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S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One
S.M.A. & U-girl - The Negative One : Chapter 12 (Part 1)

Chapter 12 (Part 1)

  2016.07.27. 18:40

Chapter 12

The next two weeks have passed in relative calm. Everyone was busy around the little ones, they all got names and settled in fast. Easing up and feeling safe in their new home their personalities were coming out more and more, too.

The little shaman boy they named Paul for his calm and serious aura was learning from Corey, which also pushed the beast to dig more deeply into his own studies with magic, working more with Shawn and Gabrielle, the smallest little girl with the magical skills. She learned fast and was about just over four years old, her little fangs always sticking out though, even when she transformed into a human disguise. But everyone just adored her for it, especially Shawn who treated her like his own daughter, named her after his oldest one as well.

Just like little Pauly slowly became like the son of Corey and Jim. He was with them even while the band practiced and preformed one more time. The boy surely was an older soul and despite being only five years old, he got along very well with the adults and had the laidback and inspecting kind of personality that was close to Jim's too.

With all the happenings Corey dragged his human pet along to mostly everywhere. He really wanted to break Robb's view on the world and reset it after brainwashing so many mixed breeds. That included more and more conversations and the arch enemies started to get to know each other better as the two clans were working more together as well. No life for any demon till the organization or more like mob of those witches were out making clans jump at each other and offering the weak ones positions – like with Robb once – to turn against their own kind.

Everyone was busy, but it was just the calm before the storm. It seemed the universe wanted them to have a little peace to recharge again, but the tension was not gone at all. By then the Grays were patrolling around daily for the bigger safety and to gather information. And the news were not bright...

Corey called for a weekly meeting with the other leaders, and again, like on all Mondays, he waited for the other three in Paul's old room way before it was time. It was like a ceremony for him. Walking around in the place, stroking the surfaces of the furniture, watering the stupid delicate and too sensitive orchids that Paul loved as they reminded him of her mother from the south islands. Stupid flowers making the room smell like the late shaman and it melted the heart of the beast.

Jim was sitting outside on that tree trunk on which he once talked with Corey. But now he was alone, watching Pauly feeding the goats not far off. The boy was a gentle, contemplative soul. Because of their similar personality traits, Jim could get along with the little demon well and it seemed he was opening up for him and Corey too. He still didn’t remember where he was coming from and maybe never would, but that wasn’t a problem.

The clan and the mated pair adjusted to the changes by then. It was refreshing to have the little ones around and Jim knew he’d never regret that night when they finished off that slave market to bring them here. He could see and feel that the other kids were happy there with them and were so eager to learn new things!

Paul was quickly growing on him and Corey, too. Jim knew he was special for his mate because of his growing shaman powers and it was another way to keep the late Paul’s spirit alive. Sometimes the tall demon could feel that his mate was still blaming himself because of Paul’s death, and Jim suspected it was likely that he always would, but nonetheless he always tried to help on Cor in any way he could. It was another thing they were trying to work on.

“I think I’d like to start learning how to play the guitar…” he suddenly heard a quiet little voice and found himself under the scrutiny of small brown and intense eyes.

Smiling he nodded, feeling some warmth filling his heart as he patted his thigh and Pauly quickly climbed up on it and Jim put an arm around the small back as he looked down at him. “Oh really? What made you decide that?”

“I like the sound of it when you or Mick is playing it. But I also like the drums. They have a nice rhythm and vibe too.”

“Yes, they do,” he lightly rubbed Paul’s back.

“Do I have to choose which one I want to learn?” he looked up at Jim a bit worried.

“No. You can learn both. There are musicians who learn to play all kinds of instruments.”

“That’d be so cool…”

“Nothing’s stopping you, Pauly. You can learn whatever you want. I’ll teach you how to play the guitar and you could ask Jay or Corey or even Shawn to teach you the drums.” The bright smile he got melted Jim a bit more.

“Yes! Thank you. I’ll figure it out then let you know, okay?”

“Okay,” Jim smiled back and caressed the black hair on top of the boy’s head. Yes, they’d learned quite quickly that if Pauly faced a difficult situation or decision to make, he liked to take a step back and look at it from different angles before solving it or making the decision. As they fell in silence to watch as one of the goats came closer in hope of some petting from Pauly, Jim thought he’d make a good shaman and leader one day.

And he knew they’d always need such demons, because even if they managed to eliminate the common enemy (the witches for now), a new one would surely appear. But for a few more minutes he didn’t want to think about that. He’d have to get to their weekly meeting soon to deal with such problems, but for now he just sat there watching Pauly petting the black goat with a huge smile on his little face. Jim loved to spend such quiet moments with him.

Such smiles on their “kids” faces made all the hardships so worth it.

Giving a few more minutes for his mate to reminiscence in his late lover’s old room – like always when they had a meeting there – Jim was explaining a few basic things for Pauly about guitars until it was time for him to go. Once “their” boy announced that he’d wake Jay about the drumming (because it was still early), Jim said goodbye to him with a short hug and a big grin. Though the latter turned into a warm smile as he entered Paul’s room and saw his mate staring at the orchids. Walking behind him, he pulled Corey against his chest and lightly kissed the claim mark on his neck.

“Hey babe!” Corey leaned back against Jim's chest with a smile, keeping his eyes on the flowers. “How's our boy doing? He feels very happy today.”

“Hey,” Jim murmured against Corey’s skin, inhaling his familiar and beloved scent, his arms tightening around his smaller frame a bit. “We fed the goats and talked a bit. He wants to learn playing the guitar and drums too,” he reported proudly. “I already started explaining some basic stuff about guitars and he’s on a mission waking Jay about the drums, but he’ll probably nag you about it too,” Jim smirked, knowing that Corey was good with the drums too. “You should’ve seen his face light up when I reassured him that he can learn both. He’s such a bright kid,” Jim smiled, feeling good about this too.

“Yeah, he has a good nature. Smart and paying attention to details. Though he will have to learn how to make decisions in a second too when it's needed. Hopefully he will have time for that too,” Corey turned and hugged back his mate strong. It was good feeling Jim so happy and proud of the role of the mentor for the little ones. And the beast had to smile more, thinking about when Jim would start calling Pauly "son".

A knock on the door made them pull apart as Mick walked in with a dirty grin on his face, followed by Shawn.

“Hey guys, take a seat,” Corey walked to the table too with Jim and took their places as the ginger beast started to talk. “First of all. News from the patrol. We are being watched again, and the Bloodstones reported that they are as well. I've sent a group to follow the witches too to track down the hideouts. Also, the Bloodstones want more meetings together with Cristina and some of the elders present to talk over how to work together. Their numbers are low now also and it seems she doesn't want to follow her father's policy. Now, how's the work going with the kids?”

While sitting next to Corey, listening intently, the smile faded from Jim’s face and he looked lost in thought, the line between his eyebrows deepening as he folded his arms in front of his chest. “I could feel a spy’s presence too while I went to the music shop to teach my usual guitar lessons,” Jim finally said, rubbing his short beard as he looked up at Shawn and Mick. “Although it didn’t get stronger so the spy was keeping the distance. For now. But they were obviously planning something again. More meetings with Cristina and the elders would be good now that the witches are more active again. I can’t shake the bad feeling about this,” he sighed. “I’m sure you can feel it too. This is the calm before the storm,” he leaned onto his elbows on the table, his right leg moving under it a bit restlessly.

“You mean shit storm,” Mick nodded. “I can feel it too, brother. Even without shaman powers,” he grinned, making Jim snort then smile a bit. “Well… the kids are finally not afraid of me,” he laughed shortly.

It was true, some of them were a bit intimidated around the big muscular and tall demon at the beginning. Until Jim taught them that Mick was dangerous only for their enemies and that he’d never hurt any of them. He was their sometimes scary-looking protector.

“That's positive at least,” Corey laughed. “Okay. So we agree on setting up a meeting with Cristina and the elders, plus more investigation from both clans. On Wednesday I and Shawn will go to the small clan at the east river. They have an old hierarchical leadership but have also many mixed breeds among them and they are in a good relationship with us, too. So we try to get them to side with us on this. So, we can call this short for now? Anyone, anything else?”

“Agreed,” Shawn finally spoke up, his expression less grim than usual, but was still deadly serious. “I expect you to keep an extra eye on Gabrielle on Wednesday,” he glared at Jim. “I’m making progress with teaching her how to handle her growing powers. Don’t fuck it up while I’m out with Corey…”

Jim stopped himself from rolling his eyes at Shawn. He might’ve accepted him as Corey’s mate and one of the co-leaders of the clan and the kids’ mentor, but he took Gabrielle’s education and care bloody seriously. Knowing about how he’d lost his family, Jim wasn’t surprised so he just took a deep breath and nodded just as seriously. “Sure. I promise she’ll be safe. As well as the other kids and the rest of the clan,” he glimpsed at his mate and Mick too.

“Absolutely, beard brother! We’ll keep everyone safe,” Mick chimed in. “Now go, do the naughty or whatever. It’s my patrol time with Eric.”

“I’ll set up the next meeting with Cristina through the phone and let you guys know what she says,” Jim offered, then looked around, getting nods from Mick and Shawn. “Otherwise I just wanted to mention that once we get a breather and the kids settled in a bit more, I’d want to discuss when and how to start teaching them self-defense. But that can wait until these more pressing matters get solved.”

“Yeah, we start to teach those spells to the shaman kids and the others can start to learn fencing and one-on-one fighting from Mick. If they are not too scared to try to hit him.” They all laughed as Corey stood up. “Okay then. See you all around, guys. And thank you!”

As they all went on their way Corey stayed last with Jim. “What do you think about the Bloodstones? You think we can trust that female with information?”

Jim fished out a cigarette from his pack and lit it, inhaling deeply then exhaling slowly before answering. “I wouldn’t trust everyone in that clan, not even from the elders, but I doubt Cristina would try anything. She knows too much is at risk. Especially while you have her father as a pet. She’s leading them with a firm hand, but not following in his father’s twisted footsteps. Of course I would never trust her like any of our clan members, but she’s okay,” he told Corey seriously and took another drag.

“How’s that filth? Any change you saw or felt on him?” Of course he meant Robb and Corey’s project/punishment for him.

“Yeah, if we spread what Robb truly is that would mean long years of torture for them both. I don't know about the elders either, but we will see. If that small clan joins us then our side would be much bigger than the Bloodstones,” Corey said, taking Jim's cig with a playful smile and started smoking it as if it was his own from there.

“He seems to have changed a bit but I'm not sure, he seems like surely interested and understanding, though. I was thinking about maybe asking him out about the witches as well, but I don't know... Maybe I try to look into his human mind later today. He seems like someone accepting this all and trying to cope with it. We'll see, I guess,” he shrugged. At that point he wasn't really thinking anything into his pet. He kept him around and insisted to show him their every days until he didn’t feel like it would give out anything that could be used up later against the clan. He wanted to teach Robb a lesson somehow for everything he'd done, but all these things with the kids and witches around put those plans on hold.

Even the new band project seemed to start to roll. They got several calls and requests from bigger venues as well. Their fan base grew into a decent local band’s size, about forty people following them around to be present at all the gigs.

“Maybe I need a day off...” he mused with a sigh.

Jim watched Corey puff away his former cigarette, not minding it. Leaning back in the chair he stretched his long legs under the table, crossing his ankles while he folded his arms in front of his chest again. It was no secret that he didn’t like Robb around the clan, but he also understood Corey’s motive and agreed to it after the beast had made the former clan-leader human. Although for some extent it felt good to see that sadistic maniac collared and on chains, Jim still didn’t like the fact that he was hanging around Corey and the others that much. Especially around his mate. Although most of the time this feeling manifested only in a more closed off expression (or body language) and a slightly colder tone when Robb was around or his name came up in a conversation.

“I’ll want to be there if you decide to look into his mind,” he said. He wasn’t going to take any chances when it came to that asshole that made his hand useless and then sentenced him to death. (Not to mention what he’d done to their home town.) If Corey and the others were one day late, Jim wouldn’t be sitting there staring at the red table cloth. “But why do I feel like you’re wasting your time on him?” Jim voiced his doubt again. He’d mentioned it before to Corey, but he was set on teaching his lesson to Robb. But what if the “student” wasn’t open for that lesson?

“Well, I just hope that alliance with the east river clan will happen, because that would seriously better our chances,” he agreed, closing his eyes to focus a bit on his mate. “Yeah, you could use a day off. Just like I,” he smiled a bit. But they both knew that with all their duties around the clan, the little ones and the band it was hard to organize something like that.

“I'm not sure. Maybe I just don't put enough into it to really focus on him and all that stuff about him. Maybe we can sneak off for a little while and lock ourselves into our place...” Corey growled the end low, stabbing out the cigarette butt and looking Jim over from head to toe. “Ahhh I wish...” he added then and with a dramatic move dropped into his mate's lap. “Want to be my companion in the very dangerous and exiting adventure of looking over and listing the food stock?”

“Well… even if we can’t sneak off right now, we still have to find some alone time for us. Soon. A few quick hand and blowjobs can only take you so far…” he murmured, pulling his legs up a bit to support Corey’s weight better while his arms snuck around his small body automatically. It was true. With all their duties and busy schedule they were happy if they could squeeze that in time after time. Otherwise by the time they got into bed, they fell asleep nearly immediately. But they both knew that they had to release the beast(s) and unite their souls time after time to keep the beast(s) at bay and their souls balanced. Mind-block or not, sometimes Jim wondered how he was able to survive without his mate for so many years …

“I’ll help you, of course. Can’t skip this irresistible task,” he nosed Corey’s cheek more relaxed and playful now that they weren’t wasting another word on that disgusting pet. “Maybe afterwards I could bend you over some crates and finally fuck you like you deserve,” he murmured into his ear then lightly tugged on the earrings in it.

“Hmmm... Stop it or we’ll never get anything done... And I don't want to tear you apart right here in this room,” Corey moaned and forced himself away and up from Jim’s inviting lap. Duty first, he has to make sure they are not running low on anything. Especially now with more little hungry mouths to feed.

For that it was good that the band started to get to be a hit. More income maybe from that project too. The beast never would have thought in his life a half a year ago that he’d look over prices and do lists like an accountant. But again… Duty first… “Come on then my faithful helper in counting shit on shelves,” he took Jim's hand and tugged on it playfully.


As boring as their task might be, it was also important to be prepared for everything. They somehow managed to focus on their task despite a few teasing comments and gestures, but then the mood in the storage room changed out of the blue when they could feel a mental call from Mick. Something was wrong, they could both feel it. An attack. Not on their grounds though. Corey – and through the bond Jim – could be able to feel that thanks to the protective spells.

Looking at each other they dropped whatever they were holding and with lightning speed they made their way to get their weapons, Jim shouting for a dozen warriors on their way to follow them.

The unexpected mission drew them to a place Jim knew all too well. The Bloodstone clan’s hideout. With all his knives in place, Jim’s face darkened seeing the castle-like mansion in which he’d lived for very long years then that place chewed him up and spit him out, like an unwanted, aborted child.

He hated coming back there, but he had to put his personal feelings aside and call that lethal side of his forth. Although they could sense where the fight was, they could easily follow the sounds of it too. Soon they were on the first floor, where the northern wing (where Cristina and the more important members had their rooms) was flooded by the renegade demons and maybe two witches. Jim wasn’t sure about the latter, because the second he and Corey entered, with their back up in their heels, they found themselves in the middle of the battle too.

The place was in total chaos. As soon as they arrived, Corey's swords got blood on them. From the corner of his eye he saw Jim and the others as they got swallowed up in the fight. After cutting a renegade demon practically in half, he quickly scanned the place. Focusing more on his mate and Mick, for the two whom he had so close relationship to, the telepathic bond would work, he let them also see it all.

The floor was filled and two elders and Cristina with her female guard fought at the back of the hallway. Mainly the guard keeping up the fight and doing a good job at it too. But they were outnumbered and the small female, no matter how skilled with her swords, was getting defeated soon.

Back to the Grays, they did their best to cut their way to that place at the end of the hallway, letting their freer and wild side loose to power up their battle.

Jim’s throwing knives were flying across the hallway time after time and he took them back from the dead bodies they were sticking out from as they were pushing their way closer to the trapped females and elders.

How did the enemy manage to get through the protective spells? And how did they know exactly where to find the more important surviving clan members? It was too suspicious, but now Jim had to focus and let his training and instincts take over, while he also tried to keep an eye on his mate.

A wave of Cor’s beastly power rushed over Jim, coaxing his own beast closer to the surface, his features starting to change too as he managed to get close enough to a renegade to cut his throat. Swirling around he sent two knives flying through the heavy air that was filled with the smell of blood, sweat and magic.

Seeing the difficult situation Cristina and her small black-haired and very fierce guardian were, he whistled to Mick and sent him the message to come and help him. “Do something about the two witches!” Jim told Corey through their bond. And with that he and Mick pushed further ahead with his knives and Mick’s double edged battle axe.

With their animal sides on the loose, they didn’t care too much about the scratches and smaller wounds they got while they practically left a bloodbath around them, drawing the attention from a few of those who were attacking the females. Two of the Grays and one from the surviving Bloodstones came to aid them and they didn’t stop until Jim threw the last of his knives into the skull of the guy who was trying to deliver the final blow that would overpower the small black-haired woman.

Although the demon fell onto the woman, he was already dead and it took no effort for Mick to lift him off with one hand and throw the corpse aside to help the guardian up. Jim and Cristina just nodded to each other then Jim’s attention was quickly drawn back to his mate.

During his fight with the renegades he felt that Corey managed to kill one of the two witches, but the remaining one was still very alive and what Jim saw made his blood boil and his beast roar up. The bitch was trying to attack his mate from behind. He didn’t even have the time to warn Corey who was fighting with two demons who were to distract him long enough for the witch to curse him to death.

Jim’s form was a blur, his claws sharp and ready since he had no knives left. Without thinking he got behind the bitch and using his body’s momentum his claws and fingers tore into her body, closing around the shocked then screaming woman’s spine. Jim was growling loud and angry, his features completely contorted from the rage as he twisted his hand a bit then after Corey finished off his two attackers with his twin blades and turned around, he waited until their glowing hazel and blue eyes met. Then he tore the bitch’s spine out, making her blood splatter all over his face, neck and already soaked T-shirt.

The enemy seemed to focus on Corey just as much as to keep the elite cornered. In the back of his brain the sharp instincts of the beast told him that's it was a trap. The two remaining demons attaching him well synchronized was way too suspicious. But either way, they didn't stand a chance for long against the fully transformed beast with the red cloud of his power swirling wildly around him.

Just as he cut the fucks down he felt Jim's powers and presence behind him and he turned around, looking into those burning hazel eyes as his mate tore out the spine of that witch and the blood sprayed on them both. The sight was breathtaking. And so fucking arousing... The way his red mist circled and mixed with Jim's blue one made Corey drop his swords and roar up attacking that poor blood-soaked T-shirt and tore it from the half breed's body, his smaller form pressing against it closely as he grabbed the nape of his mate and pulled him down for a bruising kiss.

“Fuck... We lost them…” Mick cursed and rolled his eyes.

The tearing of his shirt was loud in Jim’s ears, but Corey’s roar was even louder and Jim’s bloody hands were shredding the shirt from the smaller body too as their mouths and tongues met for a bloody and bruising kiss, their sharp fangs cutting tongues and lips, making their blood mix in between animalistic growls of pleasure and need.

Mick was right. They were gone, lost too much in their instincts after putting their mating off for too long and deep down enjoying the fighting and bloodshed that had an arousing effect on them. Jim kicked the dead witch’s body aside, not caring about the pooling blood by their feet as his claws scratched along his mate’s upper-body on their way down to tear Corey’s jeans off too.

Before the smaller beast knew, he was forced down with a firm hand and sharp claws in his shoulder right into a pool of their enemy’s blood and Jim forced his legs open, his long body curling over his mate’s both protectively and possessively as he pressed his lips back against Corey’s. The rest of the world was completely gone for them. They didn’t see anything from how the surviving Bloodstones and Grays killed off the rest of the attackers and captured a couple to interrogate later. They couldn’t see the slightly shocked faces either – not that they’d care about them – before they left the hallway, leaving only them, the two females and Mick frozen there.

All that mattered for them was that Jim’s achingly hard cock was finally forcing its way into his mate’s bloody and sweaty mate, the act accompanied by their desperate roars of need, the lilac fog thickening around them.

“Holy shit…” Cristina’s protector, an Earthly demon said still standing next to Mick. “It’s hot as fuck though…”

To that Mick tore his eyes from the scene and looked the bloody female over more thoroughly, not missing the nice rack she had or her smaller, yet agile form. It took skill and power to get into the position she was in. And clearly she was a better fighter than Cristina. “True… Great stuff for their fan pages too… I’m Mick, by the way.”

The female looked up at him with a mischievous light in her brown eyes. “Stacey. Thanks for helping me out. So… I see you’re a fan of them,” she smirked then looked back at the mating demons. “I can see why…”

“I... I wanted to talk to them about the attack…” Cristina whispered in total shock as she watched the mating pair and backed slowly into her room.

“Errr... Yeah I would need instructions about what now too…” Mick shrugged exchanging a naughty look with Stacy. “I can wait. It's not the first time this happened when we are out…” he ended with a teasing tone.

The mates couldn't feel or hear anything from all that. All that Corey could think of was the way the blood was splashing around their roughly moving bodies, the way Jim's blood started flowing, the feeling as his skin shred and stuck under his long sharp bloody claws, the way the bigger body dominated him and curved around his smaller one. He felt his heart and soul melting from the wild burning of the purple power. Moving to cross his legs over Jim's hips and get that leaking hard meat into his body to feel him stretch and pulse inside. “Come on...” he growled out of his mind, biting into the long neck to make Jim hurry the fuck up.

While also Mick and Stacey left them alone among the corpses on the bloody hallway, Jim growled from the bite on his neck, feeling more of his blood flowing and dripping onto his mate as he propped himself on his hands on the slippery floor and fucked roughly into the oh so willing and shaking body. The tight pulsing heat around him was absolutely mind-blowing, like always, as he let Corey chew on his neck, his hips never missing a beat as their sweat and blood-slick bodies were slapping together loudly, their grunts of pleasure filling and echoing down the otherwise silent and death-kissed hallway.

Once Jim thought Corey had enough fun with his neck, he lifted a hand and grabbed the thick throat to push him back down then he quickly slid his leaking cock out of his mate just to flip him over onto his tummy and press his face into the edge of the smeared pool of blood. Jim pulled that firm little ass up, the pale skin smeared with blood, and rammed right back inside, his heavy balls slapping against it with each deep and violent trust as he sunk his teeth into Corey’s skin on his back over and over again, leaving it torn and bleeding, his full power pouring out of him, mixing into the lilac fog with which he was trying to overwhelm his mate’s senses and give him the ultimate pleasure.

Dipping his tongue into a torn out, but already healing wound, he slid an arm under Corey’s throat and pulled it up in a chokehold, his mate’s head in the crook of Jim’s elbow. He was making it harder for him to breathe, but Jim wasn’t fully cutting off his air just yet as blood and saliva was dripping onto the back of Corey’s head from the bigger demon’s open and panting mouth, his brightly glowing eyes rolling back into his skull, beastly features fully out while his cock was destroying that fucking amazing ass. And then Jim squeezed Corey’s throat with his arm…

Intoxicating blood everywhere and the sharp burning of their mixed powers made the beast’s rapture rise up to an almost unbearable piercing itching all over his body. It crawled up on his insides and made his spine feel like a million pins were pushed then pulled from it. And the way his mate was rubbing in and out of his trembling body as he howled and groaned and whined for more seemed to ease his maddening burn, leaving him growl and beg for more as Jim blocked his air and he drifted into a buzzing numbness and more close to their ending.

They were both so fucking close by then! Jim could smell and feel Corey’s arousal, his own cock leaking unstoppable into that tight channel, balls drawing up and getting ready to bathe his mate’s insides with his seed. Yet another way of marking Corey as his. Only his. Fuck, he loved this heady feeling and the rush in their moves and sounds.

The warrior pressed as much of his long body against Corey’s as it was possible, changing his hold on Corey’s throat to his hand, claws digging in as he cut his airways off again, previously letting only a little oxygen in to push his mate higher. Jim managed to slide his bloody right hand (the one that tore out the witch’s spine) under Corey and grabbed his bobbing and slick cock to jerk it roughly, his own member hitting the other’s prostate perfectly. Finally he could give in to the itching in his mind and gums and as his grip on the thick throat loosened, he tore into Corey’s claim mark, like always at the end of their mating sessions.

NOW! That’s what the trembling beast could hear on Jim’s demanding deep voice through their throbbing bond. And then the half-breed was groaning loud onto the wound as he exploded into the pulsing heat, fucking him through their orgasm, a shockwave of their mingled power swiping through the whole floor.

It was a good thing that Jim held Corey up, ‘cause the blast of energy as they both tripped over the edge into the blinding bliss, totally wiped the beast's legs from under him. In fact with the rush of the lacking oxygen pushing his euphoria even higher, all that remained was the cooling aid of their merged together beings and the way he sensed Jim being one with and inside his mind and soul as the calming ringing in his ears took over and he pushed closer to his mate's body with a moaned "yours" before passing out.

The tip of Jim’s fangs showed as his mouth twisted into a smile hearing that. Then he was panting and riding out the last of their fucking intense orgasm. It took him a moment or two to realize that he finally managed to fuck Corey into unconsciousness. That caused a breathless chuckle-like sound from him then he carefully slid out of the abused hole and let the spent cock go with his hand. He slowly lowered his mate onto the floor and knelt up, not being able to stop himself from licking some of Corey’s cum off of his own palm.

Then he looked around on the deserted corridor, slowly downing on him that they’d lost it again. “Oh well…” he murmured hoarsely. The Grays were already used to this, but the Bloodstones were probably shocked to say the least. Both from what just went down there and the wave of their burning power that rushed through the building. Jim thought this gave Cristina her answer to the question if Jim liked mating with his beast.

With the slowly dissolving lilac fog still swirling around them, Jim carefully scooped his mate up into his arms, holding him securely and close to his chest; then walked with him to the door of his old room. He was curious… And yes, the handle gave and then they disappeared behind the heavy oak.

Running a warm bath, giving some time for their wounds to close up, Jim was just kneeling beside the bed onto which he’d put Corey previously and he was just admiring him silently. Sometimes it was still hard for him to accept the fact that this small yet fucking powerful and amazing beast was his. Well, now from the Bloodstone clan if anyone had any doubt about them belonging together, they surely got the proof of that. That kinda amused Jim as he finally stepped into the nice warm bath with his mate, pulling him onto his lap and against his chest and gently started washing blood, sweat and cum off his skin.

“Hmmm.... I love you Jimmy...” The very low words came from Corey's lips as he started to come around, nuzzling into Jim's chest and lightly purring like a big red and bloody satisfied cat. He started to be aware of what happened and where they were, and it made him smile and plant a kiss on his mate's skin. His senses still higher than otherwise, he felt the utter shock of the Bloodstone elders and Cristina, along with their fear of the huge power blast and the force the mates held. Also it was clear how amused and impressed Mick and Stacy were from all that they witnessed. Through their still wide open bond Jim could see and feel it all too. And also that Corey didn't care one bit yet, just wanted to stay snuggled up to Jim's body and purr silently enjoying a few more moments of being alone and just in their own world.

“I love you too. Always,” he whispered back just as quietly, gently tipping Corey’s head up to press a soft kiss against his already healed lips then he started cleaning the half-dried blood off from his face and throat with the help of the washcloth. He himself felt content, happy and much calmer. “You’re just mine for a few more minutes,” he voiced his mate’s thought. He didn’t care about anyone else either. Not Cristina or the elders’ shock or Mick and Stacey’s amusement, or even the attack and the fact that it was probably a trap for Corey.

All he saw, felt and thought about was his mate, their souls still one.


They stayed in the tub for a few more minutes, but finally they had to fully come back down and take a shower too to wash off all the remaining blood from their completely healed bodies. Outside in Jim’s old room he was going through his clothes in the closet naked, while Corey was taking a look around.

“I’m surprised my stuff is still here,” he said, ignoring the dried blood on the floor near the window or the few wood splinters near it. He remembered too well how they got there on that day when he became an outcast. “I thought Robb would order someone to burn everything.” Yet everything was there.

Obviously his clothes were too big for Corey, but Jim found an olive green pair of shorts with a drawstring at the waist that his mate could tie tight around him, and a very old black T-shirt he was meaning to throw out because the last time it fit him was around his teens. It was still a bit big for the small beast, but it’d do until they got home. He himself put on a black button down shirt and a pair of dark-grey jeans after handing the clothes over to Cor.

“We could pack the shit up that I’d need and take them back with us if we’re already here. Oh and I already talked to Shawn on the phone to reassure we’re okay. He snorted, saying that he’d heard the fuck fest was on again. Mick called him while we were… well…” he grinned, finishing buttoning up his shirt. “We’ll brief the others once we talked to the Bloodstones and got back home.”

Jim paused for a moment when something came into his mind. “I wonder…” he mumbled under his nose and walked to a cabinet without any handles on the two flat wooden doors at the front. He stroked his long fingers over its carved side until he found that small button in one of the motifs. As he pushed it, the doors clicked and Jim opened them with a little fear.

As he saw his three other guitars unharmed there, he held onto the cabinet for a moment and took a wobbly breath. “They’re… here,” he said, choking up a bit, relief and happiness mixing in him.

Corey felt like a teenage boy who sneaked into his love's room to look around, well at least it was how that situation was usually portrayed in the films. He had that bit exited and weird feeling as well as he looked over Jim's stuff. He had a slight hunch that maybe Cristina arranged it that all Jim's stuff was where he had left it when he stomped out and was led by instinct to Corey's door.

The clothes made him look even more like a teenage boy and he was just about to comment on that and add that they could use Mick to bring the stuff. After all, he got a free show he always wanted. That's when Jim found all his babies again…

“Musicians... I'm glad they are, I call Mick to gather all the stuff you need and we can talk to the elders. If you are ready…” Corey added on a dirty low tone, hinting about what they just made them experience.

“Shut up, you’d be the same if your guitars were kept from you for so long, thinking that they were destroyed too!” Jim chuckled, stroking along his babies gently. “Maybe I could later gift one to our… Pauly,” he murmured then forced himself to step away from the cabinet and turn around to face Corey. Damn, he looked good enough to eat in those slightly bigger clothes. Not to mention that they were Jim’s and seeing his mate in his clothes always fucked with his mind. “Yeah, yeah, I’m a possessive bastard. What can I do?” he grunted, knowing that Corey would feel whatever he’s feeling thanks to the still wide open bond.

“Yeah, Mick will probably gladly help after the free show he got. If he can take his eyes off Stacey,” Jim grinned as he walked over to Corey, the height-difference between them forcing the shorter demon to look up at him. “Let me just say that you’re fucking hot and cute at the same time and I don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks. They can go fuck themselves if they have a problem with what and how we are and do things. I’m just as yours as you are mine. End of story,” and he sealed that little monologue with a passionate kiss, reluctant to share his mate with the world just yet, but he knew he had to.


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