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Useless-girl - Beam of Light series
Useless-girl - Beam of Light series : Chapter 9 - Beg For Mercy

Chapter 9 - Beg For Mercy

  2014.04.22. 13:19


Where both Adam and Tommy experience something very special and rare...


The 9th part of my “Beam of Light series”.
Recommended song: Adam Lambert – Beg for mercy (The title and the quotations are from that song.)
Rating/category/pairing: NC-17, slash, supernatural elements, romance, angst elements, Adommy, Adam Lambert, Tommy Joe Ratliff


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Beg For Mercy



“The stars collide
They fall to earth alive
As my hunger hides
Desires that are burning…”

“Are you sure?” Adam whispered into Tommy’s ear, resting his naked body on top of the blond’s back.

Adam’s concern made Tommy smile with closed eyes as he rested his flushed cheek against a small pillow. He loved the way Adam’s bigger body radiated that heat he went nuts for each time he could feel it. He was so warm that sometimes Tommy was afraid he’d burn him until he turned into ash. And maybe, like now, that was exactly what he needed. “Yes. I trust you. Both of you…” he breathed with no hint of doubt.

Adam still had some but he trusted Tommy just the same. All was about trust, right? They’ve played in bed where Tommy subbed for him before and even let Adam tie him up, but never before did the guitarist ask Adam to fuck him while the shadow self was fully there too. Adam was a little nervous but before he could’ve talked himself out of it he felt Tommy brush his fine little ass against his hard dick and it was the distraction he needed to take the next step. “Alright. Just in case… you know your safe word, right?”

“Yes. Trespassing” Tommy nodded, eyes still closed and so ready for this. He felt Adam climb off him and the loss of warmth made him moan disapprovingly. He opened his eyes and peeked over his shoulder, arching his back to make his ass inviting. He knew how much the singer liked this sight and he used it against him shamelessly to get what he wanted. And what he wanted now was both of them.

“Do you have any idea what you do to us when you offer yourself up like this?” Adam asked, his voice already hoarser as his shadow self was invited to their small gathering. The singer could feel how excited the Other was. He wanted to prove too that he was worth of Tommy’s trust. It made Adam smile briefly as he climbed back on the bed with the ropes and the lube. Tommy knew how to push his buttons. He ran a big hand down on Tommy’s smooth and pale back to his ass. “So willing… so ready for more… Gorgeous… You want more, don’t you?”

“I want it all!” he already panted from the soft touches, cock filling underneath.

“So greedy… we love that” Adam said in unison with the shadow self whose glowing grey eyes were eating up Tommy alive. As their gazes met Tommy gasped and shook in anticipation. They’ve talked about this before they started anything. Tommy knew that Adam could get carried away as he never tried this with anyone before, but Tommy reassured him of his complete trust and willingness to try it out. He agreed to the fact that probably he was about to get fucked harder than ever before, but Adam knew that Tommy loved… needed pain during sex. That was another thing that made him feel alive. And Adam was curious if Tommy would completely surrender to their will this time. He came close to that before, but never completely. He wanted to make Tommy reach that point where he’d melt and just feel and take what he gets.

Tommy let him tie his wrists to the bedposts and Adam smirked seeing him already grabbing the rails. Adam opened Tommy’s legs as wide as he could and just knelt between them, enjoying the sight. “So beautiful and hot…” he sighed hoarsely and ran his hands down on Tommy’s back, ass and thighs. He repeated it but this time he added some nail to it too, making Tommy moan and shiver and leaving pink scratch marks on the sensitive skin. Adam loved to play with Tommy’s senses and he knew this was going to be a long night before they reach their release.

“We’re gonna make you beg for mercy…” he whispered into Tommy’s ear after a few minutes and he chuckled low from the needy moan he got in response. Adam kissed, bit and licked his way down on the narrow back until he was lying between the opened legs and he pulled Tommy’s cheeks apart to expose the small pink hole. He growled hungrily and flicked his tongue around it, making Tommy squirm and groan. The singer used his big hands to hold him down and continue rimming him with his skilled tongue. He could feel the burning need of the Other to take over and he promised to the shadow self that he’d have his chance very soon.

Tommy felt as if his brain and body were already melting. A few touches and dirty comments were enough for him to reach this state. He wasn’t fighting it anymore. He thought he was a fool for ever trying, for ever fearing of losing all the control over himself. Because this was just so damn good. He trusted and loved both sides of Adam and he wanted to show this to them in any way he could. He knew that this was a very special occasion with a very special man. An experiment even, to see if he could completely give himself to them. Tommy was nearly completely sure that he could. He was ready. And he wanted to get there as soon as possible. So he started begging for more.

“Ready to land
I shall overcome
And when you're numb
A deeper breath goes out…”

Those begging words were stirring up something very deep inside Adam and the Other. They both basked in them and the writhing body underneath. Tommy was breathtaking as he squirmed and tried to get closer, create more friction, his tied up body open and ready for whatever might come. The desire and the need made Adam’s vision blurry and bit by bit he slowly gave control over to his shadow self as he was lubing up his leaking cock some more.

The moment he was fully sheathed in the tight hotness of Tommy’s body, he let out a loud animalistic groan. It was heaven on earth. They both obeyed to the pull and while one was giving shelter, the other was melting into what was offered to him… them. It was perfect. They were perfect as they moved together. Tommy’s moans and quiet pleas were just as intoxicating as his pale body.

“The strength inside
The lightning and the thunder
Taking shape won't hide
Enlightening you to wonder
The heart, the pulse
Is racing towards the line
As every beat and sound
Go tricklin' down the vine…”

“Bite me… bite me already. Hard!” Tommy tugged on his restraints wanting to completely bend to their will. He wanted to become one with them – whatever that meant – even more than he already was. He knew he was offering everything he had and Adam and his shadow self had to feel it too. He only got a low growl and a harder thrust before he could feel teeth sinking into his shoulder. It hurt. It hurt very badly but it was good. It made his mind numb and Tommy couldn’t follow what he was babbling anymore. Maybe he asked him to stop, maybe he asked for more. Probably for more. In the back of his mind that was still functioning he knew he was being marked, that he was becoming the Other’s too and he welcomed the feeling, welcomed the heat that made his body shake and sweat and beg for more. There were no boundaries, no doubts, no rational thoughts anymore, just pure instincts and overwhelming emotions and he just took them, sucked it all into his small frame like a sponge. He was falling apart under this wonderful creature’s attention and love and it was too much but not yet enough. They needed release to seal whatever they were doing. Tommy had no words to what was going on between them at the moment but it felt so damn good and this wasn’t the time to think about it anyway.

“Please… please make me cum…” he panted, eyes rolling back in his head as Adam bit him again and fisted a hand in his hair. It was nearly too much for his over-stimulated body that was shivering and with each hard thrust and bite he felt as if his very soul was shaking like a leaf too. “Pleasepleaseplease…”

“Oh god…” Adam panted on the wound and let Tommy’s wet hair go to pull him up enough and grab the leaking cock underneath, moving his hand firmly and fast on it as he circled his hips then returned to his merciless pounding.

Tommy screamed from both the touch and the hard thrusting right against his prostate, the heat and tension becoming unbearable in his rapture and just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore his mind went blank and the blinding white heat wiped everything away. The blood drumming in his ears made it impossible for him to hear just how loud he was screaming his pleasure as his body was clamping down hard on the leaking cock that kept him open with its rough hammering. “Please… I can’t… please. Too much…” he whined still high and oversensitive, when something wonderful happened in the next moment. Adam was right there, filling him up and roaring like a wounded animal and Tommy just completely broke, his liquefied insides melting into one with Adam. It was so strange, so overwhelming, so burning and so good… so so good that tears found their way from under his lids as he melted into the warm light with Adam.

Now they knew what feeling home really felt like.


“We rule the sun
We rule the sun…”


Chapter 10

By: Useless-girl


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