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Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 2 - Gamma

Part 2 - Gamma

  2015.02.08. 10:19

Part 2 – Gamma

“I wanna understand why, but I'm hurting myself
I haven't seen a lotta reasons to stop it…”

He’s been part of this pack for a couple of years now. Since Alastair killed their previous Alpha and took over the handful of wolves that survived his violence. Since then everything’s changed. He was nothing like their leader, who took Adam in after years of being a lone wolf, wandering aimlessly in the world. He had no family except his little brother who was hopefully still out there somewhere, hiding or already a part of another pack. The freckled man hasn’t heard of Neil in years. But he refused to give up hope that he had a better life than him.

Being the Gamma of Alastair’s pack was an ungrateful position to hold. When there was no Omega in the pack then Adam was on the bottom of the hierarchy and pretty much filled the role of Omegas. That meant that he was treated poorly by most of the pack – especially the Alpha. When he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he was insulted, beaten or even abused. Sometimes no reason was needed for that to happen. He thought Alastair was a twisted and insane man, a control-freak, who loved to torture people while showing the perfect and successful business man’s image to the outside world and the werewolf community. He thought he was above the laws in both worlds and with his wealth and influence, he usually got away with whatever he did.

He didn’t like other weres sniffing around his pack or questioning how he led his wolves. He always made clear to Adam and to the others not to spill any secrets or talk ill about their Alpha. Since it was a command, they couldn’t disobey and did as they were told. Being among them, Adam had learned that Alastair’s Beta, Elliot was a similarly cruel man who helped in the victory of the Alpha over Adam’s old leader and pack. Adam once considered Colin something like a friend, but life just taught him another lesson on how hard it is to find someone out, because once Alastair’s cruel acts started happening and they were forced to take part in them, Colin was clearly starting to enjoy himself, earning the Alpha’s approval of his first Delta. The same could be said about his third Delta, Darren. He stood just above Adam’s position and for some reason he didn’t like the Gamma and whenever he could, he made sure Adam knew his place.

The only exception was the second Delta, Mike. He was a quiet wolf from Adam’s old pack and although he obeyed the direct orders, he usually tried to avoid his involvements in things he didn’t want to do. Since Alastair took over, this Delta grew even quieter, only occasionally talking to Adam when no one was around.

And we came back to the freckled man, the target of such deeds more often than not. Because of that, one part of him felt relieved when a new Omega was bought or snatched away for the pack, because that meant less humiliation and kicks to him. But another part of him felt truly sorry for those unlucky souls. Alastair usually wasn’t picky on whom he fucked and abused. Adam had seen him rape both men and women, but the Alpha usually preferred petite boys under him. (Though that didn’t stop him from torturing bigger men – like Adam – either.)

That’s the reason why that morning when Adam – his body still sore and aching at places from the previous night’s beatings for not serving the Alpha’s food on the perfect temperature – dragged himself into the living room and sat down in a distant corner, he wasn’t surprised that Alastair chose the skinny blond boy to himself.

He wasn’t the first Omega since he was under the Alpha’s command, but this boy… Adam had to admit that he was the most beautiful and alluring so far. His scent was something else. It was sweet and luring, but although he could smell the Omega’s fear, his scent didn’t make him smell weak to Adam. It was a nice smell. Something that reminded Adam that there were still warm and nice things in this world. He caught himself wanting to wrap that smell around himself, but he quickly banished the thought. He didn’t need false hope. It would only make it harder for him to carry on with his life once this Omega was gone too. So deep down he hoped that the Alpha wouldn’t choose the blonde boy.

It seemed luck wasn’t on his side that day either.

He let out a soundless breath when the boy was led away and watched Elliot go through the papers and give the cash to the dealer. Adam took one last sniff from the air that was filled with the Omegas’ scents and was about to sneak back into the kitchen, when he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, which made him slightly jump and a cold shiver run down his spine.

“You are coming with me. I’m not finished with you,” he heard Alastair’s heated words by his ear. Adam’s sensitive senses picked up on the Alpha’s arousal. Probably caused by the presence of the Omegas and the successful purchase.

No, he wanted to say. He wanted to pull away from the squeezing hand by the back of his neck. Despite his quick healing ability, his body was still bruised and hurting from the Alpha’s beating. But he knew he had to suck up everything that was going to happen to him. He was too weak to protest. Alastair was so much stronger and Adam lacked the will to really try saying no. He knew the consequences. He remembered.

“Come on, Adam. Time for the rest of your punishment,” Alastair lightly pushed the back of his neck to make him move and he let the Alpha steer him towards the master bedroom which he hated from the bottom of his heart. So many painful memories he had of that room he couldn’t even keep track of them anymore.

“What do you wish me to do, Alpha?” Adam asked standing in the middle of the room where he was left, eyes dropped to the ground, shoulders slumped forward.

Alastair moved to the bed and was taking off his clothes before sitting on the edge of the furniture with his legs parted. “Get on your knees and crawl here. I need your useless mouth on me. That pretty Omega made me excited. Take care of that then we’ll see,” he said pointing at the floor between his legs, although Adam didn’t see it since he was still not looking.

“Yes, Alpha,” he whispered and did as he was told and soon was sucking on that hard cock, trying not to think about what he was doing just going with it, but the firm pulls on his hair and the pain that caused always dragged him back into the present. Pressing his eyes shut he kept back the tears that sprang to his eyes from the hair-pulling and the humiliation.

When Alastair soon came down his throat, it happened so suddenly that some of his spent dripped down his chin and Adam’s heart sank as his mind started to panic. He knew the rules so when the Alpha pulled his cock free, Adam did expect the hard blow on his cheek. He could feel the pain flare up where the Alpha’s fist made contact with his skin, one of his rings cutting it on his cheekbone. The smell of his own blood hit his nose and made his stomach churn.

“You fucking piece of shit! Wasting my cum like that?! Are you trying to make me punish you? Huh?” he stood grabbing a fistful of Adam’s black hair and he kicked him in the ribs once. It took Adam’s breath away and he whined pathetically, trying to quickly apologize, but Alastair wasn’t listening to him. “You want me to give you something to remember me by now that we have a new Omega who’d take your place? That’s what this is all about? I can give you that!” he chuckled dryly and dragged Adam towards the bed by his hair. “Get your fucking clothes off and get on the bed spread out for me!” he growled, a wave of his power hitting Adam hard, making him squirm and pant, his skin itching as if thousands of needles or ants were biting him.

“Please, please don’t do this. I didn’t mean to…” he whined but his hands were automatically taking off his own clothes since it was a direct order he couldn’t defy.

“Shut the fuck up and do as I said or I’ll make sure you won’t be able to attend tonight’s ceremony!”

And such a threat from their Alpha was something they had to take seriously. He’d do it without blinking. Memories of that night when he tried to run away and was dragged back to the feet of Alastair crept to the edge of his mind, but he refused to let those memories take over. His fear grew and he did as he was told. He didn’t want to end up like that again. So he let the Alpha crawl over him to start leaving his violent bite marks all over his freckled body to show off his power over him and to whom Adam belonged.


By the time of the ceremony Adam managed to pull himself together. Adam knew that the Alpha was riled up and excited about the new Omega, because he did a number on him again and he sighed heavily under the shower. The water was stinging his healing bite marks and scratches, his ass sore from the brutal trusts it received. A “parting gift”. For now, Alastair told him after he was finished with Adam. At least he knew he wouldn’t be in the center of his sick attention for a while. He was a bit relieved knowing that, but he wondered how this new Omega, Tommy would take the violent nature of Alastair. How long he’d be able to endure it before going insane or making a grave mistake that’d cost his life. It happened before. The memories of Elliot or Darren carrying away the bloody and broken bodies of pervious Omegas made Adam pant and fist his hands on the wet tiles as he let the water cascade down on the back of his neck where his healed claiming mark was.

Each pack had a different symbol and he knew after tonight Tommy’s would heal enough only to scar. These claiming marks stayed on their skin to show where they belonged. Adam hated this mark and everything Alastair did, but he was careful to mask those feelings at all times. He didn’t trust anyone anymore. He was scared if he let the others sniff out his true feelings, they would tell it to their Alpha to stay in his good graces. He remembered his previous claim mark that was changed to this current one when Alastair took over Adam’s old pack. He liked that symbol much better. Each time he touched this while washing his neck or hair, he was reminded of those better days and how wrong everything went since then. He wished he had his old life back, but his will was broken and all hope left him to change that. He was too weak, useless, a coward. He could only hope that this Omega would last long enough for him to put the shattered pieces of himself together once again and that he wouldn’t have to torture this poor boy like sometimes he had to with the Omegas before him. He hated that even more. He hated hurting these innocent creatures on order. They were just unlucky wolves born in the wrong rank and ending up in this damned pack. His empty stomach flipped and tightened remembering how Alastair treated them. Like scum, like they were his pets. Something on which he could take his anger or frustration out. Kicking them around or forcing them to pleasure him. Adam was different. His mindset couldn’t comprehend how someone could be this twisted, this cruel and he already felt sorry for this blond boy.

That feeling stayed with him and intensified – although he hid his feelings – when he limped to the back garden and took his place in the circle, to the right of Tommy. The Omega’s fear hit him in thick waves. Apparently this one couldn’t or didn’t want to mask his feelings and it clung to the back of Adam’s throat. He knew Alastair would like the taste and smell of his fear. He got off on feeling how much power he had on his weaker wolves – especially on Adam and now Tommy too. He sometimes treated Mike and the others firmly as well, but the whole pack tried to usually please their Alpha to avoid punishment. He knew they were terrorized and abused and he wished he could stop it, but he knew he didn’t have the will and strength to do so.

Right then his cheek was slightly swollen and throbbing and he could still smell the faint scent of his own blood since some of the vicious marks were not closed yet. But luckily the wind shifted and carried that scent away while he was watching the shaking Omega go down on his knees, eyes dropped to the ground while listening to their Alpha. Adam wished the boy didn’t have to go through this, didn’t have to pledge his loyalty to this sick fuck. He hated watching him hand his life over on a silver platter. He knew it was a grave mistake on Tommy’s part, but he also knew he couldn’t do anything against it either. He was bought, owned by Alastair now. Adam felt sick in the stomach again when he thought about that awful organization from which Tommy was purchased. He knew they were cruel to the Omegas and wondered just how much pain and humiliation this beautiful boy had to endure during his training to become an obedient Omega.

Beautiful? He had to stop thinking about him like that. It wasn’t safe. He didn’t want to get emotionally attached to the blonde Omega who’d replace him by Alastair’s feet and in his bed for a while. He couldn’t think of him as a person, because if he did, when the time came – and he knew it would come without a doubt – to get rid of his body, he’d lose another piece of himself. He’d break further and he wasn’t sure he would be able to take much more before he snapped and did something utterly stupid. Like trying to run away again. They made it pretty clear that they’d be able to track him down and do much worse to him than the last time. Maybe hunt down his brother too to teach Adam a lesson of obedience. He couldn’t let that happen. No. He clung to his sanity thinking or rather imagining Neil being happy somewhere out in the world. He couldn’t let Alastair take away that little crutch too. No. In order to protect his brother, he had to stay put, be a good Gamma to his Alpha. He had to survive and endure and try to hang on.

The other little piece of his safe heaven was music and singing. It’s been a while since he felt the strength in him to sing. Not since the last Omega’s death, when he got back on the bottom of the pack and the Alpha started using him again. Luckily Alastair didn’t order him to sing, because he wasn’t sure if he could’ve sung anything remotely happy and if he chose the wrong song or made one single false note, he’d have been punished again. Alastair didn’t really need a reason to torture him, he’d learned that a long time ago.

Tommy would learn that quickly too. Their Alpha wasn’t a patient man. At all.

He made it painfully clear in that moment too, right after scratching his mark into the pale skin of the kneeling Omega and started shredding his white pants. The scent of Alastair’s arousal hit Adam’s sensitive nose and his stomach churned and he wanted to puke again, although he knew there was nothing to throw up. He barely had anything to eat during the day – a result of his mistake with the Alpha’s food from the day before. And he was too tense and in too much pain to think about eating while the violent scene was unfolding in front of his eyes.

He tried not to look, but he could still hear the sounds. The soft painful whines of the Omega while his face was pushed down into the grass and Alastair rutted into his exposed hole, barely preparing the boy for the violent intrusion. Flashes of that afternoon came back to Adam when he was treated similarly and his hands fisted by his sides. But he stayed put and just pressed his freckled lips into a thin line and stared at his own naked toes, praying for this to be over soon and masking his scent and emotions as best as he could.

Luckily the Alpha didn’t last too long – a clear sign of how much he really wanted to fuck his new toy – and when Adam smelled the hated scent of Alastair’s cum, he took a deep soundless breath. He risked a glimpse into the middle of the circle. The Omega was still shaking like a leaf, cowering on the ground. His pale back was decorated with harsh and bloody bite marks, cum was dripping from his ass once the Alpha pulled out when his knot shrunk enough. Adam saw a shiver run down the boy’s back. He let out a painful little whine, making Alastair chuckle and leave a deep scratch on the pale ass while watching his spent drip from the abused hole. He looked pleased and Adam felt relieved for Tommy. Maybe he wouldn’t torture the boy much more this evening.

“Such a good cumhole we found here,” the Alpha chuckled and licked his dry lips. His voice was rough from the panting and growling while fucking the unfortunate Omega. He stood with a hand in the messy blond hair to pull Tommy into a kneeling position, exposing his naked body and the long stretch of his pale neck. Adam swallowed hard while his eyes fixed on the violently throbbing pulse point that was decorated by a harsh bite mark, then watched as Alastair stepped in front of the abused boy. “Lick your Alpha clean, Omega.”

And Tommy quickly did it, not fighting the painful grip in his hair or caring about the watery but sticky wolf cum steadily dripping down on the insides of his thighs. He looked exactly what he was: fucked, used and abused, but he didn’t protest, he didn’t try to pull away just did what he was told. Like a good Omega should. And Adam looked away ashamed for two reasons. First because Tommy was clearly better than him in this and maybe – just maybe – he wouldn’t receive as much beating or abuse like Adam did when he was the weakest in the pack. And the other reason was that he kinda liked how pliant he was, even if he had no emotion on his face or in his brown eyes. Adam felt disgusted by himself for even thinking something like that. He tried to blame it on the Omega’s unique scent that filled the circle and got to each members of the pack. He knew Elliot, Colin and Darren were aroused by the scene and from the tense line of Mike’s mouth Adam knew he was fighting off whatever effect Tommy’s scent had on him.

Was Adam a bad wolf too? Did Alastair finally manage to change him into something like him or Elliot? Was he becoming like their Alpha? Adam wanted to cry out in protest and shake his head in denial. But what if he was wrong? What if the years of torture and abuse were finally getting to him? Forming him into a bloodthirsty monster, a rapist and sadist? A predator? What if he was finally losing himself and the battle to stay the nice guy he once considered himself?

Before he could go into full panic mode, he was saved by Alastair who already adjusted his clothes and announced that they will go inside to the feast. This time Adam prepared just part of the dishes since in the afternoon he was dragged back to Alastair’s black and blue bedroom. That’s why Mike did most of the cooking. He was a pretty good cook, although not as good as Adam. Still, once they entered the mansion and he, Darren and Mike were sent to warm up and bring out the food to the already set table, the dishes smelled mouthwatering.

But Adam had no appetite as he put the steaming hot soup in front of his Alpha and stole a glance at the still naked Tommy, who was kneeling by Alastair’s leg on the cold marble. Adam saw that he was still shaking and pressing his otherwise full lips into a thin line, staring at the floor in front of him. He looked exactly what he was – Alastair’s new pet. The bite and scratch marks on the pale back looked even uglier from this close and Adam retreated as fast as he dared, not wanting to look at Tommy anymore.

Once everything was served and the Alpha seemed pleased, Adam let out a little relieved sigh, fixing his gaze on his empty plate. He knew they all had to wait for a while before being allowed to eat. By the time it was his turn to start on the soup, Alastair was noisily eating some steak done raw. The freckled man forced some soup down on his throat to finally have something in his churning stomach. Eating felt wrong when he could smell the scent and blood of the new Omega. Tommy was left to eat last once everyone was finished and Adam wondered if he would get the remains of Alastair’s food. If he was lucky, he wouldn’t have to eat from the floor like a real dog. If he could eat at all.

It wasn’t rare that the Alpha decided not to give food to his weakest pack members. He wanted to keep them weak and obedient or he just simply forgot. They could never know and no one dared to say anything. Besides, the Alpha liked his Omegas fragile and skinny. Something Tommy already was. He looked so pale and petite, Adam wondered how come he didn’t snap in two outside while Alastair had his way with him. But everyone knew that the body of an Omega was stronger than it looked. That was one of the things that didn’t change through time. After all, once they had to be able to carry babies too.

For a moment Adam wondered how Tommy would look with a round belly, but then he realized that it would mean that he’d carry Alastair’s cub. Adam cringed from the thought of their Alpha siring a baby wolf. What if it turned out like its father? The Gamma put his spoon down from the thought, losing the little appetite he had. It’d be a disaster to unleash another monster like Alastair on the world. Trying to think about something else and not paying much attention to Tommy’s still alluring sweet scent he drank some water and glimpsed at their Alpha to see if he had everything he might need. He got up and a bit limping brought a new bottle of Alastair’s favorite red wine when he saw that the other bottle was nearly empty.

“Alpha…” he heard Elliot’s voice once Alastair finished boasting about something Adam didn’t pay attention to. “Will you keep your claim on the new Omega or will he be shared with the pack?” he asked with a disgusting grin and Adam nearly dropped the bottle, but managed to put it down next to the Alpha and with shaky hands take the empty one.

Alastair chuckled darkly and looked at his Beta. “You like him, don’t you?”

“His scent and fear is delicious,” Elliot nodded and shrugged a bit, his massive muscles moving under his tight black T-shirt.

“Yeah, he is,” he glimpsed down at Tommy, his gaze lingering on the healing but still harsh claim mark then he fingered one of the bloody bite marks he left on Tommy’s upper-back. The contact and pain made the Omega’s breath hitch and Adam could see him shudder. He turned his head away and walked back to the end of the table where his place was. He didn’t want to see or hear any of this. He wanted to go back into his room and curl up under the cover, licking his own wounds. He didn’t want to care about the new Omega. It was dangerous and pointless. He’d be gone soon, he reminded himself and drank some more water.

“For now he’ll be just mine. I want to enjoy his body to the fullest. But later, perhaps, if he makes the mistake of displeasing me, I might consider passing him around to teach him a lesson,” he chuckled pushing his finger harder into the wound, making Tommy whine quietly, but he didn’t try to pull away.

“I see, Alpha,” Elliot nodded and dropped his gaze to his right where Tommy was kneeling. From the corner of his eye, Adam saw the Beta adjusting his bulge. He wants to fuck him so bad. Disgusting, he thought and fought another wave of nausea. He had to focus on himself. Getting better. Healing. Eating. He had to eat to be able to heal. But eating seemed like another torture to endure. Still, he had to use his chance to do so, so for the rest of the dinner he tried to force some more food down his throat. It took all of his remaining strength to ignore whatever Alastair was saying, or the moment when the Alpha’s nearly empty plate was tossed on the floor in front of Tommy, who was ordered to eat the scrap of food left for him. He definitely tried not to hear the soft “Thank you, Sir” in response.

When the dinner was finally over and their drunken Alpha dragged Tommy towards the dreaded bedroom, Adam busied himself with taking off the table and doing the dishes with Mike while the rest of the pack retreated into their rooms.

“Poor kid,” he heard Mike whispering under his breath while he was drying and putting away the clean plates.

Adam looked at him from the corner of his eyes but didn’t say anything just kept washing a glass. But he agreed.

“Go, Adam. You need to heal and rest. I’ve got this,” the Delta added when he realized Adam wasn’t going to say anything.

“I’m fine,” he shook his head. He was exhausted to the bone and aching, his leg hurting from standing and moving around this much, but the limping would be gone by the morning.

“Suit yourself,” Mike said then they stayed silent until they were done and Adam set up everything for the breakfast he’d make for the pack in the morning.

Once he was done and changed into his worn-out sleeping pants and T-shirt, he sighed relieved as he curled on himself. Finally he was in a horizontal position without any threat looming over him. His wolf was whining softly in him and he mentally reached out to pet and comfort him. He hated to feel him like this. He hated a lot of things lately. Once he drifted off, he dreamt of punches, kicks and shouts and then of blond hair, big brown eyes and white skin.

Part 3


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