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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2014.08.06. 23:14

Chapter 5

Next week Tommy was still thinking about his revelation of liking Adam’s touch on him while pouring drinks for some customers behind the bar. He had a part-time job there when he wasn’t playing guitar in the bands he was playing in. It was really just to pass the time as his family managed to gather enough money during the decades that he and his sister were financially safe. He rarely touched the money they inherited as he kept his part for emergencies. His bartender job and the gigs paid enough to be able to pay the bills and buy some food, although most of the time he was eating together with his pack or at least by his sister’s. Besides food he led a simple life which was mostly filled with music and old western or horror movies.

He liked working in this bar which was called Howl and was far from the glamorous and shiny parts of LA. A pretty obvious and cliché name for a mostly werewolf bar, but he wasn’t the owner. He just poured drinks and closed up at the end of his shifts. Not a complicated job and he liked the new bands he could hear play on the small stage across from the bar. The dance floor was between him and the stage. The booths and the tables around it were separated by a painted wooden fence. It was Western meeting biker meeting modern style and somehow it worked well. The walls had paintings of cowboys, tents, cactuses, Indians, eagles, coyotes, deserts, moons and motorcycles. The few waiters and waitresses were usually wearing jeans or skirts, cowboy hats and Western boots as they mingled among the customers.

At nights the place was packed with wolves and humans – either knowing about the true nature of the place or just coming for the mostly rock concerts. But at daytime, when most bars were closed, Howl was a place where wolves could find shelter or gather. The Burbank pack used to use it as a regular gathering place before they headed out into the woods on the nights of the full moon or when Tommy’s father had something to discuss with them. But they rarely turned away those who needed help or a place to crash for a couple of days as upstairs there were a few simple rooms available for wolves.

There were a few similar werewolf bars or clubs in and around LA, Tommy knew by now that Adam and some of his pack frequented the more posh and club-like Luna in the heart of the city. (Speaking of cliché names, huh?) That was packed more with humans and sometimes even vampires, although they weren’t the favorite clientele. But until they kept themselves to the rules of the given club or bar, they could stay.

It was an okay night that kept Tommy busy enough, but it wasn’t too tiring. He nodded to his buddy and band mate Mike Nash from the old pack as he made his way to the office to deal with some delivery and orders. He was the manager of Howl since it opened a few years back with the help of Tommy and his father. It went quite well despite the fact that it was in the outskirts of the city. Tommy liked its alternative vibe. Most concerts were by young rock bands trying to get into the music business and playing gigs free or for a little money. But Tommy liked the place the most on nights when he could play on stage with his guitar, getting lost in the cries of his instrument.

This wasn’t such a night, although he could’ve used the distraction from his grief and confused thoughts and feelings about his new alpha. He absently rubbed the back of his neck as he remembered the two days he spent in Adam’s huge house after his lesson of obedience. He had to admit, that the LA pack was a good pack. It had structure, rules, but its members were still free to make their own choices once they ran their ideas or problems by the alpha. Adam seemed to genuinely care about the smallest problems or questions his pack members had. Tommy watched as the alpha was visited by pack members outside of the inner circle to gave their reports to Adam in his upstairs office/library. Some of them were scouts or lone wolves helping the LA pack in exchange of quarter and protection. It was interesting for Tommy to see such a huge pack in work and he absorbed as much information as he could to learn about his new ‘family’.

He spotted some of them in the crowd or by the tables now too. As he was the only beta present and the wolves from the mixed pack were under him, he was in charge of them at the moment. He knew if there was some kind of problem, he had to step in to protect them. So he kept an eye on them as much as he could while working.

He smiled at Janice – one of the waitresses and the member of his old pack for two years now – as she made her way back to the bar and put her tray down, unloading the empty glasses and gave her orders to Tommy.

“How are things over here, handsome?” she leaned against the counter flirting as always.

“It’s a pretty regular night,” he shrugged starting to tap a beer. He glimpsed at the pretty wolf adjusting her cowboy hat but quickly kicked a young wolf in the butt with some quite explicit warning when he spanked her ass on his way towards the men’s room. Of course it made the people around chuckle and that included Tommy too.

“That poor pup will sulk all night after this threat,” Tommy grinned putting two beers on the counter for her to load on her tray.

The red-head just snorted and rolled her eyes. “He should know how to keep his hands to himself. I don’t pick up pups, I show their place in such cases,” she winked flipping her flattened hair over her shoulder. “I prefer prettier and stronger males,” she purred, making Tommy chuckle under his nose.

“You don’t say? I’m shocked.”

“As if you didn’t know well,” Janice gave him a wolf-grin, letting her yellow eyes flash at Tommy once. “I’ll have my break soon. Want to join me in the back?”

Tommy knew she wasn’t talking about smoking a cigarette. They’ve been on and off lovers for the past two years or he should rather say they hooked up time after time. For a second Tommy looked over the pub and the wolves he was responsible for. Mike just came out of the office and came behind the counter to start serving people on the other end of it. Things were calm, no band on stage tonight which would’ve meant a crowd. Besides since he couldn’t stop thinking about Adam and that summer forest scent he smelled around him, some nice distraction would’ve felt good.

“Sure, why not? It’s been a while,” he shrugged keeping his cool.

“Awesome. Looking forward to it,” she winked at him again and walked off with her orders rolling her hips. Tommy knew it was a show she put on for him and he had to admit, it worked. He adjusted himself before he stepped to another customer, a small smile playing on his lips. Finally something to look forward to.


Tommy growled low as Janice rubbed her barely covered butt against his groin as she bent over some boxes. She chuckled and turned around engaging Tommy’s mouth in a lustful kiss while she took off her red thong and tucked it in his back pocket.

“Come on, you big bad Beta, show me again what you’ve got!” she licked Tommy’s lip and turned back to her previous position, pulling her jeans skirt up.

He cursed under his nose from the sight and quickly got himself free from his uncomfortably tight black jeans. The condom was on in a second and without much foreplay he rammed into her tight and hot body. They loved it like this. Raw fucking. That was it, nothing else. Something primal they both needed time after time. Besides Janice had a gorgeous body with curves just at the right places and Tommy liked to bury himself into that body – or in any body – at times like these to forget everything else. He held her throat from behind, squeezing enough to show her his dominance. That was exactly what she wanted from him and this wasn’t the first time Tommy showed his strength and place in the pack like this when asked to do so. And he liked to fuck pretty women and occasionally men, but with males he liked to switch between the roles.

He slid his hands up from her waist to her chest and freed her breasts, squeezing them as he plunged into her curvy body. Her moans and pleas for harder thrusts made Tommy growl, his eyes flaring up in yellow as he complied and let them get lost more in their pleasure. This was good. This was familiar. Not like the strange urges his new alpha caused in him and his wolf. He never before felt the way like when he was kneeling next to Adam and let his power wash over him to learn his lesson. He could still smell the summer forest in his nose. That scent was haunting him and his wolf wanted more of it. Its urge to submit completely to the freckled man was growing with each day and Tommy wasn’t sure how long he’d be able to resist it.

Janice’s desperate moan, her tight grip around his cock and the wave of her power told Tommy that she reached her orgasm. With a few more rough thrusts he came into the condom too, enjoying the blinding feeling that wiped his mind clean for a few moments. He made sure he kept himself from the back of her neck. Tommy knew that she wouldn’t have minded if she became the mate of such a strong Beta like Tommy, but he didn’t want to tie himself down like that. Or at least not with someone whom he just considered a fuck buddy. That’s why he never knotted her either or fucked her without protection. Not that werewolves could get anything from having unprotected sex, but an unwanted pregnancy would’ve been bad. And Tommy wasn’t a fool.

They were still panting as they cleaned up and adjusted their clothes.

“It was high time for such fun,” Janice grinned pulling her skirt down and stepped to Tommy to kiss him.

“Yeah, it was nice. Your thong,” he reached towards his back pocket but she stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

“I don’t need it. Consider it as a trophy, if you like,” she winked.

Tommy shook his head and smirked when he heard a knock on the door.

“If you two stopped fucking, I could use your help outside, Tommy,” they heard Mike’s slightly tense voice.

“What is it?” Tommy asked opening the door already frowning from his friend’s expression.

“One of your new wolves is having some quarrel with a human.”

Tommy sighed and made his way back to the front. He really didn’t need another fuck up so he hoped this could be solved without a fight. It’d shed a bad light not just on him, but on his new pack and alpha as well. And as much as he would’ve liked to see Adam pissed off, he didn’t want to be on the receiving end of that anger.

“Alright, fellas… what’s the problem here?” he asked moving towards the arguing parties. They were already surrounded by the other wolves near the middle of the dance floor, the music blasting less loudly from the speakers. The tension was palpable in the air and it didn’t come only from the wolves but from the few humans present too. Some were already leaving. Probably they knew how bad the fights in this place could get.

The fine hairs on the back of Tommy’s neck suddenly stood on end and his wolf growled warningly inside. Something was off with that human, he could feel it right away. Maybe that was the reason why Adam’s man, Oliver was so much in his face. When they heard the approaching Beta’s voice they both turned to him. Oliver’s eyes slightly dropped when he felt Tommy’s power reach them before the blonde. Obviously the human wasn’t affected by it, but as Tommy looked into the cloudy blue eyes and noticed the twisted smirk on the stranger’s face, his instincts screamed ‘danger’ at him.

Time was suddenly passing in slow motion. Tommy saw the grinning human reach under his leather jacket. At the same time the Beta realized that he knew that look. He saw it a few years back… the last time he saw a human compelled by vampires… And then his sensitive nose picked up a distinct stinging smell mixed with something that was very harmful for wolves. Tommy’s now golden-brown eyes widened as he grabbed Oliver’s jacket to quickly jerk him back, not caring that the younger wolf fell over a table.

“Get down everyone! He has a bomb!” he screamed as loud as he could and lounged at the human to stop him from pressing the detonator. But he was too late.

The blast reached him mid-air and threw him against one of the pillars. He landed on the floor with a painful thud. He tried to sit up, but he couldn’t move. His skin felt like being on fire and he couldn’t hear anything as his ears were ringing from the explosion. He could smell fire and burning flesh. There were parts of his body – like the left side of his face, neck, arms and legs which were burning with pain. As he managed to take a glimpse down at himself he realized that it was his skin that was burning from the liquid wolfs bane that hit his full front when the guy blew himself up.

But that wasn’t the only reason he smelled blood. Tommy pressed his aching hand against his stomach. His T-shirt was soaked by his own blood and he coughed some on the floor too as he pulled out as much silver shards as he could. It’s important not to have too much in his system for too long because it can kill him. Well, the blood loss can kill him too as his body cannot heal where silver’s left inside and by the amount he saw under him on the floor he hoped that someone would help on him soon.

He looked around as much as he could to see how the others were doing. There were motionless wolves and humans scattered around the club, but luckily there were more moving and moaning figures. Still Tommy felt that he fucked up once again. That was his last thought before he fainted from the pain and blood loss.


He was running as a wolf. It took a few moments before he realized he was in an untouched forest. The most beautiful he’d ever seen. The trees were so tall that when he looked up he couldn’t see their top. It was filled with the sounds of chirping birds, searching animals, running water and sunlight which filtered through between the green leaves like pure daggers of light.

It was warm, but not unbearably hot. Tommy knew it was summer and he was headed towards a small waterfall to drink and cool himself. His wolf knew where to go so he leaned back and let him take control. Soon enough the white light he headed towards engulfed and blinded him for a few seconds. When his eyes got used to it he was standing next to the waterfall. He walked closer and drank from the sparkling water. It was delicious. He was enjoying this place so very much he never wanted to leave.

But then his nose caught an interesting scent. He knew that scent. It was the scent of the warm forest at summer time too, like now, but it was still different. It belonged to someone. When he saw a dark shadow on the surface of the sparkling water he looked up and spotted a majestic black wolf standing over him on top of the waterfall. He couldn’t clearly see its face because the sun was shining directly from behind him, but he could see the glowing blue eyes and the warm feeling of home coming off the wolf in waves.

“Adam…” he whispered stunned by the beauty of the wolf’s piercing blue eyes.

“I’m here, Tommy, hold on,” he heard from the distance and suddenly he realized that he was looking into the same eyes but now it belonged to a human body. He lifted his bloody hand and fisted it in Adam’s shirt to hold on to the alpha and the soothing warmth of home that surrounded them, his wolf scratching him from the inside to get closer to him and get lost in that feeling back in that beautiful forest.

“Home…” he mumbled trying to scoot closer.

“Don’t move, Tommy… You’re badly injured,” he asked and Tommy went pliant in the strong arms that closed around him. “I need a healer right now!” he heard Adam’s strong and yet worried voice from above. “Tommy… listen to me… Can you tell me who is responsible for the bombing?”

“What?” Tommy asked back, his eyelids getting heavy again as Adam’s power wrapped around his aching body like a warm blanket.

“Tommy, focus! It’s important. Who did this?” he insisted and leaned closer when the bloody Beta started mumbling.

“Human… he was compelled by a vamp… Wolfs bane… silver…” he managed to say then coughed up more blood and the world spun out of his focus. He could still hear Adam’s urging voice and Sutan saying something next to them then the darkness swallowed him and his wolf.

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