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Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 9 - Search

Part 9 - Search

  2015.02.16. 19:13

Part 9 – Search

“…the light is brighter this time…”

Even with Mike’s help it took a bit longer for them to be able to sell everything and leave the house that both caused them pain and pleasure. Adam and Tommy spent a lot of time together, barely letting each other out of their sights. Needless to say that in the few days the Omega was in heat they didn’t really leave Adam’s bedroom. But it seemed Mike didn’t mind. He took care of their food and to Adam’s request he started dealing with how to sell Alastair’s business and house. Luckily once word got out that Alastair Blake died in a heart failure, different kind of wolves wanted to put their paws on his empire: human businessmen driven by profit. So it wasn’t hard to sell the company. The house took a bit longer, but it seemed luck was finally on their side.

After getting through Tommy’s heat cycle the three of them sat down to plan their future. Mike had no family so it wasn’t hard for him to uproot and go wherever they would decide. Tommy on the other hand was thorn between ignorance and want. Most of the time he didn’t care about his family that lived only a few cities away from there. Other times he wanted to face them and tell them how terrible they were to sell their own son for some money. And he wanted to see his sister. He wanted to know she was okay. But what if she was already in another pack or she realized their parents were “right” to do this to her brother? Tommy swallowed hard.

Finally Mike volunteered to sniff around the house and see what the situation was. Tommy was grateful to the new Beta, because he wasn’t sure he would’ve been able to go just yet. Since Alastair’s death he and Mike became friends, although at first it was difficult for Tommy to open up to a second person. Sometimes he still had problems doing so even with Adam. But they both were patient with him.

He developed a habit of retreating with the acoustic guitar into a corner and play for hours or just watch the backyard where he became part of the old pack – and now this new one. He sometimes found himself tracing the new claim mark on the back of his neck. It was a spiral that erased the hated cross. It was accurate, because he felt as if he was spiraling somewhere. Downward at times when he jerked awake from nightmares filled with his tortures. But then upward because Adam was always there to soothe him and hold him close, burying him in his scent and safety.

His brown eyes were fixed on the circle where a few months ago he was claimed by Alastair. The circle was blackened now from the fire. A couple of weeks back he watched the ex-Alpha’s body burn with satisfaction while he was squeezing Adam’s hand in his.

They both were still healing and they knew it was a long process and they had to be patient to each other and to themselves too, but it was worth it. Every second was worth it, because they were getting better. They had something new to focus on – their new family. And although it only consisted of the three of them yet, Tommy found himself thinking more about his new ability.

“What are you thinking about, pretty?” he heard Adam ask and a glass of orange juice and a plate with two sandwiches appeared to his left.

Tommy turned his head to smile up at him then put the guitar down to take the drink and food. “Thanks,” he nodded and sipped from the OJ before answering. “I think I went into heat because of you.”

“Oh?” Adam raised his eyebrows and sat down next to Tommy on the couch where they became one for the first time.

So much has changed since that night. Sometimes it got overwhelming and Tommy had to force himself to just breathe through it. Staring into his plate he felt grateful when Adam put an arm around his bony shoulders. “I think my wolf and body could feel somehow that you are my potential mate. I never went into heat before so I had no idea, but I have this feeling that if you weren’t part of this pack, I probably wouldn’t have gone into it,” he said and leaned back to relax against Adam’s arm and side. It was so comfortable he immediately felt safe from his own thoughts too and breathing became easier so he put his drink down and took a bite from his sandwich.

“I believe you, Tommy. I think it’s possible and I’m happy it happened when it did. I think it helped me take the last step and free all three of us,” he caressed his mate’s shoulder and pressed a soft kiss against the shaved side of his head.

He chewed his bite and swallowed it before turning his head to smile warmly at Adam. “I’m so happy you did although I was so terrified. But… you… God, you looked so amazing, so powerful and hot covered in his blood,” he confessed quietly, hoping that Adam wouldn’t think he was strange for feeling like that.

He earned a wholehearted laugh for that comment and the freckled man gently angled his head to lick off a morsel from the corner of Tommy’s mouth then kiss it. It made the blonde blush a bit. “You are just so precious, baby.”

“Shut up,” he chuckled. It felt good that he could say things like that now. That he could freely tell what was on his mind. It took some time to get used to it and still a lot of times Adam had to reassure him that it was okay, but Adam was really like a dream to Tommy. Of course he had his flaws too, but together they were clearly growing stronger.

They stayed in a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s closeness until Tommy ate his first sandwich and tried to put his plate down but Adam made a disapproving little sound. He took feeding Tommy seriously. The blonde man just sighed and continued eating.

“That’s much better,” Adam beamed at him and handed Tommy his drink.

Taking it he drank the rest and smiled a bit at Adam after putting the empty glass and plate down. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, baby,” he smiled back, his fingers playing with Tommy’s hair once the Omega was resting his head on his shoulder, the setting sun’s light coming through the French doors and glistening on Tommy’s new earrings.

“Do you think I’ll keep going into heat?”

“Probably,” Adam murmured into his hair, drinking in Tommy’s scent with closed eyes. He just couldn’t get enough of it, no matter how much time they spent together. He was his drug and he felt lucky that he could enjoy it openly now. “Why are you asking this?”

“Because sooner or later it’s bound to happen…”

Adam knew that he was talking about cubs. His heart skipped a beat then he rubbed his cheek against Tommy’s hair. He knew chances for Omegas to get pregnant were high when in heat, since their bodies signaled with it that it was ready. On normal days the chances were next to nothing, but it wasn’t impossible. He remembered from somewhere that once it happened, the Alpha or the Omega’s mate would notice too. The first and most telltale sign was the slight change in the Omega’s scent, the second the pack’s – especially the Alpha’s – much stronger protectiveness towards them. So yes, now he was checking Tommy’s scent but it was the same like always.

“It didn’t happen yet…”

“No,” Tommy rubbed his cheek against Adam’s chest and put his arms around his torso. “But it might soon. Are you really okay with it? Our future is still uncertain.”

“Remember what you said? ‘It happens if it’s meant to be’. I really don’t mind if it does. You’d be totally hot and beautiful with a round tummy,” he gently chuckled and pressed a kiss on Tommy’s forehead. “And it’d be amazing. I mean… a piece of you and me growing inside you… I’d be happy about it and probably drive poor Mike insane with my protectiveness and worrying,” he snickered and Tommy joined him.

“Yeah, man. Poor Mike. You make him work a lot. Sometimes I feel like he does everything while we get lost in each other.”

“Hey, I work on preparing the trip too, you know!” Adam snorted and Tommy poked him in the ribs.

“Ouch!” Adam grunted and grabbed Tommy to turn and gently push him down on the couch, trapping him with his body. Then he started tickling him until Tommy was begging for mercy and threatening Adam with puking on him since he just ate.

Once they exchanged a few kisses and calmed down, they were just lying there on their sides, facing each other. Tommy loved Adam’s strong arms around him. It meant safety. He nearly dozed off as the shadows grew in the room.

“Have you decided yet about that visit?”

“I’ve been thinking a lot about it since Mike reported back to us… I think… I’ll go. Will you come with me?” he looked up into Adam’s eyes suddenly unsure.

“Of course, baby. I’ll be right there, holding your hand if you want me to,” he nodded seriously and held him a bit closer to his chest.

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, my love.”

Still, Tommy felt grateful yet again. He finally started to believe that he wasn’t an abomination. Because he was loved and cherished and he was stronger now. Adam had opened his eyes and he had his back.


 Standing across the street from the house where he’d grown up was one of the hardest things he had to do in his life. But he agreed with Adam. Tommy needed this to be able to let the dark chapters of his past go and move forward. As promised, Adam was standing right next to him, but he wasn’t holding his hand. The Omega had to do this ‘alone’. For himself. But of course Adam’s confident and warm presence had a calming and encouraging effect on him.

When the door opened and he saw Mike coming out of the house, his heart skipped a beat. A wave of Adam’s love washed over him in the next moment and he relaxed again. Right until Mike moved and a brunette young woman followed him down the stairs. His eyes widened as they met with his sister’s and then she was running across the lawn and the street, tears glistening in her eyes and she closed Tommy into a bone-crushing hug.

“Tommy!!!” she sobbed relieved into his shoulder and once the shock ebbed down, Tommy’s arms came up to close around his sister too. “Oh god, Tommy! It’s really you! I can’t… Mike told me it was you, but I didn’t want to believe him. Not really… I haven’t heard from you in so long… So fucking long! I’ve missed you! So much! I thought you were dead… I’m so sorry, Tommy… I’m so sorry I couldn’t stop them back then. I’m so sorry…” she sobbed and the Omega’s throat suddenly felt fucking tight but he still hushed her sister, his own tears sliding down his face.

“Lisa… Hey, hey, look at me, please,” he asked her hoarsely and their teary eyes finally met. “I don’t blame you. I only blame them,” he said on a serious tone and he could hear a relieved sigh while understanding glistened in her familiar eyes. It’s been years since he could look at her face and now he was drinking in all the details and changes. She grew up into a fine woman from the teenager he last saw. “You okay?” he asked and he could sense that Lisa knew there was more behind that question.

“Yes… yes, I’m fine. They didn’t pull the same shit on me,” she nodded, still holding on to Tommy’s leather-jacket. “They’ll… want to start negotiations with some packs to find me a potential mate, but they aren’t forcing me.”

Tommy tensed for a second then he felt Adam’s hand on his shoulder and he relaxed and just nodded at his sister, letting her pull herself out of his embrace enough to look at Adam now. Despite the fact that he was an Alpha, she held his gaze then she looked back and forth between the two of them.

“Mike told me the truth. You two really are mated,” she said glimpsing at the edge of Tommy’s scarred claiming bite.

“We are. I am Adam,” the taller man nodded in agreement and offered a hand.

Lisa gave him one hard look then she shook hands with him. “Your Beta told me that you are nothing like your previous Alpha who… tortured my brother. I can see that, now,” the Delta said and let Adam’s hand go, not showing how the residual Alpha energies were still prickling her palm. A small smile appeared on her face feeling the nice warmth seeping into her skin there.

“I love your brother and will protect him and the pack, if that’s what you wanted to hear,” he said calmly, radiating confidence and power and from that all Tommy wanted to do was to lean against his side and press his nose into his mate’s neck.

“You better…” she growled, but the promise of a smile was still in the corner of her mouth.

Adam just raised a brow and smirked while Mike chuckled a few steps behind her.

“Actually I wanted to ask you something…” Lisa started.


 Seeing his sister and knowing how much she missed him and how sorry she was for letting him down when they came for him was already a lot to digest, but Tommy felt happy on the sidewalk while they talked. But then it was time to enter the house he used to call home. It was bittersweet and hearing Adam’s steady heartbeats and feeling the supporting vibes rolling off him towards his direction made it a tiny bit easier to sit there on the couch with his Alpha. He wasn’t touching Tommy this time and for that he was grateful while he was staring at his parents.

They looked a lot older. For humans it would’ve been understandable because it’s been years since he last saw them. But for werewolves it was strange. It usually happened when something serious was weighting on their hearts and mind. They weren’t looking at them and the silence in the room was tense. Lisa and Mike were watching from the background while the Omega was facing the two people he used to love and look up to before they’d ruined his life.

“Tommy…” his mother tried to start and the blonde man’s eyes darted to hers when she finally raised her head. “You look good. I’m… we’re glad.”

As he expected, he could feel the anger start to rise in him. It was still new to him that he could let it flow instead of trying to push it down and mask it so no one knew. “You are glad?” he asked on an icy tone which was also unexpected from an Omega. He saw that it made visibly cringe his parents. Good. “I think it won’t come as a big shock that I don’t believe a word you say after what you two had done to me. Selling your own son to those people… You knew their reputation and you still didn’t care! You didn’t care if I lived or died and god help me, I wished I was dead so many times you can’t even imagine!” he growled, his voice rising with each word and his hands fisted on his knees as his eyes started shimmering in gold. Anger, pain and disappointment were surrounding him, but Adam didn’t try to calm him down. They both knew he had to let this out, say his piece and Tommy was grateful to him yet again. “I was sold by the only people I completely trusted in my life. My own parents! Do you have any idea how many times they beat me and raped me unconscious?! Do you have any idea how much pain I had to endure? How many times they broke my bones?! How close I was to go crazy? How close I was to die?! And I wished for it. I wished for it so hard, because all I knew for years were abuse, humiliation, pain and despise!” he shouted now standing in front of the couch, tears burning his eyes but he refused to let them spill. He refused to cry in front of these people. He would never show them weakness. Never again. “No, you can’t even start to begin to understand. You two have no idea how much you’ve hurt me! LOOK AT ME!” he shouted and he saw two pairs of teary eyes now. “How could you do this to me just because I was born an Omega? I cannot help what I am, but you two never really cared about me, did you? You only saw the money you could get for me. I was the goose with the golden eggs, huh?! Just a tool for you! Because what kind of parents sell their own son?! Tell me!” he barked at them, his hands fisted and shaking by his sides, elongated nails nearly breaking the skin of his palms.

“Son…” his father started.

“You don’t have the right to call me that!” he growled, flashing his wolf-eyes at him, making him nod.

“Tommy… Please, understand that we were desperate back then… and different. I don’t want to come up with excuses…” he swallowed hard, putting a hand on his silently crying wife’s. “Because there aren’t any that would justify the biggest mistake of our lives. We are so sorry, s… Tommy.”

“We were hoping this day would come,” his mother said after agreeing with his father. “Because it meant you were stronger than anyone could hope… that you survived. And now we could see you again although we don’t deserve it. But Tommy… we have changed since we realized what a horrible mistake we did. But then it was too late. We tried… we tried to find them, track you down. We were ready to sell the little we owned in hope of getting you back, but it was too late.”

“Don’t… don’t lie to me!”

“I’m not lying, Tommy. We really tried but you were gone… We were always trying to find you, but we never could until Mike showed up,” she explained glimpsing at the Beta over Tommy’s head then looked back at him. “You don’t have to believe us. We understand and we can merely ask for your forgiveness. Maybe some day you’d find it in you to forgive us,” she sighed bitterly, her finger lacing with her husband’s.

Tommy stood there in tense silence then shook his head. “I don’t believe you. I can’t. Not after what you did. Even thinking about selling your own kid is fucked up. And you actually went through with it, causing me years of pain. You should be ashamed for the rest of your lives. I can’t forgive that to you two. But now I am happy with my new Alpha and mate,” he said, his voice softening for a moment before going back to cold. “This is goodbye. I said my piece to get my closure and move on with my life with Adam and my new pack. And this time it is me who’ll take something from you. This time I’ll take Lisa like you took me from her. She is coming with us to join our pack and I fucking hope you don’t have any objections,” he looked at the couple. They just sighed and shook their heads.

Tommy grunted and turned to his sister, jerking his head into the direction of the staircase to send her packing. Lisa nodded and disappeared upstairs.

“You are already so much stronger… It’s good to see. We are sorry, Tommy. Please, remember that,” he heard his father’s soft voice and he looked older still than at the beginning of that conversation.

The Omega huffed and took one last look at them and the house then he quietly left without looking back. He was still angry as he marched through the garden and out on the street. He could feel Mike following him from a few steps behind and he was pissed and glad about it. Once he reached the sidewalk he stopped and when Mike reached him, he simply turned into his embrace and held on tight.

“Mr. Lambert…” Tommy’s mom looked at Adam, not quite meeting his guarded eye. “Please, take care of them,” she asked quietly and broken and now they made eye-contact.

The Alpha just held it for a few moments then nodded and stood hearing Lisa come down the stairs with a few bags and suitcases. “I will,” he promised and went to help the new member of his pack.


 LA was loud, hot and buzzing with life. And they all loved it. It took them some more time to track down Adam’s brother Neil, but they finally found him in that city. Tommy held Adam’s hand while they were waiting for the younger Lambert to arrive to the back of the near empty coffee shop’s back. When he finally did, the brothers hugged for long minutes and Tommy had to smile. He could feel how deep Adam’s love was for his little brother and how relieved he was that he seemed to be okay. They spent hours there just talking and catching up.

That’s how now Neil knew everything that’d happened to Adam since they parted ways before Adam had joined the pack that was later taken over by Alastair. Tommy could feel that Neil was a Beta, like Mike now. He talked about his years spent as a lone wolf just wandering in the world, trying to do something with his life. It worked for a while and he went to a lot of places and not just in North America but in Europe and Asia too. It was fascinating for Tommy just to listen to him and Adam shared the feeling. He was drinking in his brother’s words, sight and scent and nodded or asked him this and that.

Finally Neil told them that he settled down here in Los Angeles because of his human work and that he made a few friends. Not just humans but a couple of werewolves too. They weren’t really a pack because there was no Alpha in their lines, but they stuck together and helped each other whenever they could. Then Adam made an offer Neil promised to think about and talk over with his friends.

That’s how they met the dark-skinned dancer Terrance; the make up artist and drag queen Sutan and the pretty bass player Ashley. They were all Deltas and listened to Adam with interest. They had a good vibe, Tommy felt comfortable around them and when – trusting Neil’s judgement who, as the only Beta, was kinda their leader – they finally decided that they’d join Adam’s pack, he, Adam, Mike and Lisa gave them a warm welcome.

Their new pack had eight members now and Tommy didn’t say it, but he felt safer than ever. Because a pack gets stronger when there are more wolves in it. It wasn’t just because of the “strength in numbers” factor. It literally made their Alpha and the rest of the pack stronger. And watching Adam get stronger and happier with each day was mesmerizing to Tommy.

There were other changes in the pack too, not just getting to know each other and getting used to the new situation and hierarchy. Adam got along with each of them, but mostly with Terrance. They quickly became best friends while the Alpha and his brother got back to their usual brotherly bickering and teasing. Neil was a sarcastic bastard and Tommy loved it. His humor was wicked and Tommy found himself laughing more than ever while watching the Beta taste his brother, but never his authority or position. Tommy got closer to Mike and Sutan, who seemed to be the mother hen of the pack. They talked a lot and the slim but tall Delta loved to pretty Tommy up. The first time he did it, Adam could only gape and his lust hit Tommy like a brick wall. Needless to say that it ended up in a night spent with hot and passionate lovemaking until they had no strength to move.

But nowadays Tommy found the common ground with Ashley too. She was a sweet girl who loved music just as much as the Omega. They often jammed for hours, teaching each other the tricks they’d learned since playing the guitar. Ashley taught Tommy how to play the bass and Tommy gave lessons on his acoustic guitar to her. They had a funny yet calm vibe between them. Tommy never thought he’d be able to make so many friends or feel so happy and protected in a pack. Sometimes it still felt like a dream and he never wanted to wake up from it.

The newest change was something that made Tommy smile whenever he saw them. Since the claiming ceremony when the new wolves joined their pack, Tommy started to notice the signs. A smile, a brush of hands, a laugh and then he realized: his sister and Mike liked each other. It was still forming, but it was clear to everyone in the pack that it was bound to happen. They were always close to each other when they were in the same room, or when they went out clubbing together, they disappeared on the dance floor for hours. Seeing his sister happy too was something that warmed Tommy’s heart. She deserved it.

They talked a lot whenever they didn’t have to do anything else. They tried to make up for the lost time. That’s how Tommy knew that their parents didn’t lie. They truly wanted to find him, but didn’t succeed. Lisa drifted apart from them, slowly closing them out of her own world. She was just living with them. She planned on taking off once she was old enough to stand on her own feet and find a job and room. She didn’t tell them that when they brought up the possibility of finding a mate for her. She didn’t care, although they weren’t forcing her.

Still, Tommy couldn’t forgive their parents. Not yet. Maybe he’ll never be able to. But one thing was sure: he was happy to have his sister back in his life. And he encouraged her to go for it with Mike, which earned him an embarrassed chuckle and a pillow fight.

Things were getting better in the pack’s life. Adam, Neil, Mike and Terrance were looking for a house to buy where they could all live together. They had to keep in mind that other wolves could join them in the future so it had to be a big place. Luckily from the money they got from selling Alastair’s business, house and belongings, they had plenty of money for that and for living for a while even without jobs. But Adam, Tommy, Mike and Lisa were all searching for one in the meantime.

Adam and Tommy had a dream that they wanted to make come true. They both remembered how much they enjoyed making music together so along with Ashley they went to open mic nights whenever they could. Sutan pulled a few strings in the drag and gay clubs where he performed as Raja or where he had friends. Soon – thanks to Adam’s unique voice and Tommy’s and Ashley’s help on guitar and bass – they got some fans and a name in the underground scene. They loved doing that even if it paid less than they expected. But it wasn’t about money. It was about music, experience, love and growing as a couple, a band, a pack.

But what he loved the most in his new life was that the other wolves accepted him from the first moment. They didn’t look down on him because he was an Omega. They didn’t care and during the weeks they quickly grew to love him and not just because he was Adam’s mate, but because of him. Because they liked his personality that showed more and more while getting comfortable around them. Finally Tommy felt like he was where he belonged – to Adam, to their new pack and to himself. It was the biggest and best change in his life and he couldn’t tell them how happy and grateful he was for this. But they all felt it and it was enough. It was perfect.


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