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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 9

Chapter 9

  2016.07.25. 20:38

Chapter 9

The beast found himself somewhere dark and cold, yet strangely familiar. He lifted his hands to his face, he was the same, no wounds, short hair and beard, no chains or sense of magic spell over him. He didn't understand at all...

Then suddenly something moved behind his back. The wall slid closer and closer to him in the dark, and when he almost panicked of being crashed by the opposite wall, that one opened up to reveal a stonewall path. Then it struck him. The maze!

Looking up he saw the Bloodstone clan and the witches yelling at him to run, then he felt the bullet in his back, and shot up yelling as he woke suddenly from the dream, all sweaty and shaking.

And someone... Seven was at the door knocking like a maniac.

Fuck… He stumbled to the door with the worried gaze of Jim over him as he let Mick in and cursed him to hell.

“Nice to see you too, brother...” the big demon growled back and laughed like it was some kind of beast ritual and laughed even more from the various and very creative curses as Corey shut the bathroom door behind himself and disappeared.

“Hey man, how ya doin’?” he asked Jim when he was done with the laughs.

The worried demon sitting in the bed now that sitting was even possible for him thanks to Corey’s herbs, balms and healing powers, stared at the closed bathroom door for a long moment. There was a vivid picture of stonewalls surrounding him. First Jim thought it was the corridor through which they used to drag his bleeding body down, but then he realized from Corey’s terror that it wasn’t that.

A nightmare of the maze Jim’d heard of before. Seeing Corey’s reaction before he locked himself into the bathroom confirmed it to Jim.

Trying to help him calm down and collect himself, Jim sent some of his soothing powers after his mate while facing Mick. “A lot better, I guess…” Jim brushed his now long hair out of his face. He should do something with it soon – and with his beard too. Although he kinda liked it. “But he’d changed,” he nodded towards the closed bathroom door then reached for the ashtray and a cigarette. He fumbled with the lighter a bit since his left hand wasn’t his dominant one. Once the smoke was curling towards the ceiling, he leaned back against the headboard and looked down at his right hand. He could feel some life getting back into it. Trying to move his fingers they actually lifted a little bit, which was fucking huge progress in Jim’s eyes. He could’ve kissed his mate right the fuck then.

“We all did, man. But yeah. He probably the most. And hey!!! We can be beard brothers soon,” Mick tried to show his usual bright self but the laugh faded and he patted Jim's shoulder. “His darkness is stronger again. I think he let it to heighten his senses and to somehow cope with… the loss of Paul,” Mick paused and looked down. “He knew it, man. I swear that Paul knew it all and kept it from us what will happen to him. Corey just blames himself. And Shawn. Shawn was blaming you for all and said he’d punch you when we find you, but as time moved on he actually said that we should find you alive and fast for Corey's sake… So you're all safe still.” When he looked up at Jim again, his usual wide smile and shining eyes met the half-breed’s. “Make him play music again... Jim, you must. He is sinking low fast…”

“Yes, we’re positive that Paul knew what was coming for him,” Jim sighed then took a drag from his cigarette before puffing smoke around him, listening to Mick. Flicking the ash into the ashtray he nodded. “I know he’s blaming himself, just like I’m blaming myself for not listening to the signs in time. Just when it was too late,” he looked up at the other demon, smiling a bit on the beard joke then snorting when he mentioned Shawn. Jim didn’t expect anything else from him. Still, he just shrugged at that. He didn’t care. His main focus was on keeping Corey together, maybe even grounding him, because now that he’d healed some, he could feel that darkness closer to the surface. Their more or less shared dream was a clear sign of that.

“I proposed the idea of taking this band thing seriously, but he shot me down. I know he’d learned music and a lot of other things from the Grays and it worries me too that he doesn’t want to make music at the moment. I understand why, but the longer he thinks like this, the harder it’ll be to actually make him realize that’s what could help him… I think I need your advice, man. What should I do? I can’t even lift my hand yet so that I could surround him with my playing in hope of putting him into the mood to join me.”

“He needs to let all that out. You saw that room. When we got here he got that room ‘cause it was small and he felt good at hiding in the corner. The leader then suggested it because of the windows looking at the street. So whether he wanted it or not he saw the people live their everyday lives. This room had a wall there,” Mick pointed at the kitchen. “It was my room to be next to him as he was the most close to me then. He gave me a good two years of sleepless nights with him being all free,” the big demon laughed. “He howled and trashed the room. Punched his hands and head into the wall and all you could imagine. He drew on the wall or on papers. Paul and his father played all kind of instruments and as they started teaching me, he started to give it all out in music and howling song lyrics. I think Shawn came up with those fucked up ideas to help on us all with letting out these feelings and not be like he was then. Maybe try to talk about his lyrics. He loves to write and maybe he starts again. Until you can play I will drag my stuff here,” he winked at Jim just when the bathroom door flew open and a still irritated beast announced that he has to do his chores and stormed out to the garden.

All that Mick had said was rolling around in Jim’s head as he finished his cigarette, watching his mate storming out. He could feel now how tense and fucked up he was too. The last few months were hard on each of them.

Shifting his eyes back to Mick, Jim nodded. “Thanks, bro. I appreciate and I’ll try my best to help him. I can feel it through our bond that he’s not well. Although I guess a bit better than when I was gone too,” he smiled bitterly. He’d let Corey down in some way. But this wasn’t about him, he told himself before his chest could tighten from the serious task ahead. “I think I know what I have to do. I just have to heal first,” he said while carefully getting out of the bed in his boxers.

“Could you put on some coffee? I’ll take one for him too. Well, after I drank mine,” he said looking down at his limp hand. “And I haven’t even thanked you for helping yesterday. Thanks, man,” he gave a half-hug to the big man then slowly walked to the bathroom to piss and wash his teeth.

Looking over his body he saw that the smaller wounds were already gone and many were healing much faster than he expected. The bruises weren’t that dark either. Good. He had to focus on healing, because his mate needed him. Jim couldn’t let him slide deeper into his darkness.

Not caring about putting more clothes on not to irritate his wounds, he drank his coffee, chatting some more with Mick about how things were while he was gone then he asked about Jay, who was also resting in a cleaned room. Jim would have to go and talk to him too that day, but that could wait. Corey was first priority for him – like always.


He found him starting to feed the goats after the protecting spells were checked and strengthened around the perimeter. Leaning against the fence with the mug in his good hand, Jim was watching his mate moving around.

Corey felt his mate watching him as he was feeding and petting the goats. “I will have to cut this one down,” he said quietly, stroking the head of a big brown male. “You sure you’re okay enough to walk around?” he asked then as he stood and faced Jim, walking over and taking the mug with a thanks. “I'm sorry for leaving like that. I had a bad dream and had to deal with it by my self. How is your hand?”

“About the maze, I know. I saw some of it,” Jim leaned on his good arm to shift most of his weight on the fence. “You know you can always talk to me about that. Or any other memory or thoughts that might haunt you…” he offered with a soft look in his eyes, ignoring Corey’s first question. “I meant what I said last night and it includes your darkness too… All of you. Let me help, baby. Like you helped me,” he said, looking down at his hand and moved his fingers a bit for Corey.

“Yeah… I know. Sorry… But I'm glad to see that you are better a bit. Come on…” Corey put Jim's left hand over his shoulders and helped him out to the goats on the sun, sitting down with him on a branch. “I never thought I would like the sun. But I do. And it feels like it's healing. So you get a little time sunbathing with me,” Corey smiled a little at Jim and kissed his face. He was thinking about how to word the mess that was sneaking its way inside his thoughts again.

“When I was there, I was forced to go out and kill. So the darkness meant peace and that I'm left alone. Did Mick tell you about that band thing they are planning?”

Jim let Corey help him to the branch. He was actually grateful to sit down for a while on the sun. Its rays weren’t too hot yet, so it felt nice as it was warming Jim’s healing skin. He nodded listening intently but quietly to his mate opening up for him a bit. “I understand now,” he murmured thinking that what Corey said about the darkness made sense. “It’s funny how I’m the exact opposite. Especially after these two months. I associate darkness with pain now. So… not seeing the sun for so long, it’s nice to sit here with you now,” he slid his left hand into Corey’s right to entwine their fingers, letting their energies mix a bit.

“But this doesn’t mean I think darkness is bad or that I wouldn’t accept that at times you still need it,” he turned his head to look into Corey’s eyes that seemed to be even bluer in the sunlight. “And yeah, Mick told me a bit about the band thing. He’ll also visit us a bit more often while I’m healing, because he wants to show me some stuff he’s been working on and I’ll probably help him a bit verbally while I can’t play… I hope that’s okay,” he said.

“Yeah I don't mind. I just couldn't bring myself to play. But I still love music and want you and the others to be okay. Mick is my brother. Not by blood, but was there, you know and we grew up together,” Corey tightened his grip on Jim's fingers. “You said you remember me and my parents... I don't remember anything back till I was first in the arena. Just darkness. I was around five maybe. Then I met Mick…”

“We all gonna be okay. I’m gonna make sure of that, love,” he promised. He just had to figure out how to do that. But at least Jim felt determined, not so hopeless like back in that dungeon a day ago. It felt as if both Corey’s presence and the sun were filling him with determination.

“Yes, I know he’s like a brother to you. He’s starting to be like one for me too, you know. He even joked we could slowly become beard brothers. Although I think I’ll cut back from mine a bit. And from my hair too…” he mused smiling at his mate then he turned to look at the goats eating the food Corey gave them and also some grass.

“That’s true. I remember some of my life back in that town. It was peaceful and beautiful,” he said as a light breeze moved his long hair. “I remember that your parents were nice to everyone who was under their protection. I can also recall your mother with her big belly and then you were born. My mom had to explain it to me what happened as I’ve got confused,” he chuckled shortly. “I remember I was fascinated by you coming out of there and couldn’t imagine that I did the same before… I don’t have many memories from my own parents, but they were caring and loving too. I think my father was the Earthly demon and my mom the full-blooded beast. But you were a pure-blooded demon from that respected shaman clan. Even as a baby you were respected and loved. Up to the point when everything changed…” he said, his eyes glossing over a bit as he pushed the memories of that terrible night away. “But you are loved now too. Not just by me. The others look up to you too. And no matter what Robb might say, he recognizes your status and power, too. I can see behind his words, you know,” he said then paused for a moment, the soft smile retuning. “Who would’ve thought that the object of my childhood fascination would stay that for the rest of my life. As my mate,” he looked at Corey and lifted their linked hands to press a kiss against the back of his pair’s.

“Dunno. I'm more into horror than romantic movies,” Corey joked and leaned against Jim's shoulder. “I don't have those powers what my parents had. I was changed too much for that. Paul and his father tried to teach me some things but I'm not near what others are telling about my clan. The little that remained here is now lead by Shawn and me. I don't know... It's like... I lost the base I had rebuilt myself on. You know...” he looked at his mate in hope that he made some sense.

Jim chuckled with Corey on his joke then he looked down at him again to meet his sad eyes. Freeing his good hand he stroked the beast’s cheek with the back of his fingers. “I can feel it, yes. You’re lost. But I’ll find a way to make it all better. I promise. Just let me heal first,” he whispered then leaned down to kiss his mate, trying to pour some encouragement, patience and strength into him through that kiss


It took Jim a few days to heal enough to move freely and be able to start using his hand. It was still not fully healed, but at least he was able to start working on exercising the muscles in it with squeezing a rubber ball and other physiotherapy exercises he’d read after in his free time. He still thought it was fucked up, but at least his hand was healing.

The band came together too with Jay replacing Shawn behind the drums. (They even found a decent bassist in one of their younger clan members.) After the first few days of letting Jay heal too – although he had much less injuries than Jim – and getting to know him, everyone agreed that he’d be a good addition to their clan and band. He was talented not just in drumming but art too, which totally made Shawn like him very fast. Jim just rolled his eyes at that and rather focused on trying to help Corey any way he could think of. He hated that he couldn’t do anything more in his current condition, but he was trying.

He was feeling much better though, he only had a few anxiety attacks since he was saved, but those stayed between him and his mate. Who was getting more and more frustrated and hard to handle. Not that he’d say anything, but Jim could feel the tension and impatience growing in him.

The tall demon thought that having the band practice in their place would help Corey a bit. Which it sometimes did. Other times he just left or brooded doing something completely different, like cooking or reading or whatever, pretending as if they weren’t even there. Still the band continued to work on things following mainly Shawn’s ideas. Like that day.

For that day the whole gang was stuffed into the main living area of the mates’ place. They even squeezed a drum kit in, and to all Corey had agreed to, of course. After all he was co-leading this clan now... Or something.

The truth was that everything irritated the beast by then. The way Jay was soooo good and talented in all the shit, friendly and nice and easy to get along with... Shawn’s ideas were good, but even if Corey told that he didn't want to be involved in the band thing, it all somehow made him feel bad… Left out... Jealous… And just mad over… himself mostly. But this time he was not alone and couldn't let his self-hatred to surface and do whatever may be needed to be done to feel a bit less worthless and shit. Jim tried to look after him and that was irritating also. Like he was not normal or something. A special case that needed to be helped and looked after by Jim and everyone. A burden...

The nature he was taught he was, was boiling inside him more and more as the days passed. And as he couldn't let it out or punish himself, it got onto everything and everyone else...

 Like that cute and nice and really fucking talented new half-breed kid. Not that Jay would do anything negative to Corey. No, Jay had one of the hugest respects towards the beast and almost asked for permission from him to breathe when Corey was around. But as the darkness tightened his grip more on the small demon, the way Jay was everything from a newly brought out of captivity demon that Corey never was, it bugged the hell out of him.

Shawn’s band ideas were great, though. And he even let them use his dark lyrics and helped a bit to adjust some to fit that dark horror theme that started to get together more and more.

Everyone had their tasks and goals... Well, fuck them... Corey thought as he listened to them playing one of his songs and he couldn't help it, but idea after idea popped into his brain about how to make the sound creepier or which part of the lyric could be more dramatic. But that was none of his business… He just cooked and read his detective book while the others fiddled along.


Jim was distracted by Corey more often than not. For once he was glad that he wasn’t expected to be playing just yet, because the tall demon sitting in an armchair squeezing that damn ball in his hand, was sure that he’d have fucked up his playing a few times by then. It wasn’t just what he saw on his mate, but what he could feel through their bond. He was slipping deeper and at times he was annoyed even with Jim. Well, that didn’t feel good to the guitarist, but it was to be expected. That’s why he was trying to push his healing as much as possible, but he couldn’t work wonders even if it put Jim into a bad mood too. Which he could hide better than Corey, he thought.

Still, something was different today and it wasn’t good. Corey was very tense and irritated, but he still kept his mouth shut. It was like the calm before the storm. Looking at the others, Jim noticed some caution in them too. Not because they’d be afraid of the beast. It was more about not wanting to set him off with something. When his eyes met Shawn’s, Jim decided it was time they talked a bit so he got up and wandered over, pretending that he wanted to talk just about something band-related.

“Is it just the bond fucking with me or he’s really about to explode?” he asked. After all, Shawn has known Corey for a very long time. He’d seen him in every possible way.

“It will get ugly in a very short time,” the older demon nodded with a sigh. “Jim, he really needs you. All that wild nature in him just gets piled up and fueled by his dark feelings over all that happened. He will blow up and get prepared for it. Maybe I talk to Mick too and you should take him out somewhere he can shout his power out and be what he needs to be…”

First Jim thought he’d heard Shawn wrong when he finally admitted that Corey needed him. In any other time he would’ve felt or said something smug about that, but this wasn’t the time, he knew. “Yes, I was thinking about taking him out, but asked him to try bear with me until I healed enough. I think I’m running out of time, though…” he said as loud yelling hit his ears.

It was Corey, of course, channeling some of that rage through shouting poor Jay’s head off for something he suggested, but while talking to Shawn Jim didn’t hear what it was. His mate was transforming quickly as he threw a poor stool to the floor where it shattered.

Mick was already on the move, approaching Corey and Jim was doing the same after catching the van’s keys from Shawn. Mick was murmuring something to Corey as he put him under his big arm and started dragging him away from poor Jay. When they reached Jim, he pushed the keys into Mick’s hand and grabbed Corey’s shoulder with a firm grip of his left hand.

“That’s enough, my beast. We’re going for a hunt now,” he murmured soothingly yet firmly, pushing a huge wave of his power through his mate to make him calm enough to get into the back of the van with him.

Corey stopped the growling and cursing as he felt Jim's powers wash over him. But he was far from being calm. Oh no... That little shit fucked up AGAIN what he was telling them about that fucking part and it seemed no one was listening to him. Maybe Jay was not that fucking great after all... He just huffed inside, sitting in the corner of the van, avoiding looking at Jim. His mate surely felt his fury anyway.

Jim tried to keep calm and hold it together, sending calming thoughts to his mate – or rather to the beast – to bear it until they got to the forest. Mick was driving as fast as he dared without drawing attention to them. Being stopped by the police right now would be counterproductive and he wasn’t in the mood to spend the day and night in a cell either.

He wanted to go to Corey, but he also felt that his mate needed some space not to lose it. The 10 minutes drive was spent in tense silence as Jim kept his eyes on his mate, his own beast lurking close to the surface from the aggressive vibes and energies coming off the other demon. Jim rested his right hand on his thigh and tried to loosen his fingers some more. He had a hunch that he’d need all the strength he could muster up in his hand.

Once they fucking finally got there and Mick let them out, he nodded to him and asked to wait there. Then he started walking further into the forest, knowing that Corey would follow. In five minutes or so he stopped near a small clearing and faced his mate. “Tell me everything.”

“What???” Corey growled at him. “You don't have to baby me, you know...” he yelled at Jim, his red powers swirling like a whirlpool around him as he started throwing anything he could pick up against the trees. “I AM NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU ALL HAVE TO BARE WITH. FUCKING... ALL THE STUPID FUCKING IDEAS AND YOU ALL JUST WANT TO MOVE ON WHEN WE CAN BE ATTACKED ON ANY DAY AGAIN AND LOSE IT ALL. AND THAT GODDAMNED FUCKING IDOT!!! HE KNEW. HE FUCKING KNEW ALL AND ARRANGED IT ALL TO HAPPEN THIS WAY AND I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING. I’M NOT A FUCKING LEADER OR A SHAMAN OR ANYTHING. I’M JUST A STUPID FUCKING HUNTER!” By then he was shaking and groaning his yelled words, punching and tearing the trees. “I couldn't do anything to keep you all safe. Or help you. I just make everyone worry and look after me. It's just no fucking use at all...” he turned to face Jim as his tears of frustration built up in his glowing blue eyes.

Listening to all what Corey was shouting stung, but Jim knew his mate had to give it all out to feel better afterwards. That’s what made Jim be able to keep his cool and just stand there relatively calmly, even if he was hurting because his mate was hurting too. “And what did Jay have to do with all this? He didn’t deserve what just went down back at our place.”


Jim stepped to the left to avoid the tree branch that landed somewhere behind him. He clenched and unclenched his healing hand, keeping his eye on his raging mate. This was good. Everything was going according to his plan. But the hard part was still ahead.

“I don’t know why we were chosen. Are you jealous? Would you rather have your mind being messed with? Living in a lie? I bet you think that was easy. Not even knowing why some unknown urges attacked you at times because the real you were being suppressed… And oh no, no, no, no. Cristina must stay unharmed! She had nothing to do with the kidnappings. She is as pure as someone given the circumstances can be. She is under my protection and will always be. Did you know I was the first man who could touch that creamy skin of hers?” he raised a brow, provoking Corey to make him snap.


Jim was expecting this, or more like he was playing at it. He had to give a way for Corey to release all the pent up tension and instincts in him. Faster than one might expect, Jim turned on his heel and dashed into the trees at full speed. The hunt was fucking on. Soon he was running as if his life depended on it. And hearing the sounds and growls the lethal hunter was making behind him, maybe he wasn't that far off from that.

He surprised even himself with his own speed. On their previous hunt Jim was much slower. Barely able to keep up with Corey. Now he was still running in front of him, using the terrain to his advantage. If he wanted to be honest with himself as his long legs were taking him deeper and deeper into the forest, he was enjoying being hunted by that snarling beast. His mate. It made his heart pump just a bit faster thinking what might happen once he caught up. Because there was no doubt that rather sooner than later Corey was going to catch him...

That motherfucker dared to tease him with that bitch. And they all were just so happy moving on. Corey was still boiling in his maniac anger as he only saw Jim running ahead of him.

After a few minutes of zigzagging through the trees and jumping over the ditches, his more tactical side took over and looked around for an easier way to corner the long-legged pray, who clearly had it more easy on this field. So he let Jim go ahead and work up a distance where he wouldn't hear him that much. His mate would pay for pissing him off!

After a while he wasn't hearing and feeling Corey that close to him. That could mean two things. One, Corey was starting to tire. Two, he was changing his tactics. Which was more likely. That made Jim pay more attention to his environs too and he tried to focus on from where he felt his mate. Getting away or hiding from your mate was nearly impossible because of the bond that would always be there between them.

So Jim kept running, waiting for what his pissed off hunter was going to come up with.

Corey waited without breathing. Jumping from tree to tree was more of an even ground for him and got ahead of his pray easily. Jim was not hard to figure out, he ran at one direction and could be cornered easily.

His mate coming at his site made the beast growl low then he dashed against the tall body like lightening from the side, knocking Jim off his feet as he pushed him to the ground, sinking his canines into his shoulder, groaning.

A small smile was playing on Jim's face as he kept running, starting to get out of breath. He knew it was coming, yet Corey's body slamming into his still found Jim unprepared and he knocked him off his long legs. They rolled a few times on the forest floor then a sharp pain shot up from his shoulder where the beast bit him. Jim cried out and reached back with his left hand to dig his claws into Corey's side and he tried to push him away. He wiggled enough to free his shoulder and elbow him into the stomach. Once Corey was off him, Jim tried to get back up and run again. He wasn't going to make it easy for his mate.

With a new fuel to his anger the beast growled out loud and launched up at the trees, jumping at Jim from above and crouching on his back to keep him down, fangs sinking into the long neck once again as he even gulped from his mate’s sweet blood.

Fuck, Jim didn't get far away as he literally landed on his face and right arm. His painful howl could be heard from the second bite after spitting earth from his mouth. He was trying to fight Corey, reaching back to scratch him wherever he could and trying to wiggle free again. But Corey seemed to have the upper hand. Especially since Jim wasn't 100% healed yet. "Fuck off! Get off me!" he growled warningly.

The beast just groaned deeper and sat on his lower back, legs and arms wrapping around the long body in a deathtrap as he bit Jim's neck even deeper and let his power wash over the bigger wiggling demon.

The tall and helpless man kept trying to resist and fight Corey. Until his burning power rushed through him and Jim's body froze, his already half-hard cock throbbing as his cry turned into a lustful moan. Fuck, Corey's power felt so fucking good and he let his out too, making them fight for dominance even if his body was defeated.

“You are fucking mine!!! We are one... You cannot forget that you're mine,” Corey growled like an insane animal, pressing his body to Jim's, sliding lower and rubbing himself to the round ass. He let his power wash possessively over his mate again and pushed the blue power under his and let it slowly melt into their united lilac fog.

Jim's eyes closed and he grunted and moaned both from his mate's possessive words and hard cock rubbing against his ass. And when the red energy won over his blue, melting them together, Jim pushed his ass up against the hard meat, his skin burning with need. "Take me then... Show me!" he growled more beast than man now, his eyes shining brightly as he looked over his shoulder.

The urge to indeed show Jim who he belonged to and mate with him again burned Corey, who didn't waste any time and practically tore the clothes off from both of their bodies. Leaving the bleeding neck, he pushed the half-breed’s face into the dirt as long as his arm could hold it while he moved down on the inviting body, literally chewing the flesh and lapping up the blood as their powers merged together more fluidly, covering them in a purple haze.

Jim wasn't even surprised that his clothes ended up in shreds again. It was to be expected. He was just lying there, puffing dirt into the air with each ragged breath, his hard cock rubbing against a shred of his pants while Corey was practically chewing his skin off, bathing his back in blood and pain that quickly transformed into pleasure as they were both high on it and their dancing hot energies too. "Fuck me... Please!" he said then repeated it, pushing his ass against Corey's heavily leaking cock. It's been so fucking long that he could feel him like this. His body and soul were burning for it and to get what they both needed, he rushed a wave of nearly begging power through his mate too.

“Who do you belong to? Say it!!!” Corey yelled at him in an animalistic voice, teasing that so ready hole with the tip of his wet cock. “Who do you want? Say it, fucker!!!”

Jim was digging his nails into the dirt, eyes rolling shut from the teasing at his hole. He was a bit surprised that the beast still had this much control over himself, but then he stopped thinking and completely gave in. "You. I'm yours! I only want and need you!" To emphasize his words, he sent another wave of his begging and adoring power through his mate. "Please... I'm burning for it... I need you!"

“Yeah, fucking MINE!!!” the beast cried out as he rammed deep into the jerking body under him, his knees pushing Jim's legs apart and made him kneel half-way up, giving a better access to the bigger body as he was hovering over him and grinded his hips as he wanted to get more inside, to feel more of Jim. Take more as his. His long pleased groans could be heard all across the wilderness as he was enjoying the tight pulsing around his leaking meat until he needed to pull back just to ram hard and fully back again to feel those tight walls trembling around him again and again, fucking Jim rough and fast into the ground.

The smell of the rich earth underneath hit Jim's nose as his hands kept clawing at it, his face still pressed against the dirt, grass and leaves getting tangled in his long hair as he moved as Corey wanted. And then he roared a hoarse "YES!", his beast's pleasure-pain echoing through that sound too as his mate roughly penetrated his willing and very much ready body, despite the momentary sharp pain making Jim jerk forward then back right onto that fucking hard meat.

This was pure bliss. Being marked and fucked by his beast, his other half until there was no Corey and no Jim, just them. One being chasing to complete their union. Sweaty, bloody and dirty skin slapping together hard, their bodies tangled and united in the burning need for faster, harder and more as their basic instincts completely took over.

Feeling like burning alive in the heat of their mating, Corey changed the angle of his hammering thrusts again and grabbed the hips of his other half. He pulled the bruised body hard onto his cock, rubbing mercilessly against the most delicate spots inside Jim's body as they sounded like dying animals in a death battle while they were only a string away from their united release.

Feeling their powers burn as one and their bodies and souls melt together too, Corey couldn't take it any longer and with his right hand grabbed onto the demon's long hair to lift his head and the beast sank his fangs in the mark again, renewing it with a guttural moan, claiming his mate again with his bite and seed splashing against the trembling inner walls, making Jim join him in the bliss.

If a few months ago someone said that he’d enjoy mating with this beast so much, Jim probably would’ve gutted them. But now… now he was high as a kite on their mating, the mixed energies burning him as if they wanted to melt his flesh off his bones again. It was the most perfect feeling ever. And Corey could add to that with changing his angle and making Jim rock back against him, rubbing mercilessly at his prostate. He couldn’t hold his voice back either and he didn’t care who might hear them or that they probably chased away every fucking animal in a five mile radius.

All that mattered was Corey. All Jim could feel was his mate and when he claimed him with those sharp fangs again, Jim choked on a cry, tears welling up in his eyes both from the sharp pain and the blinding pleasure of coming hard and being marked as the beast’s. Their united power got unleashed like a fucking whirlwind, bursting around them like an explosion and Jim was drifting higher and higher until it got nearly too much for his brain to handle, because now… now he was truly free too. There was no mind-block to hold his true self back and with this much needed release they both grew much stronger.

Dropping on top of his mate's shaking body, the beast let the mark go and panted wildly for air with closed eyes. His own body was shaking with the aftershocks of their mating and bliss and also his tears that finally got free as all the recent months’ frustration and helplessness and anger got lose inside him and left him with the feeling that all that mattered now was that Jim was there and belonged to him.

“Yes, I’m just yours. Always…” Jim panted, reaching back with his good hand to rest it on Corey’s naked side. “Just yours. Let it all out, love,” he added, letting Corey feel how much he loved and accepted all of him, no matter what. Letting him feel how much he was the center of Jim’s existence. That he was there when he needed him, giving the beast whatever he needed.

Pulling out of Jim's abused body, Corey rolled off of him and laid to his mate's side, cuddling close to him, sniffing still. “That fucking clan fucked up everything and took away so much from me. I don't care who it is but anyone who’s loyal to them is my enemy. They almost took you too...”

Jim sighed and put his healing hand around Corey’s naked back, he himself staying on his stomach. This way they could gaze into each other’s eyes. “I know, love. I’m sorry for still having… some ‘loyalty’ to those who were nice to me there and got close to me during the years…” he sighed. “I swear to you that there are good – yet blinded – people among the Bloodstones too. Without knowing the shit Robb and his loyal servants did behind their backs… I’m not trying to protect the awful things they did… just trying to make you see that generalization isn’t the answer,” he moved his head closer to Corey’s until their foreheads touched and he kept caressing his mate’s naked back.

“I mean… for an instance, take that before I’ve got to live with you and the others, I hated all the Grays. Now I have a completely different view of each and one of you… I’m not asking you to feel or try the same. I’m just trying to let you see that not everyone there is bad to their bones,” he sighed and pressed his lips against Corey’s forehead.

“I meant those who know. You didn't know anything. But it doesn't matter,” Corey whispered with an all-knowing tone, closing his eyes at Jim's kiss. “I have to move on too. The truth will come out, eventually. And… I or any others of my clan would never do any harm to you. Even when you tortured me, I was there to get information to keep both clans safe in the first place. But it really doesn't matter,” he sighed and kissed Jim's neck, hiding to his body, trying to not think of all the bitter things on his mind.

Jim sighed then caressed Corey’s nape, holding him a bit closer. “They sent the smallest and cutest from the clan. As if they knew you are my exact type,” he smiled against the top of his mate’s head, trying to lighten the mood a bit. Then he pulled back enough to turn on his side and face Corey better, the thumb of his right hand – which moved easier after their mating – stroking the strawberry blond beard.

“You move on when you feel ready. The band thing… Don’t be mad at the others or me. This is our way of trying to deal with what’d happened. It doesn’t mean we forgot anything… And you’re always welcomed. Didn’t it occur to you yet why we haven’t tried to find a singer? We’re all waiting on you to be ready,” he smiled, looking into Corey’s still shimmering eyes with his own. “And if and when the truth comes out, I… we’ll be there. I’m not going anywhere. I’m always with you. Forever,” he whispered the last word, pecking his lips gently.

“They sent the most skilled and masochist, to be correct,” Corey stated and kissed Jim back. “I lost my way, you know... I will try to be with you all but can't promise anything. And... when I find myself face to face with Robb Flynn, I will kill anyone who stands in my way to get to him…” he looked deep into the other male's eyes with a deadly serious gaze. “Let's go back and shower. I could eat something too. You?”

“You know that I’m here for you. If you want to talk or want me to help you find your way, or just being your fucking rock or pillow or something. You’re not alone in this,” he murmured, lightly pulling on Corey’s beard then he met that serious gaze. He held that for a long minute then finally he nodded. “I understand,” he said with some sadness but also determination in his voice. Jim had to make a decision and he chose Corey over everyone and everything. No matter what may happen.

“Food sounds nice. I’ll need it to heal all this,” he said smiling and slowly sitting up to roll his still throbbing but nicely healing shoulder. “You’ve got me good this time. Not that I’m complaining. It actually healed my hand some more,” he flexed his fingers then got up. “Now come on, let’s give a show with our nudity to Mick. Now he’ll just have to catch us actually fucking,” he helped Corey up and stole another kiss before putting his arm around the smaller demon’s shoulders. Despite his dark thoughts, at least Corey felt somewhat calmer and less on edge.

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