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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 17

Chapter 17

  2015.01.03. 13:13

Chapter 17

“You wanted to talk to me?” Adam asked as he stepped out into the garden, ignoring the invisible but very present guards around the property.

Tommy turned his head and tightened his hold around his beer bottle. It was late and most of the other pack members were already asleep. Adam’s been busy that day dealing with some pack stuff and listening to reports. Neil didn’t arrive yet, but he was expected in any minute. Tommy knew that probably this wasn’t the best time to talk about this, but after his discussion with Sutan and realizing without a doubt what he wanted, he just couldn’t wait anymore. The full moon was next week and there would be preparations needed to be done if they decided to do the Mating Ritual then. Still, despite his resolve, Tommy felt a bit jittery and tense as Adam finally came out of the house.

“Why are you so tense?” Adam picked up on that in a second and slid a hand on the back of Tommy’s neck, lightly squeezing it with his strong fingers. It made some of that tension bleed out of him in a second and Tommy could finally take a deep breath, his eyes rolling closed for a few moments.

“There’s something important I have to tell you, Adam. Please, sit,” he asked and put his beer down on the small round table next to the lounge chair he was sitting on.

He thought Adam would choose the empty one on the opposite side of the table, but after letting his neck go he lifted Tommy’s legs up and sat down there, resting his legs on his lap. “I’m listening,” he murmured, keeping his blue eyes on Tommy. That undivided attention made the blonde man blush and feel special at the same time. He cleared his throat and returned the look.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about… the Mating thing…” he started and noticed Adam tensing up in a second too. “I want to finally give you my answer as the full moon is nearly here.”

Adam clearly didn’t trust his voice so he just nodded, letting Tommy speak.

“I want to go through with the ceremony. I want to become your Mate,” he blurted out.

“You… are you sure?” Adam croaked and it took everything from him to hold back, but the hope was there in his suddenly glowing eyes.

“Yes. I did a lot of thinking and had a long chat with Sutan about what it’d entail. And my answer is yes. I want to do it. I want to belong to you and this pack that way. If… if you want that too, of course…” he trailed off, suddenly a bit unsure. He wondered if he had made Adam wait for too long. Maybe he got already bored of waiting for him?

But his silly thoughts were interrupted as Adam leaned forward to grab him and simply make Tommy straddle his lap. “Fuck, TommyJoe, I can’t even tell you how much I want the same thing and how happy your answer just made me!” he whispered hoarsely and before the Beta knew, Adam’s mouth crashed against his in a passionate and rough kiss, hands on his back and in his hair, making his body press up against Adam’s.

Tommy’s heart fluttered and he was soon fighting for air, his golden brown eyes meeting the electric blue ones for a long moment. The scent of the forest and home strong around him just like their mingling powers and this time it was Tommy who pressed his lips against the Alpha’s. But this kiss was much softer and Adam let him explore his lips, mouth and tongue. They were savoring each other for long, long minutes, the tension in them turning into excitement and lust and something else. Something warm that made butterflies flutter in Tommy’s stomach and he nearly giggled happily.

“You feel happy,” Adam whispered on the swollen and red lips with a smile.

“I feel happy,” Tommy agreed and this time he let a tiny giggle out too as he pressed his body against Adam’s. He couldn’t miss the hard bulge under him and it made him feel satisfied too.

“Good. You really don’t have any doubts about this?”

“Nope. Not at the moment at least. But shut up and kiss me. We can talk about this and the preparations later,” he murmured and offered his lips for that kiss, which, of course, Adam gave him.

“So it’s true. You found your Mate, brother,” they heard in a few minutes just when things were getting quite heated between them.

Tommy tensed and they broke the kiss just to look towards the sliding door where a man with short curly hair stood. His skin lacked the freckles Adam had and looked darker too. From the familiar features on his face and built – although he wasn’t as tall as Adam – Tommy knew right away that he was looking into Neil’s brown eyes. Then his Alpha presence hit the blonde too and he nuzzled closer to Adam. Neil didn’t want to overwhelm him, he was just that powerful and Tommy’s wolf – now that the blonde allowed it – wanted to be closer to his Mate while watching the newcomer a bit curiously. It could feel the strong blood and similar energies the freckled man shared with his brother, but he found Adam’s energies and wolf much, much more alluring. No wonder there.

“Little brother,” Adam grinned from ear to ear and rubbed Tommy’s back. “Yes, it seems. Neil, meet Tommy Joe Ratliff, for now my second Beta,” he beamed happily and Tommy had to smile because a happy Adam felt too damn good from this close, making him and his wolf satisfied.

Neil rolled his eyes at the way he addressed him, and Tommy suspected it was a thing between the brothers. “God, you are just as cheesy as you always were,” he said sarcastically and Tommy had to grin again. “Nice to meet you, Tommy,” he nodded to him, turning his full attention on the blonde, who suddenly felt the need to fidget on Adam’s lap as the other Alpha was clearly sizing him up with his power. It felt as if he was testing him and Tommy didn’t avert his eyes. It felt somehow important to get Neil’s approval.

“Oh he can be quite cheesy, yes,” Tommy nodded in agreement and it broke the seriousness of the moment and Neil chuckled low.

“Tell me about it. I had to grow up with that fucker,” he nodded towards his older brother and a small smile appeared on his face.

“Hey!” Adam growled warningly but the slight pout on his lips took away the edge of it. “It wasn’t a bed of roses to have you as my little brother either!”

“And why is that?” his smirk grew.

“Because you’re a sarcastic fucker!” Adam shrugged.

“And proud of it,” Neil retorted. “Look where it got me. Mom and dad are much prouder of me,” he squared his shoulders.

“Yeah, sure,” Adam rolled his eyes and Tommy had to chuckle as he got up from his lap to go over and offer a hand to the younger Lambert brother.

“Nice to meet you too, man. I’ve heard a lot about you,” he grinned, looking straight into the brown eyes. He suspected that one brother resembled more of their father and the other of their mother, although he didn’t have a chance to meet them yet so he didn’t know anyone to compare them to. But now that the Mating Ritual was to happen, he suspected that he’d get that chance. After all, it was pretty much like a wedding for humans, but the bond was much deeper and usually unbreakable. No room for filing in divorce papers.

“And I of you,” Neil shook his hand with a firm grip and leaned a bit closer to take a sniff of Tommy’s scent. It seemed that he found whatever he was looking for and let Tommy’s hand go to turn back to his brother who was already standing behind the shorter man, resting a hand on his shoulder. “Mother will be pleased with him as obviously he makes you happy. She’s very curious about him.”

“She and dad will have the chance to meet him before the Mating Ritual,” Adam beamed and looked down at Tommy. “You okay with that?”

“Meeting the parents? Scary shit, but I’m a horror movie fan, remember? I can take scary,” he grinned back up at him and he felt both Lambert brothers ease up some more. It was clear to Tommy that Neil’s approval was important for Adam too, but he didn’t comment on it.

“So you’re doing the Mating then? I thought it wasn’t sure yet,” Neil raised a brow questioningly as he looked from Tommy to Adam.

“Yeah, he just agreed so you totally ruined an important moment between us,” Adam said but he was still grinning as he lightly squeezed Tommy’s shoulder, which made the blonde automatically relax his back against Adam’s chest.

“That’s one of my purposes in life. Didn’t you know?” Neil teased and looked at Tommy. “You better get used to that too when I’m around.”

“It’s fine, man. We can always fuck later with your brother to celebrate it,” he grinned.

“Ew, too much information,” he shuddered and ignored Adam’s giggle. “Alright. Now that the obligatory pleasantries are done, we should get inside and you should tell me about these attacks too. The Council isn’t happy about them. I’m going to stick around for a while to investigate and send my reports to them.”

And with that the seriousness and slight tension returned between them as they made their way into the living room.


Since several pack members were mostly living under Adam’s roof now or were nearby because of the current situation (except those who were in the safe houses), it wasn’t hard to organize a gathering for the wolfs of the inner circle and those who were in the area at the moment. It was partly to let them feel safer and cared for, and partly because announcing that their Alpha and second Beta would do the Mating Ritual in a week when the pack ran together in the forest.

Adam was practically beaming, huge waves of happiness rolling off him and making the other wolves happy and giggly around him. Tommy just chuckled on it, lightly shaking his head as he let Adam’s heavy arm rest around his shoulders and occasionally kiss the shaved side of his head as he nuzzled against his side on the couch. The house was packed and there was plenty of food and drinks. They figured that such a gathering with an announcement like this and having Neil around too could lift the pack spirit. Besides it was a promise to get stronger since all knew how that ritual worked and strengthened the wolves of the pack too. Sometimes though Tommy was a bit scared of failing them, but one touch or look from Adam was enough to ease his discomfort and worried thoughts.

The pack in general seemed to be happy about this turn of events, but Tommy caught a little forced smile from the kitchen door. Sighing he got out from under Adam’s arm once his beer was gone and told him he’ll be back shortly.

When he entered the kitchen he only saw one person standing by the sink while staring on the floor with some strong cocktail in her hand. “Janice…” Tommy greeted her a bit unsure. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Congrats on the Mating, Tommy. He’s a good guy. I hope you two’ll be happy together,” she said glimpsing up only for a second and took a long sip from her drink.

“Hey, you know I can sense when you lie to me, right?” he asked gently and walked a bit closer.

She just shrugged and looked into his eyes again. “I guess this means our fun times are over?”

“Yes,” Tommy nodded. “You knew it wasn’t serious between us. I told that to Adam too when he asked if we were together. Because we weren’t. You know that well, right?”

“Yup. I was just… I don’t know what I thought,” she sighed and shook her head. “I guess I was just hoping that one day it could be more, but hey, you cannot outdo Mate Bonds,” she chuckled a little bitterly but at least her smile reached her eyes this time.

“I’m sorry, Janice. I didn’t want to make you feel like this. That’s why we cleared things right at the beginning,” Tommy looked at her feeling a bit guilty, but his conscience was clear.

“I know. I’m just silly. I really am happy for you, Tommy. What we had was hot and fun. I just hope that some day I can be part of something like you are now. As I said, Adam’s a good guy. You deserve each other. He takes care of us as if we’ve been always in his pack and I know the beginning wasn’t easy for you two, but… I hope you forgave him for your father. He had no choice.”

“Yeah, I forgave him, don’t worry. And he is good for and to me. We did have a lot of fun, but yeah. I’ll belong to him for the rest of my life very soon and I want that. And I want to make you all stronger with that bond. I feel at home now in this pack too. It took me some time, but I do feel like that now. Thanks, Janice. I’m sure one day you’ll find that special someone too. You’re a good woman and wolf. You deserve it too,” he smiled reassuringly at her and she returned it with one of her genuine smiles this time.

She stepped closer and pressed her pink lips against his for a long moment then stroked his smooth cheek with her hand. “Thanks Tommy. And for coming to talk to me too. I appreciate it. I wish you a lot of happiness on his side,” she said and left the kitchen on the other side, not joining the rest of the pack just yet.

Tommy just nodded and watched her leave while he wiped off her lipstick with his thumb.

“You left a bit in the corner,” he suddenly heard Brad’s cold voice from the direction of the other door.

Tommy looked up and suppressed a ‘shit’ comment as he saw him stand there with Adam on his side. He could pick up on Brad’s disapproval and Adam’s slight tenseness.

“What was that all about?” the brunette Beta asked entering the kitchen with a cold look, but Tommy’s attention was on Adam and he answered his questioning look instead.

“Just a loose end. I made sure she’s okay and we said goodbye,” he explained and the tension in Adam’s shoulders eased up and a small approving smile graced his lips as he walked over to Tommy. He could feel Brad’s eyes on them too, but they both ignored him as Adam stepped in front of the blonde man and rubbed his scent all over him before licking away the woman’s scent and taste from Tommy’s lips too.

“Good. It was high time for that as you’re mine,” he grunted and kissed Tommy, holding his face between his warm hands.

That declaration made Tommy shiver and lust shoot down into his groin. “Aren’t you mad?”

“Nope,” Adam looked down at him with a deep desire burning in his eyes, his energies wrapping around him like a warm blanket. He loved that feeling so much… “But I want to hear it from your mouth.”

Tommy licked his lips and suppressed a moan as their desire filled the air with electricity. “I am yours,” he breathed already lost in Adam’s glowing blue eyes, his strong Alpha powers making him melt against him and forget the world around them. As cheesy as it sounded, that was exactly how Tommy felt as he melted into the heated and deep kiss the taller man gave him.

“Oh god, get a room, you two!” Brad groaned and grabbed a bottle of champagne rolling his eyes before leaving the kitchen half-hard.

Adam and Tommy chuckled then looked at each other again, Tommy leaning his face into the big warm hand.

“Bedroom?” Adam asked and licked along Tommy’s swollen bottom lip. They both knew the party would go on for a few more hours so disappearing for a while wouldn’t be a problem.

“Hell yeah,” he groaned as his erection throbbed in his tight skinny jeans. He was so up for a quickie with the horny Alpha.

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