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Sea Of Sin

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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 6 (Part 2)

Chapter 6 (Part 2)

  2016.07.24. 08:41

Once they finally got under the water, Jim couldn’t stop himself from cleaning his mate and welcoming the similar touches in return. They exchanged a few lazy or passionate kisses too, but they were too spent and satisfied for anything more as the lilac energies were still shimmering and playing around them. Jim loved the peacefulness that filled him around Corey now.

They didn’t bother with clothes as they changed the sheets and Jim could finally sit down on the edge of the bed, half-way turned to the beast. He took the plugged-in red and black guitar with care into his hands to look every inch of it over. “It’s really perfect. You did an amazing job on her,” he whispered in awe. “Where did you learn this?” he asked, settling the instrument on his naked thighs and took one of Corey’s picks between his fingers before he strummed the strings, listening to their sound. He only had to adjust on them a little bit and then with an excited heart he started playing the first melody that came into his mind. “She… sounds so amazing,” he said with closed eyes, choking up a bit, because he could hear the old guitar in it, but she was much more now. Richer. Evolved.

“I’ve got rescued by metal musicians. They taught me stuff to keep my wild side at bay,” Corey laughed shrugging. “I guess I was a handful as an animalistic teen out of the arena. I'm happy that you like it,” Corey felt how moved Jim was and it made his heart melt as well. He again caught himself thinking about what Jim would need or how they should furnish the music room. “Want to go shopping tomorrow? Maybe we should buy some more sheets and stuff for you.”

“It makes sense. Well, they taught you fucking well, man…” Jim stroked along the grooves again. “I love everything about her look and sound.” Licking his lips he started playing ‘Face In the Sand’ by Iron Maiden, his long fingers moving on the instrument with practiced ease, his heart swelling from the beautiful sounds he was hearing and it felt as if Corey gave him back a missing piece of his soul Jim didn’t even realize he was missing until now. This guitar was like the extension of him and now he felt complete, content and happy again.

It took him a minute or two to answer the question, because he was starting to lose himself in his playing. “Err… yeah, we can go. Need to figure out a way to earn money, too…” he said but he let that thought slip as he concentrated and tried a part again and then continued the song. For Corey.

“You can play in the band and give guitar lesions if you want...” Corey suggested as he listened as Jim was playing, somehow feeling inside that his mate meant it for him.

As much as Jim was lost in playing the melody, Corey was lost watching him. The way the long fingers were running along the frets with feather-light ease, the way Jim held his fingers away from the strings when they weren’t needed there. His playing was graceful and elegant, yet something deeply instinct-based and natural. And Corey admired his mate deeply.

Jim simply hummed in agreement as he was slipping deeper into his trance-like state. He could feel the smaller demon’s eyes on him as he continued playing, his hair falling forward as he was focused on his fingers, sitting there naked. In some way it was fitting. It was only him baring his soul with the help of his faithful companion, who was singing so beautifully. And he knew (and felt) that his audience was going to understand everything through the music. The pain, the sadness, the excitement, the joy, the desire, the acceptance, the peace and… Things he had already talked about and things he couldn’t say just yet. Either way, he kept playing for Corey. Some were more popular ones he knew his beast would recognize, others were songs Jim held close to his heart and hoped the other would like.

For moments he could also sense Mick lurking around somewhere outside – probably drawn there by Jim’s playing, but the guitarist didn’t mind or care, for that matter. He was fully focused on his guitar and Corey, loving it there in their nice little bubble where nothing could ruin his peace of mind.

It took him more than half an hour to finally stop and inhale deeply, resting his slightly numb fingers on the body of his guitar. He needed a few quiet moments to be able to come back more or less and he looked at Corey with a small peaceful, satisfied and maybe a bit shy smile.

“You are awesome, babe,” Corey smiled from ear to ear. “What you say we get some clothes on and let that huge animal in who is listening at our door holding his Ibanez in hope of a jam? I can sing with you two,” he said even wiggling his blond eye brows alluringly.

Jim’s cheeks colored a bit from his mate’s words and his own smile grew wider and pleased that Corey truly liked his “serenade”. He lightly snorted from that thought, but then nodded. “I doubt he’d be bothered by our nakedness after jerking off to the sounds we were making the other day, but sure, let’s do that. Then you guys can decide if I’m hired for the band or not,” he chuckled feeling all relaxed and content.

And the rest of the day was spent with jamming, joking around, drinking beer and some more jamming. It was starting to feel like home to Jim and as he was listening to his mate getting lost in his singing, he kinda felt glad that he was the one chosen to torture this beast in that dungeon.

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