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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2016.07.23. 19:01

Chapter 5

The sun stood at the top of the sky when the members of the Gray clan returned. Corey saw the shadows moving in the front room as they went past it while entering the main gate. Must be his mate packing there, he could feel Jim presence stronger too as he got inside the building.

The meeting was useful, the small group had more information now to where to continue the investigation.

Corey even went shopping and dragging some bags inside the apartment, he started looking for Jim, going through the wardrobe room to greet him.

With the help of Mick they got all the equipment and paint they needed to clean and paint the room. While Jim was working on the walls only in his cut jeans and an old pair of sneakers Mick gave him, the big demon gathered some wood for the table they broke and Jim wanted to fix – and reinforce in case they decided to have sex on it again...

The physical work felt good, because it gave Jim time to digest what he'd learned about his mate's past, plus it made time pass quicker. Jim could still feel the faint present of his mate through their bond and he relaxed a bit, knowing that Corey wasn't in immediate danger.

He just checked on how the now coffee-colored walls were drying when he felt Corey's presence stronger. From that he knew his mate was back. He turned around in the empty room, some sweat making his bare and still a bit bruised chest glisten as he looked at the small beast with a fond expression.

"Hey. Successful meeting? You feel... satisfied."

“Hey babe! Yeah it was, and I managed to get all the stuff I wanted,” Corey smiled wide, looking around the clean and painted room. “It feels... weird. Like all that darkness is erased…” Corey said walking around the room just staring at the walls lost in his thoughts. All those dark memories were gone, but he knew they were hiding under the pretty coffee color. Just like inside him. “It's great. I like how it looks,” he turned from the window back to grin at Jim. “You worked hard. I have some surprises for you. I hope you’ll like them...” he hugged his tall mate and pulled him down to kiss those inviting lips.

“You should tell me all about it a bit later. If you are allowed,” Jim said as he watched Corey examining the room. He could feel his mate’s mixed emotions and then he shrugged after the kiss, keeping Corey close with his arms. It felt good to hold him again, although he was gone only for like half a day. It was a bit crazy, but Jim guessed it was something he was going to have to get used to because of their bond. “No, they aren’t erased. Just covered, like scars. Which is fine, because they are part of who you are,” he murmured, pecking Corey’s cheek. “I have a surprise for you too. But first I want to see mine!” he gave the beast his usual cute laugh. It was strange to laugh again after all this time when Jim did nothing but brood or feel bored. “Lead the way…” he lightly spanked Corey’s ass with a grin.

“Ouch!” the short beast jumped and faked a painful expression and grabbed Jim's hand to lead him back to the main room. “By the way scars… You should heal faster. No? I don't like it that you're still so bruised.” A bit of worry was clear in Corey's voice as he handed Jim three big nylon bags. “Some basic stuff, if some doesn't fit, we can exchange them tomorrow…” he added, watching his mate curiously about his reactions over the packs of socks, boxers, a few shirts and shoes.

Jim grinned on the faked expression then he simply shrugged, looking at the still visible bruises. A lot have already healed. “Dunno. I always healed at this rate, didn’t even notice. You think I should heal faster since our mating?” he asked as he let the other demon pull him to the bags.

Putting them on the bed, Jim dug into the first one, pulling out a few boxers at first. Opening one he put it to his hips and nodded satisfied. He repeated the same with some shirts and shoes too. “You have a good eye. They all seem to fit. Thank you,” he smiled warmly and grateful at his mate. “Mick gave me some clothes too, so I think I’m set for a while. I should search for a job or something so I can pay you back. But I’m not sure it’s safe for me to be outside just yet. By the way, I found a spare toothbrush for myself in the bathroom,” he murmured as he folded some shirts on the bed. “I’m guessing that the empty space in the closet is where I’m supposed to put these. Thanks for that too. I know this is just as unexpected and strange for you like for me. Yet you started making room for me the first day I became part of you life… I didn’t even thank you for that,” he trailed off, staring at the black tee in his hand.

Before Jim could sink into his strange mood, he shook his head and flashed a smile at his mate then went to a drawer and pulled out the top one, taking a framed picture out from it. “I thought… we could keep this in the room. A ‘visible scar’ that also contains hope, I guess?” he walked back to Corey with the drawing Jim’d saved in the morning. It was in a black frame now, flattened behind glass. “I hope it was okay for me to save this one,” he looked down at Corey a bit worried about his reaction as he handed it over.

By S.M.A.

“Oh…” Corey only could say that as he looked at the long lost drawing from his teenage years. It was exactly what Jim said about it. A bit of hope. And one of his scars. “Thank you…” he whispered and hugged his mate strong, hiding in the much larger body. Showing vulnerability for the first time in front of Jim.

Relaxing from Corey’s embrace, Jim hugged him back, caressing his dyed hair soothingly, feeling just how vulnerable his mate was at the moment. Despite that there was a small smile on the tall demon’s lips. This was definitely progress in getting closer to each other. Lightly rubbing Corey’s back, he softly murmured: “Paul and Mick have told me about your past. I… admire you,” he confessed. He suspected that many would react differently to what was revealed in front of him. Some would maybe even fear Corey for what he was, but Jim had no such feelings and he let his mate know that through their bond too. “I want to become whatever you might need in a mate,” he added barely audible. In a short span of time they already came a long way, although the end of the road was still far away.

“I... I guess I need you, as you are. Our powers met for a reason. And you accept me as fucked up as I am. And I think you even enjoy it,” Corey rubbed his forehead to the sweaty chest, inhaling Jim’s scent deeply, letting it linger inside him and smooth his soul and powers. Maybe he can relax now... He has a mate for life. Someone that will be there all his life.

“I don't think you noticed, but I have a very well-hidden caring nature too… I like to look after those who are close to me. And I thank you for being so understanding with everything. It's so fast and shocking and you've lost everything. And I want to make this work well between us, not just the sex... which obviously works ‘cause of our needs and our powers matching perfectly... And I think I'm way too moved and talking bullshit all over now...” Corey looked up at Jim with a chuckle. “Thank you for the picture and for being here with me.”

“Yeah, well… I might enjoy what you are… Maybe,” Jim joked lightly, feeling a bit like melting from Corey’s words. He tightened his embrace around the small creature, letting him bury himself in his much bigger body – and maybe shielding him from the rest of the world, too. “Oh yes, I’ve noticed your caring side. It’s been at the front since yesterday morning. The cooking, making room for me, getting me clothes, offering your old room for me, making sure I have everything I might need… I have eyes, you know,” he chuckled softly, nosing Corey’s hair to inhale him too.

“I’ve been an ass to you before and I’m trying not to make that same mistake again. It might take some time for us to open up more for each other, but everything will happen in its time,” he echoed Paul’s comment from that morning. It was a universal truth Jim believed in too. “I want this to work between us, too. So… please be patient with me. It might take some time for me to settle in and accept all the changes. But I’ll keep trying… And I can promise you this: I won’t go away unless you want me to. I belong to you now,” he said then smiled down at Corey. “Besides, I like you talking bullshit. You’re cute,” he chuckled fondly then leaned down to seal their lips.

Corey mumbled against the attacking lips, as he wanted to protest against the cute title but then just smiled and kissed Jim back with all his forming emotions. Who knows… Maybe the wild one gets tamed once… The kiss they shared was filled with gentle emotions. Corey pulled back with a bright red color on his upper cheeks.

“You two ate up everything I cooked?”

Jim saw that blush and still found it damn cute, but he didn’t voice it, just grinned. Corey was probably feeling what he thought anyways. Instead he took his mate’s hand and this time Jim was the one who pulled him to the other room. “Nah, I saved some for you before we ate the rest up. It’s in the oven. Go, eat. I want to finish repairing the table,” he said pressing a light kiss against Corey’s temple then he let his hand go and headed towards the table, picking up a hammer and a nail. “Meanwhile you could tell me what you found out at that other clan…” he offered then continued working, concentrating hard on the task.

“Thanks,” Corey was happy to hear they left him food ‘cause he felt like starving. “Paul told me that he was talking about my background. I love to cook and eat good ‘cause of that I guess. When I got here all this kind of food really fascinated me,” he told while hopping up on the counter and started eating.

“Paul also told us about that the group behind these actions is almost surely the same group of witches and demons who specialized in the genocide over non-Earthly demons. We decided to show ourselves and sniff around a bit. And you can come too, if you want. Me, Paul and Shawn will go for a hunt in those woods. Letting ourselves free and sizing up the place. Paul said that you can come also. What you say?”

“It makes sense. The cooking and eating,” Jim hummed as he finished hammering one of the last nails in. “The information makes sense too. It was to be suspected, I guess. It’s so them to try making the Bloodstone and Gray clan jump at each other’s throat…” Jim mused then paused hearing the offer. He looked over at Corey with a thoughtful expression. “You sure about that? Wanting me there? Otherwise I’d love to. I mean… it’s been a while for me since I hunted. In the last few months I was needed more as a torturer in the dungeons,” he explained then turned back to the table and checked how stable the freshly hammered leg was.

“Yeah I want you there, sure I am! Shawn is a little grumpy on the outside and very twisted on the inside,” Corey chuckled, putting the empty plate down and hopped down to go over to take a look at the table too. “I want to brag about my tall, strong, skillful and wild mate to them all, you know… And all mine…” he spoke on a teasing tone, his warm hands caressing over the back of the half-bent demon above the new table. “Nice work. I love it.”

“Then I’ll be there and meet Shawn and watch how you hunt. It’s gonna be something, I can tell,” he smiled then that smile turned into a huge grin hearing the compliment. “Oh you do? That’s good to know. I’ll try to look taller while you do that,” he joked, but closed his eyes for a moment feeling Corey’s hands on his bare back. The warm touch sent a shiver down his spine and a very low approving grumble built in his chest.

Looking back over his shoulder, Jim met Corey’s eyes. “Not fully yours yet…” he said with playfully twinkling eyes. “Otherwise thanks. I reinforced it.”

“You want to be?” Corey asked with slightly glowing eyes, searching deeply Jim’s hazel ones. His hands were rubbing slowly up and down along the long back, tracing the line of the spine before taking Jim’s hand and turned him over to face him. “I can't promise that I can let go enough to make you mine without getting... You know.... Not so gentle…”

Jim only had to think about it for a second or two, his skin breaking out in goose bumps as he turned around, sliding a hand around Corey’s waist to pull him closer, wanting – needing – their bodies to touch. Not just because of the sexual promise it held, but because it felt good to have his mate so close. “Yes. I want you to make me yours too. I want to wear your mark and scent. I want everyone who meets us to know that you are mine and I am yours…” he said with an answering glow in his eyes. It was as if he said that in a trance, as if his beast side was voicing its wishes through Jim’s lips, but he was fully on board with the plan. “I don’t mind. I’ll heal. I want you to be you. Without holding back for my sake.”

“It will only work if we both fully let go. I want us to belong together in front of everyone too,” Corey pulled Jim with him, backing towards the bed, his powers already starting to come forth and linger around his body as a red fog and creeping over Jim too. He leaned closer to kiss and lick along the inviting collar bone, grabbing strongly at Jim’s side and pulling him close to his heating up body.

The tall demon’s heart sped up from the predatory look in Corey’s eyes, although it didn’t show that much on his face yet. That red fog started engulfing him, trying to coax Jim’s blue one out. He wasn’t afraid, he was getting excited and he was sure Corey could feel it through their pants too. “I’ll let go if you do…” Jim murmured already a bit hoarse as his hands slid under Corey’s tee and lightly scratched the small of his back. “I want this…” he repeated to reassure Corey. “I want you,” he gave in to the urge and rubbed himself against his mate, enjoying the kisses on his chest and the bruising hold on his side. He let Corey take the lead this time.

A deep growl left the smaller man's throat from the feeling of Jim rubbing and moving closer to his body. Digging his already growing claws deep into the sides of his mate, he turned quickly, practically throwing Jim on top of the bed. Popping the button open on the jeans-short first, Corey then pulled off his tee and pants too, climbing on top of his mate with glowing blue eyes and a hungry look of a beast ready to feast on his victim. Grabbing into the longer tufts of Jim, he pulled his head aside a little, attacking his tasty lips in a rough passion-filled kiss.

Jim groaned as the sharp claws dug into his sides, breaking skin, then landed on the bed with a breathless moan, watching Corey getting rid of his own clothes. Jim was working on the button and fly of his jeans-short too, wiggling it off quickly, wanting to feel all that hot naked skin against his. He was getting hard fast from that hungry look. The slight pain by the roots of his hair was welcomed and he was returning the rough kiss the best he could, growling from his throat, his own hands grabbing, squeezing and scratching Corey as desire was washing through him too, his power leaking some more to tease and lure his mate’s.

The wild instincts of the beast kicked in at full force, his powers wrapped around Jim, sending the message of raw need through the taller demon. Corey pulled back from the deep kiss growling, pressing Jim's head hard into the bed as he licked the throbbing vein in his neck. One knee pressed between the long legs, Corey rubbed his leaking erection to Jim's, claws running deep into his skin and the growling beast licked up all the blood on the trail with hunger.

His mate’s power surrounding and rushing through him made Jim pant, his neck straining as his head was pushed back. Jim moved it back some more, completely baring his throat and crying out from the heady mixture of pleasure and pain as he was bucking against Corey’s cock, the smell of his own blood filling his nose as he was sinking deep fast. He had no idea he’d enjoy this roughness so much, but his steadily leaking cock was a good enough proof. His own claws were scratching Corey’s back and ass, making the scent of their blood mix. “More!” he panted, eyes rolling back into his head, a burning need growing hotter and more urging as his own instincts were quickly awakening.

Corey groaned with lust from Jim's plea. He attacked those full lips again, his long sharp canines tearing into the tongue and lip of his mate and him too, swallowing their mixed blood and sucking on the bruised bottom lip. His hands gripped hard on his mate's thighs and pushed Jim almost in half, bucking against him with a beastly roar.

The other demon groaned into the bloody kiss, swallowing his fair share of their mixed blood, which made his eyes glow in a bright golden light. He moved as Corey wanted him and growled needily as he spit bloody saliva on his own fingers, willing his claws back so he could reach down to rub his fingers against his hole. He wanted to help the small beast, because he saw how much Corey was losing it – which he found beautiful, because this was the first time he opened up to Jim this much. Letting him see the real him. The wild beast that he was underneath. With that thought Jim pushed two of his fingers into himself, squirming and moaning from the feeling and the hot sight of his mate savoring the flesh and blood of his aching body, which he surrendered willingly.

With only the maddening urge to feel, taste and feast on his mate, Corey's wild side was on full loose. Even though the blooming feelings he had for Jim were present too as he moved down on the very bruised body, and in total contrast of his rough treating so far, he sucked the throbbing cock gently into his mouth with a long satisfied moan, rolling his bleeding tongue around it as he swallowed it deep into his throat. He flexed his neck muscles to taste Jim's pre-cum more, his hand helping Jim's hand, pushing on it to make the long fingers go deeper.

Jim couldn’t take his eyes off the other demon then he cried out, his cock throbbing painfully in Corey’s bloody mouth. “Fuck!” he groaned, throwing his head back into the pillow, his hips moving both against Corey’s mouth and his own fingers as the small hand was helping him back. So fucking hot, he thought, but couldn’t voice it. And he couldn’t even collect his thoughts about how stunning it was that although his wild side was fully out, Corey was still trying to pay attention to Jim’s needs. Holding his leg in the air, Jim kept fingering himself deeper and faster, moaning as his body was giving in. Soon he pulled them out and panted at his mate. “Spit on it!” he urged, burning to feel something in his body very fucking soon.

Letting the leaking, and now very bloody cock out of his mouth and pushing Jim's thighs more up and apart, he spit a good amount of bloody salvia into his mate's opened up hole, letting a deep grunt out and leaned down to push his cut tongue deep into it, moving it around with pleased sounds. His mind was swimming in all the blood and smell and taste of Jim. Everything else was wiped away, only the unbearable need to become one with the other was in his senses. To tear and bite and eat and mate... He couldn't take it anymore… His brain and body were on pulsing fire and it seemed the only thing that could ease that burning itching pain inside him was Jim and his fucking tasty inviting body.

With a sudden move he rose up and bucked deep into his mate, all the way with a painful cry as the tight walls gave into the attack of his hard dick, almost making him faint from the dizzying feeling as Jim's body jerked around and under him. Corey stayed still, panting and groaning low. His red fog-like power was completely covering the other demon and taking him and his blue power inside it, making them swirl around the joined mates in a lilac cloud.

Jim was cursing under his breath, watching his bloody cock flop back on his stomach then groaned as the beast spit on him and stuck that fucking amazing tongue into his trembling body. It was all starting to get too much – yet not enough. His claws grew again as they were digging into the back of his own thighs to keep himself open for Corey.

And then a loud roar tore itself out from the depth of his being as he was taken by the beast for the very first time. It was burning, it was too much, it was so fucking intense Jim literally saw stars. But it was fucking perfect as his body jerked unwittingly from the rough intrusion. Without thinking he reached out with his right hand and tried to take hold of Corey, but all that he managed to do was leaving bloody scratch marks on the other demon’s chest, the warm liquid making his fingers slip as he kept clawing at the slick skin over the beast’s heart.

This wasn’t the first time he was fucked, but definitely the most intense. His near-whine and as his trembling body was working overtime to adjust were proof of that. “Fucking… move!” he snarled out of control too, his claw-like nails slicing more skin on his mate’s upper-body.

Corey was lost in the pain and pleasure. In his brain pain was the biggest bliss and there it was as Jim was trying to erase his chest tattoo with the deep bloody scratches. That tearing on his skin and the tight throbbing around his cock made his head swim with lust. He felt his being opening up and mingle with Jim's, their powers united in a perfect bright lilac glow around them, making their senses heighten as he pulled back and rammed hard and deep into the shaking body, repeating it again and again, faster with each hard thrust. He was huffing and grunting as a beast on a feast, which was true to the fullest.

Keeping up the fast rough pace he leaned upwards to reach Jim's long neck and sank his fangs deep into that sweet inviting vein there, gulping the blood with an animalistic growl, pulling on the bigger body to get more inside it, make it more his, claiming Jim with all his being and powers through their bond. Sending the statement "mine!" over to Jim's being.

Jim could see the purple colors even when he closed his eyes, their joined energies burning and urging them just as much as Corey’s fantastic rough thrusts, which were rubbing against Jim just at the right places, making him lose the rest of his rational mind too. His own being was opening up too and as if he knew what Corey wanted to do, the second he moved towards Jim’s throat, the bigger demon’s bloody fingers slid onto his mate’s back to pull him as close as possible. Jim’s head moved to the side in acceptance and he offered not just his neck, blood and body to the aroused beast, but his soul, heart and life too.

The pain quickly transformed into pleasure and it was filling now everything that he was. But there was another feeling too. Something final and deep. Moving and beautiful. As his whole being submitted to that burning claim, an amazingly strong feeling of belonging and being whole etched itself into Jim’s very core while their merged powers were pulsing around them. That possessive statement that came through the deepening bond felt so right and powerful that he came hard without any warning, roaring “Yours!” as his bloody cock messed them both up, claws opening new wounds on the sweaty back.

The reply made the beast leave the bleeding wound and howl out in triumph, pushing deeper into the jerking body of his mate as he was shooting his seed into him while they both were enjoying the heavy spasms of their joint orgasm.

As the lilac fog started to pull back into them and let their beings slowly come out of the blinding bliss, leaving them fighting for air, Corey collapsed on top of the larger body, letting Jim's legs go. He was caressing the blood and sperm covered belly and chest slowly and lovingly as he was coming around.

It took some time for Jim too to slowly come back, his tattooed arms instinctively holding Corey where he was, enjoying the soft caresses (what a contrast after everything!) on his messed up skin. Jim stretched out his long legs to avoid a cramp in his thigh and returned the stroking on Corey’s back, smearing bloody sweat all over the already nearly healed back.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk, because he didn’t want to break the peaceful moment. So he didn’t. He simply kept running his long fingers over Corey’s body just as lovingly, enjoying the perfect and strong feeling that they were one. Now no one could break this bond, only them. But Jim highly doubted that’d ever happen. After all, seeing that beast from up this close and not running spoke volumes.

“You’re beautiful,” Jim finally whispered barely audible after a few minutes while his fingers were absently tracing Corey’s spine.

From Jim’s words Corey’s eyes popped open and his caressing hand stopped. Reality dragged him back to earth and to his room fast and most of all to what he was. Jim's words made him swallow hard and move out of his body, plopping down on his back next to his mate, staring at the ceiling.

“I'm not,” he whispered, closing his eyes again, trying to calm his swirling emotions. They were one now. He would know if Jim just spoke out of kindness. Yet, the words were true and the mixed feelings they woke up inside him were all new and haven't found their place in his troubled mind and soul yet

The other demon flinched a bit as the softening cock slipped out of his abused hole, some of Corey's seed oozing out with it. Jim's body was exhausted and throbbing with pain here and there as it was working on repairing the damage done to his flesh and skin. What he didn't notice yet was that the process was faster than usual.

Turning onto his side to face his mate, Jim stroked along his fresh claim mark, feeling it already closing up and throbbing. Now he was going to wear Corey's mark forever too. That made him feel strangely content. He was fully the beast's too. And yes, he meant his words and knew that his mate could feel it through the still wide open bond between them, but Jim didn't push the matter.

Sliding his index finger through the bloody cum and sweat on the other man's chest, he absently tasted it, lightly growling from its wonderful taste. It was their mixed essence, something that'd probably be his favorite taste from now on. To share it with his other half, he half-leaned over Corey and kissed him gently and sensually for long minutes.

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