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Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land
Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land : Chapter 7 - All of You Tonight

Chapter 7 - All of You Tonight

  2014.07.07. 08:54

Chapter 7

All of You Tonight

They’ve been ruling together for weeks now and a routine was forming for Tommy. In the mornings he cleaned up, got dressed, ate breakfast with the royal family or sometimes just with Adam in their chambers, they talked about the situation in the south when they got news then they both listened to those who had some disputed cases and tried to provide them the rightful judgement. That part of the day could last for long hours and wasn’t Tommy’s favorite, but he knew that this was required from them as rulers. It’d have been the same in his homeland too, so he tried to be patient and just. In the afternoons he often found himself wandering the palace or sitting in one of the oasis-like gardens he liked the best. Occasionally he went out to the city with some guards, looking around in the market, talking to the people… his people now, or visited that secluded place by the river where Adam took him for a swim. Sometimes the dark-haired man accompanied him as well.

During the afternoons he sometimes decided to play on his instrument and when Adam was there he hummed along until he began singing. Tommy liked his voice, he found it beautiful and unique. It amazed him how naturally it was flowing from his throat and made his being radiate as if light was coming from him. It was a strange thought, Tommy knew, but at times he could nearly see that warm glow surrounding him.

He knew Adam liked it when Tommy was playing his guitar and at times he asked him to show some of the songs he wrote in his free time. First Tommy was reluctant as no one heard those before, but, once again, Adam’s positive reaction and comments eased Tommy up. A time came when it was Tommy who went to him with some new ideas or to ask Adam to sing for him. Music proved to be a strong link between them and the blonde man started to feel more relaxed around Adam.

It was a slow process but the evidence of it was clearly there when bed-time came that day and for the first time Tommy lay down facing Adam instead of showing him his back. The dark-haired man became a little uneasy feeling his husband staring at him for long minutes in the light of a single oil lamp.

“What is it? You can’t sleep?” he asked softly to break the silence.

“I don’t want to sleep,” he whispered still watching Adam.

“Then what do you want to do?”

Tommy didn’t answer just slid closer to him. He hesitated for a second then rolling on his side he put a hand on the side of Adam’s neck and pressed his lips against his husband’s. Adam was a little surprised but he kissed back and let Tommy’s fringe brush against his face as he pushed a leg between the freckled thighs. Adam put a hand on Tommy’s naked back and caressed it softly while the kiss became deeper and he felt the smaller man slowly rub himself against his thigh. Through his thin undergarment he could feel Tommy’s hardening cock and that made his own twitch under the light cover.

Since that first night they had a few hand and blowjobs and those were usually initiated by Adam. This was the first time that Tommy started it. Adam thought that he’d only want to grind against him and come that way, but when Tommy broke the kiss and slid a hand under the cover and Adam’s undergarment to take his cock in his hand, his words asked for more.

“I want you to fuck me again…” he whispered barely audible and blushing furiously. Adam found him cute and hot at the same time.

“What made you change your mind?” Adam asked gently and tucked the blonde fringe behind Tommy’s ear just to watch it fall forward again.

He bit his bottom lip a few times, drawing Adam’s attention there from the fire burning deep in Tommy’s eyes. “I… liked it the first time and I… want to feel that intense stimulation again… I… want to… try it again,” he breathed at the end and Adam’s eyes rounded. He didn’t dare to hope that this moment would come this soon.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Tommy nodded blushing some more. “If you want to…” he added suddenly looking a little unsure.

“Of course I want to. You know well,” Adam smiled and lifted his head off the pillow to meet Tommy’s soft lips in a slow and sensual kiss. He held back a smile as he heard the smaller man’s quiet moan. He tasted sweet and Adam wanted more. Much much more.

When he wanted to turn Tommy on his back he protested. “No… not yet. First I want to taste you again,” he whispered and Adam drew in a sharp breath. He remembered how good it felt the first time. He just nodded and laid his head back on the pillows, making sure that he’d see Tommy go down on him.

The blonde pulled off the thin black and gold cover from his husband and undid his underwear. He let his eyes drink in the sight of the gorgeous body and his hands followed soon after. He smiled softly as he felt goose bumps appear under his fingertips. He leaned down and sucked a pink nipple between his lips, drawing breathy moans from Adam. He took his time playing with both hard buds then kissed and licked his way down the freckled skin, kissing as many of the small dots as possible. By the time he reached Adam’s hip bones the other man was panting and shaking softly. Tommy looked up as he took the thick and long cock in his hand. He liked its weight on his palm and how hard it was as he followed a vein on its underside, making Adam shudder again.

“Tommy…” he breathed as the blond licked around his sensitive tip and pressed his tongue against his slit to taste the beads of pre-come. Their eyes locked together as the pouty lips wrapped around him and slowly slid lower and lower with each bob of his husband’s head. The pleasure made Adam moan again as he reached out with one hand to stroke the long fringe out of the pretty face. The soft moans and sucking sent shivers down his spine and knew if Tommy continued like this, he’d come before he should. Tommy was quite good in giving head and the more he learned about Adam’s body, the better he got in pleasuring Adam.

Tommy was determined. Since he’d decided that he’d put his trust in Adam he was working himself towards this. Not the blowjob, of course, but to be more open with him and anyways, he already had male lovers before. He shouldn’t feel intimidated about the reversed roles. That was part of the reason why he wanted to do what he was planning to do. He wanted to let go of the uneasy feelings he had about bottoming and letting go. After all, the last time turned out much better than he’d expected. And to his surprise he liked it. A lot. Even if he didn’t say it out loud to Adam or admitted it to himself for a long time. And there was another reason: he really liked Adam. He was a fun man with lots of energy and happiness. At times Tommy saw him like a mini-sun making people smile and feel better around him. Tommy slowly came out of his shell too after the long hours spent together with him and by now he saw the similarities in them. The love for their kingdoms, their people, for music and stories and of course sex.

Adam was clearly a physical being and judging by his experience in pleasuring his husband, Tommy was sure he had many lovers before him. He knew for a fact that Brad, who ran Adam’s errands and who witnessed their first time, used to share Adam’s bed in the past. And oh boy, the man liked to gossip. Tommy was usually just listening to him babbling about this and that and sometimes about Adam too. That’s how he knew things about his husband. And he wanted to discover those things with him.

At the moment his goal was to take as much of Adam’s cock in his mouth as he could without gagging. He didn’t do that the last time he blew him and Tommy felt curious like when he was discovering his sexuality a few years back. He was taking his time with the sucking though to let himself get used to Adam’s taste and size while his tongue was teasing the underside of the tasty cock. Tommy felt bolder hearing the moans he pulled from Adam and when he let him slide to the back of his throat for the first time and felt Adam pull at his hair, Tommy shivered with lust and pride. He couldn’t take all of his husband from this angle, but he only needed to make a ring of his thumb and index-finger to rub him to the same accelerating pace his mouth dictated.

Adam was starting to see stars behind his eyelids. He didn’t remember when he’d closed his eyes or when his hand found its way to the back of Tommy’s head. He knew he was pulling the blonde’s hair, but once again the resonating moans against his cock confirmed that Tommy liked that kind of pain.

“Oh my goodness… Tommy… if you keep this up…” he warned trailing off and he thanked the gods and goddesses that after a few more sucks the plump lips slid off his hard cock with a wet pop. Looking down he saw Tommy lick the excess saliva off his lips and a satisfied grin was already tugging at the corners of his mouth.

Adam let his hair go and pulled him up for a passionate kiss. He loved that he felt no resistance in his husband anymore as they were kissing and he slid a hand down between them to undo his underwear and rub along the erection found underneath. Tommy’s needy moan set Adam into motion and soon the blond found himself lying on his stomach. Adam pulled him up on all fours and ran his hand down on his spine to rub the small ass with fondness. Leaning down he made a path of soft kisses and licks from the small of Tommy’s back down to his ass. He could still smell and taste the scented oils he used on his smooth skin during the bath he took before getting to bed.

Tommy was letting himself get lost in the sensations the touches and kisses caused. Closing his eyes he stopped himself from tensing up as Adam parted his ass cheeks with his hands, but a breathy moan still escaped him the second his husband’s tongue flicked against his hole. It was a strange but good feeling and soon he found himself softly whimpering, each lick and probing of that tongue sending a jolt of pleasure right to his hard cock which was searching for some friction but couldn’t find any yet. Adam’s big hands were holding him in place and despite their immobilizing power he didn’t start to panic. He liked it. A lot. He only turned his head to take a look what Adam was doing when the tongue disappeared and he heard Adam moving behind him. A disapproving sound left him and he blushed even deeper. He couldn’t believe he could sound so strange to his own ears, but Adam seemed to like it as he smiled and shushed him.

“Shh, it’s okay. I’m gonna lube you up now,” he commented and leaned down to press a kiss against one of Tommy’s ass cheeks. It made Tommy hide behind his shoulder, his hair falling into his eyes as a shiver ran down his spine.

Adam reached for the glass of oil on the nightstand and poured a generous amount in his palm then slicked up first his fingers then Tommy’s hole. He used the rest to do the same with Tommy’s balls and throbbing shaft. The broken sounds his wet touches caused made Adam’s dick throb with want too, but he pushed his own desires back and concentrated on circling his middle finger around the small hole, putting pressure against it. He slid his other hand on Tommy’s balls to massage them and distract him as he eased his finger inside.

Tommy was panting and whined softly as the first finger penetrated him, but Adam’s palm rubbing his balls and occasionally his cock distracted him enough not to tense up but welcome the slight burn which turned into pleasure after a few searching moves of the long and thicker finger. “Oh shit… right there,” he breathed dropping his head between his shoulders as the digit curled and brushed against that magical spot.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Adam asked hoarsely as he kept moving his finger and hand, watching the slim body lightly shake. “Want more?”

“Yes… so good… Yes, more!” he panted and moaned again when a second finger joined the first, rubbing against that sweet spot a little harder. It made Tommy see stars and he could feel his pre-cum slide down his shaft. It was the sweetest torture he could imagine and now he wasn’t ashamed of not being able to get enough of it. He didn’t voice it yet, but he let himself get lost in the feeling. He didn’t even notice that he started moving back against the fingers that were now scissoring inside to open up his hole and let a third one in.

“So beautiful…” Adam whispered with darkly shining eyes and he kept finger-fucking the other man, his other hand letting his balls go to rub his ass and hip. “I can’t wait to be inside you, baby…” he added and his own desire was thick in his voice. Tommy turned his head back hearing this and watched Adam over his shoulder. His cheek was red, eyes hazed over by desire, mouth slightly parted and dry from all the panting. Adam couldn’t remember seeing anyone so pretty. He watched Tommy lick his bottom lip and move a little faster on his fingers.

“Do it then…” he whispered.

“Are you sure?” he asked completely pulling his fingers out only to lean down and lick into the open hole, which made the blonde squirm and cry out in pleasure.

“Yes! Fuck!”

“Ask nicely for it…” he whispered back, hoping that it wouldn’t put Tommy off.

Tommy hesitated for a second. “Do you want me to beg for it?” he asked a little shocked.

“Yes… I could probably make you cum only with licking you out, but I know you want more…” he said seductively and to emphasize his point he pushed his tongue back inside to swirl it around, his strong hands keeping Tommy in place.

“Fuck! Fuck, alright…” he groaned closing his eyes and sighed. “Please…”

“Sorry… what? Did you say something?” Adam teased sliding in a finger too while another started rubbing against Tommy’s perineum, making him whine with lust.

“Please!” he said louder.

“Please what?” he asked pushing both his tongue and two fingers in and moaning from the taste and the heat Tommy’s body gave off.

“Please…” he groaned hesitating only for a moment as another wave of desire washed over him. He knew his king was right: he turned him on too much to be satisfied coming only on his tongue and fingers. “Please, give me your cock… Fuck me already. Please… I need…”

“Holy goddess, you are so hot right now… Fuck…” he panted and he couldn’t hold back anymore. He pulled his fingers out of the twitching hole and quickly slicked up his length. He had to moan from his own touch, but he quickly focused on knee-walking closer to the offered ass. He pressed a hand on the small of Tommy’s back to push it out some more then lined up his cock and with a steady push he breached the tight ring of muscle, making them both moan with relief.

Tommy’s head was swimming and his arms gave out, falling back on his forearms. It made him gasp for air as Adam could slide deeper in this angle. His fingers fisted around the black sheets and his eyes closed as he moaned from the burning and stretching feeling. “So fucking big…” he babbled but moved his ass back to slide on Adam a few more inches. It made his toes curl and Adam’s throaty moan sent another shiver down his sweaty spine. This was so good. He didn’t know how he could live without such intense pleasure before.

“Please… please,” he whined feeling that Adam was still pushing himself forward, stretching and filling him so full Tommy couldn’t even comprehend or place the feeling it evoked in him. When he thought he couldn’t take anymore Adam finally bottomed out, his balls and hips flush against his ass. He was glad for the opportunity to get some air in his burning lungs while his body adjusted to the intrusion. If a few weeks ago someone said he’d beg for this, he probably would’ve punched him, but here he was, with his husband’s hard dick up in his ass, waiting to be properly fucked by him and he felt no shame or alarm for lowering his guards. He could finally let himself get lost in the feeling, knowing that Adam would take care of him and his newly discovered needs to soothe his soul and hungry body.

The slow dragging and pushing motions made his eyes roll back in his scull again as Adam began to move. They were both slippery enough from the oil to make the motions easy and soon Tommy was a shivering and moaning mess under his husband’s bigger body. He forced himself to look back at Adam. He wanted to watch the concentration and pleasure on his handsome face while he was fucking him with slow but deep rolls of his hips, both hands holding Tommy’s hips. As the strokes became longer their eyes met and the look on Adam’s face took the blonde’s breathe away while he was pulling him back by his hips to meet the thrusts. That look was so primal, so filled with lust and swirling emotions that Tommy wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. He just let the other man take what he could offer. The magical moment was broken when Adam slid a big hand down Tommy’s sweaty back and rubbed along his side too, making the blond shiver and moan.

“Fuck yourself on my cock…” he heard the low request and felt Adam stop moving all together. The lack of stimulation was so overwhelming that Tommy didn’t even think just obeyed shifting his weight a little to be able to buck against that beautiful big dick. “Shit… such a good boy…” Adam groaned watching him writhe on his cock.

Tommy should have felt offended being called a ‘good boy’ as if he was some kind of pet, but to his greatest surprise his protest died on his tongue and deep down he felt a strange satisfaction from the praise. Because it was a compliment for obeying, and in exchange the young king just fucked himself harder and faster on Adam’s shaft. He wanted more.

“I… want,” he moaned unable to stop the words.

“What? What is it that you want? Tell me…” Adam cooed into his ear as he covered the smaller body with his own, nibbling on the piercings in Tommy’s ear.

“Ahhh…” he groaned from the new sensation and he had to swallow hard before he could continue it. “I want to feel you… for days… Fuck me… harder… please! Please!”

Adam’s response was a hoarse and satisfied growl while he started meeting Tommy’s backward thrusts, making the blonde gasp for air. He knew that this angle was great for deep grinding and he did exactly that until Tommy was begging and moaning non-stop. Only then did he straighten up and put his arms around Tommy to pull him up with him into a kneeling position. Once the blonde’s back was pressed against Adam’s chest and his legs open wide next to Adam’s thighs the dark-haired man made him sit on his hard cock and slid both hands back on the narrow hips to keep him in place. Tommy reached back to hold on to Adam’s nape and a tattooed arm as he arched his back.

“Ready?” he grunted digging his fingers into Tommy’s hips. The blonde knew that it’d leave bruises but he didn’t mind. He wanted his release so badly that he couldn’t think clearly anymore.

“Yes…” he whimpered needy and kissed the underside of Adam’s chin. “Please...”

And that was all Adam needed to start pounding hard into Tommy. He watched him and listened to his moans mesmerized. His eyes were glued to Tommy’s face as his head lolled back on Adam’s shoulder. The long dark eyelashes fanned out over his flushed cheeks and the swollen lips slightly opened for the moans of pleasure. Adam kept up the crazy pace, knowing that they both were very close. He slid a hand up on the sweaty stomach and chest to grab Tommy’s jaw and angle his face until he could push his tongue deep into his mouth. The kiss was heated, all tongues and teeth, and Adam had to bat Tommy’s hand from his leaking cock so he could wank him fast and hard until all became too much and they both came loud and hard.

They collapsed back on the bed landing on their sides. Their limbs were entangled and Adam was still pulsing the last of his cum into his husband’s ass. The smell of sex and sweat was heavy in the air, but neither of them seemed to mind while they were trying to catch their breath.

Tommy was the first to move. He turned his head back and pressed a soft kiss on Adam’s lips before he watched the other man lift his messed up hand up and lick the blonde’s cum off his fingers. The sight was so arousing that Tommy’s spent cock made a weak attempt to get hard again, but it was too soon. But that didn’t stop him from leaning closer to help Adam clean his hand before their mouths were sealed in another deep kiss.

“You good?” Adam asked softly caressing Tommy’s still flushed and sweaty cheek.

“Yes,” he smiled blushing some more. “I… needed this,” he admitted.

Adam gave him a bright and satisfied smile, his now dark-grey eyes shining. “I’m glad I could help then,” he whispered and slowly slid out of him. He pulled back enough to reach the cloth on the nightstand and wet it to clean up both of them.

They didn’t break the silence after that as Adam snuggled close to Tommy’s back again, kissing into his damp hair. The smaller man closed his eyes and sighed satisfied. This time he didn’t overthink just let himself float and soon drift off into an exhausted sleep.

He didn’t know Adam was watching him for a long time after pulling the cover up to their waist as their bodies cooled off. He gently stroked out the wet hair from his husband’s pretty face, thinking about how lucky he got with getting such a king. His heart was beating a little faster remembering how perfectly Tommy submitted to him for the first time. It was beautiful and Adam felt his heart swell, the unsaid words and emotions swirling in him. But he knew it wasn’t time yet. But soon. If things continue going like this between them, soon he can tell Tommy how easily he managed to wrap him around his slender fingers. Adam was lost again, but unlike in the past when he couldn’t find his place, now he didn’t mind. This was a good kind of lost. The one where he lost himself in someone else. Someone worthy.

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