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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 20

Chapter 20

  2015.01.28. 19:36

Chapter 20

The sun was high on the sky and the forest was buzzing with life around them by the time Tommy opened his sleepy eyes the next morning. Adam’s heavy and freckled arm was draped around his middle possessively and the need to protect his Mate was there in it too. Tommy’s face nearly split from the huge satisfied smile when he realized where and why he was lying in a cave, body entangled with his Alpha’s. The big man, whose breaths were huffing against the fresh bite mark on the back of his neck, was his Mate.

Examining his own feelings Tommy realized that his fears of feeling regret the day after were groundless. He felt no remorse, just pure satisfaction and happiness. He finally belonged to someone. Someone who deserved him and his love. Because yes, he realized that he was head over heels in love with Adam. Such a fine man… such an amazing person, Alpha, singer, lover… Tommy wanted to bury his whole being into him to get even closer. These feelings and thoughts were getting more and more urging and overwhelming and he had to gasp as he now understood what Sutan had told him. He’d warned him this would happen. This wasn’t the heat from last night, no. This was about the heightened senses and emotions, but he didn’t fight them. He let them wash over him, making his slim body push back against Adam, purring and stretching and rubbing himself against the awakening cock behind him.

“Morning, Mate,” Tommy murmured, knowing exactly when Adam woke up – and not just because of the way his arm tightened around his middle or because his breathing changed. No, he could feel it even before it happened. Another perk of the bond between them, it seemed. The scent and feeling of home was nice and strong and warm around them, and Tommy couldn’t stop himself.

“Uh… morning, Mate,” Adam moaned softly. “If each morning will start like this, I’ll be a very happy Alpha for the rest of my life,” he chuckled and gently kissed Tommy’s bite mark on the back of his neck. With mated pairs always the more dominant one’s bite went there and the wolf from the lower rank had to put the final Claiming Bite into the crook of the dominant’s neck. Tommy was dying to see how Adam’s looked, but when the Alpha rolled on his back to rub his thickening cock against the crack of Tommy’s ass, all thoughts flew out of his mind.

“Shit…” he breathed and pushed his ass out some more, unable to reply coherently.

“You want it in you again? Want me to fill and fuck you with my big cock again?” Adam whispered dirtily on his nape, tongue darting out to occasionally lick against his still harsh red bite mark. He already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from Tommy’s mouth.

“YES!” he hissed. “I’m ready… I promise…” he groaned, rubbing his cheek against the mattress.

“Fuck… you really are,” Adam said once two then three of his wet fingers could slide into Tommy’s swollen and slightly sore hole which was still somewhat wet from the lube and all the come from last night.

“Yeah, I am… Fuck me, Adam. I need to feel you inside again,” he asked, lust and need thick in his voice and for a brief moment he mused too if this’d feel like this for him too from now on. But that thought was interrupted and knocked out of him just like his breath when Adam’s lubed up cock slid all the way inside with one swift move.

And then there was room only for pants and moans and pleas for more until they fell apart again.


 By the time they managed to emerge in wolf form from the cave where they’d spent practically their ‘wedding night,’ it was in the early afternoon. They met a few wolves of their pack in the woods – always knowing exactly where they were. It was clear to everyone that the mating was a success and they carefully sniffed their Alpha pair all over, their scents strong on the other. The old Tommy would’ve felt a bit uncomfortable when they sniffed him by his groin and ass too, but he and his wolf let them make sure this way too that it was true.

Once that was done, they soon got back to the house with the part of the pack that stayed behind to protect and look out for the mating pair. Each one of them was exhausted to the bone, but buzzing with energy and deep happiness too. Tommy couldn’t wipe the satisfied smirk off his face as they entered Adam’s… their house naked and hand in hand. Not caring about their nudity or how dirty they were, they headed straight for the kitchen from where the strong smell of fresh coffee and lots of mouthwatering food came.

Tommy nodded satisfied once they entered and he realized he felt the number of the wolves there right. All nine of them looked up and greeted them with respect – some just giving off a submissive vibe while nodding, some coming closer to sniff and offer their necks. It was a bit strange for Tommy, but he understood that everything’s changed once they sealed the Mating with the last bite and channeled the excess power into the pack.

“Oh darlings, all this power is so wonderful!” Sutan exclaimed as he entered the kitchen too and marched to the pair, stopping them from finally sitting down. The – now second – Beta threw his slim arms around them both and pressed two smacking kisses in the corner of their mouths, making Tommy flush a bit and very aware of Sutan’s look that checked out their naked bodies in a flash. He seemed overly happy and… his presence was much stronger too.

“It seems everyone can feel the difference,” Adam nodded with a slight chuckle and waved for Oliver by the stove to ask for two big plates of food for them.

Of course they can!” Sutan giggled – actually giggled like someone drunk – and took Tommy’s hands in his. “You did it, Tommy. Together with Adam you did it. I’m so proud, even if I’m just the second Beta now,” he grinned and letting the white hands go he cupped Tommy’s slightly dirty face in his hands to press another smacking kiss on his forehead, making Tommy blush harder.

“Uh… I’m glad you’re so happy about it…” Tommy mumbled and that bastard Adam just chuckled softly.

“I am. I really am. I feel so much stronger,” he nodded beaming and looked at Adam. “You know what this means, right? My powers tripled already. Once I adjust to controlling them, I’ll be able to help the pack even more,” he said then turned back to Tommy, letting his face go and taking one hand in both of his again. “And it also means that our poor Tanya and Jeremy actually has a chance now to fully recover,” he finished softly and patted the back of Tommy’s hand.

The blonde man let out a breath he had no idea he’d been holding until then. Sutan was right. With each individual member of the pack getting stronger, that two would be able to heal faster and maybe finally fully recover after the suicide bomber’s attack. That thought made Tommy smile up at Sutan once more. “I’m happy to hear that, but I won’t pretend I’m sad because of pushing your skinny ass back a position in the pack hierarchy,” he teased, making both men and a few other pack members chuckle too.

“Oh honey, as long as the pack is safe and you two are happy with each other, I don’t care if you push my sexy ass around,” he winked dirtily, giggling again when Tommy lightly blushed once more. “Alright, I’m gonna let you two eat, shower, rest and fuck like bunnies – not necessarily in this order. For a day or two the pack’ll rest and adjust after the full moon and the mating anyways,” he announced and sashayed out of the kitchen, leaving a gaping and a chuckling man behind.


 “Was Sutan hitting on me?” Tommy asked once they were fed, showered and lying on Adam’s – their – bed in each others’ arms.

His Mate just chuckled and caressed Tommy’s naked shoulder. “You can never know when it comes to Sutan,” he grinned and pressed a kiss against Tommy’s forehead.

“That’s not a real answer.”

“I know.”

“You’ve known him for years, Adam.”

“Yeah. But I don’t think he was flirting with you more seriously than he usually does. It’s probably just being hyperactive because of the powers we channeled last night,” he finally said, drawing lazy circles on the pale skin. “Would it bother you if he did?”

“Would it bother you?” Tommy asked back and lifted his head from Adam’s chest where he’s been playing with the ginger chest hairs.

“Probably a bit, even if he’s family. You’re finally mine now. I’m still getting used to the idea and feeling. I don’t want to share you with anyone or the rest of the world yet,” he smiled running a thumb along Tommy’s bottom lip.

The dark lust burning in the depths of Adam’s blue eyes made the blonde swallow hard and warm happiness spread in his chest hearing Adam’s reply. “I’d totally get all jealous and territorial over you too,” he nodded in agreement and as the freckled man chuckled low, Tommy leaned closer and kissed the smiling lips. “You’re mine too, you know.”

“Oh yeah? Do you like it?”

“Hell yeah,” he breathed on the freckled lips and moved to straddle Adam’s waist, which earned a satisfied little growl from the Alpha and Tommy echoed that when strong hands stroked along his back and sides, stopping just above his ass.

“Good. Very good…”

“Abso-fucking-lutely good… God, is it just me or you’re this horny too?” he moaned softly while grinding himself slowly against Adam’s naked body.

“Not just you,” he shook his head, his fingers digging into Tommy’s pale flesh by his hips. “Newly mated pairs usually don’t come out of bed for days or at least a week,” he grinned, meeting Tommy’s moves with his own hips, both their cocks starting to fill again.

“I fucking love this fact and that we aren’t expected to do anything against it.”

Adam chuckled and pulled him back for another deep but short kiss. “I knew we’d be a perfect match. Feisty and insatiable… I like that,” he grinned up at him. “Wanna play a bit?”

“Hell yeah! It’s been a while, Sir,” Tommy’s eyes lit up.

“Good boy. Because I want to see you tied to our bed and want to take you apart…” Adam murmured, stroking Tommy’s ass cheeks with his big palms.

“Yes, please,” he moaned in response, his dick throbbing between his legs and definitely taking interest.

“Then kneel on the bed, chest and cheek down, arms put together and stretched above your head,” Adam lightly spanked his ass and watched Tommy scramble off him to obey without any objection. It made Adam grin as he got out of the bed and went to a drawer to get the chains. His eyes fell on a toy and his grin darkened. He grabbed that too and put everything – including the lube – on the bed then looked at Tommy already in position, waiting impatiently with his cock erect between his legs. “Beautiful,” Adam murmured stroking along a pale thigh. His eyes met Tommy’s and he could see the deeply-rooted happiness there from the praise. “Master’s gonna fuck you so good. But first I’ll play with this nice ass and cock,” he announced. “Would you like that?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, Sir,” the eager reply came right away and without shame Tommy pushed his ass up higher in the air, his spine nicely arching.

“Such an eager little slut I have here,” he grinned and saw Tommy visibly shiver with excitement from his words.

“I am…” Tommy breathed and let Adam tie his wrists together with the leather cuffs then attach a chain to the massive headboard of the bed and secure his arms. They both tested the restraints and when they found them perfect, Tommy made a purr-like sound in the back of his throat as Adam stroked along his spine and ass. He was lightly shaking in anticipation, loving the thrill of not knowing what his Mate would do next. He heard Adam move around a bit, but he didn’t check what else he took out from the drawer. Soon enough he realized the next step when he asked him to lift his head and he secured a blindfold over his eyes, adjusting the long fringe that covered half of his face. Then he obediently repeated his safe words, although he knew – he felt – that he wouldn’t have to use it. He trusted Adam completely and it still amazed Tommy how far they’ve come in a relatively short time.

“So good for me… so ready,” he heard Adam murmur as he moved behind his spread legs and adjusted his ass a bit. Then he heard the cap of the lube open and the liquid drip over his clenching asshole, slowly sliding down there just to be smeared around by Adam’s fingertips. “That’s it, baby,” Adam said when Tommy moaned approvingly. “Next time I’ll gag you too. But now I want you to focus on my touch and I want to hear all the sounds you’ll make for me. Alright?”

“Yes, I understand, Sir…” Tommy breathed and pushed his ass against the probing fingers.

“That’s my good little slut,” Adam said a bit hoarser as he slid one finger into his ass. Tommy was still a bit sore from last night and the fucking from earlier that day, but the pleasure-pain just added to his lust. “Good?”

“Yessir,” he slurred and moved his hips in a clear invitation for more fingers. “Please, continue. Give me more, Sir.”

Adam just groaned from the needy tone in Tommy’s voice and he could practically feel his Mate’s need quickly growing and taking over his mind and body, the now familiar taste of Tommy’s submission clinging to the back of Adam’s throat and clouding his mind with lust and the feeling of power. “So fucking beautiful…” he repeated himself hoarsely as a second finger slid into the wet hole with ease. “You love me playing with your ass, don’t you?”

“I love it, Sir. Please, don’t stop. It feels so good,” Tommy groaned then cried out when Adam’s thicker fingers brushed against his prostate.

“Then I shall play with it for a little while longer,” he chuckled low and ignoring his own bobbing erection he reached for the toy he brought to the bed with him. “Come on, pet, wet it good for me,” he said offering the blue anal beads for Tommy, while his fingers were slowly fucking and stretching him further. He watched the pink tongue starting to lick and suck at the different sized beads. “You can’t wait to have them in you, huh? Want me to push all of them inside one by one…”

Tommy just whined and moaned in agreement, clearly determined to do a good job with lubing them up with his saliva. It made Adam chuckle again then he soon pulled the toy away and poured more lube on Tommy’s ass, making it filthy wet.

“Alright, baby, here we go…” he said positioning the first bead to his hole then began pushing them inside, pausing after each and rubbing a thumb around the rim of his opening that was stretching wider with each bead. “You should see this. You look so hot, so eager for more…” Adam groaned, his dick pulsing from the sight and Tommy’s throaty groans. He didn’t stop until the last bead was inside too. “Oh god, your hungry hole took all of them… So fucking good for me…” he grunted stroking Tommy’s ass then cock too with his free hand.

“Please… please, Sir…” Tommy whined trying to move, but Adam stopped him with a firm grip on his hip.

“What do you want, my little pet?”

“Please, move it in me… Please, I wanna feel them move inside,” he begged, his hands fisting and tugging at his chain as he tried to turn his face towards Adam over his shoulder, his burning need so clear in his body language that Adam had to swallow hard. His Alpha side was triggered by Tommy’s leaking powers and the need to please his Mate and Beta. It grew stronger so he gave in and began moving the toy first around, while it was fully buried in the needy body, then he pulled first just two beads out before pushing them back and repeating this, alternating between how many and how fast he pulled out, wrecking Tommy completely.

“Come on, come on, come on, Sir! Please, fuck me hard… Pleasepleaseplease!” he begged soon so lost in his subspace that he didn’t even realize what he was saying, he just knew he had to beg with all his might to get what he wanted. And he wanted so much! He wanted to get lost in Adam, to unite with his Mate again. He wanted to feel their souls melt into one so perfectly. It already felt like a drug, although they managed to do so only once in the moment their Mating became complete.

“Yes, I’m right here. I’ve got you, baby,” Adam panted, his wolf there in his voice too as clearly the waiting was getting too much for him too. They both wanted the same thing and the knowledge of that felt like a warm stroke on Tommy’s being. Adam’s overwhelming Alpha power reacting to Tommy’s so effortlessly. It was truly beautiful.

And then Adam was right there – sliding into him and it was just as overwhelming and perfect and Tommy moaned his head off, needing it so badly it hurt. But his Mate gave him what he needed and sunk his elongated fangs into the Claiming Bite first to stop the unbearable need in him, making Tommy lay pliant and relaxed under him to take the brutal and fast thrusts. He took everything Adam offered him as their powers mingled in the sweet rapture. Then he was coming so hard from the second bite on the back of his neck that he saw stars behind the blindfold and his eyelids, his whole body clamping and twisting under his Mate, throaty sounds tearing out of Tommy when he felt Adam’s knot in him again and it was still not enough. It was never enough while coming over and over again until he was a used, filled and boneless heap of shaking limbs, blissed out and high on magic, love and satisfaction.

He fucking loved being claimed by Adam. Best choice ever.

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