in his brown eyes from the thought “I… was kinda counting with that. Especially after your controlling kisses and behavior on stage…” he admitted “and I liked those. You must have felt it…”

Adam swallowed hard and felt his cock fill some more from the memories of how easily he could bend not just Tommy’s body but will too and now this badly disguised excitement… Interesting. “So you want a taste?” he asked feeling the shadow self stretch and lift his head very interested from the turn of events. He got a nearly shy nod and before Adam knew his hand was already fisted in Tommy’s hair at the back where it was left longer in the middle. He pulled on it a little to tilt Tommy’s head up just enough to expose his neck. The pleasure in Tommy’s moan clearly audible as Adam bent closer and planted a soft kiss on the smooth throat. He felt Tommy finally lead Adam’s hand on his bulge to show how much he liked this. The singer’s fingers started rubbing him through the tight jeans, a low growl resonating in his throat. Dammit, Tommy’s reactions were already driving Adam insane. “We’ll discuss the rest later, okay?” he asked letting Tommy’s hair go and he slid that hand down to the small ass, squeezing it hard to make the blond grind against his hand and groin again. He took the hint and did it, moaning from the friction.

“Sure, whatever. Kiss me already!” he panted with cheeks flushed, making Adam grin wide for a second.

The kiss was far from chaste. It was all teeth and tongue and suppressed desires that were surfacing after such a long time. There was need and want and passion in every move of their lips, tongues and crashing teeth. Every bite and lick and sucking motion as Adam dominated Tommy’s mouth, taking control like on stage, but this… this was so much more heated. The small blond’s little whimpers and needy hands roaming the broad chest and shoulders made Adam rock-hard. Those damn pants… Letting the cute ass – which fit into his hand so perfectly – go he reached for Tommy’s belt to open it along with his jeans. He broke the heated kiss for a second to pant for air as his hands eased the pressure on Tommy. “More?”

“More!” the urging answer came in a split second, no hesitation visible on the familiar face.

“Handjob?” he asked pulling Tommy’s dick out, groaning from the touch of the velvety skin. The blond was rock-hard too which was a good sign.

“Uh-huh… no time for more” he reached for Adam’s belt too, brown eyes hazy with lust and excitement – those damn rings felt just as good as he imagined! This wasn’t so tricky so far. He quickly freed the singer’s cock and had to glimpse down “Holy shit, dude, the rumors are true!” he exclaimed a little shocked but grinning at the same time. Nevertheless, he had to swallow hard as he wondered how that big cock would fit in his ass later. But oh well, he signed up for this and… he’ll take it like a man.

Adam chuckled low and flashed a dangerously dark look at Tommy, hand fisting around the hard flesh “I hope you don’t mind…” he grinned then licked into the other man’s mouth.

“No… don’t mind it at all. Fuck… feels so good” he panted thrusting up into the fist around him, his own hand copying Adam’s moves, recalling what he liked to do to his own cock and hoping that the singer would love that too. According to Adam’s moans and the way he crashed his lips against Tommy’s again he did like it.

It was hard to control himself now. He so wanted to listen to the shadow self who urged Adam to pin the pretty guitarist against the couch and fuck him senseless, but they really didn’t have time for that and Tommy asked to take it slow. Alright, relatively slow. To compromise with the demanding beast inside he grabbed Tommy’s hand to pull it back from the already leaking cock and led it behind the narrow back. He let Tommy’s dick go too and did the same with the other slim arm, crossing them by his wrists. He held them together with one hand and met Tommy’s questioning gaze as he looked down at him. “Trust me” he asked hoarsely and waited until the blond nodded, fringe falling into the flushed face. Fuck, he was so pretty… With his other hand he grabbed Tommy’s ass and easily slid him close enough so their hard cocks touched, sending a shiver down their spines. Adam spit into his palm a few times then took both of them in one big hand, making sure sensitive skin was pressed together. He swallowed back a loud moan but Tommy couldn’t. Adam watched the brown eyes roll back in the guitarist’s head, mouth slightly open as the singer began pumping them both.

“Fuck, Adam… so intense!” he moaned slightly bucking against the grip and the other cock, crossed arms straining in Adam’s other hand. Looking down Tommy watched them and he found the sight so fucking hot. Hotter than he’d imagined it would be.

The singer grinned darkly and sped up the moves of his hand, eyes changing to a darker grey as his other side crawled closer to the surface too feeling Adam and Tommy’s pleasure which was burning their bodies as if they were sitting in the middle of a sauna. Hearing the small blond’s moans and whimpers was nearly too much for Adam, not to mention the sight. It was so damned hot… The way he strained and bucked against his double grip on his cock and wrists, the needy sounds of his pleasure... He knew the guitarist was at the brink of breaking down and start begging. Adam was experienced enough to be able to read the signs and it made his heart beat faster knowing that Tommy was truly what he hoped for – shapeable and ready to learn… ready to submit to him when the time came. Or at least he seemed to enjoy this immensely so far. He couldn’t wait to take it to the next step. Soon Tommy will be truly his – even if only for one night. But he didn’t think that thought further just let himself get lost in the moment of pleasure they shared with each other in that hotel room.

“I’m gonna…” Tommy whimpered.

“Me too… don’t hold back… wanna feel you cum on my cock and hand…” Adam panted as they both bucked into his grip.

“Fuck!” he cursed from Adam’s comment and it took only a few more firm tugs of that wonderful big hand to spill his seed as requested. Tommy cursed some more and moaned Adam’s name as he came hard, restricted arms shaking as suddenly it felt too much. Everything felt just… too much. Head spinning and body shaking Tommy dropped forward, his sweaty forehead resting against Adam’s shoulder as he was held up only by the singer’s grip around his wrists and he listened to the loud groans and grunts that resonated through his friend. Just before it would’ve gotten too much for his oversensitive cock Adam shot his load too. Tommy opened his eyes still in that position and watched it with a moan. He’d have never thought that the sight of a dick coming against his own would be such a turn on. But it wasn’t just any cock. It was Adam’s. It was Adam who panted next to his ear, who let his wrists go and slid his hand up on Tommy’s T-shirt-covered back to caress his nape so… lovingly.

Adam was clearly on cloud nine as he was basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, hand stilling on their cocks as panting he let his head fall back against the couch. Uncaring about the mess they made he lifted a hand to his lips and tasted their mixed essence with a low moan as he was still caressing Tommy’s nape. He was a little surprised when Tommy lifted his head and sucked two of his fingers in his mouth to do the same. That dirty look… Jesus… He waited until Tommy – like a real kitten – licked his hand clean accompanied by tiny little moans of pleasure that made Adam’s skin crawl in the best ways. Afterwards he pulled him closer by his nape and kissed him passionately to taste each other on their tongues too.

“Fuck… this was…” Tommy said when coming up for air in a couple of minutes.

“… hot?” Adam grinned.

“Hell yeah! I loved every second of it…” he nodded a few times, fringe falling in his eyes yet again.

“You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear this…” Adam sighed running his hands down on Tommy’s heavily tattooed arms, knowing that they had only a few more minutes before they had to go get ready for the show and the singer wanted to enjoy every second of this.

“If you were afraid that I wouldn’t like it then you are insane, Babyboy…” Tommy chuckled relaxed and all smiles.

“I believe insane is my middle name” he shrugged grinning then looked more serious “So you’re okay? No freaking out on the horizon?” he rubbed Tommy’s back with both hands.

“I don’t think so. Besides this is just… sex. Two friends having fun with each other. You were right, I might be less straight than I thought” he chuckled crawling off Adam’s lap to reach into his pocket and pull out a tissue to clean up the best he could and tuck himself back in. “I should get going if we don’t want to be late…”

“Right. I should get ready too” Adam watched him, ignoring the fact that his other side growled disapprovingly once Tommy got off his lap. The singer was rather thinking about Tommy’s words. Besides this is just… sex. Two friends having fun with each other. Tommy was right, but the only problem was that Adam already thought of it differently.

Tommy caught that look but couldn’t… or rather didn’t want to comment on it, even if this time it made him the selfish one. Though before he headed towards the door he stepped back to Adam and leaned down to press one last passionate kiss on his lips. “Thanks, baby. For everything. I have a feeling we’ll have an amazing show tonight” he winked at Adam then left, feeling the singer’s intense gaze on his back.

He was right – the show was amazing. Full of passion and barely masked need.


“The tide and the moon yeah
You pull like the sea
In waves I can feel ya
You're My ecstasy
The lamb and the lion
We lay down in peace.
Like air to the fire
I need you to breathe

By the rules I play…”




By: Useless-girl

Chapter 3

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