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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2016.07.20. 19:10

Chapter 2

Turning onto his side Jim reached for his pack of cigarette on the nightstand and fished out one, giving up on sleep all together. Lighting it up he took a deep drag and ran a hand through his longish dark hair. Puffing the smoke into the air he rubbed his slightly burning eyes. He was so damn tired, but his fucking brain didn’t let him sleep all night, because the fucker was replaying his time down at the dungeon with that annoying demon.

He was better than this! Letting the enemy crawl under his skin like this was unacceptable. He was lucky that no one was there to witness it. He didn’t want to think about the punishment he’d get if some higher up had seen it.

Grunting frustrated he took another long drag and flicked the ash into the ashtray resting on his stomach. Why the hell was he so… confused and bothered by his own reactions? Why did he react the way he did in the first place? Getting excited about torturing someone like their captive… It was… fucking wrong too. Was he losing it? This was something new. Something that resembled to how he used to be in the past. He wasn’t always this bored and “I don’t give a shit, just leave me alone” kind of dude. Or at least that’s how he remembered.

Now only half an hour with this guy with the idiotic dyed hair was already turning things upside down. He couldn’t let Corey in during the next torture session that had to happen fucking soon. His mentor and their leader weren’t happy about not giving them what they needed to decide what to do about this tense situation. They weren’t stupid to start a war without proof. They might be a strong clan, but they still valued the life of their members.

Sighing Jim lit his second cigarette and got out of bed to hunt down some strong coffee. His guitar had to wait a bit longer. This was going to be a long day too, he thought while moving his slightly bruised knuckles. That’s why he hated using his fists during the job. It always made his hands and fingers too sore to play the way Jim liked. That’s why today he was going to use some other tools to break the guy.

Down at the dungeon the dyed haired idiot was staring at the ceiling also. He was paying attention to all the forces swirling around in the building. When he focused hard enough, he could track down even Jim and now as he was not bothered by his presence and sexiness that much, Corey could feel the difference in his powers compared to the rest of the clan.

Altogether they didn't seem stronger than them, or hiding any sabotage. So the investigation had to continue outside. He turned onto his side and smiled. Before he gets out of here at least he will have some fun with that tall demon.

Lightly fallen asleep after the hard day and overworked night, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was Jim's belly.... Upside down... It took a few seconds for him till he realized that he was hanging upside down, tied up.

Oh boy… This will be fun...

From the subtle changes the tall man knew the exact moment his captive came around. “Good, you’re finally awake,” he said on a neutral, nearly cold tone. “Last afternoon slightly diverted from how things were supposed to go. I thought another session would bring more results,” he said as he lifted a longer knife, its clean blade catching the light as Jim wiped it off with a clean cloth, one of his small rituals before he started the torture he was about to perform on the hanging male.

“I need you to tell me everything you know about her death or the possible connections to it. I think that gives you a wide enough topic…” he continued as he pushed the blade into the flame of a candle that was standing on his torture table’s edge. He pulled it back and forth and flicked it to heat it up, standing in an angle to make sure that Corey knew what he was doing.

“Start talking!” he turned around with a firm look on his face as he closed the hot blade to Corey’s thigh near the edge of his underwear.

“Never...” Corey hissed closing his eyes and biting his lip mainly to cover his features changing from the pain that he enjoyed briefly… though he was jerking away as he could in an attempt to get away from the hot blade, his long blue hair moping the floor.

“I don't know anything about that little bitch. Someone dropped her at the border of the two clans’ territory. That's all I knew when you bastards attacked us,” he hissed, feeling his cock twitching from the way the pain rushed through his body.

Jim steadied the wriggling body with his free hand grabbing firmly at Corey’s hip, the blade cutting into the flesh like butter. At least the guy was saying something now. He considered that progress although he didn’t hear what his superiors probably wanted to hear. Frowning he made another cut in 90 degree to the first one. This was shorter while the third slow cut was parallel with the first, forming a “U” shape.

“Anyone would say this in such a situation that you are in, Corey…” he said, knowing well that Jim didn’t tell him his name on purpose. “Unfortunately to you I have to be thorough, so keep talking… Did you see or sense anyone?” he murmured as he stuck the tip of the blade under the skin by the short side of the “U” and slowly cut under the skin, his bloody thumb pressing the skin against the blade as if he wanted to peel some ripe fruit. The warm dripping blood’s smell tried to affect him again, but Jim concentrated more on his task this time and nothing showed on his face – except for his glowing eyes.

“Only you fuckers,” Corey growled and turned away from the other demon. Seemingly in pain but he just wanted to hide his changing face, or maybe because the way his wounds started to close up slowly but still faster than any human. Or earthly demon does...

The rate in which the small man’s wound was trying to heal was remarkable and very much visible to someone so experienced in torture like Jim. It made him amazed and want to experience more on his captive and he could feel that growing excitement in himself too. Would it be so bad to give in to it? Probably. Licking his lips he moved the blade and his finger, slowly pulling the skin from the muscle. And if he wanted to hear the other demon scream then it was purely from the need to get more information from him. Or that’s what he told himself and booked the slight bulge in his pants to getting closer to the real answers.

“I don’t believe you, animal…” he snorted, giving Corey the clue that he was well aware of his attempts to hide from Jim. And with that he pulled faster and harder on the piece of skin until it reached the end of the cuts and was hanging in the air, blood soaking Corey’s underwear and running down on his torso. And then he was already pressing the blade into another part of the thigh, adding more to the crimson flow.

The lustful groan Corey let out was probably not what Jim wanted to hear, but it was an inviting sound, nonetheless, as it gurgled from deep in his throat. The smell and feel of his own blood was driving the small creature crazy, which was starting to show on his underwear that was getting wet not only from his blood.

“That's your choice. Still the truth!” he growled like a wild beast, couldn't hold it back any longer, and anyway, the tall guy called him names. So he looked up at him, eyes shimmering in a blue glow with slightly vertical pupils, all four of his canines grown to be decent sized fangs, just long enough to close his lips, nails grown to claws and the reddish aura around him swirling as new skin started to close up on his wounds.

“You don't know nothing and you are kept in the darkness. Just look inside yourself before you call me names.” Even his voice got deeper, sounding deeper from his body, and some would say more arousing than before. There. He was out and showing what he was. Even if the other had no idea…

To tell the truth, Jim found the rate of Corey’s healing fascinating. Just like his high pain-tolerance. It wanted to make the tall man push on the demon’s limits, to see how much he could take before he started to beg for mercy. Corey was a challenge Jim hadn’t met for fucking long years. Licking his lips he carved out another nicely bleeding wound on the thigh in front of him, noticing how all this was in a fucked up way exciting for the other demon. After all, ignoring a hard on in front of your face was pretty much impossible. A fleeting thought of wanting to see it without the bloody underwear crossed Jim’s mind, but Corey’s words put a stop to that little “fantasy”.

“What the fuck do you mean?” he asked irritated. “I know myself. I’m nothing like you filthy animals in your clan,” he snorted, trying to ignore the fact that in a strange way he found Corey’s transformation… beautiful. What the actual fuck?! He should be disgusted, not aroused by it!

Walking back to the tray he tossed the bloody blade on it and picked up a spiked boxer, pulling it on his long fingers which he flexed a few times then he stepped back to the tied up demon. “You can try to confuse me, but I’ll get what I want. I’ll find out who did that to her and if it was your clan, there’ll be a bloody war. Do you want that? I bet you animals would enjoy it. You’re only good at killing and maiming us,” he actually growled now, his anger boiling up, eyes flickering brighter as he pulled the sharp tip of the spikes along Corey’s bare chest, leaving deep bloody scratches on it. For some reason Jim felt the slight urge to lick off the dripping blood, wondering how this little fucker might taste. Damn, he was getting under his skin again although he swore he wouldn’t let that happen again…

The beast took all Jim gave him and laughed loud and kinda hysterical. “Look at yourself, half-breed! Look who’s enjoying torturing others! My clan doesn’t want to change no one or hurt no one for being different. Fucking hypocrites you all are,” he spit his blood at the other man's face again, accidentally some getting into the slightly open mouth.

Damn this guy made his skin itch in a good way.

Corey’s words only fuelled Jim’s confused anger. He had no idea where that was coming from, but it was there and it was burning him on the inside. Adding to that the blood that was spit on his face and into his mouth made his own demon roar up. The taste of it was so fucking rich and tainting that it only fucked Jim’s mind up some more, his control slipping again as without a word he swung his fist and the spikes dug deep into the soft parts of Corey’s stomach.

Jim was starting to forget why he was there, no matter how hard he wanted to focus on getting the information he was supposed to deliver to his higher ups. This guy, the taste of his blood and his presence was – for some reason – pulling on his darker side. Half breed? What the fuck did he mean by that? But that thought sailed away as Jim kept hitting the other into the stomach, tearing more flesh and blood out of the much smaller body and he couldn’t ignore his raging and painful hard on anymore either. Shit! He was losing it and now he kept torturing the other demon because of his own frustration about the situation and himself. What if… Corey was right? No, that was out of the question! He was saying these things to mess with Jim’s head – and he was succeeding.

The only sound the beast made was low growling from the tearing punches. His healing factor was working overtime, trying to keep him alive and covered in skin and muscles. For a long half an hour he let the demon do as he wished, but even Corey had his limits. His red aura was swirling like a tornado around him as his power was fighting for him harder.

From a sneaky punch of the spikes, right into the broken muscles of his stomach that couldn't heal from Jim aiming there for too long, his brain flipped and he let all his force into his echoing howl. His deep beastly roar filled the room, probably even the whole basement as he screamed "ENOUGH," knocking the shocked male off his feet with the power waves that made him slide to the wall.


Jim wasn’t really himself while hitting the other demon and when finally it got too much for the little masochist too, the bursting power that knocked Jim off his feet – which was quite the achievement given his size and power – rushed through him, making his blood boil in his veins. He didn’t care about the ache in his head that hit the stone wall hard during the impact. That energy coursing through his body was doing things to him – like lighting up his eyes even more while his canines grew pointier as he was grasping for control.

He was panting as he looked up at the bleeding captive swinging lightly by his ankles, the smell of his blood starting to get overwhelming as Jim watched it dripping steadily into a pool on the floor under him. What the fuck did just happen?! He had to get out of there. This was getting too much and his instincts kicked in that urged him to leave.

Gathering himself up without another word, Jim stumbled out into the corridor, his shoulders hitting the walls on the way. He was trying to clear his mind and senses, but it wasn’t easy with the residue of that burning energy still sticking to him. Rubbing on his long arms in an attempt to get rid of it, he found his way up the stairs. Something was so very wrong… Pausing he took a few deep breaths to collect himself enough to face the closest demon of his clan he could feel. Once he did, he sent him and his buddy down to the basement to take Corey off the ceiling and put him back into the same filthy bed he’d spent the first night in.

Jim had to put himself back together before he reported to his superiors. Because this… this burst of energy was surely felt by them too. Who the fuck was this guy?

Huffing still and growling to himself as trying to also collect himself when he felt other demons coming, Corey started to heal up. He let the other two carry him to the bed and he turned to face the wall, concentrating on getting his body whole again and regain his powers.

He probably got the tall guy in a mess but in the end it didn't matter. These dumb fucks didn't know nothing so he had to get out and investigate more. He closed his human-like eyes to nap a little till he’d flee before the break of dawn.

Maybe he will come back to that moron... Maybe...

Meanwhile Jim was still a mess despite the hour he’d spent in his room to collect himself. There were unfamiliar feelings and… memories?... swirling in him as he was sitting on his couch with his head between his bloody hands. He was reeking from the scent of the demon and his blood. He should have taken a shower the second he got back, but something… something kept him sitting there, inhaling the metallic scent of the drying blood. He could still taste him in his mouth. He was still half-hard from the fresh memories of torturing Corey. Yes, he was just as attractive as fucking annoying, but that didn’t explain the feelings he’d stirred up in the ever-calm and bored James Root. And the fact that those feelings were all intense just added to Jim’s confusion.

But what really was bugging him was the half-breed comment he’d made. Why would he say that? As far as Jim knew, he’d been born and raised in this clan… He wasn’t some half-blood… or was he? While thinking about that the blurry picture of a smiling brown-haired woman crouching down to him flashed in front of his eyes and the back of his head started throbbing harder. What the hell? Seriously?!

“Give me a fucking break…” he grunted into the silence of his room, but his wish wasn’t granted as a half-awaited knock could be heard on his door.


Meanwhile in the dungeon with a long sniff Corey woke up from the scent of his mates. Stretching his healed body on the bed he yawned long, smiling before standing up and walking to the door, waiting patiently till the lock clicked.

An older chubby male opened it with a neglecting expression on his face, only signaling with the nod of his head for Corey to follow.

Half of the house was sleeping and the other half was out fighting as Shawn, his savior and the others arranged it.

Maybe it got Jim out of trouble for one last night to think, the dyed haired demon thought looking up at the building one last time, feeling the energies of the messed up man somewhere up there. “Be careful.... Mate...” he whispered to him and the forces he felt then all of them vanished into the night.

He will have a busy day in the morning tracking down some bad, bad girls...

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