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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 18

Chapter 18

  2015.01.05. 11:48

Chapter 18

Tommy was nervous. And not just because of the Mating Ritual that was to happen before they all shifted and ran in the woods with the gathered members of the pack, but because Adam’s parents, Leila, the former Beta who used to lead the LA pack back in the past, and Eber, the Alpha of the San Diego pack were expected to arrive soon.

“Everything will be fine. They’ll like you,” Adam smiled reassuringly at him as he pressed a kiss against his temple while Tommy tried to shave without cutting himself.

“How do you know?” he looked into his eyes through the mirror and let Adam take the razor from his hand to turn him around and take over. He clearly saw that Tommy’s hand was shaking dangerously.

“Because I know them and Neil was right, you make me happy. You’re my Mate, made for me and they’ll see that once they meet you,” he smiled and angled Tommy’s head so he could drag the razor against his throat.

The blonde closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Adam’s calmness surrounded him, making him relax just as much as the certainty in his smooth voice. The repetitive drag of the razor on his skin was strangely grounding and exciting at the same time and Tommy put his hands on Adam’s hips right above the towel that was covering his lower side. His freckled skin was still a bit damp and warm from the shower they just took before starting their important day.

“I like Neil,” Tommy said suddenly, making Adam pause for a second.

“I do hope that only as a friend,” he answered a bit warningly as he continued working on Tommy’s face.

The blonde had to fight a smile as he opened his eyes to take a peek of the calm and concentrating expression his Alpha had on his handsome face. “Yes. He’s fun to be around. I like his sarcasm,” he added and felt the slight jealousy bleed out of Adam.

“Good. I like him being around too even if he sometimes drives me up the walls,” he smiled lightly and dragged the razor against his skin one more time before wetting the edge of a towel to wipe off the remaining foam and put some aftershave on Tommy’s smooth skin. “Here, all done,” he beamed proudly and pecked Tommy’s lips.

The Beta chuckled shortly and slid his hands up on Adam’s sides and chest to put his arms around his neck and deepen the kiss, not wanting to let him pull back. He already felt less shaky, but somehow he found the way Adam shaved him erotic too. He could feel himself half-hard under his own towel and he wasn’t ashamed to let Adam know by pressing their bodies together. “Thank you,” he purred as he kissed into the warm and fragrant neck.

“You’re welcome,” Adam moaned softly both from the kiss and Tommy’s obvious arousal. He loved his effect on the small blonde. “We don’t have much time. It’ll be a busy day…” he warned Tommy, the bathroom’s air suddenly feeling much thicker and hotter.

“Please, Adam… give me something quick and dirty then,” he breathed lightly nipping the other man’s neck as one of his hands slid under Adam’s towel to squeeze his filling cock.

“Jesus, Tommy…” he moaned and grabbed his wrist to pull his hand back, making Tommy pout and whine disapprovingly. “Alright, alright,” he gave in and pushed him against the counter before he dropped on his knees and pulled off the towel covering his lover. He didn’t hesitate much, in the next moment his tongue was tracing the rapidly hardening cock in front of him then he sucked him into his hot mouth without a warning.

“Shit!” the blonde groaned grabbing the edge of the counter with one hand while the other went to the back of Adam’s nape. His fingers combed through the still damp hair and his hips came alive from the wonderful sucking motions. He had to look down to watch his hard dick disappear more and more in the Alpha’s mouth and he cursed again when he deep-throated him and swallowed around his tip. He knew if Adam kept this up, he’d shoot his load in a couple of minutes. But seeing that dirty look when their eyes met, that was exactly what he wanted Tommy to do.

Adam soon closed his eyes and concentrated fully on pleasuring Tommy. His hands squeezed the naked ass while his head was bobbing back and forth. The wet and squelching sounds of his blowjob only added to the pleasure they both felt. He let Tommy’s ass go and pulled off his own towel to grab his leaking dick. He collected the pre-cum from his tip on a finger and slid that back to Tommy’s hole, rubbing it there and pressing lightly against it. He was expecting the rough thrust in his throat that this earned and he moaned around Tommy as his finger slipped deeper and deeper with each wild thrust of the blonde’s hips.

Tommy’s hand fisted in Adam’s hair to keep his head in place while he was practically fucking his mouth and throat now. That finger in his ass felt so good and not just because it was brushing against his prostate, but because he knew Adam was marking his territory with the pre-cum on it. Shit, the evening was so fucking long away and Tommy couldn’t wait to feel Adam fuck him senseless. But now he had to settle with this mind-blowing blowjob. He wasn’t complaining though.

Looking down his breath caught seeing Adam stroke himself with his free hand and that was just too much for Tommy in that moment. His whole body tensed and his dick pulsed in Adam’s mouth then he was spilling his seed down his throat with loud moans and curses, his ass clenching around that wonderful finger. He was glad that somehow his knees didn’t give out under him as he was holding on to the edge of the counter for dear life until Adam quickly licked him clean.

“Come on, baby. I waited for you,” he groaned hoarsely as he stood up with his hand lazily stroking his still hard dick and without a word Tommy dropped on his knees and grabbed Adam’s thighs as he opened his mouth.

“When you’re there, I want you to come all over my face,” he panted, already feeling the need to be marked stronger. Maybe it was because of the full moon’s pull or the upcoming Mating Ritual, but both Tommy and his wolf agreed and Adam’s loud groan was enough proof to conclude he wanted it just as much.

“You’re gonna be the death of me, TommyJoe,” Adam panted and pushed his hard dick into the waiting mouth. He loved to watch how his size stretched it wide and made it take more and more of him until Tommy nearly gagged. Adam was still working on teaching him how to take all of him and the blonde was eager to learn, taking a bit more each time.

Tommy loved that musky and manly taste and scent that was pure Adam in his mouth and nose. He had to admit that he couldn’t get enough of it and he was eager to pleasure him like this whenever he had the chance. He liked sucking cock, so what? Especially this big one. Looking up to watch the pure pleasure on his soon-to-be-Mate’s flushed face was amazing and he had to groan around his shaft while playing on its underside with his tongue.

“Get ready, baby… Here it comes…” he grunted pulling his wet cock out to jerk himself, ready to blow.

“Yes. Come on, mess up my face! Mark it as yours!” Tommy panted and opened his mouth, lightly pushing his tongue out, his nails digging into Adam’s muscular thighs as the freckled man fisted his free hand in Tommy’s hair.

“Shit!” he cried out and then he was coming hard and long, the ropes of his cum landing in Tommy’s mouth, on his chin, cheeks, nose and even his forehead. “Jesus… so fucking hot,” he cursed under his breath when Tommy licked his lips and chin clean and looked up at Adam licking the remains of his cum off the spent cock. “You’re so dirty. I love it,” he grinned down fighting for air and scooped up the cum from the different parts of Tommy’s flushed face just to feed it to him. “And you’ll be all mine from this evening.”

Instead of making some biting comment – like his old self would’ve done just a few weeks ago – Tommy moaned approvingly around Adam’s fingers then let him pull him up for a passionate kiss. Their wolves were practically purring and beaming and Tommy felt happy. So fucking happy, he forgot all his worries about the day.


He was still quite relaxed and practically beaming along with Adam when a pretty dark-haired woman with brown eyes approached them. The second she stepped into the room her presence was felt, although she wasn’t an Alpha. It was slightly similar to Adam’s and Neil’s so Tommy knew who she was even before Adam went ahead to hug and kiss his mother’s cheeks.

“Mom, it’s so good to see you and that you could finally make this visit happen,” he beamed and one would have to be blind not to see how much love there was between son and mother.

“I wouldn’t miss my baby’s Mating Ritual,” she smiled brightly and now Tommy had and idea where Adam’s radiant smile came from. “But let me see that boy you were talking about so much on the phone!” she turned around and Tommy could already feel his cheeks and the top of his ears turn red.

“Mom!” Adam sighed but then followed her over to Tommy who stood up wiping his hands in his jeans and offered a hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Miss. I’m Tommy Joe Ratliff,” he said a bit nervous after clearing his throat.

“Don’t be silly,” she said and hugged him instead. Okay, now Tommy also knew where Adam learned how to give such amazing hugs. “And call me Leila. Nice to meet you too. Aren’t you exactly his type?”

“MOM!” Adam rolled his eyes in the background.

“Why? It’s true, isn’t it?” she smiled warmly and a bit teasingly as she sized up Tommy at arms length. “Yup, definitely your type,” she added and Tommy’s shocked expression turned into a grin. “So, Tommy. Come with me and tell me everything about yourself,” she linked arms with him and pulled him towards the living room.

“Uh… okay,” he mumbled and looked over his shoulder at Adam with slightly pleading eyes.

The freckled man just grinned and mouthed ‘sorry,’ so Tommy had no choice but go with the curious woman on his arm.


“I like him. I think the wolves were right when they chose each other. I dare to risk that you two are perfect for each other,” Leila said in a couple of hours later with a glass of wine in her hand, watching from the kitchen door Tommy chat with Adam’s father in the living room.

“Thanks mom, I think the same. He is… amazing under all the stubbornness,” he chuckled leaning against the door frame. “And he makes me so happy.”

“I can see that. I think I’ve never seen you and your wolf glowing like this and so at peace,” she turned to look at her son with a warm smile. “You two’ll lead this pack well together.”

“I hope so,” he blushed a bit but returned the smile.

“I know so. Trust your mother’s nose,” she patted the side of her nose, making Adam chuckle. The sound drew Tommy’s attention on them and he flashed a smile at the Alpha, which was, of course, returned before the blonde turned back to Eber.

“I do, mom. They seem to get along with dad too. And to my greatest surprise Neil likes him as well.”

“He must have super powers,” the younger Lambert son chimed in from behind them, eating some fried meat from a plate.

“Or you’re growing into a big softie!” Adam teased which earned him a warning growl and a flash of Neil’s golden wolf eyes.

“Be careful, big brother, be very careful as I’m the one writing the reports to the Council…”

“Boys…” Leila rolled her eyes then her smile returned to her face. “It’s almost time for the Ritual. Go get ready. I’ll get Tommy’s sister.”

“Okay,” her older son nodded and suddenly felt his pulse quicken and his wolf stir expectantly. It was really happening. Tommy and his wolf will finally be theirs.


The Mating Ritual didn’t resemble a human wedding in the meaning that there were no expensive decorations and fancy dresses. Of course the fridge was full of food and meat for the next day when they rested out the full moon, but otherwise things were simple as the emphasis was not on the outside but on the pure and deep connection inside. They were all gathered in the same clearing behind the house where a few months ago the two packs melted into one. Adam was standing in the middle of the tighter circle of his Betas. There was another circle around the Betas consisting of the Deltas, and another for the Gammas and so on. Everyone was still in human form but a bit fidgety as the sun was about to set behind the hills. The Alpha was barefooted and was wearing a simple white button down shirt and black pants. In similarly simple clothes, Tommy was approaching from the house with his sister, who came alone to witness his brother’s Mating while the cubs stayed in one of the safe houses. Nervous excitement was written all over his pretty face that was made up with make up by Sutan, just like Adam’s face.

The air was buzzing with anticipation and all eyes were on them. It made Tommy’s skin crawl but then he focused on Adam’s calmer figure. He could feel that underneath he wasn’t so relaxed either and it felt good that Tommy wasn’t the only one. The circles opened up and gave way to him. He took a deep breath and walked to Adam, stopping in front of him. When Adam reached out both lightly shaking hands, Tommy slid his palms into the Alpha’s.

They were ready.

The next moment Sutan stepped forward from the circle of Betas with a small bowl filled with a strange herbal concoction. It smelled interesting and somehow soothing and invigorating to Tommy.

“We all know how important a Mating Ritual is in the life of a pack, no matter the size of it,” he started talking to all of them, but he kept his eyes on Adam and Tommy. “But when the Mating Pair is an Alpha and the Beta of a pack, it is even more special. Their union strengthens the whole pack and deepens the bonds among the pack members and the Alpha Pair. Adam and Tommy finding their destined Mates in each other was a surprise, but after the slight bumps along the way, they are standing on common ground now, wanting this pack to become stronger and provide them protection when needed. During this ritual we’ll witness their union before we run together in the woods and they finish the ritual in private,” he explained then he offered the bowl first to Adam.

“This traditional drink is for the Mating parties to open their senses and welcome their union without fear or doubt. It also helps to channel the excess power that the Alpha Pair gives over to the pack members,” he continued and watched as Adam drank half of it before he handed it over to Tommy, who finished drinking the rest of the fluid. It tasted a bit strange but it wasn’t as awful as the blonde thought it’d be.

Giving the bowl back to the first Beta Tommy held Adam’s hands again and when the circle between them closed, he felt Adam and the mixed forest scent stronger than ever before. It seemed the brew was already starting to work and by the Alpha’s look, he could feel it too.

“Now the words,” Sutan waved towards Adam first.

“I, Adam Mitchel Lambert, the Alpha of the Los Angeles pack take you as my Mate for the rest of my life. I’ll love, protect and respect you as my equal and I’ll lead our pack together with you, Thomas Joseph Ratliff,” he said the words of the ritual, but then he added his own words to it too, similarly like in a wedding vow. “Without knowing I’ve been searching for you my entire life. I’ve been missing a piece of me since the day I was born and now that piece is standing in front of me and my wolf. I feel myself incredibly lucky as many spend most of their lives searching. But here you are and I swear to you, Tommy that I’ll be there for you as your Mate, lover, friend and Alpha, no matter what life brings to us in our future,” he said, his voice failing him a bit at the end.

It made Tommy smile, but he had to swallow a few times too before he could open his mouth after Sutan’s nod. “I, Thomas Joseph Ratliff, the second Beta of the Los Angeles pack take you as my Mate for the rest of my life. I’ll love, protect and respect you as my equal and I’ll lead our pack together with you, Adam Mitchel Lambert,” he said then took a deep breath. “Our beginning was hard and I know I’ve been stubborn and a pain in the ass…” he smirked, making a few wolves chuckle too, “but your patience and persistence showed me your warm and kind heart, the way you took care of my people and me, how you made us, me feel at home. I’ve never felt anything like this before and I thank to you for wanting to spend the rest of your life with me, giving me whatever I might need. I’ll try to do the same and face any hardship with my head held high on your side…” he nodded at the end and he had to look at Sutan as the warmth and emotions he saw in Adam’s eyes were chocking him up again. Maybe it was the concoction the other Beta made them drink, or just the importance of the ritual, but he felt his emotions already heightened and his wolf was shaking to get closer to Adam.

“And now the kiss and the first bites before we all shift and run,” Sutan said softly, but still everyone could hear him and an expectant vibe ran across the circles.

Tommy could already feel the presence of all the wolves around. It was a bit already overwhelming, but a squeeze of Adam’s hand and the way he pulled him in his arms made them all fade into the background. When their lips touched, a hot jolt of electricity rushed through him and he melted against the Alpha like a damsel in distress, but he didn’t give a fuck. It felt too good and that potion or whatever made all his worries melt away.

He could never smell the summer and winter forests’ scents this mixed before and being in the strong arms of the Alpha now reminded him of the Christmas nights, birthdays, his mom’s hugs and everything else that ever felt like home to Tommy. It was all there in that hug and kiss and he didn’t care anymore who was watching or what was happening around them. He and his wolf gave themselves over to the flow of emotions and without thinking he unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt, baring his neck for the First Bite that would heal with the shift, but leave Adam and the pack’s scent on him forever. The Second Bite would come after their run in the woods when they strengthen the physical bond between them.

“Please,” Tommy whispered to Adam and the Alpha’s eyes flashed up in the electric blue color of his wolf, his fangs lengthening as he leaned closer and sunk them into his Beta’s neck. The blonde’s reaction was immediate – his eyes rolled back into his head, his hands fisted in Adam’s shirt as a moan escaped his throat and his wolf bared its belly to the claiming Alpha. The magic burned every drop of his blood as the bond started to forge between them and his head felt like swimming in the warmest golden daze possible.

When next Adam bared his neck for him, he instinctively bit down on it, licking into his Mate’s blood that burned and excited him even more. He wasn’t ashamed that he was hard in a minute – he could feel Adam’s erection press against his thigh too – because this was the purest and most overwhelming feeling he could ever feel with his wolf. It was hard to describe the process with words. Once he pulled his fangs back and with still closed eyes licked along his bite on Adam’s neck, he could slowly start to hear the pack differently. He suspected it wasn’t done yet, that he’d feel them much stronger, once the second bites were exchanged and the ritual finished, but there they were. The whole LA pack in the back of his mind, but instead of fear or insecurity he just accepted the fact and focused on Adam who took his face in his big and warm hands and looked at him. He had no idea how they ended up on their knees facing each other, but he didn’t care either.

Hell, in that moment he probably would have let Adam finish the ritual right in front of everyone. All he saw and heard was the freckled man with those glowing blue eyes and he wanted to melt into him, get as close as possible. He wanted to truly become one with him, but at the same time he somehow stayed calm and exchanged a chaste kiss with his Alpha, his pair…

“Your Mate,” Adam finished his thought for him before sealing their mouths in a burning kiss.

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