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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 4

Chapter 4

  2016.08.29. 17:23

Chapter 4

The smoke was curling around his face, his left leg tapping against the ground maybe a bit nervously as they were waiting. For Corey and Sid’s return. Light clouds were sailing in front of the sun, painting fucked up shadows on the prison yard and the moving around inmates.

Jim took another drag from his cigarette, thinking how many things have changed in a span of two days. Since he got his new cellmate. The changes were barely noticeable for people on the outside, but for Jim they were bigger. For one, he wasn’t alone in his cell anymore. That should have taken some time to get used to, but it seemed he got fucking lucky getting someone like Corey as a cellmate. And well, lover. Usually it took Jim more time to get so physical with his new cellmates, but Corey seemed to be into him enough to shorten that time period.

After all, he was just as a kinky fucker as Jim was, it seemed. Last night was still vivid in the biker’s head. Those dirty looks, the glowing blue eyes, the swollen red lips sucking on him, the heat of that tight ass around him... Fuck, he was doomed. He already felt connected and closer to Corey than he was ever with any other cellmate he had had. Maybe even his past loves from outside. Which was fucked up in itself, but whatever. He had nothing to lose. He was sentenced to live the rest of his life in this shithole and who was he to say no to opportunities like what Corey could offer?

Now Jim just hoped that all would go smooth with the task he gave to the redhead. For some reason he wanted Corey to succeed with the delivery. Jim already wanted to make Corey part of a bigger portion of his life. Which should have rang the alarms in his mind, but those fucking bells stayed quiet so Jim didn’t worry about that at least.

Fucking finally he saw Corey and Sid heading their way. In favor of watching them, Jim ignored the kinda pissed off look from Jay, who was watching the approaching guys and Jim from afar.

The small man couldn't help it but smile as he saw Jim sitting and waiting with his guys at the bench.

Damn that big biker dude melted his heart already… Imagine finding someone in prison who was just his type, sharing the same amount of kinkiness and filthy desires he did. And even more, finding that in his cell. It was crazy and Corey felt that he was trapped in a dream or something.

The duty was not difficult. He used to live on the streets for long periods outside so sneaking around and smuggling things wasn't that much of a new thing for him. Sid was pleased with him and he found the weird guy fun as they were talking a bit on their ways. But Jim was waiting for him and he hoped he would make his new lover pleased and happy with how he was doing.

They slept all cuddled up and it felt so good for Corey to wake up in those long arms. Even if Mick was grinning like a dirty pig at them...

Sid’s expression was telltale once Jim was able to take his eyes off from the kinda confident look on Corey’s face.

“He was cool. Couldn’t do it any better than he did,” Sid said with a wide grin, cutting right to the chase and giving Jim the information he expected.

“Good,” he said with a nod, waving Corey closer then patted the bench next to him, expecting him to slip Jim the money he got for the pills.

“I believe it wasn’t a difficult task then?” he asked watching the other inmates, but he addressed Corey with the question. He tried to act indifferent, but he couldn’t stop himself from brushing the back of his hand against the smaller man’s thigh, eyes looking over to Jonathan’s gang.

"Not really. Was living on the streets for a while and took jobs like that," Corey added seemingly looking afar as well, but he checked that no one was watching and with a move that looked like he was just shifting his position sitting next to Jim, he slid the money into the bearded guy's pocket, brushing his fingertips against the long thigh from inside the pocket's fabric.

Jim couldn’t suppress a small grin under his moustache feeling that and hummed, acknowledging that information about Corey’s past. “I trust Sid’s opinion and I’m glad that there was no problem. This means you are ready for the next step. Come on, I’ll introduce you to some people now, as I promised,” he said, getting up from the bench and headed towards the left corner of the yard. Previously he told Jonathan about his follow up visit. After all, they still had to solve a little problem with Jim’s falling out with the guy he’d lost.

Craig, Sid and Alex were following Jim and Corey from a distance so it wouldn’t be so obvious that they were all headed that way. Once they got to their destination, Jim offered his hand to Jonathan, who – after shaking Jim’s hand – waved for them to sit.

“Thanks for seeing us. This is Corey,” Jim introduced the short man standing on his right side. “I believe you’d heard about him. Corey, this is Jonathan Davis, an important business partner of mine. He gets the stuff we spread in the prison.”

"Nice to meet you. I gladly help in your business connections the best I can," Corey said with showing respect and professionalism towards Jonathan. After all... he used to be a sub to a dealer outside, so knew how to deal with such "businesses".

“Same here,” Jonathan said, sizing up the newcomer. “Is he to be trusted?” he then turned to Jim, not bullshitting.

“Yes. He keeps to his word and passed my tests,” he smiled a bit under his moustache.

“I bet,” the long-haired man opposite the table said. “I trust your judgement. Now, about our other problem. Did you come up with a solution?”

“Yes,” Jim nodded, scratching his jaw. “Unfortunately – as you know – Jake was taken out in that stabbing. But Craig can take over the stamp and synthetic drug distribution. You know him, he’s good. And I could put Corey in care of the pills business. He has a good hand and experience with that,” Jim said, his instincts telling him that this wasn’t the first time that the redhead did a job like this. Especially if he used to live on the streets in the past.

Corey stood there silently, paying attention. He had to learn the hierarchy and rounds here. He felt some déjà vu from back in his teens when he used to be on the streets with the gangs.

The pill business he could cover easily, if most of the time it went like what it was today. He felt that Jim planted huge trust in him now, even towards Jonathan, and Corey wanted to make his daddy proud...

“I take you by your word. I don’t care whom you use, I just want to run a smooth business. If you trust them, then I give you the benefit of the doubt. You haven’t disappointed me yet, so be it,” the other man smirked a bit, lighting up a cigarette. “The next supply comes in two days and I need them delivered by the end of the week. Is that manageable?”

“Thank you and yes, we’ll solve it and I’ll get you your share of the money as soon as possible.”

“Good. I guess that leaves us in good terms. Munky will contact you with the details once we get the stuff.”

“Fair enough,” Jim nodded. “If there’s nothing else, I’d take my leave as we have a limited time outside to move around freely.”

“Sure. I have other people to talk with too,” Jonathan nodded in agreement and took a drag from his cig. “I appreciate your effort to keep our business relationship afloat.”

“Same here, John,” Jim smiled a bit as he stood up and shook hands with the other inmate again. “I’ll see you around and will wait for Munky’s visit.” With that Jim walked off with his men, Corey following close behind.

“You okay with your task?” Jim asked once the shorter man caught up with him.

"Yeah, sure. Thank you man. Been doing such shit outside too when I was a teen and lived with gangs. I won't fail you!" Corey said low but still formal as they were within earshot to the others. He saw Jay following the Root gang's move from afar and Corey signaled to Jim with a nod towards Jay to notice it.

“I had a hunch about that,” Jim murmured. So his instincts were right. Which rarely fucked him over. Following the direction of Corey’s nod, he sighed. “Yeah, I know. He’s been tracking our moves. I don’t like that. I’ll keep an eye on him. Stay on guard when outside our cell,” he said quiet enough that only the two of them could hear it.

Their walk ended by the furthest point from the other inmates. A grayish long-haired bearded man was sitting in the center of his men, playing cards with someone. He looked like a standard biker, but Jim knew his reputation. He was a twisted fuck and he quietly warned Corey about that.

“Shawn,” he nodded to the third big dog and shortly shook hands with him too then introduced Corey to him. “He’s dealing with porn mags, cigs, burner phones and queer whores. All the dirty stuff,” he explained to Corey.

"Sounds interesting. Nice to meet you. I hope I can be helpful with your business when needed," Corey brought the same diplomatic polite act seamlessly. He also hoped Jim liked the way he as his new man displayed the Root gang like that and that Jim thought he was bringing good features to the business.

“We have a budding and growing business with Shawn, you see,” he explained to Corey under the examining look of the other man with the cards in his hands. Jim looked at his cellmate satisfied, because Corey was acting as expected. Maybe later Jim should reward him for being so good in his role. But now he had to concentrate on the here and now. Shawn wasn’t a man Jim could allow himself to zone out on.

"Very nice specimen. Eager to please, as I see, and kinda hot too. If you want to give him up for rent just tell me. I can bring many customers to such tasty looking kid. But, I suppose you'll keep the best for yourself, huh Root? Don't blame ya, I’d do the same," Shawn gave a dry chuckle and his small light-blue eyes sparkled with something that Corey often heard of being called "twisted insanity". So that is why his daddy warned him before meeting this guy.

"Nice to meet ya though, nonetheless. What are your plans with him, Jim? Will he be ready to collect the orders from your block for me?"

“Thanks for the offer, but he is mine in every meaning,” he said calmly, but his voice carried a warning too. He didn’t have to display any physical gesture of his ownership over Corey, his look, expression and stance made it very clear that anyone who’d try to fuck with him in this question would get a new hole ripped.

That seemed to be enough for Shawn, because he chuckled shortly and smirked with a look that he understood it. “Too bad…” he murmured under his breath.

“Corey’s gonna take over the pill distribution so yes, he’ll soon collect the orders from our block for you too. I expect him to stay unharmed whenever he’s dealing with you or your men,” he added with an icy look, though. “Give me two days to teach him about how we work.”

"Fine, Root! We won't straighten his pretty curls when he comes over. Cross my heart!" Shawn lifted his left hand and drew an x over his chest. "Will expect to see him on the third day then. I trust your instincts with your man, so we have a new deal. Shake on it," he offered his hand to Jim first, then to Corey to shake as sealing the business.

“I appreciate,” Jim nodded, relaxing a bit as he took the offered hand and squeezed it just as firmly as Shawn. “He’ll deliver the orders on the third day,” Jim promised then threw an arm around Corey’s shoulder as they turned their back on the silent psycho – as he liked to call Shawn in secret. “Just go with it. Trust me,” he murmured against the side of Corey’s head as they walked away like that.

This went better than Jim expected it. Although he knew well that both John and Shawn were waiting out on what he’d do next and if Corey proved himself useful – or not. After putting this much trust into him and risking things with him, Jim certainly hoped the short man wouldn’t let him down.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard after our shift…” he added just before the bell rung that signaled the end of the yard time. It was time to work, but Jim found himself reluctant to let Corey go. Yeah, he was definitely doomed.

"I hope so… Daddy..." Corey whispered back into the bent-down man’s ear as he turned and brushed his lips to the side of Jim's bearded face.

He felt the importance of these meetings and surely wanted to prove himself. Especially if Jim had such rewards for him for doing well. He had a feeling that somehow that day at the kitchen would also be full of sexual tension and would fly by due to exactly that. He couldn't wait!


The next day Jim and probably Officer Thomson arranged it that Corey had to help in the laundry gathering three day a week, so he could move around. He got Sid to train him in. To the laundry duty and also to know the ways around that were needed for the gang's business. Sid was really a fun partner to work with. The hyper guy kept the smile on his face all day but also took Jim's order to teach and show Corey everything very serious. It turned out the people of Jonathan mostly worked in the laundry too and Sid did a great job with introducing Corey to everyone who would give requests for Shawn too.

Despite all the important information, the small guy's mind kept going back to the previous night. His daddy kept his word and Corey still felt the soreness of that very hard fuck... It seemed even his brain got fucked out of its place ‘cause he found himself recalling the hot breaths and brushing of beard over his nape as Jim was practically chewing on his 8 tattoo... The way the long arms were holding him close and wrapped around him, pulling him back onto that hard meat with such force it knocked the air out of his lungs with every thrust. He just couldn't imagine it any differently for the future. He was doomed to fall for his cell mate fast...

Jim's muscles were actually burning here and there after last night when he took Corey as hard as he dared. It was perfect, really. That tiny body taking it all so willingly and the sounds Corey was making... Damn, Jim had to concentrate hard on his work in the kitchen not to mess something up. Luckily his side-businesses kept him occupied enough.

He ate lunch there and managed to smuggle out some cookies for both of them. They had some free time in their cells before dinner and the second half of his shift.

The cell was empty when he got there and after hiding the cookies, Jim decided to work out a bit to ease the burning in his muscles. He had to get used to such exercises in bed, but from what he already saw from Corey, it was likely that it'd take no time...

He tied the upper part of the orange jump suit around his waist, leaving his white wife beater on and moved down onto the floor to do some sit ups then push ups.

"What the fuck?" Corey asked not long after when he arrived in the cell and the bars locked behind him and the guard was gone. "You can't work off your daddy belly!" he added a bit outraged and very clearly defending said belly. "Otherwise everything went smooth. Sid showed me around and got a few requests for Shawn too," he continued dropping down on Jim's bed, looking exhausted.

Jim was doing push ups when Corey arrived and he nearly landed on his face from laughing hearing that comment about his belly. "Okay, fine. Whatever," he smirked up at Corey then returned to his exercise, sweat glistening on his tattooed arms. "Glad to hear everything went well. A little birdie told me people were satisfied with you so far. Keep up the good work and I might promote you," he chuckled lightly and slightly out of breath.

He did a few more push ups then knelt up, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand as he looked Corey over with a playful light in his eyes. "How's your ass doing, my boy?" he winked then got up to wash his face and the back of his neck by the tiny sink. It was getting hot as summer was approaching.

"Promote me to what?" Corey asked with a similar playful tone. "It's doing good, daddy… Still remembers last night and sore from it," Corey chuckled looking over Jim, licking his lips teasingly.

"My right hand man, for example. Or I could say you could become a helping hand," he grinned turning around while drying his face and neck with his towel. Moving back to his bunk he sat down next to his cellmate and stroked along his thigh. "I bet it will want a repeat soon, huh?" Of course he meant the smaller man's ass as he leaned in and licked along the glistening bottom lip for a sec the pulled back with a teasing expression.

"I have something for us," Jim announced then and turned to reach out for the hidden cookies wrapped in a napkin. "Enjoy," he offered after turning back.

As they were eating, he glimpsed at Corey. "Where are you from?" he asked, trying to learn more about his new lover.

"Hmm... Intriguing… All of it," Corey giggled pecking on the licking tongue and rewarding the cookie with a huge grin. "You're the best, I swear!" He really thought so. He felt strangely at home on Jim's side after these few days already. The sex and the vibe between them were amazing and he felt so in sync and connected to the though looking biker.

Moving back on the bed to lean against the wall as he was eating the cookie, he said "California, LA. But was moving around a lot. You?" he asked back, watching his lover's face and reactions closely.

"As I said before, I aim to please," Jim grinned and wiped a morsel from the corner of Corey's lips, licking it off from his own thumb with a kinda dirty look.

It should've been strange to share such small yet intimate gestures and moments with Corey so soon, but Jim couldn't help it. The other man was just... something else. He shook Jim up. It's been long years that he’d acted like this with someone. Yet it came naturally to him when he was around the smaller man. Jim blamed those fucking blue eyes and that boyish grin...

"Originally from Vegas. That's where my first MC was. Then I was a nomad too, a biker without a permanent MC," he explained. "Joined clubs here and there during the years. That's how I ended up here in Chicago. Well, near it. They brought me here once they caught me for the murders," he shrugged.

Corey leaned to Jim's side with his shoulder. It just all felt so fucking right and not even the talk about murders could ruin his safe home feeling. It was like only the two of them existed in their safe little bubble.

"I'm sure they really deserved it!" he nodded and the move turned out to be nuzzling against the big man. "You won't get probation or something for good behaviour? No chance to ever get out?"

Feeling the rubbing against his arm, Jim lifted it so Corey could properly nuzzle to his side. Swallowing the last of his cookie he made sure no morsels stayed in his beard then leaned his head against the wall, staring into nothing and maybe holding the other man a bit closer to his side as he sighed, eyes darkening a bit from the memories.

"Yes, they did," he said. Obviously Jim wasn't ready to share much more about that topic. He'd never spoken about that night to anyone. Probably never will. Or at least that's what he thought before he'd met Corey. Maybe one day he could share that burden with the redhead whom Jim already trusted more than he should. Especially in such a place.

"No chance. The judge deemed the murders too cruel and bloody or he just had a bad day," Jim shrugged a bit, a bitter taste filling his mouth as he closed his eyes. He could still see and hear that asshole. "Got what I deserved, they say," he chuckled a bit with the same bitterness in his voice. "How about you? Any chance for probation after a while? Who was the asshole you finished off?"

"Nah... After using the asshat as a darts board, everyone rather pitied him than cared for his background. I was extremely cruel and did it all fully conscious and sane. Hunted him down and slaughtered him. What is true, really…" Corey shrugged as he talked about it. He could feel injustice from Jim as he was telling about his story, and had a feeling that he hid many things about those murders and many of it was not his fault or decision. Throwing an arm around the 'beloved daddy belly' he continued.

"They said he was once my stepfather. But in real he was just a dealer who fucked my mom and bore me and my sister around for a few years. He was sick…" The small man tensed up even from thinking back. "I was little when we lived with him first… around 5 maybe. My sister was 3. He always had his hands on us… He won over my mom with 'loving the kids'. Well, he surely did love children..."

Jim let Corey talk and he listened to him intently, clearly feeling every reaction Corey’s body made since they were so close. Suddenly the cookies and the lunch wanted to come back while learning more about Corey’s past – and maybe also from how Jim acted around the short man at the beginning.

“Man, that’s so fucked up… I’ll never understand such assholes… Fuck…” Jim opened his eyes, turning his head to look down at the tense man. “I’m so fucking sorry… Not just ‘cuz you and your sister had to live through that – for which I could skin that sick fuck alive and kill him all over very fucking slowly… but because of how I was with you… Fuck. I didn’t know and I practically didn’t give you a chance to say no to me… Fuck…” Jim cursed, feeling like getting physically sick. Did this make him somewhat like that fucker? Even if Corey gave him his consent at the beginning. Either way his chest was tightening as guilt tried to squeeze the breath out of him. A panic attack – his old ‘friend’ – wouldn’t be good. He used to get them for months when he got locked up here. Now it’s been years since his last one.

"I wanted to say yes to you after your offer… And hearing you at dawn," Corey said looking worried at the tall guy turning all pale. He took this all that bad? "Hey… You okay? Look at me, daddy… " he caressed the bearded face and turned it back to look at him.

Jim forced himself to look into Corey's eyes, trying to focus on his breathing to keep the panic at bay, but he had to ask. He had to know. "Did he... rape you?" he blurted out, tightening his arm around Corey kinda protectively.

"No. Just… touching and reading. He raped my sister a few times and that's why I hunted him down," Corey said calmly, being really worried now and kept caressing Jim's face. "What's the matter? Breath deep with me..."

At least that heavy grip around his chest and his shoulders seemed to ease up a tiny bit hearing that at least Corey wasn't... "I'm sorry about your... sister," Jim gasped for air then nodded to the other man's suggestion and took up the rhythm of his breathing, focusing on just those insanely blue eyes.

In a couple of minutes he lightly squeezed Corey's shoulder as a sign that he was getting better. His stomach calmed down too as well as his breathing. Taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly, Jim hugged Corey closer so he could kiss the side of his head and talk quietly near his ear. "Thanks. I used to have severe panic attacks for a while when I got here. It stopped a couple of years ago so this one caught me off-guard. At least it didn't have a chance to become a full-blown one. That fucking bastard deserved what he got. I'm glad he isn't wasting space outside anymore," he caressed Corey's nape kinda lovingly as if praising him for a good deed.

Corey nodded slowly and hugged Jim stronger. He had an idea it was something like that. And he was just so fucking glad now that Jim got better.

"Let's talk about something fun. Hmm, daddy? Let's say... What was your favourite place? I mean if they would let you out to visit one place one last time. What would it be?"

Once Jim calmed down some more, he loosened the hug and leaned back against the wall, pulling a long leg up to rest his free arm on his knee, the other still around Corey’s shoulders. Thinking he pursed his lips for a sec and narrowed his eyes. He’s been to many fucking places during his life, it was hard to pick one, but maybe…

“Good question. I think… a small diner on the side of a highway in Des Moines, Iowa. They have the best fucking burger and I ate quite some burgers in my life in all kinds of cities. But I swear they make it the best there. It has some shitty name that I don’t remember anymore. It has a motel built to it too,” Jim sighed, closing his eyes again with a small bitter smile. “Too bad I’ll never eat there again,” he snorted. “Where would you go? And what do you miss the most from outside?”

"TV and playing music. But dunno where I would go… Maybe visit my sister… But from there… I have no one really. Not outside…" The question was good. And it made Corey come to a realization that maybe he didn't want to leave. Not for now, he just couldn't imagine leaving Jim here after just finding him and this peace he felt cuddling his side. It was strange and made him quiet down, thinking hard.

Jim’s lips pulled into a wide smile. He wasn’t even surprised by the music part. “Music, huh? You play something? I miss my guitars the most. But otherwise I don’t have anyone outside either. Not anymore. Not really. Sometimes the president of my last MC visits me, but I’m rarely allowed to have visitors. Not that I’d expect any. You think your sis will come to see you when she can?”

Of course Jim noticed how quiet Corey became and he instinctively started caressing his shoulder in case he needed comfort. If not, it was probably still a pleasant gesture for the redhead. It was crazy, really, how much Jim already cared about this guy. Not to mention how many stuff he’d already told him. He briefly wondered what’d come out of this… “relationship” they were in now…

"I play guitar and drums and sing. Rock and heavy metal mostly. Maybe we should form a prison band?" Corey looked up winking and grinning at Jim. Moving to peck those soft lips half-covered with all that facial hair. "I'm not sure she will. Or more like I highly doubt."

Their snuggle time got interrupted by Officer Thomson and his dirty grin. "Come on, lovebirds! Time to work. You can't live on love," he laughed wholeheartedly on his own joke as the bars opened up.

“You’ll have to come to the music room with me once,” Jim murmured then looked up. “Fuck off,” he flipped the bird at Mick, who in turn just chuckled some more. Then he reluctantly let his boy go and got up to follow Mick, Corey half a step behind Jim.


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