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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 3

Chapter 3

  2016.08.28. 11:36

Chapter 3

The afternoon flew by for Corey without him noticing. The kitchen duty spent mostly by Jim's side again and Corey felt more and more that he was doomed. Damn that kiss... He acted all cool on the outside and "neutral," but Jim kept coming too close to him, touching his back, side and here and there and he got a glimpse of a few times of the dirty and aroused gaze Jim had watching him with.

But everything went nicely and easy at work and Corey found himself actually interested in how his favorite dishes were made.

They got into the showers last with the two other kitchen duty guys, and as he got so lost in his thoughts again, he didn't even notice that Officer Thomson didn't called them out after a longer time than the first night.

The warm water felt so good to his stirred up and exhausted nerves as it cascaded down on his nape and back. As he washed his hair and his hand slid over the back of his neck, he chuckled to himself thinking about the number and what Jay barked at him. Well, maybe Jim did pay to arrange him getting into that exact cell and so already marked him with a number. Hmm… That sounded so dirty... Someone actually wanting him or valuing him that much was a nice fantasy nonetheless…

As he turned, he saw Jim next to him not far, standing under the shower with closed eyes and letting the water splash down on his bearded face. He was lean once, it was clear not just from his height, but also his long limbs seemed endless. A wider back and little belly completing the tough biker look and Corey found it just... hot... Okay Taylor… Stop it already! He shook his head and turned his back on the inviting male body to finish up washing himself.

Jim was a bit tired by the time their shift at the kitchen was done and they could go to take a much needed shower. But at the same time he was looking forward to that for a different reason too. After that kiss outside – without Corey noticing it – he was teasing the fuck out of Jim with even just breathing. Knowing what was to come in the evening, Jim kept close to the kid, touching him every now and then.

And now there they were... Jim opened his eyes, his wet hair falling into his right eye in soft waves, water dripping from both that and his beard as he looked over at his naked cellmate's back. Jim let his eyes wander on the ink work there, stopping by the Cerberus tearing into his back as it was crawling up along Corey's spine. Jim found that dirty and hot for some reason and he wanted to touch it badly. Just like the "8" tattoo on Corey's nape... and in other places too... Jim thought, his eyes jumping down to the small round ass, his own cock stirring from the sight and dirty thoughts that flooded his mind.

Looking up, his eyes met with Mick's who just nodded, standing close to the door. Only the three of them stayed in the shower room now. It was time.

Quietly stepping behind the other man, Jim took the soap from Corey's hand to lather his up and start washing and lightly massaging the tense muscles in the smaller man's back, his other hand stroking along Corey's side and thigh as Jim crowded his space.

Lifting his head up from the sudden touch, Corey's eyes met Jim's burning ones and he gave Jim a small smile, just out of instinct. He knew what was gonna come and was more than ready. Letting his head fall he enjoyed the work of those big strong hands over his back and side, as they slid lower, slippery from soap. Looking around a little he realized that everyone else was gone. It must be a date then... he giggled inside as his breath got heavier from all the touches. He turned around to look up at Jim and stroke along his chest and sides. He was getting so hard and crazy over this already it was not even funny anymore. It was a long time he had a man... or a partner for sex other than his hand and he was badly in need...

The tall man kept watching Corey's reactions and he felt pleased not seeing any attempt to pull away from his touch. That made his quickly hardening cock slightly jump, especially when Corey's smaller hand touched him too. Jim didn't say a word as his eyes darkened some more, just slid a firm hand onto Corey's throat to tip his head up so he could lean down for a demanding kiss, the soapy fingers of his other hand sliding to his crack to massage and press against the tight opening.

Although they were supervised by Mick, Jim knew they didn't have much time for this... "initiation". Besides by then he was so fucking horny from the promise of feeling more than a hand around his cock that he didn't want to drag it out too long anyways.

Corey let out a low moan returning the kiss with the same urgent hunger, pushing back onto the probing slick fingers. His also soapy hand grabbed on Jim's rock-hard cock and pulled on it slowly, twisting his palm over the tip before stroking along it again. It felt so good as it jumped eagerly into his stroking hand.

Jim groaned into the smaller man's mouth as he felt that tight ass give way and slide down onto his long fingers. Then his eyes rolled back into his head, biting down on Corey's bottom lip and bucking into the stroking hand's grip. As an answer he eased a third finger inside, first just moving them in and out then scissoring them to loosen him up faster. He kept sucking and chewing on that bottom lip, his wet beard tickling Corey until Jim deemed his ass more or less ready for him.

Jim broke their latest kiss, leaving a heavily flushed Corey looking up at him with a throbbing and swollen bottom lip and blown pupils. Yes, he was so fucking ready too. Reaching out to the right he took the small rectangle package from Mick – who came closer meanwhile – and tore it open with his teeth. A few moves and the condom was on and he thanked Mick for the small package of lube too which Jim smeared around his covered cock.

"Turn around and bend over," he instructed Corey on a hoarse and fucking horny voice and when his wish was granted, he smeared the rest of the lube around and into the other man's hole. Then he was pressing his tip inside unstoppable until he bottomed out and couldn't go any fucking further into that mind-blowing and very amazing tight heat.

The small man felt as if his heart would burst out of his chest from all the feelings. He was having trouble with breathing evenly or see straight and felt so dizzyingly full and high as Jim pulled his body closer and onto that long cock. And as he held still for a short while, he felt every fucking gorgeous inch of it throbbing and pulsing inside him and it was just... perfect... Actually it was more. It blew his mind away and made his knees go weak and it was just the start. When Jim pulled back slowly to ram back into him, Corey had to bite his lip hard to not let out a joy-filled whine as he pushed himself back onto the much bigger body.

In favor of enjoying those trembling walls around him, he ignored the fact that after taking a few steps back, Mick reached into his pants to slowly stroke himself from the sight. Jim just wished he didn't have to wear the latex so he could feel Corey better. But since it was a luxury in a place like this – and quite expensive even if it was coming from Mick – he knew that soon, once Mick confirmed that Corey was clean, he wouldn't have to bother with it.

Jim groaned on his deep voice as he rammed back for the first time and felt Corey rock his body back to meet him half-way. That earned a caress along the small man's arched back then Jim grabbed his hips hard, digging his fingers into Corey's flesh, watching his cock slide in and out of him easier with each thrust.

Fuck, this was so damn hot! Jim doubted he'd last for long like this. Both because of not getting any since Jay and from the fact that Corey and the muffled sounds he was making were driving Jim closer to the edge fast.

A big hand captured the bobbing and leaking cock and he started jerking Corey to the rhythm of his hammering shaft, the slapping of their bodies and out-of-breath moans echoing in the shower room.

The heat was rising inside Corey fast and the way Jim was taking him made him tremble and grumble his muffled moans as he pushed back against that rough trusting with so much in need for more. It wouldn’t take long, he felt his head light and spinning.

That strong big hand gripping tight on his meat only made things worse and it only took a few demanding strokes from Jim and a couple of swirls of his hips to make the small guy tense up and cum all over the long fingers, his deep throaty growl echoed in the tiled walls and his jerking body pulled hard on Jim's cock to milk him dry too.

"Fucking hot..." Jim heard from Mick, but he didn't give a damn, because Corey's cumming body was nearly strangling his cock. Fucking hell, he thought squeezing the last drop out of the spent cock in his hand then he put it back on Corey's hip to grip it with both hands again. His rhythm faltered as he was fucking the small man through his orgasm and he himself started shooting his load into the thin latex with a louder groan until there was nothing left just trying to stay upright and get some air into their lungs.

Fuck, he needed this so badly... His head still a bit dizzy, Jim slid out of the other man and took care of the condom. He wanted to kiss Corey again, but he wasn't going to show any softness/weakness, not even in front of Mick.

"This was fucking worth it, Root," they heard Mick's quick comment after he tossed a used tissue into a nearby thrash can and adjusted his pants.

"I aim to please," Jim snorted then shook his head.

"Clearly," Mick chuckled. "Alright, lovebirds, you have two minutes to clean up then I have to escort you two back to your cell," he said and stepped out onto the corridor.

Jim took the soap and started cleaning himself methodically while glimpsing at the other man. "You okay, handsome?"

"Very much okay, Boss…" Corey gave him a faint chuckle as he started to wash himself too. Legs a bit shaky in a good way and his organs felt as if turned into pudding, but he was still feeling better than he had been in a long time.

His mind still mainly thinking with the outside habits, he kinda wanted to ask stuff about how it would be from now on and other bullshit. But he also knew that locked up like this, it would turn out in time. But still… thinking back on Jim's question from the morning... Yes, he can live with this...

Knowing they didn't have much time, he finished fast and dried himself leaving Jim behind to get dressed. To be honest he would have liked to cuddle a bit and kiss but neither the time nor Jim acted like that so he went along. But couldn't help to lick his lips slowly as he watched the biker come to dress too as he zipped up his suit.

This went way better than Jim expected. Obviously Corey didn't give a fuck about Mick witnessing their first rushed fuck. Which was good, because Jim didn't have the time or energy to deal with such complexes. So far Corey proved to be kinda... perfect for his taste. Which was refreshing after someone like Jay.


Back in their cell not long before lights out, Jim was sitting on his bed, reading by the light of a small lamp, practically hearing the wheels in Corey's head turning.

"You can ask, you know... I might not answer you, but I'm not the kind who allows his boy to talk only when asked directly. I do that on request only during sex," he smirked to himself.

Corey turned onto his belly and looked down at Jim from the top bed. Practically face to face due to Jim’s height.

"Are we like that now? I mean like in BDSM? You're the dom and I obey as a sub and be around when you need some?" It was clear curiosity in the younger man's voice and eyes as he asked. He was okay as it was for now, could live with it if it was like how he asked, just needed to know.

Jim looked up from the page as he lowered the book onto his lap and examined Corey's face. He saw only curiosity there. He was kinda cute upside down too.

"It seems the BDSM world isn't new to you. How deep did you go into it?" he asked a bit more curious himself. "Come down here," he patted the bed next to him then he put the book under his pillow.

Jim waited until the other man climbed off and did so, a satisfied expression playing under all that hair on his face. Then his look turned more serious as he locked eyes with his cellmate. "I have one fucking important rule I want you to keep to at all times," he started, pausing for a moment to let it sink in. "What happens between you and me, whatever I tell you, however I act with you.... it all stays between us. I have an image to maintain here and I don't tolerate anything that might endanger it. It's how I can offer you protection. If you fuck that up, you fuck yourself up too, not just me. Are we clear on this?"

"Yeah, sure thing. I get it! Tough biker boss, one of the top dogs. I saw, you know... I’m not that stupid as I look," Corey gave Jim a lopsided grin and a wink before going back to the first question. "I was quite deep in that… I was… am a switch in all meaning." Cor knew if Jim was familiar with that world he would know what that all meant.

"You don't look stupid," Jim said without thinking then he just shrugged at himself for the slip of tongue and smiled a bit at him. "Good. I'm glad we are on the same page with this," Jim nodded and leaned his head back against the wall, stroking along his beard again as he stared at the bottom of Corey's bed, thinking.

"Good at being a top and a bottom too, huh? Interesting," Jim said, but didn't comment more on that. "Although I'm usually a topy fucker. Anyways, especially when we are among other inmates, I am in control. Always. You might act on your own, but always remember my golden rule. Fail to do so or show disrespect towards me in front of others and you can make sure that I'll come up with some punishment in return – in public or in private. I tend to reward when a job is done well. So yes, I guess we are going to be in a kind of D/s relationship after all. It's hard to describe it since the lines get easily blurred in such an environment like this."

"I'm good at being also a dom and a sub," Corey nodded and listened to Jim closely. "And how about when it’s just the two of us?"

"I'll keep an eye on you until we get to know each other a bit more. During and after sex the dom role is mine. Which reminds me of missing this part after the shower scene..." he mumbled and lifted an arm to let Corey slide up to his side and Jim leaned in for a proper kiss.

Once he broke it, he lowered his voice, looking into that insanely blue of the other man's eyes. "Otherwise we are just two dudes locked together for a fucking long time, trying to make the best of it, I guess..." he chuckled lightly and kissed Corey again.

"Okay. Fine by me," Corey smiled kissing Jim back as his body pressed to the other man's side and felt good with how and where he was at the moment. "And what about Officer Mick? Oh want me to call you daddy? I overheard today that next to you I look like a kid you're molesting anyway," Corey chuckled.

"What about Mick? He can be an asshole sometimes, but we've been working together for nearly two years now. He's a good business partner even if he has some unusual methods and jokes. But no matter how crooked he might be, he's still on the side of the law. We might be business partners, but even I don't tell him too much. Keep your guards up around him," he warned Corey, leaving his answer to the other question afterwards.

"Lights out, motherfuckers!" they suddenly heard and in the next moment the cells became dark. Jim reached out with his other tattooed arm to switch off the small lamp and waited until the guards passed their cell and got out of earshot. This gave him some time to think and maybe calm himself down a bit. Or that's what he told himself.

"It's not the first time I get that. Just because I'm big and like my boys smaller and younger-looking," Jim snorted with some bitterness in his voice for the first time they've known each other. To kinda distract himself, he looked at the other man in the relative darkness. "Though I like that title, I'm not going to force you to use it," he shrugged it off. "But if you want me to get hard nearly instantly..." he took one of Corey's hands to place it on the bulge under his boxers.

Corey knew! He just knew somewhere deep down that Jim was a kinky one. Probably that was the reason he mentioned such topics even if this 'thing' was so fresh between them. The filthy way Jim half-offered the role play still made his heart jump. Feeling up the awakening shaft under the boxers, he smirked grabbing on it and felt it jump into his palm. "Oh daddy... That all is for me?" He cooed on a low, dirty voice, nuzzling Jim's long neck.

Jim took a wobbly breath both from the question and the nuzzling – not to mention the willing touch on his awakening cock. Damn, if this guy was so into this then maybe those decades behind bars with him won't be that bad...

Taking a few deep breaths he smiled a bit under his blond moustache, a shiver running down his spine as that word kept ringing in his ear. He couldn't help it. Sliding his hand from Corey's shoulder up to his nape, he turned his face to look down at him along his nose. "That's right, my boy. And it ain't gonna take care of itself. Be a nice boy and suck on it for me. I don't get nearly enough blow jobs around here..."

"Sure, daddy… Let me help on you… My poor daddy, all neglected in this shitty place…" Corey whispered. He wanted to sound like an eager boy in his role, but he was just too exited himself and already knew this would work out on these basic bonds they were forming just now.

Sliding lower he pulled the boxer down and licked along the already hard meat, sucking a bit on the tip of it with a low moan before taking it deep into his mouth and rolled his tongue around it, raising his blue eyes, almost glowing from desire in the half-light on Jim’s hazel ones, his curly hair loose on one side of his face and fire-like yellowish red in the dim light. As he started to suck the hard meat faster and moved his head, the curls seemed like dancing flames as he was doing his best to please his daddy.

Needless to say, his cock grew rock-hard and jumped a couple of times from Corey's dirty words. This was too good to be true. Was he even awake? This little shit was proving to be the embodiment of what he desired in a man. Maybe he should pinch himself. But if he did it and woke up then Jim would hate himself forever. Not that he didn't hate himself already for certain things.

Jim kept his hand on Corey's nape, sometimes sliding it down to caress his shoulder and back or run his fingers through the dancing flames of that hair, trying to keep his voice low. Damn, Corey knew how to give amazing head. With his free hand Jim reached out over his head to take a hold of the iron frame of the bed while he was watching the eager boy suck on his long meat. "Fucking beautiful... That's right... Suck it deeper. I know you can take it all..." he encouraged his cellmate, rubbing a shaved part on his head. "You want to choke on daddy's long cock, don't you?" he grinned quite out of breath already.

Corey hummed his reply and dragged it out to have the sound vibrate through his throat and along Jim's cock as he lifted a little and swallowed on the leaking shaft. And he almost managed to take it all. Pulling back and gasping for air he licked his lips and smiled with a dirty expression on his face. "Sure I want to, daddy! Want to feel your spunk slide down my throat, so don't hold back! Feed your boy good..." he moaned, licking up slowly on the long pole, never breaking eye-contact with Jim. Then he took it between his lips and dived down on it, this time swallowing all of it at once, breathing hot puff of breath through his nose onto his daddy's pubic hair and squeezed his neck’s thick muscles in a slow rhythm over the pulsing cock to milk it.

A throaty groan tried to escape the bigger man and his fingers tightened both around the bed frame and in Corey's hair, the vibrations of that moan nearly too much for Jim to take and then Corey wasn't even done! Fucking hell that mouth and throat! And that dirty look... he could get very, very used to it and he had a strong feeling that he would...

"That damn... dirty mouth of yours, boy!" Jim rattled utterly amazed by Corey's kinkiness and technique. And once again: that fucking look! And then he did it. His boy took all of him and did that fantastic thing with his throat, making Jim grumble "So fucking good..." before his hips bucked up a few times and then without a warning he was coming down on Corey's throat, making him spit low curse after low curse.

Corey held his breath not to choke on the jets of hot sperm gushing down his throat. Starting to gag, he pulled back coughing a little and gasping for air, licking his lips clean then leaning back to clean up his daddy's softening cock.

"Feeling better, daddy?" He asked with a dirty grin when he was done. He couldn't help it but he found the spent biker hot as hell.

Jim forced his eyes open and looked down at Corey carefully cleaning him up, the aftershocks of the orgasm still coursing through him. Licking his dry lips he caressed Corey's hair then flushed cheek. "Yes, I do, my boy. You did beautifully pleasing me. Come, lay next to me," he said quietly once he was able to breathe more or less normally and moved to lie on his side, turning Corey onto his back.

"Such good boys deserve to cum too," he murmured close to Corey's ear as one of the big hands slid down on the smaller man's stomach and pushed his briefs down enough to free the hard and wet shaft that was begging for some attention.

Looking down Jim groaned pleased while watching his hand steadily jerking it, palm twisting at the tip as he nosed the side of Corey's head, beard and moustache tickling him. "Cum for daddy, my good boy," he added then licked into the slightly open mouth to taste himself there.

Corey closed his eyes and just enjoyed what he was getting. By that time he was giving up all. No use to think about such things as "how" and "why" and other bullshit. They were two dudes locked up together for a very long time and enjoyed the best of it. That will be his new life motto!

And then and there after pleasing that "dude," he got fortunate enough to be fucked up with grumbling into his ear on that deep fucking voice as Jim wanted to please him too, and that big fucking warm hand wrapped around his itching cock as he praised Corey, saying he was a good boy and that facial hair brushing against his face.... Corey was almost whining for it and licked back against Jim’s tongue, sucking it into his mouth to initiate a deep kiss as his hips came alive and he pushed into the stroking hand more and more frantically as the kiss got rough. He threw an arm over Jim and pulled closer to him, his hand finding the biker's shaved nape and he dug his nails into the skin as he caressed the tiny hairs there and came with a long muffled cry, breaking the kiss while trying to breathe.

"Yeah, just like that..." Jim murmured as he looked down to watch Corey's cum spurt onto his long fingers and the tattooed lower-tummy. "Give it all to daddy," he continued his low murmuring while squeezing the last drops out of the other man too then he let go of the spent cock and lifted his messed up fingers to suck two into his own mouth, growling from Corey's taste. Afterwards the rest of his fingers were offered to said spent boy. "C’mon, lick it clean then I'll lick you clean before we go to sleep."

Mind totally swept clean from everything that didn't connect to Jim and sex, Corey sucked eagerly on the long fingers while looking at Jim all along, panting and moaning while doing so. He was so very done he couldn't even remember himself ever being like this. Truth is he was not in the state of mind to think anyway so he could be wrong...

Jim smirked down at him satisfied, enjoying the hot sight of Corey sucking his spunk off the long fingers then once he was done, Jim slid lower on the bed and true to his words he did a thorough job cleaning his boy up until he could taste only warm skin on his tongue.

Spent and satisfied himself, he moved up again after covering Corey's and his own groin and gave him a much slower kiss before pulling him against his chest. "Sleep now. Tomorrow I'll introduce you to some important people if you deliver the pills successfully," he said, hoping that Corey wouldn't fail him. It would be a shame not including him in the business too.

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