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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Chapter 6 (Part 1)

  2016.07.24. 08:35

Chapter 6

Lazy morning sex with your newly found mate is just amazing. Especially after the night you’ve been marking him yours for life. And the best part is when you doze off for a little while after it in each other's arms.

But not if you oversleep and are late from an important mission! It's a good thing they had a shower sometime during the night when they both woke up from all the itching of their skin under the drying bodily fluids. Corey felt kinda uncomfortable from the slight wetness he felt in his boxers as he was sitting behind the wheel and was driving with Jim to the forest. Other times such leaking memories of great sex were something to put a smile on his face, but now he should have focused on his task, and they were fucking late too.

The good in the bad was that this way Corey had time to talk about the whole thing and Shawn. One of the members of Corey's close group in the Gray clan. Shawn was a great guy... Under the many layers of being obnoxious and weird and sarcastic and somewhat of an asshole on the outside. Especially with new people. He always treated Corey as if he was his own retarded son or something, standing up for the beast nonetheless, though.

What Jim could expect was harsh sarcasm and rivalry, for Shawn would surely be testing Jim about being good enough to deserve Corey.

The hunt planned was as any other demon hunt. That was not new to the tall demon as they spoke about the occasions Jim had been after the forest creatures too with his old clan. The hunters run down and lead the animals to the place the others gather at. Corey was a hunter himself, his days as a child in the maze being after humans and other creatures still lived vividly inside him and these hunts fed the already built-in need to track down and run free after something that he could kill with his bare claws and canines.

Finally he turned the Rover to the land road that led them to the meeting point, about two and a half hour late. Corey could feel the others waiting and also the lingering energies of humans with powers – clearly witches – around.

Jim was a bit nervous about the hunt. Well, not the hunt itself but being out there together with these guys for the first time and freshly mated. And Shawn. Yes, Corey gave a 101 about that demon. He sounded like a complicated guy, but Jim thought he’d be able to handle him. After all, during the years at the Bloodstone clan he got used to weirdness.

At times when Corey’s slight arousal reached his senses, Jim smiled under his nose and a few times had to stop himself from reaching out to push his hand between his mate’s legs and help on his little problem. But they were late enough. He just hoped the others wouldn’t be too pissed. Yes, last night – and their morning – was something Jim wouldn’t forget for a very, very long time. The slightly throbbing claim mark on his neck still had an angry red color as it peeked out from under the edge of his worn black Iron Maiden T-shirt that he got from Mick. A few times he found himself absently stroking the mark as he was listening to Corey while staring out of the car.

Focus, he reminded himself over and over again, but it wasn’t an easy task when his mate was in arm’s reach smelling so fucking good and alluring. He briefly wondered if this was going to be like this all the time… Well, at least this was something Jim could live with.

As they turned onto that barely noticeable road, he could feel the presence of the others too and once they took a turn, a small clearing opened up in front of them, two other cars parking there, the others in or around them, waiting. Glimpsing at Corey, Jim winked at him before getting out of the car to join them. “Hey. Sorry for being late. We overslept,” he pushed his hands into his front pockets as they walked over, Jim’s eyes sizing up the other demons.

Corey joining Jim also greeted the others. Introducing Shawn to his mate. No surprise there, Shawn gave a very suspicious look to Jim, sizing him up.

Paul hugged them, kissing Corey's face again and the usual back-patting from Mick also happened. It was like any other gathering, but the tension and the scent of witches lingered strongly around the area.

Paul even handed a bag of throwing knives to Jim as he gave out instructions. Mick and Corey were to track down the stag, taking Jim with them. Paul and Shawn were going to wait at the end of the path to capture the animal or animals. Corey was going to run, while Mick and Jim were to stay as first front.

Nothing new or unusual, just a few demons stocking up on some fresh meat.

But under all that they all knew what they were suppose to do. Sizing up the place, look for clues and memorize every aspect. Except for Corey. This time Corey was the main distraction as his transformed and loose powers would take off attention from anything else.

Jim was prepared for the suspicious looks from Shawn. “It was fucking time…” the older demon huffed under his nose.

“Exactly!” Mick chimed in, laughing on his own joke.

Jim snorted then took the bag from Paul, sending a thankful – and maybe a bit moved – look at the black-eyed demon then he put on the shoulder harness and holster that had four slots for the knives over Jim’s heart, having an easy access and also protecting his heart. Then came the wrist sheaths with three knives on both arms. Sensing the presence and scent of the witches Jim didn’t want to risk anything and put four spare knives into a sheath behind his back, pulling his tee over it to cover at least those.

“Thank you, Paul,” he finally said once the leader stopped briefing them about the plan. He just nodded back with a smile while Jim was trying to ignore Shawn’s piercing gaze that he’s been feeling ever since they’d arrived. Shawn also tried to push his power over Jim at one point, but the tall demon was on guard and pushed it back without hesitation to show that he wasn’t some weakling. Shawn was tasting him. They’d have to have a face-to-face conversation soon, but because of being so late, there wasn’t time for that.

Jim could clearly feel the excited buzzing coming from Corey who was restless, eyes already starting to glow as his power was leaking all over the place. The beast was starting to slowly surface. Jim smiled under his nose as he stepped over to him and tipped his head up. He knew Corey wasn’t going to take any weapon with him. He didn’t need it. “Happy hunt,” he murmured, for a moment admiring the reflection of that raw being lurking under the surface – the one who’d marked him the previous night. Then Jim pecked his lips before stepping back to take his position.

Corey just nodded. He was already half-turned and after pecking back Jim’s sweet lustful and alluring lips, he let himself fully loose. The red cloud of his power covered him already, his canines and claws grown. His way of body language changed also, he reminded more of a stalking big cat than a humanoid creature.

At the sound of Paul's signal the beast took off, running across the bushes surprisingly silent and fast, taking long sniffs from the air and low grunting sounds left him to signal to Mick and Jim to where they should follow him.

Corey loved this. Maybe he would never admit it out loud but the way his nature could be free and loose during hunts was just the best feeling. The smell of plants and the clear presence of the animals around him made him feel that he belonged. He did belong to the Gray clan but he learned a lot how to live a more "normal" life. This was easier. Just being as he always felt inside with the laws of nature and his instincts.

But he had to focus. Slowing down, a long growl left from between his fangs as he spotted the stag before him. Starting to climb up at a nearby tree with as much ease like a cat, he was ready to jump onto, or near the animal.

The beast on the hunt was breathtaking and very fucking fast. Even with their long legs Jim and Mick had a difficult time to keep up with Corey, although they gave him some head start so that they wouldn’t disturb the hunter.

While following his mate, easily understanding the growled instructions and feeling him crystal clear through the bond, he tried to hold back his admiring feelings and focus on the task. It wasn’t that easy with such a fresh bond, but Jim’s training was starting to kick in too, helping him more or less to find the cool headspace he needed to become the lethal demon he was underneath, too.

The wind in his hair and against his body, going at full speed and hunting among other demons filled him with the feeling of freedom. Okay, maybe some of that was coming from Corey too, who was clearly utterly enjoying this. More than the others, but it was a secret Jim would never tell anyone.

As his mate slowed down, Jim and Mick did also, fanning out a bit to make sure the stag wouldn’t go into the wrong direction. Jim kept one eye on the unsuspecting animal, but the other was on Corey’s graceful form. He was the perfect predator.

Balancing on one of the branches, he was keeping his glowing blue eyes on the stag. Debating on taking it down or chase it for a split second as he let his senses get full with the animal's scent and presence.

Then he jumped right to the large stag's side, his clawed arms at the thick neck and pulling it up, he tore its throat open in one bite. Growling at his partners that its pair was near, Corey took off and made the female jump ahead and take off right into the direction of Jim.

A hungry growl left Jim’s throat too as he watched Corey get all bloody from the stag’s open throat, his own features slightly changing as he gave in to the instincts he’s been trying to control all his life. Corey was right, this was easier, although Jim’s transformation wasn’t as spectacular.

He sprung into action as the animal was trying to change direction to get out of Jim’s way. He decided against using his new knives and instead ran towards the animal, quickly catching up to knock and pull it down onto the ground. His claws dug into the softer parts as he was on top of the painfully screaming female, holding it down. Mick put it out of its misery as he simply snapped its neck.

It was fun, but not nearly enough now that they were all more demon than anything else. This was a nice warm up, but Jim wanted more. Just like Corey. So they left the carcasses behind to pick them up later and with the taller demon ahead, they took off after Corey, trying to catch up. Even if Jim couldn’t see him, he knew where he was, the bond making it easy for him to track the deadly beast.

Corey was ahead and speeding through the forest silently as his senses took in all the details despite his speed.

Picking up on a strange vibe he growled a warning to the others and he jumped at one of the trees, hopping along its trunk like a cat to look around more. He could feel Jim and Mick slowly getting closer. Jumping at the nearby tree next he moved ahead.

Something was fishy. Hidden magic he sensed and he focused on his bond with Jim, trying to make him also feel it all. Then suddenly something like an invisible spider web fell on him and dragged him down from the height of the tree. He landed inside that magical net not far from some Earthly demons who started to spit out their disgust about his being, getting close with swords to end the life of the captured animal. Though they didn't expect Corey's low scream of burning power to knock them back and off their feet just as the other two got there.

Everything seemed fine until they heard the warning growl and then Jim felt Corey’s message through their bond too. He could feel them. Hostile demons from the race he always thought he belonged to. Now they were his enemy – especially if they were working with the witches. They were filthy blood-traitors.

But that was the last thing on Jim’s mind that got filled with blinding rage, because even before he and Mick got there, he could feel that they attacked his mate. And no one could do that without consequences! The burst of power was familiar to Jim – it knocked him against that cellar wall once, after all. This time it was focused on Corey’s attackers, though. From which two landed back on the ground from the throwing knives sticking out from the back of their necks. Jim acted on instinct and he swirled the next two of his new toys in his hands, ready to throw them while trying to find a way to his mate to free him, or give him time to do that himself, while Mick went against two other attackers.

Despite the rage, Jim’s head was clear as he was cutting throats and gutting the enemy with the precise movements of a torturer who knew anatomy well. It was time to show what he was made of.

The beast sat down inside the magic web and focused his powers to break the spell that covered him and tried to block his powers. He could feel how precisely Jim and Mick handled the attackers and also how close the older ones where, coming also at the feel of the battle.

Of course Shawn was himself and started to curse loud about "brining the new guy along" that must be "distraction" and wrecking the senses of their hunter and other various stuff just to trigger Jim.

Luckily said demon could handle the attackers with Mick, although he got scratched and cut a few times during the fight, trying to keep the assholes away from his mate as Jim was standing with his back against the concentrating beast to give him time to break the spell. He himself knew shit about such magic, so he tried to help his own way.

By the time the older demons got there, the number of the attackers was down to two… no, three. One was hiding on a tree like a coward. Jim took care of the one attacking him by cutting up and inward under his left ribs, his sharp knife going through the flesh like butter until it stopped right in the middle of his heart.

Mick was still struggling with his opponent when Jim pulled the bloody knife out of the dead body that landed by his feet. As he looked up with his blood-splattered face and brightly glowing eyes, hearing Shawn’s comments they only fuelled his already unchecked anger. He growled warningly at the grayish demon, teeth sharp on a snarl as Jim was still shielding Corey and without even looking he threw his knife up onto that tree. The last demon landed on the ground with a muffled thud and very dead.

“Shut the fuck up! You know nothing…” he warned Shawn.

“I see your big mouth matches the wild one's at least,” Shawn huffed, rolling his eyes at Jim and passing him like he wasn't even there. He went straight to Corey and sat opposite him, starting to chant with the beast till the magical web started to glow then shredded to dust.

Meanwhile Paul and Mick took a closer look at the attacker demons. “This is not good. These are the allies of the witches. I remember my father telling us about them. Mick, help me burn them all.” Then they gathered the bodies and the shaman set them all on a purple fire with his powers.

Standing up and hugging Shawn as a "thanks," Corey looked closely at both the grayish demon and his half-breed mate as if he wanted to say something to them both, but he just shook his head. “Shawn, it's okay. Take it easy please. Jim, thanks for protecting me. And don't react to this fucker's messing around with you. Let's see what the others found out,” he stroked the side of Jim, giving him a loving look, which was cute with all his predator features on sight still. They seemed to have a bigger problem than Shawn being his usual self...

The tall demon’s muscles tensed and he was tempted to pull out one of the remaining knives to “accidentally” throw it towards the other demon, but Corey was right. He shouldn’t let him get under his skin, since probably that was Shawn’s goal. Not to mention that he was warned about such comments. Reining in his anger as much as possible while the adrenaline was slowly leaving his system, Jim relaxed a bit as he felt his now free mate’s hand on his side. Corey was okay and that’s all that mattered to Jim at the moment.

“I’ll always try to protect you,” he murmured quietly as they shared a look, his own glowing eyes softening a bit too as he stroked his thumb against the edge of Corey’s bite mark. Then he nodded and while the others were dealing with burning the bodies, he walked around to retrieve his bloody knives. He simply wiped them off on his jeans before putting them back into their sheaths. He’d clean them properly later. Now he walked back to the others too to listen to what the they have learned about this territory.

Jim patted Mick on the back as a “you were good” gesture then stopped next to Corey. He wasn’t touching him, but he was close enough so that their still loose powers could lazily mingle at the edges, leaving that lilac shimmering around them.

The others looked up as they got near them. Paul gave a lingering look to the mates and their very visible joint powers slowly swirling around them. But despite the clear mild sadness shared between the ex-lovers, Paul also sent pure acceptance and happiness over their uniting.

Despite the mixed emotions Paul spoke clear and determined, like a true leader. “We clear this place up with Shawn. Mick and Corey, take the meat back and pretend that it was just a hunt. We leave our marks on this place. Further away we felt more witches. We will have to come back to slaughter everyone. Now go. Jim, thank you for being a good member of our clan and being helpful.”

The latter demon tried to ignore that mild sadness coming from Corey. He was trying to accept that his mate and their leader had a past. Even if he didn’t know these guys for long, he was absolutely sure that Paul’s happiness for them was real. He didn’t know much about shamans, but he knew that they saw the world from a completely different point of view and Paul came off to him as a warm-hearted, selfless demon. Also there was something about that look and calmness that was bugging Jim a bit, but he couldn’t put a finger on it what it was or why. It was as if Paul knew something they didn’t.

“Thank you for accepting me,” Jim nodded to Paul, keeping the eye-contact for a moment longer, ignoring Shawn’s gaze on him. Then he joined Corey and Mick to help them with the animals they’d hunted down before shit went south with the demons.


Thinking about what they’d learned, Jim kept his guards up and his knives at the ready while they were running back to where the dead animals lay. While Mick took the bigger stag, Jim let Corey handle the female while he stood guard with his knives until they got back to their cars. He only relaxed once they were on the road back to their base. After wiping most of the blood off his face, his features back to normal, Jim kept playing with a knife, glimpsing at Corey time after time. His mate was driving again, Mick following them with the van, the animals in its back.

“Despite the attack and what we’d learned, this was fun,” he finally broke the silence. “I loved watching you on the hunt,” he flipped the knife in his hand while watching the road ahead.

“You were great too. And changed more than before too. And healed faster. Did you notice?” Corey gave him a warm smile and look with only his eyes shining by now, but otherwise changed back. “Paul knows something. I can feel some kind of a... Dunno... It bothers me a little,” he admitted quietly, focusing back on the road. “Will you help us animals to work up the deers?”

“Thanks,” Jim grinned at Corey from the compliment then looked at his knife. Turning it he cut his finger on purpose, watching the small wound heal nearly immediately. Sucking the blood off, he checked the perfect skin. It wasn’t even red. “Yeah… it feels still a bit strange. It’s because of you and our mating, you know,” he said fondly, sliding the knife back into its slot on his forearm.

Then he thought for a moment, noticing the worried expression on the other man’s face. “Yup, I can see and feel it too. He also told me during our talk that your kind, shamans know more from the universe than they should and that he was happy that I’m going to be the one to stay on your side as your mate… There was something strange in the way he said it. That worries me too,” he murmured and put his left hand on the back of Corey’s neck, his fingertips reaching down to lightly rub the claim mark again. He needed the physical contact with his mate to calm down after the attack and the worried thoughts. “Sure, I like flaying animals,” he chuckled. “I’ll help with them. I guess we’ll see what we’ll do about the witches.”

Corey moved his head to nuzzle Jim's hand like a purring cat. “Good then! It's all up to the older ones now. Paul told me that he lets me off duty for a week to work on us. The moving in and getting to know each other stuff... He likes you really. So that's good. What you think?”

A lopsided smile appeared on Jim’s face from Corey’s reaction and the tightness around his chest eased up a bit too. “That’s good news. I think we’ll need that time to finish up the room and… stuff,” he smirked, digging his slender fingers into Corey’s long hair by his nape, massaging his scalp and neck a bit. “I like Paul too. I thought I’d be jealous of him, but I understand your history together… besides, you’re my beast now,” he grunted low. “No matter what your old friend might think about me.” Of course Jim meant Shawn by that, but there was more playfulness in his voice than annoyance as they turned on the road that led to the peers.

Corey leaned back a bit to the pampering hand and laughed. “I warned you about Shawn being an ass! Just don't give in to his picking. He is protective over the few he has still. Did you know he is just a few years older than me? He lost his family, got a paralyzing spell on him and had to watch as his wife and four kids were tortured and burned. Paul and his father found him. He just looks old ‘cause he’s been through a lot. And he has a hard personality too,” Corey said before stopping the car already inside and kissing Jim's lips gently. “I will protect you even from him. Know that, babe.”

“Well, that horrible background puts things into a different light about him,” Jim said, feeling sorry for the other demon now. “It’s a horrible burden to carry,” he added, thinking that compared to Shawn, Corey or Mick his own past at the Bloodstone clan was nothing. Before he could’ve started thinking about the half-breed thing and cause himself another headache, his mate’s soft lips on his distracted him. Instead he enjoyed the lingering taste of the stag blood and Corey’s own essence. “That’s very nice of you,” he murmured on his lips then pulled back to get out of the car as Mick pulled in next to them.

“I aim to please,” Corey winked and went with Jim to help Mick pack the animals into the ground floor’s bigger storage where they kept freezers too.

“Now you can see more of this house. This is a big kitchen, we keep the food that is for all clan members here. Also some supply as you can see,” Corey waved to the big shelves packed with shower gels, washing liquids, toilet paper and all kids of stuff, looking like something from the "Crazy couponers" show. “It should last for a while even if we are under attack. Come and tear some skin off these. You know how to prepare it?”

Jim looked around in the storage room and nodded. “Yeah, we had such storage rooms at the Bloodstone too. It’s a wise precaution.” Turning back to Corey he gave him a dark smile. “Bring me the knives and I’ll flay the animals in no time.”

“Psycho!” Mick chuckled in the background and dropped a rolled up knife set on the edge of one of the huge stainless steel tables on which the stag was waiting to be processed.

Jim chuckled and winked at Corey as he took off the sheath wraps from his forearms and put them aside before taking a clean apron from a hook. This was his territory and even if he didn’t think much about it and it wasn’t torture, getting bloody up to his elbows was something he deep down enjoyed. Once the other two brought buckets for the insides, organs and blood, and Jim rolled out the knife set to observe it, he began his precise and quick work.

“I think he enjoys this... Let him play Mick, I'll go change,” Corey nudged the big demon as they watched Jim working fast and very professional. On the other hand, Corey had some plans to finish and wanted to go to do just that.

“Yeah, I'll send him home when he stopped playing,” Mick chuckled as he watched the beast share a kiss with Jim.

“Ass,” Jim smirked, his eyes shimmering lightly and playfully as he looked down at Corey after that kiss. He paused and watched his mate walk out of the room, which made him long a bit after him right away once he was out of Jim’s sight. But now he had a task to do.

“Someone’s gonna have sex again today…” Mick grinned from ear to ear.

“Shut up. You’re just jealous,” Jim laughed as he returned to his work, making some precise cuts and instructing Mick where to hold down the stag while he continued skinning it.

“Maybe. Dude, finding your mate is rare. You’re one lucky bastard,” the big guy practically agreed with Jim.

“I know. As much as I’ve got scared shitless and angry at first, I’m starting to fucking like being mated,” he admitted. “He’s… perfect,” he mumbled not lifting his eyes from the piece of skin he was pulling with one hand, the other with the knife cutting under it to make the process easier.

Mick was literally giggling. Which was a very strange sound from such a scary looking dude. Jim had to glimpse up to make sure he’d heard it right. He did. “What?”

“You’re already falling for him. Hard.”

Jim couldn’t say anything witty to that, so he just shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Oh this is going to be entertaining to watch from the first row,” he grinned. “I just wish you two wouldn’t be so loud. My room is the closest to Corey’s…” he sighed dramatically.

“Fuck off! I bet you had already jerked off to it,” Jim snorted rolling his eyes.

“I did.”

“Fucking animal!” Jim laughed and tossed the piece of bloody skin in his hand into Mick’s face.


Corey was in a mixed up mood. The hunt was good, but he got captured. Jim was great, but Shawn was an ass as usual. Paul... Paul just felt strange and it made Corey worry. But for now he wanted to focus on his mate only.

Washing himself quickly, he pulled out his secret project from one of the big boxes in the wardrobe. It was almost done. A surprise for his mate. And also he wanted to just cuddle and make love to Jim. Yes. Not mate or have sex. He wanted to let the tall demon closer to him too.

He prepared everything to make Jim see the surprise when he comes close to the bed. A guitar made just for him, with red and black carved in design. It looked a bit like the surface of a tree trunk. And further away a still wet and naked beast awaited him.

It took nearly an hour to finish cutting up and putting the meat into the freezers, but it was a work Jim enjoyed and Mick proved to be both a good assistant and entertainer. They joked around a lot or talked about guitars and music, bonding some more. It made Jim feel more like he belonged to his new clan. He hoped to fully fit in one day.

After putting everything away, Mick sent him off, saying that he’d finish cleaning up and that Jim should fuck Corey good after today. The tall demon shook his head and wiped himself with some paper towels, but his arms and neck stayed still quite bloody. The clothes were ruined in the forest already, but he didn’t care.

The urge to get back to Corey’s… their place was growing by the minute so he’d decided to take a shower there. But judging by the feel of Corey, maybe that was going to have to wait for a while. His mate was excited about something.

Entering the apartment Jim looked around and had to do a double take. The first thing he saw was his very naked mate waiting for him in bed. “Fuck…” he mumbled, his long legs taking him closer without noticing as lust slammed into his guts. He didn’t even notice the guitar yet.

“Yeah… I was thinking that too,” Corey giggled as he kneeled up and picked the guitar up. “I promised that you get a guitar. This one was born from the old one. I built parts of it into it. I think it sounds amazing. You like it?” Corey asked biting his lip looking over his blood covered mate, thinking about licking him clean... Everywhere...


Jim was utterly speechless. Again. Not just from the sight of his gorgeous naked mate, but his gift too. The wild lust ebbed down and transformed into a deep longing desire instead. Also his emotions were stirring up in him unstoppable as he shifted his eyes to the guitar Corey was holding. Swallowing hard Jim moved closer, half-sitting, half kneeling on the bed and carefully ran his long fingers with the remains of the blood along the black and red body of the guitar, tracing a few grooves as he was trying to fight with his tears, his eyes drinking in all the details, recognizing the old pieces. They were worked in beautifully.

As a dry sob bubbled up from him, he couldn’t hold his silent tears back and they slid down on his stubbly face. “Corey…” he wheezed then bent his head down, letting his hair fall into his face as quiet sobs were shaking his body. It wasn’t just because his most precious baby was reborn in a beautiful new form. It was the point where everything that’s been happening lately, all the huge changes, the losses, the gains, his new surroundings, the new people, his supposed past… Corey, the mating washed over him, finally crashing Jim. It was as if he was being reborn too. Evolving into something new. It was scary, painful yet beautiful and uplifting at the same time.

The beast felt it all clear what tightened his mate's chest. He took the guitar gently from his hands and hugged the taller male close to his warm body, his hand caressing Jim's nape and the other his back. He didn't say anything just held him to let him get it all out of his system. They went through a lot and at the very start of their new life together. Lifting Jim's face to his, Corey kissed his it tenderly, reaching his lips to share a loving kiss.

Sniffing Jim slid his arms around his mate and held him close as he let Corey kiss him. It took him a few moments to get on with the program and kiss back. It was a sloppy one with tears, sniffing and a few breaks when Jim had to pant from the intensity of his overwhelming emotions, but he wasn’t ashamed. He knew Cor understood the need to ride these emotions out. So they did exactly that. Because Jim wasn’t alone in this. He was never going to be alone again.

By the time he could think clearly again, they were lying on their sides facing each other, bodies entangled as they were sharing lazy kisses. Breaking the latest, Jim sniffed once more and took a deep breath as he wiped off the remains of his tears. He didn’t apologize, just reached out to caress his mate’s face lovingly with his knuckles. Maybe Mick was right and the indifferent and bored Jim Root was falling fast.

Corey smiled and held Jim's hand to his face. Leaning close to him, he rested his head on his mate's upper chest. It felt good. They got closer with each day and the feeling of belonging made the beast feel safe to the fullest. Which was a totally new thing for him.

He felt the need to be there for Jim and care for him and that feeling was getting even stronger. But from what he felt from Jim was that he was on the right path to make Jim happy and content. And that caring for his mate made him strangely happy too. He was lost... He could tell already that he was staring to fall badly for the demon in his arms. The way they could just snuggle and stare into each other's eyes was a big clue, though.

It felt nice not hiding from everyone. Finally he could be fully himself with at least one person. His mate. Who'd understand him and wouldn't judge or use his "weak" moments against him. As Corey was holding him while he was breaking apart and then they were simply lying together in silence, slowly caressing each other, Jim finally felt at peace too. And he realized that he just gave the beast his full trust.

"It's beautiful... Thank you so much. This... means a lot to me," Jim whispered barely audible, stroking Corey's nape and naked back.

“You are most welcome. I hope you will like how it sounds too,” Corey whispered back and planted a kiss on Jim's shoulder. “Don't you want to take off these bloody clothes?” he teased his fingertips along his mate's chest with a naughty shine in his eyes.

"I'm sure it'll be perfect. Like this," he smiled a bit then met Corey's eyes, pausing for a moment to admire that playful sparkle in the midst of all that blue. "Yeah... Yeah I think that'd be nice..." he stoked out a strand of blue hair from his mate's face. "Why the blue and red hair anyway? I was meaning to ask," he said while moving Corey a bit to take off his ruined shirt then wiggle out of his equally bloody jeans, leaving the boxers to his mate to take off.

“Ever since I walk among humans I’ve always dyed my hair,” the beast shrugged. “I need to hide but want to stick out, you know. And for humans what's in their faces they notice the least. I like these colors. Fits my eyes,” he laughed at the end, stroking the side of Jim's long upper body and the hem of his boxers a bit lower. He knew Jim was in the mood too. His awakening arousal was clear through their bond and from the way his boxer was bulging too. The smaller man pushed his hand under it to grab possessively on the fine little ass and pull Jim closer to his body. “You still don't like it, babe?”

"I see... Hiding in plain sight..." Jim hummed, lightly pushing his ass into Corey's hand as lust was lazily unfurling in his belly. Picking up a strand from the blue side, he smiled lightly. "Nah, I've got used to it. It's kinda funny how the colors fit the colors of our energies," and with that he rolled on top of the beast.

“Noting is a coincidence,” Corey giggled playfully as he got covered fully by Jim's body, his arms and legs wrapping around his mate. “You need that fucking boxer on...???” he growled as he rubbed his erection to Jim's while slightly scratching his nape.

“Yeah, nothing’s a coincidence,” Jim agreed then chuckled, pushing against Corey’s groin a bit harder. “And hey, it was your job to take off my boxers, but oh well, it seems I have to do everything myself…” he sighed dramatically as he reached down to push the unnecessary piece of fabric off his ass. Once it was gone and he rolled back on Corey, their erections lined up perfectly and Jim bucked against his mate again. “Better?” he asked a bit breathless from the pleasure as all that naked skin rubbed together and he kept slowly bucking against the male underneath.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he added leaning on his forearms next to Corey’s shoulders and brushed his lips against the beast’s. “Once I’m done kissing the shit out of you, I want you to ride me… slowly at first… I want to watch you lose it on top of me,” he whispered, stroking Corey’s hair out of his face, sucking his bottom lip lightly between his, Jim’s cock sliding against the other hard one.

“Much, much better,” Corey moaned closing his eyes from the rush of desire taking him over. Jim’s words only made it all worse as he couldn't hold his low growling back. His body arched to the other's, moving in sync with Jim's hips, shaking in need as he kissed his mate back.

The bigger demon covering his pair was sucking out all the growls and moans right from Corey’s mouth, taking and possessing them as his tongue was sliding against the other, exploring the beast’s mouth thoroughly again. His skin was prickling by their lazily mixing energies. It wasn’t a whirlwind like before. It was moving slowly, yet mixing faster than before, making their skin glisten with a light sheen of sweat.

Once they came up for air, Jim tipped Corey’s head up so he could lick along the thick neck and lightly bite his way down to his claim mark. He licked and sucked on it and growled low, his cock leaking more pre-cum between them. “You taste so fucking good too… Can’t get enough of it… of you,” he admitted, lust slamming into his groin again.

Then he rolled them over until Corey was lying on top of him, Jim’s hands caressing and lightly scratching his mate’s back before going down to squeeze that firm little ass hard. Mine. That was in his shimmering golden brown eyes.

Corey let his mate move him as he wanted. His ass rubbed against that long wet cock, making him go insane with lust.

“You taste good too… I love to suck on you… And on your blood too...” Corey said on a low deep and dirty voice, his eyes glowing in blue, his claws digging into Jim's chest as he moaned his answer back. “Yours!” and with that he moved his hips to let the leaking cock head at his entrance and pushed down on it, even if they were both in a more tender mood, Corey's essence was pain.

“Yessss!” Jim hissed as his aching cock was finding its way into that hot tightness. The drag was nearly painful as his way was lubed only by his pre-cum, but it was perfect this way. It was so them. He cursed and growled some more, his hands rubbing Corey’s hips, nails becoming a bit sharper as they lightly scratched against Corey’s ass that was sliding down, down, down on his hardness until he bottomed out. His own chest was slightly burning from the scratches on it, but he loved it just like the tight grip around his hard meat.

Corey’s single world was still ringing in his ear – and soul – making him content and needy at the same time. But his hands started moving his mate slowly on his cock, low pants escaping Jim from the intense feeling as he looked up at his beast with adoring eyes. Damn, this was fucking intense… and so, so good he was starting to lose his mind and control over his powers.

Whining from that deep piercing delicious pain as he was forcing himself down on Jim was only the beginning of more lustful moans and grunts that escaped the beast’s throat as he was moving slowly back and forth on the hard meat. His eyes locked with his mate's, his long red and blue hair starting to curl more from the sweat glistening on his skin.

Holding himself back as he could from getting wild now was a big task. He wanted it, though. Wanted to take it slow and feel and enjoy every slow move and step as their powers melted together and their passion escalated. Still his nature's need was strong and he found himself chewing on his lip with his sharp fangs between the lustful moans.

The smell of Corey’s blood reached Jim’s senses and it pushed him deeper into his burning desire. He pushed himself up from the bed to lean on one arm, the other going behind Corey’s neck to pull him down and meet him half-way for a deep and passionate – yet not wild – kiss while his own hips rolled upwards to fuck up into his mate. He could feel how much Corey was fighting with his animalistic instincts in favor of enjoying their slow lovemaking.

The taste of the red liquid on his tongue was like an aphrodisiac to Jim, slicking his cock’s way with more pre-cum as their bodies were moving in perfect sync until his arm started shaking from the effort to keep him upwards. Then he let go of Corey’s swollen lips and dropped back onto the bed, digging his nails into the soft flesh of his mate’s hips and he started bucking up a bit harder and faster against him. “C’me on… ride me good!”

The beast cried out and dug his claws deep into the skin of his mate from the harder thrusts. His brain was running on that little pain it gave him but it was enough to keep his raw urges at bay, yet enjoy their lovemaking. Rolling his hips faster, panting and moaning louder, he rode Jim deeper and harder, enjoying every second of it as their powers became one once again, covering them in a lilac haze.

Jim cried out from the claws breaking his skin again, making his red blood rush to the surface, its scent mixing with Corey’s lingering one. He forced his eyes open to watch that fucking gorgeous being moving on his cock with a nearly desperate expression on his face. The pleasure was running high in both of them by then, their energies melting into one more and more, wet skin slapping together, their moans overlapping.

The lying demon slid his hand to Corey’s front and scratched along his chest, a sharp nail catching a bit on the edge of a small nipple. Then his bloody fingers wrapped around the bobbing and very much leaking cock. Jim groaned approvingly as he felt just how hard Corey was as he started jerking him to the rhythm of his bucking. His own cheeks were flushed, lips parted and panting, eyes glowing bright by then and filled with lust and adoration.

The tearing claws on Corey's skin were more than welcomed, also the bloody hand on his aching cock. Feeling like his being would explode in any second, his moves sped up and became rawer as he forcefully dropped himself down on Jim's dick, whimpering from the urge to feel more and take his mate with him. Their mixed powers started to swirl more, making the beast claw again on the sweaty chest before him, licking the blood off his fingers with the maddening sound of a lustful pleased animal again and again, getting at the brink of their release.

Fucking beautiful, Jim thought and also let that go through their tightening bond. He twisted his palm on the leaking cock with each upward stroke, his grip tightening around the hard flesh as he was moaning and groaning loud from Corey dropping down on his cock so fucking excitingly over and over again. He was giving in to the pull of his mate, getting so very close to his own release too, the clawing on his stinging chest only adding to the mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Come on, baby. Let go for me… Take me with you,” Jim panted, using that endearment without thinking and for the very first time. Then he reached up with his free hand to twist that still healing nipple hard to push his mate over the edge.

Corey groaned long and full of bliss from Jim’s words and hands. Losing his control over his features fully as well over his nature, he leaned forward to his mate's chest and growling wild he pushed back even rougher onto the throbbing cock deep inside him. His inner walls were tightening more around it as he practically tore into Jim’s flesh and sucked his blood from his claws, driving them both to the edge and over it too as with the throaty groan of a dying animal he came all over their bodies, dragging Jim's cock deeper inside him to milk him dry.

Jim didn’t hold his voice back either as his shaking and bloody body arched from the pleasure-pain and the fucking tight ass squeezing the life out of him. His head and eyes rolled back as he squeezed Corey’s cock then he forced himself once again to watch him riding him as if his life depended on it. Jim growled loud and satisfied, his features changing too as he watched his mate licking off his blood and then shooting his seed all over them. Jim fucked up into that vice-like grip roughly a few more times, his chest throbbing, their scents and fluids mixing as the lilac fog around them thickened and then it was his turn to roar like a wounded beast and fill up that amazing ass with his essence, his claws digging into it and slamming it down on his spurting dick until he gave his last drop to Corey too.

Panting and growling in pure ecstasy, Corey dropped on the blood and cum covered body under him. Shaking wildly from the aftershocks of their orgasms, caressing the already healing skin of his mate while just resting and enjoying the feeling of their union.

Jim was fighting for air too from the intensity of their lovemaking and orgasm. His senses were overwhelmed by their power and he could feel Corey shifting some more towards the center of his universe as their bond was still deepening, weaving their souls a bit more together.

“So… I guess living with my beast will mean that I’ll often have to scrub blood out from under my nails…” Jim chuckled on a hoarse voice, his laugh lightly shaking Corey’s body on top of him then he slid his fingertips to where their bodies were still joined and he couldn’t stop himself from stroking the edge of his mate’s stretched hole, growling deep and possessive from his broad chest.

“It's my pleasure,” Corey chuckled too and practically purred against Jim and his possessive growl.

“Want to make some other kind of music with me, and maybe with ‘eavesdropping Mick’?” he laughed some more as he moved, letting the softening cock slip out of his body, making him moan and shiver and lay half on Jim. Smiling still and caressing his mate lazily. “We have a whole week just for ourselves. You will get bored of me.”

Jim sighed softly as he slipped free from Corey’s heat then he pulled one of his mate’s thighs over his middle so he could keep caressing the fair skin while they were lying there. “Yeah, some playing would be good. I need to loosen up my fingers,” he said tapping a rhythm on Corey’s naked thigh. “But first I want to try out my reborn baby,” he smiled glimpsing at the guitar on its stand where Corey had put it before comforting Jim.

Then he looked back down on Corey. “But first… maybe a good scrub down would be good for both of us,” he chuckled lightly. “And we can throw out this sheet too,” he lightly spanked his mate’s ass. “C’me on, get up. We’re starting to stick together,” he urged Corey, although otherwise he wouldn’t have minded to lay there for some more time.

Part 2


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