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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 23

Chapter 23

  2015.07.26. 11:48

Chapter 23

“Fuck, this was exhausting,” Adam groaned and fell back on the bed still fully clothed.

Tommy closed the door behind him and leaned against it, palms flat on the cool surface as he watched his Mate lying on their bed. He reminded him of a starfish washed onto the shore. That made a small smile appear on his face. “Yes, but it’s finally over and what’s more important: no one seems to be the traitor.”

That last sentence made Adam smile tiredly too as he looked at Tommy across the room. “True. I knew it wasn’t possible for us not to notice if we had a traitor among us. Not to mention that it’d have broken my heart. But this means that it’s someone among the vampires. Did you notify Ashley?”

“Yes, I’ve sent her a text about it. She’ll take over from here and we can focus on our pack and trying to find the hunters,” the blonde man nodded.

“Yeah…” Adam sighed and although he didn’t like the situation any better, he felt a bit more relieved knowing that his pack was clean. For a moment he let that feeling spread in him then he looked at Tommy. “Aren’t you coming over here?”

“You’re tired.”

“True…” Adam frowned lightly and took a better look at his Mate, probing the connection between them with a little bit of his own power. “What’s wrong? Why are you holding back from me?”

“It’s nothing. Let’s get ready for bed. It was a long few days with all the interrogations because of the size of the pack,” he shook his head, avoiding Adam’s eyes as he walked to an armchair and kicked off his Converse sneakers before starting the usual fight with his skinny jeans.

“Tommy…” Adam’s voice came a bit growly, making the fine hairs on the back of the blonde’s neck stand on end. The urge to roll over and bare his belly slowly crept up on Tommy’s spine, but he resisted it.

“What?” he swallowed hard, not looking at his Mate as he finally managed to take off his jeans and socks.

“Tell me… please,” Adam added not to make it sound like a direct order.

Tommy sighed, knowing that the Alpha won’t let it go. Damn, why did he have to be so… Alpha? “You’re gonna laugh.”

“Now why would I do that?” the dark-haired man raised a brow and sat up on the bed, kicking his own shoes off too in the process.

“Because…” Tommy swallowed hard then sighed. “Oh fuck it!” he said kinda frustrated then opened the connection between them so Adam would understand.

“Oh wow…” the freckled man whispered and his eyes widened and darkened a bit as Tommy’s emotions – his need – hit him.

“Yeah…” the blonde man dropped his head once he pulled his T-shirt over his head and let it fall into the armchair.

“Why would you want to hide your desire from me? It’s perfectly normal – and welcomed – to feel that way about your Mate,” Adam said on a lightly teasing and erotic voice and now he noticed Tommy’s erection tenting his briefs. “Come here,” he reached out a hand for him.

The smaller man walked over and stopped between Adam’s opened legs, looking down at him with a light blush on his otherwise pale face. “It’s because you’ve been using your Alpha power a lot during the last few days in order to find a possible brick in our ranks,” Tommy explained and shuddered visibly when Adam’s big hands stroked along his sides and his fingers hooked into the top of the blonde’s briefs to slowly pull them down. The Beta had to bite down on his bottom lip when his erection sprang free and he suppressed a moan seeing Adam’s hungry eyes roaming his slim but toned body.

“Oh yeah? You love to feel it on you, don’t you? You’ve been fighting its effect, my effect on you ever since we met.” It wasn’t a question but a spot on observation, so Tommy just nodded, suddenly feeling vulnerable and exposed standing there completely naked and turned on while Adam was still fully clothed. “You want me to use it on you full force?” the freckled man glimpsed up at him and it felt as if his eyes were looking straight into Tommy’s core. There was no use denying it now.

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely, because he did want to feel it. In any other circumstances Tommy would fight it – maybe even hate being overwhelmed by his Alpha’s powers that’d make him drop to his knees and obey whatever Adam wished him to do. But now… now even the idea made his hard cock throb. He was a Beta after all, whose purpose was to help the Alpha manage the pack, offer safety and help for the other wolves. Essentially the Betas kept a pack together and running smoothly while the Alpha dealt with other matters concerning the wolf family.

Adam’s smile was sweet but somehow dark at the same time. “Very well, love,” Adam hummed then called forth his Alpha power that hit Tommy like a hot wall, surrounding and engulfing him. He gasped for air and started shaking, his wolf already rolling on his belly to offer himself to its Alpha.

“Get on your knees and undress me!” Adam growled and it made Tommy choke on a loud moan. Without thinking he did as he was told, eyes glazed over with a massive amount of lust and wanting to please his Alpha and Mate.

Adam opened his legs a bit wider and watched as Tommy licked his suddenly dry lips, his golden brown eyes fixing on the impressive bulge between the bigger man’s legs. Because of all the problems they had to solve it’s been a few days since they had had sex. By the time they fell into bed, they were too exhausted to do anything but curl into each other and sleep like the dead. That was the main reason why Tommy didn’t want Adam to feel how much he turned on the blonde. Being around him while he was using his Alpha powers was fucking with Tommy’s mind and self-control, making it harder to concentrate on any task, but now he didn’t have to pretend. It was just the two of them and his slender fingers started working on Adam’s jeans without hesitation. Tommy’s breathing became a little ragged and soon the Alpha was completely naked from the waist down. Adam’s smirk was dark and promising when their eyes met for a brief moment and Tommy had to look away. That intense look was going to be the death of him some day.

His hands were a bit shaking when Tommy reached out to unbutton Adam’s dark grey shirt. While stroking it down from his shoulders the Beta had to curse inwardly, because he wanted to whine from the beauty of his Alpha’s powers and naked body. Once he was done undressing him, he closed his eyes and tipped his head back, offering his neck, ready for more orders.

The gentle and warm hand stroking along the long stretch of his throat made Tommy choke on another shaky moan, his hands turning into fists on his own bare thighs.

“Damn, you’re so beautiful in your submission,” Adam croaked, letting another wave of his power assault Tommy’s senses and this time the smaller man couldn’t stop a needy whine. “Sshh, it’s okay, Tommy Joe. Come now, taste me. I know you want to,” he murmured, eyes starting to lightly shine in the bright blue of his wolf, his tiredness long gone. Truth was he wanted this just as much as Tommy. Seeing his Mate down on his knees for him, so eager to please his Alpha was a major turn on for Adam too. He could see Tommy slide deeper into his subspace. God, he was so perfect that sometimes Adam still couldn’t believe how lucky he got finding this wonderfully stubborn little Beta. (Not that he’d ever call Tommy like that, because probably he’d bite Adam’s head off for that.)

The freckled man took a deep breath as he guided Tommy’s head to his straining erection. He knew by then how much his Mate liked sucking on and playing with his cock and he was pretty damn good at it too. Adam’s eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly in the next second when Tommy’s wet tongue licked along his length and then sealed his plump lips around the tip of his cock. Adam just realized how much he’d missed this.

Looking down the Alpha drank in the sight of his Mate’s lips stretched thin around him as it slid wetly up and down on his shaft, that eager tongue playing on its underside and flicking around just under the wide tip, driving Adam crazy with lust and his powers to fill the already warm room. His fingers tightened in Tommy’s messy blond hair, pulling soft little moans from the kneeling man. Those moans vibrated around Adam’s now rock-hard meat, causing him to gasp for air, his eyes rolling back into his head for a few seconds. The next time he opened them and looked down at Tommy, the beloved brown eyes were watching him with so much need to please him that the Alpha had to curse under his nose and then it only got better because in the next second Tommy deep-throated him. He gagged lightly in his eagerness to take in all of the Alpha at one go, because nature was kind to Adam, and Tommy could rarely do it without easing himself into it first.

Tommy was completely lost in what he was doing and because of Adam’s Alpha powers – which were pressing on his senses heavily – there was only one thing he wanted to do: please his Mate in whatever way he could or Adam chose. As a wave of desire washed over the blonde, he began bobbing his head up and down on the massive shaft faster, his spit making each slide easy as he was inhaling sharply through his nose. Each sound he was pulling from the man above sent shivers down his spine, his erect cock jumping between his spread legs. He didn’t care about the burning in his knees or the slight ache in his jaw for being stretched wide like this. Tommy was determined to satisfy Adam and his wolf. Nothing else mattered in that moment.

“Holy shit!” Adam cursed again. It happened when Tommy slid his mouth off the thick and long shaft and gently kissed, licked and sucked on the base of the Alpha’s cock where Adam’s knot was starting to protrude. “Tommy…” Adam whispered out of breath and looked down at his Mate with burning desire in his brightly glowing blue eyes.

Tommy moved as if dragged on strings – a hand on the side of his flushed cheek was enough to make him rise from the floor, ignoring his protesting knees, and straddle the freckled man. The muscular and tattooed arms that encircled and pressed him close to the wide chest made the Beta whimper with delight and he opened his swollen lips without hesitation to let Adam thrust his tongue between them, coaxing Tommy’s tongue to respond. The kiss was wet, deep and overwhelming and wiped everything else out of Tommy’s mind. He barely noticed when Adam slid up on the bed with him still on his lap to prop his own back against the pillows and headboard. But Tommy could feel it when the lubed up fingertips started rubbing against the wrinkled skin of his asshole.

The Beta wasn’t able to form words now, he just whined needy into the long kiss and pressed his tiny ass out and against the exploring fingers and he nearly bit on Adam’s tongue when one slid inside him all the way with ease. His hard cock was rubbing pre-cum all over Adam’s and the freckled stomach as he arched into the touches. The kiss was broken by Adam with his free hand tugging on Tommy’s hair again. The Beta arched his body some more, his head following the tugging to expose his neck again, his ass lightly clenching around two of the invading fingers. God, he’d missed this so badly that he was barely able to think and then he didn’t even try anymore so he just let himself float and do whatever Adam did. It was liberating not having to make his own decisions just giving the reins to this strong man – his Mate – under him. Tommy knew Adam would take care of everything and keep him safe. By now the blonde trusted him 100% and he basked in the Alpha’s undivided attention, his wolf going crazy with happiness too as the need and burning was growing higher and higher in Tommy’s body and mind.

“Please…” he whispered brokenly.

“What do you want?” Adam grunted lightly biting along the still exposed throat, inhaling Tommy deeply, now three fingers sliding in and out of the shaking and sweaty body with ease as the hole around them opened up nicely.

“Fuck me… please, Alpha… Mark me as yours. Take me, breed me!” the Beta in Tommy demanded and then suddenly Adam’s fingers were gone to lead the wide tip of his cock to the prepared hole and then Tommy was sliding down on Adam’s thick shaft with a huge and kinda surprised yell. It always felt as if it was about to split him in two, but it never did. Tommy whimpered as the slide was faster and deeper in this position, but Adam shushed him and sucked on the side of his neck, his nails lightly scratching the back of his head until Tommy’s body complied and went pliant again in his hold.

“So good for me…” Adam murmured hoarsely, his wolf’s voice bleeding into his tone as he bottomed out. He let Tommy’s hair go after leading his mouth back to his Mate’s and put both his big hands on the narrow hips to help Tommy start to move back and forth then up and down on his meat. “Look at you… you took all of it so beautifully. You wanted this, didn’t you?” he panted onto the bruised and swollen lips.

“Y-yes!” Tommy confessed on a shaky voice, Adam’s presence overwhelming and melting his brain and body as he gave himself over to the intense feeling of his Mate’s cock impaling him over and over again, his own heavy cock bobbing up and down with each move.

“Is it feeling better?”

“Just a bit… I… I need… more…” he whimpered, trying to keep his eyes open, but not finding the strength to do so.

“You want it harder?”


“You want my knot inside you again too, don’t you?”


Adam chuckled low and dirty on the eagerness, but through their deep bond he could clearly feel Tommy’s burning need to be bred again. It’s been a while and Adam’s life mission was now first of all to give his Mate whatever he needed. So he pulled his legs up a bit to press his feet flat on the bed and didn’t hesitate to start pounding the tight and hot hole harder and faster, not caring about the sweat dripping and sliding down on their bodies.

Tommy was moaning his head off, he knew, but he didn’t care who heard or felt them. Fuck, he felt so good in that moment and he knew Adam would make it even better soon. With every downward move of his body as he was slammed down on his Alpha’s cock, he could feel his knot growing and Tommy knew it wasn’t long until he would be locked together with his Mate, ass and belly pumped full of that big load of cum. Fuck, he couldn’t wait! So he grunted and helped Adam move his slim body up and down on the massive shaft.

“Pleasepleaseplease…” Tommy pleaded on a thin voice, feeling himself at the brink of coming all over Adam’s nicely toned body.

“I’ll get you there, baby. We’re nearly there. Just a little more…” Adam panted, thick sweat drops sliding down on his temples as his fingers dug deeper into Tommy’s white flesh. It wasn’t a question that they would leave bruises that’d heal much faster than either of them liked.

Then Tommy felt Adam’s hands slide down onto his tiny ass to pull his cheeks apart some more and he knew what was coming next and he had to greedily whine. His breath caught the next second and his whole body shook. The pressure on his abused hole was nearly too much but still not enough. The burn was just on the good side of painful until the knot finally slid into his quivering body, locking them together with a kind of finality that Tommy realized he loved above everything else. His nails dug into Adam’s broad shoulders, his eyes pressed together and he had no idea how loud the noises were he was making as Adam squeezed his ass hard and now kept him motionless as the knot settled. Tommy tried to move, but even the tiniest pull on the knot was painful as it strained the rim of his hole that was stretched to its limits. Not that he wouldn’t welcome that kind of pain with complete bliss on his flushed and sweaty face.

“Easy now…” Adam warned and grabbed him painfully hard – just how Tommy wanted.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he chanted, ready to burst from the Alpha’s cock, his orgasm right there, always slightly out of reach and his mindless pleas and begging spilled from his mouth in agony, the need to come and be filled by his Alpha overwhelming him, making his body tremble painfully, all his muscles tensing, his ass and cock pulsing, the blood drumming in his ears while he was fighting for air that felt so damn hot it was burning his lungs like fire. “Adam!”

“Right… here,” he grunted and then one of those wonderfully big and strong hands wrapped around Tommy’s aching cock and Adam was grinding his shaft deeper into him, assaulting Tommy’s sensitive prostate. “Come for me now, Tommy! Give me your pleasure!” he heard Adam growl at him, another wave of his Alpha power burning through Tommy’s whole being, making his own wolf howl and that somehow bled into his nearly painful yell, his ass clamping down hard on Adam, drawing a strangled cry from him, and Tommy’s cum shot all over Adam’s chest and stomach. In his blinding bliss the faint smell of blood hit his nose, but he couldn’t care less. His mind was wiped clean as he fell against Adam’s still moving body, Tommy’s sweaty forehead resting against his Alpha’s left shoulder. He faintly heard Adam’s hoarse yell too then he kept pumping Tommy full of his cum. The rubbing against his oversensitive prostate felt nearly painful, but it made Tommy come over and over again until he couldn’t anymore. He didn’t try to move away – he doubted he had any energy left for that anyways – so he was just laying there on Adam, his body still shaking, and let his Mate finish filling him.

It took some time and Adam’s hand caressing through his hair and occasionally scratching his Claiming Mark on the back of Tommy’s neck, to soothe the Beta. Tommy’s limbs felt heavy and he never wanted to move again. It was pure perfection – especially when he realized that his nails broke Adam’s skin and made him slightly bleed. Tommy made sure he licked off the blood from the small crescents on both shoulders then he put his head back on Adam’s shoulder, burying his nose into the sweaty neck, basking in his Alpha’s presence, warmth and scent while they were waiting for his knot to shrink. But this strong feeling of unity and satisfaction – of being one whole – was worth everything.

By the time Adam was able to slide out of him, Tommy was half-asleep. He faintly whined from the sharp pain once the cock slid free of his hole, but Adam was right there, soothing him with some kind of sound he made in his throat and a hand stroking down on Tommy’s back. The blonde felt so damn satisfied and safe that he never wanted to move or be elsewhere ever again.

But he forced himself to lift his head and press a soft kiss into the corner of Adam’s mouth, who immediately deepened the kiss, humming satisfied himself into Tommy’s mouth while his fingers were smearing some of his leaking cum all over his Mate’s hole and the back of his balls. “Mine…” Adam and his wolf murmured in union and Tommy had to giggle shortly and nearly drunk on love.

“Yes,” he breathed then and they kissed deeply and lazily for a couple more minutes until one of Tommy’s legs started to cramp. He let Adam help him lay on his stomach and just watched his gloriously naked Alpha pad into the adjacent bathroom.

From the way Tommy was laying splayed out on the bed, he could see Adam through the open door as the tall man turned to the sink and drank some water straight from the tap then he filled a glass for Tommy and damped a washcloth under the warmer water. It was kind of a ritual by then. Coming back into the room with a smile on the freckled face he gave Tommy the glass and grabbed a salve from the nightstand too. They didn’t say anything until Tommy drank his water and let Adam clean him up and apply some of the soothing cream.

“If you could, you’d practically purr now,” Adam stated the obvious and Tommy buried himself deeper into his chest, not minding that the curly ginger hairs were tickling his nose as he inhaled his Mate’s scent that smelled like musk, wolf, Adam and home. The best fucking scent ever!

“Yeah,” he agreed already half-asleep again and fucking satisfied. He smiled when Adam’s chest rumbled under his ear as he chuckled. Tommy could feel it through their bond that he was just as sated and happy. They both deserved it after these stressful days.

But everything good has to eventually come to and end, right? Just when they were both at the brink of falling asleep, there was a gentle knock on the door, startling Adam awake. Tommy grunted disapprovingly on his chest when the Alpha pulled the cover up to their waists and gave permission to the wolf – Sutan, judged by the presence from the other side of the door – to enter.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you two so late…” he paused to sniff the air that still smelled heavily like sex and magic, “but this just came for you, Adam and it’s important,” the slender and lean Beta said softly, coming over to the bed with a white envelope with red ink addressed to Adam.

Tommy took a peek from where he was laying draped over his Alpha’s warm body, but the second he saw the envelope, he bolted upright, followed by Adam who sat up on the bed too. They both knew what kind of a message was sent in this traditional format. Their happy bubble burst instantly, rising worry, discomfort and a little anger on its wake.

Adam nodded to Sutan and took the letter with a steady hand, the Alpha in him surfacing once again, but this time it only made Tommy slide closer to him so he could read the message together with Adam, while Sutan stood by a bit uncomfortable and definitely worried.

To Adam M. Lambert, Alpha of the Los Angeles Pack,

I believe you know exactly what this note is about. I and the rest of my pack will arrive tomorrow. We’ll be waiting for you at the clearing behind your house. I expect you to show up at 8pm. Don’t be late.

Zane De Blank

“Shit!” Adam cursed and it took him a lot not to close his fist around the short and arrogant message.

“Fuck…” Tommy sighed, agreeing with him.

“What will you do?” Sutan nodded in agreement too and they rarely saw the second Beta’s face so grim like in that moment.

“How come we didn’t know he was coming?” Adam asked instead, anger bleeding into his voice, which made Sutan drop his eyes to the floor.

“They haven’t entered our territory yet. Zane followed the protocol and announced his and his pack’s arrival as it should happen…”

Adam just grunted irritated, because Sutan was right. If the other Alpha and his pack would’ve entered his territory without notifying Adam, it would be trespassing and he could chase them away. But all three of them knew what Zane wanted. The letter meant only one thing: a challenge.

“We’re fucked,” Tommy mumbled glimpsing at the letter again.

“A little more faith in me would be nice,” Adam growled, making Tommy look at the angry features appearing on Adam’s previously serene face, rolling off him in waves now that his hand finally fisted around the message, crumpling it into a ball.

Tommy closed his fingers around Adam’s wrist, hoping that the physical touch of his Mate would help him calm down somewhat. The second his skin touched the Alpha, Tommy could clearly feel his swirling emotions – anger, worry, irritation and even a little fear. It was obvious that their enemy was clever and a step ahead of them, because it’d be too big of a coincidence that an Alpha would come to challenge Adam at a time like this. “I trust you and your abilities completely, Adam. I meant that what we feared came true. A challenge on top of everything that’s going on will be hard and a distraction for you to divide your attention. I’m just worried.”

“You’re right. Sorry,” the freckled man loosened his fist around the message and let it drop on the bed while he leaned to the side to press his lips to Tommy’s temple, inhaling his familiar scent to calm down.

Tommy exchanged a worried look with Sutan then tried to reassure Adam, holding him close. “Don’t worry. We’re gonna get through this. Together.” Tommy meant his words and he hoped as hell that he could stay true to them. He had no idea who this Zane was, but he suspected Adam was familiar with the name because he stayed tense while thinking about what tomorrow would bring then he gave his orders to Sutan to notify the rest of the inner circle of the pack and prepare for the meeting at the clearing.

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