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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 26

Chapter 26

  2016.03.20. 20:38

Chapter 26

Tommy woke to warmth against his back and a heavy hand on his hip as he was lying on his side, facing away from Adam. The Alpha was on his back behind him and Tommy knew immediately that he was already awake. It took him a moment or two to realize why he felt that there was something important about this morning. Then the memories of last night flooded his mind and he twisted around to look at his Mate.

“Morning,” Adam mumbled, his blue eyes meeting Tommy’s for a moment before returning to the ceiling.

“Morning,” Tommy echoed then his eyes quickly scanned Adam’s naked body to see how his injuries were healing. He exhaled relieved seeing that only some bruises were left. They’d disappear in a day or two. “You look much better than last night.”

“Yes. Thanks to Amy tending to them and the healing closeness of my Mate,” Adam smiled briefly, the back of his hand caressing Tommy’s bony hip then it fell on the bed when the blond fully turned around and propped himself on his elbow.

“The latter still amazes me,” Tommy mumbled, remembering how Adam’s closeness sped up his own healing after the explosion. Of course back then he had no idea that this freckled man would become more than his Alpha and that’s why he was healing unusually fast. In a few heartbeats Tommy lightly frowned, watching Adam’s face. It was clear that something was on his mind. The Beta could practically hear (and feel) the wheels turning in Adam’s head. “How long have you been up to try figuring out the situation on your own?”

Some surprise washed over Adam’s handsome face then he turned his head and reached behind it with his arm to adjust the pillow under it. That made him able to look at his Mate from a more comfortable angle. “You already know me too well,” he offered a small smile.

“It wasn’t so hard to figure out,” Tommy shrugged but stayed serious. “You know that you don’t have to make decisions on your own anymore, right? Not since our mating. I’m here to help figure things out. Give you a fresh perspective and a new set of eyes.”

“I know that. Thank you. I just didn’t want to wake you. You were too cute in your sleep.”

Tommy snorted and shook his head, combing his long fringe out of his face. “Dork. Alright then…” he sighed and pushed himself up enough to lean over and peck Adam’s lips before starting to climb off the bed butt naked. “I’m gonna take a shower now and you’ll join me if you are healed enough. Then after leaving our scents all over each other, I’ll bring us breakfast and together we can figure out what would be the best for Janice and our pack,” he announced, walking confidently around the bed on his way to the bathroom, but his eyes never left his Alpha’s lying form.

“Someone’s a bossy Beta this morning…” Adam chuckled lightly, but the look he gave Tommy was dark and heavy from his quickly awakening lust. It was probably caused by a mental image of Tommy under the shower and the “leaving our scents all over each other” comment.

Tommy grinned satisfied when he saw Adam’s cock jump with interest. He could feel through their bond that his Mate needed a break and center himself to be able to think clearly. This was the surest way to provide his Alpha what he needed and it would help him to focus, too.

By the time he relieved his bladder and finished getting rid of his morning breath, the water’s temperature was set. Tommy stepped under the cascading drops for the first rinse and he did a quick job in lathering his body up. He could feel Adam coming closer and hear him brush his teeth too. He just wetted his blond hair, making it stick against his scull, when that familiar heat started burning his back.

In the next moment he was pushed against the wet tiles face first and the bigger and broader body of his mate was plastered against his backside. The press of that huge hard cock against his crack caused a throaty groan to escape Tommy.

“You need this just as much as I do, don’t you, Tommy Joe?” Adam growled next to his ear as he started slowly rolling his hips to rub the underside of his shaft against Tommy’s crack at the same time as Adam’s wet palm captured his mate’s lengthening cock.

The sudden contact and Adam’s question made him gasp for air and his eyes roll back into his skull as he tipped it back, letting his Alpha slide his free hand onto his throat. A satisfied low rumble against Adam’s palm would’ve been an enough answer, but Tommy knew Adam needed his words too. He always did.

“Yes! Please…” he hissed as Adam’s palm twisted on the sensitive tip of his shaft. Although the blond tried to keep things to himself and stay kinda “mysterious” for his Mate so he wouldn’t lose interest in him (not that it’d ever happen to a mated pair), Tommy was clear with the fact that Adam, too, knew him already too well. In the past it might’ve bothered him to no end, but now… Now deep down it only made him feel warm and fuzzy.

“Good boy,” Adam grunted into his ear then sucked Tommy’s earlobe with his piercings into his mouth and gave his cock a few firm push-pull-twists, enjoying how much he affected his Mate.

It didn’t take long for his slick fingers to start working Tommy open, who welcomed every morsel of Adam’s attention with shaky legs. He wanted to see Adam’s face, but he chose to stay obedient and keep his cheek pressed against the now warm tile. Because Tommy knew that it was the fastest way to get that wonderful cock up into him. They didn’t have much time before Zane and his pack would arrive and they still had to eat breakfast too, so Tommy whimpered and pushed himself back onto the exploring fingers.

“Please… fuck me, Alpha…” he panted and risked a glimpse at Adam from the corner of his eye. The sight was majestic. Glowing wolf eyes glued to his tiny ass and Tommy could’ve sworn that he saw the thick waves of Alpha power rolling off his Mate and swirling around them, prickling Tommy’s pale skin.

Adam’s hungry and lustful expression stayed on his face as in a minute or two he began slowly sliding into him. Tommy cussed under his nose and his eyes closed, fingers twitching on the wet tiles. “So good…” he panted, which made Adam growl and slowly work himself all the way inside.

From there it didn’t take long for him to get a nice rhythm going. Long and powerful thrusts were stimulating all the sensitive spots inside, making Tommy press his eyes closed firmer and moan like a dying man when the wide tip brushed against his prostate each time it slid in and out. The pleasure was intense as he was kept in place, his body shaking with each push, nails turning pointy and scratching against the wet tiles.

“You feel so good every damn time!” Adam growled more beast than man and Tommy had to arch his back and push back on his cock, submitting to him completely. He knew how much that messed with his Alpha’s mind – and to be honest, with his too.

Then things got quickly blurry from there. The bathroom got filled with the sounds of their bodies slapping together, the water cascading over Adam’s back, their moans, pants and growls and then their pleasure-filled yells as they both came hard. Tommy didn’t end up on his face at the tiled floor only because Adam was digging his fingers into his flesh as he was pumping him full with his seed. The only thing the Beta felt sorry for was that because of their limited time, the Alpha couldn’t breed him with his knot. That left both of them only partially satisfied, but Tommy’s plan worked. Adam was more relaxed and ready to face the day. The few fresh bruises Tommy got during the process were only a very welcomed bonus.


After cleaning up and dressing they had some breakfast and talked over what they should do about the situation with Janice and Zane’s challenge. Not long after that Janice, Zane and his pack have arrived, this time parking their bikes in front of Adam’s house. Now the two Alphas and their Betas as well as Janice were sitting by the long dining table, the rest of the two packs seated or standing scattered around, wherever they could find some room for themselves. Not that close quarters would be a problem for a pack. They usually liked being close to each other, but now there was some tension in the air again. Not just because the two packs didn’t know each other too much, but because they didn’t know how this meeting would go.

Janice smelled the most nervous from all as she was sitting on Zane’s left. Tommy felt sorry for her and sent some comforting vibes to her. She was still part of the LA pack so he could feel her through the connection that allowed Tommy and Adam to keep track of the other pack members. She looked at the blond Beta across the table with a grateful expression then their attention was drawn to the two Alphas.

“First of all, thank you all for agreeing to coming to this meeting,” Adam started addressing the whole Oxnard pack, but he didn’t take his blue eyes off Zane’s brown ones. The other Alpha simply nodded from across the table. “My Mate and first Beta, Tommy and I had talked things over between us and our pack and we have a few ideas how we could do this. As long as we come to a mutual agreement, the Werewolf Council can be left out of the picture. Which would keep things simpler. We all know their decision would take weeks and as you probably know well…” Adam raised a brow at Zane “we don’t have that much time due to our tense situation.”

“You mean the attacks against your pack,” Zane cocked his head to the side, confirming what Adam and Tommy suspected. Namely that he was tipped off when to challenge the distracted LA pack Alpha.

“Yes. We’re taking care of that. But this situation is more pressing now and we gathered here today with the hope of finding a solution to that without shedding more blood.”

“I’m listening,” Zane said after Janice put a hand on his arm on the table top. No one in the room missed the gesture.

“It all depends on what Janice wants to do,” Adam looked at the she-wolf. “It’s obvious that you two are destined mates. My question is: do you want to accept that and join Zane’s pack?”

Janice swallowed hard and glimpsed at the other Alpha on her side. Zane looked at her from the corner of his eye… hopefully? Tommy asked himself, not sure about that look from across the table.

“After we’d left yesterday, we had a long talk with Zane and I had the chance to get to know his pack a bit better. I and my wolf felt comfortable among them and he,” here she returned Zane’s look and she gave him a slight smile “was nothing but kind to me. Well, in his own way…” That comment caused Zane’s lips to curl upwards and a few members of his pack chuckled as if they knew what she meant. Janice turned back to Adam and nodded. “So my answer is yes. I’d like to join the Oxnard pack and become Zane’s Mate and first Beta,” she said. “This might be my best chance to find happiness.”

“Very well. We would never get into the way of a mating that was destined to happen,” Adam nodded too, acknowledging her decision. “This brings us to the next important part of this discussion. You can join Zane’s pack, although we will be sad to see you go. But…” here Adam looked back at Zane. “I have a proposal to make.”

“Which is?” the other Alpha narrowed his eyes.

“Instead of challenging me again either today or in the future, we could build a strong alliance and Janice could become an important link between our packs.”

Zane brushed a hand through his short beard, clearly thinking things over, eyes staying on Adam and only wandering over to Tommy or another wolf occasionally. He was trying to sniff out their real intentions, but he found nothing but honesty and hope that it would work out.

“So you’d have my back and I’d have yours in case it was needed. Like now when your pack is being attacked for some reason…” Zane summed things up.

“Correct,” Adam answered, suppressing a grimace. “But I’m not asking you this because I’d be so desperate for help. I have other alliances too,” he said and Tommy knew he said that not to look like a weak Alpha, which could kill the deal in an instant. The blond Beta hoped that Zane knew – especially after the fight last night – that Adam was very far from being a weak leader. “I said that because it could benefit us both in the future.”

“Interesting proposal…” he leaned back in his chair, but left his hand under Janice’s. Zane looked at her then this time all around the room, studying each and every wolf present from the LA pack. “I have one condition.”

“Namely?” Adam lifted a thick black eyebrow.

“I’ve been trying to expand my territories in the last few decades, but you and the San Diego pack always managed to stop me from doing so. My pack is growing and I want more space for myself. Especially now that the possibility of having cubs of my own had presented itself.”

“Which territories do you want?” Adam frowned lightly.

“Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and the territories south from it, down to the Point Dume State Beach. That would make a nice natural dividing point between our territories.”

“I’d lie if I said I didn’t expect your demand of territories too,” Adam leaned on his forearms on the table, entwining his fingers. “Simi Valley is an outpost of the San Diego pack. A line of defense.” Adam didn’t say that partly against Zane, thanks to his past attempts of snatching territories from their family. “As you know they are our ally. But I’m sure I can work something out with my father, their Alpha to make this deal happen. Give me half an hour to talk with him on the phone. Until then help yourself to some food and drinks, if you like. Will that work for you?”

“Yes. I’m willing to wait,” Zane nodded and Adam stood along with Tommy, who walked back with him to their bedroom after telling Terrance and the other Betas to keep an eye on the Oxnard pack.

By the time Tommy closed the door behind them, Adam’s phone was already by his ear, waiting for his dad to pick up. “Hi, dad. I have something important to discuss with you. Do you have a minute?”

“Hello, son. Sure. Shoot.” Thanks to his wolf hearing Tommy could hear the voice of the older male without having to strain to hear that end of the conversation, too.

He leaned against the door with his back, watching Adam pacing along their room then stopping by the closed balcony door to look over LA. Tommy knew that this was the time when he had to stay silent and let the Alphas talk things over and figure them out on their own, but he wasn’t going to learn about the decision secondhand.

“I have a situation here, dad. Zane Le Blank had challenged me.”

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line then a displeased growl followed. “At a time like this? I know about your pack’s messy situation.”

“Yes. We suspect he was tipped off. But what’s more important is that our fight was interrupted by one of my pack members, Janice. She used to be part of the Burbank pack and it turned out that she’s Zane’s destined mate and is willing to join Zane’s pack. He’s ready to step back from the challenge and form an alliance with me and through me with you on one condition.”

“Let me guess… territories?”


“How much does he want?”

“Less than I expected, but it involves some of your territory. Simi Valley.”

“I see. And you’re asking me if I’m willing to give him the Valley.”

“That’s what I’d like to know, yes,” Adam sighed. He knew that wolves were very protective over their own territories, so he felt the need to give his father some more details. “I’m sorry, but it seems that’s the only way of avoiding more bloodshed and drawing my attention from the attacks. Tommy and I suspect that this challenge came to divide my attention and weaken me. Probably our enemy is hoping for me to lose the challenge and die. That would make things easier for them whatever their goal might be.”

“Did they contact Zane with promises of giving him more territories if he challenges you? Are they playing on the same side?”

“I’m not sure.”

“You should find it out.”

“I intend to, dad. I’m trying to take one thing at a time. Settling this challenge is the most pressing at the moment.”

“So what are you saying? You want to give him the territories without finding something so important out?” the disapproving snort came.

“I don’t see another solution. Look, do you want to help me? Are you willing to give up the Valley?”

“You’re my son. Of course I want to help you, although I don’t like the idea of giving up our first line of defense. We agreed to move some wolves permanently there with a reason. But your mother would skin me alive if I said no.”

Adam chuckled shortly and Tommy felt a small smile tugging at the edge of his mouth too. He could totally see Leila doing that to her ex-husband.

“I’m sure she would. Thanks, dad. If you give me your word that you’ll hand over the Valley to Zane and his pack, I’ll pull him aside for a private discussion.”

“Are you sure you can sense the truth on him? What if he lies?”

“Tommy will be there with me. We both can spot bullshitting from miles away,” Adam glimpsed over his shoulder to look questioningly at his Mate, who simply nodded as if saying ‘I’ll be there’ and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“If you’re sure…”

“Dad, I have a feeling that Zane is starting to like this deal. He would win the most from it. A Mate, new territories and two allies who’d have his back in case he fucked up or someone attacked him. Besides, we could use the extra manpower up north and in case these attacks continued.”

Eber stayed quiet for a moment to think things through then he sighed heavily. “Alright. Tell him that I’m in, but before you make the deal, do that private conversation with him. We have to make sure that he isn’t playing for the other team.”

“I know. If he is, I’ll take him down in a fair fight. If not then we’ll have a new ally. I know it’ll take some effort and time to work things out with him and the packs thanks to his… hot-headedness and attacks in the past, but that’s where Janice could help us.”

“Fine. You persuaded me. Update me later.”

“Thanks, dad and I will.”

“Yeah. And Adam… next time someone challenges you, I want to know before the fight.” Eber didn’t say, but both Adam and Tommy knew that he meant that he’d want to say his goodbyes thinking about the worst case scenario as well.

“Sorry about that…” Adam rubbed the back of his neck then sighed. “I promise.”

The phone call ended shortly afterwards and Tommy walked over to Tommy, pressing a kiss on his lips. Tommy’s head was already tilted up to welcome it as if he knew what Adam wanted. Which he did thanks to their bond and instincts.

“You okay with this?” Adam caressed Tommy’s cheek as he slid his phone back into his back pocket with his other hand.

The Beta nodded seriously, but loved how Adam still wanted to know his opinion. “It might be the best solution for now. Then we’ll see how things form. Go to the study. I’ll get Zane. He might want one of his Betas or Janice with him though.”

“That’s okay if he does. I just want a few minutes with him.”

Tommy nodded, stealing another soft kiss then he slid out of their room and went back to the dining hall, stopping in the door. Only a few noticed him standing there – including Zane. Tommy jerked his head signaling that he wanted to talk to Zane. The dark-haired Alpha rose from his seat. It wasn’t surprising that all eyes were suddenly on him. He walked confidently over to Tommy, waving his Betas back.

Of course Tommy didn’t trust the other man yet, but he leaned a bit closer, not dropping his eyes, because there was only one Alpha he’d submit to and that Alpha was waiting for them in the study. “We need to talk to you alone. You can bring Janice or a Beta with you.”

“I don’t have to,” Zane shook his head and waved a muscular bald man with some killer tattoos along his sleeves closer. He was Zane’s first Beta (until he mates with Janice, who was watching them from the table a bit worried). Zane informed the guy, Chuck, what was happening and that he was going to be back soon. The wolf didn’t like that his Alpha was going alone, but didn’t try to protest. That told Tommy that despite the rebellious biker look Zane was ruling his pack with a firm hand. The respect he saw in Chuck’s grey eyes surprised the blond, but it confirmed what Tommy was thinking. Maybe Zane wasn’t such an asshole after all?

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