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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 2

Chapter 2

  2016.08.28. 11:35

Chapter 2

Corey had a hard time falling asleep despite his exhaustion. The lights were out only in the cells, but in the rest of the building, the corridors and all, everything was bright. Plus the guards were walking their rounds every half an hour, and were chatting around like on the streets, stomping their steel boots against the floor. Of course, it was a prison for killers, no tender treatment for no one around here…

When he finally managed to fall asleep around dawn, he shortly stirred up from the tossing and grumbling from under him. Not used to hear others in his half-asleep state, yet... Corey's eyes popped open on alert, then he slowly realized where he was… And what that sound was...

On the bottom bed, still existing in a seemingly very pleasant dream, Jim turned onto his back then on his side, mumbling and grumbling under his blond mustache while his right hand was roaming around his own body... Corey could clearly hear the "so hot and tiny" words while the deep moan roared from Jim as he turned onto his back again, saying "that's it... Push that small ass down lower, handsome," and the sounds of jerking off filled Corey’s ears... Fuck... He could just imagine seeing Jim like that and the big guy's moans made him reach to hold onto his hardening meat too...

Was it a dream or was he awake? Jim had no fucking idea. In fact, he had no coherent thoughts, because it just felt so good. He was watching the small ass of that faceless tiny guy lower on his painfully hard shaft, his slender fingers digging into the guy’s hips so hard it was sure to bruise the next day, but he didn’t care. He just fucked up into that tight hole and moaned.

While in his dream he was watching said ass sliding up and down on his glistening shaft, in the cell one of Jim’s hands kept fucking his own fist, his breathing ragged, quiet moans weaving into the half-light of the cell, until his leg kicked out just when he came hard, his eyes slowly opening as he stroked himself through his orgasm. He could still see as the faceless guy looked at him over his shoulder with his ocean blue eyes…

Corey was also busy to get off to the sounds his cell mate produced. So fucking hot... His tired brain drifted off to the moans and mumbled words into a fantasy of riding a tall guy, his fingers dug into the long thighs he was steadying himself on and a big hand on his leaking shaft brought him to his release... He bit his lip hard but couldn't keep in the long moan as he came into his hand with a jerking body aching for air. Fucking shit... Jim probably heard him...

And he did, although it took him a moment or two to realize in his hazy brain what he was hearing. But when he did, a wide grin spread on his face as he reached under his pillow for a tissue and wiped off his messed up hand.

So Corey was jerking off to the sounds Jim was making in his half-dreamed fantasy… Interesting. It was information the biker was going to keep to himself for now. Maybe later he could use it to his own benefit…

With that thought Jim – without saying a word – tossed the used tissue under the bed and turned towards the wall, falling back into sleep in a better mood than in a very long time.

Feeling more nervous than when the judge sentenced him here, Corey was laying there holding his breath, trying to hear any proof of sound that Jim was asleep.

After a few minutes which felt like a lifetime, he heard a low decent snoring and he finally let out a long wobbly breath. Fucking shit... Cleaning himself up a bit he turned onto his side too and closed his eyes to catch a bit of sleep. He couldn't help smiling at the really fucking adorable sounds of that little snoring...


Officer Thomson's deep voice and laugh woke him up again a few hours later.

"Morning, sunshine! Had a pleasant dream?" The dirty ear-to-ear grin with those piercing ice-blue eyes was something that made him pissed off immediately. He bet that fucked guard really enjoyed that too.

They seemed to have some private discussion with Jim, probably business, Corey thought as he jumped down to take a piss and wash up a bit under the investigating eyes of those two. He was trying very hard to avoid looking at Jim...

“You sure?” Mick murmured, keeping an eye on Corey’s back once he was more or less done talking business with Jim.

“Not yet. Give me a few days. I can deal with delivering for Jonathan through Craig. He can move around easily,” Jim murmured back.

“Yeah, he’s like a fucking shadow. He kinda gives me the creeps sometimes,” Mick snorted then looked back at the other inmate. “But make sure he’s up to joining the big boys’ sandbox instead of peeing all over it. You know what’s at stake and I’m not going down because of an ass you have your eyes on, man. No matter how nice that ass is,” he smirked, but there was warning in his quiet voice.

“I’m not stupid, Mick. I know what I’m doing.”

“I certainly hope so. Don’t get on my or Jonathan’s bad side. Neither would be good for you and the business.”

Jim just rolled his eyes and sighed. “I know, I know. I’ll give you my final answer in a couple of days.”

“Fine,” the officer said then stepped back from the closed bars as the buzz sounded that signaled that they were going to open the cells. “Off to breakfast, girls!” he said louder and more cheerfully, stepping out of the way.

The taller inmate just sighed again and looked back at his cellmate for a moment, thinking if he should invite Corey to join him or not. “The night shift does the breakfast. It’s awful,” he said instead then let the short man decide if he wanted to follow or not.

"Whatever man, I'm starving," Corey shrugged and kept a straight face, though he overheard most of the conversation about, probably, his ass.

The cafeteria was large and full. Mostly full of whistles and dirty comments towards him, and ‘cause for some reason Jim kept close to him as they walked across the other inmates, the comments were aimed at Jim as well about how nice his new cock boy was... By the time they sat down to eat, Corey saw red from all of it.

Of course it was to be expected that comments like that would fly towards them – especially after “their first night”. It wasn’t the first time Jim got this, but he never particularly cared. Obviously the short kid was on a different opinion. It was kinda amusing to watch how his skin started to change color from the suppressed rage. Yes, this time it was much more rage than embarrassment (not like back in the cell when Corey couldn’t look at Jim because of the jerking off thing).

It was true, Jim kinda kept close to Corey, but it wasn’t because of some romantic bullshit. Nah, it was more about protecting a possible future asset. If the assholes thought that Corey was under Jim’s protection because of business, pleasure or both, they would leave him alone. Most of them at least.

Sitting down to his usual table, he didn’t really check if Corey sat down or not, because he immediately turned to the other side to listen to a guy whispering his report into his ear. Besides this was another test for Corey too and Jim was intrigued to see how much he could take before blowing up.

And Corey even surprised himself over the amount of shit he could 'look over'. Partly because he was new and most of the prisoners were huge and probably would tag team him to beat him into a bloody puddle. And partly because he wanted to eat and study the place and people. Especially whom Jim contacted. After all… he was still on probation (not like from the jury, though...) and had to find his way and place here. And the more he saw, the more promising a place next to his biker cellmate looked…

The food was shit, really. But it was clear that everyone used this time and place to move around more freely and talk to one another. Corey missed coffee so fucking much but what can be done? It's not the Four Seasons after all...

After breakfast time was fresh air time. Corey had to admit it that even with the crap toast and cheap corn flakes, he was calmer and got some of his stupid humor back as they walked out to the yard.

It was nothing special. Some athletic areas like basketball planks and running tracks but a bit of green and a lot of sunshine for his eyes that have gotten used to neon light by then.

Deciding that he was not Jim's puppy (not yet anyway), he walked around a bit lost in his thoughts and trying to not overhear the convo of two other bikers about him being no fresh meat 'cause the Root had his hands on him. Root was probably Jim.

But even if he tried to stay calm, all the degrading comments started to get to him. And the way officer Mick was following him around with that fucking smirk made it all worse.

So far Jim was satisfied with Corey. He didn’t blow up in the cafeteria like the tall man thought he would. He himself found the comments stupid and slightly annoying, but he knew better than to engage or encourage them with his own comments. He just smiled a bit here and there, making it appear that the assholes were right. All was part of his tactic, of course.

When he saw that Corey would be fine on his own for a while, Jim nodded to Mick barely noticeable to keep an eye on the newbie, then Jim headed towards the left corner of the yard, which was Jonathan’s territory, to talk business with him.

Sitting down onto some bench Corey felt he just had it. Everything was happening so fucking fast. And okay, he killed and was here now. But he just wanted to enjoy the sun a little more before the yard time was up. If that big ass guard wanted to watch him sunbathing then be it... And fuck the others too whispering as they passed him. What the fuck? He just turned out to be the new superstar or what??? Just because of his cell mate? Okay, most comments were dirty ones about his small sexy ass… All he wanted was a quiet corner and his guitar.

"Hey! Stand up!" a rather annoyed voice barked at him, and opening his eyes he saw a young guy before him, shoulder-long dark hair and beard and a pissed look. Not knowing who he could be Corey stood up ready for anything. "You're smaller… And red…" the guy stated rather annoyed or disgusted and Corey started to turn red from anger too... "He probably paid a lot to get you…"

That was it...

"Who the fuck are you and what are you talking about?" he growled stepping closer to the other guy, ready to fight.

"You're the “Boss'” new pet. Everyone knows that. Just his type of little fair-colored fag. He must have arranged it to get someone like you."

"Listen, asshat! I'm nobody's pet! Got that?" With those words Corey was right in the face of the guy who looked at him with a disgusted grimace.

"Jay, stop it!" they heard Mick from close, but Jay already pushed Corey's chest and the answering big smacking punch made the slightly taller and leaner guy fly a few meters back.

In no time there was a smaller crowd around them once Jay got up from the grass and went to punch back. Mick was keeping an eye on things, but didn’t step in just yet. He too wanted to see from what this Taylor kid was made of.

Meanwhile Jim was explaining things to Jonathan, a long and dark-haired man, how things got a bit difficult in delivering the supply since Jim’s last man was taken out of the picture during a bad stabbing. He was in the middle of presenting a possible solution to their problem, when he heard the cheering and encouraging yells. Glimpsing at the smaller crowd, he wanted to ignore it, but as he looked around in the yard and didn’t see Corey, he got a bad feeling. Especially when Sid, one of his most loyal men walked over to inform him who were fighting.

“If you’ll excuse me…” he turned to Jonathan.

“Sure, sure, man. Do what you have to do. We’ll continue later,” he waved with his hand dismissively.

The crowd opened up for him like the fucking Red Sea and he found a by then bit bloody Jay and Corey. He gave the grinning and shrugging Mick the stink eye for not stopping them with the other guards. Then he grabbed the back of Corey’s orange jumpsuit and simply pulled him off Jay.

“That’s enough, you two,” he growled warningly, the cheering slowly dying down. He saw the kinda hopeful look in Jay’s eyes, but he ignored it. “Both of you, stay away from each other,” he looked first at Jay then Corey and turned the latter in the other way, lightly pushing his shoulder to move.

"Don't push me…" Corey mumbled but started to walk away nonetheless. What the actual fuck even??? "Who the fuck was he? He came up to pick on me anyways!" He was still pissed and tense but wanted answers. That Jay guy was coming directly at him...

Jim didn't say anything to the other man's comment, but didn't push him again. "Follow me," he grumbled instead as he led Corey out from the circle of the onlookers, the guards relaxing by the fence too. That fucking Thomson, Jim thought, but decided to drop it for now. He was probably testing Corey too in his own fucked up way.

The slightly bleeding man's questions required an important conversation and Jim didn't want others to overhear them. So he kept leading Corey towards the other side of the yard where along the east wall of the prison there were a couple of benches, three of Jim's men "guarding" them.

The tall man kept walking in silence until they reached the men. He greeted them with handshakes and half-hugs. He noticed the thinly veiled curious looks they shot towards Corey. "This is Corey, my new cellmate you all probably heard about," he nodded towards the short man then turned to him too for a sec. "This is Sid," he pointed his thumb towards a slender guy with dyed red hair, shaved off on one side. "Craig," he introduced a silent bearded guy sitting on one of the benches. "And Alex," he finally said, meaning the massive-looking dude with kickass swirling tattoos along his right arm. "Could you give us some space to talk?" Jim asked, but it wasn't really a question.

They soon walked a bit further, but stayed close enough to help if needed. Meanwhile Jim sat down on the bench and fished out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket to take out two and light both in his mouth, handing one to Corey afterwards. "That was Jay. I should have seen this coming. He was my last cellmate. He's the jealous type," Jim shrugged.

"Jealous ex, huh? Nice… Why have you dropped him?" Corey asked directly looking into Jim's eyes as he took the cig. It was no place or time to run useless rounds out of politeness. He could add two and two together and knew what was going on. So why ignoring the topic? "He seemed like a drama queen to be honest... Said stuff to me that you bought the right to get me into your cell ‘cause I'm just your type and other shit…"

As he took a drag from his cig and stroked his long beard, Jim returned that clearly pissed off look. It was kinda cute seeing Corey like that. "He probably thinks of himself as my ex, but he was just some stress relief to me," Jim shrugged and took another drag, turning his head towards where Jay kept pacing pissed and glaring at them, not far from where he had attacked Corey.

"Yeah... drama queen. That's a good word to describe him. He got too clingy and tried to meddle into what I was doing. His pushiness was why he had to go. But maybe I should've arranged something bloodier to remove him," he snorted, frowning a bit. Jay might become a problem. He's been quiet for a while, but this reaction to Corey was ringing the alarm bells for Jim. He'll have to keep his eye on the little shit.

"And he's kinda right. You pretty much cover what I'd call 'my type' in men," he shrugged, figuring that lying about that was unnecessary. "He might be a drama queen, but keep your eyes open, he can be a sneaky asshole. Which brings us to a related topic..." Jim turned back to look at Corey. "Protection. You've got a taste of what can happen to you unexpectedly and Jay is just one scrawny guy. There are bigger and... worse. I can offer you protection, but that'd cost you some."

"Oh I bet... So? What's the price? An arm and a leg or my ass?" Corey snorted and looked away with just a hint of blush on his cheeks as he took a long drag from his cig. Who the hell did this guy wanna kid? "I already said that I'll help with your business if you want me to…" That line came out more pissed than he wanted, to be honest. Damn he was raging inside still. And not just because Jay. For everything. For feeling and actually being trapped. He killed a man that was molesting him as a kid and now he's in the same fucked up situation and he actually wouldn't mind this time if this guy would 'use him' as payment for looking after him. What was that even about??? He was always independent and stood up for himself and now he actually needed a... sugar daddy or something to stay safe… "So, you can protect me for thirty years if I serve you right, right?" he asked still pissed as he turned back to Jim.

Another round of silence followed after the pissed off monologue as Jim kept smoking and examining Corey's face, trying to look behind the handsome exterior. After another long moment Jim slid closer to Corey until his long thigh touched the other man's. "Yes, I can," he said on a calm and determined voice. There was no bragging in his answer, he was just stating the facts.

"You say this as if it was a bad thing. I've heard you at dawn, you know..." he added then looked away, taking a drag from his cig, leaving their legs touching. "You have anyone outside? A girlfriend or a boyfriend?" he suddenly asked, wanting to know some more about him before they went further into this.

Corey shrugged at the comment about his jerking off at dawn, but hasn’t moved to pull away from Jim. "I don't. My last was a guy but he overdosed," he told on a low tone looking down at the ground. "I didn't say it would be bad… Just this place is too much to take in all of a sudden… Just… I'm not like Jay... Dunno... Probably saw one too many movies about prison thugs and their bitchy cock toys," he shrugged again, throwing away the cigarette butt. "It's all new and guess I must adjust to what's the norm here inside," he ended his line of thought on an offering tone, turning to look up at Jim with his shining ocean blue eyes, clearly full of questions about what and how would be that “if,” but also with openness towards Jim's offer.

"Sorry about that guy," Jim mumbled under his nose. At least Corey was into guys too. Jim would've hated to force him. He might look like a tough asshole biker, but he wasn't a complete asshole. "And I know it's a lot to take in, but that's life, handsome. If you thought it was tough outside, you were wrong. You have to be on top of your game all the time in here. Otherwise they will crush you. The faster you adjust, the less chance they get to do so," he added, lost in thoughts for a moment as he finished off his cig too and flicked it away.

"I'm not into the overplaying bitchy kind. I like my men feisty and tougher," he looked Corey over once more. "We already know that you can land a few mean punches..." Jim stroked his beard again, pausing. "Lucky for you I'm not into sharing either. If you are under my protection and mine, no one else can touch you. Just I...." he wetted his bottom lip, hazel eyes darkening a bit from the thought. "The question is... can you live with that? You'll probably keep getting plenty of such comments about your status..."

"I already liked the idea at dawn, remember?" Corey gave Jim a cute teasing smile, his blue eyes darkening too and almost glowing in the sunshine. "We will see if I can live with it. The comments I can take till a point. Thirty years is long... But for now I'm okay with it and... and to be… with you." That ‘yours’ title couldn't fit on his tongue just yet, but he was sure that he wouldn't mind, and actually would want to get more close and physical with his cell mate.

"Oh yeah, I remember," Jim murmured, his eyes slightly softening from that cute teasing smile. "Yup, thirty is a very long time," he nearly chuckled from his unspoken thought: though not as long as life. "Good," that's all Jim said for now as he lifted his left arm and put it around Corey's shoulders, watching his reactions.

Because frankly these were just words for now, but Jim had to be sure Corey would be able to take it. What a better way than some public display of affection? With that thought he leaned closer to his face and experimentally brushed his lips against the other man's.

Corey held his breath and closed his eyes at once. Feeling the other guy's soft moustache brush against his lips made him release that breath with a pleased sigh and Corey cursed from that inside. The feeling of that big guy holding him close, that long arm pulling him closer, Jim’s soft lips on his… He just pecked those lips, feeling the long badass beard covering his face as they started to kiss kinda hungrily after the first testing peck. And Corey found himself melting into it shamelessly....

Frankly, the other man expected some protesting or at least pulling away. Instead Corey practically melted into the kiss as if someone turned his bones into jelly. Well, it seemed Jim did, because he was opening up for the bearded man's tongue so nicely.

And damn, he tasted so good... If they weren't so exposed in public, Jim was sure his hands would've been roaming that smaller body without hesitation. But instead he lightly pulled him closer with that tattooed arm around Corey's shoulders.

The little kissing match was slowly ended when Jim finally heard the wolf whistles and pig comments. Thank fuck, because the bearded man was already half-hard. And impatient. He couldn't wait to continue this in the relative privacy of their cell. But now he had other things to do.

Ignoring the other inmates, Jim broke the kiss and pulled back enough to look into the hazy blue eyes. "You're officially mine now. Welcome to the family," he gave Corey a lopsided smirk then let him go, waving Sid over. "I have a task for you and Corey. It's gonna be his initiation to the business. You'll have to keep an eye on him during the drop off..." he said then told them the details about how the next day Corey had to deliver and get the money for a few packs of pills under Sid's supervision.

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