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Useless-girl - Beam of Light series
Useless-girl - Beam of Light series : Chapter 3 - The Perfect Drug

Chapter 3 - The Perfect Drug

  2014.04.06. 19:53

When Tommy experiences something completely new and Adam loses himself.

Note: The third part of the “Beam of Light series". This time I’ve got inspired by the NIN song below. One of my favorite remixes, by the way, and found both the lyrics and the mood of the song fitting for this part. Enjoy.

Recommended song: Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug(Green Dream ReMix by TweakerRay)
(Quotations are obviously from the original track.)

Rating/category/pairing: NC-17, slash, supernatural elements, romance, angst elements, Adommy, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff


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The Perfect Drug



“I got my head but my head is unraveling
cant keep control can't keep track of where it's traveling
I got my heart but my heart's no good
you're the only one that's understood…”

It was time. It was really happening. Adam was trying to let himself believe that it was real this time. But yes, they were really standing opposite each other and everything that happened that day – the stolen looks, the heated show and the couple of drinks – all have led up to that moment. He didn’t remember which city or hotel it was, but it didn’t really matter. He wanted to make it more special for Tommy though. The romantic in him wanted to get candles or put on some music or any of that romantic shit, which Tommy would have secretly liked too, but looking into the brown eyes he knew Tommy didn’t mind. They had each other. That was all that counted.

“I’m sure” Tommy nodded reassuringly although Adam hasn’t even opened his mouth to ask. He got a knowing little smile from the smaller man, who ran his slender fingers down on the singer’s chest, the touch flaring up sparkles of desire. “I know you better than you think” he said as an explanation.

Adam believed him so he nodded and took Tommy’s face between his big hands to tilt his head up and kiss him gently first. He took his time savoring the pouty lips that tasted like wine, lip gloss and Tommy. He’s been waiting for this moment for days now. They’ve been so busy after their agreement in that other hotel room that – besides a few stolen kisses and touches – they barely had time to grab some sleep. Being on the road, doing all the interviews, going to different events could get overwhelming sometimes. Especially when in the back of his mind one was thinking about such things like what was happening right now. If Adam wanted to be honest with himself, the waiting only made it better but he was grateful that it was finally over and he could engage Tommy’s lips into this deep and promising kiss. He felt that it was his responsibility to make this as easy and enjoyable to his friend as possible.

Still kissing he slid his hands down on Tommy’s shoulders and slim arms, pulling him closer by them until his body was pressed against Adam’s. The singer’s heart was thudding against his ribcage so hard he thought Tommy might’ve felt it on his own chest. But that didn’t stop him from sliding his hands to the hem of the black Frankenstein T-shirt just to pull it over Tommy’s head, messing up the already messy hairdo some more. None of them minded though. Adam smiled down at him as he stroked Tommy’s fringe out of his slightly flushed face. He was so cute and hot at the same time that it made Adam grow bigger and harder. He watched Tommy turn his attention to the small buttons of his black button down shirt. He saw no second thoughts on his face as he revealed more and more freckled skin and ginger curls. Once the shirt was off and he could feel the small hands discovering his chest and abs he reached under Tommy’s chin with his index-finger and tipped it up so that their lips could merge in another gentle kiss which quickly turned more urgent. It was time for Adam to take the lead which he gladly did and backed Tommy towards the bed in the half-lit room.

Lying down on top of the cover Tommy pulled the singer over his smaller frame and let himself get lost in the deep kiss. He could feel the care and affection radiate from each move Adam’s tongue, lips and hands made. This was it. It was really happening after such a long time spent on only fantasizing about it… It made Tommy’s heart beat even faster and his cock strain against his jeans some more. It all felt like a dream but so real at the same time. He didn’t know feeling like this was even possible, but this wasn’t the time to muse on that. He just let his insecurities and doubts go and went along with whatever Adam was doing. He felt a wave of lust and anticipation rush through his slim body as he let Adam take off his creeper shoes, socks and pants with his briefs too. There he was, lying naked and exposed and about to be fucked by the man he chose for the task. He was as prepared as he could be.

Adam let his eyes feast on the sight of the tattooed pale body. He found him breathtaking to say the least and it was such an amazing feeling that he could finally touch him the way he’s been longing to. His hand caressed Tommy all over, easing away every possible unsure feeling. As his hand slid on the hard cock and heard the lustful moan a shiver ran down Adam’s spine. Fisting his hand around Tommy he leaned down to kiss and lick a small nipple until it got erected. He gently bit down and pulled on it, listening to the sharp inhale turned into a low moan. Tommy wasn’t lying when he said he liked a little pain mixed with the pleasure and it made Adam’s other side growl approvingly as he pumped Tommy with one hand, the other gently scratching down on the flat stomach raising goose bumps all over the pale skin.

The blond guitarist was lying there as relaxed as he could be in the given situation, his second thoughts and worries long gone by now and they just drifted further away once he felt Adam’s amazing lips surround his throbbing hard on. Those full lips were slowly but surely driving him insane. He already felt his body on fire and it just got more and more intense with each lick and suck and moan that his cock received. “God…” he groaned, body arching with need for more. Adam took the hint and after one last hard suck he slid off Tommy’s dick and moved lower to suck on his balls as he pushed the white legs higher and more open. Tommy didn’t protest and a shiver ran down his spine as he heard Adam’s belt buckle and zipper opening. Glimpsing down he watched him play with his balls and guessed that he was quickly getting rid of the unnecessary clothing. A wave of excitement and anticipation rushed through Tommy, making his body jerk and move against Adam’s lips which quickly slid lower and a surprised little yell escaped Tommy as he felt the wet tongue flick around his hole. It was a strange but exciting feeling and he decided that he wanted more.

“You make me hard when I'm all soft inside
I see the truth when I'm all stupid-eyed
the arrow goes straight through my heart…”

It was no surprise that Adam took off on pleasuring and teasing Tommy like this, but he knew he had to be patient just a little more. He was determined to show the small blond pleasures he’d never felt before. God, he tasted so good! Tongue rimming him shamelessly Adam groaned a little relieved that he was finally naked too and no clothing was restricting his raging hard on anymore. Adjusting Tommy into a better angle he caressed the back of his spread legs as Adam lay on the bed and pressed his tongue against the pink hole. He was watching every reaction to make sure the guitarist was still comfortable. The small noises of pleasure, the gasps and moans made the red fog of lust thicken over Adam’s eyes, tongue working as if his life depended on it until he heard Tommy start to moan nearly desperately. Adam was sure he could’ve made him cum only by rimming him, but that was not what he’d planned for the night. “More?” he asked hoarsely, eyes locking with Tommy’s.

“Fuck yes! Please!” he panted in response, head already spinning. Fuck, he didn’t know rimming could be so hot! He got already so close from that damn tongue of Adam’s. Heat was rising in him, threatening with consuming him completely – just what Tommy was hoping for. His hips slightly jerked when a wet fingertip took the tongue’s place. The blond guitarist got so lost in the sensations and thoughts that it registered in his mind only now that he heard Adam pop the cap of the lube a few seconds ago to wet his fingers and Tommy’s hole some more. And then suddenly there it was – a finger probing into him. It was… strange, but not painful.

“That’s it… Relax and let me in” he heard Adam say, voice hoarse and fucking sexy from desire. Tommy did his best to comply and soon he felt Adam’s knuckle touch his ass, finger buried deep inside. For a moment he was just getting used to the feeling but he had to moan as it started to move inside, discovering the depths of his body until it brushed against a spot which made Tommy jerk and see stars. “Fuck! Prostate” he moaned the obvious, making Adam chuckle low.

“Yeah. More?” he asked this time teasingly.

“Hell yeah!” he closed his eyes and fisted his hands around the sheets bracing himself. When Adam pressed against that spot Tommy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned loud. He’d heard before how intense stimulating someone’s prostate was, but he’d never thought it would be this intense. He was so wrapped up in his own head again that first he haven’t even realized that a second finger joined the first, stretching him further and adding to his pleasure. His hips starting to buck against Adam’s digits were proof of just how much he enjoyed these new sensations.

“Damn you are so hot like this…” Adam panted heavily and he was so glad he could be the one giving Tommy the pleasure that was reflecting on his face. Still, the singer knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. The urging growls in his mind got louder and his fingers worked harder and faster, a third joining them towards the end. “Need to be inside you, Tommy…” he finally said, hoping for an approving response. When he got it along with a moan he pulled his fingers out and quickly poured a generous amount of lube on his throbbing dick. He crawled on top of Tommy and smiled seeing a deep blush spreading on his face when he saw Adam’s glistening cock ready to impale him. “Look at be, Glitterbaby. I promise you’ll love this” he said on a reassuring voice, reaching down with one hand to line up his cock and rub its wide tip against the opening. The small gasp Tommy made sent a shiver down Adam’s spine and he started pushing in, capturing the pouty lips in a sensual kiss, the small blond’s moans resonating through the singer.

It was nothing he’d ever felt before. His face flinched and he softly whined into Adam’s mouth more because of surprise than pain. He let the singer kiss him through the first few seconds that were nearly unpleasant and a hand on his leaking cock helped too. Once he felt the pressure ease up as Adam’s tip breached him Tommy moaned between the other man’s lips. He had to hold on to something as he felt the small careful moves pushing inch after inch inside, stretching him, the strange sensation starting to turn into something else, something that tickled Tommy’s stomach with excitement. His nails dug into Adam’s shoulders as he finally broke the kiss and turned his head to the side to offer his neck and moan louder, eyes rolling back into his head. Damn, the feeling of being filled this full was crazy! But good as well. And he realized again that he wanted more.

“So… fucking… tight…” Adam groaned somewhere by Tommy’s neck as he stilled and gave some time for both of them to breathe. He wasn’t fully in yet, but he already started circling his hips to loosen up Tommy some more, the surprised moans of pleasure he was rewarded with made him smile against the warm neck. Pulling back until only his head stayed inside he began thrusting slowly, going deeper with each controlled stroke. Lifting his head he watched Tommy’s face which was swimming in pleasure. “Good?”

“Y-yeah… fuckin’ a-ma-zing” he opened his eyes as his wrists got captured one by one and pressed down on the bed next to his head, a wave of excitement rushing through him and he instinctively bucked against Adam to take him deeper. In exchange he got a deep moan and a harder push that made Tommy cry out in pleasure.

“Put your legs around my waist” Adam panted and as Tommy obeyed without any hesitation he had to smirk because of his eagerness. He felt so good around him. So tight and hot. Just like he’d imagined he’d be. Or even better. “Oh god…” he groaned loud as he slid deeper and it was getting harder to hold back. Control was slowly but surely slipping through Adam’s fingers as Tommy found a rhythm to buck back against his thrusts. “So… good… so good!” he groaned burying his head into Tommy’s neck licking and sucking on the skin, sniffing it and biting to let all of his senses take Tommy in. He was flooding and overwhelming him and Adam had to tighten his grip around the slim wrists and move his hips harder and faster as he wanted to get fully inside. The tightening hold of the slim legs and the louder, nearly desperate moans by his ear reassured Adam and he bit harder, sucked harder, owned harder.

“My blood just wants to say hello to you
my fear is warm to get inside of you
my soul is so afraid to realize
how very little bit is left of me…”

It felt so much more for Adam than just satisfying his best friend’s curiosity. He… he was lost in his swirling emotions and the small accommodating body under him. In that moment nothing else mattered just the fact that Tommy was only his – body and soul. It’s been a fucking long wait to get there but now Adam and his shadow self were basking and got completely lost in the moment. He left every rational thought and worries of tomorrow behind as desire washed over them wave after wave until there were only moans, desperate moves and when it was getting nearly too much for both pure bliss blinded them as their bodies tensed and bucked against each other a few more times then froze into the moments of pleasure. They were left there on the bed a panting and moaning sweaty mess of legs and arms.

He was high. He was in love. He was at home.

“Take me with you
Without you everything just falls apart
It's not as much fun to pick up the pieces…”




By: Useless-girl

Chapter 4


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