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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 1 - Omega

Part 1 - Omega

  2015.02.07. 11:52

Note: While writing my other werewolf story, “The Outlaw Torn” and re-reading some other stories, the idea of this fanfiction popped into my mind and the plot bunny kept jumping on my head to write it, so I took a little break from that story to satisfy the demanding little fucker. Furthermore, this is my very first mpreg story! I’ve always thought it was a strange concept but after reading a few very good mpreg stories in this fandom, it’s been bugging my mind until I finally gave in. So… here it is. Hope you’ll like it.

Disclaimer: Like always, this story is the product only of my overactive imagination, thus none of this had happened in real life. I wrote this just for fun/entertainment and mean no harm to any real person who might appear in the story.

Pairing/rating/category: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff (Adommy), Adam/OMC, Tommy/OMC; R and explicit (might contain triggering themes), werewolf AU, supernatural, romance, slash, angst, rape/non-con, violence, bad D/s dynamics, Alpha/Gamma/Omega dynamics, human trafficking, torture, gangbang, mental and physical abuse, mpreg.

Dedication: To our amazingly talented and beautiful Mr. Lambert since it was his 33rd birthday when I’d started writing this story. The other amazing person I want to dedicate this story to is my beloved friend, S.M.A., who encouraged me to go with the mpreg theme. Thanks, baby! <3

Recommended song: Slipknot – My Plague and Wait and Bleed, because they fit and ‘cuz I saw them live for the first time on the 5th! :P (Quotations are from these songs.)

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My Plague


Part 1 - Omega

“I'm in conniptions for the final act you came here for
The one derivative you manage is the one I abhor…”

Humiliation wasn’t anything new to Tommy. He was an Omega after all. He had to endure and bow to the stronger will of others. It was in his nature and he instinctively did what was expected of him. It wasn’t always like this though. No. It was far from this but this was his life now. Some might say it was his fate. So pressing his lips together he just stood there with his head down and naked like the day he was born.

He wasn’t alone. Three other Omegas were standing next to him. Two girls and another boy. They were close in age, although it was usually hard to tell, because his kind had a young and fragile appearance with delicate features. They were rare in the werewolf world, thus pretty valuable in certain circles. Bad circles. Some Alphas were willing to spend a smaller fortune on having an Omega in their pack. Usually as a chew toy for the Alpha or the whole pack to blow off some steam. Centuries back both female and male Omegas had the ability to get pregnant, but since then many were born infertile and males very rarely showed the ability to carry a child. Which was once considered something to be proud of – especially for the male Omegas – now was looked down upon and called an abomination or anomaly. After all, giving birth was something female wolves did. Not males.

Tommy had heard it often enough to finally believe that he was one. Although in his twenty-one years he didn’t show any signs of being fertile, he was still called like that a lot just because of being an Omega. But verbal abuse was just one of the things he had to endure. In the past, in better packs, his kind was cherished and usually the Alpha claimed them to reproduce. But he had the suspicion if he was chosen today by this Alpha, he’d become his new chew toy. And knowing the reputation of the man who was eyeing the Omegas on display, his growing fear wasn’t groundless. That’s why – unlike himself – he was praying to God, Goddess Luna or whoever looked down upon them from above, not to be the unlucky one.

When Alastair Blake, the Alpha of the pack stood from his comfortable armchair, his power filling the room and making the naked Omegas shiver and shake like a leaf and fix their eyes on the black wooden floor of the impressive mansion’s living room, Tommy swallowed hard and tried to appear even smaller than he already was.

“Quite the poor lineup we have here,” he said as he slowly walked closer and Tommy felt as if he was stalking them like the predator he was.

“I can assure you, Mr. Blake that these four are the finest of our current Omegas,” the short but muscular male Beta said. “My boss knows your taste and what a pleasure it is to do business with you, so he picked them himself.”

A sparkle of hate flickered in Tommy hearing the conversation, but it got overwhelmed by fear when the Alpha stopped nearby to lift the head of the other male Omega on his left to examine him. The dealer, Mr. Kripke was talking about the Alpha who was running the illegal organization dealing with Omega trafficking for good money. After their research and spying, a representative usually visited the packs or families of the young Omegas to offer a deal to them. That’s how Tommy got here too. Once he thought his family loved him. His father, mother and sister… But he had to realize that they fed him and kept him safe only to be able to sell their own son for a nice sum of money that could pay for the mortgage and most of their debts he wasn’t aware of until they came for him. His sister, a Delta – the position under Betas – was the only one who shed some tears but she didn’t dare to stop them.

Tommy wasn’t angry at her, she was still just a kid. She couldn’t do anything and if there was something he didn’t want, it was her getting hurt because of what he was. So he went with the representatives and swallowed back his tears as the feeling of betrayal was burning in his chest. It didn’t take long for them to prepare him and teach him his place – sometimes with verbal punishment but more often with physical. If he didn’t have the quick healing of werewolves, his body would’ve been full of scars and bite marks, but this way his pale skin was smooth and soft everywhere. Quite literally as his body barely had any hair on it – except for his head – and all four of them were waxed everywhere because apparently this Alpha requested that.

He tried to focus on calming his breathing and heartbeats, ignoring the rest of the Alpha’s pack members. They were shattered in the living room too. A Beta, three Deltas and a Gamma. Which meant that in case Tommy was purchased to join the pack, he had to prepare himself that if the Alpha didn’t hold a claim over him, then he would have to endure the humiliation and violence of six male wolves in total. Briefly he wondered how long he’d be able to do that.

His thoughts were interrupted as Alastair stopped in front of him and grabbed his chin with strong fingers to lift his head. He pushed his long blonde fringe out of his face so he could examine his delicate features. “Look at me, boy,” he demanded and Tommy reluctantly obeyed, daring to hold the Alpha’s burning gaze only for a few seconds to let him see Tommy’s scared brown eyes. It earned a short chuckle from the Alpha and he let his chin go.

Those few seconds only confirmed what Tommy already suspected and felt: Alastair was a cruel man, abusing his Alpha powers. It showed in his green eyes and the stern features in his otherwise handsome face. His olive skin stretched over impressive muscles. His thick brown hair was combed to one side and the dark grey suit he was wearing looked bloody expensive too. Tommy felt even smaller in the shadow of the tall man and held back a relieved sigh when he moved along to inspect the females too.

“What are they good at?” he asked ignoring Mr. Kripke’s previous comment. He knew this organization usually picked Omegas talented in something to add to their prize, because some of their buyers – like Alastair – liked to be entertained in different ways by their Omegas.

“Jason is a painter. Tommy can play the guitar. Sasha is a fairly good cook. Tina can sing,” he said looking down at his clipboard in his hands while the Alpha finished with the girls just to start circling and touching them here and there.

Tommy jumped a bit when his ass then tattooed arms were touched and his neck got sniffed. He knew the scent of Omegas was affecting the stronger wolves. It was hard to tell how. To some it was sweet and alluring, clouding over their minds, to some it was irritating in the meaning that it brought out their aggression since they smelled as prey to them; or of course the mixture of the two could happen too. The low growl the Alpha let slip behind them told the shaking blonde that he definitely looked at them as prey. Something to chew on or sink his claws in and suddenly he was fighting to keep down the little he got for breakfast.

“I’m not interested in getting a painter and I have a good cook and singer…” he mused and Tommy felt his stomach flip when the Alpha’s considering gaze landed on him again, sizing up his naked body and weak will again. Mr. Kripke – very wisely – didn’t say anything, seeing that the Alpha was thinking about picking Tommy. “Are they fertile?”

“As far as we know, only Tina.”

“Hm…” Alastair glimpsed at the petite blond woman on the left. But after a long look his eyes darted back to the short blond. “Tommy was it? You, step forward,” he ordered.

Tommy’s heart fluttered and he jumped a bit when he heard his name. With his head still bent he obeyed to the Alpha wolf without any hesitation and waited, willing his hands to stay by his sides fisted.

“How long have you been playing the guitar?” he asked circling only Tommy now, his seemingly gentle touches on his back, ass, side and chest making him want to jerk away. A seriously wrong vibe was coming off this man as his Alpha presence got stronger, making Tommy’s knees buckle, but he didn’t drop down on them yet.

“Since I was twelve. That was nearly ten years ago, Mr. Blake,” he answered quietly, forcing his voice to sound calm instead of panicked. He saw this before. When in this situation the Alpha singled out an Omega it was because he was seriously considering purchasing him or her.

“Hm. Are you any good?”

“I can assure you that he is…”

“Shut it! I asked him,” he growled at Mr. Kripke and he nodded in response, closing his mouth.

“People told me I’m not bad,” he answered staring at the Alpha’s shiny leather shoes.

To that Alastair just chuckled shortly and lifted his face by his chin once more, turning it left then right before stepping back. Clearly he drew the conclusion he wanted. He turned to Mr. Kripke now with a nearly bored expression. “I’ll buy him. I hope he’ll be worth the money.”

“Excellent choice! I can assure you, Mr. Blake. You won’t be disappointed,” he smirked and searched for Tommy’s papers.

“My Beta will deal with the papers and the money,” he waved towards the nearer end of the couch where said wolf just stood up to get to the dealer. “Mike, Colin,” he addressed two of his Deltas.

“Yes, Sir?” they both stood.

“Take the new addition to our… family and prepare him for tonight’s ceremony. We have to give him a warm welcome to our pack,” he chuckled dryly. The Deltas nodded and walked to Tommy, who was seemingly frozen to the spot, shaking like a leaf and probably in shock. They gathered Tommy’s cheap clothes and grabbed him by his upper arms and started leading him out of the living room.

Tommy didn’t protest just automatically put one leg in front of the other, his eyes fixed on the floor. His hearing practically gone from the blood drumming in his ears, fear blinding him.


He was still in shock, shaking as they led him to a simple, puritan room by the end of the long corridor they walked down on. He let them bathe him, wash his hair and make sure he was still smooth everywhere then they dressed him in a pair of plain white pants and T-shirt then dried his hair.

“I’m Colin,” the slimmer dark-haired man introduced himself and Tommy dared to steal a glimpse of him to have a face to go with the name too. “I have to tell you Alastair’s rules.”

The blonde nodded, fisting his hands on his lap once he was seated in front of a vanity mirror.

“Mike,” he waved toward the broader brunette man “will do your make up. Our Alpha likes his Omegas pretty,” he added as an explanation. The concept wasn’t unheard to Tommy. Once he was bought from his parents, the organization told him about this too. “He will do it just once so that you see how Alastair likes it. Afterwards you’ll be responsible to take care of that, just like keeping yourself clean and smooth.”

“I understand,” he whispered, trying hard not to fall apart in front of these strangers, so he instead let Mike start with his foundation.

“You’ll have to address Alastair as ‘Sir’ or ‘Alpha’ at all times. You can talk only when he directly asks you or demands your answer. He hates babbling people so don’t talk unnecessarily. He expects obedience, submission and respect from each member of this pack. If he says ‘jump,’ you ask ‘how high’. He doesn’t tolerate talking back or not getting what he wants. He’ll punish you severely if you make a mistake,” he continued on a neutral voice. To Tommy it felt like it wasn’t the first time Colin had to say these words and for a moment he wondered how many Omegas this pack already had and… what had happened to them… But maybe it was better not to let his already shocked mind wander into that direction. He knew that time after time there was news about the bodies of Omegas turning up or disappearing for good. He swallowed hard and nodded.

“I see you understand,” Colin said and licked his lips, sniffing into the air just a bit. From that Tommy knew that his scent was starting to affect him. He quickly checked Mike, but he seemed and felt calm while he moved Tommy’s head into the right angle and began working on his eyes to make them look smoky.

“I do,” he whispered.

“Good. He is a firm-handed Alpha. He often has mood-swings. Don’t anger him and make it harder for yourself than it already will be.”

“What… what do you mean by that?” he shivered and felt his nails dig into his palms. He couldn’t decide who was more scared: him or his cowering wolf in the depths of his mind.

“As I said, he’s firm-handed. His actions… let’s just say, he won’t be soft to you. But as an Omega I’m sure you expected that.”

Tommy just swallowed hard again and tried to keep the rising panic down. This much information about his new Alpha was already enough to make him dread the claiming ceremony later.

After Colin told him some more rules to memorize and Mike finishing his make up, they left him alone. And Tommy was just staring at himself through the mirror. It was the face of a stranger looking back at him – or at least it felt like that in that moment. His eyes were shadowed with black and purple powder, his lips were blood red and the skin of his face looked more fragile. He looked like a doll with his make up and puffed up fringe and hair, the sides of his head freshly shaved. His dark tattoos on his arms were in a sharp contrast with the white T-shirt they had put on him. Like a doll ready to be smashed into pieces, he thought briefly.

He was once again wondering what’d happen to him in this place. He had a bad feeling in his gut and he was scared. Truly scared. He thought when the representatives took him away from home was the worst, but this fear of the unknown Alpha was on an entirely different level. He took a few calming breaths while staring down at his freshly painted black nails and tried to gather himself before they would come for him.


He was led outside to the mansion’s back garden. He could see that it was surrounded by a thick forest, but his attention moved back to the flickering flames of the torches that lit the garden. Alastair was standing on the grass, the rest of the pack – except Mike who came for Tommy and was now on his side – standing around him in a loose circle.

“Come, Omega,” the Alpha grinned and the fire’s light reflected in his blood-red eyes. Alpha eyes. They always looked scary to Tommy.

He swallowed hard and entered the circle, which got closed behind him when Mike took his place. While walking he risked a quick glance around from behind his fringe, his heart beating so fast and loud, he was sure everyone could hear it. The other men’s faces mainly stayed in the shadows, but their scents and powers surrounded him. For a second he thought he smelled blood, but the wind shifted and he reached Alastair and his gaze immediately dropped to the ground, noticing that the Alpha was barefooted.

“Welcome to our pack. From now on, we’ll be your family,” Alastair started and to Tommy it sounded as if he was mocking his own words. That made the Omega frown a bit, but otherwise he was motionless. “Tonight you’ll accept my claim and with that you’ll become a part of the pack. Not that you have a choice, Omega. I own you. Never forget that. Now kneel!”

The panic was lurking on the edge of his mind again and his wolf tried to be as small as possible as he obeyed, the Alpha power behind the command was as if flames were licking his skin, but knowing that Alastair was right about owning him stung more. He could feel the Alpha step closer, the heat of his body and power invading Tommy’s personal space. Something he knew he’d have to soon give up for good.

“Look into my eyes, Omega!” he commanded and like someone being moved on strings Tommy obeyed. “I will ask you just once and I expect you to say yes to my question,” he warned with a twisted smirk.

The simple black jeans and T-shirt was the same like on the other men. Only Tommy was wearing white. It seemed that it was the custom in this pack during the initiation of a new member. But Tommy forgot all about the clothes when the violent power of the red eyes intensified and he wanted to drop on his back and bare his belly and throat in that instant. It hurt looking into those eyes and Tommy was terrified, wanting to get over with the ceremony, although he didn’t have any hope for being left alone afterwards.

“Will you accept me as the leader, the Alpha of this pack you are about to become a member of and give yourself completely over to my will? Will you surrender yourself to this pack?”

Tommy had to clear his throat and swallow hard once again. For a moment he thought he wouldn’t be able to answer through the lump in his throat, but he managed a shaky and clearly frightened ‘Yes’. From the smell of his fear and his answer Alastair’s nostrils flared and a dark smirk crept onto his face, the shadows and the red eyes making the expression even more frightening.

“Good,” he nodded satisfied and let his nails grow into claws. “Take off your shirt and present your neck.”

With shaky hands Tommy reached for the hem of his T-shirt and pulled it over his head, letting it fall on the grass then bent his head forward to offer the back of his neck. His wild heartbeats skipped when Alastair knelt behind him and leaned closer, his closeness and feeling the tips of his claws dig into his left shoulder sending chills up and down on his spine. Then he gasped for air as the claws of his other hand broke his skin and drew blood as Alastair scratched them first from his hairline downwards then from the right to the left to form a cross-like symbol of the scratches that the four claws had left, the magic of the Alpha marking not just his body but his scent too.

“With the symbol of this pack I, Alastair Blake, the Alpha take you in as my Omega. From this day on until you die, you are part of this pack. What do you say?”

“I, Thomas Joseph Ratliff, accept and become your Omega. I will be loyal and obedient to you until my last breath…” he whispered hoarsely and pressed his eyes together from the burning pain of the mark and Alastair’s dark chuckle.

“Finally…” the Alpha murmured and slid his claws on Tommy’s made up face to turn it to the side and sniff his neck. Tommy went pliant under the touch, offering his throat in his surrender. “My pretty Omega. You are mine from now on,” he growled on his skin and licked a long stripe up to his ear, holding Tommy in place with his clawed hand, the tips digging into his jaw and the Omega couldn’t stop a scared whimper as the other hand gently scratched down on his chest and stomach, Alastair pressing himself against him from behind.

He could clearly feel, smell and also nearly taste the Alpha’s arousal and he knew he couldn’t do anything to stop him. He was Alastair’s to do with as he pleased. So he wasn’t really surprised when he found his cheek being pressed against the ground, the scent of grass filling his nose. He choked back a sob and shut his eyes, not wanting to accidentally meet the eyes of the other wolves. He heard and felt his pants tearing from the sharp claws and Alastair’s turned on panting. He let him kick his legs further apart and push two saliva-slicked normal fingers into him. Tommy bit his lip hard to keep in any noise he nearly made from the sudden intrusion.

“So fucking hot and tight. Was looking forward to this since I bought you. You’re gonna take it like my good little Omega,” Alastair growled behind him and forced a third finger in too to make a quick job on opening Tommy up – more to his own comfort than to the Omega’s. Most people didn’t care what an Omega would need or want. They were on the bottom of a pack and an Alpha’s word was law. If he said Tommy would have to take it then he would. He had no choice so he just let his hands fist around some grass and stopped his body from instinctively pulling away when the Alpha’s naked cock entered his ass to rut into him.

Humiliation. Something familiar at least.

His mouth opened on silent screams and he hid his face behind his hair, trying to turn away from everyone while his body was being used the way his new Alpha wanted. He kept reminding himself that he was born to this. He was an abomination. Scum. A doormat. A chew toy. A punching bag. A nobody without will or rights. He simply existed for the entertainment and pleasure of others. He didn’t know another way anymore. Not since his parents sold him. And as the Alpha’s body slapped against him, he felt his knot swelling, ready to breach and breed him, and his violent power shattered every attempt to get away or object. Tommy tried to make peace with the fact that this was his new life.

He was just an Omega, after all.

Part 2


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