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Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 8 - Together

Part 8 - Together

  2015.02.15. 20:25

Part 8 – Together

 “I have sinned by just
Makin' my mind up and takin' your breath away”

“Mike…” Adam forced himself to turn his eyes from Tommy – and had to feel his claws dig into his palms to be able to ignore the disappointed whine coming from the corner – and focus on the last remaining wolf. He just finished shifting back into his human form.

“Yes?” he asked cautiously looking into Adam’s new eyes.

“You are free to go wherever you want or you could like, join me. I guess I’m in need of a pack and if there’s nowhere you want to go…”

“I’ll join your pack,” he cut in nodding, and for a second Adam could see the old Mike from their old pack where they were friends.


“But… if I may…” he said slowly, making sure that he was breathing through his mouth – not that it helped much with Tommy’s scent which was so thick in the air by then that it made each breath hard to inhale. Adam nodded and the ex-Delta swallowed hard. “You should first deal with him. I can wait. I’ll… find something to do… Like… getting rid off Alastair’s body or something.”

“Yeah… yeah, that’d be good. Take him outside into the back then we’ll deal with that later… but… yeah…” he closed his eyes as another wave of that sweet alluring scent hit his senses. “Go. Go now…”

Mike didn’t say anything just grabbed the hind-legs of the dead wolf and quickly pulled the carcass out of the room, leaving a bloody trail on his wake, but Adam couldn’t give a damn about that.

“Adam…” he heard from behind and he turned slowly, his eyes now fully red, nostrils flaring from the scent and sight of Tommy splayed on the floor. “Please…”

“Fuck…” he took a step closer. “Tommy…”

“It burns… it burns so bad… Please, help me… Alpha….” he breathed nearly whining, his eyes glued to Adam’s naked form, especially his impressive erection bobbing between his legs. “I need…”

“Tommy… Tommy, just… think for a second… Do you want to join my pack too? Like Mike?”

“Yes! Yes, I do!”

“I’m not sure how sober you’re at the moment.”

“I know I want it. I know… I know I want you. You’re safe… you’ll keep me safe. You won. You’re the strongest. You fought for me… us…” he moaned arching his back, his legs falling open slutty-wide and his fingers traced his own hole, wanting something to happen so badly. “You earned us…” he continued along with his wolf, which made his voice raw and his brown eyes turned golden. “We want you. Take us… mate us… breed us!” he whined.

“Tommy…” he groaned from the sight, his dick visibly throbbing in the air.

“Don’t you want us?” he whined and disappointment etched itself onto the beautiful face.

“Of course I… and my wolf want you and yours, but Tommy… you’re in heat. You can’t think straight.”

“I see everything so clearly now. Please, don’t torture me, Adam. Not you too. Give me what I need…” he paused to lick his dry lips, a spasm going through his body “and I’ll give you everything you want… everything I have. Please. Please… It hurts so much!”

“But I… I can get you pregnant, Tommy. This means… I can get you pregnant…” Adam tried to hold on to the last straw, but he knew he was losing. He was drawn closer to the Omega without him noticing. He was already kneeling beside him, just out of reach, his hands itching to touch the pale skin, the heat that came off the slim body burning his being, calling for him.

“I don’t mind. I’d do that for you too. You earned us. You have us as long as you want to…” he muttered and now tears were glistening in his eyes. “We are yours. Take us… take us…” he whined, the tear drops sliding down towards his ears then he rolled on his tummy and pushed his naked ass up in the air, resting his wet chin on his hand. “Please… I… we’re begging you…”

And that was just too much for Adam and his swirling emotions. His wolf growled through his mouth, all power and want and before he knew, he was kneeling behind Tommy, his wet human fingers pushing inside. “Oh god, you… you feel already so loose and wet…” he gasped for air, watching two of his fingers slide in and out with ease so he added a third one, shivering from Tommy’s needy moan and the way his tiny ass slid back on his digits.

“Please… I can take it. Just… fuck me already! I’m burning up for it! Give me that big cock of yours!” he whined without shame, elongated nails scratching the black hardwood floor.

“Shit…” Adam growled and pulled his fingers out to slick up his dick that was already sticky with pre-cum before pushing in with one swift move. They both cried out as he bottomed out and he had to take a few deep breaths from that overwhelmingly sweet scent which just clouded his mind more. It was a crazy whirlwind, calling forth their instincts.

Their moves were fluid, perfectly in sync and when Tommy begged for harder thrusts, Adam gave him them and then some more. Their wolves were close to the surface and there was a primal deep urge in them. They were trying getting closer to each other, Tommy’s auburn wolf calling for Adam’s black one and when the pleasure was getting too much yet not enough, he sunk his sharp fangs into Tommy’s neck, breaking skin to mark him as his for the rest of their lives. It was overwhelming for both of them and he could feel Tommy shake, his whole body shivering under him as he cried out and came all over the floor.

There was nothing human in the way Adam growled, biting harder, loving the way Tommy went pliant and relaxed under him in an instant, the taste of his sweet blood and that intoxicating scent filling his senses. While the bond was forming between them, his hips were slapping hard against the offered ass, the wet sounds loud in the otherwise quiet study of their late enemy. They completely gave themselves over to their instincts and there was no stopping the new Alpha now to let his knot breach the pulsing ass.

Tommy whined softly and made an attempt to move, but Adam’s iron-grip around his body and the thick Alpha power held him in place. Adam let his mark go to lick along it until the bleeding stopped and grind his cock even deeper into his new mate. There was not much room to move, so he just circled his hips and grinded into the Omega over and over, his cum finally spilling deep inside the shaking body, filling up his belly.

“Oh god, yesss!” Tommy hissed, feeling the all-consuming fire finally starting to ebb down and although he came just a few minutes before, he came with Adam again and again from the grinding against his prostate, the pleasure-pain frying his remaining brain cells and bringing a kind of complete peace that he’d never felt before.

He had no idea how long they were slowly rocking together on the floor. He felt boneless, held in place only by Adam’s sweaty tattooed arms and power. It wasn’t burning him like Alastair’s usually did. No, this new Alpha was completely different. He could tell, he could feel it in his bones through their new connection. This power was soothing, keeping him warm and caressing him as if he was the most precious thing in the world. That thought and feeling made tears escape Tommy’s half-closed eyes while they were just lying there. He was kept warm and safe by Adam’s big and broad body and for once in his life he loved every second of his own submission, because it was welcomed and appreciated.

He felt Adam nose his hair and make soothing sounds and he realized he was sobbing now. But those sobs and tears came from relief and happiness. He could nearly see the shackles that bound him in so many ways fall off him one by one. Even if he was bound to Adam now and Adam to him, he felt free for the first time since he was taken away from home. Now he had a new home where he was clearly wanted and loved. He gave up hope a long time ago to once experience this, but the impossible became possible because of this stubborn and protective hot, hot man over him. He was crying and laughing in turns while Adam was soothing him the best he could, but they didn’t say a word. His weight and the warmth of all that freckled skin pressing against his healing one was one of the best feelings ever. Mate. He was mated for life to Adam and unlike him, he wanted to shout it from a mountaintop. His wolf agreed, basking in the attention and power of the other wolf. Tommy smiled once more when he could nearly see the lying big black wolf groom his own wolf that was pressed to his side. They were all happy.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up, okay?” Adam murmured into his hair after a few more long moments and kissed the back of his neck.

“Okay…” Tommy said and didn’t even hiss when Adam could finally slip free from his hole. The rush of cum leaking out from the move and when he let the new Alpha help him up made Tommy blush and look up at Adam with hooded golden eyes.

The other man smiled down at him and pulled him in his arms. “I can’t believe you are finally mine, Tommy. I was dreaming about this moment. I thought it’d never happen,” he held him closer, nearly painfully, but it didn’t bother the Omega. His own arms went around Adam’s waist.

“I… I wanted you too,” he admitted shyly and blushed some more.

“Really?” Adam tilted his head up and searched his eyes.


“No regrets then? About… joining my pack and becoming my mate… and me breeding you?” he asked a bit worried and a sudden urge to reassure Adam rushed through Tommy. He could clearly feel the Alpha’s emotions through that new and already strong bond. It was as if they were partly his own. Overlapping.

“No! No. I’m happy. My wolf and I are finally happy. Can’t you feel it?” he asked holding Adam closer, letting his hands caress the small of his back. It was true, although at first Tommy was a bit reluctant to give in to the feeling because everything changed so suddenly in his world, but since he still didn’t wake from this ‘dream,’ he started to believe it was real.

The freckled man stayed silent for a long moment and closed his bluish-grey eyes that had a hint of red in them still. He took a deep breath and concentrated then the warm smile returned to his face, making Tommy want to kiss each freckle on those lips. “Yes. Yes, I can feel it… It’s beautiful. You two are beautiful,” he slid a hand on Tommy’s flushed cheek to cradle his head and he kissed him gently once again, pulling a purr-like sound from the Omega. It made Adam chuckle low. “How’s the heat?”

Tommy sighed happily and examined himself for a second. “It’s bearable now. You managed to suppress it, but it’s still there. You might have to… do me again soon…” he bit his lip a bit shyly.

“You’re saying it as if I’d mind…” Adam murmured, his eyes darkening a bit.

“You don’t?” he looked up with something like hope and vulnerability in his eyes.

“Don’t be silly. I can barely keep my hands off you. Especially now that you are mine. Just mine and my wolf’s,” he growled approvingly. “I promise I’ll protect and take care of you two. I’ll be so good to you both. You deserve your happiness and I want to give you everything I can. A new home, a new pack, a new love. Deal?”

“Abso-fucking-lutely deal!” Tommy giggled and let Adam take his hand to lead them to one of the bathrooms. He watched his new Alpha run a bath for both of them. He noticed the difference in the way Adam was moving around. It was more fluid and confident. A new aura of power was shimmering around him and behind his muscles. It suited him. It was as if finally he became what he was supposed to be. And Tommy wondered that maybe he just needed a trigger like him to go for it. He could already feel that all the pain and suffering was so much worth it to get here, into this bathroom with his new Alpha and mate. His mate. The thought was still blowing the blonde man’s mind. He thought he’d be dead soon and he made peace with that possibility but now, with Alastair finally out of the picture, everything had changed and the future was wide open in front of them. And the best thing in it was that Tommy didn’t have to face it alone. No. Now he had someone, someone strong on his side who clearly worshipped the ground he walked on. They would face that future together.

“Where did you just go?” Adam asked gently, stopping in front of Tommy in all his naked glory and the Omega had to swallow hard. He was such a beautiful man. His beautiful man.

His fingers itched to touch the warm skin, to trace all those bursts of freckles on his stomach and sides and he realized he could. He didn’t have to ask permission now. He had all the right. So he did. His slender and lightly shaking hands reached out and let the warmth of the smooth skin seep into his fingers. It was like before – it calmed him and made him feel happy touching his mate. It was an amazing feeling and he nearly forgot to reply to the question, but one of Adam’s hands cupped his face and tilted his head up so their eyes could meet.

“I was thinking about our future. You. Us,” he smiled lightly.

The soft and warm expression he got for that made his heart skip a beat and warmth spread in his body. It wasn’t the heat, although it was still lurking in his body. No. It was something different. Permanent. Love, he realized and he swallowed hard. Now he could finally love someone. Adam. Such a fine man… And he wanted someone like him. The Omega knew that it’d take some time to get used to that and rewire his mind, trying to forget what was literally banged into his head about how weak and worthless he was. Those teachings would have to go, but he was sure that Adam would be patient with him. It was there in each look and move he made. And deep down he knew: he’d never be beaten or raped by this Alpha. Cliché or not, Adam was his hero. It made him sigh with relief and relax further as he pressed his cheek into Adam’s palm, wanting his scent over him again.

“It’s wide open now. Full of possibilities. I know it won’t be easy at times, but I’ve got you and I’m confident that you, Mike and I will find our way. We are free now,” Adam nodded caressing Tommy’s slightly flushed cheek. He could feel his Omega, his mate nod against his hand. He could feel how much lighter Tommy’s whole being got now that things have changed. Adam was still a bit surprised by how much stronger such a tiny man could make him, but he loved it and he wanted to spend the rest of his life figuring out just how much stronger they both could get together. “Come on, baby. Bath time,” he smiled and helped Tommy into the warm water.

Once their bodies got used to the hot temperature and relaxed, Adam carefully washed both of them and then they were just half-laying there with Adam’s back against the tub, embracing Tommy against his chest and shoulder. This felt right. They were where they were supposed to be and for a moment he just let himself savor the feeling.

“What’ll happen now? Do you want to stay here or move to the West Coast like you suggested earlier?” Tommy asked quietly.

Adam pressed a kiss into the wet hair and held him a little tighter, his fingers occasionally dancing on silky white skin. The question brought back some memories he’d rather forget, but he focused on not tensing up. He didn’t want to ruin the calm atmosphere. It seemed though that Tommy felt something because he lifted his head to look at Adam, his silvery earrings clinking together. Adam absently traced the edge of one lobe, not touching the jewels. The skin was still reddish around them and it made him frown for a second.

“Now that everything’s ours here…” he sighed glimpsing around before looking back at Tommy “we’ll have to make a lot of decisions. Luckily Mike is good in legal stuff so he’ll be able to handle at least those things. I was thinking we could sell everything here and relocate. Start clean. I don’t think Elliot or the others would ever show up again, but this place… although it gave me you, reminds me of a lot of bad things. But now we decide together. So if you want to stay, we’ll stay.”

“No. I don’t want to stay. I feel the same about this place,” Tommy agreed. “Where do you want to move and what do you want to do there?” he asked curiously now and it made Adam smile.

“I don’t know. I was thinking about some big cities over there. Miami or LA? Whichever the three of us would like. I want us to vote because it will concern not just me but you and Mike too.”

Tommy looked at him somewhat surprised. He never heard about something like this. Alphas usually decided on their own and the pack followed. Maybe their Beta could give him suggestions, but that’s all. But why was he surprised? Clearly Adam was to follow his own path.

“You feel surprised but pleased at the same time. I don’t want to be a tyrant like Alastair was to us. I want each member of my pack to have a voice in decisions that is about the whole pack’s future before my final decision is made.”

“That’s pretty unheard of but I like it.”

“I want to change a lot of things along the way. But the most important change that is on my mind is making you believe just how valuable and amazing you really are,” he whispered pulling Tommy’s head closer by his nape. He pressed a soft kiss on the plum lips and smiled against them when he felt the light shiver run through his mate.

“I like the sound of that,” he whispered back. And he realized he did like the sound of that. A lot.

“What about the earrings?”

For a moment Adam’s question puzzled him and he had to look into his eyes. “What about them?”

“Don’t you want to take them out? There’s no one to punish you anymore. I’m sure they are burning you.”

“They are just stinging a bit by now. I guess I’ve got used to the pain,” he said with a darker expression that earned a comforting caress on the side of his neck, just above his healing claim mark. “I… I think I might keep wearing earrings. Just maybe change them into something that’s not silver,” he added shyly and much more unsure. It was his first own decision about his own body in a long, long time.

Adam seemed to realize the importance of this decision and the beaming smile and nod the Omega got made Tommy relax again. “Alright then. To be honest, I think you with earrings… that’s just damn hot,” he grinned pulling Tommy even closer, one hand caressing all over the slim form. “Oh and one more thing… I’ll feed you until you get some meat on you. You’re so thin, baby. I want to take care of you like that too,” he mumbled on his lips before he pecked them.

“Okay… sounds… sounds good,” the breathy reply came as that other warmth – the heat – was slowly uncurling in his belly, but he ignored it for now. Adam had some other things on his mind, he could feel it.

“Can I ask you something important, Tommy?”

“Yes, of course.”

“It’s about… what happened in the basement,” he licked his own lips more tense and Tommy suddenly felt that urge again to comfort him so he caressed Adam’s chest, fingers playing with the ginger chest hair there. “Or more like what got us there. I haven’t even had the chance to say how sorry I was. It was my fault and I can only hope that you’d some day forgive me for that. It was killing me to see you like that and then you closed me out and I just… I couldn’t do anything against it. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough yet. Now I will be. I promise I’ll be strong for you… for us and the pack,” he confessed dead serious.

“Adam… I won’t lie. It hurt. So much… But… I know you couldn’t have done anything to stop the actions of a mad man. A-Alastair was crazy,” he muttered and his eyes rounded for a second from what he dared to say. Earlier such a sentence would earn him at least a beating. But now he could speak his mind. Adam clearly preferred that. “It didn’t matter what you did or didn’t do, he loved making me… us suffer. He’d have done that for any other reason too. He was getting more violent with me. More out of control. It took me longer to heal after… after his sessions,” he whispered barely audible and his eyes dropped to his pale hand that was still caressing Adam’s chest.

“He was losing it. I know. He was heading towards the point where he’d usually…” Adam cut himself off and shook his head.

“… where he’d usually kill his Omega,” Tommy finished it for him.

The other man sighed heavily. “Yes. But I’m so fucking happy it didn’t come to that. Now I have you for the rest of my life and that’ll never ever happen to you. I promise,” he smiled and propped his forehead against Tommy’s.

“Thank you and Adam…”


“I already forgave you,” he whispered and moved his small body to straddle the clearly relieved Alpha.

“Thank you. You have no idea…” he started and slid his tattooed arms around the slim waist.

“Actually I do. You know… mate bond,” he smiled shyly at him and leaned down for a proper kiss. The heat was slowly prickling his skin with its return and he could tell when Adam sensed it too, because he went tense under him and breaking the kiss looked up at him.

“Tommy?” he asked and the Omega saw him take a deep breath from his stronger scent.

“It’s okay, Adam… I’ll be ready to take it again by the time we get there…” he whispered slightly hoarser and leaned down to nuzzle his face against Adam’s neck, the musky scent of male and Alpha making Tommy moan and rub himself against the bigger man.

“Oh god… This will take some time to get used to…” he moaned sliding his strong hands on the small butt under the water. Tommy just chuckled and licked and kissed a sensitive spot behind Adam’s ear, purring low as the lust was creeping up on his spine to take over his mind and body.

“You like it…”

“I fuckin’ do, of course… but Tommy…” Adam took his face between his big hands and looked into the Omega’s eyes. His pupils were already dilated, the thin ring around them turning gold as Tommy’s wolf was awakening and getting ready to roll over with belly up to Adam’s wolf. “Aren’t you… are you okay… I think you… you can really can get pregnant during your heat cycles. Are you okay with that?”

“I don’t mind Adam. I don’t mind it at all. If it happens then it’s meant to be… I didn’t lie. I’d happily give that to you. You are so worth it,” he whispered while one of his hands snuck under the water to take Adam’s already half-hard cock in his hand. Of course it made him moan and hold Tommy’s face a bit tighter.

“So are you, Tommy… So are you,” he answered and their lips crashed in a passionate kiss and the outside world disappeared for them again while their instincts took over.

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