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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 7 - Resolve

Part 7 - Resolve

  2015.02.14. 15:32

Part 7 – Resolve

“Your impossible ego fuck is like a
Megalomaniacal tab on my tongue
You fuckin' touch me I will rip you apart
I'll reach in and take a bite out of that
Shit you call a heart...”

It’s no wonder that after their severe punishment Adam and Tommy acted as good and obedient as possible. Adam did it gritting his teeth because Alastair blackmailed him with hurting Tommy again and hunting down Neil, his little brother. That was always a good threat to make Adam behave. He didn’t want the pack to go after Neil. He couldn’t allow that. And Tommy… well, he became more introvert, barely speaking or reacting to Adam or the others. He merely did what an Omega was expected to do: obey, take what he gets and shut his mouth.

Adam’s heart was bleeding because the blonde boy didn’t want to do anything with him. No talking, no reactions when he entered the room or tried to slip him some extra food. He took nothing from Adam and the Gamma was afraid that with his mistake he made the Omega hate his guts. His wolf was whining and pining after Tommy, but he had to hold it back. He couldn’t risk Tommy or Neil getting hurt because of his uncontrollable desires and feelings. He had to be a good Gamma and follow the rules.

But something deep down was different. Something has changed while watching the four wolf gang-rape the defenseless Omega. Adam had a new set of nightmares from the memory, but at the same time it did something to him and his wolf. The black animal side of him had moments when he wasn’t scared and didn’t cower on the ground when one of the pack members walked by while Adam was cooking or cleaning the mansion. The wolf was watching each move they made quietly. And a strange calm was slowly taking over his mind. A calculating calm. It was somewhat scary but Adam didn’t fight it. He wanted to know where these changes were going to lead him. He felt more collected and only a few days had to pass since they were let out of the basement to feel somehow… stronger.

One morning, when there was a strange subtle change in the air, he finally realized that what he’s been feeling growing inside him was his resolve. It was about him and keeping Tommy safe. He knew he should’ve lain low, but he simply couldn’t. And now there was something going on that made him restless and interested at the same time.

He was cooking in the kitchen, thinking about all these new and growing feelings inside him and his wolf when it happened. He caught a whiff of an exotic scent. It reminded him of Tommy’s but something was off with it. Turning off the stove he headed out of the kitchen, sniffing the air to find the source of that scent. Frowning he passed each room on the corridor until he found himself in front of the door to Alastair’s study. With slightly shaking hands he opened the door and that scent hit him in the chest like the hot shower of pheromones it was.

“Oh my god,” he gasped for air, feeling dizzy and he felt blood rush down south in the next moment.

He quickly scanned the room and spotted Alastair standing in the middle, hard bulge and wolfish features easy to notice. Adam followed the Alpha’s gaze into one of the corners where Tommy was hunching down on himself, shaking and trying desperately to control himself and his scent that rolled off him in thick waves.

Adam saw Elliot holding on to the edge of Alastair’s desk in order to hold himself back. He was turned on by that scent too and as the door was still open, Adam felt the others closing on the room too, all allured by Tommy’s different, much stronger scent. It was calling for all of them and Adam’s eyes rounded. That must be it, he thought and his suspicion was confirmed by the Alpha.

“You’re finally in heat…” Alastair growled more wolf than man and took a few steps closer to the naked Omega.

“No…” Tommy whined, but his body went against his words, it sent another wave of that sweet, sweet scent that made Adam’s mouth water and his hard cock throb in his pants.

“You’re fertile after all…” the Alpha chuckled hoarsely and licked his sharp fangs. “I’m gonna fuck and breed you so good. I’m gonna make you carry my pup…” he growled louder, clearly at the verge of losing it.

Adam went into panic mode seeing Tommy’s terrified eyes that were clouded over by the heat too, making him unable to think clearly. Adam could see and feel him fighting his body, which instinctively wanted to offer itself to the Alpha, but Tommy was clearly scared about what could happen. He didn’t want this, and that’s when something clicked in Adam’s mind and he managed to suppress his desire somewhat. A moment of clarity came over him and he looked up.

“NO!” Adam growled, feeling his facial features change, his eyes glowing in silver while his fingers turned into claws.

For a brief second Alastair looked shocked as he turned towards the door. “What did you say?”

“I said no! You can’t breed him. You’ll never breed him again!” he growled again.

“Adam, no…” Tommy managed to utter, his body shaking more violently, his scent filling the room, becoming nearly overwhelming. It was as if Tommy unwittingly wanted the males to fight for him. Adam was pretty sure that was the case, because he remembered reading about that when wolves were in heat.

“You fucking brat. I should’ve killed you a long time ago. How dare you defy your Alpha? You have no right,” Alastair spit.

“I have every right, because I challenge you!” Adam barked back, feeling some previously unknown power flow through him and his wolf.

“For a fucking Omega?!” the Alpha chuckled.

“Adam, please… don’t…” Tommy panted, but the Gamma ignored him and fixed his gaze on Alastair.

“Yes. For Tommy. I won’t let you breed him and torture him anymore. I challenge you,” he repeated in front of the whole pack now. “Do you accept?” he raised a thick black brow.

There was tense silence for a moment then Alastair grinned, showing off his sharp teeth. “Very well then. Bring it on, little Gamma. I’m gonna rip you apart then take what’s mine,” he pointed a sharp claw towards the corner where Tommy tried to curl up as much as possible.

“Adam…” the freckled man heard the soft voice of Mike.

“Keep the others away from Tommy,” he turned his head for a second to look into the Delta’s eyes.

A silent agreement was born between them and Mike moved closer to Tommy to put himself between them and the rest of the pack.

“No one goes near him until we are done!” Adam announced as if he was the Alpha and it made Alastair laugh out loud.

“Who do you think you are? His scent made you crazy!”

“I’m the one who’ll defeat you and protect Tommy,” he said on a stern and confident voice. The power behind them making Mike, Darren and even Colin shudder. No one knew where this primal strength came from the Gamma, but they could feel it.

“Show me what you’ve got then!” Alastair shouted with an insane light glowing in his red alpha eyes.

The next moment Adam growled and the tearing of fabric could be heard as they both shifted and jumped at each other’s throats in a brown and black blur.


 Something was different that day. Tommy could feel it in his bones the second he woke up in his small room. He stretched on his bed and stroked his naked chest with one hand. His skin felt different and not because of the healing yellow and green bruises on it. There was something… An itch… like a splinter in your brain that doesn’t leave you alone. It was there, nagging him, making him squirm in bed and moan softly in frustration. He had to get up but he wanted to stay in bed all day. It wasn’t like him, but for once he wanted to lie around lazily. Maybe… maybe touch himself for his own pleasure for a change. Fantasize about someone worthy… maybe Adam, but no, he got Tommy into trouble. Someone else, someone strong who could protect him, claim him, breed him…

Tommy’s hand stopped before it could reach his half-hard cock and his eyes popped open. What the hell was he doing? He stopped writhing on the bed and sat up, shaking his head. Such strange thoughts… Getting up he went to the bathroom to take a shower, washing away the remains of Alastair’s scent. Once feeling somewhat clean he did his hair and make up, not wanting to displease his Alpha, then it was time for him to go to the study and kneel by his chair.

It should’ve been like any other day since the Alpha allowed him and Adam to come up from the basement. Tommy made sure he avoided Adam as much as possible. He didn’t want to live through another scene like down there. He wanted his mind to stay blank, disconnected from his body. He had ears and eyes only for his Alpha now. Not that he’d be eager to open his legs for Alastair, but following his orders and doing everything as perfectly as he could made his life as an Omega a bit easier.

Until today. He felt a wave of heat prickle the back of his neck then run down his spine while walking towards the study on the corridor. He had to put a hand against the wall to steady himself and he took a few deep breaths. Getting sick would suck big time. He was sure Alastair wouldn’t be merciful if he did. Omegas rarely came down with anything, but it wasn’t impossible. Steeling himself once the heat wave was gone he continued his way to the study then entered and was about to take his place by the working Alpha’s feet when he doubled over and started panting through his mouth. His eyes widened because he had no idea what was going on, but then he smelled it. His own scent much stronger and somehow different. He tried to tune it down, but his control was slipping on it and when he looked at the Alpha, hearing his low growl, dread made Tommy’s blood freeze.

A primal lust and want was shining in the red Alpha eyes and he swallowed hard, backing into a corner and sagging down by the wall. That strange feeling was growing in his body again, sending more heat waves through him and his whole lower tummy was throbbing, his cock hardening between his naked legs. What the hell was going on? It can’t be, he thought desperately as things started to click in his cloudy mind.

“You’re finally in heat…” he heard Alastair’s growl and Tommy wanted to protest, tell him he was wrong, but a spasm made his body twist against the wall and the Omega curled up into a small ball.

He couldn’t. This wasn’t happening! He couldn’t go into heat. He couldn’t let that happen. Not with this Alpha. He didn’t want it. No. No! He couldn’t follow the conversation in the room. He had no idea who was talking and about what, but when he heard Adam’s strong voice saying ‘no’ to Alastair, he had to look up.

Are you fucking crazy?!, he wanted to shout at Adam when he finally understood what he was doing. Challenging Alastair’s position because of him??? The Gamma was surely insane. Or he had a death wish. He simply wasn’t worth it to go against that insane man. And yet… like before, somewhere it appealed to Tommy. The heat was probably fucking with his brain as he uncurled and lay on his tummy on the floor, his fingers turning into claws, naked ass up in the air towards the corner while he was facing the room. He needed… he wanted… he was burning up. He had to find release somehow. And he… he liked to watch the brutal fight between the so much stronger wolves. A black and a brown one. They were beautiful and they were fighting for him… To the right to breed him… It made Tommy’s cock throb and he moaned under his breath, arching his back some more as he rubbed his cheek against the hardwood floor.

“Shit…” he heard Mike’s voice nearby as he tried to focus on the barely human Darren edging closer while Adam was sinking his teeth and claws into Alastair. Colin and Elliot were barely hanging on to their control too.

Tommy didn’t like that. He wanted them to lose it too and join the fight and before he could think about what he was doing, his body let out another wave of his intoxicating scent full of exciting pheromones, soft whines leaving his throat without permission. It seemed his body had its own mind. He was ready. He was so ready. He wanted to touch himself everywhere, but he knew it wouldn’t be enough. Nothing would be enough. Just the cock and knot of the strongest male.

“Jesusfuck…” Elliot groaned and Tommy watched satisfied as now everyone was in wolf form except him. Mike was trying to keep Darren further and when Elliot and Colin started toward Tommy, the Beta growled at the Delta, who didn’t back down and it ended up in a bloody fight too.

A bit more satisfied the Omega rolled on his back and arched his body, his cock leaking on his naked stomach while he ran a hand down on his smooth inner-thigh. He was panting and sweat was glistening on his pale skin. He closed his burning eyes for a second and moaned louder. This was torture. So overwhelming, the heat, the need, the aggression and scents of all those strong males and the blood… So much blood was being spilled for him… He wanted one of them to win. Any of them. Someone please ease this burning…


 Adam had no idea for how long they’ve been fighting. Blood was soaking his black fur in several places, but Alastair didn’t look much better either. Probably both of them were surprised that Adam managed to stay on his feet for this long. Especially while Tommy’s actions in the corner were fucking distracting for each and every wolf in the room. The Gamma never smelled or felt anything like that, but Adam had to concentrate. He risked only a few quick glances towards that corner when Alastair was catching his breath.

But now he could see Colin lying on the floor and Elliot getting closer to Tommy while Mike was still fighting Darren, keeping him away from the Omega. Shit, Adam thought. He had to do something fucking quickly. Alastair exploited the few seconds when Adam wasn’t paying attention to him and the Gamma found himself knocked to the floor, the Alpha biting into his back. He whined painfully but managed to wriggle out from under him before Alastair could bite the back of his neck. It was a close call. He had to avoid that at all costs because he wouldn’t have another choice than to submit and give up. That’d probably cost his life.

Getting up he attacked again and he had no idea from where he mustered up some more strength while seeing wolf-Elliot drool on Tommy’s stomach, so close to his goal, making the Omega arch and whine. Adam suddenly managed to bump his head into Alastair’s side, quickly biting into the thick brown fur and he tore out a chunk of it along with the skin. The Alpha whined painfully and tried to get further away as blood splashed on the hardwood floor, but this was Adam’s chance to end this before Elliot could touch Tommy. And that thought itself made Adam’s eyes flash and the next moment his jaw was closing around the Alpha’s nape, teeth breaking the skin and big paws keeping the injured wolf down, holding him firmly. Adam was growling loud and warningly, ‘don’t move vibes’ rolling off him, but it wasn’t only for Alastair, who was trapped under him, but to the rest of the pack too.

Time seemed to freeze. The attention of the wolves was on Adam and Alastair – except for Darren and Colin who were unconscious now. They were all waiting to see if the Alpha would yield to Adam. He tried to fight him for a couple of minutes before finally going pliant under him. With the taste of victory and a rush of power Adam slowly let Alastair’s nape go and got off him, turning his attention to Elliot and Tommy, growling at the Beta to back off. That’s when he heard Mike’s warning bark and in the next moment he found himself under Alastair again, who was going for his neck in an attempt to tear his throat out.

Adam put his front paws on the brown wolf’s chest and scratched like crazy, making more blood fall on his black fur. He twisted and turned and snarled while the Alpha whined in pain. Anger flooded Adam’s mind, bringing back all the pain and hurt he caused not just to Adam, but to Mike, Tommy and the other Omegas before he killed them and then his jaw snapped and tore into flesh and windpipe and great satisfaction flooded Adam and his wolf hearing the sick fuck choking on his own blood. He pushed the dying wolf off his own body and stood, not caring about the blood just shaking his black fur back into place. He watched Alastair’s red eyes roll around then round as it fixed on Adam’s merciless and much more powerful form above him. Then slowly – very slowly the red bled out of his eyes, leaving a dull brown behind.

At the same time Adam felt his throbbing body starting to heal faster than usual and when he saw movement from the corner of his eye, he noticed Mike carefully come closer with his head bent and his tail loosely between his legs. He offered his neck and licked the underside of Adam’s chin, his actions and whole body language saying one thing: Alpha. And it was true. Adam caught his reflection in one of the mirrors on the wall and his eyes were nearly fully changed from silver to the red of Alphas!

He turned his head back to Mike and licked his muzzle as a sign of acceptance then he looked at Elliot and the other two wolves slowly coming around. He took a few steps closer to them straightening himself up to his full height. It seemed he appeared taller and broader than usual and his power hit the cowering wolves and Tommy with full force, a warning growl leaving his muzzle. Shift!

It was a non-verbal command directed towards the Beta and the Deltas and they immediately changed back into their human forms, shaking visibly from the forced shift. Adam on the other hand followed them gracefully, but his eyes stayed red.

“I defeated and killed Alastair. Do any of you want to challenge me for my new position?” he growled more wolf than human, letting his burning gaze wander from one man to the other. He knew he had to deal with this immediately before he could let himself focus on the impatient Omega who was watching him clearly fascinated and turned on like hell.

“No,” Elliot shook his head, dropping his eyes to the ground, probably thinking what’d Adam do next. The Deltas answered the same then the former Beta lifted his head but didn’t quite meet the new Alpha’s red eyes. “What do you want to do with us, Alpha?”

“I don’t wish to have the three of you in my pack. You tortured and hurt Tommy, Mike and me too much in the past. I don’t want to ever see your faces again. Otherwise I’ll kill you. I disown you three from this pack. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” came the answer in unison.

“Now get your things and fuck off!” he barked and the trio left the room as quickly as they could. Adam watched them go, his brain still trying to catch up with what’s been going on in the last hour or so.

The change was drastic. From Gamma he became an Alpha. But he felt strong and confident like never before. He knew he grew up to the role now that he had a purpose. Someone who had started all this. Tommy

He turned his red eyes and took a deep breath from the blonde Omega’s heady scent. He was still lying on the floor and he was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

Part 8


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