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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 15

Chapter 15

  2014.12.05. 08:37


Sorry, my lovelies for the slower updates, real life got a bit busy for me and I have to kick my Adommy muse's ass a bit time after time, but hopefully the next chapter will come sooner. Until then, enjoy this one. ;)
Thank you for all the love and kudos so far! <3

Chapter 15

Now that they were kinda in a “lockdown,” Tommy had more time to be with Adam. That was the good in the whole situation, because with each passing day he got more and more curious about the Alpha.

Now they were back in his room and Tommy rubbed his cheek against the mattress, making a satisfied little sound as he tried the leather cuffs’ tightness on his wrists which continued in a chain, tying his tattooed arms to the headboard above his head. He was lying naked on his stomach, legs kicked apart by Adam. He was bare too and Tommy could feel his warmth prickling his pale skin. His closeness and scent invaded the blonde, already dulling his senses.

“Aren’t they too tight?” he heard Adam’s voice from above and Tommy huffed satisfied.

“No. They’re perfect,” he said and tugged on the chain again, the sound of its rattling making a shiver run down his spine, but he let Adam check with sticking a finger between his wrist and the cuff on both hands. Tommy unwittingly rubbed his half-hard dick against the bed in need of some friction. He knew the chain was strong, but if needed, he would’ve been able to break free.

“God, you’re so breathtaking like this…” Adam admired the view and to tease him some more, Tommy invitingly pushed his tiny ass out.

“Gonna just look or touch me too?” he asked peeking over his shoulder with a dark glint in his eyes. They were experimenting with that different angle of their relationship. That promise Adam made in hope of persuading Tommy to choose him. And by the concentration on the freckled and damn handsome face the Beta knew Adam wanted to prove him that he was worthy for his trust. Well, since Tommy let him tie up like this, it already was proof that he trusted him more than one would expect.

Adam didn’t answer just ran one big and warm hand from Tommy’s nape down along his spine, making his back arch beautifully, and stopped on his small ass. “What are your words again?”

“Yellow for slowing down and Red for stopping,” he said, knowing that Adam asked it not because he forgot, but to make sure Tommy remembered it in case he had to use them. They had a long conversation about likes and dislikes, setting the rules in order not to get into something that’d make any of them uncomfortable. Throughout the whole conversation Tommy was buzzing with excitement on the inside and couldn’t wait to get here. Now he got what he wanted and that part of his mind where he had these urges was opening up.

“Good boy,” the other man murmured and the praise made a shiver run down Tommy’s spine again and his hips moved a few times for friction on his filling dick. He could feel Adam’s muscular thighs press against his legs and Tommy opened them wider, giving a nice view of his ass and the back of his balls. Adam’s hand was joined by his other and Tommy had to bite on his lip and lift his head a bit when he felt him part his ass cheeks to expose his hole. “Such a beautiful and tiny pink hole…” he said on a heavier voice, making Tommy’s dick throb against the bed. “Makes me want to taste it. Would you like that?”

“Yes…” Tommy groaned.

“Yes what?” Adam’s voice became a bit sterner, sending another shiver down the blonde’s spine.

“Yes, Sir…” he gave in after a moment of hesitation. He knew Adam was trying to ease him into it and he was grateful that he didn’t want him to act like a fully submissive pet from the start. It would’ve felt wrong to Tommy, who’s been more than careful to whom he showed this side of him in the past.

“Maybe I’ll grant your wish… maybe not…” he muttered, letting the tension build so nicely since he leaned down just to start planting soft kisses and bites all over the clenching hole and his ass cheeks. It made Tommy drop his head back on the pillow and his hands fisted. When he tried to move his hips again, Adam grabbed them and pinned him down with ease, exciting him even more. “Stay still or I’ll make you wait until you can’t take it anymore and start begging like a cheap whore in heat…” he warned and Tommy froze immediately although the mental image was alluring like hell. “That’s it,” Adam stroked his hips with his thumbs as a reward, making Tommy melt into the bed a bit more.

He was holding his breath and moans back while the bigger male returned to the kisses and bites, throwing in a few licks here and there. They both knew that Adam would make him beg either way, but it felt good to just feel his attention on and around his ass. It’s been a while since he could experience something like this and even then he was too young and impatient to fully appreciate this kind of worshipping. Because despite the stern voice and presence, Adam was clearly worshipping Tommy’s body. And it felt damn good.

He forced himself not to move an inch, but it was killing him. He needed friction but all that he got were soft caresses and kisses on his ass. He wanted Adam’s mouth and tongue elsewhere. He huffed and puffed, his fringe lifting then dropping back on his face until he blew it to the side. Those damn lips with the cute freckles got closer and closer to his hole but always danced back before they could actually reach it. It was fucking frustrating.

“Sir…” Tommy groaned at the brink of already losing his patience.

“What do you want?” Adam grunted and kept up with the teasing.

“I want you to finally taste me, Sir.”

“But I am tasting you. You taste amazing, by the way,” he said and Tommy could hear the smug smirk in his voice.

“Not just like this, Sir…” he swallowed hard and turned his head as much as he could to catch Adam’s eyes. But the Alpha’s hungry look was fixed on Tommy’s hole and the blonde wanted to whine with need, because it promised so much pleasure-pain that it was already hard to handle it.

“How else, TommyJoe?” he asked hoarsely and lightly bit his left ass cheek.

“My hole… please taste my asshole too, Sir. I need to feel your tongue and mouth there…” he panted giving in too. His wolf was belly up and begging the second Adam tied him up. That bitch. But he needed to get here to be able to start begging. “Please.”

Adam growled approvingly from the sign of submission. Although it wasn’t full yet, it was a good start and he didn’t make Tommy wait any longer. His tongue darted out and its flattened surface licked along his crack slowly. The breathy moan he got in return made the Alpha’s dick throb with need, but he forced patience on himself. He wanted to make Tommy fall apart under him before he took him rough and hard. So he took his time licking and rimming that tiny hole. He took his time with pushing his tongue a bit deeper after each lick, his strong hands holding the narrow hips down, making it impossible for the Beta to buck or rub against the bed or his mouth. He loved his power over Tommy and vice versa. Because the blonde had the same amount over him.

Tommy closed his eyes and relaxed, letting Adam lick him open with his skilled tongue. Once he let control over his body and mind and didn’t fight Adam’s presence and scent anymore, he could fully enjoy his attention and touches. It was grounding more than he thought it would. It seemed he didn’t notice that he needed this for a while now. For a moment he wondered if he had temper-issues because of this and if it was the reason why he had less male lovers. Because he could never find in them what he was looking for. He could never feel like this. Like with Adam. It was mind-blowing although they barely started and Tommy knew that if this got any better, he was gone for this Alpha for good. But as more and more of his walls were melting down while Adam was working a wet finger into him along with his tongue, he cared less and less. This was just too good, too perfect to fight it. He was losing himself just the right way and he let himself lay already pliant there, moaning his head off as soon as his body let two then three fingers in.

“How about a fourth finger, slut?” Adam asked caught in his domsapce too. Tommy didn’t mind the name-calling. Hell, he told Adam to go for it while talking about their limits. Dirty talk was a major turn on for the blonde and he was glad he had that in common with Adam.

“Yes, please, Sir!” he panted, his nails digging into his own palms from the force he was fisting his hands.

“That’s my little bitch…” Adam said and Tommy could hear on his voice that he was grinning. Once the lubed up fourth finger was pressed against his hole, he bit his lip and concentrated on enjoying the slight burning and the sweet stretch as it was worked into his ass too. The throaty groan that escaped him made Adam swear aroused under his nose as he started moving his fingers.

Curses spilled from Tommy’s lips too as his eyes shut tight and when Adam let his hip go with his other hand, he pushed back on those amazing fingers. He could hear a chuckle from behind, but he was too gone by then to say anything about it. It just felt so fucking awesome, he never wanted it to end. But Adam’s deep and rough voice next to his ear, just when he curled his fingers and rubbed against that sweet spot, interrupted him.

Adam chuckled again from his yell and rubbed his nose and face against his nape, clearly worshipping and scenting the place were the Claiming Bites usually went. Tommy shivered with want but pushed his wolf back a bit for it demanding that bite right then and there.

“Ready for more, slut?” Adam murmured and Tommy’s ass muscles clenched around the fingers in anticipation.

“Hell yes… Sir. Please, fuck me!”

“How badly you want it, baby?” he panted in his ear and sucked his piercings in his mouth, making goose bumps rise all over Tommy’s writhing body, his dick leaking pre-cum as it rubbed against the sheets.

“Fuck… so much. Please… Sir… please!” he whined along with his wolf, a wave of his power rushing through Adam. He could hear him gasp for air and the low growl by his ear caused another needy moan from the Beta, his ass clenching tighter around Adam’s fingers.

“God, the way you beg…” Adam breathed and pulled back and slid his fingers out. The blonde wanted to whine from the loss of body heat and feeling suddenly empty. His chain rattled as his muscles tensed, offering his ass as much as he could in this position.

Adam cursed again and Tommy could hear him slick up his long and thick shaft. He was shaking in anticipation and a few more urging words slipped his mouth, all his senses on high alert through the fog of desire that descended on his brain. Fuck, the waiting was killing him. He was about to complain and say something insulting as his patience ran out, but then… then the blunt and wide head of that hard dick was nudging against his hole, very soon breaching him.

He groaned loud and long from the slight burn and forgot to breathe when the tip got through his sphincter. He dropped his head back on the pillow and panted as inch by inch Adam slid up into his ass. He loved the stretch and the feeling of being so full he thought he’d burst. “Fucking big cock, Sir…” he managed to utter, making Adam chuckle lightly, but he was still concentrating on fucking himself fully inside with shallow little thrusts.

“I can feel how much you love that, my tight little bitch… I know you can’t wait to writhe on it for me… You want me to fuck you through the mattress,” he whispered dirtily as he bottomed out and stopped moving.

“Fuck…” Tommy shivered from the dirty words and the feeling, his body adjusting to Adam’s size. “Yes, please…”

“Let me hear it…” Adam demanded, grabbing his hips to lift him a bit and adjust the angle.

A strangled moan was his reward as Tommy tried to collect himself long enough to answer coherently. “Yes, Sir… I want that… more than anything. Fuck… please… Please give it to me… I want it all… Please!” he panted. He was far beyond on feeling ashamed or bad about his begging. Adam was right, submitting was in his Beta nature. But Adam was someone who clearly appreciated if not treasured it. Despite all the excuses Tommy earlier had against giving in to him, Adam was a good Alpha and man, someone worthy to submit to and Tommy’s wolf couldn’t agree more.

When Adam rammed back into him for the first time, the force of it made Tommy slide upwards on the bed and he cried out from the pleasure-pain shooting through his body. It was perfect. After the next push he was able to press his palms against the headboard to keep himself from sliding further up and eventually bang his head against the wood and then his mind shut off and he was just kneeling there, chest and cheek against the bed.

“Yes… fucking take it, you slut. I’m gonna make you my little bitch,” he heard Adam’s loud growl from behind and he whined in agreement. He wanted it so fucking badly.

He had to bite down on his lip until he tasted blood to stop himself from begging for the Mate Bite. The back of his neck was tingling with anticipation, his whole body, his wolf and his soul shaking for it. The temperature in the room was hot, their bodies soon covered in a light layer of sweat. It was hard to breathe for Tommy from the thick smell of the summer forest and the burning energies surrounding them. It was fucking perfection. Only that one link was missing. He could feel Adam struggle to hold himself back and scratch along Tommy’s back instead.

The blonde arched his upper-body and cried out from the pain that quickly transformed into pleasure and satisfaction. The smell of his own blood seeped into his nose too, arousing him more. Adam’s balls slapped loud against his wet ass with each thrust and Tommy was dripping on the sheets like crazy. That fucking big cock was moving in him mercilessly and he loved every second of it. But he wanted something else too.

“Please… Sir…” he willed his numb lips to work, his voice barely above a light whisper, but Adam still heard him.

“What do you want?” Adam grunted and squeezed his ass cheeks hard, making Tommy clench around him. “Fuck, you feel so good and tight…”

“Turn me around, Sir. I’d like to see your face,” he panted and in the next moment his wish was granted.

Adam manhandled him and he found himself flipped on his back, the chain easily turning with him. His tattooed arms were still outstretched and propped against the headboard and the second his mind caught up with his body, he was spreading his legs slutty-wide for Adam.

“Such an eager bitch in heat… See? I made you one after all,” Adam chuckled low and dirty, his eyes glowing in the silvery-blue of his wolf as he looked down at Tommy’s needy body. But beside the dominance and wildness that licked Tommy in wonderful waves, there was a deep burning need too. A need to pleasure, to satisfy his Mate. Tommy had no idea how he could see that but there it was in Adam’s eyes and he couldn’t look away. The sight was hypnotizing and his mouth slightly opened on a silent moan as Adam slid back into him.

He let him put a leg over his shoulder while pushing the other to the side to get better access then those glowing blue eyes came closer and closer as some weight of the heavy body pressed against Tommy’s. His eyes rolled back feeling Adam’s stomach rub against his throbbing dick with each thrust and he found himself kissing back the freckled lips. Tommy moaned enjoying the long and hard strokes of the Alpha’s cock and the grip on his wrists while Adam’s tongue dived into his mouth.

All his senses were full of Adam. He felt, tasted, saw, heard and smelled him all over. It should’ve been overwhelming in addition of the smell of the forest and home, but it was perfect. Only that bite was missing to complete the picture, but he pushed away that thought and focused on his body. His wolf was out of its mind in full submission and Tommy melted under Adam from his and his wolf’s attention, and from each stroke of that wonderful dick and tongue. He slipped deeper than he planned to let himself, but this felt too goddamn good to stop himself! He whined softly to grab Adam’s attention when the pressure building at the base of his spine was starting to get too much.

“What…?” he panted and licked Tommy’s bottom lip, their breaths mixing as they were breathing into each other’s mouths.

“Need to come… Please, let me…” he whined louder at the brink of shooting his load. His whole body was writhing and shaking around and under Adam. It was amazing and frustrating at the same time, but he was too far gone in his subspace to think straight. He just needed the release and becoming one with Adam.

“God…” he heard Adam’s admiring moan from above. “Look at me, Tommy. Keep your eyes open…” he panted above him, his thrusts losing his rhythm which told the blonde that he was very close too. It took him a few seconds before he could obey. “Fuck…” Adam cursed under his nose from his expression and hazy, vulnerable look. The hesitation made Tommy whine once more, which made Adam whisper, “Cum for me, baby. Now.”

And Tommy did.

His back arched and his loud cry of pleasure echoed in the room. His body was shaking and clamping down hard on Adam’s dick, the chain holding him captive and rattling above his head as he messed up their stomachs and chests, but Tommy didn’t care. He couldn’t because their energies were swirling and pulsing around them, but not able to mix and become one yet, because the Bond wasn’t complete between them.

But it was pretty fucking amazing this way too, because Tommy got so high that afterwards he needed several minutes to come down. Somewhere vaguely he felt Adam fill him up too, his deep moans above him making Tommy groan as well and somehow he managed to keep the eye-contact. It was more intimate than anything else they did before. They both were equally vulnerable and Tommy thought he could see how deeply the wish of taking him as his Mate was rooted in Adam. But still he held back and didn’t act on the urge and that warmed Tommy’s quivering insides.

Without noticing, he fell a bit more in love with his Alpha.


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