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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Chapter 3 (Part 1)

  2016.07.21. 19:16

Chapter 3

~ Part 1 ~

One thing Jim didn’t expect was that their leader would come to his room and not the other way around. That told the still bloody man two things. First that he was really hungry for some information about his daughter’s death. Second, that he was very fucking pissed that his “torturer” had fucked something up – Jim could feel it clearly from the other side of the door though.

“It’s open!” Jim yelled, suppressing a sigh as he lifted his head from his hands, his face still splattered with Corey’s blood as his slightly glowing eyes fixed on the man and two of his guards entering his room. Oh boy, this isn’t going to be fun, he thought as they came closer.

Despite how exhausted he was, Jim’s training kicked in and he bowed his head to give his respect to Robb, the tall (yet still shorter) bearded man who stopped not far from him. He had wavy dark hair reaching past his shoulders and a piercing pair of black eyes. Power was radiating from his muscular body as he looked down at Jim in every meaning.

“Not enough this time. Kneel!” he growled.

The wave of the commanding energies that hit Jim made him slide onto his knees on the floor, his head bent. Gritting his teeth together he forced himself to stay in silence.

“What the fuck just happened, Jim?! Nearly everyone present in the building could feel your fuck up!” he snapped without much preamble.

“I’m sorry, Sire, I pushed him too far… But he couldn’t give me much information,” he mumbled, his dirty hair falling into his face. “According to him it wasn’t them…”

“I thought you were better than this, Root!” he grabbed Jim’s chin firmly to force him to look up into his slightly maniac eyes that were burning the other demon as if his body got dipped into molting lava. Fuck, Robb was very pissed.

“I’m sorry…” he repeated.

“Oh you will be…” he chuckled dryly and nodded to one of his guys, who stepped to the guitar stand on which Jim’s most treasured white Fender Telecaster was, grabbing it without much care to take it to their leader, who had a sick smirk on his face as he took it.

Jim’s throat tightened as his hands fisted on the floor, all his attention shifting to his baby and the man holding her with killer intent, his shadow engulfing Jim’s kneeling form…


Not knowing how much mess he got Jim into, Corey followed the other line of clues and under the lead of the others they found and raided some white witches’ hut.

He was minding his own business at his hideout while placing the newest goat head with much respect on the wall. From out of the blue Jim came into his thoughts and how handsome and complex the half-breed was while losing his mind and composure when he was torturing him. He could almost feel his energies and smell... No... He was headed there.

For some reason that made the beast smile and all giggly inside as he opened the door before the knock of James could greet him.

Once the tall demon was released from the “caring” attention of Robb and his guards that made his own blood mix with Corey’s on his ruined clothes, he had to leave. He couldn’t stand staying in his room a single minute longer. He was blinded by rage. If that fucker hadn’t messed him up like he did, none of this would’ve happened. He could’ve had one of his usual days, but oh no, that animal had to ruin everything…

Not really thinking where he was going, he was walking down street after street, ignoring the strange looks the few humans gave his brooding (and bloody) form. Most avoided his towering and obviously pissed off figure anyway. Just how Jim liked in that state.

The scent of the water made him look around and realize that he was at the peers. He had no idea how he got there, but he didn’t muse on that for too long, because something else grabbed his attention. That presence. The presence he couldn’t feel in his clan’s house not long after he’d failed his task and fled like a beaten dog with his tail between his legs.

A low growl left his throat as he focused, eyes starting to shimmer under the cloudy skies. From there it didn’t take long for him to track down the old storage building from where he could strongly feel Corey’s presence. He doubted he’d ever forget it after the time they’d spent together.

Taking a deep breath he went closer, sensing some ancient magic spells prickling his skin, but nothing more. Which was strange. He would’ve expected better spells from someone like that fucker… Shrugging it off, he marched to the door which opened just when he got there, as if Corey was waiting for him to show up. But instead of a “polite” hello, Jim swung the broken white guitar in his hand, which’s body hit Corey right in the face with a considerable force.

Seeing Jim all bloody and angry with slightly glowing eyes was a delightful sight. That smack was hard though...

“Well... Hello to you too, babe...” Corey groaned as he stood up, rubbing and adjusting his jaw back into place. “I guess your madman of a leader was not happy… And did that to your guitar... Which you probably loved... And now you're here and want to continue our little love scene…” Corey couldn’t help himself. The smell of the tall guy's blood made his features change as he stepped to face him from close, ready for any reaction.

Jim was furious. Corey got some nerve! And strength. The blow Jim delivered with the guitar would've broken most demons’ jaw, not to mention humans. But Corey was still able to talk and get up to crawl into his face. From that close Jim saw for the first time just how much smaller the other man was. Yet the power straining under his quickly healing skin was something he had to count with if things took a physical turn.

"Don't you fucking call me babe. I'm not your babe," he growled, tossing his broken guitar on the floor which made a painful false sound, and grabbed Corey by the throat, quickly moving him until he was pinning him against the nearest wall. "I'm Jim fucking Root! And that," he pointed at the broken body of the instrument somewhere behind them "was my favorite. And it's broken because of you, you asshole!" he kept shouting, some of his spit landing on Corey's face.

The half-breed was strong, and oh so fucking tall… And pissed and as a fellow musician Corey totally understood his mourning.

Still. From this close those slightly glowing hazel orbs made him smile as he felt their powers mingle. As the smaller male transformed, his reddish aura swirled around him, and covered Jim as if tasting the tall demon slowly then wrapping around his anger-trembled body.

That big hand on his thick throat and the smell of the other one triggered the beast instincts. His hand touched and caressed the hand holding him, along the long arm till he grabbed Jim’s nape and pulled him down to lick his bloody lips with the dirtiest of his filthy moans.

“I'm gonna make you a new one, babe… Custom made just for you…” he whispered on a low voice at the tasty lips.

Trying to ignore Corey’s power that wanted to coax his own out – which wasn’t hard since Jim was fucking pissed – the tall demon tightened his hold on the smaller one’s throat, not cutting off his air yet, but his slightly longer and sharper nails already breaking the skin, which only resulted in a stronger scent of that damn blood. Along with Corey’s scent and powers it was already sitting heavily on Jim’s senses. And that filthy moan… it made the big guy’s cock twitch.

What the hell is with this demon? Jim asked himself for the thousandth time as his bloody lip got licked. “You’re fucking sick…” he murmured, his skin crawling with the warm energy that wrapped itself around him. He should’ve chased it away with his own, but it felt… nice. Arousing even. He felt his control slipping once again. It seemed this asshat had a talent to do that to him.

The faster he was breathing, the more he was inhaling from that… intoxicating scent and it made his irises glow stronger. His fingers twitched on Corey’s neck, but instead of choking him as Jim planned, he tipped his head a bit upwards while he was hovering over the captured male. “I don’t need your promises, beast…” he growled from the depth of his throat and before he could think it through, he attacked Corey’s lips to chase that fucked up taste that he had.

A wide grin appeared over the beast's fangs and he opened his lips to welcome Jim's aggressive kissing. His hand from the tall man's nape stroked down to his chest, popping the blood-soaked shirt open and run his claws along the bare and bruised chest and side. Then he pulled the shaking body closer to his while making all kinds of arousing moans and grunts, letting the demon do as he wanted.

This was insane! He should’ve stopped, but the moment he tasted Corey’s blood again after his sharper fangs cut the other man’s tongue, Jim was lost. It was as if some kind of darkness had sucked him inside, dimming the world around them. The spark that’s been evidently between them quickly grew into burning flames. And they kept growing as Corey was touching him.

Jim didn’t protest even when he was pulled closer and he could feel the other man’s erection pressing into his thigh. Instead of sobering up, he pressed in as close as possible, his tongue battling with Corey’s for dominance, blood and saliva mixing as Jim slid his hands to the neck of the other demon’s T-shirt. It ripped into pieces with ease and he knew Corey wasn’t going to mind the “accidental” scratches left on his skin. Fuck, he was already so hard! This guy was going to be the death of him, he had no doubt about that. Still, he reached down to pop his jeans open.

Taking it as an invitation, Corey pulled the zipper down on said jeans and rubbed along the rock-hard cock while growling into the kiss and humping his own erection against the long thigh of the other male, who seemed to want to crawl under his skin to feel Corey from closer. Not that the small creature minded. Not at all! His own composure was slipping hard as his other hand touched and clawed the long upper body wherever he could reach it while his strokes on the long member got faster.

Jim came up for air and groaned loud from the burning hot hand touching his aching shaft. It felt so fucking intense. He couldn’t remember if a simple touch like that had ever felt so good. While bucking his hips, he bit down hard on Corey’s bottom lip, making it bleed some more. Tasting more of the red liquid only riled up his own demon. Now Jim’s power was getting into the mix too, pressing against and mingling more with Corey’s.

The temperature of the room seemed to rise quickly. Jim was hissing or grunting from the clawing and rough touches on his beaten up upper-body, but the throbbing pain only added to his angry pleasure. He wanted to take, take and take. But he couldn’t decide if he wanted to beat or fuck that irritating jerk. Probably both.

Losing his patience he grabbed Corey’s wrist hard enough to make it bruise and pulled it away so Jim could reach to the front of the other demon’s jeans too while his bloody lips slid down to the thick neck. The denim screamed as it tore along the stitching just when he started biting the salty skin, his hands busy with peeling the little fucker out of his ruined clothes as much as he could. He was totally gone, his demonic features coming out more.

Pulling hard on Jim's pants too, Corey also managed to rip the fabric with the underwear and dug his long claws into the meaty butt. Tilting his head for Jim to let him bite him more, his grunts got more deep and somehow urging and dirty as he kicked away the remains of his jeans and suddenly pushed Jim away hard. He let his glowing beast eyes feast on the naked man in full glory. Licking his lips he leaned forward to sink his fangs into the flesh next to the inviting collar bone, sucking on the sweet blood with long moans as their powers seemed to merge into one somewhat lilac fog around them, pushing them both deeper.

Jim bit harder as his ass got a painful yet fucking exciting grab. Then all he could focus on was chewing up that thick neck while listening to the hot sounds the other demon was making. Then he was pushed back. The brief confusion was replaced by sheer lust and need as he realized why Corey did that and his hungry eyes were eating him up too. Fuck, despite all the cockiness and that strange hair he was fucking gorgeous.

But the rest of his broken thoughts were wiped away and he cried out as Corey bit him hard and started lapping at his blood. Jim couldn’t see it because of his closed eyes, but he felt the fog surrounding and urging them. Taking the lead again he spit onto his fingers and slid them to Corey’s ass, rubbing his hole with a low growl as he grabbed the bleeding neck again. He let his long tongue dart out to lick down their mixed blood from Corey’s chin and lips as he eased two of his fingers into him, his other hand on the bloody throat keeping the smaller demon in place.

Pushing down on those long fingers with more groans and moans, he was even grinding his hips to ease them more inside him. All he could feel was that he’d burn alive in their mixed powers if the demon didn't hurry up. He wanted to feel him and become one with him. Corey’s mind was losing control over him totally as the urge of a beast mating took over his senses. All he wanted was to feel and tear and bite more and more, whining and growling in the hold of the other that kept him away from that sweet flesh and blood.

Jim’s patience was quickly wearing thin not just from the way Corey was impatiently helping his fingers opening him up, but from that sweet whining and growling too. So it didn’t take long for Jim to pull his fingers out and wet his straining cock with spit and pre-cum. Then he was lifting the small man up with ease, leading his legs around his hips and then he let gravity help Corey slide all the way down on his member – probably a bit faster than comfortable, but at that point neither of them cared.

After another wild growl Jim was back to eating up Corey’s lips, his hips fucking up into him hard and fast, but it was still not enough. It was so fucking far from enough! He found himself carrying him over to some table where their height-difference wouldn’t be an issue. He wiped off all the shit from its top before dropping Corey on it. Then he was ramming back into him from a better angle and there was no stopping from there. The pace was crazy, rough and so fucking perfect he never wanted it to end. Fucking hell, that tight and burning hot body was setting Jim on fire, his features distorting some more as he tore into flesh with his teeth and claws wherever he could.

It was all chaos in the best way ever. Corey worked his hips to meet the rough thrusts and urge Jim to take him harder. The additional pain fueling his needs more and that fire now was burning the both of them as their powers were swirling in a perfect mix around them. Their blood mixed too from the wounds of their lips that kept trying to heal, and they gulped down on that cocktail that made both male drunk and needing more. Even if Jim’s transformation was not full or his healing as fast, the two wildly mating creatures got into sync and close to a blasting release and connecting their beings with each wild move.

Fucking this male was like swimming in hot lava, melting Jim’s flesh and bones away, dissolving everything he was to become… something else… something more. At this point he didn’t care anymore that Corey was from an enemy clan and that they were supposed to try killing and not fucking each other. Now only becoming one mattered. And they were so fucking close.

Jim was giving just as good as he was getting. The unspoken urges made him fuck into Corey harder and faster, making the table creak loudly under him up until the point where the wood couldn’t take it anymore and gave in.

They landed on the floor in a bloody and sweaty mess, but they didn’t care. Jim roughly pulled the other demon back on his leaking cock and they were back at tearing into each other among the debris, their bodies knowing what to do to reach the peak of their mating – which came as a blinding light and a shower of burning energy for Jim, making him roar like a wounded beast while marking Corey as his with shooting his load deep into the trembling and messed up body, their eyes glowing bright in the embrace of that lilac fog.

Corey felt as his body blew into pieces from the intensity of their orgasm. Holding onto the larger body he was howling from his throat as his own seed messed their bellies up, and he felt their beings melt into one on top of the bits of his table.

No turning back now. Corey knew since he felt up the demon, but Jim still had to face what he was. And what Corey was to him...

But for now, they were just gasping for air as their conscious returned slowly and their powers pulled back.

Air never felt better than now as Jim was trying to get enough of it into his lungs, his heart still beating so hard as if it wanted to escape his chest. Sweat was running down his long body in thick drops, stinging some of the still healing wounds Corey’d caused during their wild rapture. It was hard coming back from that high. It was better than any drug, but he knew, just as addictive and dangerous. If not more.


As his ability to form coherent thoughts again was slowly coming back, he realized just how differently things went down from his plan. He came here with the intention of beating the shit out of Corey – maybe even killing him. Instead now they were fighting for air after the most intense fuck Jim had ever had. And which was totally forbidden and absurd.

Pulling his softening cock out, the messed up demon rolled off the smaller one as anger was starting to unfurl in the pit of his stomach. “What the fuck did you just do to me?!” Jim asked accusingly as he sat up and was staring down at Corey with still brightly glowing eyes. This… wasn’t him. This was someone completely different. It was as if the little fucker had put some kind of spell on him or something.

Still panting hard, Corey looked up at the accusing man, his features now back to human-like, his brows running up high and he started to laugh wholeheartedly.

“Oh wow! What's next? You slap me, spit in my face and throw some money at me? As far as I can recall... you came here, smacked my jaw out of place, then ripped my clothes off and fucked me into the next universe. And YOU asking what I DID??? Damn you are precious, really…” he was still laughing as he stood and held his long sweaty hair together.

“It is all you, babe. And you're not stupid. You know what we just did. I doubt that your precious clan didn't give you the education. So look into yourself for answers,” with that he left huffing on his way and slamming the back door so hard it bounced back to stay half-open.

From where Jim sat on the ruins of the table he could see the hallway to the back garden as Corey appeared again wearing only cut down jeans-shorts. He sat next to a counter and grabbed an acoustic guitar and a cigarette and started playing a slow melody.

Jim stayed silent. The anger was still there under his skin, keeping his eyes glowing dimly, but there was truth in what Corey was saying. There was a war raging inside him. He should’ve hated the beast he just fucked harder than he ever dared to do anyone – and Corey still loved every second of it. Also, they were sworn enemies. Or were supposed to be. But instead of hating him, Jim found him rather fascinating despite his conflicting emotions. And that conflict itself was fuelling his anger, which was a defense mechanism against the unknown and his confusion. Where the fuck did his “who the fuck cares” calm coldness go of which he was so famous for in his clan?

Shaking his head after the door was banged shut, he could already feel a slight tug in his very center somewhere in his chest. The further Corey got from him, the stronger that feeling got. Fuck… yeah, he knew what they just did. They bonded. Jim remembered other members of his clan talking about it or doing it with their mates. But how was this even possible? He was a different kind of demon. It shouldn’t have worked in the first place. Or was he misinformed? What the hell was going on? His mind was racing and he knew he was starting to overthink things – as usual – giving himself a throbbing headache as he was holding his head between his hands, still sitting on top of the broken table butt naked.

It only eased a bit when he clearly felt Corey coming back and the first tunes of that melody could be heard. It resonated through Jim’s soul. It was like a long-forgotten song, the kind that you thought you’d heard before but could never figure out from where. He just sat there watching the half-naked, still bloody demon playing beautifully on his guitar. It was a strangely moving picture.

Corey felt his mate's eyes on him while he was playing, but was too pissed at the man and the whole situation. He rather just kept playing the sad melodies he’d learned from his clan leader and mentor.

The pull in the middle of his chest made him unable to forget that he never will be alone again or responsibility-free. Okay, okay. He wanted the half-breed and wanted to fuck him ‘cause of the attraction they had and he really was all what he adored in a male. But losing his mind like this was kinda sudden. But he knew also that in Jim's situation he would be an outcast anyway now that he came away from his clan after not doing his job.

He always brings the stray puppies home... But the accusation Jim just spat into his face hurt. What if it works? He thought and focused his hurt feelings into that pull he felt through that invisible thread connecting them. Maybe he can make Jim feel it, feel him... An after that, they will see…

Jim quietly gasped when something came through that invisible and yet fragile thread. Corey’s pain. He could separate it from his own feelings. While watching him, Jim also realized that his accusing question made him feel like that. He shouldn’t have cared about it, but now it was impossible to ignore the other male. Running a hand through his messy hair Jim shook his aching head.

This day was so fucked up! First he failed his task, “let Corey escape” – or at last that’s what Robb and his clan thought; then he got beaten up good, his favorite guitar broken in half; he chased down Corey and then fucked and mated with him. With all these Jim automatically became an outcast. He had no clan, no home, no possession (especially since Corey tore up everything he’d owned)… So now Jim just had this annoying and stubborn demon. If he was going to let Jim stay. Although the brown-haired demon wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay or not. But he decided to leave that question for later.

Instead he slowly got up from the floor and walked over to the counter, leaning on it next to the playing man. “Your playing is very good,” he murmured, hoping that the compliment would ease the hurt feelings he could still feel. At least he wasn’t lying.

“Thanks...” Corey answered drily. He put the instrument down with a big sigh and looked up at the naked and all bloody demon. “Want some clothes and a shower? After we get clean I show you around and you can decide things. And I'm truly sorry for your guitar. I will make you a new one.”

“Yeah… It all sounds good,” he nodded examining Corey’s expression for a long moment then he looked away and shrugged. “Whatever. It was just a guitar,” he mumbled, but both of them knew it wasn’t true. “Sorry about the jaw…” he added barely audible as he followed Corey to the bathroom.

“I heal fast. And I understand,” Corey nodded as he walked before Jim, leading the way through the corridor along the garden where several goats were roaming around and looked at them somewhat curious. At the end they reached Corey's room, band posters on the wall, a piano in the large bright place and several guitars and messy handwritten songs in piles of papers covering fully the desk next to a king size bed, which had a few clothes tossed here and there around it. “There's the bath, on the shelf you can find towels and stuff to clean with. I look for some clothes. Err... You mind cut down jeans? I think you're the tallest now in the building…” he gave Jim a little cocky smile.

“Yeah. I’ve noticed your quick healing. It’s fascinating, really…” Jim said without thinking then he rather shut up before saying something else that would hint at how intriguing he really found Corey. But probably he could already feel some of those feelings through their new bond. Whatever. The situation was already fucked up.

His now nearly normal eyes were drinking in the details of the place. It looked better than at first glimpse when Jim marched up to Corey’s door. He wasn’t even surprised about the goats. Some of his clan members kept those sacred animals too.

“No, I don’t mind such jeans…” he said absently as his eyes jumped to the guitars right away, sizing them up a bit longingly. He rubbed his dirty fingers against his even dirtier thighs to shake off the tingling that would urge him to pick them up and try them out to know how they sounded. He rather turned back to Corey. Jim just caught that cocky smile and he managed a half-one too. “Thanks. You can join me if you want,” he offered peeking into the bathroom, seeing that there was room for two there. Damn, he should duct tape his own big mouth…

“I get you clothes first,” Corey said and left the demon in the room. His thoughts were all over the place as he went up the stairs to look around at one of the storages.

The more flirty tone from Jim was making him a bit uneasy. After all… half an hour ago and AFTER they mated he still accused and wanted to kill him. Whatever... Males.... The small creature sighed packing jeans after jeans in a pile from the boxes, all of them seemed far too small for his new mate.

Fuck... Corey will have to show him the place and introduce him to their leader too. And also talk with Jim about himself a bit more... How nice... He has a life-long soulmate and pair and they didn't even know each other really. Maybe humans have it easier.

Finally finding two pairs or Levi's that seemed to fit, he hurried back and placed them on his bed, going into the bath to join Jim for the shower. It was about time ‘cause his skin was itching badly from all the fluids dried on it... And they had to talk too. What is better for that than being in a shower cabin locked up close and all naked and wet... Right?

“Okay,” Jim shrugged it off. Probably it was better this way. They both needed a few minutes for themselves. This mating thing had messed Jim up pretty much and he suspected that Corey felt the same way. Although it was evident that the small beast could handle this shit far better than Jim. He probably knew more about it too.

Sighing Jim stepped under the water, enjoying as it cascaded onto his face and hair. He didn’t hiss as the water made some of his still healing wounds sting. He was cleaning himself methodically while he got lost in his thoughts. What the hell should he do now? He was mated for life. That wasn’t something that could be easily stepped over by his kind. It was a very fucking strong link between two demons. And now he was mated to practically a stranger, his enemy. He had no idea what would happen if their clans found out. He was already an outcast, but knowing Robb, he would probably use this as a reason to attack Corey’s clan. Something Jim didn’t really want. (Since when? – a voice chimed in in his head.) It was their mess. They had to handle this shit together. Which meant that they should probably try to get to know each other a bit better now that their lives were bound. And before Jim would make any decisions about his future.

He was contemplating these things while Corey slipped into the cabin. Jim could kinda feel it when Corey started heading back towards him. That pull was very much there and staring at the much smaller and very naked man… his mate, for fucks sake… without letting his hands touching him… Well, it wasn’t that easy… 

“Hey babe,” Corey greeted him in his usual way then laughed thinking about Jim’s outburst about the title when he got through his door. Staying mysterious and not telling his mate about what was so funny, he pulled the band from his long blue and red hair and grabbed the shower gel.

“You can try the instruments out here in my room. The house is full of them as we all play in a band. Thanks to the enemies, we are a small clan by now,” he started on a chatting tone as he was washing his body and hair. “You can stay here, of course as my mate. Even follow your own path if you want, but that will have consequences...” he turned and looked up at the tall demon, hugging his neck and pulling him close for a gentle kiss, like testing what Jim would react.

Jim wanted to thank Corey, he really did, but the words got stuck in his throat. Yes, he knew that this clan consisted mostly of musicians. His own was similar with some more artists as well. They were a bigger clan though, which managed to thin out the number of the rival clans. So yes, he knew Corey was talking about them. Shit, he should stop thinking of himself as one of them. They weren't his family anymore. That left a little bitter taste in his mouth, but it was suddenly replaced by Corey's as the other demon kissed him tentatively as if he felt the dark turn Jim’s thoughts had taken.

Closing his eyes he took a shaky breath against the small beast's already healed lips then he couldn't stop himself from licking into his mouth once before straightening up to look into the blue eyes. "Thanks." There it was. It wasn't that hard, was it?

“You're welcome,” Corey replied with a little smile. “So... You have anyone in your life? I mean… I guess we should get to know each other a bit more, like I know you like torture and raw sex, but otherwise?” he tried to sound his usual careless and fun way but the tone was missing from his words. He also had to talk about himself and something very, very important had to be settled. Pressing another light kiss against Jim's lips he turned the water off and stepped out of the cabin, fetching towels for both of them and after wrapping one around his hips, he handed the other to his mate.

“You have any idea what you want to do now? Stay here with me or do the ritual to break this?” Another important question Corey asked while they got into his room and he sat down on his bed. The bond could be broken by force but the ritual was dangerous for both of them and it’d damage their souls and skills. Not to mention after it they would never be able to find anyone else, so basically it's a lifetime of loneliness after it. Corey was not sure he could handle all that. After all... Jim was not his love interest, he just wanted to fuck him but he was not a bad party... And their powers probably knew better if they ended up as bonded mates...

The tall man was kinda thankful that after the second kiss Corey stepped away, because the pull was getting stronger in him. It was getting hard to control himself when Corey was this close to him. He wondered if it was going to be like this forever? Or was this just because the bond was very new? Anyways, he took the offered towel and quickly dabbed most of the water off his long body before putting it around his waist, too.

“I agree, we have to talk,” he said while following the small demon out into the other room. Instead of sitting down next to him, Jim picked up the cut-down jeans and checked it. “It should fit,” he mumbled to himself and dropped the towel on the floor to put the jeans on. It was even a bit loose at the waist, making it hang low on his hips, but at least it was comfortable. For a brief moment he wondered whose jeans it used to be, but he shrugged it off and rather walked to the lined up guitars, drinking in their sight.

“No one steady. My last lover had left to do a European tour a few months ago,” he finally replied. “What about you?”

To buy some time for himself before answering the more pressing and important questions, Jim carefully picked up a Gibson Les Paul and looked it over with the kind of respect only a guitarist had towards his choice of instrument.

“I don’t know…” he finally sighed plucking the strings to play a simple melody before adjusting the guitar a bit. “You made me an outcast, you know…” he looked up at Corey, but this time the accusation was missing from his voice. He just stated the fact. “I don’t have anywhere else to go. I have nothing. So I guess I might as well stay here with you, if you don’t want to kick me out,” Jim murmured with a light shrug then looked down at the guitar and started jamming a bit on it.

Answering the other question was a bit trickier. Yes, Corey was practically a stranger with whom he’d bonded for life after losing control. But breaking such a bond? He could feel it growing stronger by the minute. It was like a living, breathing energy that connected their beings and he knew about the risks it had if they decided to break it. “Condemning myself to eternal loneliness isn’t too appealing to me. Not to mention that we don’t know the extent of the damage the ritual would do to our souls and powers,” he stopped his playing and put the guitar back on its stand to face Corey. “Still, it has to be a mutual decision. What do you want to do?”

“Uhmm... Well I have someone... Sort of... My mentor... Errr… The leader of this clan…” he said with a slight blush and looked away a bit, his fingers picking on the blanket under him. Damn… This wouldn't go easy either. As it seemed nothing that involved the two of them would...

“Till now I was the one who didn't show you utter hate and disgust, but you… And told you that you can stay, so yeah, I would have you and keep being your mate if you want to work things out. And trust me, it was not in my plans either to end up like this with everything… But anyway… You really don't know what you are?”

Fuck. Things didn’t seem to get less complicated. It seemed Corey already had someone – and his clan leader from all the demons. Fucking great. If he was anything like Robb, Jim was fucked. What if he forced them to break the bond? After being under Robb’s leadership for all these years, Jim could easily imagine such a scenario. Besides… Corey didn’t want this bond in the first place. That… in itself kinda made Jim feel a bit… rejected. Which was stupid, he knew, because he’s been hostile towards Corey most of the time they’ve known each other. But still… now Corey was all Jim had. He’d lost everything in this fucked up situation. Maybe later he’ll sink into his darkness to process and think about it. Now was not the time.

The small beast had totally turned his life upside down the second he waltzed into it.

“I’ve heard about your leader. He’s the shaman of your clan, right?” he asked, trying to ignore the tiny jealous pang he felt as he imagined Corey with the other guy. What the hell? Seriously? Jim was starting to get irritated with himself. He felt so fucked up and lost. Sighing he flattened his wet hair against his skull as he stepped to a dirty window to watch the goats eating grass outside.

“I’m sorry if this bonding is going to fuck up things between you and him…” Jim said, because he felt he had to say it. Maybe he should have offered to break the bond anyway so Corey could be together with his mentor, but… that would still fuck their souls and powers up, so Jim didn’t offer it. He didn’t want to spend his life alone and fucked up because of these strangers. Shit…

Frowning Jim folded his tattooed arms in front of his naked chest. “What I am? I’m a demon of the Bloodstone clan. Or at least I was,” he shrugged then turned around to face the other man. “Why?”

“Yeah, he is a shaman, and he won't force nothing on me that would mean harm. To no one in this clan either. We believe in being free and creative,” Corey sighed feeling Jim’s swirling emotions. “Don't be jealous... I wanted you… Just didn't think we’d bond. I kinda love Paul, so of course my mind was around the hope that my powers would want to melt into one with his,” he continued, looking down with a shrug. “I know it's stupid and fairytale-like and all kind of fluffy crap. But I can't lie to you. You would feel it anyway,” he looked up at the tall figure. “You were not thinking about how come we could bond if you are an Earthly demon and I am a beast?”

“It’s good to know,” Jim nodded to not getting forced to do something he didn’t want to do. “And I’ll try not to be jealous. Can’t promise anything though. This bond is fucking with my mind and emotions, you know,” he sighed. “Still… what will you do about your… thing with Paul? I mean… you… we… should probably meet up with him. He’ll learn sooner or later about what just went down here. Fuck… It’ll be dangerous when it turns out, I think. But at least he has to know,” he rubbed his forehead, the headache still present there. Jim wasn’t sure he was ready for that meeting with the Gray clan’s leader, but he knew it had to happen. He was more worried about his own clan’s reaction when they learned about it… And could the Grays truly accept him?

“I thought I was misinformed or something. I am an Earthly demon. Always was as far as I can remember,” he frowned, looking confused at Corey. “I don’t know how this is possible…”

“I have no idea what will be now with me and him,” Corey muttered low and although he tried not to let the feeling loose, he felt sad and the love he felt for his mentor was clear and getting through the connection between he and Jim. “It won't be dangerous, though. We accept anyone who wants to join and has a clear heart, mind and soul. But for that you should accept what you are. Remember what I called you?”

Jim simply swallowed hard feeling Corey’s sadness and the love he had for Paul. He felt like an intruder, not just in the building but in the beast’s life too. It’ll probably take some time to get used to not really being able to hide anything from each other. With another sigh Jim walked to a drawer where he saw a pack of cigarettes. Taking one he lit it up and inhaled deeply. Fuck, he really needed this smoke. Exhaling Jim finally decided to go sit with the smaller man, offering him the pack.

“Yes, it will be dangerous. Because of the Bloodstone clan. Robb Flynn, our leader… let’s just say he has a completely different point of view on things than Paul. That’s why I’ll have to talk to your mentor. He’ll probably know what to do about this situation. Or at least I hope so,” he took another drag then exhaled, looking away. “And after torturing you like that, you still think I have a clear heart, mind and soul?” Jim snorted and bitterly shook his head. He’d done things for his clan he wasn’t proud of.

“You called me a half-breed. But I’m not,” he looked at Corey. “I’m not. I can’t be. I’d have known. I wouldn’t be able to live all these years without knowing or noticing! And the Bloodstone clan is a traditional one. They wouldn’t accept none-Earthly demons in their ranks. So it’s bullshit,” he shook his head in denial again.

“Yeah I know that leader of yours well. He is on the genocide against us. Killing families and taking the babies, seeing if they can convert them and raise them to be obedient soldiers. And I can smell it on you Jim. But it is something that you have to realize. About your soul…” Corey smirked taking a cigarette too and lit it. “It's cool babe. You're still not evil.” It was true. Jim wasn't so bad as Robb or many humans. Yes he enjoyed the torture but there was no spark of doing and starting such things on his own out of bad intention.

“Paul should be back by now, so I will take you to him. But before... Can you tell me a little about yourself? Favorite things and such?”

“I don’t believe that. I can’t. He can be a cruel ass sometimes, but I don’t believe he’d do that. Or at least I have no knowledge of that. I’d have tried to put an end to that if it was true!” Jim protested, because even thinking into it… that he himself could be one of those converted demons was making his head spin and ache and his stomach doing a flop. But was it really so hard to believe that Robb could do that? After everything Jim had done for him under orders and the way he’d ordered his guards to beat Jim up? But… Robb was always preaching about how sacred demon babies were… So… no, Jim couldn’t believe it. It was probably one of the rumors spread about the Bloodstone clan. He was sure he was fed such lies about the Grays and other enemy clans too.

Corey was surely wrong about Jim’s origins too. Little did Jim know that the harder he was trying to confront these things, the harder his conditioning was kicking in, making him reject these ideas. Instead of dwelling on it, because his head was starting to feel as if it was about to split in two, he agreed to meeting with Paul and focused on Corey’s other questions.

“I’m a guitarist, obviously. Solo and rhythm. I think quite a decent one,” he murmured and took another drag. “I like to ride bikes. Well, that’s crossed off the list too now, isn’t it?” he chuckled dryly since he didn’t own any now. “I don’t have any family or many friends. I’m an introvert who likes to be left in peace to write and play music, you know. I like playing for an audience too though. Had a few gigs with one of the clan bands. That was nice. I don’t know what else you might want to know. What about you? Obviously you play the guitar and I guess also the piano… and love pain and rough sex, too.”

Corey watched and felt Jim’s migraine strike and as a shaman in training he knew that it was probably a block inside Jim's brain that wouldn't let him remember or even think about his origins. He caressed Jim's hand by instinct and gave him a little calming smile.

“We have bikes. You should meet Mick, he is a guitarist too. We play together a lot and with Shawn, he plays drums but is lazy,” Corey laughed. “Paul plays bass. I sing. We perform a lot. I write songs, obviously,” he laughed again waving at the mess on top of his desk. “I'm almost done training to be a shaman, I like to draw comics and love horror movies and animes... Geek stuff, you know,” he shrugged looking up into Jim's hazel eyes. “They are my friends, they saved me when I was around 13. We broke out together from a place they kept beast babies and kids in to sell as slaves to be trained. So I guess those guys are my family. Mick is like my brother and Shawn is like my father anyway.”

The pain eased up somewhat from Corey’s touch and smile and kept fading while he was listening to the other demon. Thank fuck. Jim had no idea that such relationships might exist in the Gray clan. He knew them as savage beasts. Not that there weren’t deep bonds and families in his old clan too, but from what Jim’d heard so far, it was different here. He kinda liked the sound of it – and the thought that maybe one day he’d be part of something like that.

“You intrigue me,” he confessed, because he thought Corey was already feeling it anyway. “And your clan too. But first we should meet up with Paul. It’s important that he knows about us. I don’t want to bring a war on the clans’ head because of us. I have demons there I care about too. And I don’t want us to end up dead because of this mating.”

“Well it's more of a group of friends by now than a clan in a classical meaning. Not many of us are left. About Paul. He is our leader because he took up that responsibility and he always supported all of us. We don't have that strict hierarchy. And he probably has new information about the killing of Robb's daughter too. We don't want a war either. Obviously we have different skills but the Bloodstone doubles our numbers many times.”

“Come on. I introduce you to Mick too. He is huge but a silly one,” Corey looked at the clock and stood up offering his hand to hold it out to Jim, leaning down to peck his lips. “I won't let anything bad happen to you… Babe…” he added the last with a smug grin and winked.

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