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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  2014.10.01. 10:15

Chapter 10


“I wanna know more about you,” Adam stated sitting on one of the curved couches in the living room, the night-time city’s lights giving a nice background through the glass doors for Tommy’s pretty face as he was sitting opposite the Alpha on the other sofa. They were both bare-footed and Adam let his toes curl in the thick mauve carpet. He was sitting there in a relaxed pose, legs open and half-lying on the comfortable pillows, vodka in one hand, the other resting on his thigh. The soft lights sparkled on his glittery make up, sparkly and quite tight pants and the necklaces on his chest that flashed occasionally as he moved, because his shirt was mostly unbuttoned.

Tommy turned his attention from his topped up whiskey to Adam and a grin tugged at the edge of his mouth hearing the eagerness in the bigger man’s voice. “What do you want to know?” he asked and drank from his whiskey, the nice buzz starting to return into his head. He lost his leather jacket somewhere in the hall when he took off his shoes too and now was sitting in a similar position as Adam, the bottles of their chosen poison sitting on the table between them. They were already half-empty as this wasn’t their first drink since they came back from the club. But for a change there were only the two of them in the big ass house. It was nice and Tommy finally felt comfortable in Adam’s presence.

“You mentioned being bitten. How did that happen? How did you become a werewolf?” he asked, blue eyes shining with curiosity as he sent his shot back and poured another.

A shadow ran across Tommy’s face for a second but then he shrugged and let another mouthful of the strong drink burn down his throat and warm his stomach. “It happened in the summer of 1962. I was a rebellious teenager then. You could say a punk, who liked to ditch school, play his guitar and hang out with his friends. We liked to go to the mountains with my buddies to drink in the forest. We had a few places there where we liked to do that. One evening I sneaked out from home and met up with my buddies. We took some girls with us to drink and make out. The evening was great, we got pretty wasted and I took my girl I wanted to finally fuck a bit further from the others. We were giggling and drinking and started making out. Getting heavy, you know, when we heard twigs snapping nearby and soon some snarling. First we thought it was one of our friends messing with us, but then it came from closer and we saw a big shadow moving among the trees, its eyes glowing in amber. We started backing up and I told her not to run as I knew enough about beasts that doing that would be the worst thing to do. But when it came closer, she screamed and did that anyways. I had nothing else to do then. I ran for my life too, making sure that she was always in front of me. Then the creature leaped and knocked me off my feet. I shouted to Sue to run and she did while I tried to get away too. I struggled with the beast, which was of course a werewolf, but I didn’t know that back then. As I turned on my back I just saw a big ass wolf ready to tear me apart. I lifted my left arm to protect my face and neck and that’s when the wolf bit my forearm here,” he lifted his arm and pointed a finger at the tattooed area between Jason and Bela Lugosi. “The tattoos covered it up pretty well, but if you look from close enough, it’s still visible,” he said, his voice a bit tense from telling the story only very few knew. He had no idea why he felt the urge to share all of it with Adam, but he didn’t protest either. Maybe talking about it instead of bottling it up for all these years would help him hate himself about this a bit less.

Adam nodded and sent back another shot of his vodka. “What happened next?” he asked sensing and smelling Tommy’s discomfort, but he wanted to let him talk and he wanted to know the whole story too.

“I only remember screaming and begging for my life although I knew the wolf wouldn’t understand me. The bite hurt like a motherfucker and I was shocked to realize that my short life was about to end like this. I didn’t want to die but I had no chance against such a huge beast. I never believed in God, but in that moment I was terrified and prayed to him or anything to spare me. I guess I was lucky that I hung out with some shady guys too, because one of the dudes who was a few years older than us appeared holding a gun and he shot into the beast. Of course it was a simple bullet that hit it in the side but it must have hurt like hell anyway, because it took off with a snarl. Nick, the guy shot after it a few more times to make sure it was gone then he and another friend ran to me. I was still lying on the ground, the smell of rotting leaves and blood strong in my nose. The strangest things got stuck in my mind because of the shock,” he said swirling the rest of his whiskey in his glass, staring at it lost in thoughts.

“Like what?” Adam softly asked.

“Like the stripy pattern on Nick’s shirt under his leather jacket or the taste of Sue’s tongue in my mouth from earlier. Stuff like that. I guess my brain tried to avert my attention from my bleeding arm. I don’t remember how I’ve got home, but my parents freaked and took me to the hospital. I’ve got a tetanus shot and a few stitches. The dock told me I’ll scar but I was lucky that the wolf didn’t tear my arm off. Then I had to talk to some policemen and forest-officers. They didn’t want to believe me that the wolf was as huge as I said. They thought I was still under shock or drunk and I wasn’t such a big guy back then either.”

“What happened to the werewolf? Did they go after it?”

“I have no idea. Probably they tried, but you know how well our kind can avoid humans if we want to.”

“Was it a lone wolf?”

“I don’t know. I never saw or felt that wolf again,” he shrugged glimpsing up at Adam with a nonchalant expression, but both of them knew that this topic bothered Tommy more than what he showed.

“And then you started noticing the changes?”

“Yeah. For a day or two I had a high fever which my mom could barely contain. She thought it was some side-effect of the shot I’ve got. Then I looked better but I was still running hotter than usual and could barely get out of my bed. But I noticed that the smaller scratches and bruises were gone in record time and my arm wasn’t hurting that much either. We were surprised to see when my mom changed my bandage that the bite mark looked much better too. Then when I’ve got better I noticed my senses getting sharper. It was frightening and I didn’t want to tell anyone. I was a fan of horror books and movies back then too so soon it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. Of course I didn’t want to believe that it was a werewolf and I was becoming one too.”

“I can imagine how scared you must’ve been.”

“It wasn’t simple,” he nodded and finished his drink just to pour a nice amount of whiskey for himself. “I went back to the woods although I was terrified. I could smell that strange wolf scent then and I followed the trail but I lost it soon after. When the first full moon came, I was feeling awful. I was in my room and I was loosing control over myself. My sister caught up with me in the garden and I just lost it. The change was already happening. My claws and fangs and eyes were a wolf’s and when she tried to calm me I jumped at her and bit her ankle. I felt horrible the next day when I woke up in the woods naked and cold and covered by animal blood. I even puked up the half-digested raw meat. It took some time until I found my way home. It was nightfall by then because I couldn’t steal clothes for myself sooner. My parents were pissed but most of all worried about me and now about Lisa too. Her ankle was bandaged up and we sat down to have a big talk.”

“How did they react to the truth?”

“They freaked out first. All three of them. I couldn’t blame them as I was just as freaked and hated the monster I became for a long time.”

“So obviously Lisa became a wolf too during the next full moon.”

“Yes. But not just her,” he said and continued seeing Adam’s questioning look. “When we got certain that we were indeed werewolves, my father asked me to bite him too.”

“Seriously?” Adam’s jaw dropped.

“Yes. But I didn’t want to do that. I was terrified of myself as I couldn’t control that side of me yet. But he wanted to look after for his children and help them like this too. I think, I’ve never been to the library that much like in those weeks. We were doing research about werewolves and simple wolves. We studied them and somehow my father managed to find a friend’s friend who was a were too. He explained the situation to her and she bit him. So the next full moon the three of us went for a hike deep in the forest and we shifted and ran together after we got used to our new forms and it turned out that our father was an Alpha. He became our small pack’s leader. He talked a lot with that wolf who turned him and he taught me and my sister about everything we had to know. Then we grew stronger and we took in some strays. That’s how the Burbank pack was formed. At some point we were a very powerful pack until the hunters made a trap for us and we lost most of our people before we could kill them,” he finished his story and drank some more.

“Wow. You had a hard life then. I’m sorry you had to become a wolf like this. How was your relationship with your wolf? You said you hated yourself for becoming a monster and I guess biting your sister too.”

“That’s true. And for kinda forcing our dad to turn too in order to be able to control us. In the beginning I was a handful as a wolf too. It took a lot of time for me to be able to keep my emotions and anger in check. I tended to shift randomly when I got pissed, but our father was there for us. I respected him for not throwing us out but trying to keep our family together like this too. First I hated my wolf and it took me some time until I learned how to accept it. Since then we are okay and agree most of the time.”

“And… what about your mother? Did she stay human?” Adam asked and poured again for himself.

“For a while yes. It was a lot for her to take in at once. But when it became clear that we were aging slower, she asked my father to turn her too. He didn’t want to do it at first, because by then we knew that not everyone survives the werewolf virus transmitted by the bite. But she insisted and he finally did it,” he said, his eyes suddenly darkening even more and he pressed his mouth shut.

“And she didn’t survive…” It was more a statement than a question.

“No, she didn’t,” Tommy said shortly. This was clearly a topic he didn’t like to talk about and he was grateful for the stronger buzz in his mind which took the edge of the pain away.

“I’m sorry,” Adam said gently and watched him for a long moment. “You know it’s not your fault, right? It was her decision.”

“It was, alright. But that doesn’t change the fact that she died because of my recklessness. Because as I see it, if I didn’t go out into the woods to get bitten then none of my family would’ve gone through any of this. I wouldn’t have lost my parents because of werewolves.”

“I can’t argue with that, but I’m sure there were positive sides to this form of life too. And if you stayed human, we wouldn’t have met either… I certainly would’ve missed out,” he looked at him with a warm look, which made Tommy’s stomach flutter and feel a bit better.

“Sweet talker…” he mumbled with a small smile and topped up his drink again.

Adam just shrugged and grinned wide as he sent his next shot down.

“So what about you? From your reaction I believe you’re a born wolf?”

“I am,” he nodded. “My parents had first me then my younger brother, Neil.”

“Are your parents Mates?” he asked curious.

“No. They just fell in love. When we were still kids they got divorced but they managed to stay friends.”

“What about your brother? I haven’t seen him around yet. Isn’t he part of your pack?”

“Not exactly. The thing is that soon it turned out that we were both born as Alphas. I wanted to build a pack when I came to age and got strong and experienced enough. We can say that I took over the early LA pack from my mother, who kept it together as a Beta. They were more like a bunch of strays and lone wolves in need of an Alpha. So when she saw that I was ready, she decided to ‘hand over’ the pack and help me from the background while she focused on her human life more. Neil didn’t want a pack. He was always the lone wolf type. First he became a scout, working all over America then he was offered a position as an advisor between the Werewolf Council and the packs in North America. He travels a lot but visits the LA pack time after time. We can say he’s a part of my pack to some extent too as he’s my brother and he spends time with us. I don’t keep much from him as he can be very helpful and logical when shit hits the fan or my emotions take over,” he chuckled shortly, feeling the vodka working nicely in his system now.

“Is he anything like you or you are the classic opposites of brothers?”

Adam giggled and thought for a second. “We can say we’re opposites, but where it counts, we stick together and help each other. He’s a good brother even if he’s a sarcastic bitch by nature,” he said fondly, which made Tommy smirk.

“I can’t wait to meet him. I love sarcasm and dark humor.”

“I think you two’ll get along just fine. He loves to suck my blood like you did until recently,” he rolled his eyes.

“Nice. Maybe I should’ve been his Mate instead,” he teased, which earned a disapproving flash of Adam’s eyes and a warning little growl as his control was slightly slipping over his wolf thanks to the plenty of alcohol they already consumed.

“Chill out, dude, I’m just messing with you. No need to get jealous of your own brother too. It was enough for one night.”

“So you noticed, huh?” Adam lifted his glass to his lips and watched Tommy over the rim.

“It was hard to miss. You practically burned off my back, but thanks for sending Sutan over. I probably would’ve been able to handle it, but yeah…”

“Does this often happen because of you not being claimed yet?”

“Sometimes. Not that often though.”

“That bitch was hitting on you pretty hard for my liking.”

“I have to disagree. There’s been worse including a lot of claws and snarling at times.”

“I don’t like the sound of that…” Adam said after a brief pause and knocked back his drink.

“Do I detect some possessive jealousy behind your words?” Tommy asked and he couldn’t believe that he was flirting like this with their Alpha who clearly had nothing against that.

“I won’t deny it. You’d be able to smell the lie on me,” he shrugged. “Do you mind it?”

“I already knew that you got all territorial over me behind my back.”

“Sutan and Isaac…” he rolled his eyes “those blabbermouths… But you didn’t answer.”

“Yeah they are, but they mean well. I think I don’t mind.”

“Good,” Adam smiled smugly and satisfied.

“I’ve noticed what you’ve been trying to do lately…”

“Which is?” Adam raised a thick eyebrow and put his glass down on the table between them.

“Courting me like I was a girl,” Tommy snorted and copied Adam’s move with his own empty glass. Shit, Adam’s whiskey was strong if it made him this bold and open.

“You didn’t seem to mind…” he pointed out and let his eyes wander on Tommy’s skinny form. No denial this time either.

“I kinda liked it,” he admitted, resting his hands on his thighs. “But I’m no girl.”

“Thank god, you’re not!” Adam exclaimed and they both burst out in a fit of drunken giggles. “C’me here…” he patted the couch next to him and the happy look in his eyes turned into something hotter and heavier.

Without really thinking about it Tommy got up and walked around the table to sit down next to him. He watched Adam lift a hand to slide it to the back of his neck. The strong fingers got lost in the longer hair there, making the blonde wolf close his eyes. It felt very good. Safety and warmth radiating from the touch. His mouth slightly opened on a soft moan he never let escape him then he forced himself to look at Adam, who was watching his reactions. “What about your father?” he asked, trying to ground himself a bit.

“What about him?” Adam asked a bit huskily as the blue of his eyes got darker.

“What’s he doing now?” he asked, trying not to go all pliant from Adam’s caressing fingers. Damn, alcohol…

“He’s the Alpha of the Santa Monica pack now,” he answered as he sat up properly and leaned a bit closer, watching Tommy closely. When he didn’t pull back, he leaned closer still.

“I see. So that’s why you have a good relationship with that pack…” Tommy uttered and he found himself mesmerized by the freckles visible on Adam’s lips. He felt a distinct pull in his guts. A pull that made him get closer to the warm body opposite him. It felt like magic. The kind that his wolf was basking in. Tommy could feel it wanting to get much closer to Adam and his wolf and he had to realize that he too lost the will to fight that pull.

They met in the middle and for the second time Tommy could feel the softness of those freckled lips. He could taste the vodka on them and something stronger, Adam’s own taste and scent, which made a shiver run down his spine. For a brief second he thought he was insane for letting this happen again, but another part of him – besides his very much approving wolf – didn’t care anymore either. This felt too good to stop it. That’s why when Adam licked at the seam of his mouth he opened it up for his tongue, welcoming it eagerly so they could melt into a passionate battle of kisses. Tommy tried to fight for dominance for a while, but when Adam pulled him closer with his free hand around his waist and his fingers fisted in his hair, giving him just the right amount of pull, he moaned into the kiss and let him take over. It was strange not being in control as he got used to defying Adam and saying no whenever he could.

But that thought was wiped away by another, which was wondering where that hot energy was which surprised them during their first kiss too. But he didn’t have to wait long for its arrival as it hit him in the chest the moment his thought was formed. He had to moan into Adam’s mouth and his hazy brain finally noticed that at some point he ended up straddling the other man’s lap. His back arched as the hand on his waist once rubbed up along his spine then slid down to his ass, pulling him closer still, as if Adam wanted to melt the smaller body into his. Tommy had to prop himself with one hand on the back of the couch while the other dug into glittery black hair hard from products, but he didn’t care, just pressed himself against Adam as much as he could. It felt as if the Alpha was a magnet and he couldn’t resist his pull anymore. Their wolves were already rubbing against each other all over, making Tommy’s heart beat faster in his chest and he asked himself why the hell he wanted to keep himself from this…

It was Adam who eventually ended the kiss and let Tommy nip at his wet bottom lip. “Wow. Even better than last time,” he said amazed and hearing the agreeing grunt he slid his hand from Tommy’s ass to the side of his face to make him look at him. “What did you do with her card?”

“What?” Tommy asked back confused and fucking turned on.

“The she-wolf’s card which she slipped into your jacket…” he asked and kissed along his jaw-line until he reached his ear and gently sucked on the piercings there. That sent a hot jolt of lust straight into Tommy’s cock. He was so hard already.

“Fuck… seriously? I tossed it out,” he said impatiently and tried to turn his head for more kisses, but Adam’s hold on his jaw tightened, making Tommy moan.

“Good boy,” Adam murmured and rubbed his cheek against Tommy’s neck to leave his scent over him. Strangely it made Tommy’s cock throb even more.

“I’m not your boy…” he tried weakly, which elicited a deep chuckle from Adam, his fingers lightly scratching Tommy’s nape.

“Not yet…” he said lifting his head to look into Tommy’s hazy eyes. “You smell so fucking good. So much fire and want… Your wolf’s practically offering himself up for mine… and your body’s screaming for the same thing…” he breathed on Tommy’s mouth. “You have no idea how much I want to give you what you need…”

“Fuck…” Tommy only managed to say that as he shifted on Adam’s lap, his cock rubbing against Adam’s hard and pretty big bulge, making the Alpha inhale sharply.

“Tell me what you want to do, TommyJoe…” he whispered and licked along the blonde’s bottom lip, letting the smaller tongue chase after and flick against his. “If you want to stop, this is where you should say something.”

“Fuck,” Tommy repeated and closed his eyes for a second, trying to think clearly, which was fucking impossible by then. What the fuck was Adam doing to him? He totally blew his mind with a few kisses and grabs. The needy whine of his wolf urged him to make the decision his hazy brain filled with alcohol and lust was too slow to provide yet. This was yet another turning point in their relationship for sure. It felt quick but so fucking right at the same time and he loved a little spontaneity at times. Living in the moment, huh? And who said he was a responsible drunk? He did some crazy shit while wasted. But now he felt the buzz of alcohol less and more of the burn of that needy pull in his guts, urging him to say yes. “No… no, don’t stop…” he finally panted.

“You sure?” Adam asked and Tommy could practically see a fire ignite in his eyes that he knew would consume him fully if he wasn’t careful.

“Yeah…” he swallowed hard and managed a lopsided smile “after all… I have to test the product before I buy it for life…”

“Cheeky bastard!” Adam grunted and gently bit his neck as he slid both hands down on Tommy’s ass and lifted him up as if he had no weight.

Tommy’s drunken giggle was strange even to his own ears as he closed his legs around Adam’s waist and arms around his neck while being carried to the bedroom. He shared the same satisfied and excited vibes he felt coming from the Alpha. He couldn’t wait to get to that damned bedroom, not caring about logic anymore. This felt too right for that.

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