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Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land
Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land : Chapter 5 - Bound by Your Wild Desires

Chapter 5 - Bound by Your Wild Desires

  2014.06.23. 17:21

Chapter 5

Bound by Your Wild Desires

The ceremony of introducing them as the new kings of this realm and the feast afterwards passed by in a blur for Tommy. He couldn’t remember all the faces and names of the new people he had to talk to, or rather listen to, as he was too overwhelmed on Adam’s side, a warm hand of his husband and king on the small of his back distracting him too much. It was a reminder too what was about to happen very soon and Tommy found himself eating less and drinking more from some sweet wine and a strong clear liquid that was apparently the Desert’s most popular short drink. He had no idea what it was called, but it was strong and that was what the young king needed at the moment to brace himself and give him some liquid courage.

He was fairly relaxed for the rest of the feast and in a nice haze as Adam announced for the royalties, priests and the gathered people that they would retreat for the rest of the night. Tommy heard the cheers only from a distance and he let Adam take a hold of his elbow and lead him through the countless corridors of the palace. From the corner of his eye Tommy saw Sutan and a small brunette man follow them. He guessed he was Adam’s choice to witness the consecration of their marriage.

Tommy stayed in that relaxed state of mind until the heavy black and golden doors closed shut behind them in the royal chambers and Adam put his big hand on the small of his back again. Then he couldn’t help the slight panic creep up on his throat and make the sweet taste sour in his mouth. The smell of incense and the cooling sun-kissed desert were strong in the air and Tommy’s mouth went dry as Adam led him to the enormous bed then faced him, searching his pale face.

“Relax, Tommy. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’ll only give you pleasure,” he whispered so only the two of them could hear it.

Tommy glimpsed around and saw Sutan and the guy called Brad sat on two of the armchairs to the left side of the suite. He was grateful that there were only a few oil lamps lit around the bed, leaving the rest of the chambers dark. He was sure he wouldn’t have been able to do this if he could see the faces of the other two men. His attention was drawn back to Adam when he felt his fingers slide along his jaw-line to tilt his head up.

“Do you remember your safe word?” he asked softly.

“Vortex,” he nodded and tried to swallow, but his mouth and throat were too dry. He tried to calm his racing heart with little luck.

“I’ll stop all together if you use it,” he nodded and Tommy had the urge to utter the word on the spot, but he knew he couldn’t. Besides Adam’s eyes were shining with honesty and Tommy detected a distant but massive fire burning in the depths of them. Desire.

“Yeah,” he whispered weakly.

“Another drink?” Adam smiled reassuringly and Tommy couldn’t help the faint shadow of that smile to tug on his own lips.

“Yeah,” he repeated and cursed himself for the fact that his vocabulary seemed to be reduced to single words. And for being such a coward. He’s been in the face of danger and pain before, fought for his kingdom in vicious fights and this was far from that. Still, looking into Adam’s clear blue eyes as he handed him one more from that strong drink, Tommy felt that he was facing a different kind of danger. One that had little to do with his body and more with his heart.

He knocked back the drink and let it burn his throat and warm his stomach. He felt a little hot as he let Adam take the small cup from him and step back in front of him. He slid a hand on Tommy’s nape and under his chin to tilt his head back again and brushed his freckled lips against the blonde’s plump ones. It was chaste and probing and Tommy could feel his stomach flip in a pleasant way. He let Adam slowly deepen the kiss, tongue licking the seam of his lips to ask permission and Tommy parted them, letting him inside his mouth. Adam’s fingers lightly grabbed his hair and tilted his head to the side as he was exploring, testing and maybe a little teasing too and Tommy found himself relax more into his hold. It was like on the beach that was threatening with melting his defenses, but still different. This time the passion wasn’t so urging or aggressive to prove a point, this time Adam was patient and Tommy could feel it from each move that he wanted to make this enjoyable to both of them.

Holding on to that thought he started returning the kiss and melted against Adam’s broad chest a little more. He could feel the big hands slide down on his shoulders and down on his back to cup his non-existent ass. This time Tommy couldn’t stop himself and he softly moaned into their kiss. He wasn’t even trying to fight for dominance this time as they’ve agreed on how things’d go and the blond didn’t want to make it harder to relax. That’s why he didn’t protest when Adam’s hands slid forward and opened the fine silver belt and let it land on the floor. Next the freckled hands slid up on his sides, making Tommy shiver pleasantly and he could feel his husband’s fingers slide under the light-blue fabric of his short tunic to push it off his shoulders. Tommy was very self-aware as he was standing there only in his undergarment and to distract his mind he copied Adam’s moves.

He broke the kiss and took a small step back to be able to look at the nicely toned and much bigger body in front of him as more and more sun-kissed skin was revealed. He saw an endless number of freckles and suddenly he had the urge to kiss and lick each of them. Then he realized that it wasn’t forbidden, moreover, expected to do so, so he leaned back and kissed his way down on the strong chest to one of the nipples, kissing and licking it into a hard little bud. It pulled beautiful moans out of Adam and Tommy returned a moan with his own as he could feel Adam cup his very interested cock through his undergarment.

Tommy let the burning feeling in his groins spread as he lightly rocked his hips against that beautifully big hand and this time he was the one who leaned up and kissed the man in front of him, slender fingers mapping warm smooth skin on Adam’s sides and back. The kiss was more passionate, more urging and he didn’t protest when he felt his undergarment drop around his ankles. He stepped out of them and helped Adam do the same. They were facing each other naked now and Tommy had to look down between them when their hard cocks brushed against each other.

His eyes went wide for a brief second as he saw the size of the hard meat between Adam’s thighs. He was long and thick and cut, the head of the erection was already playing in a shade of purple. The blond never saw such a big penis in his life. He was beautiful and Tommy’s mouth watered. He’d love to taste it some time, see if he could take it all, but not tonight. The sheer size of Adam made him a little anxious as he started to doubt he’d be able to take it. Only that thought made his face blush furiously and he didn’t even notice that he was already referring to next times. A sudden thought of not wanting to disappoint Adam took Tommy off-guard. Where the hell was that thought coming from? But what bothered him more was that he suddenly remembered their audience too. He cast a glance to the side but didn’t see much, just the outlines of Sutan and the other man. They didn’t even move just watched them silently. It made Tommy feel weird and the mood was getting ruined.

Adam must have sensed that because he cupped Tommy’s face in both hands and made him look up at him, wide brown eyes meeting calm blue ones. “Don’t worry, Tommy. It’ll fit and you’ll like it. Focus on me. Us,” he whispered on his swollen lips and he willed his frantic heartbeats to calm down enough to nod. He let Adam slowly lay him down on the bed and they scooted up until Tommy felt one of the dozens of black and gold pillows under his head. He leaned back and relaxed, watching Adam hover over him on all fours, his cock still rock-hard and ready. But Tommy wasn’t ready and Adam knew that.

The dark-haired man kissed him gently at first and then it turned into a passionate, hot exchange of taste and saliva as the warm body covered his. That kiss left Tommy breathless and he was back on track, keeping his focus on Adam’s actions. He closed his eyes as he felt the soft lips and tongue kiss and lick down his neck and onto his heaving chest. Long fingers were rubbing his nipples, which sent jolts of lust right to his cock, making him grow hard again. Tommy rested his hands on Adam’s back and side, lightly caressing him whenever he remembered to move his hands as he was too focused on the skilled tongue playing with his nipple. A wave of pleasure suddenly tore through his haze and a surprised yell rolled off his lips before he could stop himself once Adam bit down on the hard nub, licking the pain away in the next moment. This got repeated on his other nipple a few times too and by the time Adam was kissing and nipping at his skin on his stomach, the blonde man opened his legs willingly.

“You are beautiful… Such perfect skin,” Adam whispered hoarsely and licked and kissed Tommy’s hip bone on one side, a hand opening his legs some more.

The blond bit down on his lip from the compliment and the soft teasing then he muffled a moan as Adam licked along his cock and quickly sucked the head in his mouth. The wet warmth and the amazing moves of the tongue around him made Tommy arch his back too. His nails dug into Adam’s shoulders and he slid a hand on the back of his neck, letting them get lost in the black hair.

He let himself float in the red haze of pleasure that made his mind stop over-thinking and let himself relax enough to enjoy the blowjob he was getting. Adam certainly had practice, because he knew exactly how to make him tremble for more, but never giving too much. After Tommy was kept on the brink of orgasm more than once in the past few minutes his patience wore off and he pulled up his legs higher.

“Come on…” he panted and shivered as Adam slid off his dick with an obscene pop.

“You want more?” he asked hoarsely, fingers already pulling Tommy’s ass-cheeks apart to expose his hole.

“Yes. Don’t tease me anymore,” he tried to sound less fallen apart as he locked eyes with Adam, who studied his face for a long moment. Finally giving in he nodded and reached out for a bottle of oil. He poured a nice amount on his fingers and on Tommy’s ass too then he pushed a finger against his opening. To distract him a little Adam licked along Tommy’s balls and gently sucked them in his mouth as he slid that finger all the way in.

It tore a loud moan from the blond as it felt good. He had fingers in him before so it wasn’t so unfamiliar. Soon his body accommodated two of the thick digits and he wasn’t ashamed to move against them as in every second push they brushed against that magical spot that made Tommy see stars. He could’ve gotten off only on this, but his traitorous body silently begged for more.

The third finger slightly burned, but it was still on the good side of pain. He opened his eyes and looked down to watch Adam’s tongue lick his cock lazily while fingering and opening him up. Tommy stayed relaxed and leaving all the fears and doubts behind he clenched his ass around Adam’s fingers to get his attention.

“I’m ready… I want to feel it inside…” he panted already all flushed and sweaty and he was grateful that this time Adam didn’t make a teasing remark as he knew how hard it was for Tommy to give up control like this.

The bigger man nodded and pulled his fingers out slicking up his cock with more oil. Tommy watched him intently, mouth slightly open as anticipation rushed through his veins. He put a small pillow under his waist to keep a nice angle for the freckled man. Their eyes met for a brief second as Adam lined himself up and slowly pressed the thick head against his prepared hole. It burned more than the third finger and Tommy’s hands fisted the black silky sheets underneath as his body tensed a little.

“Keep breathing,” Adam panted and kept going steadily.

Safewording out crossed Tommy’s mind for a second but then the head breached him and was settled inside, the pressure easing up as he took the advice and took a few deep breaths. He was already feeling full, although only the head was inside yet but Adam kept going, inching himself deeper with shallow little fucks until he bottomed out and stopped, looking down to where their bodies were joined. The raw lust on his face made Tommy bite his lip again and squirm underneath. Adam looked up at him with a dark and exciting look and crawled over the blond to capture his lips in a passionate kiss, hips starting to move slowly back and forth.

Tommy’s moan was muffled by Adam’s tongue deep in his mouth and he mimicked fucking the blonde’s mouth to the same rhythm he did with his ass. It was mind-blowing, to say the least and Tommy couldn’t believe himself, but he wanted more. He hooked his legs around Adam’s hips, a hand getting lost in the wet hair while the other steadied himself on a tattooed arm. His sweaty back arched a little again to feel that strange full feeling better and he moaned as the discomfort eased with each faster thrust just to be replaced by pure pleasure.

In that moment everything felt right – the kisses, the touches, the thrusts of Adam’s hips – and Tommy completely forgot about their audience or holding on to the remains of control over his body. He opened his eyes as he felt a warm hand cup his face and he stared into the burning grayish blue eyes of Adam.

“Good?” he heard the soft breathless question.

He didn’t trust his voice so he just nodded and licked his lips.


“Y-yeah… harder,” he managed to say and the second he got the harder and faster thrusts his eyes rolled back into his head and he held onto Adam’s back, nails digging into sweaty skin as he finally let his moans of pleasure out and pushed up to meet each thrust.

He was so close by then and Adam’s fingers closing around his leaking cock in a firm grip made Tommy arch his back once more. After a few strokes there was nothing left for him just to come. And he did. White stripes of his seed spilled from him and messed up their wet stomachs as his body convulsed around Adam’s cock and over his own yells he could hear a broken sound Adam made right before he muttered “Breathtaking” as he watched Tommy writhe in pleasure.

The blonde could feel Adam pulse deep inside him and after a few pushes wetness made his insides slippery and his hips met the other man’s jerking moves while he was filling him up with his fluids. It was an unfamiliar feeling but nothing uncomfortable. Still, as he was fighting for air under the heavy body of his husband he didn’t know how to feel about it as his mind didn’t seem to want to come down from the high caused by utter pleasure. Adam had kept his word and Tommy realized that he already trusted him a little more.

Adam was still buried in him as their breathing slowly went back to normal and he was about to kiss the man underneath when Tommy’s attention was drawn to the discreet sounds of retreating footsteps. It dawned on him that Sutan and Brad were leaving and the reason of why they had to be there rushed back into Tommy’s mind. He turned his face to the side and rather buried it in the crook of Adam’s neck as if wanting to hide like a shy woman. He hated himself for it, but his body was still humming and buzzing with pleasure and he didn’t want them to see that, although he knew he was a little too late for that.

Once they were gone Adam slid out of him as gently as he could, but it still made Tommy hiss quietly. Being that open and suddenly empty made him bite his lips and banish a thought from his mind as soon as it formed. He certainly did not like the feeling of being used by Adam like this. He let his still shaking legs drop back on the bed and closed his eyes, feeling Adam roll off him and reach for a damp wash cloth to clean up first Tommy then himself.

The silence was stretching between them and balancing between nice and uncomfortable as Tommy was starting to fight with himself and the swirling emotions inside.

“You okay?” he heard Adam ask after he lay down on his side, pushing himself up on an elbow. He wasn’t touching Tommy now and the blond felt grateful for that.

“Yeah…” he said a little too quickly then took a deep breath that came out in a long sigh “I don’t know…” he kept his eyes closed and tried to fight off the growing embarrassment and feeling as a tool, humiliated. He knew he wasn’t, not really, and that it was just a stupid tradition, but still he hated the fact that the other two had to witness his first time with Adam… the first time he ever bottomed to anyone.

“Did I hurt you?” came the next question and he could hear worry in Adam’s voice now.

Tommy’s eyes opened slowly and he glimpsed at him then he turned his gaze towards the painted ceiling. “No. I enjoyed it. You kept yourself to your word. I just… Never mind. I’m tired. We should go to sleep. We’ll have a long day tomorrow,” he mumbled, turning on his side, facing away from Adam and curling on himself. That was true. After breakfast with Adam’s family and advisors they had some issues of the kingdoms to discuss and then Adam promised him to show him around in Oudjat and the palace, his new home.

As if Adam could feel what was going on inside him as he closed up again, he understood that Tommy didn’t want to talk about what just happened and the blond was grateful for that too.

“Alright. Good night, husband.”

Tommy pressed his eyes shut as he felt the mattress move and the room got darker behind his eyelids so he assumed Adam put out the oil lamps. Tommy welcomed the darkness and he opened his eyes to stare in front of him, seeing nothing but the outlines of the furniture. His body tensed though when he felt Adam curl around him from behind, his hot breath puffing against Tommy’s nape and a heavy hand resting around his middle. Tommy swallowed, waiting, but nothing else happened and after a couple of minutes he relaxed and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Good night, Adam,” he whispered into the darkness, a tiny smile playing around his lips as sleep conquered his exhausted body.

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