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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 4 - Torture

Part 4 - Torture

  2015.02.10. 09:37

Part 4 – Torture

“This is not the way I pictured me
I can't control my shakes
How the hell did I get here?
Something about this, so very wrong...”


“Shut up and take it, you cunt.”

“No, please…” They were burning him. Not enough to make his skin smoke, but enough to redden the white flesh of his earlobes.

“Hold still!” Alastair barked at him.

“Please, Alpha… It hurts…”

“Good. Probably that will make you finally learn not to make any more mistakes,” he said on an emotionless voice and his hands that were covered in soft leather gloves not to burn himself, reached towards his massive office desk where there was another silvery piece of metal laid out on a black cloth.

During the weeks he’d already spent with his new pack, he made some minor mistakes because he didn’t know all the rules yet, but the Alpha didn’t seem to care about that and just punished him each time with putting another silvery earring in his ears. By then he had four rings in different size in each lobes; two small rings under each other higher in his cartilage in his right ear, and one ring at the same place in his left ear.

He was so clumsy. Pathetic. How could he already make so many mistakes? And even if it wasn’t his fault, naturally he got punished for it. Like today when he had nothing to do with how Elliot’s scent got all over him. It seemed as if the Beta deliberately wanted Alastair to punish him so he trapped Tommy against a corridor wall and pushed his whole body against him, strong hands groping him all over his lightly covered body. It didn’t matter that Tommy asked him to stop or tried to pull away when he felt the Beta’s arousal press against the crack of his ass. He just froze when his teeth tugged on the earrings in his lobe – careful not to burn himself – and whispered “Soon” into Tommy’s ear. He wanted to puke right there or run and wash his skin clean of Elliot’s scent, but he was already running late from seeing Alastair and of course he was about to receive his punishment for all this.

“Turn your fucking head to the right!” he barked at him again and while kneeling in front of the Alpha, fully naked now, he closed his eyes and did so, bracing himself for the pain with fisting his hands on his thighs.

This earring was different. It wasn’t a ring at all but a thin rod that would stretch askew across his ear from one cartilage to the other. These jewels hurt the most, making his ears burn stronger, but he still didn’t move while the Alpha made the two holes with a piercing gun – from which Tommy figured he liked to use this punishment on his predecessors too – and put the rod in place, fixing it with two small balls screwed on each end of it.

“There. It looks good on you, slut,” he grabbed Tommy’s chin, not caring about the few stray tears that slipped his closed eyes without his consent because of the pain, and observed his work. “How does it feel?”

“It hurts, Alpha.”

“Good. It’ll keep reminding you not to make any more mistakes. You’ve been here long enough to know how to please me and avoid such punishment. But maybe you just seek the opportunity to get punished. You like being hurt?”

“No, Sir,” Tommy mumbled.

“Liar,” he chuckled and Tommy cringed from the sudden sharp noise. “Next time you do something stupid, I’ll make sure you feel the weight of it. Now get on the bed and prepare your hole for me. I have to fuck Elliot’s scent off you, but I have to write an e-mail first. Get going!” he pushed Tommy away by his chin, making him nearly lose his balance and the Omega quickly did as he was told, grateful that at least Alastair wouldn’t do him dry. That always hurt like a motherfucker for days.


Tommy felt the heat rising on the back of his neck, spreading towards his cheeks and lightly burning ears, painting his smooth white skin first to pink then red. He was pissed. He did nothing wrong this time yet he was going to be punished again. He still couldn’t figure this twisted fuck of an Alpha out. He knew better than to dwell on it or try to see logic or reason in Alastair’s actions. He should be wiser than trying to do so. Yet he felt himself shaking with anger – an uncharacteristic reaction from Omegas. If he just understood, if he could just see a reason why he had to endure this humiliation… But there was no apparent reason. Maybe he was just too dumb, too stupid to see. Maybe there wasn’t anything there and only the bottles of wine and whiskey consumed were to be blamed why he was now kneeling in the middle of the dining room, the long table with the remains of food on his left.

The pack just had a feast – Tommy barely getting anything and if it weren’t for Adam, who kept slipping him some food whenever he had the chance, Tommy would look sickly thin by then. Alastair was celebrating a successful deal in whatever business he did. Tommy didn’t know and didn’t care either. Some members of the pack helped him achieve his goal so the booze was flowing freely after the feast. Tommy noticed that only Mike and Adam didn’t drink anything that contained alcohol. But the rest… the rest of the pack was drunk or at least tipsy and when he felt Alastair’s burning gaze land on him, his next announcement made Tommy’s blood freeze in his veins and that hate and anger intensified.

How the hell did he get here? How the hell was this his life now? What did he do to deserve this?

“I think it’s time… I think he’s ready to love you all!” he chuckled and stood, dragging Tommy with him on all fours into the middle of the room by his hair. “You all did well and made me proud. For that, I’m willing to share the Omega with the pack tonight. Each of you will have your turn with him to get off,” he said and from the way he uttered the dreadful words, Tommy understood that it wasn’t an option to fuck him. They all had to do it without the possibility to refuse.

Fuck his life. He didn’t know how he’d survive this.

You’re scum. Nothing. A hole to feed and to be used. Remember, remember that. You know that! You are Omega. You have no right, you have no will. You live to serve others!

The voice in the back of his mind was right. With a resigned sigh he looked up at their Alpha when he stepped in front of Tommy and the Omega’s slightly shaking hands started to work on opening Alastair’s pants, feeling the others draw nearer. Elliot and Colin making a few satisfied sounds like they’ve been waiting for this for a while now.

Soon his face was pressed against the wall while Alastair was pounding his ass hard and fast. Tommy ignored the slight burning sensation on his cheek. He closed his eyes and didn’t resist just took it like he was supposed to. Then it was Elliot’s turn and he proved to be just as violent as their Alpha. Tommy found himself bent over a part of the table which the Beta hastily cleared with one swipe of his muscular arm. He was clearly horny and intoxicated by the alcohol and Tommy’s scent, because he didn’t hesitate much. He was already pushing himself into Tommy’s loose and cum-filled hole. For once the Omega was grateful for that, because this way Elliot’s thrusts didn’t burn as much.

He closed his eyes once again to try distancing himself from what was happening to his body. It worked pretty well. He tried to focus on keeping his breathing even and comforting his shaking and cowering wolf. He felt sorry for him that he was stuck with Tommy like this, because whatever Tommy felt, the wolf in him felt it too and vice versa. He couldn’t remember the last time he could run under the moon as a wolf. The last time he was free and his wolf happy too. While he was staying with the Omega dealers, during the full moon they stayed locked up so they wouldn’t wander off or attract the attention of dominant wolves. Being claimed during a full moon was a serious danger to Omegas without a pack or mate. While Elliot finished, Tommy briefly wondered if in a few days he was to be locked up again despite that he had a pack now, which theoretically would protect him in case of an intruder. He didn’t know though if being locked up or running with the pack would be better. Maybe if they kept him back in the mansion, he’d have some time for himself to rest and heal. He guessed he’d see in a few days when the full moon would rise for the first time since he was with these wolves.

Colin wanted Tommy to ride him, facing away while the Delta was sitting on a chair by the table. So he got into position and ignored the rough scratches and squeezes, and the obscene squelching sounds caused by the leaking cum. He leaned on his tattooed forearms and bent his head, staying nearly completely silent while moving his ass up and down on the third cock he was having in him that day.

What a slut.

The first Delta didn’t last long either and soon pushed Tommy off him. The Omega landed on his knees and stayed there, waiting for the next man. It was Mike as he expected. Like with food, he was shared around in the pack order. The brunette man seemed a bit reluctant and since those who were already finished with him moved to the living room area, he had a chance to lift Tommy’s chin and meet the empty eyes until Tommy looked away.

The blonde saw sorry and discomfort in Mike’s eyes and when his naked cock was offered for him to suck on, it was just half-hard. It was easy to guess from that that they both wished they could be somewhere else. But the Alpha’s word was law. So Tommy sucked and let Mike fuck his mouth and slightly pant above him. He kinda felt grateful that it didn’t take long for him to come down his throat and once he was finished, he mumbled a barely audible ‘sorry’ before quickly retreating into his room. He seemed like a nice guy and Tommy felt sorry for him for being forced into this. It was funny how he didn’t feel sorry for himself now. He felt just… detached from his body and what was going on.

Maybe that’s why it took him a little while to realize that Darren was already pushing his chest down against the floor just to roughly fuck up into his wet hole. He whined softly from the sudden intrusion in his already sore ass, but otherwise he stayed motionless and let the last Delta have his way with his body. The Omega didn’t fail to notice that none of the wolves dared to bite him. That was the Alpha’s privilege. But his aching and slightly bloody body was littered with scratches and bruises all over. His knees were protesting against the hardwood floor. He’s been kneeling a lot on such surfaces that day, but he stopped to care.

“You filthy slut, I know that deep down you’re enjoying this,” he suddenly heard the dirty blonde man’s hiss in his ear while he was pounding his ass. “I hate your kind. So annoyingly submissive and weak with this damned scent…” he grunted and sniffed into Tommy’s neck and hair, moaning louder and fucking him harder.

Tommy cringed and his body tensed for a second but then he forced himself to relax and press his palms against the floor so Darren wouldn’t push him forward with his thrusts. Maybe this wolf was affected by his scent the most, because Tommy could feel his emotions much stronger. He was horny, frustrated, greedy and he definitely detected some hate too. He didn’t reply though just tried to concentrate on his own breathing and close out the filth spilling from the Delta’s mouth.

And when Darren finally filled him too, making some fresh cum run down on his shaking inner-thighs, he let out a relieved sigh. They were nearly done with him. Only Adam was left.

But he didn’t feel any strength left in him. They all drained him, took a piece of Tommy with them so he stayed on the floor where Darren had left him before he joined the others in the other room. It seemed everyone lost interest in him the second they got their release. He was grateful for that. He didn’t know if he’d have been able to bear more comments or torture for that day.

He started to curl on himself when a big warm hand on the small of his back stopped him and when he felt a damp washcloth between his legs, his body froze and his eyes popped open to look back over his shoulder. It was Adam gently cleaning him up a bit.

“What are you doing?” he whispered weakly.

“Shh…” he shook his head and gently wiped his hole too.

Tommy let his head fall back on his forearm and sighed. Adam was playing a dangerous game, they both knew, but he didn’t seem to be concerned about that. Tommy had no idea from where did he have the washcloth, but it felt nice. He was grateful to the Gamma, who tried to make him feel less dirty and more comfortable. But this kindness didn’t mean he wouldn’t have to fuck him, so with his last strength he braced himself.

But once again he was surprised when Adam just rolled him on his back and reached under him to lift him up in his arms. He was stronger than Tommy thought and this time he didn’t want to pull away from the warmth of a body. Maybe he was just too shocked while Adam carried him to the fancy black and white sofa on the other side of the dining room, further from the rest of the pack. They were drinking and laughing while watching some sport on the flat screen of the living room which was adjoined with the dining room.

Adam carefully put him down on his back and leaned close to his ear so only the two of them would hear his words. “I’m sorry, Tommy Joe, but you know I’ll have to do it. We have no choice and I don’t want Him to punish you further. Please, forgive me,” he whispered barely audible even to Tommy’s wolf-hearing.

“You don’t have to apologize to me,” Tommy mumbled under his breath and avoided the searching blue eyes as he opened his legs in an invitation to begin and get over with it, although Tommy had to admit that he didn’t find Adam repulsive, not after what he’d risked for him.

“But I do. I’d never force myself on you. I’ve told you already,” he replied and pushed his pants down before moving between Tommy’s thighs.

The Omega couldn’t help himself, he had to take a glimpse and the sight of Adam’s half-hard cock made him inhale sharply. He risked a look into the blue eyes that looked greyer from the poorly hidden desire. “But you want me…”

“Yes,” Adam blushed a bit but held the eye-contact.

Tommy didn’t say anything for a long moment just reached out to touch him. He could see and feel the shudder that went through Adam’s broad body from the contact. Tommy pulled on Adam’s length a few times, feeling the Gamma grow hard quickly and he looked down surprised at Tommy. The Omega never felt this powerful before. He could see the power he already held over this wolf and for the first time in his life, he liked it. He liked his scent’s effect on him. He could see that in Adam’s dilated pupils, the way his nose kept sniffing the air, the shaking of his muscles… He knew the signs, but instead of violence and aggression, it resulted only in longing and lust and yet, Adam chose to refuse those urges. He could be already pounding him like the others did, but instead he was waiting for Tommy… to an Omega. He was something different.

“You’re not forcing yourself on me,” Tommy finally said once Adam was fully hard and leaking in his hand and quickly glimpsing to the side to make sure no one was watching, he put his free arm around Adam’s neck to pull him down for a chaste and shy first kiss.

And it felt surprisingly good. Tommy paused and pulled back enough to look at Adam’s hooded eyes and flushed freckled cheeks then down on his full lips before meeting his eyes again. He pulled him closer by his thick and long cock – bigger than any cock he had to take tonight, but he didn’t mind he… he wanted it inside him. The other man understood what he wanted and he let Tommy lead him into his wet and warm body, the slide inside easy from all the cum that was still in his ass. They both gasped for air once Adam bottomed out and then their lips met half way to melt into a much more passionate kiss.

This – especially when Adam started to move in him and put his pale legs around him – fucked with Tommy’s mind. He was confused to say the least and… turned on. It’s been a very long time so first he didn’t even recognize the feeling but as he felt the broad and warm body move above him and fuck into him, he remembered. He melted under the Gamma and let him take over. He wanted to enjoy the rare feeling to the fullest and not caring about his own blush, he moaned softly into Adam’s mouth, which muffled the sounds they were both making.

Pleasure. Warmth. Lust. Safety…

Fuck me, Tommy thought or maybe he muttered it too once the kiss broke, because Adam was moving faster and deeper, adjusting his hips to brush his tip against his prostate each time he buried himself deep into Tommy. To muffle his cries and moans, Tommy felt a big warm hand on his mouth, but he didn’t mind. He just kept kissing, biting and licking Adam’s palm and fingers as his tortured body came alive to meet those wonderful thrusts. His pain, soreness and exhaustion were momentarily forgotten as pure adrenaline and lust and need were coursing through his veins. His blood was singing and his head started spinning and he realized that he was hard and leaking, the scent of his own arousal sharp in his nose.

He looked up at Adam from under his lashes and he saw him watching him while panting through his mouth. He was gorgeous so wild and yet gentle. A god damn beautiful contradiction that made Tommy’s heart skip a beat and racket him towards his own release. Adam broke the eye-contact and leaned down to his ear.

“Come for me any time you’re ready…” he breathed then sniffed into his neck and kissed and licked his sweaty skin, dangerously close to leaving his marks. And for some unknown but powerful urge, Tommy wanted it so badly in that moment. His fingernails dug into Adam’s back through his crumpled shirt, his legs tightened around him and he moaned against his palm. “So beautiful… so good for me…” he heard the barely-there praising words and they became his undoing.

His slim body tensed then arched and Adam had to press down harder on his mouth as he moaned louder, his eyes slipping shut. He was coming hard on his stomach and chest and his ass was squeezing Adam’s big dick until he felt him freeze above him and pump him full with his cum. He focused on the feeling and this time it felt good, so fucking good. While floating on his own happy cloud, for a brief second he even felt proud of himself for being able to do that to Adam.

But then the moment passed and they were just quietly panting in each others’ necks.

“Bravo, Adam. You managed to make him come!” they suddenly heard Alastair’s drunken and cheerful voice.

They both froze on the sofa and then Adam was pulling out and away, making Tommy wince. The Gamma was on his knees next to the sofa in a second and bowed his head to the Alpha, clearly not knowing whether he should apologize or thank Alastair.

“It seems the slut enjoyed himself after all,” he chuckled again, waving with his glass towards Tommy, who didn’t dare to move an inch. “Next time I want to see you come for me too, my little bitch,” he grinned.

“Yes, Sir,” Tommy said hoarsely.

“Now take him out of my sight, Adam. I had my fun with him for tonight. Take him back into his room and clean him up. Another bottle of wine is waiting for me. Go,” he waved with the glass again, sloshing some wine on the floor, but he either didn’t notice or just didn’t care. Then he was on his way back to the rest of the pack.

Both the Gamma and the Omega sighed with relief then looked at each other, blushing a bit.

“Can you walk?” Adam asked while pulling his jeans up.

“I think so,” Tommy nodded carefully sitting up and bit down on his lip not to grimace.

“Come on, I’ll run you a hot bath,” he whispered offering him the hand Tommy’s been biting and licking.

The memory made the Omega drop his gaze and blush some more but he accepted Adam’s hand and let him pull him up. “Thanks… That… that sounds divine,” he mumbled while they made their way to Tommy’s rarely used room.

Later, when he was bathed, dried and tucked under his blanket he remembered how neither of them said a word. The silence was kinda comfortable between them. Adam remained gentle with him and it seemed he knew exactly how to handle Tommy. It was a strange feeling that someone seemed to care about him again. For a little while the Omega was afraid and cautious to give in to it, but then he thought maybe the higher powers, the Universe or whatever tried to compensate or something. And he found himself cherishing these peaceful and warm moments, because who knew? Maybe this was all he’d ever have from this feeling and he wanted to memorize and store it for darker times.

After Adam finally left, Tommy curled on himself, but he wasn’t crying like he thought he would. He wasn’t comforting his wolf either. No, his wolf wasn’t cowering or whining in his head, he was just laying there with his muzzle in the air to inhale Adam’s lingering scent and then he looked interested and maybe a bit expectantly at Tommy. He never saw or felt him like this before. And when Tommy thought back on the borrowed time he had with Adam, he smiled into the pillow without noticing it.

Part 5


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