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Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land
Useless-girl - Stranger in a Strange Land : Chapter 17 - Let the Sunshine In

Chapter 17 - Let the Sunshine In

  2014.09.15. 12:06

Chapter 17
- Epilogue -
Let the Sunshine In

Adam was standing by the balustrade at the edge of their floor of the palace, the long pool behind him. The sun was rising over one of the sand dunes, sending its already warm rays down on the Land of the Sand, but it wasn’t uncomfortably hot yet. The soft warm breeze made the nearby potted plants lightly move. The king closed his eyes and turned his head towards the sun to take a few deep breaths, his hands resting on the marble in front of him. It was the beginning of an important day.

As Adam murmured a soft prayer to the gods he let a few other things cross his mind too. Things he’d have to do that day. The sound of a soft chime-like giggle made him open his eyes and look to the left. He saw the silhouette of a familiar female figure move away. He watched as the edge of the transparent white and gold tunic disappeared behind a palm tree while the vision dissolved. Adam smiled to himself. He had a good feeling about today’s mission.

He turned back towards his beloved city which was slowly waking up after the preparations. A lot has happened in the past three years, but Adam was confident and felt himself more prepared than around the time of his and Tommy’s coronation.

The relations with most of the Eastern kingdoms’ were stronger now. There were negotiations and a few smaller battles in the past three years with those kingdoms which didn’t want to cooperate or tried to attack the Sand and the Sea. Two were overtaken and added to the territory of their united kingdom. Tommy and Adam spent the first two years in the Sand to strengthen the kingdom and governed the Sea from there too with the help of Tommy’s father. The kingdoms now had a strong army both on the land and at sea, but when there was a problem they first always tried to solve it in a diplomatic way. But in case of attacks Adam and Tommy became the firm-handed kings they had to be in order to protect what they’ve built up so far.

The third year was spent at the Sea, closer to the Caves where Tommy’s sister lived with her husband, Bridget and their second daughter. They visited as often as they could and Adam knew that Tommy loved to spend time with his nieces. To be honest, he liked to play with them too and it came to his mind more often that maybe in the near future they should have a kid on their own. Another little Prince or Princess of their kingdom. That’d be cute and he was sure Joshua would love to have another kid to play and grow up with.

A bittersweet smile appeared on Adam’s face as he thought of his nephew, because it inevitably led him to think of Neil too. There were still times when he missed him terribly and felt a little guilty, but they did everything they could to help Miriam and her son and slowly Adam made peace with himself and the loss of his brother. Time really was slowly healing that deep wound. He wondered what kind of sarcastic things his brother would have said to him before they were ready to go to war with Queen Thalia.

Adam sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, thinking about the battle ahead. It took this much time for Thalia to gather enough allies and manpower to try something against them. But the tall man wasn’t worried about the outcome. He still had that good feeling and taking a glimpse of their goddess only reassured him more. Besides, they were stronger than the last enemy that tried to ruin the peace they’ve managed to keep more or less in the last few years. Adam and Tommy’s goal was to keep it as long as possible after they returned from battle. Maybe then they could think of extending their family too.

Adam smiled and opened his eyes as a thin but toned arm slid around his waist from behind. He could feel it was his husband even before Tommy reached him. He slid his right hand on the tattooed arm around him as his shoulder-blade was kissed.

“What were you thinking about?” he asked the freckled man, resting his cheek against the naked back.

“About peace,” he answered and turned around to be able to take Tommy in his arms and look into the sleepy brown eyes.

“Hm, good topic,” he smiled up at Adam and offered his mouth for a morning kiss, which he got, of course. “A bit serious this early in the morning, but a good one. You think we’ll be able to maintain it?”

“Yes,” Adam nodded without hesitation. “I’m absolutely positive about that. I saw a few good omens and I have a good feeling about today too, baby,” he nodded smiling down at Tommy. He found the messy hair and sleepy expression adorable as he was holding his husband, who was wearing only his undergarment like Adam. “You’re beautiful this morning.”

“Duh, I can imagine,” Tommy rolled his eyes but kept smiling. “But hey, wait! Just this morning? Where did the ‘you’re always beautiful’ go?” he teased pressing his body tighter against the freckled skin.

Adam giggled and shook his head. “It didn’t go anywhere. It’ll always be true,” he answered and leaned down for another kiss. “Good morning, by the way.”

“Morning. Could’ve been better, but you were gone from bed when I woke up. What was more important than staying there with me?”

“I was just thinking about the past and today… and the future.”

“Oh really? And what do you think about the latter two?”

“We’ll win and then have a peaceful future with kids. Simple like that,” he shrugged confident and caressed the small of Tommy’s back, not skipping the scars there, which nearly made the blonde man purr.

“I like the sound of that. This is the dawning of a new age…”

“Exactly. The dawning of our age,” Adam winked and they exchanged another kiss. Deep and sensual this time.

“That’s right,” he said catching his breath and just let himself get lost in looking at this handsome man he could call his husband and with whom he was so much in love with. He never would’ve thought that they’d get here one day. He was at peace with himself and the two of them. He was at the brink of making peace with the darkest part of his past too. With the help of Adam Tommy could leave behind all the bad things that happened to him. He will never forget, but he’d learned from them. They made him stronger and he knew by now that together they could overcome anything. He knew that Adam didn’t want to take Tommy with him into battle, but the blonde persuaded him. He needed his revenge to completely close that dark chapter of his life. And defeating Queen Thalia, who was part of the reason why Tommy was taken away, would be the last piece of that puzzle. Seeing Adam this confident about the battle calmed Tommy and he was now looking forward to what the day held for them, but before that…

“You know… It’s still very early and I think we started the day in the wrong way…” Tommy grinned sliding his hands down onto Adam’s butt.

“Oh really? What are you trying to suggest?” he raised a brow grinning. He loved the playful sparkle in Tommy’s eyes.

“We should get back to bed…” he began and reached for Adam’s hand to slide it down on his own ass. “and start it right. Don’t you think?”

Adam grinned and licked his freckled lip pretending to be deep in thought as he squeezed the small ass. He knew they’d have a long and stressful day ahead and they couldn’t know when they’d next have time for each other. The idea of starting the day with burying himself into the man he loved more than anything sounded more than appealing to him. “If you aren’t too sore from last night… But oh well, you must be right, my dear husband.”

“Nah, I’m good and I’m always right…” he winked and started pulling him back towards their bed chamber, while Adam’s giggle was carried away by a warmer breeze coming from the desert. The breeze of change with the promise of the better future the young kings were dreaming of.






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