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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 3 (Part 2)

Chapter 3 (Part 2)

  2016.07.22. 14:53

Chapter 3

~ Part 2 ~

Jim was trying to process all the new information. Sometimes it was vital to remember the details and he felt like it was important here too. He was in unknown territory without anyone to back him up – aside from Corey. Also he was still messed up since the mating. Not knowing about it, the bond was already weaving itself deeper into his soul, heart and mind, starting to affect that block and his mostly dormant beast side. So no wonder he was taking the mating harder than Corey.

Looking up into the clear blue eyes he nodded, letting the other man kiss him lightly. Strangely, it put his mind more at ease as he took his hand and stood. He rolled his eyes and snorted from the endearment while reaching for a bigger black T-shirt lying on the bed, Jim put it on while his new mate got dressed too then padded barefooted after Corey.


The beast led him up the stairs and along a long hallway. This part of the building looked more like a motel. Most doors were open, showing the sad empty apartments cleaned up to a new owner someday. “I have the big front apartment because I guard the clan. And I'm the next shaman too, so kinda have it better I guess,” he chuckled “but that's why it’s the front of the building. We are the same here, equal,” he explained when he saw Jim looking into the flats.

At the end of the hallway from a while loud electric guitar playing filled the air and when they reached the door and Corey probed on the handle without any result, he just kicked the door in without any ceremony. Knocking would be useless anyway...

He led Jim inside where a large buff man was sitting with his wide back towards them, his long black hair covering most of the design of the band shirt he had on, and he kept playing like nothing happened.

This place was fascinating to Jim. He was used to more “medieval”, gothic settings since their leader preferred that style for their dwelling too. This was something completely different. Simpler and more honest and it definitely had a nice vibe, he could feel it resonating around and with him now that he wasn’t pissed or in the middle of fucking Corey. Fuck… some probably already knew about what’d happened. But then while drinking in the sights and listening to the small demon, Jim’d decided not to give a fuck. Well, that was at least a bit more like his old self’s reaction. Something familiar among all the new impulses.

“Then I’m lucky to be mated to the guy with the best apartment and view,” he shot back then simply raised a brow when Corey kicked in the door and the – pretty awesome – guitar playing’s volume hit their senses louder. One look at the big guy – probably Mick – was enough for Jim to understand why he wasn’t reacting: he was too deep in his playing. Another familiar thing. He could totally do the same when he got too lost in music.

Quickly looking around he noticed the pretty awesome guitars here and there and it somehow put him more at ease. Guitars were his passion and a place so full of them was kinda reassuring to the tall man. He looked at Corey, his expression asking ‘what now?’ from him.

Corey giggled and winked stepping to the wall and unplugged the sound block, which resulted in a pissed demon jumping at his feet and turning in all his muscular glory, growling low at Corey. “You little shit!!!” he spat then laughed hugging the much smaller male as a greeting. Corey looked like a child compared to him.

“Mick, meet Jim. He is the one... You know... who punched his way into my guts,” he laughed stepping back to Jim's side. “He is my mate now,” he added with a blush.

Okay, the long-haired demon jumped up faster than Jim would’ve expected and he was kinda scary with his size and expression, but still Jim’s first reaction was to tense up and take a step towards Corey as if he wanted to protect him. Well, that was new too since a few hours ago he wanted to break his neck. Damn, this was still making his head spin.

He only eased up when he saw the men hug it out then his eyes shifted to Mick’s blue ones. There was no hostility in them, just some curiosity as he sized Jim up. Who stood that look and offered a hand. A gesture someone from this clan probably wouldn’t expect from a Bloodstone member. Even if he was just a former one. Besides, this was the least Jim could do after everything Corey’d done for him already. Not to mention that he had manners. “Nice meeting ya,” he murmured.

“Likewise. Oh yeah, after we rescued him, this little fucker couldn’t stop babbling about the tall and handsome torturer who got him good. It was time someone took a nice deep care of him,” the mountain-like guy chuckled. “He was starting to get on my nerves,” he smirked.

Okay, this was something Jim didn’t expect from someone looking so intimidating, but then again, most thought about him that he was an asshole too just because of his size and official torturer status. “What can I say? He has a talent to bring it out of me,” he smiled a bit as his eyes shifted to the tiny man standing next to them. Damn, that blush was cute. Fuck. “Nice guitars. Loved what you were playing too.”

“Oh whatever... I knew you two would get along… Guitars and bikes… Height and making puns about me…” he rolled his eyes and flipped his long hair to one side from his face as the bear hug of Mick messed it all up.

“I'm making some riffs for one of his dark songs,” Mick nodded towards Corey. “He is good, you know. So you play and ride?”

“Hey, you love it. You know that now I can feel what you feel…” Jim smirked while watching Corey, without noticing that his eyes were already softening a bit whenever he looked at his mate. Then he glimpsed back at Mick, sliding his hands into the pockets of the borrowed jeans.

“One of these days I’d like to hear just how good he is, but yeah, I play solo and rhythm. And picked up riding a few years back to… wind down. You know, because of my other ‘profession’,” he shrugged.

“Yeah, man, I get it. A stress relief. I usually eat or jerk off to ease up. Best anger management, if you ask me,” Mick laughed out loud, making Jim’s lip twitch upward too. Yeah, he was still tense and on guard, but he could already tell that he’d get along with the big guy, who was close to his own height.

“Okay big dorks… I will get jealous if you keep up this flirting …” Corey snorted and turned to leave. “We have to go to Paul. He has more information, and I have to introduce Jim to him too.”

“Yeah, but he also heard you two anyway. I bet he couldn't sleep from the ‘bringing the house down’ gig you two performed,” Mick laughed.

“He was out, wise guy...” Corey huffed, grabbing the chuckling Jim's hand and pulled him away from the guitars and out to the corridor.

Jim snorted both from Corey’s and Mick’s remark, but then nodded seriously. Yes, it was time to meet Paul. It was strange for Jim not being hostile around these demons. A few days ago he’d have tried to kill them on sight. Now he was mated to one and joking around with another… If he was the evil kind of guy Corey insisted Jim wasn’t, then the tall man would’ve tried to kill this Paul to please Robb in hopes of getting back to that clan. But Jim had no such intentions. Not to mention that even if he did and succeeded, the rest of these guys would tear him apart in less than ten seconds.

Lightly squeezing Corey’s hand, Jim walked along the corridor with him. The touch felt good and reassuring. Corey’s energies were dancing on his skin where their hands were linked, somewhat soothing Jim’s quiet nervousness. Then they reached a door and Jim could feel that Paul was on the other side. Taking a soundless deep breath he entered with Corey and Mick, as ready for the shaman’s judgement as possible.


Opening the door Corey led them inside. Where a man as tall as Mick and that wide too, just not in muscles, came before them and hugged the small man, pressing a huge loving kiss to Corey's cheek. He radiated love and kindness, with a look of a cuddly big bear. After hugging Mick too he got to Jim and sized him up with his black eyes.

“So you're the one taming the wild one? Nice to meet you.” The power of the shaman could be felt through his kind vibe and smile. “We will talk tomorrow morning. But now about the Bloodstone clan. As we suspected from the clues, the north Wicca group hired renegades. To put it short, they’re planning to get areas. And use the Bloodstone clan to clean up first, then they get rid of them also. You all know,” Paul looked at Jim there, because by then he should also know about these things for a long time “these ‘nice good witches’ want to get rid of all demons, every kind. I was trying to talk to Robb Flynn before about it too. But he doesn’t cooperate or listen to ‘animals’ so that is how we are now. For our safety we have to fight to protect the ‘elite clan’ too.”

Jim was glad that he didn’t feel that jealous pang like before when he watched Paul with Corey. Maybe it was because of the friendly and loving vibe the other big man was radiating, or maybe Jim was starting to regain his grip on his self-control. Either way he stood Paul’s examining look with those intense black eyes.

“I’ll try… He’s quite the handful though. Nice meeting you too,” he said. He was nothing like Robb had painted him. Paul was the exact opposite, but it still made the two pictures struggle in him for a good minute. Then he was listening to the news. Yes, Jim knew that the witches have been more active lately and that their goal was to wipe the demon race out. He nodded to Paul’s questioning look to signal this, but then Jim sunk into his thoughts.

“So basically the renegades raped and killed Sarah and wanted to make it look as if it was this clan so we’d attack,” Jim summed it up, rubbing his stubbly chin. “They are doing their dirty work with us, as usual…” he thought out loud then looked back at Paul. “Robb will rather die than to listen to any Gray demon,” Jim shook his head grimacing.

“Exactly,” Paul pointed at Jim with a nod. “So we have to smooth this all out for all of the areas’ demons to be safe. I will talk to the other leader tomorrow. And I need you there, Cor,” the look Paul gave the small beast was full of smoothing love. Silently telling him that he was okay with the turn of events. “And even the maniac too. But for now let us all rest and prepare. I'm sure you two have a lot to discuss. We talk in the morning about the decisions you've made,” Paul smiled at them. “Have a good day you all, I will like to hide away with my guitars now to think too.”

“Yes, we come in the morning,” Corey nodded with a little sadness in his voice. They were no lovers anymore. He was claimed and bonded. And the sadness of that loss got deep into him again as they went out, leaving Mick and heading down to the ground floor.

It was strange for Jim to see (and feel) how much this leader was worrying about the demons of other clans too, not just their own. It was obvious that the Grays were trying to find a solution that would keep their whole race safe. That unselfishness and more open view surprised Jim. Compared to them the Bloodstone clan was narrow-minded and selfish. Now Jim could see that. Maybe he felt it beforehand too, but he didn’t really care, just did what he was told so he’d be left alone to play and write. For a brief moment he wondered how his life would’ve been if he grew up in a much freer clan like this. They weren’t the uncivilized and blood-thirsty animals like it was indoctrinated into the Bloodstone clan’s members.

His observing hazel eyes jumped back at Corey and Paul, catching the silent communication between them. Jim wanted to sigh, feeling bad about ruining what the two demons had between them. Corey’s sadness stomped down his own budding hopeful feelings about finally finding his place here.

Before heading out of Paul’s room, Jim caught the leader’s gaze and held it for a moment while nodding. A silent “thank you” for his welcome without a judgement. Because he surely knew that Jim was the one who tortured Corey until he was half-dead and he was sure Paul also heard about his reputation. Jim had tortured and killed quite a number of the Grays. Still, he felt no anger from the shaman towards him.

That generosity, all that’d happened to him in the last few days and Corey’s sadness made Jim’s throat close up. He hung his head low as he was following the short demon back to his living quarters.


“I need a moment alone, if that’s okay,” Jim murmured to Corey and stole another cigarette to light it and go out onto the fresh air. He sat down on an upturned crate, facing the goats, and let everything wash over him in a whirlwind of emotions. Everything he’d lost and everything he seemed to have gained but still felt at arm’s length, because Jim didn’t dare to accept them just yet.

“Sure…” Corey nodded and left Jim there to think. He had his own buzzing brain to settle as well. He brought a new member to his clan and lost his love. And they still have a lot to do or learn from each other. Jim doesn’t even dare to see what he is and break that mind conditioning. Though if he stays he has to at one point. He doesn't want to break the bond and likes Corey a lot. So he’ll probably stay.

The short beast looked over his place with a sigh. He has to adjust everything for living with Jim from now on. And as needing to do something rather than sit and mope he started to rummage through the closet, pushing boxes to the sides and throwing out old clothes to make room for Jim's stuff. Well he will have some stuff sooner or later. So... Acting like a responsible adult who makes a mental list about what his man would need for the everyday life was a thing Corey never thought would calm him, ever...

The light breeze was blowing Jim’s longish hair into his eyes as he was sitting there smoking. He could’ve killed for a good strong drink. Or two. But he didn’t move. Just sat there staring at the goats, a few of them returning his gaze time after time, but otherwise the animals were doing their own thing, leaving Jim alone.

Thanks to their bond, Jim could clearly feel Corey moving around inside, busying himself with whatever. That gave time for him to think. And he had a lot to think about. He wasn’t the kind of demon who’d pity himself and he wasn’t doing that now either. He was just mourning the little he had had and now lost. Also, this was the first time he didn’t belong to the Bloodstone clan. He considered them his home and family as far as he could remember. And realizing just how different clans can be, Jim saw now that aside from a few demons he had a good relationship with over there, their leader was an utter ass with an outdated, narrow point of view. It was as if Corey and his clan were finally opening his eyes.

Was it true what Corey’s been telling him? That he was a half-breed? After all, the small demon told him the truth about Sarah while he was torturing him. Could it be possible that Robb was really this sick to kidnap demon babies and kids to add to their number? Was he this fixated on being the strongest and most feared clan in the area?

Jim was trying to think more about this and himself, but that stabbing headache was coming back again, making his eyes water, so he gave up. He’ll have time to think about it later. Now he just felt so drained and tired and it wasn’t even noon. Exhaling the last of the smoke Jim flicked the stub into a small puddle and rubbed his hair until it was sticking into different directions. He didn’t care. He just wanted his room. And his guitar. And his music. Which was always the only thing that could completely calm him. Now he had neither of those, despite the permission to use Corey’s guitars. Now he was going to live with a strange clan and his mate. For fuck’s sake, he had a mate now. He never really thought about finding his, but it seemed fate had a different plan. Now they’d have to deal with it. Somehow.

Ignoring his heavy and throbbing head, he sniffed, wiped off a tear or two and took a few deep breaths before pushing himself up to go back inside and see if he could help Corey with something.

Inside the flat Corey was head deep into the packing. The front of the closet door was completely blocked with the stuff he selected out.

He just couldn't stop and let his thoughts go wild. Either way, his silent tears kept coming back. And the feeling he got from Jim about his messed up emotions and the migraine of his mind block kept remembering Corey that he won't have it easy. He wanted to help Jim in everything. After all, he lost everything and was in a totally new place.

They will have to see Paul in the morning and have to face him with their decisions before Corey goes to the other clan with him. The small demon doubted that Jim was in the state of mind or condition to decide anything right now.

Maybe Corey should stop this and cook some lunch. Some meat would be nice for their mind... With a big sigh he turned and saw Jim standing at the other end of the small mountain of stuff. “Hey! Come over. I want to show you something,” he reached out his hand towards his mate with a smile. He had a surprise for him.

The feelings he was getting from Corey didn't help Jim's mood as he neared the packing male. Meanwhile he managed to make quite a mess by the wardrobe. Automatically reaching out to take Corey's hand, Jim got through the mountain of clothes and stuff.

"What is it?" Jim asked, wondering about the surprise and still a bit amazed that Corey was able to soothe the pain a bit in Jim's mind with a single touch.

“Something I haven't used for a long while,” Corey squeezed the big hand and led Jim to the back, through the boxes and clothes on racks. A dusty half-opened door appeared, it was clear Corey had been already packing there too.

“It was the guard's room when this was a storage house. It used to be my room when I was a kid and… well, more messed up than now…” Corey murmured looking over the place after pulling the heavy curtains apart. It was a room of a wild one, for sure. And surely gave more information about him to Jim. The walls had various dark drawings of haunting shadows and splattered blood here and there. It wasn't big, around the size of a children's bedroom in poor people's house. But had shelves and a corner kitchen area; an open door showed that there was a small shower and toilet for the building guards to stay close to their post.

“We have new beds and armchairs we can bring and so it can be your hiding place if you want to be on your own and play or something…” Corey said kicking away some bloody razors on the floor. “I clean it up and paint it, I guess... I was not in a good mindset when I got here. I was not in a good place before...” he mused then shrugged. Looking at the street from the windows, lost a little in his dark thoughts. “I mean… My place is yours too now, but I thought maybe you would like a corner, or room to be with your introvert self… What you think?” he asked with a bit nervousness in his voice as he looked up at Jim's hazel eyes, hoping Jim knew his good intention and not to take it as if he wanted to like… separate him from living together. Cause he really wasn't…

The room was a mess and very dark in its current condition. Jim could easily imagine how the paintings and blood got there. It was lingering in the stale and dusty air. The room had a heavy and dark history with Corey, but the strangest thing was that Jim wanted it. A lot. Maybe because he wanted to know more about his mate, or to add something positive to the oppressing atmosphere – and maybe to change Corey’s memories and feelings towards the room too.

“It’s perfect…” Jim whispered hoarsely as he looked down into the small demon’s nervous eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching out for him. Corey was willing to give him his space and Jim thought he fell a bit in love with him for that. “Thank you,” he whispered moved then kissed his mate, letting him feel through their bond and kiss the gratefulness Jim was feeling, but was unable to voice yet. “I’ll help,” he promised, stroking along Corey’s nape. “We do this together?” he asked still a bit unsure, but hopeful, too.

“Yeah… We can… I'm glad you like the idea,” Corey smiled bright that he could do something for Jim to make him feel more at home and at ease with this situation.
“We can do whatever you want with it. And furnish and decorate it too. Just have to get all the stuff out first. Want a bag?” he asked stepping out of the arms of his mate and grabbed one of the big half-full trash bags. “I will work on your guitar too…”

That bright smile on Corey’s face made Jim’s heart skip a beat. Damn, he was in trouble. It’s been a while since someone was so selfless and kind to him, but it wasn’t just that. It was already more. That was a bit scary at first with all the changes going on in Jim’s life and he decided not to poke it for now. He rather let Corey pull back from his embrace and Jim took the offered bag.

“You sure I deserve all this?” Jim asked with a small smile, heading towards the far corner where some shelves and an old and small bed was and looked over the shelves. “Anything you would want to keep?”

“Not really. Actually I haven't been in here since around ten years or so. I'm over that period in my life.... I think...” Corey ended low while packing away some dusty old clothes without looking at them really. He didn't want to think about it at all. He was happy that he could do this for Jim and have some use for this room that covered his dark period. “How you want to redo it?”

“Gotcha,” Jim nodded, feeling Corey’s mixed emotions too. “One day I’d like to hear the story of this room and your past. When you’re ready,” he said quietly, letting it hang in the air between them before he continued filling the bag with old magazines, burned down candle sticks and other unused and dusty objects.

At some point Jim opened the window wide and then decided to take down the dusty drapes too. Luckily he was tall enough not needing a ladder for that. “A warm color on the walls. A bed-couch, two armchairs and a chair for playing, a table for writing songs and… maybe one or two guitar stands…” he murmured. “A rug or something too,” he chuckled a bit nervously.

“You know… I’m very grateful,” he paused after turning around to look at the packing demon. “You’ve been very kind to me while I was an ass… I’m… sorry,” he murmured, meaning not just the torture, but the way he acted and thought about Corey and his clan. “I was wrong,” he sighed and picked up the bag again, playing with its edge a bit embarrassed.

“I’d like to stay,” he said on a determined voice, more sure about it now. “Your clan – or at least whom I’d met from it – seems nice. I think I could live here. Help you guys out and stuff. I could work something to pay all of you back. Dunno. I guess I’m just… trying to make sense of the situation and rebuild my life?” he gave Corey one of his nervous laughs.

“We all take you in then. Told you and even Paul told you too... And about my past... Maybe one day,” Corey turned to Jim with an assuring smile. Putting down the bag in his hand he went over to hug the tall demon's neck and peck his lips. “I want you to stay too. I'll make something to eat for us. You like goat meat? Here we all eat their meat not just the elite. I don't even think we have an ‘elite’,” he laughed.

After the peck the look Jim gave Corey was the warmest from him so far. “Thanks again,” he murmured, his hazel eyes mapping the other man’s face, as if he wanted to burn his features into his memory. “Yeah, I like goat meat. Had the chance to eat it a few times during some victory celebrations or as a reward when some of my more important torture sessions were successful,” Jim answered while running his big hands down on Corey’s back. Damn, his closeness felt good.

“You should… go, make lunch before I…” he leaned down to sniff into the other demon’s neck then kissed a tattoo there. “I’ll finish up gutting the room. Deal?” Jim asked with a slightly out of breath laugh, kissing his way up on the thick neck. Fuck, Corey was fucking intoxicating.

“Hmmm okay... Maybe we can snuggle in bed and rest after lunch,” Corey said on a low husky voice and stepped back with a smug smile, pecking Jim's lips one last time before leaving him. Damn this demon made his blood rush every time. Their bond highlighted this, of course, but the first reason the bond formed was the mutual attraction too. Something way beyond Corey's flirty ways and naughtiness.

Shaking his head and holding his hair together he sighed and couldn't stop smiling to himself as he got busy in the kitchen, sudden frying some fine stakes of goat meat and adding some zucchini and potato cuts to it, seasoning it all with grill spices and a touch of garlic. They were demons not vampires after all. Okay, he laughed loudly at his own stupid joke but his heart felt light along with his head and the feeling took over him so much he didn't think of anything else for a change. It was nice not to...

Jim paused in his packing hearing Corey’s laugh from outside and he found himself smiling on that, just like the light mood he was in and Jim felt through their bond. It made his own mood lift too and that content little smile stayed on his face for a while as he was pulling the dirty mattress off the bed and simply tossed it out through the open window. Pulling the frame of the bed from the corner he noticed a stack of old papers, some more magazines, empty and broken bottles under it.

He tossed the magazines and the bottles out, careful not to cut himself with the shards. Then he wanted to do the same with the stack of papers too, but he noticed that they were actually drawings. Very disturbing and dark drawings. Probably made by Corey. Flipping through them Jim sighed. He didn’t envy Corey for these demons and visions he probably kept getting when he was younger and obviously disturbed without the training he’d have needed to understand them and himself better. “The wild one,” Jim muttered and his hand paused on a slightly creased crayon drawing.

It depicted a piece of the sunny, bright sky, surrounded by dark walls and bars. It was from an up looking prisoner’s perspective. The longing to be free and happy coming off heavily from the picture. Jim could nearly see a hand coming into the picture to reach towards the light. “My caged animal…” he muttered under his nose without noticing, his thumb rubbing along the edge of the drawing and without thinking he folded the paper and slid it into his back pocket to save it for later.

Soon after that everything the little room had contained was either in bags or outside. Jim just carried the empty bed-frame to the backyard when his stomach grumbled hungrily from the mouthwatering smells coming from the kitchen area where Corey was finishing up their lunch. Jim paused for a moment to admire the view then he took a deep breath and decided to carry out the unusable parts of the broken table too. The memory of how it got broken still very vivid in Jim’s memory.

Once he was done, he quickly washed himself up and joined Corey just in time for lunch. “Smells awesome,” he growled lightly as he walked next to the short demon by the counter.

“Oh thank you! I love this perfume a lot. Even if I have to go to the other part of the city for it,” Corey winked leaning at Jim with a huge smile. “It's all done. But we have to eat in bed as I seem to have ran out of tables,” he added putting a plate in Jim's hand and wiggled his small round butt till the bed, sat down cross-legged and started licking his fork slowly.

Jim chuckled on the joke as he took the plate then he was just watching his mate move. “Yeah, well… I won’t say I’m sorry about the table. I’ll make you a new one,” he mumbled, his slightly darker eyes still glued to the other male as he walked over with his plate and sat down next to him. “You’re such a fucking tease…” Jim said matter-of-factly then he started eating. “Fuck, this is really good!” Damn, he just realized how hungry he really was. Maybe now that he had something to eat, he’ll heal faster.

“Why does your kind heal so much faster?” Jim asked, trying to focus on his plate instead of the exciting closeness and scent of his mate.

“I guess ‘cause we are more close to nature. We don't block our instincts. I heal faster even from the other beasts, though... For reasons…” he muttered into his plate too, finishing the last bites then sliding close to Jim's side. “So why am I a tease? Could you go into any more details?”

Sensing that this was probably part of the past Corey wasn’t ready to talk about just yet, Jim simply nodded and let him drop the topic just as he was eating his last bites too. Sticking the last meat on his fork and then chewing on it he kept the other man waiting for his answer, a playful look lighting up Jim’s face and eyes.

Swallowing he put the plate down on the floor then faced Corey, one big hand already sliding onto the other man’s jeans-clad thigh to rub it. “Shaking that fine ass of yours and licking that lucky fork the way you did… I know you did that to tease me… You want to tell me something?” he murmured teasing back as he leaned closer to let his scent wash over Corey too. The pull of their bond got stronger now that they were so close and touching and Jim didn’t mind it anymore. He found it fascinating to discover something like a mating bond.

“Want to be lucky like that fork?” Corey asked on a low moaning voice, leaning close to Jim and rubbing his lips to Jim's and sliding off the bed pulling Jim to the edge more by his long thighs and kneeled between them, looking up with glowing blue eyes. “Tell me...”

Even the question stabbed Jim right into the groin with lust. Then he just watched Corey go down on his knees for him. As he slid to the edge of the bed, he was admiring the view, his own hazel eyes starting to light up too, not to mention how fast he got half-hard in anticipation. Licking his suddenly dry lips, Jim nodded. “Fuck yes…” he grunted low, eyes fixed on the sinful lips that were going to pleasure his filling meat very soon.

“If you insist...” Corey smiled licking along his lips as he opened the jeans and freed the hard cock there, darting out his long tongue and licking along the length then wrapping his full lips around the head to give it a sudden hard suck with a loud moan that resonated around the throbbing cock head.

Jim was already breathing faster as he was watching Corey free him then he groaned low as he was touched and licked. The blood was quickly rushing downward, Jim’s eyes starting to glow brighter. He cursed and lightly bucked his hips upward to slide a bit deeper into Corey’s hot mouth. “Fucking hell…” he groaned and found a hand of his holding onto his mate’s dyed hair. “Suck me in deeper.”

Corey eager to please as always… okay, okay… for Jim always it seemed, swallowed the long meat in one gulp and tightened his throat around it, growling low to drive Jim more insane.

Just as he expected, Corey’s throat felt amazing around his already leaking head. His hand fisted in the blue-red hair, pulling on it lightly as a long moan left him and he threw his head back, his powers starting to leak, running along his mate’s skin. Fuck, he’d had a few good blowjobs, but doing it with your mate apparently added to the sensations. If he didn’t hold back, Jim could’ve come down that wonderful throat in a minute or two, but he wanted to give something in return too.

So he pulled Corey’s head back by his hair and leaned down to lick into his wet mouth, sucking his own taste off that eager tongue. “Come on, get on the bed, pretty boy. Wanna return the favor,” Jim growled low into the slightly open mouth then let Corey go to take off his own jeans and wait for the other while lazily stroking himself.

Corey smirked like a happy school boy in the candy shop as he climbed next to Jim and sat on his heels, looking curiously at Jim, pretending he didn't have a clue what he wanted.

Without much preamble Jim pushed him back on the bed, pressing his long and much bigger body against Corey’s. Fuck, he was so tiny… That made Jim growl and attack his mate’s lips for a good two minutes until they were both out of breath. To buy some time for both of them, Jim decided to remove the little clothing Cor had on until he was lying under him finally naked. Damn, he could get used to this… And the realization that he could hit him like a ton of bricks, making his head spin.

And then his tongue was licking Corey from his balls up to the tip before swallowing him, copying what he’d done to Jim’s cock a couple of minutes ago. The taste and smell of his mate was fucking with Jim’s head just as much as the sounds he was making, his own power rushing through the pleasured man in waves.

The small beast whined from the intense wave of Jim's power rushing through him, his lips, tongue and throat were fucking amazing and Corey melted under the sensations, giving into the feelings as his power came forth also, starting to cover Jim and call out his.

Hearing that whine Jim reached out to grab one of Corey’s hands to squeeze it and make the connection deepen. His lips and tongue were working on his shaft relentlessly, loving how Corey was going so pliant under him as shivers ran down his own spine from the answering energies coming from the other. They were starting to mingle as Jim let the hard cock pop out of his mouth.

Letting the smaller hand go Jim knelt up on the bed and moved Corey around until he was lying on his tummy. He pulled that firm ass up until it was high up in the air. Rubbing his big hands against it he pulled the cheeks apart and leaned down to lick along the crack, the taste he found there making him growl against the hot skin and then his long tongue started lapping at the tight entrance, sucking and kissing it too, to drive Cor just as insane as he did with Jim earlier.

Resting on his forearms the beast groaned from pure lust with closed eyes. His ass moved to match Jim's treatment on him and he let go of his power more, as it stared covering him like a slowly swirling red fog, slowly reaching for the other demon to connect more.

The curses leaving his lips were muffled as he started to chew on his right arm, his beastly features appearing too as he moaned loudly to hurry up Jim. It seemed the new sensation what sex meant with his mate was totally washing over him and fueling him up more than ever before.

That reddish fog was coaxing and urging Jim to do more. Opening his eyes half-way while pushing his tongue deep into Corey’s still loose ass, the tall demon could see it now. As well as his own bluish energies meeting it. Where they mingled, the color turned purple. It was a fascinating sight that Jim could’ve watched for hours now that he could see it, but the urging burning he felt coming from Corey and in his own groin made him move. He knelt up behind the small demon and quickly spit on his fingers to push them in to check if he was open enough. Meanwhile his other hand was smearing spit and pre-cum on his own throbbing cock. Fuck, he wanted to be inside his mate again so very, very badly that it made his ears ring.

“Love how small your ass is,” he found himself saying as he pulled his fingers out and rubbed his wet tip against the glistening entrance, his hands resting on the parted cheeks, keeping them open as Jim was moaning while watching his long cock disappearing inch by inch in that tight heat oh so very slowly. It was both to torture them and to enjoy that first long push to the fullest, their energies mixing faster, making his hazel eyes glow in a golden hue, his nails sharpening and digging into his mate’s ass. “You look so good on my cock…” he growled, voice sounding more beastly too.

“Then hurry up and stop sightseeing…” Corey huffed and wiggled said small good-looking ass to ease his mate deeper faster. His wild side was always going to be more present, probably more than Jim's ever will be. He felt the heat spreading in his insides and he wanted it to turn into flames and consume him, them as fast as possible.

He turned and growled at Jim, and then as he pushed back on the impaling shaft he whined for more, his blue glowing eyes locked into the hazel ones. “Give it to me, big guy!”

A breathless chuckle left Jim, but it quickly turned into a moan as Corey moved said ass to make Jim bottom out. His own glowing eyes met their pair and his upper-lip pulled back for a second, showing off his sharper fangs, a low growl rumbling out of his broad chest as if taking up on the challenge.

Pulling back until just his tip stayed in, he grabbed Corey’s hips strong enough to bruise and then he rammed inside, his balls slapping against him over and over again as he kept up a strict and precise rhythm, eyes locked on the beastly ones as Jim was letting more of his control slip, creating more purple fog around them.

The beast groaned out in the passion-filled pain he finally felt, that he ached for so much. The powers mixing into a lilac mist around them grew as they got higher on their passion and that indescribable itch Corey always felt, appeared again inside him and drove him to push back harder and faster to feel more with more intensity.

Jim was panting and groaning as he helped Corey meet his thrusts, his claws breaking the fair skin of Corey’s hips, the scent of that sweet and dark blood slowly reaching his heightened senses, making him hammer that tight and hot hole faster and harder, the slapping of their wet bodies getting louder in the room.

The kneeling demon never thought he’d have such intense sex with anyone and he could clearly feel it was still far from what Corey truly wanted so he let his mate’s hips go and dug his nails deeply into the other’s shoulders, scratching down on his whole back roughly, his muscles jumping in his arms as he did so. A satisfied and very inhuman growl left his throat as he watched the red, red blood rush to the surface and he had to taste it again. So leaning down he licked along the deep scratches with long licks, lapping up as much as he could from the quickly healing skin while his hips never missed a beat from fucking Corey into the creaking bed.

His blue powers were pulsing out of him in waves, transforming into the purple fog that was burning them both, driving them deeper into their mating. And when there was no blood to be licked off, Jim used his sharp teeth to tear into Corey’s flesh as if he wanted to eat him up alive – which wasn’t far from the truth.

The howl and moan Corey let out from the scratches and the bites filled the large room with the sound of the crazy animals, which was not far from the truth either. He tried to tell Jim through their bond to bite him harder ‘cause he was almost there and all other form of communication was wiped out of his brain.

Grabbing onto the tall demon's wrist he sunk his own canines into it with a throaty groan, his eyes rolling back up into his skull as rapture took over him from the taste of his mate's blood, their joint lilac energies swirling like an endless whirlpool of power, burning them from their insides now, leaving Corey one short step away from his release.

Jim’s answer to the howls were more aggressive growls and now that the bond was wide open between them and they connected this much, he could quickly tell what Corey needed so badly and his teeth sunk deeper, that spicy blood filling his mouth as he bit down on skin and muscle as if he wanted to tear good chunks of flesh out of his mate.

He himself howled out as Corey tore a vein open in his wrist, Jim’s cock pulsing deep in the tight ass, balls drawing up, ready to shoot as their animalistic sounds were getting mixed with the scorching energies. Moving on instinct, with his free hand Jim reached down to grab Corey’s steadily leaking cock. His jerking was rough and urging, just like the stabs against his mate’s prostate. And then there was one thing left to close the circle: his bloody lips moved forward and his canines sunk into the sweaty skin by the crook of Corey’s neck. A claiming bite.

MINE! That was the message in it that could be felt and heard through their bond too, and while starting to fill up Corey’s ass with his seed, rumbling growls resonating in Jim’s chest, he somehow managed to take some of their merged power and pushed it through his mate, knowing that it’d tip him over the edge.

And with a giving in whiny howl Corey did just that, shooting his seed all over Jim’s big hand as he pushed back as hard as he could on the throbbing ejaculating cock deep inside him, taking his mate fully inside him in all possible ways as the energies washed over him and ran back to Jim, leaving them on pulsing waves of heightened bliss for long minutes before they collapsed on the bed fighting for air.

Corey felt totally spent and unable to move, some tension and emotion filled tears welled up in his almost human-looking eyes. He had a mate and their mating was all he ever wanted to feel in his savage soul. Feeling the pulse and burn of the claiming bite, he had no doubt – not that he had many at that point... – that Jim was partly his kind. All his heightened senses and being could do was sending a purring nuzzling feeling back to Jim with the reply "yours".

The bigger demon couldn’t relax until he felt that message coming back to him. A side of him that Jim just started feeling roared in triumph and as he let the bloody wound go on Corey’s neck, he took a glimpse of himself in the slightly cracked mirror on the nearby wall. It was as if looking into the face of a stranger – and not. His features were more beastly too, although not as much as Corey’s when he transformed. So maybe his mate was right.

Not thinking much about it in their after bliss, still connected, he leaned down to lap at the bleeding claim mark to clean it. Jim could feel it already closing up, but he knew it was going to scar and stay on Corey’s skin. That made him feel strangely satisfied. From now on Corey would always carry Jim’s mark on his skin and some of his scent with him. Maybe next time the small blissed out demon would do the same to Jim.

He couldn’t hear anything from the usually chatty demon and that in itself told enough to Jim. With a beastly grin he slowly slid out of the abused hole and went down to lap at it too, tasting his own oozing seed there with a satisfied growl. Corey was his in every meaning now. There was no turning back, but Jim didn’t mind. It felt good. So good to belong to someone.

Crawling next to his mate Jim flopped onto his back, resting a hand on the still panting beast’s back. His glowing eyes were staring at the slowly dissolving lilac fog in the air as his mind was starting to work again, forming more or less coherent thoughts about what just went down between them. Was he really a half-breed? He must be if he was able to mark Corey like that… But then his whole life was a lie. Where did he come from? What else was hidden from him?

The more he thought about it, the faster that piercing headache was destroying the nice afterglow with its return. Gritting his sharp teeth together Jim pressed his eyes together, but kept trying to figure things out until the pain got blinding and he rolled onto his side, away from Corey, his hands coming up to cradle his head as a painful moan left his throat.

Starting to get around too slowly, Corey was able to hear first Jim’s painful moan, then feel his migraine striking strong again and he turned to hug him kissing into his neck. “Stop it, please. You’re just hurting yourself. Everything will reveal itself when it's time,” he said on a soft voice, caressing the sweaty head of his mate, kissing it every now and then between his words.

“Come... Rest with me a little. You were amazing, but next time I'll mark you. Just to make sure no one can try to take you away,” he gave Jim a little giggle as the other demon turned and Corey could look into the hazel eyes, pecking the bloody lips.

Jim gave up on trying figuring things out on his own and listened to his mate’s pleading words, the kisses feeling like the cooling touches of a wet cloth. Taking a wobbly breath Jim turned around to face Corey and closed his eyes, pecking the other man back. “Yes… yes, I’d like that,” he breathed, feeling totally spent and exhausted as the headache was still throbbing in the back of his mind, but not as piercing as before.

After what just happened, Jim couldn’t lie to himself anymore: he wanted Corey to claim him like he’d claimed the small beast. It was amazing just how quickly things were changing – and how quickly Jim’s feelings and world view were changing in order to survive and live. With that thought he wrapped Corey in his long tattooed arms and drifted off into a much needed sleep. They had a long day ahead of them.

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