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Useless-girl - My Plague
Useless-girl - My Plague : Part 10 - New Life

Part 10 - New Life

  2015.03.05. 10:51

Part 10 – New Life

“The start of the journey is every bit worth it (…)
I've never stopped trying, I've never stopped feeling like family is much more than blood
Don't go on without me, the piece that I represent complements each and every one…”
(Slipknot – Til We Die)

“This organization is done. No more Omega buying or selling,” Adam roared in front of the gathered wolves, his feet still resting on the bloody body of the defeated Alpha. It was the one that ran the company that had sold Tommy to Alastair and many other defenseless Omegas to others. Adam’s eyes were a burning red, the ripples of his powers making each wolf drop on their knees – except the members of his own pack scattered among the trees and around him. There were others too. Allies from other packs the LA pack managed to get friends with while Adam, Tommy and Ashley were building up their career.

It wasn’t easy to get there, to live through that moment. They all knew that this wasn’t the only organization, but Adam and his growing pack made a statement with this victory. It was a clear message to all the other companies with such shady activities. It took weeks, months really, until Adam and his pack were strong and big enough to try and make allies in the territories surrounding LA. There were other packs in the city too. Luckily they were friendly and were willing to let Adam claim the free territories once he fought for that right with them. It was just how things went between Alphas. Once the freckled man told them that he wanted peace and understanding between the packs, they agreed and since then on some occasions they helped each other out. It strengthened the alliance between them and later, when Adam and his band went on tour, new alliances were born. Until the day came when they could track down and wind up this shameful place.

Sounds of understanding murmurs were heard all around then Adam let his pack tie up the wolves so they could later report them to the police for human trafficking. They couldn’t get away with such deeds, even if they had no choice but to follow their Alpha. Mike and his men would do the interrogations before involving the humans, but Adam could feel it in his bones. Most of these men and women weren’t forced and it just made his anger flare up once again, but then it quickly turned into a deep sadness when he looked at the cowering Omegas.

There were a dozen of them. All clearly frightened, hungry, shaking and looking awfully pale. The Alpha stepped away from the dead body, knowing that someone would take care of it, and slowly walked towards the Omegas, with his bloody palms turned towards them in a sign of non-aggression, although most of them didn’t even dare to look up.

“I am Adam. Alpha of one of the Los Angeles packs. We are not here to hurt you. We are here to free you all. I have allies here with me from around this territory that could help take care of you until you get yourself together. They can try finding a place for you too, if you want. You are also free to leave now if you have a family, friends or somewhere else to go. Or you can try your luck on your own too. All we offer you are help, freedom and choice. Nothing else,” he explained, sending calming waves of his power over them.

A pretty brunette woman mustered up her courage and looked at Adam, daring to hold his red gaze only for a split second before staring at his naked and bloody chest. “Alpha… can I… ask something?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Why… why do I smell Omega on you?” she whispered, hoping that she wouldn’t anger such a powerful Alpha with her question.

A warm smile appeared on Adam’s dirty face. “Because my mate is an Omega. You smell him on me through our bond. He was sold to our previous pack by these men and women and I swore to him that I’d destroy this organization and other ones too, if I can.”

To that the other Omegas started taking quick and stolen glances around too.

“Where is he then?” a small black-haired man asked.

Adam’s smile widened and he sighed, his voice going soft around the edges. “He’s at home. Waiting for my return.”


 It was true. Tommy was waiting for Adam. It felt like he’d been gone for months instead of days. Until now the blonde Omega had plenty to do. When they weren’t performing at their usual places, they had a big ass house to redecorate and furnish. After a while – when Tommy found himself enjoying it – he took over most of the things. Like choosing colors, fabric, furniture and so on. Of course Sutan and sometimes Adam helped him too. He noticed the proud and warm little looks and smiles from his mate, but he just shrugged them off and continued working on the pack’s house. He even wrote down everyone’s preferences and helped with their own rooms. For a while, it seemed, he became the mother hen of the pack instead of Sutan. And the Delta let him take that role with that same annoyingly knowing smile like Adam’s.

He loved his new life and sometimes it was still hard for him to believe that all this was actually true. He loved being around their pack. He loved making music. He loved the nights which he and Adam spent together. He loved decorating the new house. And when Adam asked him if he wanted to go back with them to take part in destroying the organization, he said no. He didn’t want to go back. He wanted… he needed to stay here. Where it was safe and smelled like pack. Where he knew every last object and shadow and corner. It was their new home, their “wolf den”.

So after a few long and desperate kisses he let Adam go with half of the pack and the allies. He was terrified that something would happen to his mate, but he trusted him and his strength. Besides Adam promised him that he’d be back. The text message from a few hours ago informing him about the victory and that they were on their way back home certainly helped. Now he was just impatient and restless.

He felt warm so he took off his black and grey striped hoodie and continued pacing their bedroom. He occasionally stopped straightening this and that then he tried to calm down and watch a movie, but he was constantly glimpsing at the clock or spacing out so he switched the flat screen off and returned to his pacing. Ashley checked on him feeling his restlessness but he couldn’t really keep a conversation going so she kindly asked her to leave.

“Why the fuck is it so hot in here?” he asked going to the balcony door to open it and step outside, looking up at the orange night sky then at the flickering lights of the city stretching out on the horizon. It was beautiful, but even that couldn’t calm Tommy down. And then the first wave hit him and he gasped for air.

“Nonononono… Not now…” he mumbled and stumbled back into the room, already pulling his phone out of his pocket. It’s happening again. Hurry!!!, he sent to Adam then he texted Ashley too to inform her and asked her not to let anyone near the master bedroom. “Fuck…” he groaned frustrated and kicked his sneakers and socks off then he threw himself back on the bed and tried concentrating on his breathing.

When his phone went off in a minute, he nearly jumped out of his skin and cursed. It was Adam.

“Hold on, baby. I’m at the airport. I’ll be there soon. Just stay put and wait for me,” he heard and it sounded like Adam was rushing, maybe running through the airport, leaving everyone behind.

“Thank fuck!” he groaned a bit relieved. “I’m gonna prepare myself for you,” Tommy added aiming for practical but missing by a mile judging by the deep growl that came from the phone and resonated through his whole being as if he was a guitar string.

“Shit, Tommy… Don’t say such things to me…” he pleaded. “I’m at my car. I’m hanging up now. I’ll probably break a few traffic rules, but fuck it. I’m on my way!” he stuttered then the line went dead.

Tommy groaned frustrated again and tossed his cell on the nightstand then he quickly undressed and took a shower before doing exactly what he told Adam. By the time he was ready he could barely make it to the bed and lube his fingers up. Pushing them inside one by one barely managed to ease the heat. He knew by then what he wanted and he needed it badly. His wolf was whining softly for his mate, wanting to go to him. He could feel Adam and his wolf coming closer, but it wasn’t fast enough. Tommy panted and pressed a fourth finger in, moaning at the ceiling while fucking himself on his own fingers, his skin burning up and sweating, filling the room with his strong scent even with the balcony door still open.

His eyes turned golden and he could feel his fangs wanting to grow too while he was writhing and waiting on the bed. And waiting and waiting and waiting and he thought he’d simply lose his mind or call for someone when he could feel that huge cloud of enerfy coming down the street. He could hear the car stop abruptly and Adam was so close now, running to him without killing the engine. Someone from the pack will probably take care of the car, he was sure about that but he didn’t really care either. Like a movie behind his eyelids Tommy could nearly see as Adam was running like a madman to him, passing a few wolves in the house and literally tearing his clothes off on his way.

And then suddenly he was leaning against the closed door from this side, panting, sweaty and looking fucking hot.

“Fucking hell, it smells so good in here,” he growled and after a deep breath from the Omega scent red eyes flashed at Tommy. They didn’t scare him anymore.

“Shut the fuck up and get your cock here!” the Omega grunted pulling his fingers out and his legs up, offering himself.

“Jesus…” Adam moaned, his hard dick totally okay with the plan and then he pounced. “Hi baby… how bad?” he panted looking down at his mate, one hand quickly slicking up his cock.

“Bad. Just… put it in me already!” he groaned frustrated then a broken cry tore itself up from his throat when he got what he wanted. “Fuck me hard. Come on… Give it to me!”

“Tommy…” that’s all Adam could say and then he kept fucking and breeding him for hours. In a few days, by the end of Tommy’s cycle, they had no clue just how many times.


 Neil was bugging him all day and Adam swore to himself once again that he won’t ever go shopping with him in the future. But on the bright side this way the Beta had a chance to update him how the news of the Omega organization’s end was spreading. They didn’t believe that all of a sudden all the other companies would stop selling wolves, but it was a fair warning and a mission for the pack for the long-run. They all agreed that such disgrace should be stopped. He wasn’t doing it only for Tommy anymore. He was doing it for the innocent Omegas. Who knows? Maybe what they started would bring a change in the life of those suppressed wolves. Maybe they were writing werewolf history. But even if they weren’t, knowing that they could already help on some of them was an amazing feeling.

Things were exciting in his human life too. Adam tried out theater for a while too but lately he left it to concentrate only on singing. And there was this audition on American Idol where he could prove himself and move things forward for the band and pack too. He couldn’t wait to get back home and tell Tommy and ask for his opinion. But first he had one more shop on the list.

“Oh come on! Are you serious?”

“This is the last one, Neil,” Adam rolled his eyes and marched into the music store.

“You said that five boutiques before!” the Beta huffed and made a sour face, but followed Adam.

It seemed the Alpha knew exactly what he was looking for. He asked the help of a shop assistant standing by the electric guitar section. For a change Neil stayed silent and after a while wandered off to check out some old vinyl records. Soon after – once Adam gave his home address where they could deliver all the tech stuff that came along with his gift – he picked up the guitar case the guy put that sweet baby in and they were already on their way home.

“See? You survived!” he beamed at Neil who was still sulking a bit on the passenger’s seat, although The Doors vinyl lying on the backseat helped a lot on that.

“Barely…” he snorted but Adam just giggled and shook his head, turning the music up a notch. “He’ll love it, you know…”

“I certainly hope he will,” he nodded in agreement, his freckles practically shining from excitement.

“Oh god… Sometimes seeing how much you are in love with him makes me want to puke. You two aren’t real… Like a fucking Disney movie.”

“Shut it. You’re just jealous because you haven’t found your mate yet. You’ll be just like us when you do and then I’ll tease you to death! Ha!”

“Yeah, right. With such comebacks? More like bore me to death,” Neil rolled his eyes and stared out of the window.

“Hey. You’ll find that pretty girl. I know.”

His brother just hummed then turned back to Adam. “I’m happy for you, you know.”

“Thanks and I appreciate,” the older Lambert smiled keeping his eyes on the road and the silence that followed was comfortable between them.


 Thanking Terrance for helping him and Neil take in all the stuff the brothers bought Adam headed towards the master bedroom from where he could feel Tommy through their bond. His grip tightened on the guitar case for a moment as he reached his free hand out to open the door.

“Hey baby. I have a surprise for you!” he entered with a wide grin and was about to raise the case in his hand when he stopped in his tracks and his eyes darted to Tommy. It was as if suddenly all the puzzle pieces fell into place and Adam’s eyes widened, the case landing on the floor by his leg.

“I… I have a surprise for you too…” his mate said sitting in the middle of the bed in a pair of briefs and one of Adam’s T-shirts, which practically swallowed up Tommy’s body. He looked absolutely gorgeous with his messy hair and the remains of eyeliner lightly smeared under his eyes, the crumpled sheets and covers surrounding him like a warm cocoon.

Adam could smell it in the air, he could see it on Tommy’s glowing skin and feel it on his slightly changed energies. “Oh my god…”

“Yeah…” Tommy mumbled shyly and blushed, putting a hand on his middle.

“I can’t believe it… but… but I can feel it,” Adam croaked. Speaking suddenly felt difficult but his legs knew what to do and in a second he was kicking off his shoes by the bed to crawl to Tommy’s side. He was still in shock when he slid his hand under the T-shirt and Tommy’s hand to touch his warm tummy in awe. “Baby… Oh god, this is a miracle!” he chuckled and slid his other hand on Tommy’s nape to pull him into a sloppy kiss then he giggled happily and caressed the Omega’s flat belly.

“I’m so relieved that you are so happy,” Tommy sighed smiling and leaned his head on Adam’s shoulder, enjoying his caresses.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he whispered still fighting with his tears and suddenly overwhelming emotions as slowly it was starting to dawn on him. “Now I understand a few things.”


“Like the fact that you were nesting while working on the house. You wanted the perfect home and environment for our baby,” he put his other arm around Tommy’s shoulder. “And that it wasn’t a coincidence either that you went into heat not long after you were done and we eliminated the company. Now it’s no wonder that in the last few days you weren’t in the mood to get out of bed or go out with the pack. Your scent is slightly different now too, you know.”

“What’s the difference?” he asked curiously, just smiling at Adam’s observations. Now he understood those actions too. It was true. Unconsciously he was getting ready for this.

“I can’t really describe it. It’s still alluring like hell. The best scent in the world. But now it has a little edge to it. Kinda like a ‘back off’ signal for others. Not for me though.”

“How is it for you then?”

“It urges me to protect you…” he mumbled into Tommy’s hair, rubbing his cheek against the soft tufts to leave his scent on him, “to keep you close to me… And I will. I promise. No more going anywhere without me or at least a few pack members.”

“Oh god. I’ll so hate you in the following months. I can already see that,” Tommy groaned and buried his face into his hands.

“I know. There’ll be difficult times. Especially when you will have the mood swings because of the hormones. Luckily I have people to send out in the middle of the night grocery shopping.”

“You lazy ass!” Tommy giggled.

“Nope. Just cunning and I know I won’t want to let you out of my sight.”

“Ye-ye. If you say so. But hey! Who said I’d have such mood swings? What if I won’t?” he lifted his head with challenge in his sparkling brown eyes.

“You are already challenging me, Tommy. I doubt it’d get better in the upcoming months,” he grinned. “But I’ll rub your ankles and back,” he pecked his lips radiating happiness that the whole pack could feel. Adam sensed their curiosity but they stayed out of his mind and away from the master bedroom.

“I’m already spoiled.”

“Not spoiled rotten yet!” Adam exclaimed and quickly crawled off the bed to hurry back with the guitar case. He carefully put it down in front of Tommy’s crossed legs. “This is for you. For a while I’ve been planning on getting you one. I think the timing is perfect. We both give each other something for life. Come on, take a look!” he gently patted the top of the case.

For a moment Tommy had to take a few deep breaths because suddenly he couldn’t say anything from the overwhelming emotions. And they just got stronger once he opened the case and gasped for air. “Adam… this is… beautiful…” he whispered running his slender fingers along the instrument. It was a white Fender Jaguar electric guitar. One Tommy always dreamed of having, but it was too expensive.

“Good. I thought you’d say it’s too much,” Adam flashed a white smile at him.

“It is… BabyBoy, you know how expensive these beauties are…”

“I don’t care, Tommy. You deserve it. Remember? I promised you that I’d give you anything you want if it’s in my power. No offense, but this guitar is nothing compared to what you already gave me and what you will in a few months,” he said softly and looked into the direction of Tommy’s tummy with a dreamy expression.

The blonde man bit his lip and stayed silent for a long moment, eyes drifting back to the guitar. “I am happy that it was you…”

“What do you mean, love?”

“That I’m carrying your baby and not Alastair’s or any other Alpha’s,” he glimpsed up.

“Oh baby… You can feel how happy you made me with this,” he pulled Tommy back in his arms to lay down with him. He kept a hand on the side of his neck, touching the claiming bite with his little finger and caressing the side of Tommy’s jaw with his thumb. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he smiled at him and melted against his body with ease, making Adam sigh contentedly.

For a while they were just breathing in each other, hands wandering to caress warm skin here and there then Adam’s found its way back to Tommy’s stomach, as if he could already feel the tiny growing life under his palm.

“Any ideas for a name yet?”

“Jamie Lambert-Ratliff,” he opened his eyes to see Adam’s reaction.

“Oh it has a nice ring to it! I like it,” he beamed. “And what if it’s a girl?”

“I have a feeling it’ll be a boy,” he lightly shook his head and Adam didn’t argue. Maybe it was something Omegas could feel from the start.

“The pack is curious…”

“I know. We can tell them in a few minutes. Just… let’s stay like this for a little while longer, okay? Then I’ll also want to take a better look at my new guitar,” he sighed contented and buried himself further into Adam’s embrace and body.

“Okay, my love. I have a suspicion that from now on everything’ll happen the way you want it to,” he chuckled softly.

“No doubt about that, baby, so get used to it,” he grinned then kissed his man. He was starting to believe in fairytales again and truth be told, despite his love for horror movies and all the crap that had happened to them, he always loved happy endings. Especially when it happened to them.




Tacos and Mood Swings
(A sequel)


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