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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 3 - Connection

Part 3 - Connection

  2015.02.09. 12:03

Part 3 – Connection

“I don't mind being ogled, ridiculed
Made to feel miniscule
If you consider the source, it's kinda pitiful…”

Breath in, breath out…

Breathe in, breath out…

Just breathe, he reminded himself. He had to breathe through the pain. Maybe that way he could ignore it and forget it ever happened. But each shaky breath and move he made reminded him of last night. His muscles were burning, his ass sore like hell, the bite and scratch marks itching and he could feel the bruises littering his pale skin where Alastair grabbed him hard to hold him down and make him take his hard cock two more times after dinner.

Tommy felt how much he turned on the Alpha and he hated himself, his scent, his presence, his whole being for having such an effect on this sick man. Because the things he did to Tommy wasn’t normal. It was far from that. He could see in those scary red Alpha eyes how much he enjoyed causing pain to him. He was clearly a sadist. His new Alpha and owner would give him plenty of pain, he knew that by now. And he’ll take it. He’ll try. He’ll at least try and hold on as long as he can. He knew the point would come when he would finally fully retreat into his shell, burned out, soulless. He just prayed that moment would come relatively quickly, because he didn’t want to suffer through this each and every day.

He doubted the Alpha would go easier on him. No, the thickness of his arousal when Tommy whined and cried out in pain was a clear sign how much he got off on that. He was still shivering from the memory and maybe from the cold too while lying in the furthest corner from the door. There was only a thin comforter under him, but it gave no comfort to Tommy. He was afraid to wrap it around him as he didn’t want it to stick into his wounds. The only thing that managed to distract his tired mind was some faint and nice scent on the fabric so he buried his nose in it and inhaled that instead of the air thick with the scent of blood and cum.

He felt dirty and used, but he had no strength in him to move a single muscle and drag himself back to his room to clean up in the adjusting bathroom and present himself to the Alpha later in his study. He gave him clear instructions after getting a shower and dressing up. Tommy was to stay naked and ready for the Alpha whenever he was present and kneel by his feet if not instructed otherwise.

Swallowing hard he tried to collect the remains of his strength to stop sniffing the comforter and make himself move. He had two hours to present himself. His eyes were probably bloodshot from the held back screams and not sleeping a minute. They rounded and darted towards the door, dread quickly rising in him when he heard and saw someone entering the shady room. The thick curtains were still drawn together, stopping the light coming into the bedroom where mostly the colors black and blue dominated.

He tried to stay silent and curled up into an even smaller ball, not caring that his whole body protested against that while the stranger came closer with a tray in his hands.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I just brought you some breakfast and the Alpha told me to clean you up before I take care of his room. I’m Adam, by the way,” the tall guy said and stopped not far from Tommy, putting the tray down on the edge of the bed, clearly avoiding looking at Tommy or the bloody sheets.

Tommy stayed silent for a long time then he sniffed into the air and licked his dry lips. “It’s your scent.”

“Sorry?” Adam asked while going to open the curtains, but he paused and turned towards the Omega, but didn’t quite look at him.

“On the blanket. You… you were in my place until yesterday.”

Adam rubbed the black material of the curtain between his fingers and stared down at his hand, the silence stretching between them for a few more moments. “Yes. You’re right. I’m the Gamma of the pack.”

“Then I understand the smell of blood in the garden.”

Adam didn’t answer just shrugged and finally pulled the curtains apart, flooding the other side of the room with light. Tommy kept stealing glances of the tall and broad man, noticing the nearly fully healed cut on his freckled and handsome face. Handsome? His eyes rounded for a second before dropping his gaze. What was wrong with him? He was one of these strangers, these dark shadows looming over him. But… if this Adam used to fill Tommy’s position then he was hurt too and maybe… Stop it! It might be the exact reason why he might want to hurt you. Revenge. Making himself feel better knowing that he had control over at least the lowest wolf in the pack, he warned himself not to let his guard down. His head started pounding from the conflicting thoughts and the exhaustion.

“I’m Tommy,” he said instead and cautiously watched Adam move around, opening all the curtains and a window too to let the stink of the room out.

“I know,” he said softly and for a second the Omega thought he saw the shadow of a smile. “Can you move on the bed or to the table?” he stopped by the corner of the bed where he left the tray of food.

“I… I don’t know,” Tommy mumbled ashamed and still a bit scared from the other wolf. He didn’t really mind being naked since as a born wolf he was used to it, but he didn’t want this guy to look at or touch his wounds.

“Okay… okay,” Adam said quietly, like someone who knew the feeling. As a Gamma he probably did.

Tommy watched him pick up the tray and carefully get closer to the curled up Omega, who tried to pull into the corner as far as he could. He knew he looked like a scared animal, but he didn’t care. He was an unknown wolf who could take advantage of his weakness. Compared to other Gammas this Adam looked pretty broad and big and Tommy didn’t doubt he’d be able to hold him down without any effort, if he wanted. But while watching him, he found nothing threatening or malicious in his moves. No, they were careful and slow as if he didn’t want to scare him.

He was about to tell him to leave, when Adam put the tray on the floor and sat down cross-legged as close as he dared, but then their eyes finally met and the words died on Tommy’s tongue. The Gamma had the most intense and sad blue eyes he’d ever seen and he found himself unable to look away.

“Please… let me feed you then. Let me help,” he asked softly after a long pause and it was Adam who broke the eye-contact to pick up a fork and put some scrambled eggs on it, offering it to him.

“Are you serious?” Tommy raised a brow and their eyes met again.

“Why not?”

“I don’t need your pity.”

“I’m not pitying you. I’m just simply trying to help. Because I nearly never had anyone to help me when I was like this,” he nodded towards Tommy’s body.

The Omega was still eyeing him suspiciously as he sniffed carefully, but didn’t smell any ill will on Adam. Either he was good at masking his scent or he was honest. After a minute of hesitation he finally reached out and took the fork. “I’m not a baby. I can eat myself,” he murmured, letting his messy fringe fall into his face. It was one of his shields. He often hid behind his hair. That was one of the reasons he had this hair cut and to be honest, he was glad that he was allowed to keep it.

He heard a soft chuckle from Adam and he had to look up to watch the freckled face but once their eyes met, Tommy dropped his gaze back down on the food. It seemed his body needed the food for healing more than he thought. And maybe Adam was a good enough distraction not to think about last night or what awaited him later that day.

“You’re something else, Tommy Joe,” Adam said on a fond voice and Tommy froze for a long moment. His mother used to call him like that. Those years felt as if they had happened in another life. Shaking his head he just kept eating until half of the food was gone and he thought that he’d get sick if he had to eat another bite.

“Aren’t you gonna finish it?” he heard Adam ask.

“No. I’m full. This was probably the biggest feast I’d had in a while. I don’t eat much,” he said trying to avoid Adam’s searching gaze. He knew the Gamma could read between the lines. What he really meant with his last sentence was that as an Omega he usually didn’t get much to eat. He had no idea about it but that was the moment when Adam made a dangerous decision, planning on feeding Tommy whenever he had the chance. “Thank you, though.”

“You’re welcome,” Adam took the tray away and put it back on the bed behind him then he was just staring at Tommy for a long moment. “Are you ready for me to help you clean up?”

“Uh… Why are you asking me? You are above me. You could just tell me to move,” he looked up at Adam from behind his fringe.

“I’m not like them,” he said seriously, holding Tommy’s gaze to let him see and smell that he meant it. “I won’t order you around. But I want to help and avoid you getting hurt if it can be avoided.”

“Why? Why are you so kind to me?”

“I’ve already told you. I was in your place several times and I always wished someone would’ve helped me. But… if you don’t want my help, you can tell me. I don’t want to force myself on you,” he said more uncertain at the end and he looked away.

Tommy stared at him for a long moment, feeling his wolf look up with interest. That itself shocked the blonde Omega, because he couldn’t remember the last time his wolf took interest in someone. He swallowed hard then lightly nodded. “Okay.”

There was definitely a smile on Adam’s face now but it quickly disappeared once he started concentrating on helping Tommy up. The Omega hated to admit, but it was nice to lean on someone after years spent alone and among strangers who looked at him as if he was an annoying bubblegum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

He let Adam lead him into Alastair’s bathroom. He only blushed when he was helped into a steaming hot bath that first stung like a motherfucker but then let his sore muscles relax wonderfully. He was sitting there motionless, hands fisted on his thighs under the water and he didn’t look at Adam while the Gamma washed his back and tattooed arms clean. When he touched the healing claiming mark on the back of his neck, Tommy’s breath hitched and he pulled away.

“Sorry. Didn’t want to cause you pain,” Adam mumbled.

“It’s okay,” Tommy whispered. But it wasn’t the pain why he pulled away. It was the gentleness in that touch that stirred something deep inside Tommy. Something he didn’t know what it was and it scared him. He had a lot on his plate already and he didn’t want something else added to the pile. So when Adam tried to wash his chest with the sponge too, he took it from him and did it himself. The water quickly turned pink and filthy from the blood and cum they washed off the Omega’s body.

“You feeling better?” Adam asked kneeling beside the bathtub, watching him.

Tommy could feel his gaze on him and it made him squirm a bit as he nodded.

“I’m glad.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game with helping me like this. I’m sure the Alpha didn’t order you to be this attentive and kind to me,” he said letting the sponge sink onto the bottom of the tub.

For a long moment only the sounds of dripping water, dissolving bubbles and their breathing could be heard in the spacious bathroom then Adam stood up and went to get a big soft towel. He held it out for Tommy and shrugged when their eyes met for a brief second. “No, he didn’t order me. I wanted to be like this.”

It was still hard for Tommy to grasp the concept that someone wanted to help him without wanting something in return from him. He’d learned that lesson a long time ago. Still, he stepped out of the bathtub and let Adam gently dry his body before making him sit on a stool with the towel around his slim body. Tommy watched him move around with a fluid grace despite the healing wounds he knew Adam had under his clothes.

Once he took care of the bathwater, he watched him take out a first aid kit to disinfect his wounds even if they didn’t need any bandage because they were healing too fast for that. The Omega lightly shivered when he saw from the mirror as Adam put a warm hand on his shoulder to gently free his body from the towel.

“You smell so good…” he heard him mutter and Tommy tensed immediately, his face closing off. He knew his scent always affected wolves. “Hey, sorry… I didn’t…”

“You want to fuck me too.” It was a statement uttered on a flat voice.

“No… uh… I mean… I didn’t mean it that way. It’s just something I’ve noticed. I won’t do anything about it. I’ll touch you only to tend your wounds, I promise.”

“Why would you promise that? I can smell the lie on you. You want to fuck me. Everyone always wants to fuck me because of my scent, because of what I am…” he said looking aside, a deep sadness curling the edges of his mouth downwards, his features hardening.

“I’m sorry. It’s true, because… because you are special. You smell delicious and sweet… like home, but I swear I won’t take advantage of you. Please, believe me…” Adam babbled, trying to reassure him and Tommy was surprised as he looked back at Adam, seeing the truth on his freckled face.

“No one ever called me special or that I smell like home to them.”

“Well, to me you do.”

Tommy didn’t lie, it was the truth. His scent usually pissed off stronger wolves or made them want to bone and chew him a bit. Adam’s words took him off guard and all of a sudden he felt at a loss, not knowing what to think or how to act around the Gamma. So he just nodded when he gestured towards his wounds. He stayed silent while Adam was working on him, only flinching time after time from the stinging pain. He was trying to figure out what this meant.


Three hours later he was kneeling again. But this time between Alastair’s open legs. He just had enough room to fit his naked body between his office desk and chair. A hand was tightly fisted in his blonde hair, making sure he didn’t stop sucking the hard cock between his stretched lips. He tried not to think much about it. It was nothing new. He sucked cock before and in a weird twisted way he liked it too, even if it was humiliating and without his consent. In an even weirder way sometimes he considered it at least some human or rather wolf contact.

But he definitely wasn’t enjoying sucking his new Alpha’s cock. He was too firm, tasted and smelled just wrong. But he did it anyway since he had no choice. He relaxed his throat and bobbed his head dutifully while Alastair was talking business on the phone. Tommy let him set the pace and depth and he prayed not to choke on the hard meat. Luckily Alastair didn’t have a particularly big dick, but it was long enough to make things difficult if Tommy didn’t pay attention. By then he had a nice steady rhythm going and he focused on keeping that up.

“I’ll have to call you back later. Something came up,” he heard the Alpha say into his cell and soon the call ended. “Fuck, such a nice cocksucker mouth you’ve got there. Keep going and when I come, I don’t want to see a single drop going to waste. Understood?” he jerked Tommy off his wet dick with a harsh tug in his hair.

The Omega suppressed a painful whine and briefly met the Alpha’s dark eyes that started to turn into red from the arousal. “I understood, Sir.”

“Good. Now get back to your work,” he grunted and pushed Tommy’s head back down on his length until he couldn’t breathe and his nose pressed against naked skin.

He just found his previous rhythm when there was a knock on the door and whoever entered with Alastair’s permission, hurried to get over with his task. The second he stopped in his track, the scent of the visitor reached Tommy’s nose. Adam. The Omega’s eyes shut tighter and his hands on the floor fisted not to fuck up the rhythm that seemed to please the Alpha so far.

“Adam. It was high time you brought my lunch,” Alastair grunted and waved to his Gamma to put his tray down on the only clean corner of the desk. “I hope the temperature is right this time or you might find yourself sharing this little slut’s task,” he chuckled a little breathlessly. “Fuck, he is good… Just look at him how eager he is…”

Tommy could feel both men’s gaze on him and he wanted to dig a hole to himself and disappear in it, but he kept going, trying to ignore the hitch in Adam’s breath.

“It is the perfect temperature, Alpha. But… if I may add, I can come back to reheat it if… if this takes a bit longer,” he said carefully picking his words.

“No… it won’t take much longer. Stay and watch. He loves an audience, I can tell.”

Tommy felt his cheeks darken in shame and he worked harder, but Alastair misinterpreted it and took it as eagerness. In truth Tommy wanted this to end as soon as possible. He hated the idea that Adam saw him like this. He didn’t know why he felt like that, though. It was stupid. He was just another wolf who’d use him at some point. That morning and Adam’s kindness didn’t mean anything. Anything at all.

Trying to close out Alastair’s comments and the scent of Adam’s faint arousal, which just confirmed his previous reasoning to Tommy, the Omega sucked harder and faster, putting his tongue to work too. Since he didn’t know the Alpha and his reactions too well yet, his orgasm took him by surprise, but he managed to swallow most of his cum without gagging from the bitter taste. He thought he was finally over and did well when a last spurt came out of nowhere and a few drops ran down his chin. He tried to quickly lick them away, but Alastair noticed still breathing heavier from his orgasm.

“Uh-oh, what do we have there? That looks to me like you are wasting my precious cum… But don’t worry, I’ll think out a good punishment for you,” he lightly pulled on the blonde hair once more then pushed Tommy’s head away. “Now get back to your place and I don’t want to hear a sound,” he barked at him and Tommy hurried to crawl back next to the Alpha’s chair, avoiding looking at Adam with all his might. He hated that his failure had a witness and he hated the faint scent of the Gamma’s arousal.

“Alpha… please, tell me if the food needs reheating,” the freckled man whispered, trying to be polite, his features and scent back under his control.

“It’ll be fine like this. You can go. And I don’t want your scent lingering on my Omega again, unless I allow you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir,” he bowed and backed out of the room as fast as he could.

Tommy now knew that sucking off the Alpha was his punishment for letting Adam touch him without permission. This pack was so fucked up, his head started to throb. He couldn’t understand these people, no matter how hard he was trying.

Part 4


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