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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  2016.07.26. 18:16

Chapter 10

Corey couldn't fully shake the bad feelings, but this time he was focused more on them. He couldn't let another attack surprise them. These demons that stayed alive in the Gray clan were like family more than ever.

The rehearsals went okay, the beast actually enjoyed singing and howling and roaring and all what the dark songs needed and with that releasing some of his tensions and dark feelings through music, sounds and words.

As they went out after a few weeks, all of them could notice that witches popped up everywhere and kept them watched and followed.

Jim was glad that Corey finally agreed to sing for them. Without him the band was just simply an idea, nothing concrete. But since his mate had decided to join them, the band was coming together nicely. And finally Jim could play his guitar (and the borrowed ones too). That was something he’d missed dearly. He became more balanced the second he first picked up the one he’d got from Corey.

But the witches’ presence and spies were worrying for all of them. Sometimes – especially after melting into each other – Jim could get glimpses and impressions from Corey’s bad feelings too and Shawn’s idea of those masks on stage started to seem more and more appealing.

Needless to say, Jim never let Corey out of his sight when they were out in public, and he started wearing some of his throwing knives hidden on him all the time. They couldn’t risk another attack on them like the one that had cost Paul’s life and his kidnapping.


“We have a show in two weeks from now. So better work on those mask ideas then…” Corey mumbled as he looked over the badly drawn ideas on the table, rubbing his short reddish blond hair. “I think maybe I dye it back to something... Don't you think I draw danger on us all?” he turned to Jim and Mick with real concern in his blue eyes.

"I actually finally have my idea," Jim said and he picked up a folded paper from the nightstand and took it to Corey. Giving it to his mate he could see a Jester face drawn up with a touch of horror feel to it. "Let me know what you think. This isn't the final version though..."

Rubbing his mate's red hair fondly he sighed a bit. "Yeah maybe dyeing it again would be good. And along with the masks we could kinda make it harder to be recognized. Although I'll miss the red hair."

“Dahlia eyes! I like that!” Corey said looking at the paper. “I think I should need a mask that hides it, or I just shave it all down… Mick, what you think? I would hate to go back hiding again and they probably tracked us down by now anyway… I know Shawn wants to have a clown mask,” he rolled his eyes but let out a chuckle. “You, bro?”

Jim smiled a bit, feeling satisfied that his idea pleased his mate. "Glad you like it," he kept stroking Corey's hair. "Shave it then. Maybe later just around your skull so you can leave it longer on the top. We could put stuff into it while on stage," he suggested for the long run.

For a change Mick just shrugged, thinking. "I’m still thinking on my mask design. And yeah bro, no more hiding. Not when you're finally out of the closet," he laughed on his own joke, making Jim snort and roll his eyes before smiling.

Sitting down next to Corey, Jim put a big hand on his mate's thigh in an attempt to ease his mind with the touch and his closeness. "Somehow I'm not surprised by his horror clown mask idea either..."

“He always had this other personality that's even more of a maniac asshole than he is, so I'm a bit scared what will come out of this,” the beast laughed. “Yeah I shave the beard off for sure then think out a mask that hides me more. I will also need some skilled members to investigate about this with me a bit more. We’ve been talking with Shawn about it. Jimmy, I will need you here, so if anything is up I can tell you and this base stays safe. But I want to know what the witches really want from us.”

"Then I'll have to enjoy the beard as long as I can," Jim leaned in, grinning and pecked Corey's cheek, ignoring Mick's wolf whistle. "Otherwise yeah, that Clown dude will probably scare the shit out from everyone. But at least Shawn accepted me," he smiled a bit and picked up the pencil from next the paper with Corey's mask idea and while listening to the plan he started changing some little details on it to make it look more badass.

"While I'm really not fond of the idea of letting you go without me since we're stronger together, I'll keep the base and the others safe. Just make sure to redo the protective spells before you go. I agree, it's important to learn what they want. Their spying and constant presence is worrying."

“I need you and Mick here to keep safe what we still have. And you know that it's not so easy to do me harm or capture me, babe,” Corey kissed into Jim's neck to the utter enjoyment of Mick. “Really, dude. You are something else... I bet you have a fan page for us too…” the beast snorted at the muscular demon.

“You mean the ‘Tayroot’ page? Or the ‘JaCor’ one? I post fan art there too and we have meetings and picnics and fanfiction stories,” Mick told them acting like a fangirl with sparkling eyes and waving with his huge shovel hands until Corey smacked him hard with a cushion and they all rolled with laughter.


Jim was standing by the window of the music room, their little sanctuary where he and Corey sometimes drew back and locked the world out to be only themselves. Jim loved jamming and writing or just curling up on the sofa with his beast there.

But now, as he was smoking by the window, his long shadow stretching across the floor and his Jazzmaster on its stand, he was worried and felt uneasy.

Corey, Shawn and a handful of the others ventured out to try finding out why the witches and their renegade demon "friends" were so keen on spying on them. Jim had the feeling that it was connected to Corey and his past. They even agreed on that but they needed to know more so they could be prepared this time.

That morning Jim helped Cor with his choirs and watched him strengthening the protective spells. Then after a reassuring kiss, he watched them leave in the van. Though even that kiss couldn't ease the tall demon's worries. Something was going to happen.

Tracking down and capturing some of these amateur "bounty hunters" was no task. Corey only had to show himself in a park, walking into the forest slowly, and a young witch with a lower level demon walked into the trap of the Grays gorgeously. Yeah... Amateurs...

As being the very kind one, Corey let Shawn release this new "Clown" persona on them as he asked then out about their intentions. They were scared shitless as the blood-covered evil clown masked demon tore a rabbit’s spine out in one move and Corey ate the rest of the "lunch" he caught for them, his beast features showing probably helped underline the visuals too.

But in the end they were saying quite a lot. Useful stuff too.

Everyone really was after Corey. The witches wanted him captured alive for being the last remaining member of the beast demons shaman clan. They wanted to use his powers in their plan to take over more land from the demons. Stupid shits didn't know that the small beast doesn't know half of what his family is famous about, but he was indeed strong with different skills and furious to keep his new clan safe.

Jim finished his smoke and ran his hand through his now short hair left a bit longer only at the front. He still had to get used to it and also to the shorter beard with the twirled moustache. A small smile was playing on his lips when he remembered Corey's reaction once Jim came out of the bathroom after his makeover. He had to go over and close his mouth for the beast. Then, as to be expected, they had passionate sex on the poor kitchen table.

But now the tall demon was trying not to imagine all kinds of bad scenarios while his mate was gone. Yes, Corey was right, it was harder to capture (or torture) him, but still, Jim was worried about him. He had to focus on his breathing as a wave of panic tried to come over him again. Luckily he knew a few tactics to keep those attacks at bay. Most of the time. Sometimes he still woke up covered in sweat after a nightmare of his tortures and he could calm down and find peace only in his mate's embrace after he made sure that his right hand was working.

Walking out in front of the building in his black button down short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, he looked towards the horizon, feeling Mick and the others in the building behind his back. That uneasy feeling was getting stronger and for a minute he was trying to decide whether it was coming from Corey's side of the link or his.

As it turned out, it was purely Jim's feeling. Sensing two too familiar presences coming near put him on high alert. "Impossible!" he muttered under his nose and his right hand moved behind his back to grab the handle of one of the four throwing knives hidden on his waist.

"MICK!" he shouted behind him on an urgent tone and in a moment he felt the big guy's presence coming closer. But Jim was already reaching for Corey through their bond, urging him to get the fuck back.

Because Robb and Cristina were standing on the other side of the magic barrier...


“What. The. Fuck,” the beast muttered sensing Jim's message and turned to the others at once. “We have to go back NOW. The Bloodstones are at our gate. Throw these fucks in the back and come!!”

Soon the van was on its way with the small group to help their clan.

Finally, Corey thought. He can face Robb Flynn and get his share from that fucking piece of shit for everything. He was in a very nice and maniac rage already.

As soon as the van stopped, the short man blasted out from it with his short twin blades ready to fight, growling loudly as he rushed to corner the two Bloodstones.

The only thing bothering him was that Jim and Mick were standing there on the other side of the magic barrier and were actually chatting with them???? Fucking traitors...

“ROBB FUCKING FLYNN!!!! NOW YOU GONNA PAY!!” he yelled as he saw the shocked surprise on the clan leader's face. Oh yeah... He didn't see the beast in his true colors yet...

Jim felt Corey's rage and presence growing stronger and that meant he was on his way back. Frankly, the reason why the Bloodstones were there shocked Jim to say the least. But he knew things weren't going to go down well or easy. Corey was out of his mind furious and Jim got only enough time to grab onto the quickly moving and very much bloodthirsty beast. He didn't even care that one of Corey's blades cut his arm.

"WAIT!" he shouted at him to draw his mate's attention on him. "They're not here to attack. They want to talk! Stop for a moment and hear them out," he lowered his voice and murmured into his mate's ear, sending a wave of his calming power through him as he was blocking Corey with his whole body now. "This could actually help us wipe out the witches..."

“What??? You believe them ‘cause of that?? I don't care!” Corey groaned and pushed Jim away, throwing the sword from his right onto the ground and marched towards Robb determined and transformed.

Only the screaming Cristina stood in his way, she didn't know what hit her as Corey yelled at her with all his power, wiping everyone of their feet in a large circle around him.

“You fucker! You know who I am, right?” he growled deeply, grabbing Robb by the collar and looked him in the eye chanting some ancient lines on a foreign language as his red power covered the other man shouting for mercy.

"Fuck..." Jim cursed under his breath once he was pushed not just away but onto the ground by Corey and then his power. He watched his mate with widened eyes because Jim didn't know what he was going to do next. But as he grabbed Robb and Jim felt a pull through their bond as Corey's magic moved inside him, as if channeling Jim's energies for more power too, he knew that he was going to cast a powerful spell.

To be completely honest with himself, Jim was fascinated by the sight and sensation. Through their bond he could feel the magic quickly building up in his short man. Now he didn't try to stop his mate, there was no use by then. He rather helped Mick up from the ground and stepped closer to Corey, ignoring Cristina's look on him. Especially after the earlier shock and confusion on her face when she mentioned the rumor of Jim indeed liking to roll in the dirt and begging to be mated to Corey. That meant that someone had seen them on their hunt. But Jim didn't care anymore. He was dedicated to his mate and their clan. No one else's opinion mattered to him. So he just stood there watching what was going to come out of it once the spell was done.

While casting the spell the red cloud of Corey's power was swirling around Robb and silenced the painfully moaning man. It was total silence as the magic pulled back into Corey's body and left the clan leader panting as the beast pushed him to the ground.

“Can you all smell him??” he turned to his audience. Then back to the man before him. “Talk... And I mean NOW!!!” he used his voice again, not with full power but Robb whined, blocking his ears with his hands as he jerked in pain.

“Okay, okay.... I'm sorry!!” he started, looking up at Corey. “What you want to hear?”

“TELL THEM ALL WHAT YOU DID AND WHAT YOU ARE!!!” Corey yelled at him again, ignoring the curses of the female, only looking at her and pulling his upper lip up to show his fangs in warning.

“Okay... I'm a half-blood. More human than demon. His family... I grew up in that place with his clan, all red beasts with powerful magic. They always wanted to keep everyone safe and treat them as equals,” he swallowed, clearly feeling uneasy about all this. “I asked them to hide my scent and block my human side, but they didn't help. In that place pure demons always wanted to kill me. So... I asked the witches and gave them the directions to the town as a payment for changing me...”

He couldn't talk more ‘cause a very raging beast slapped him with full power, making the big man roll away on the ground, before Corey spit after him and turned to pick his blade up and looked at Jim.

“Pack everything inside, put chains on his ankles. He is my pet now. The bitch can be possessed by whoever wants her,” he spoke on a calm, low, matter of fact tone, closed up and cold towards everyone.

If Jim, Mick and the others were shocked before, now that feeling only grew in them. Along with disgust. First Jim couldn't believe that he smelled human on Robb but then as the story of his betrayal unfolded, suddenly everything made sense to him. Disgust and anger roared up in him too, especially since he felt his mate's underlying pain too. Now it made perfect sense why Corey said that Robb had taken everything from him. Until now Jim didn't know that it meant his family and the chance of a different life too. And now Jim also knew that this disgusting asshole's selfish actions had cost the lives of a whole village – and Jim's parents' too.

"Fucking bastard," Jim growled at the now unconscious ex-leader of his. "Got what he fucking deserved..." Meeting Corey's eyes he simply nodded as he tried to ignore that coldness in his mate that extended towards Jim too. "With pleasure. I'll take care of everything," he promised then looking at Mick he jerked his head towards the unconscious worm.

Getting on with the plan the big guy walked over to pick up Robb not too gently and drag him back inside with the help of Jay. The others took care of the witch and demon in the back of the van too.

"Jim..." he heard his name whispered desperately by Cristina as she tried to touch his arm, but he grabbed her wrist firmly before she could.

"No, Cristina. You should keep your mouth shut now. I'll let you know what we decide on your and your father's fate," he said on a cold tone, letting her wrist go to grab her arm and lead her inside himself, giving some time for Corey to calm down. Although because he didn't forget the help he got from the woman during his captivity, instead of handing her over to someone else, he locked her up in one of the spare rooms, warning her not to try anything and that someone would be back later.

After that Jim went to look for his mate.


Corey went straight to the apartment and dropped his clothes down, heading for the shower.

He got him. He turned him. He knew it won't change the past whatever he does to Robb. That's why he held himself back to not take that fucker's life. He will play with him then decide what next. Jim started something but he has to calm down first...

The tall man soon knew exactly where his mate was. Entering and locking the door of their place behind him he could clearly feel Corey's mixed up feelings and the sound of running water was a big clue on what he was doing. Jim stripped along his way to the bathroom, getting rid of his boxers in front of the sink and then he stepped behind his messed up mate, kissing the "8" tattoo on the back of his thick neck, Jim's arms going around the wet body to hold him securely and close to his bigger one.

Corey turned in his mate's arms and hid himself against the bigger body. “What you were saying before I turned... What did he deserve?” he asked low. Might as well get over the talk. “You wanted to protect them,” he added even lower.

Jim moved in sync with his mate and let him hide in his body. He was watching as the water slowly washed off the half-dried blood from his tattooed forearm where Corey's blade had slightly cut him. The skin was flawless by then. "He deserved to become human. After everything he'd done. All the lives his hunger for power cost... Our families and others... And the chance for a different, maybe better life. He took that from us, from everyone. Death would be too merciful for him," he kissed the top of Corey's head and lightly rubbed his back.

"I didn't want to protect them because of my history with that clan. I wanted to keep you from killing them, because I was thinking of the future of our clan. They came here for help, because the witches started killing them off too. And I'm sure it was a fucking huge thing to swallow for Robb. I think there's more behind that, but you can get that out from your new pet later," he caressed the back of Corey's neck as he kept murmuring on his deep voice.

"We have to be clever about this. Just think about it... They still have quite a number of demons. Adding them to our numbers we might put an end to our witch problem for once and for all. I think I have a plan to ensure their cooperation. To make sure they don't turn on us or something..."

“Everything is temporary. For a while we can make peace. But not forever. I learned from what I was told about my clan's fate. Trying to keep up peace is an illusion,” he pulled back looking up at Jim. “I kinda know you didn't. I could feel it, I was just too much... into the need of finally using that spell. And… I'm listening to your plan. Just keep hugging me now please…”

"I understand that. We have to focus on our clan. We can use the Bloodstones until we finish off the witches then they can fuck off for all I care," Jim grunted, his chest resonating on a low growl. Then he calmed himself and tightened his hold on Corey. "I've got you. Don't worry. I'm here," he whispered much softer, his eyes opening up in a way they could only for his mate. Showing understanding and offering love and care.

"I was thinking that we could keep Robb here as you intended to. He could be our leverage. It'd ensure that Cristina would behave and not try anything. Because I think we should send her back to their clan. Now she's going to be the temporary leader. With her father held here, we could make sure that they don't betray us while finishing off the witches and their allies. But I doubt that she'd even think about not following our orders. She knows that we're serious and she still listens to me, I talked to her a few sentences before coming here," he said. "She's also taken aback by her father's actions, but she loves him too much to risk his life. Especially now that he's just human. What do you think? Could this plan work?"

“Yeah… It's a good plan. And anyway, no proud egoistic Earthly demon would listen to a human or half-blood. Robb is done and her daughter too if we tell their little secret to that clan. So she is in our grip too. I want to keep that human scum for a while. I want to get to know him. Inside and out, his motivations and all, and take all away from him what he believed in. You know what I mean? He thought only as a higher pure blood he can be anything and he has to follow that path. He even sacrificed everyone. His own parents lived there too. I want to show him how much more beasts and mixed breeds are than he ever thought. Am I insane?” the gaze he lifted at Jim was a bit messed up and confused.

"Yes, you're right about her. I didn't even think of that angle," he smiled a bit, letting his thumbs caress Corey's skin as he was still holding him close. Shaking his head Jim looked down seriously. "No. You are not insane. I see why you want to do this and I support the idea. He deserves his share of mindfuck too after what he did to me and Jay and many others. I want to see his world view fall apart. I've got your back on this, baby."

“I knew I love you for a reason,” Corey smiled up at Jim with his cheeks blushing red. Oh it was out. Kinda...

To ease his confession he started to stroke the long back lower and pressed his smaller body closer. “So... You like short little red beasts?” he asked on a playful tone.

As expected, Jim's heart leaped a bit from his mate's words, although they were phrased a bit differently. Jim's been waiting for this for quite some time, but he knew Corey would say it once he was ready. Kinda.

Reaching up he caressed one of the flushed cheeks with a warm smile. He knew Corey would feel the happiness spreading in him, but he didn't mind. He also didn't comment on it and let Corey steer the conversation into a slightly different direction.

"Oh I have eyes on just one particular beast like that," he twirled his moustache theatrically and winked. Then he leaned down and pressed his lips against Corey's for a sensual kiss.

“You fucker...” Corey mumbled against his lips, ’cause only one such particular beast existed by then, and that was him.

He kissed his mate back deeply, nonetheless, moving his hands to grope on the beloved body against his. Thinking hard about the bathroom sink and how he could grab onto it... Oops maybe Jim gets his ideas too through their bond.

A low little chuckle was the other man's reply to that then he got a bit lost in tasting him. He still thought Corey's taste was the best as his big hands moved down to cup and knead that fine ass. He couldn't wait to bury himself in it again.

Jim paused for a moment as he felt Cor stronger through their bond and a picture of the sink flashed in front of his closed eyes, seeing his mate offering himself there. "Kinky..." he chuckled against his lips then reached out blindly to close the tap and carefully back Corey out of the shower without slipping.

He kept kissing him though until they got to their destination then Jim grabbed the small body firmly and turned him around, his hungry eyes roaming the curve of the tattooed back and said ass. He knew Corey could see him through the mirror and he found that exciting. Making a show of wetting his fingers their eyes met through it as he pressed his fingertips against the tight opening, massaging it with adding more and more pressure. "You want it, baby?"

“Yes, give it to me... Please, babe,” the beast moaned moving his ass towards the fingers, his eyes glowing blue and locked with his mate's as he licked his lips slowly.

Growling low and satisfied from the answer Jim pushed two of his long fingers in, massaging his way open while he was watching Corey's tongue move against his lip. Fuck, that was a sensual sight, making his quickly filling cock throb and his fingers move faster while watching his little redhead demon.

"You're fucking gorgeous..." he grunted then pulled out his fingers and spit in his palm to quickly wet his cock. Grabbing Corey's shoulder he pressed his back lower to make that firm ass push out and brush against his damp tip. Then with a low moan he started pressing in steadily, his now glowing golden brown eyes watching his mate's expression.

“You are so, so gentle...” Corey moaned then growled biting into his lower lip and pushing his ass back greedily. “Fucking gentle... Stop it for fuck’s sake and give it to me!” he reached back and grabbed Jim by his side to pull him closer.

"I see patience is still not your virtue," Jim laughed a bit breathless and hoarsely, his tone a bit teasing like his moves were so far. But Corey's needy expression was so damn worth it. He let his beast pull him closer, making him ram the last few inches of his long cock home.

Then Jim leaned down to lick a few water drops off from the curved spine while he pulled nearly fully out, watching the other demon over his right shoulder. Then he rammed in as hard as he could, making Corey roll onto his tiptoes from the force of it. And then he kept doing that.

“Fuck... Yes… Fuck yeah...” the beast moaned and huffed pleased from the rougher and deep moves, gripping onto the sink with both hands again to relatively stay steady. Watching Jim from the mirror as he was lost in the task of fucking Corey good enough, concentration wrinkled his forehead and his powers lingered around him. Without the block over his true being, his half-beast demon power now took over to call out Corey's. Doing it the first time like this as the small beast felt his mate more dominant and confident in their coupling and mating roles than before.

“Bite me...” he breathed on a desperate tone as his pleasure rose higher from the rough moves and the dominant Jim and his powers over him.

Jim licked his lips as he straightened up for a while, concentrating hard on fucking that mind-blowingly tight and hot ass that belonged to him. Only him! It was making concentrating just as hard as before, but he loved every second of it. Sweat was mingling with the lingering water drops on his body as the sounds of their slapping bodies were echoing around them. He let his power loose too, making it creep over that creamy pale skin he loved so much then his brightly glowing eyes snapped up to meet their pair.

"Oh yes? Want me to mark you as mine, huh? Very well, my beast..." he smirked darkly while screwing up deep into him, hips circling to press more against those trembling walls.

Not waiting for an answer he pushed Cor's head forward to let his long tongue lick along his nape, nipping there lightly then he bit the right shoulder-blade, not giving him his claiming bite just yet, but making him bleed as he began rolling his hips faster and smoother, his other hand sliding onto Corey's throat to keep him in place.

A throaty deep growl left the beast as his body trembled from the pain filled pleasure he was so hungry for. That long hard flesh was rubbing into his prostate so roughly and maddeningly. His own powers coming out to meet and mingle with Jim's as he moved his head more and more, maybe Jim would choke him as he marks him... He hoped.

Since their powers were already mingling again and the bond was pulling them closer to each other too, he could clearly feel what his beast needed so desperately and his fingers tightened on that straining thick neck, cutting the air off as Jim lifted his bloody lips and fangs from the wound, grinning at Corey devilishly through the mirror, his features changing to his beast's in front of the other man's eyes.

Then he gave quick hard thrusts to that wonderful ass, assaulting that sensitive nub deep inside nearly angrily. The more the color of Corey's face changed from the oxygen-deprivation, the faster and louder Jim's slick cock was ramming back inside. Then as he finally let Corey's throat go, he quickly moved both hands down onto his stomach and digging his claws into the skin, he slashed the upper layers open, his fangs tearing into the claim mark as well to make sure to push him over the edge while the lilac fog was burning them both.

It was perfect. Too much even. The way Jim turned into something similar as Corey, the way his lungs were burning and his ears were ringing from the lack of air while he was being fucked so hard that the sink was threatened to crack from the pressure and hard grip Corey had on it in his rapture.

The long tearing on his skin as oxygen flooded his brain, suddenly making him euphoric, pushed the beast close as he was literally whining from the high pleasures. Giving in as Jim finally marked him and his burning body, he pulled Jim with him into the blinding bliss of their orgasm, balancing on the edge of fainting.

As blood and cum was dripping onto the bathroom floor, Jim hooked a tattooed arm around Corey's bleeding middle to keep him upright and completely giving into his instincts and being out of his mind, he fucked violently into the shaking and pulsing body a few more times. He too was making sounds as if he was a wounded animal and then as his mate's body was pulling him in deeper, squeezing the life out of him, Jim was shooting his load into him too, chewing and groaning onto the bleeding claim mark, glowing eyes rolled back into his head from the nearly painful pleasure, his arms wrapping securely and possessively around his other half. He was home again.

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