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Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn
Useless-girl - The Outlaw Torn : Chapter 32 - Epilogue

Chapter 32 - Epilogue

  2017.01.07. 11:04

Chapter 32

In the following weeks both the vampires and the wolves of Los Angeles tried to put things back in order on their territories. The Vampire Council obviously kept a closer eye on Ashley and her coven’s recovery, but the Queen came out stronger from all this than one could expect. She was leading the newly rebuilt coven with a firmer hand and was also having negotiations with the werewolf packs in the area about drawing up a new, more extended and detailed peace treaty.

Of course the LA pack played a big part in that and supported the cause, but they were also deepening the alliances with the San Diego and Oxnard packs. The three Alphas had also decided to approach the smaller packs present in and at the outskirts of their territories to talk about the dire need of coming up with a better system to monitor hunter activity. Neil Lambert, using his influence and status as one of the Advisors of the Werewolf Council took a big part during those meetings, reporting back to Adam and Tommy in case they were occupied with something else.

The LA pack had gatherings at the Mated pair’s house more often since the shunning of Terrance, because Tommy and Adam agreed that they needed help to process everything that had happened to them. The attacks, the deaths, the fights and the now disappeared Beta’s outrageous betrayal. That sometimes kept the Alpha pair from dealing with the aforementioned negotiations, so Neil’s and the other Beta’s help were much appreciated.

But now it was high time for a celebration. It was intentional that Zane and Janice’s wedding and mating was scheduled during this full moon. The Alphas agreed that it would both bring the packs closer together and also give a reason to celebrate after such hard times.

Their suits laid out on the backseat, Adam steered the wheel to park next to Oliver’s car by the big log house up in the forest. Usually it would offer rooms for hikers on the nearby trail, but now it was closed to the public.

“I didn’t expect for them to own such a place aside from their bike shops,” Tommy looked at Adam behind the wheel, a small smile playing on his face.

“Yes. It seems Zane has more investments in the area too.”

“A sign of a caring and good Alpha,” Tommy’s smile widened as he slid his hand onto Adam’s thigh.

Finally his Mate looked at him and mirrored that smile from the unsaid praise. “So you think Janice will be okay with them?”

“Oh yes. I’d stopped worrying about her a long time ago. One just has to look at her with Zane’s pack. She’s already their mother hen and they carry her on their palms. Especially Zane,” Tommy chuckled softly as he watched Isaac and Sophie joking around with Sutan who was throwing a tantrum fit about something while they were heading into the house.

“I agree. I talked to her before our pack released her so Zane will be able to take her into his. She felt and looked radiant and very happy. I’m just glad she threw herself in my way before I could kill Zane.”

“Yeah, that moment had changed a lot of things and gained us a strong ally, even if your dad is still a bit reluctant to admit that,” Tommy said and they both chuckled lightly on that while he looked into Adam’s blue eyes again.

“True. Let’s just hope things will get better from now on,” the Alpha voiced their wish. And sitting there in Adam’s car, watching as the rest of their pack walked into the house smiling and joking around, full of expectations and good vibes, gave the Alpha pair hope. They were all healing and growing stronger and their goal was to continue doing so in the future too.

“Will everyone be alright?” Tommy asked quietly.

“Yes. We’ll make sure of that, love,” Adam said much more confident about that than a few weeks back.

To that Tommy gave him a sweet smile and nodded briefly before meeting Adam half-way so they could share a soft but deep kiss, simply enjoying the other’s taste and closeness. They would have to be stronger in the future, but this was the time to heal, grow and have fun. They’d learned in the last few months that life was very fragile and fleeting even for werewolves, and now everyone wanted to make the most of it. Especially the Alpha pair.

“Come on, don’t make them wait any longer,” Tommy whispered onto his Mate’s freckled lips, adoring the hazy and love-filled look he got from his man. From that he knew that during this full moon not only Zane and Janice would mate, but he had absolutely no fucking objections against that.

“Oh yes, you can count on that, pretty,” Adam grinned answering his thought and took Tommy’s chin to tip his face up for another kiss before they got out of the car.

Tommy took the big and warm hand to lace their fingers together and grinned up at his man while walking towards the log house. When the Alpha smiled back at him, Tommy felt lucky as hell for having someone like him as his Mate. Thank fuck he’d decided to put his stubbornness aside and pull that torn out of his side to open up for this wolf.

Like so many times before since he’s been together with Adam, one sentence crossed his mind:

Best decision ever.



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