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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2016.07.24. 21:05

Chapter 7

That week was truly spent with what they were supposed to have it for: getting to know each other better and bonding some more. The others left them alone most of the time so Cor and Jim could focus on each other, but of course – when they were able to get out of bed and their living quarters – they spent some time with the others too. Jamming, talking or discussing possible offensive and defensive steps about the witch situation.

The mates were also working on their music room and Jim found himself more often than not playing his beloved guitar there, getting lost in his own world for hours until Corey came in to either join him, drag him out or sex him up right there.

Aside from Shawn – but even he wasn’t such an ass all the time to Jim anymore – the rest of the clan seemed to have accepted Jim as their own. Even the blind could see how much he was already caring about Corey – and that reassured the other demons too that the beast got a fitting mate. (Although he could never be sure about Shawn’s real opinion.)

Things were still new and very different for Jim compared to the Bloodstone clan, but he was trying to adapt as quickly as possible. He could see what a close-knit family this clan was and he liked that there wasn’t such a strict hierarchy among them. Not like in his old clan. There Jim couldn’t imagine being so equal and free among each other.

Still, the following week an uneasy feeling had started nagging Jim in the back of his mind, and that added to Paul’s slightly off behavior resulted in some tension in him, which could only be eased more or less when he was with his mate.

The week was up and down for Corey also. He still went to training to Paul and as his shaman skills were also strong, he felt the strange vibe and the way Paul tried to hide some things from him.

At least Jim was accepted by the others and their bond got stronger as they got even more close to each other. Corey even worked on his songs with his mate and they planned to perform too. But that required Shawn and Paul as well. And the band drummer was a hard one to please. But the practice sessions went quite okay for what Corey expected anyways.

So well, actually that they scored a gig. Not a big one, just in a quite decent rock club. The days prior to the gig were spent with practice for Jim (both with the guys and alone in the music room), because he wanted to be perfect. He didn’t want to let his new clan down. Not to mention that it’s been a while that he had the chance to play in front of an audience.

Sometimes only his aching fingers could stop him from fiddling with his beautiful baby or the one he borrowed from Mick. He also tried some of Corey’s girls out to mix things up on the gig in case they decided so. Putting the set list together proved to be a difficult task, mostly because of Shawn who usually tried to veto Jim’s suggestions and choices just to fuck with him. Jim didn’t snap like back in the forest, but it definitely didn’t help moving forward.

Either way, somehow they finally came to an agreement two days before the gig and since then Jim had been practically locked up in the renovated room. Practice also made it easier to lock out that nagging feeling he tried to ignore.


Then on the evening of the show they put their gear into the van and piled up in it before getting there. Jim was a bit nervous, but at the same time excited to be able to perform live again. The club was small and packed already when they arrived. They were greeted by some loud punk music as they got inside through the back door and set their instruments up backstage. They even had some time to have a drink or two to put some liquid courage in the tall demon too. During all of this Corey had never left his side.

The club was not unfamiliar for Corey, though. They had a few gigs here before and as the small beast looked over the crowd he could see some familiar faces that where like their fan base, sort of. As the frontman he had to introduce the new member and for that they came up with a pretty fucking awesome solo, so Jim could wipe them off their feet with his guitar skills.

Setting up the stage and adding the last instructions he tried to support his mate. Jim was to stand on his right with Paul who plays bass and Mick on the left. Good thing that Shawn is a drummer ‘cause he can't fuck with them during the performance. With that after the last encouraging line he pushed Jim on stage and followed him with the others, greeting the cheering crowd before starting off the set list.

By then Jim was sporting a nice goatie and his longer locks fell into his face as he looked down at his guitar and fingers, making sure he held down the right notes. After a minute or two his nervousness ebbed down and he let the music and Corey’s awesome voice carry him and when his introductory solo came, he delivered it flawlessly, making the crowd cheer loud at its end. That put a small smile on his face as he glimpsed up, his fingers never resting on the strings.

His black V-neck tee and dark jeans were starting to cling to his long body not just because of the stuffy air and the lamps, but the burning energies of the rest of the band he could feel. And as he looked up, he felt for the first time with all his being that he was where he was supposed to be. Not down in a dark torture chamber or hidden away in an old storage room (although he liked both for different reasons). He was born to perform, share his music in a band that clicked musically like they did. Even with Shawn, who – for a change – didn’t fuck up his rhythm on purpose to confuse Jim. It was okay during practice, but even the other demon didn’t want to make them seem lame in front of an audience.

As the show progressed, Jim loosened up too, headbanging, moving around a bit to lean against Paul’s back while they were rocking together or banging their heads at some parts. And whenever Jim neared their fucking awesome singer, their leaking powers entwined, making the air shimmer around them in the usual lilac hue. A few times it took some effort not to kiss or touch his short mate, but somehow he managed to avoid that and stay with the more innocent gestures.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, they were killing the show and that made Jim damned happy. Riding the audience’s energy was a heady feeling, like some kind of drug. Very addictive and strong, spurring them on to give more. And they fucking did. This was way better than any of their rehearsals.

Jim was awesome and just the missing part that the band needed all this time. They sounded amazing and the crowd loved them.

While performing and glimpsing time to time at his mate and his leader, Corey could forget a little about that strange feeling that kept knotting his guts. Mostly around Paul, who clearly was trying to hide something he knew before them all but mostly from the beast. Being a shaman as well, Corey saw the signs that something was about to happen and even at the rock club he had the feeling that someone was watching them with bad intention. But for now he couldn't put a finger on it or do anything about it. So they just enjoyed the cheers of the audience and was happy for a while, all together, united in the sounds.

Jim was too high on the performance to think about that bad feeling he shared with his mate. He waved it off along with the feeling of being watched, thinking that it was just someone simply being jealous about how good they were. Not to mention that picking out the source of that feeling from a crowd like this would’ve taken a lot of energy and time. Towards the end of the show and afterwards as they got off stage and he couldn’t stop himself from kissing his mate in the shadows, that bad feeling faded away. For a moment Jim thought he felt a familiar presence, maybe someone from his old clan he had briefly met once, but it was probably just an illusion.

“Pretty sick show,” he grinned at Corey and then at the others as he rested his sweaty arm on his mate’s shoulders. “We should celebrate after cleaning up!” he said enthusiastically, still high on music.

“We will, babe!” Corey laughed too, feeling careless and high himself as they started to pack their stuff together. All of them were pleased with the show. Paul even stated as their leader that they should make it big and have a private party at the supply room, having all the food and drinks there, plus they could bring the instruments in there too.

And they did just that after arriving. The feeling kept coming back to Corey but the booze and the good mood made him shrug it off.

Especially when a very snugly and drunk tall demon cornered him in the hallway as they stumbled to their place. Needless to say, Mick had to comment on them giving him a free show... Finally.

“Fuck off, perv!” Jim flipped him the bird giggling as he was hunched over his short mate, music still blasting from the supply room as the party went on.

Not knowing or caring if the mountain of demon went back to join it or not, Jim dragged Corey with him to the corridor that led to their living quarters, stumbling and giggling a few times. Then as they reached their door, he pressed Corey against the wall next to it, one hand getting lost in the dyed hair as he slid his long tongue into the willing mouth, his other hand fumbling for the door handle, but then he gave up and instead reached between Corey’s legs and under his jeans to stroke his naked cock, growling satisfied from the hot hardness he felt there.

He couldn’t think clearly from the booze sloshing in his veins and the closeness and alluring scent of his mate. Jim also couldn’t keep his powers in check and they were washing through Corey like a burning flood along with his deep, nearly desperate desire to become one with his mate again.

Something… was there with them on that corridor… and it wasn’t the lurking Mick on top of the stairs. For a moment Jim thought he’d heard the familiar tats of Robb’s favorite walking stick that hid a long and very sharp blade dipped in paralyzing venom.

Looking towards from where Jim thought he’d heard the sounds coming from, he noticed Mick and that made him forget about the taps. “Seriously, dude!” Jim growled warningly, his eyes glowing in a golden color in the half-lit corridor. “Fuck off before I go over to mess you up, but not in the way you might like…” Jim slurred.

“Okay, okay! Geez…” Mick put his big hands up in the air in a defensive stance, feeling that Jim was at the verge of losing his control over himself. He saw some of what the tall demon could do when he was on a killing spree in that forest and Mick wasn’t stupid. He’d rather let Jim unleash himself on Corey – who actually fucking loved that. Judging by the muffled sounds that the beast produced while Jim was taking him apart.

With another possessive and warning growl Jim opened their door and let Corey slip in first then he made sure to lock it behind him. His slightly animalistic features stayed on his face as he grabbed Corey’s shoulder and slammed him hard against the locked door. Then his hands were dragging the beast’s shirt off to get to all that fair tattooed skin as he was kissing the shit out of his mate.

Corey just giggled like a drunk school girl from how "his man" got all… "manly" he guessed was a good term for Jim's possessive behavior.

Moaning lustfully from the way he hit his back hard against the door, he let himself be manhandled by his tall mate and loved every rough second of Jim's wild side as he was soon hovering over his smaller body, pushing him down with all the force he had fueled by the drunk high and chewing a new tattoo on Corey's back who was whimpering from the pleasure of it.

Jim let himself completely go, the demon in him taking control of his actions. Fuck, he was so horny. Despite the few strange occurrences, this night was amazing and he wanted to crown it with giving his mate what he longed for. After all, without Corey this wouldn’t have happened to Jim.

It barely registered to him when he pushed his mate down onto the hardwood floor. Or when he had decided to chew his back up. But he didn’t really care either, because as he was chewing at his skin or lapping up that fucking intoxicating blood, his hand was impatiently dragging first Corey’s, then his own pants down.

And then after spitting bloody saliva onto Corey’s twitching hole and smearing his own pre-cum along his rock-hard shaft, Jim was pushing in roughly, growling triumphantly, the need to fuck into and bite his mate overwriting everything else. He only paused once he was inside. Once he slid home. Over and over again.

Corey totally lost contact to the outside world. He only felt Jim, smelt Jim, felt Jim's claws in his skin and Jim's fangs tearing on him as Jim's pulsing long hard cock rammed into his very willing body again and again, rubbing into his delicate spots inside him and driving him mad for more as he growled and whined and moaned in turns as their beings and powers united.

This was the purest and most exciting madness Jim could think of. He was taking and giving what they both needed as he tore and fucked into Corey, making blood and pre-cum drip onto the floor. Keeping his mate’s head down by the back of his neck, he gave him a rough push and stayed fully buried in him as Jim leaned to his right ear and began circling his hips, grinding himself as deep as he could – as if he wanted to go even deeper.

“If I could…” he grunted, the beast clear in his voice “I’d breed you like wolves do… Knot you… fill you with my cum until your belly is so full of me you’d beg for mercy… And you’d let me. You’d fucking love and need every second of it. Don’t you, my beast?” he asked, sucking on his mate’s earrings before licking the side of his sweaty face, his cock still rubbing hard against the tight walls of his mate’s ass, their powers pulsing and rushing through them, filling the room more and more.

“Let me hear you, my beautiful beast… Tell me what you want…” he added panting into Corey’s neck, before lightly chewing and licking on his claim mark.

“Fucking make me yours... Come on... I want… Want to feel you so badly...” Corey groaned and moaned half-consciously partly from Jim’s words and partly from his moves. This was all he ever really wanted. Someone truly matching his twisted needs and make him feel okay. His existence as the fucked up pain junkie be worthy of being and get as much high from doing this to him as he gets from being the willing victim of it. Jim was perfect...

That’s all Jim needed to hear. “Want to feel you so badly too,” he panted onto Corey’s scar as he rolled his hips back then as he fucked back hard into his mate, his fangs sunk into that claim mark, drawing more blood and making the bite and his claim on Corey rush through their bond again as if it was a plunked guitar string that was making their souls resonate on the same wavelength before completely melting into one during their blinding orgasm in the chaotic middle of blood, cum, sweat and desperate/triumphant howls.

They were left as a panting, immobile bloody mess on the floor again as Jim’s body was covering Corey’s half-way, his tongue cleaning the throbbing but healing mark in the crook of his mate’s neck. Content and proud little grunts left Jim’s throat a few times, then once he was able to move again, he started a bath for them and came back to scoop up the blissed out beast before getting into the water with him.

They didn’t have to talk as they snuggled in the water for a while then in their bed too. They knew what the other felt. This was the perfect ending of the day.


The night was restless as Corey kept waking up from Jim tossing and growling in his sleep. The tall demon had a nightmare that didn't leave him alone till dawn when Corey finally had to get up and go to his lesson to Paul.

It left his duties with the magic shield for later, as always these days, because Paul later had leader duties.

Leaving his clearly troubled mate alone with all the omens and bad senses he had lately was not easy but he calmed himself that he would hurry back.

What should’ve been a dreamless, resting sleep in his mate’s arms, turned into tossing and turning and a night filled with nightmares. From which he sometimes woke up or was waken up by Corey. His physical body was damp by sweat as Jim was dreaming about drowning or hearing Robb’s walking stick echoing through his dreams. In one dream he was chained up in his dungeon, in another Corey was knocked out and in the last one he saw Paul’s lifeless body on the floor.

With that picture he jolted up panting in the very empty bed. For a moment he panicked, his chest and shoulders tightening and tensing as he was searching for Corey’s presence. That tight bad feeling only eased up somewhat when he felt his mate near Paul. He was at his morning lesson with the shaman.

Taking a deep breath Jim brushed his damp hair out of his face, fighting off the nausea. He kept breathing deeply until he calmed down somewhat. As he was going through his morning routine and put some clothes on he was thinking about the nightmares. Did he drink too much last night? Or were they omens he should listen to? He wasn’t sure, but the bad feeling stayed with him during his morning coffee and cigarette.

After feeding the goats – which he sometimes did when Corey had an early appointment with Paul – he retreated into the music room, hoping that some practice and maybe a little songwriting would help him focus and center himself. He’d decided that he’d go to Paul and Corey with these omens he’s been seeing and feeling once they were finished with whatever shaman stuff they usually did together.

With that he returned working out a tricky part in one of Corey’s songs. That occupied his mind long enough to start relaxing a bit. But that lasted only until he finished writing down the notes and had to get up to go to the table under the window where he’d left his pack of cigarettes. He never got the chance to light one.

With horror in his suddenly glowing eyes his shocked brain finally realized what he was seeing: the Bloodstone shaman and twelve other demons were at their border, the former working on breaking the protective spells that left Jim in without any effort the very first time he stormed to Corey’s door with his broken guitar. Now the spells were making the air shimmer in different colors as they were trying to keep the intruders out.

They were under attack!

Dropping the pack from his hand he alarmed Corey thought their bond as well as he grabbed his throwing knives, fighting with putting them onto their places all around his body. He ran to the corridor too and shouted about the intruders to wake the other demons too then turned towards the main door with a wildly beating heart.

They broke the barrier.

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