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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 19

Chapter 19

  2015.01.07. 14:04

Chapter 19

Even in wolf form everything was still somewhat strange. It reminded Tommy on some of the pot-induced hazes he had experienced in the past – but still different and much more natural. Probably Sutan’s potion had something to do with that too, because there was still no doubt or fear in him. On the contrary. It didn’t matter that he just tied himself to Adam for life, he still felt free like a bird.

The night air was playing with his grayish-white fur, his tail was held high and short sounds of happiness left his muzzle time after time while the pack was running through the forest. He could see and feel them share the same feeling while they were hunting or playing along the way. There was no real goal to reach, they were just enjoying being in nature under the silver light of the Moon that filled them with her power and magic.

He could feel before seeing him so when suddenly Adam’s majestic black wolf cut in front of him, Tommy chuckled in his head and sped up to playfully bump his head into his side. Adam returned the gesture and gently growled at him. For a while they played and hunted along with the others, but there was that urge in the pit of their stomachs that was growing with each minute and soon there was only one thing on their minds.

Without any words they slightly changed direction to get a bit further away from the pack. Tommy was following Adam, who clearly knew where he was going. They climbed a rockier part of a hill that looked down at the forest and the very distant lights of LA. For a second they just stood there in the light of the full moon, the wind ruffling their fur then Adam looked down at Tommy when he bumped his head against the black wolf’s throat and whined softly. There was desire and need in the move and sound as well as in the white wolf’s scent. Adam licked Tommy’s mouth then led him further until they stopped by the entrance of a small cave.

Tommy looked around curiously and watched Adam shake himself before turning back into his naked human form. The white wolf appreciated the sight with a small sound, earning a bright grin then he watched Adam lean down for something and then dim light illuminated the hidden cave.

“No, you didn’t,” he said as he shifted back and walked closer to the other man, his eyes still round and a wide grin nearly splitting his face in two.

“I did,” Adam grinned proudly and looked down at the mattress with two pillows and a folded blanket. There was a small camping light lamp, lube, a few bottles of water and energy bars next to it. “I like to be prepared,” he shrugged and watched Tommy go closer to the mattress. His eyes quickly darkened when the blonde got comfortable on his side, looking up at him with a heated look. His eyes were still the wolf’s and the Alpha suspected that the situation was the same with his.

“Very comfy… Wanna join me?” Tommy patted the spot next to him and who was Adam to refuse such an offer? Besides, the urge to finish the ritual was growing with each minute as the moon was slowly starting her descend on the starry sky.

“I’ve been waiting for this for so long…” Adam mumbled as he took his place on Tommy’s side.

“For what? Sharing a mattress in a secret cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere?” Tommy teased.

Adam smirked then shook his head, pulling him against his warm body. “Nope. For doing it all with my Mate… and for this…” he whispered before he pressed his lips against Tommy’s and licked along the seam of his mouth. He was granted access right away and the smaller man moaned into the deep kiss.

It felt so right. Being here in Adam’s arms was the only place on Earth he wanted to be, even if it sounded cheesy. He didn’t care because once he was turned on his back with that gorgeous body between his legs, the freckled lips on his and the warm hands holding him close, nothing else mattered anymore. The slight nervousness in the pit of Tommy’s stomach eased up and he felt as if everything got into place. He was where he belonged.

It felt natural to let Adam kiss and nip at his neck, eliciting deep growls from him, making his body go limp and ready underneath. His pale skin was burning wherever Adam’s lips or hands touched him and he willingly opened his legs wider to show him that he was ready. Because the time has finally come.

“Still uneasy about the knotting?” Adam whispered barely audible while placing soft kisses along Tommy’s erection. His cock’s been hard since he shifted back into human form because he knew what was coming.

“Yeah,” he whined softly as Adam’s fingers brushed against his hole.

“I’ll make it good, baby. I promised, remember?” he asked referring to the previous conversation they had about the details of the Mating.

“I trust you,” he nodded and pushed his ass against the exploring hand.

For that he got a bright and grateful smile and a kiss on his inner-thigh. “Thank you, baby. I trust you too.”

And then there was no room left for words just touches and kisses and moans. Tommy closed his glowing eyes as Adam went down on him to taste his leaking cock then move lower to lick him open. He’s been waiting for this moment since that morning when Adam marked his ass with his pre-cum. But this time that skilled tongue was lapping, pressing and pushing against his opening, inching deeper and deeper until Tommy was a hot moaning mess on the mattress.

“Please,” that was all Tommy had to say and Adam was already slicking his hard dick up, no teasing or demand for more begging this time. They were beyond that point and this night wasn’t about that. The pressure of the blunt head of Adam’s erection was welcomed and Tommy was so ready for more. Adam did a good job at preparing him – he always did, but tonight he took some extra time and they both knew why – and he slid inside easily. Tommy whined with satisfaction and gave shelter to everything that was Adam. The harmony between them was nearly too perfect, but at the same time it felt so right that no doubts crossed Tommy’s mind as the first long pushes shook his slim body and made him moan for more, for harder, for faster.

Adam has fucked him hard more than once before, but tonight nothing seemed enough for the blond wolf. He didn’t seem to be able to shut his mouth, demanding, scratching, panting. The broken sounds his pair made above him just drove him crazier. Their bodies were soon sweating and moving in perfect sync. When Adam pushed in, Tommy met his moves by rolling his hips downwards, his hard and flushed dick leaking pre-cum.

“Not enough… please, Adam… I’m burning up. I need everything. Give me all…” he panted barely registering that he was talking as he left quickly healing claw-marks on the broad freckled back.

“Oh god… Tommy…” Adam murmured, his intense gaze fixed on the fallen apart male underneath. He’d never seen Tommy this alluring or needy before and he wanted to give him everything so badly it hurt.

He pulled out of him, ignoring the disapproving whine that shot right into his soul and he quickly manhandled Tommy onto his stomach, pulling just his ass up while his upper body stayed on the mattress. With a knee Adam pushed one of Tommy’s thighs up towards his hip to get a better angle and then he was buried balls deep in him again. The satisfied growl-hiss he got made him lick along Tommy’s nape. The tension bled out of the body underneath in a second. They came a long way and he loved Tommy so pliant under him, so ready to submit and offer everything he had to give for the Alpha, his mate. The thought made Adam fuck him faster and harder again then he slid a hand under the blonde to close his fist around the wet cock.

“Ready, baby? You want it yet?” he panted into his ear and sucked his piercings in his mouth for a second.

“I need!” Tommy cried out and Adam could clearly feel that he was telling the truth. He was burning up, his whole body hot to the touch. He’s never been this needy with him before. Not even when he pushed him further and further into subspace between the sheets. This was a different kind of need. A burning one completely led by the wolf’s instincts. The shaking and panting of the wet body under him made Adam growl and he quickly licked a stray sweat drop off Tommy’s temple.

The blonde Beta never felt like this before. He’d heard about this state though and he knew that it often happened with mating pairs. He was in heat and that’s why he couldn’t get enough and felt still empty and unsatisfied. Adam’s big dick buried in him and his heavy body pinning him to the mattress helped somewhat, but it wasn’t nearly enough. He thought he would loose his mind if he didn’t help Tommy. And then he was begging for the one thing he used to be scared of and thought that he’d never ask for it. “Knot me… Now! I need it! I’m ready… Please, ease the burning…” he whined loud, his elongated nails shredding the edge of the mattress as he pushed his well-fucked ass back against Adam’s leaking dick. The bigger man’s hand on Tommy’s cock felt like fire and he needed to cum to get rid off some tension that has built up in him again, making all his muscles taut and his back arch.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for me first then I’ll give it to you. I’ll fill you up so good… I’ll make your tummy heavy and full with my cum…” he growled low into Tommy’s ear while jerking him with hard and fast moves of his wrist and the blonde’s eyes rolled back in his head, not being able to take any more of the overwhelming stimulations.

His loud roar echoed a bit in the small cave and Tommy saw stars as his cum was spurting on Adam’s hand and the mattress under them while his ass was clamping down hard on his dick. The pleasure was so blinding and intense that it hurt. But in the good way and Tommy couldn’t decide if he wanted it to stop or continue.

“That’s it… So good for me,” Adam kept murmuring in his ear as he stroked and fucked him through his orgasm until he felt like melting into a puddle under the sweaty body. The mixed scent of the forest were heavy around them and Adam’s energies called forth his, dancing, mingling and stroking them both in the warm cocoon they created around them. Tommy was barely conscious and felt boneless and a lot more satisfied, but the itch was still there in the back of his mind and he tried to move, but Adam put his strong arms around him in a way that prevented him. He felt so heavy on top of Tommy that for a moment even breathing felt difficult. He managed to move his ass a bit and then a broken moan left his hoarse throat as he felt it. “Relax, baby… it’ll feel so good…” he panted and Tommy could tell by the way Adam talked that he was about to lose it.

The Alpha’s knot was inside him now, stretching his ass to its limits and locking their bodies together. It burned somewhat and felt strange but at the same time so right. In that moment Tommy thought this was the best feeling ever, despite the slight discomfort and pain when he tried to move. But Adam was there, pushing him more into the mattress and grinding his cumming cock deeper in him. He couldn’t move much just grind and screw the already buried dick into Tommy and the blonde was panting and cursing non-stop as he felt him continue filling him up. It was dirty. It was perfect. And he never wanted it to end. “So good…” he managed to whine out barely audible as he tried to get closer, even if it wasn’t possible, but Adam’s iron-grip on him was still immobilizing him.

“You feel so good. Breeding you feels so fucking good… You’re breathtaking in heat…” Adam growled, his wolf very much present in his voice and moves and Tommy wondered how he was still able to speak coherently while cumming. But maybe it was different for Alphas. It could take half an hour or more for them to stay like this and Tommy’s body was shaking lightly under him as his cock was pressing against the mattress already half-hard again, thanks to his wolf-stamina.

“Adam…” he whimpered softly, rubbing his flushed and sweaty cheek against the sheet, his hands still firmly gripping the shredded edge of the mattress.

“I want to give you the Second Bite…” Adam croaked, his hips never stopping with the grinding and rocking against the small blonde, who already felt so full but it was far from over, they both knew.

“Yes! Please!” he whined louder, his wolf in a daze, belly up and ready and Tommy was in complete agreement with it.

“Oh god…” Adam hissed seeing Tommy so out of it in his submission as he pressed his forehead against the mattress and bared the back of his neck. That white patch of skin was inviting Adam like never before. He could feel his fangs sharpen and grow as he leaned down, sniffing the skin. He could smell sweat and Tommy and home on it and he had to growl low, licking that spot.

Please… I want you…” Tommy managed to utter on a broken voice and somehow he found much needed friction for his leaking dick that was trapped between his tummy and the mattress. He could barely feel the knot in him anymore, he was so open and willing and needing that bite that would bind his soul and the wolf to the Alpha for the rest of their lives.

“I want you too. Always,” Adam puffed against his wet skin and then the sharp teeth sunk into his skin and flesh, drawing his hot blood to the surface. He shuddered and cried out from the intense pleasure-pain and felt the wolf magic amplify between them. The bond was deepening quickly and he felt Adam so close as if they melted into one being. He came undone the second time, but he barely felt the wet spot under him he just let the rest of the tension bleed out of his whole body as Adam and his wolf were claiming him and holding him in place, showing where Tommy and his wolf belonged and he was so overwhelmed in his submission from the pure happiness and intense feelings that it took him some time to feel the hot tears falling from his eyes, but he didn’t care at all. He was Adam’s. And he couldn’t be happier about it.

They lay there for a long while, Adam still buried in him and Tommy closed his eyes, practically purring while the Alpha licked his Claiming Bite until the bleeding stopped and the wound closed. He still felt it throb and burn, but it felt so damn good that he was just basking in the feeling. He felt nearly completely sated now. His tummy full of Adam’s heavy load of cum, his soul already attached to Tommy’s. All that was left was for Tommy to bite him back and claim him as his own, but they had to wait for that until Adam could pull his cock out. He tried a few times, but the knot was still too big for that so they were just breathing and feeling the bond strengthening between them along with their emotions. It was just on the border of overflowing, but Tommy suspected it wouldn’t happen until he bit Adam too.

They didn’t talk for long minutes and then finally Adam could carefully slide out of him with a wet sound. Tommy hissed a bit from the pain, feeling himself wide open and so full. He immediately felt empty once that cock wasn’t buried in him anymore. He stayed liked that although Adam let him go and climbed off his sweaty back to check on him.

“Jesus, Tommy. You should see yourself. So fucking hot…” he growled running his fingertips along the rim of his still open hole, dipping them slowly into the leaking cum. He offered his wet fingers and Tommy groaned as he sucked them clean. It had an amazing taste and when he felt the rest starting to leak out of him he moaned dirtily, his hole clenching. It drew a wretched sound from Adam which made Tommy grin. “I feel so full.”

“You are full,” Adam agreed, sliding a hand on his lower tummy to rub it. “Too bad I can’t get you pregnant with my babies. You’d look cute and hot with a round belly.”

“Shut up, fucker!” Tommy snorted half-laughing from the idea. But maybe a tiny part of him wouldn’t oppose the idea.

“Though it doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to make babies. It’s fun, don’t you think?” Adam gave him a wolfish grin as Tommy slowly knelt up and turned around to face him.

“Yeah, it is, you dirty fucker,” he said feeling the heat ebb down and he bit his lip as more cum leaked out of him while he pushed Adam back on his ass and straddled his lap.

“Oh hello,” Adam murmured putting his arms around him to caress Tommy’s back, one hand going to his bite and the other down on his ass to slide three fingers into his still loose hole. Tommy smirked hearing the satisfied low rumble from Adam’s wolf. He realized that the Alpha did just what Tommy wanted him to do and it made him grin. It seemed the ‘mind reading’ part was true to some extent.

“Hi,” Tommy grinned and rubbed his nose against the freckled one, keeping his glowing wolf-eyes on Adam’s.

“Feeling good? No regrets?”

“Feeling awesome and no, no regrets,” he lightly shook his head.

“I’m glad…” he started to say, but Tommy shut him up with a kiss, his hands getting lost in the thick black hair while slowly fucking himself on Adam’s fingers. “Tommy…” Adam moaned into his mouth, their dicks taking interest in the situation again. It was amazing how quickly that happened because of all the magic, heightened senses and emotions. “You still in heat?” he panted as the blonde kept moving on his lap, their filling dicks sliding against each other.

“Maybe a bit…” he panted kissing along Adam’s strong jaw-line. “I want to ride your dick while I claim you mine,” he said on a breathy but determined voice.

“Fuck…” Adam whispered with lust in his glowing blue eyes, his wolf just as close to the surface as Tommy’s was and he squeezed his hold on the fresh scar at the back of Tommy’s neck just to watch him close his eyes and bare his throat for him. Adam licked along it then pulled his wet fingers out of Tommy to grab his ass and lift him a bit. He let the blonde reach behind and under them to lead Adam’s hard cock to the wet hole and the Alpha had to watch the slim body slide down on it. He felt so wet with all the cum still inside him… Alpha cum. Adam’s cum. It messed with the freckled man’s head as they locked eyes and panted into each other’s open mouths as they started moving in the same moment.

It was a steady and passionate rhythm, not too fast but immensely pleasurable and they were moaning and fighting for air very soon, their glowing eyes never looking away. The scents of the forests and home intensified once again and Adam dug his slightly sharper nails into Tommy’s moving ass, the wet sounds they made making him growl and turn his head to bear the left side of his neck. “Please, do it, baby. I want to fully belong to you too…” he panted feeling that both of them were close to their orgasm, their wolves pushing closer to the surface too.

Tommy wanted nothing more than to sink his already sharp teeth into the offered neck so he nuzzled his mouth and nose against the warm skin that smelled so damn good and like home and he knew his moment has finally come so he bit down hard, laying his claim on the Alpha to complete the Mating Ritual and the beautiful bond between them. The second he drew blood they both came hard and moaned and his jaw’s hold tightened from the intense pleasure pulsing through their bodies and joined soul, blinding them both and melting against each other. The intensity made both of them breathless as they rode out the feeling as well as their orgasm. Their powers became one and topped over, flowing out of them and Adam was there to help Tommy channel all that energy and strength towards each flickering presence of the LA pack. There was no doubt or fear, it felt natural and easy to share it with them and a great sense of satisfaction and calmness came over them once it was finished.

They both were growling and panting again as Tommy pulled his teeth out and lapped at the wound by the crook of Adam’s strong neck. They both knew that their mating was successful and the whole pack became so much stronger. They could feel all of them in their minds and it was beautiful. They belonged to them and vice versa. After a while that presence faded into the background and the mated pair could focus on each other and their overflowing senses and emotions once again.

“I love you,” Adam spoke first, his words gentle and true and Tommy had to swallow hard, cupping the Alpha’s handsome face between his hands.

“I love you too,” he whispered barely audible, but he knew without a doubt that it was true.

Now they shared the deepest bond possible and no one could take that away from them. They belonged together and it was an incredible feeling. So much stronger than they could’ve ever imagined.

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