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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 5 - Closer

Part 5 - Closer

  2015.02.11. 13:20

Part 5 – Closer

“I have to laugh out loud, I wish I didn't like this
Is it a dream or a memory?”

In a few days the pack was buzzing with energy and excitement. It was the night of the full moon. Because Tommy didn’t make any more mistakes and he managed to please their moody Alpha, he allowed him to run with the pack. As he suspected, the forest that surrounded the mansion was pack territory, which stretched for miles so they didn’t have to travel anywhere to find a safe place to run under the moon. While the wolves were getting ready, he tried to be as invisible as possible, not to cross anyone’s path.

He knew he’d have to be careful as a wolf too, because in that form his scent was much stronger and he’d have to spend a lot of energy on trying to mask and dull it as much as possible so the wolves wouldn’t try to pick on him too much. He couldn’t be sure about whether Alastair would chase them away or let them fight or trying to breed him. Neither option sounded good to Tommy so his already sharpened senses were picking up each vibe and shift in the pack’s mood. Omegas had to learn quickly that they should use all their skills in order to survive, and Tommy had practice at least in that.

To Alastair’s signal they all went outside into the garden and took off their clothes. The moon was pale and perfect on the starry sky and they all could feel her call. The Alpha was the first to shift into his dark brown wolf form and soon the whole pack followed. Tommy hesitated only for a few seconds while he drank in the sight of the strong wolves, some of them already howling at the moon or starting to playfully fight.

His eyes darted to a pretty big black wolf with grey eyes, which was staring at him and made a small sound as if encouraging him to shift too before Alastair noticed. That brought Tommy back to the present and he crouched, letting the change happen, his small light-auburn wolf finding his way to the surface.

Once the shift happened, the attention of the pack shifted back on him and he immediately cowered with his tail between his legs while he hurried to mask as much of his scent as he could. Alastair trotted back to him and sniffed in his direction, towering over him. Tommy lifted his head and bared his neck submissively, giving a small whimper in his haste to please the Alpha and accept his dominance. When the brown wolf leaned his big head down and bit the back of his neck, Tommy could see the black wolf take a tentative step towards them before remembering his place. Adam, Tommy thought, finding the bigger wolf beautiful in this form too, while he went pliant and motionless under the Alpha’s bite. Luckily his fangs didn’t draw blood, it was more to stake his claim on the Omega. Which meant that the rest of the pack couldn’t touch him during the run. Some relief at least – even if it might have some kickback.

Alastair finally let him go and Tommy just waited there motionless while the Alpha howled at the moon, their signal to head into the woods. The brown wolf took the lead and the rest of the pack – except Mike and Adam who hung back a bit to wait for Tommy – followed him.

The auburn wolf slowly stood and when Adam made an encouraging gesture with his big black head, Tommy trotted a bit closer but even with his control firmly in place, he stayed out of range in case his scent affected Adam more like this. He kept his golden brown eyes on Adam and the silver wolf, Mike jogging ahead of them. The Omega got a bit braver when he didn’t feel threatened and soon he was following the pack a bit calmer.

Tommy let the slight feeling of freedom embrace his heart while his wolf was enjoying finally being out without being kicked around or forced to breed. The blonde man didn’t know if it would happen at some point of the night, but he sure as hell wanted to cherish these peaceful and light moments until they lasted. He was running freely under the moon with his pack – and for a minute he was willing to forget what kind of a pack. His heart was light as his paws hit the ground faster, the pack picking up the pace.


He’s so beautiful. That was Adam’s first thought when he saw Tommy finally shift into his small light-auburn wolf form. For a moment his unique scent hit him strong and he wanted nothing more than to wrap himself in that scent, rub it all over his black fur and get lost in Tommy. But he wasn’t Alpha, he was just above Tommy’s position. He had no right to do so and then Tommy did something – probably masked his scent, knowing how it’d effect the wolves running on pure instincts. Still he smelled damned good, so no wonder Alastair walked over to reinforce his claim on the Omega in front of everyone. No one would dare to go against his will, unless they wanted to challenge the Alpha for his position.

Even so, Adam found himself take a step towards the cowering Omega and the Alpha holding him down by the back of his neck. He had to stop himself in an instant before anyone could notice his misstep. He was still thinking about why he did something like that and why his wolf wanted to get closer to Tommy, when Alastair gave the signal for the run with a strong howl that resonated through the whole pack. Some of them answered with their own howls and then they were on the move.

Adam could feel Mike stay close to him and Tommy, who seemed to hesitate after being put in his place, but Adam could practically taste how badly he needed this run. Maybe that’s why he tried to encourage the shy Omega to come with them. And of course Alastair would tear them apart if something happened to his precious boy toy. Adam wanted to snarl from the thought, but he had to stop such thoughts. Just when did he start to care again? Probably right around the time when he first smelled Tommy’s scent among the other Omegas. He was such a fool, but he couldn’t help himself.

And now he was running there, staying close but not trying to get too near to the clearly guarded Omega, while first they were trotting then running through the forest. He and his wolf felt playful and happy and they wanted to somehow involve and encourage Tommy too, but he didn’t dare to leave his scent on him. So they just raced a bit and followed the trail that the others have left behind. Finally they had some break from all the shit they had to deal with lately and they could just focus on themselves and their wolves.


The first chance to prove his talent with the guitar presented itself in a few days after the full moon run. Alastair announced that he’d host a party for some important business associates – wolves and humans alike – and he wanted to entertain them with some quality music during the night. It meant that Tommy had to practice not to disappoint the Alpha. Luckily he was busy with work and left him be. Tommy and Mike already jammed a bit the other day because he was to play the bass on the event while Tommy was to fill the lead guitarist’s position. He even got an acoustic guitar. A sweet baby he handled with care. He was terrified of damaging her so he concentrated hard whenever she was in his slender but strong hands.

Maybe that’s why he first didn’t even hear someone enter his room. He kept his eyes on the strings while playing one of the songs Alastair requested to hear. There was a tricky part he tried to master and he was on his way of succeeding when the familiar scent hit his nose and he froze. Adam. He’d recognize that scent anywhere by now.

“Hey. Sorry, didn’t want to intrude. I knocked,” Adam said still standing by the door although he already closed it.

“Hey. You’re not intruding… if you are allowed to be here, that is,” Tommy frowned lightly.

“Don’t worry. He sent me to practice with you. The human drummer, Isaac will join us in a few days,” he explained but didn’t move and Tommy could see his nostrils flare a bit, probably taking sniffs from the Omega’s scent that understandably filled the room.

“That’s good then…”

“Yeah…” he blinked at Tommy who blinked back a bit confused.

“What are you waiting for? Come sit then,” he nodded towards the only chair he had in his simple room beside his bed, a small wardrobe and table.

“Sorry, I just… Never mind,” Adam shook his head and sat down, his freckled cheeks a bit flushed.

Could it be that he was waiting for Tommy’s permission? Why would he do that? He was above him in the pack… The blonde man frowned again then shrugged it off and glimpsed down at the guitar.

“That’s a sweet guitar you have there,” Adam said just to break the slightly uncomfortable silence.

“Yeah,” Tommy nodded, letting his hair fall into his face. “Too bad it’s not mine. She sounds amazing,” he stroked the instrument with admiration.

“You surely love guitars,” Adam chuckled and Tommy had to look up to see that he wasn’t mocking him. He clearly found it sweet and it made the Omega blush a bit too.

“They are amazing. And the gift they give me – music – is just… the best thing in the world for me,” he admitted.

“You can completely get lost in it, can’t you?” Adam smiled knowingly at him.

“Exactly… How…?”

“How do I know? Because I feel the same about singing. It’s my safe haven where no one can touch me. Not even Him,” Adam said softly, but instead of finding his jeans suddenly very fascinating, he held Tommy’s look.

“Right,” he agreed and bit his bottom lip before dropping his gaze back on his hands.

“How are you doing, Tommy?” Adam asked barely audible, not sure if the Omega would want to answer.

“I’m okay. I have something to focus on now,” he plunked a string.

“I’m sorry about what happened during the run…”

“It’s okay. I’m used to it,” he shrugged. He knew Adam meant when after all Alastair bred him later that night.

“It’s not okay! It shouldn’t be okay!” Adam suddenly raised his voice and Tommy cowered, pushing his back against the wall, lowering his head even more. When Adam saw his reaction he sighed and controlled his anger and voice. “Shit, I’m sorry Tommy. I didn’t mean to… I’m not angry at you… I’m angry at Him… He shouldn’t treat you like this.”

“You can’t talk like that. He owns me. He has every right to treat me the way he wants. I’ll survive. I did so far.”

“So far…” Adam repeated frowning. “And what do you think when will your luck run out?”

“I don’t know.”

“Tommy… I’ve seen it before and I’m sick of it. There were…”

“…other Omegas. I know. I’m not stupid,” he whispered looking up to meet Adam’s eyes and the freckled man’s heart sunk from the deep sadness he saw in the brown irises.

“You know what he’s capable of…”

“I know,” he nodded, letting his fringe cover one of his eyes from the move. “But what do you want me to think or do? I’m a born Omega. I am to follow orders and endure whatever may come. I can’t defy any wolf. I’m weak, Adam,” he emphasized.

The Gamma shook his head vehemently. “That’s not true. You are one of the strongest persons I’ve ever known. You are also different from the other Omegas that came before.”

“I don’t understand,” Tommy frowned.

“You have no idea how strong you are. You are stronger than me too. Not physically, but mentally for sure. I don’t know how I could stay sane after all that Alastair had already done to you since you’ve been here. And I’m sure it’s just the tip of the ice-berg of what you already had to endure. Yet your spirit is still in tact, not broken like it was for some of the Omegas in this pack. You’re special, Tommy.”

“I’m nothing special. I’m nothing,” he protested, reciting the words that were branded into his mind by his instructors during his Omega training. Then he froze when Adam leaned forward and grabbed one of his thin wrists. He looked down at their hands and felt the Gamma’s warmth seep into his skin and bones. His wrist seemed so tiny and fragile in the light hold of the big hand that he had to look away.

“You are special, Tommy. Or at least to me…” he whispered and the Omega mustered up his courage to meet the blue eyes with his unsure brown ones.

“Why?” he whispered back.

“I don’t know. But you make me feel… stronger. Protective over you, even. Each time He or any of the other wolves touches or even looks at you, I… I want to…”


“I want to rip them apart… to keep you safe. Tommy… you affect me in ways I never thought I’d feel again. I had a pack before this, but Alastair took over and I’ve been living in this hell for years now. But… you know, you kinda remind me of the days when everything was different. When waking up in the morning wasn’t followed by the immediate thought of having to survive one more day.”

“What are you saying? It’s just my scent driving you nuts. I’ve seen it before. I’m not making you stronger, I’m making you crazy. Delusional,” he shook his head but didn’t dare to move his hand. Or maybe he just didn’t want to. The contact felt nice despite the topic and his wolf could only agree.

“No. I mean, yes, it affects me to some extent. But it’s different from the way the other Omegas affected me. It’s in a good, warm way. Like, encouraging me or something. I feel more confident when I’m around you. I thought I’d lost that part of me for good. Apparently I was wrong. So… thank you.”

“You’re crazy, Adam. This way of thinking is dangerous,” Tommy gritted his teeth and this time he pulled his hand free. “You’ll get us both killed. Or at least yourself. He’ll love to torture me for a while first.”

“Shit… Sorry. I wasn’t suggesting anything. I was just… Never mind. I’m sorry,” he sighed.

“It’s okay. But… I don’t think I want to talk about this anymore. We should start practicing.”

The freckled man just nodded and sat up straighter in his chair. “You’re right. We should focus on that. That event is important to our Alpha,” he agreed then they started working.

In a few minutes Tommy’s jaw dropped the second Adam’s voice started accompanying his playing and then that amazing voice took over the music with ease, making his guitar riffs support him instead of leading the unique voice. The sound of that voice… it struck a chord deep inside Tommy and a fine resonation started there, getting a tiny bit stronger with each song they practiced. Who was this man?


The event was important to Alastair, it was clear from all the guests arriving in expensive clothes and cars. The pack hired a few waiters and waitresses too to help out in the kitchen and serving finger food, the dinner then drinks too. Luckily the crowd was mixed, which meant that Tommy could finally be fully dressed in front of the people and that the chance for public humiliation was very slim. Humans didn’t know much about werewolves and their traditions, so he was safe at least until everyone left.

He was wearing black dress pants, a white shirt and a skinny black tie, his hair and make up perfect while waiting for them to start playing in the far end of the dining room where the band had set up. Isaac was short like Tommy and very talented behind the drums. He was a nice human and probably in a parallel universe they would’ve been good friends. Needless to say, they were a success with them supporting Adam’s amazing voice. The guests appreciated the songs with a few yells and clapping. Clearly Adam’s voice captivated most of them. They took a few short breaks but otherwise played nearly all night long.

By the end of the evening Tommy’s hands and fingers were slightly sore and hurting, but it was worth it. He couldn’t remember a time when he could play this long. He enjoyed himself a lot and found himself smiling at the band members a few times. For a change it felt good being a part of something like this. He was an introvert person by nature but while creating music with these guys, he felt himself open up a bit.

He was still pretty calm and happy while packing away the guitar when Alastair snuck up behind him and put a heavy hand on his shoulder. He froze immediately and felt as if he fell on his face. It was stupid to think the tipsy Alpha wouldn’t want him that night too for his pleasure. But being surrounded by his beloved music made him forget all about the torture and abuse he had to live with. With one simple touch reality crashed back on him and he let his head drop.

“Come on, Tommy. It’s time to go. Adam and Mike will take care of your stuff,” he said while fishing out a check from his pocket to hand it over to Isaac, who thanked him, but Alastair wasn’t listening. He was steering Tommy towards the corridor that led to the Alpha’s bedroom.

“What’s with him?” Isaac frowned putting the check away.

“He’s an asshole,” Adam muttered under his breath.

“Careful, Adam…” Mike murmured while packing away his bass and taking care of Tommy’s guitar too.

Part 6


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