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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2014.10.03. 11:38

Chapter 11

His hair was still damp, his face clean of make up from the quick shower he took to clean up as it was a while since he had sex with another man. Adam looked the same after joining him for that shower. They were barely able to keep their hands to themselves as they watched the other hungrily. They both knew that it wasn’t just the booze. Their wolves were practically purring and yipping happily, running around like playful pups in that strange headspace now that they were allowed to be close to each other. It made Tommy giddy and he was smiling again when Adam crawled over him in bed. All muscle and freckles, necklaces dangling in the air between them. He smelled clean and like home. The moment their naked skin touched, Tommy could smell the summer forest stronger. He was sure Adam had the same experience with the winter forest scent. It made him nuzzle his cheek against Adam’s neck while he did the same on the other side. This simple gesture made his toes curl and buck up against him.

He saw in the shower how big his cock was and had to moan as now his own slid against its velvety skin. His body was humming and buzzing in anticipation and all the rest of his slightly unsure thoughts were wiped away once their lips met again in one of those insanely intense kisses. Adam slowly grinding against him felt so fucking amazing Tommy knew he could’ve gotten off only on that, but he wanted so much more.

“I’m gonna make you feel so good…” Adam panted when he was ready to let Tommy’s lips go and he opened the pale thighs wider as he sat back on his heels to look at him in his naked glory. “You are fucking beautiful…” he groaned and let his big and warm hands trace every inch of the smaller body. It wasn’t the first time he saw Tommy naked, but it was never intimate like this.

Tommy had to close his eyes and arch his back when Adam paused to play with his nipples. The thorough hands and the burning gaze on his body made Tommy feel himself worshipped and as he looked up at Adam’s face he knew he was doing exactly that. It was insane that he didn’t even have to say anything, Tommy’s body knew by instinct what to do just from the small touches of those gorgeous hands.

He watched Adam reach out for the lube on the nightstand, the dance of muscles under freckled skin mesmerizing him. He bit his bottom lip when the cool fluid was squirted on the long and thicker fingers and his hands fisted in the sheets the moment he could feel them close around his leaking cock. “Shit… you already make me feel so good,” he admitted.

It earned a beaming smile from Adam and another kiss while the wet fingers traced his balls and slid lower to rub against his crack and hole. It clenched instinctively before relaxing. He wanted those fingers in him so badly. He realized how much he missed this kind of pleasure when the pressure grew against his opening. He could count the number of men he had sex with on one hand, starting with Nick, the guy who saved him from that wolf. He was the one who introduced him to the pleasures a man could give him. They met up to fuck whenever they felt the urge, but not after Tommy’s accident. Tommy didn’t dare to do it again in fear of losing control so he slowly stopped hanging out with those guys and focused on his new life and family instead. Then he slowly forgot about those humans and chose to mingle with wolves instead. It took some time until Tommy had a good enough control over his wolf side and tried sleeping with humans again. Even then he preferred women as he knew how much he could get lost and out of control with a male. He always thought about himself as a physical being driven by his instincts and sex was a good way to let out some steam and relax. His one night stands didn’t mean anything to him besides that. Most of the time the steady fuck buddies he had neither. Probably that was the reason why he never managed to maintain a steady relationship for long. He wasn’t interested. He felt like something was missing and just took what he needed instead. But this… this was something completely different with Adam. His blood was singing in his ears, heart beating as if it wanted to explode, his whole body melting more and more against each touch and kiss. It was surreal and so fucking intense he feared if he fully gave in, he’d completely lose himself in a headspace he never dared to venture in too deep. But he noticed that Adam’s hands seemed to ground him enough already. It was new and he wanted to discover more of this so he opened his legs slutty-wide and pulled Adam down for an all teeth and tongue kiss as the first finger was welcomed by his hungry body.

The freckled man was truly amazed by how willing Tommy turned between his hands. His bitchy and pain in the ass attitude was nowhere to be found as he pushed down on his finger so wantonly as if he was in heat. He loved this new side of Tommy, there was no doubt about that, and Adam decided to try and dazzle him with everything he got. Tommy turned out to be an interesting and mysterious creature he wanted to know more. He felt grateful that he shared his story with him, because he could feel it wasn’t easy for the blonde to open up. But what mattered is that he did trust Adam enough to do so. After the first hiccups, the Alpha was happy to see Tommy trying hard to fit into his new pack and take his responsibilities as a Beta seriously. But most of all, Adam was happy that he reacted positively to his attempts to get closer to him. He always cherished the dream that one day he’d find his Soulmate and spend the rest of his life with him. Now that he was here sprawled out on his bed under him, he wanted to do everything in his power to persuade Tommy that he was worth it to say yes to the Mate bond. Adam was amazed by how perfect he found Tommy for himself. Sure, he was a mouthy little fucker and knew that he’d probably bicker with him in the future too, but he loved that in him too. He loved how he was keeping Adam on his toes as it already made the forming relationship between them exciting and challenging. And Adam loved challenges like this.

Pushing a second finger into the willing body he groaned from the sight and hot tightness around his digits. His rock-hard cock was throbbing between his legs, already leaking pre-cum through his slit seeing the pure pleasure on the flushed face. He found Tommy beautiful. He was totally his type and he wanted him to himself. In order to take another step towards that he curled his fingers and brushed against his insides in search of that magical spot. When he found it, the shocked whine and the firm grip around his fingers made a shiver run down Adam’s spine. “So fucking gorgeous…” he panted watching Tommy writhe in front of him, wanting more.

“Fuck… gimme more!” he demanded, which made Adam chuckle shortly and lean over him again to suck on the small nipples. He noticed how sensitive they were and he decided to give them some more attention as he lined up a third finger and began working it inside the shaking body. He was so fucking tiny and tight! Adam loved it more than he could tell. It turned him on beyond himself. This was new and unique for him too. He had countless pretty boys under him like this, but there was something in Tommy’s whiny sounds and needy moans that shot straight into Adam’s soul every time he heard them.

This was much better than how he remembered it. Or maybe it was just Adam. He certainly knew how to touch him, there was no need for directions. Tommy had to admit that he loved it a lot. He loved the way his fingers were working him open, preparing him for that monster cock of the Alpha. For a brief second he wondered if all male Alphas had bigger tools than the average and he nearly giggled on the absurd thought, but that drunken giggle died before it could bubble out of him because Adam chose that moment to bite and suck his nipple and twist his wrist in his ass.

“Fucking hell!” he cried out and his whole body shuddered. “What the fuck are you waiting for? Put that damn thing in me already,” he cursed looking down at Adam.

The Alpha had to chuckle from his outburst and licked the tortured nipple once more before slowly pulling his fingers out. “That filthy mouth…” he gently nipped the sensitive flesh of Tommy’s stomach, which caused another moan and more goose bumps on the pale skin. “Turn on your tummy,” he asked hoarsely.

Tommy snorted but did as he was asked, grateful that Adam remembered it’s been a while since he took a cock up in his ass. Tommy doubted he had anything this big in him before, but it was a challenge he wanted to accept. He got on his hands and knees and shuddered when Adam ran a warm palm down along his back, making Tommy arch it instinctively to push his ass out more. He let Adam kick his legs wider and he felt no shame in exposing and offering himself up like this. It was his choice and he was so hard that he feared if he couldn’t get off soon, his head would explode. He was grateful that as wolves they didn’t need to worry about any kind of disease so he moaned obscenely loud when the blunt head of Adam’s naked and very wet tip brushed along his crack, smearing more lube on its wake. “Fuck, wait a sec…” he panted not being able to stop himself from rubbing against Adam’s more than ready dick.

“What?” he heard the hoarse question and the slight worry of backing out then in Adam’s voice made Tommy smirk shortly. “Want me to stop?” Adam forced out.

“Fuck no!” the blonde protested shaking his head then looking back over his shoulder. It warmed his heart to know that Adam would’ve stopped if he asked. “Just... like, no claiming bite or knotting,” he warned. He wasn’t ready for either of those, first because he didn’t give the green light to the Mating Ritual yet; second, because he never let anyone knot him before and he wasn’t that fond of the idea.

“I promised I’d make you feel good,” he nodded “you have my and my wolf’s word,” he said rubbing Tommy’s side, who just sighed shakily and nodded too as he turned forward, letting his bangs fall into his face.

“Okay,” he whispered and braced himself, not wanting to think about the effect of Adam’s caring words right now. Instead he focused on the slow but steady push against his hole. Even if it was well-prepared, the way Adam gently fucked himself deeper with each move of his hips took Tommy’s breath away.

“Breathe through it with me, TommyJoe…” he heard the hoarse voice and he could only whine pathetically in return, but he focused on his breathing again. It felt like forever until Adam finally bottomed out and Tommy felt so fucking full like never before. This was definitely the biggest dick he took up into his ass.

Jesusfuck… Fucking huge… give me a sec,” he panted, his tattooed arms shaking as his body was adjusting to the intrusion.

Adam stayed still buried up to the hilt in him and massaged his hips with his thumbs. “You feel incredible. So tight. I could probably blow my load right now.”

“Don’t fucking dare to do that yet! I wanna feel you fuck into me,” he grunted.

Shit,” Adam hissed and pulled a bit back, not being able to wait any longer but at the same time he was ready to stop if Tommy needed more time. The ragged intake of air and the moan that followed his move reassured him that the blonde wanted this just as much.

Tommy’s knuckles turned white around the sheets as he tried to brace himself again for the push back inside, but the intensity of it still hit him hard and he cried out. “Fuckfuckfuck,” he chanted and the next time he bucked back against Adam to meet his dick.

“Good?” he heard and glimpsing back over his shoulder he saw Adam staring down at the way his wet cock was sliding in and out of Tommy’s body. The expression on his face was indescribable and made Tommy blush furiously so he turned back forward and licked his lips.

“Hell yeah… but I’m no pussy. Fuck me properly. I won’t break… I can take it,” he urged him to really start fucking him as the burning air around them felt heavy and he was already short of breath, his skin crawling all over where Adam was touching him. He thought it was seriously fucked up and he loved every second of it. But there was a primal need, something dark and raw… a hunger uncurling deep inside of him. It was a kind of need he never felt before and it wanted to feed. It wanted more. It wanted Adam to satisfy it, turning Tommy into a whining and needy bitch that dropped down on his forearms to push his ass more up and against his crotch. His mind got flooded by a red haze of lust, erasing all trace of shame or reserve. He was sure if Adam wanted to claim or knot him in that moment, he’d have let him. Moreover, it should’ve sobered Tommy up how he actually would want that. But caught up too much in his pleasures all he could do was moan and buck and pant, his wolf’s deeper tone mixing into his voice.

“Oh my god,” Adam cursed watching his Beta fall apart on his cock so beautifully. When Tommy uttered his last coherent sentence, Adam was hoping he’d say that because he doubted he’d have been able to keep himself from fucking rough into him. He was so appetizing, so very willing it fucked with Adam’s mind and control. He was barely hanging on the thread of not claiming him right then and there. His wolf wanted to do it so badly and Tommy’s wolf was whining for it as invitingly and beautifully as he could, but he made that promise and he was willing to keep it. So instead he just kept fucking into that hot tightness while listening to their bodies slapping together. He never wanted this to end. He was sweating from all the effort and the swirling energies around them. It was overwhelming his senses and making him rely more on his instincts. It was like a whirlwind taking both of them higher and higher and neither of them knew where they’d stop.

Unconsciously Tommy slipped so deep in his submission that he barely noticed when Adam manhandled him to put him on his back. The Alpha held down his wrists when he snarled and reached towards his shoulders to pull him back over him, inside him. The wolf in him growled at Tommy and he went pliant under him in a second, offering his belly, neck and ass as if it was written in the stars. Well, it was. And after putting Tommy’s legs on his shoulders, bending him nearly in half, Adam took what was his. Hard and fast, basking in the mixture of Tommy’s scent, pleasure, lust, need, submission and orgasm like it was the best drug in the world.

He never would’ve thought having sex with Adam – his Mate – would get so fucking intense. Long after his blinding orgasm that messed up his stomach and chest, and when he was feeling Adam’s cum oozing from his still throbbing and clenching ass, he was still out of it. Lost somewhere between satisfaction, being drunk on pleasure and exhaustion. He couldn’t move an inch as Adam’s heavy tattooed arm was burning his skin around his middle. The dark-haired man was sprawled on his stomach by Tommy’s side, face buried into the blonde’s neck. Each breath he exhaled tickled the smaller man’s skin. The bliss his wolf was feeling somewhere tangled with Adam’s was warming him from the inside. He never felt it this happy. And he never experienced something like this before either. “Wow,” he said hoarsely and took a ragged breath after licking his dry lips.

“Agreed,” Adam murmured and slid his hand up on Tommy’s sweaty and slightly sticky chest to his jaw to turn his head to the side a bit more and have better access to his neck. He gently kissed along his still wildly throbbing vein. “I love my scent all over you. My wolf’s practically glowing. I never experienced something like this before.”

Tommy couldn’t help the smile tugging at his lips. He felt as if he was high, but this was different and much better than weed. “Mine’s purring for yours and neither did I. It was fucking intense, dude,” he admitted.

“It was. How did you feel?”

“You really want to make me think and talk when my brain is still mush? Wasn’t it clear enough that you lived up to your promise?” he chuckled quietly and stared at the ceiling.

“I had a hunch,” he teased.

“Oh shut up,” he batted weakly against Adam’s arm but his hand fell back on the bed. “Could you like, bring a washcloth or something? It’s starting to get a bit gross.”

“Yeah, sorry. Did I mention that I love having my scent all over you?”

“I believe you did. Fucking possessive Alpha,” he grunted but there was no real heat behind his words. He knew what Adam really meant was having his scent inside his body. He rolled his eyes but still watched as Adam got off the bed and walked to the bathroom butt naked. Damn that fine built and all those freckles! He had a lot of them.

By the time he came back with that damp washcloth, Tommy was half-asleep, basking in the afterglow of his orgasm. He let Adam move him the way he wanted while cleaning him up too.

“All good?” he asked once Tommy found himself hugged from behind. He totally missed when he turned on his side.

“Yeah… just kill those fucking lights,” he grunted.

“Such a pushy Beta,” Adam murmured as light gave way to sweet darkness.

“You love it,” Tommy mumbled putting his hands under his cheek. Usually by then he would’ve reached for a blanket, but the heat radiating from the Alpha kept him nice warm.

“I do,” Adam agreed and pulled the half-asleep blonde a bit closer to bury his nose in the hair by his nape.

Tommy grunted when he felt a longing kiss being pressed there. He hated himself a bit for the fluttery feeling that warmed his chest from these small gestures. But he felt too good right now to worry about that or the fact that he had the most amazing sex in his life tonight. With his Alpha… Mate. “I kept wanting more…” he whispered barely audible after a few minutes of silence.

“I know,” Adam murmured and he sounded like someone who really did know. “I already told you: I can give you exactly what you need,” he said tightening his hold around the small naked body.

In that moment Tommy just realized he could. Then he finally drifted off.

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