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Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 6 - Consequences

Part 6 - Consequences

  2015.02.12. 22:05

Part 6 – Consequences

“I've felt the hate rise up in me...
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves...
I wander out where you can't see...
Inside my shell I wait and bleed...”

“I want to kill him,” Adam whispered while cleaning a deep scratch mark on Tommy’s naked side.

“Stop talking and thinking like that,” Tommy warned him for the hundredth time.

“I can’t… Just look at what he did to you! For no reason!” Adam raised his voice only to force himself to calm down. He was right. Tommy didn’t do anything wrong, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of Alastair’s important business deals didn’t work out and he took it out on the defenseless Omega. And now he was bedridden with healing bite and scratch marks, his ass sore and throbbing with each small move he made. His lip was split and he had a black eye too, his skin littered with bigger and smaller bruises. His brown eyes seemed empty and dull in the half-lit room. The smell of blood and disinfectants were thick in the air.

“It doesn’t matter, Adam,” he whispered weakly and hissed under his breath when the disinfectant got into his next wound.

“Sorry,” Adam gritted through his teeth. If there was something he hated to do – besides watching the Omega getting humiliated – was this, tending to the wounds he didn’t deserve at all.

Tommy didn’t reply. He could feel the anger boiling under Adam’s freckled skin. That feeling was growing with each day a bit. It was strange to know that he affected someone like this and that anger wasn’t turned towards him. It was born from the need to protect him. No one tried to do that before and he was wondering where it’d lead them. Because… deep down, it appealed to Tommy. He kinda liked Adam’s reactions when it came to him. He knew it was stupid and that it’d probably end up with more tears and pain, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to believe Adam’s words so badly. He said he was special. He knew he wasn’t but Tommy wanted to be.

“Tommy…” he heard Adam’s soft whisper and the way he said his name made the Omega look up at him. The Gamma was now leaning over him, finished with cleaning and bandaging up his wounds.


“I think… I might… I think I’m falling in love with you,” he admitted barely audible.

Tommy’s eyes went wide. “What?!”

Adam didn’t answer just looked away, his lips curling downwards.

“You can’t. You just… can’t!”

“I know. Still… me and my wolf… we feel like this towards you. I tried to deny and hide it during these weeks. I’ve never felt this deeply towards anyone and so quickly! It makes my head spin and my heart wants to burst out of my chest when I’m around you… Can’t you feel it?” he took one of Tommy’s hands and put it over his chest, his blue eyes finally searching the soft brown ones.

The Omega was still shocked with the faster beating of that heart under his palm. Was this real? Or just another dream his tired mind conjured up during his sleep. “For real?” he uttered, the vehement protests dying in his throat as his own heartbeats picked up too.

“Yes. I know I shouldn’t. I know it’s dangerous… But I want you. I want you with all my being. Each day I watch you being so strong, taking whatever you get without complaining. And that night when we were playing together with the others. You felt so happy and in your element. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring you, your talent and beauty. And I can’t stop thinking about those few minutes when we were one. I can still feel you and taste you. I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. I want you. I want you so badly and I don’t know how or why. I just know that I do,” he whispered leaning his forehead against Tommy’s while holding on to that hand that was pressed against his chest, his eyes closed as he was drinking in the closeness and scent of the Omega. “You are so intoxicating… It feels… it feels like you were made for me and seeing you like this… at the mercy of our Alpha… it kills me a bit each day. It makes me want to get better, stronger. To protect, to fight for you… I want you to be mine,” he added and Adam’s wolf could be heard in that last word.

Instead of feeling threatened like Tommy usually got when a wolf wanted to get close or put his claim on him, it felt as if dozens of butterflies got released in his stomach, easing the knot in it and wiping away some of the pain his body still felt. How did he deserve to hear such a confession? He had no idea that the Gamma had such deep feelings for him. He noticed the attraction, yes, but love? He was falling in love with someone like him? That was hard to wrap his mind around.

“I can’t…” he started but Adam hushed him.

“You don’t have to say anything…” he whispered on his lips and then it was Tommy who tilted his head and pressed their lips together.

A light burst of energy made his lips tingle when their lips met and he moaned softly into the kiss, although his body was far from being ready for anything else. He still let Adam take charge of the kiss and slide his wonderful tongue into his mouth, chasing his. Tommy was glad he was already lying because his knees would’ve given out under him from that kiss, which ended way too soon.

“I can’t take this anymore. Run away with me,” Adam suggested out of the blue and Tommy’s breath got caught up in his lungs.

“Are you insane?!” Tommy hissed and pushed Adam away enough to carefully sit up despite his body’s protests.

“No. I’m serious. I’m not strong enough to challenge him, but we could run away,” he said suspiciously calmly.

“Is this some sick test?” Tommy asked suspiciously, his distrusting nature taking over.

“No. As I’ve said, I’m serious,” Adam shook his head and let Tommy scent the truth behind his words. He didn’t try to hide anything from the blonde wolf.

“You aren’t kidding.”


“It’s still a stupid idea. You think he’d just let us go without any consequences? You know the best how obsessed he is with Omegas and being in control over his pack. They’d track us and hunt us down in no time, Adam! Are you fucking nuts for even suggesting something like this? If they find out, they’ll skin you… us alive,” he shook his head.

“That’s why we could search for a stronger pack which’d take us in and protect us.”

“You were thinking about this before…”


“There wouldn’t be a pack that’d take us in. No way. Our Alpha’s reputation is well-known around here. And who needs a Gamma and an Omega? They’d take you in easier still. But not me.”

“I wasn’t planning on staying around here. I was thinking of moving to the West Coast.”

“Adam… Just… stop it. It won’t happen. None of this will happen. Don’t try to give me false hope,” Tommy pulled further away, hanging his head. “I wouldn’t be able to go on if you did and then they killed you. Please, don’t do this to me. I don’t want to get into more trouble.”

“Aren’t you sick of this, Tommy? Don’t you want to break free? Free yourself from these chains and come with me? Be your own person instead of a boy toy? Even if you wouldn’t want to be with me… you could be free.”

“Stop, please, stop. Just stop, Adam. I don’t want to hear this,” he shook his head over and over then bit his lip, careful not to tear the wound open with his teeth. The sense of danger was getting stronger, prickling the back of his neck.


What Adam wanted to say got interrupted by Darren, Elliot and Colin bursting into the room.

“You fuckers!” Elliot growled, flashing his yellow eyes at them.

“What’s this about?” Adam asked, glimpsing up at the Beta, his shoulders and head dropping a bit forward from the unmasked aggression pouring off the three wolves.

“Planning on going anywhere?” he singsonged. It made the blood run out of both Adam’s and Tommy’s face.

“Don’t try to deny it, I heard it clearly,” Darren took a step forward, his smug grin spreading on his face. “This is treason, you know…”

Tommy didn’t know how to appear even more submissive or smaller while sitting on the bed, but he did his best while dread froze him. They were in deep shit.

“You always hated me for no reason, Darren. I am not surprised that you were spying on us. You hope to get a few good points by our Alpha?” he raised a thick black brow and Tommy cringed from his tone.

Is he completely insane?! He’s going to get us both killed, he thought desperately trying to come up with a solution, but his mind was blank and his mouth didn’t want to work.

“Shut up, traitor!” Darren growled and Adam cowered a bit, but stopped himself.

“Take it easy, fellas,” Elliot said and nodded to Darren and Colin. “We’re gonna make sure these two won’t escape until our Alpha returns and then he’ll decide about their punishment,” he grinned while he and Colin moved towards Adam and pulled him up by his arms.

The Gamma tried to fight their iron-grip but a kick in the gut made him stop. Tommy whined shortly when Darren grabbed his wounded arm and dragged his nearly completely naked body with him. He had no idea where they were going, but that soon changed when they took the stairs that led to a lower level. The basement. It was like one from the horror movies Tommy used to like watching as a kid. The sight of silver chains with cuffs attached to the walls and the ceiling, different tools lined up on the wall and small tables, a chair with silver restraints and reinforced cages in one corner made him shake like a leaf. It was cool down here and he felt his pale skin break out in goose bumps.

Elliot and Colin took Adam to one of the walls and put gloves on to secure Adam’s wrists with the silver cuffs that belonged to the chains coming out from the wall. He hissed, but otherwise took the slow burning of his wrists quietly. The same procedure was done to Tommy to Adam’s right.

“Idiot,” Tommy mumbled to the Gamma once they were left alone. He winced from the burning of his own wrists but otherwise didn’t show that it hurt like a motherfucker.

“I’m sorry.”

“I owe you a ‘told you so,’” he snorted.

“Yeah,” Adam nodded and sighed. “Me and my big mouth…”

Tommy didn’t answer just turned his back on Adam, curling on himself to keep his body as warm as possible without burning it with the chains and cuffs more.


 As expected, Alastair was furious when he got back to the mansion and was informed about what happened. They could feel his anger even before he entered the basement and it made Tommy cower on the dirty floor, eyes dropped and throat instinctively offered. Adam pressed his lips together and avoided the Alpha’s gaze too, but he stayed in his sitting position.

“How dare you pull some shit like this again, Adam?!” Alastair hissed crossing the room to grab Adam’s throat, squeezing tight enough to cut off his air. “Look at me!” he shouted into the Gamma’s face and then he obeyed. “You’re gonna pay for this. Both of you. You fucking mutt! You risk everything for a fucking Omega?” he hissed and spit out towards Tommy. “You are a disgrace, Adam. But I’ll show you. You’ll watch and think twice the next time you get such delusional ideas like running off with a scum like him!” he pushed Adam away just when the Gamma’s face was starting to turn purple from the lack of oxygen. “Chain him up!” Alastair barked at Elliot and Darren while Colin stayed next to Adam.

The Beta and Delta took off Tommy’s chains just to drag him to his feet and lift his arms above his head once dragged into the middle of the room. He got cuffed to one of the chains dangling from the ceiling. Once that was done, they repeated the same procedure with Adam, making him face the pliant Omega, whose toes barely touched the ground. Elliot moved towards one of the walls decorated with the different kind of tools and grabbed two cat o’ nine-tail whips with silver arrow-heads on each tails’ end. He handed one to Alastair who was standing half-way between the chained up wolves, then he moved behind Adam.

“Please…” Adam mumbled.

“What was that?” Alastair put a hand to his left ear as if he couldn’t hear Adam.

“Please, he had nothing to do with this. It was my idea. Please, punish only me. He said no. He stayed loyal to you. Please, Alpha…” Adam begged louder.

“No, no, no… Adam, Adam… he has everything to do with this. He and his kind put crazy ideas in your stupid head. He caused this disobedience. He turned you against your pack. So you both deserve to be punished for that until you both know your places,” he said letting the tails of the whip slide across his covered fingers while talking. “And with your stupid idea, you will cause pain to the scum. So much pain. And you’ll watch it and remember that each time you disobey me, he’ll suffer for it!” he growled and stepped behind Tommy to swing the whip with full force.

The pain came a few seconds delayed but then Tommy was unable to keep his scream back. It was overwhelming and made his back burn and smoke, his skin tearing open as the silver got caught in flesh before being pulled out. His shocked eyes met Adam’s for a second then he pressed them shut and cried out from the next hit, his previous bite marks and scratches reopening, filling the basement with the smell of fresh blood and slowly burning flesh.

Adam’s chain rattled as he foolishly tried to do something. That was when Elliot grabbed the back of his T-shirt and tore it open enough to swing his own whip, the tails biting into his freckled skin. Adam saw stars from the pain, but he bit off his cry and growled instead, trying not to look as pathetic as he felt. Alastair was right in one thing: he caused more suffering for both of them. He was such a fool.

“Watch him!” Alastair shouted at Adam and the Gamma had no choice but to look up. The second he did, Elliot stopped whipping him. Tommy wasn’t looking at anyone anymore. His head was bent, face hidden behind messy and sweaty hair. His thin body was shaking and bleeding while the Alpha kept whipping him. Thick waves of pain and despair rolled off the Omega, who had no strength left in him to mask his feelings or scent. It clearly turned that sick bastard on. Adam noticed the bulge at the front of his pants and he felt sick.

When Tommy yelled himself hoarse and could only whimper weakly, Alastair stopped whipping him. He tossed the object on the floor splattered with blood and dragged down Tommy’s stained briefs.

“Take him off and put that table in front of the traitor!” Alastair commanded and Colin took care of said small table while Elliot and Darren dealt with Tommy. Grabbing the back of the weak Omega’s neck, Alastair dragged him over to the table and bent him over it in a way so Adam had a view of them from the side. “You wanted this tight little hole all for yourself, huh?” the Alpha grinned opening his fancy pants and pushing it down with his briefs. “You forget that he is mine and those whom I choose to share him with. And thanks to your actions, I’ll share him with my wolves. We’ll destroy that tight little hole. Fuck it loose because of you, Adam. And you won’t be able to do anything against it. You lovesick fool!” he laughed, taking a packet of lube from Colin to slick up his hard cock, but otherwise he didn’t waste time to prepare Tommy. He was already pushing, forcing himself inside, the Deltas holding down Tommy by his tattooed arms, while Elliot took out his cock too and stood to Tommy’s head.

The Omega’s eyes became empty, his expression resigned as he gasped for air from the painful intrusion then without asking he dutifully opened his mouth and let the Beta feed his cock to him. He stopped squirming and resisting. He deserved this. For a moment he believed that they could do it. That he and Adam could run away and build a new life. Now this was the punishment he deserved to get for believing such a fairytale. He should’ve known better. He already knew fairytales didn’t exist in real life. In real life there was only pain, misery, humiliation, beatings and abuse. That was his life. That was his place. So he relaxed his body to let Alastair fuck him harder and he started sucking the cock stuffed into his mouth. He tried to ignore Adam’s begging and the pain that took residence in his whipped back and abused ass and do what he was supposed to do.

To Adam it was agonizing torture to keep watching the ugly scene right in front of his eyes. He knew he’d have nightmares about this for a long time. He wanted to close his eyes and imagine this wasn’t happening at all. But he didn’t dare in case they would kill Tommy otherwise. He felt tears running down his pale face, his back stinging like a motherfucker, but he just kept watching them gangbang Tommy for god knows how long. Once they were done, they left the shaking Omega bent over the table. His body was stained by his own blood and the cum of the four fuckers. Adam couldn’t believe they could do something so awful, even if he knew they did worse in the past.

For a moment he thought Alastair was going for the kill like so many times before to finish off the current Omega when he got bored of him or her. But he just spit on Tommy’s back and smacked the bloody and cum-covered ass. “Fucking slut. See, Adam? At least he took it like a man, not like you with all the whining and begging me to stop,” he chuckled and tucked himself back in his pants. Then he walked next to Tommy’s head and grabbed him by his hair to turn his sickly pale face towards Adam. “See how weak your ‘savior’ is? He couldn’t even break free. He could only cry like a baby. And you wanted to run away with such a loser? What a joke!” he lifted Tommy’s head just to let it drop back on the wooden table with a thud.

Tommy wasn’t looking at Adam or anyone else. His face and eyes were blank and empty, like his soul wasn’t connected to his body anymore. He let them use then move his body. He didn’t really notice that he was being dragged over to one of the cages then shoved in. He just curled on himself, showing his naked and bloody back with the crisscrossing, ragged lines of the whip and the previous bite and scratch marks towards the rest of the room.

“Fucking pathetic Gamma,” Alastair slapped Adam with the back of his hand, watching his head move to the left. “I’ll keep you both in here for a while so you two can reflect. Then we’ll see if I can consider letting you come upstairs again. It’ll depend on how good little wolves you two will be,” he growled then motioned for Colin and Elliot to chain Adam back to the opposite wall.

He made a few feeble attempts at trying to escape, but a few kicks in his gut and shin then one on the back of his head stopped him and finally he blacked out. But not before something flickered in the depths of his heart.

Something small but already strong. Something that would change everything.

Part 7


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