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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 5

Chapter 5

  2016.08.30. 20:36

Chapter 5

In the kitchen Jim made sure everyone got their tasks for a while then walked over to Mick to talk quietly with him for a minute. Once the big guard nodded, Jim thanked him and wandered back to the others, picking up his clipboard with a long list on it.

“Come on, my boy. We have to do inventory in the storage,” he said low to Corey. “Vince will finish peeling the potatoes,” he added with a wink and lead Corey to the storage room. Mick stopped by the door, giving them some more space this time in the quite long room filled with shelves and crates and barrels of things the kitchen needed.

To tease the fuck out of Corey, Jim actually made him work on the list. While Corey was counting and checking shit, Jim wrote onto the list, following him close-ish.

Of course Corey used that all to tease back Jim the same. Many things were on the lower shelves and he had to bend down to count them, go on all fours even. The kinda loose jumper suit outlined his pushed out small ass perfectly. The naughty small guy felt the burning eyes on his every move and heard in the way Jim's voice got deeper that he was on the right track to make the privacy Mick provided for them profiting.

Of course the tall man loved it how he got back just as much teasing as he was giving to Corey. And in no time his cock was filling in his own suit and he made sure to make Corey feel it the next time the shorter man stood up and Jim crowded him from behind, pressing his long and tall body against said ass and back.

“You’re such a tease, my boy. Daddy likes that,” he said, putting the clipboard on a higher shelf somewhere above their heads then his hands reached forward and around Corey to slide down the zipper of the suit so he could reach under his briefs, long fingers and palm rubbing against the stirring cock and balls while his hot breath kept brushing against the thick neck, before Jim bent down to kiss and suck at the warm skin there.

Corey practically purred and moved to get closer to Jim and his caressing hand and soft hot lips, feeling the bigger body leaning over him, literally covering him fully.

"Anything to please my daddy..." he moaned closing his eyes as he let himself get lost in the sensations.

“Such a good boy,” Jim grumbled into his ear before sucking gently on the lobe for a few moments. “C’mon,” he let his cock go to pull him in front of some packed in boxes of cans. Jim helped him out of his jumpsuit and briefs then pushed him on top of the boxes, spreading Corey’s legs wide, letting his eyes feast on the displayed body. “So fucking beautiful…” he ran a big hand down on Corey’s chest and stomach, stroking along the little smiley faces then Jim pulled Corey closer to the edge and pushed his legs higher up to expose that tight hole.

Without any further preamble he went down on his knees and leaned forward to lick along the probably still a bit sensitive opening, his long and wet tongue moving restlessly against it, probing inside time after time as Jim kept massaging Corey’s thighs, his wavy hair falling into his eye as he moaned from the taste he found there.

"Holy fuck..." that was all that the redhead could breathe out before his head dropped back onto the boxes and moaned loud with his body shivering in the wonderful feelings Jim and his long strong tongue caused. His hips started to move back slightly to feel more of that eager tongue opening him up, the wavy hair and beard brushing against his skin and feeling Jim totally taking control over his moans and grunts.

Shivers were running up and down on Jim’s spine from the sounds he managed to coax out of his lover and soon he wetted his fingers and eased in one while gently licking and sucking on Corey’s balls, waiting to move up to the leaking shaft only when a second finger joined the first. Then the biker did lick along the hard meat and kissed the pre-cum off the sensitive tip before panting on it, his fingers working inside Corey, massaging all the right spots to make him want more.

"Daddy... Oh god… Please daddy…" Corey was panting for air already. Jim was driving him crazy with the undivided attention he gave him. And he surely melted into a puddle from all of it. His body was tensing up fast from the gentle teasing on his prostate and he wanted to feel him hover over him and push roughly inside his body more than anything.

"Yeah? What do you want, my boy?" Jim murmured low so that only Corey could hear it then he leaned back down to suck a few inches of his cock into his mouth, hazel eyes glued to Corey's body, wishing to see his face too. His tongue kept playing on the underside of the hard meat as he kept taking more with each downward move, breathing through his nose.

 "Fuuuuuuuck....." Corey let out a fading moan and lifted his head to look at the biker sucking on him so eagerly and skilled. He was really professional in this too… His hazy blue eyes met the shining hazel ones and he felt more in love than he could ever imagine in his entire life. Damn that man!!! He had to reach out and caress the wavy hair, holding it a little. "I want to feel your long throbbing cock buried inside me, daddy... Please..."

There they were... those intense blue eyes and flushed cheeks, sweat forming on the thick neck as Jim listened to what Corey wanted. He moaned around the tasty cock, letting it vibrate through the redhead's whole being then Jim deep-throated him, holding it there for a few moments to let them both enjoy the feeling.

Then he let Corey slip out of his mouth so he could spit on the stretched hole a few times, working his saliva into his lover while returning that deep look. Damn... Jim suddenly felt kinda embarrassed from its intensity and flushed himself a bit too.

To keep in control, he dropped his eyes and slid his fingers out of the other man. "C’mon, my boy. Gonna make you mine again," he murmured on a deep, hoarse voice and helped Corey up, turning with him so that the shorter man was standing on some crate, facing the shelves, onto which he could hold on to.

"Damn..." he mumbled stroking and squeezing that pale round ass then he quickly undressed enough to free his aching cock that already made his underwear damp. Then he pulled Corey back and he finally slid home.

Corey held onto the shelves like dear life and chewed on his bottom lip to not cry out loud from the rough thrust that felt so good and calmed his boiling blood. He had to swirl his hips around to feel Jim more all around, pulsing inside him. He even pushed back to urge his daddy to move hard...

"Yeah... yes. Take daddy all the way in. Fuck yourself on his long cock," he panted, eyes rolling back and barely able to hold his louder moans back as his big hands stroked up and down on Corey's sides then hips, helping him to move backwards as his own hips stilled. "Show daddy how much you need him..." he whispered, forcing himself to open his eyes and watch the smaller man.

Corey was working the hard meat like a pro. His hips rolled back and forth more and more roughly as he rammed himself back against Jim's groin, whining low as his sweat glittered on the hard working muscles in his back, almost making the beast climbing up on his spine look alive…

"Need... you… daddy… so much… to… make me… come... Please... Please..." he panted, tightening his inner-muscles to pull on Jim's cock, underlining his begging.

Jim kept cursing under his moustache both from the sight and the feeling as that wonderful tiny body was working him with such enthusiasm that it was hard for Jim to hold back. But somehow he managed as he slid a long arm around Corey's middle, pulling him flush against his chest, his cock fully buried in him as he forced him to still more or less.

"Not yet, my boy... Not yet..." he murmured into his ear and finally moved his own hips, slowly rolling them back and forth, grinding himself into him as deep as possible, but he took the crazy fire out of their moves, taming and turning it into a much deeper burning.

Once he was sure Corey would keep this slower yet deeper rhythm, Jim let both his hands slide up on the naked sides and tattooed arms until his bigger hands covered Corey's on the edge of the shelf. His body kept rocking sensually and smoothly against the other man while Jim was kissing and panting on Corey's nape and side of his head. "You feel so good, my perfect boy," he whispered, his fingers lightly squeezing the other hands. This was Jim's way of expressing those budding deep feelings in him.

If Corey felt like going crazy so far, he was completely losing his mind now from the slow deep rubbing moves. He moved with the bigger man in perfect sync. The burning desire inside him rising slowly and steadily, building up tamer to feel and enjoy every touch and breath on his skin or kiss on his head... His knees got weak as he nuzzled his head back to Jim's, his every breath turning into soft moans. Hearing his daddy's words and feeling the bigger hand covering his, he opened his eyes looking at their touching hands. He wanted to say something but couldn't. Instead he rubbed his forehead lovingly to Jim's hand, kinda subconsciously telling back that he feels the same.

With a wobbly breath Jim felt satisfaction spreading through him, but not from coming. It was caused by Corey's small yet meaningful gesture, which earned some more praising from the big man and he slowly slid his right hand down along the naked body to reach between Corey's legs and close those slender fingers around the heavily leaking cock, his hips never pausing while doing so.

Instead he kept going, his hand massaging his lover as Jim kissed the "8" tattoo on Corey's nape, his hips picking up their pace a bit, but keeping the deep thrusts. It added to that slow burning and build-up and soon they were both at the brink. "Take me with you, baby..." he whispered next to Corey ear, fingers flexing around the smaller hand.

There was not much need to ask Corey, really, as he was at the brink of exploding onto those freaking skilled fingers. All the feelings and the slow lovemaking, yes let's face it, this was nowhere to the rough selfish prison fuck what they used to share between each other. Up until now.

Corey’s breathing got so very rough and he leaned his head back to Jim's, calling out for his good daddy who made him feel so amazing and he let the emotions wash over him, ending in a long orgasm. His body jerked as his muffled cry escaped him, feeling like a satisfied purring cat as the warmth spread through his veins and made his muscles tighten and grip on his lover, to indeed take him into the bliss as well.

Filling that pulsing tight ass was the peak of their coupling... no, lovemaking. Jim was clear with that too and it seemed Corey was okay with it as well, so he let both his seed and that warm feeling spread in him, like a blanket that would shield them from the harsh reality. Even if just for a couple of minutes while they were riding out their orgasm.

Still buried deep in his lover, Jim nuzzled Corey's cheek until he turned his face enough so that he could finally kiss him properly.

"Wow. I'd clap if my hands weren't all messed up from spunk," they heard Mick's low and slightly out-of-breath chuckle.

"Pig..." Jim snorted. Truth be told, he completely forgot that they weren't alone. But instead of caring about that he gently slid out of Corey and bent down to pull his own jumpsuit back on to get some tissues from its pocket, handing some over to Corey to clean up while he did the same.

Frankly, after such an intense lovemaking, where they were just two simple men worshipping each other without past or future circumstances and worries, getting back into their prison uniform was kinda sobering.

That officer... Fucking sick pervert, Corey thought hearing Mick.

The return from the height of those emotions was harsh but even if in front of the huge guard Jim acted cold and neutral toward Corey, even if he was his boss in the kitchen for the rest of the evening, Corey knew they just found something and made it only their very own and every night after the lights turned off it was going to be there.



That day’s shift was short and Corey couldn't wait to get back into their cells, but instead of going up the stairs with Officer Thomson's guidance, the big guard led them through the middle hall on the base floor. And no matter how much Corey tried, he couldn't read Jim's beard-hidden face about what was going on...

With a neutral expression – somehow suppressing a grin – Jim was walking silently next to Corey. He had a surprise for him. He had to give some extra bribe money and discount to Mick to make it possible, but finally he managed to do so.

None of them said anything. Mick was making some comments and nodding to other guards or inmates who passed them then they arrived. "You have an hour," Mick said to Jim and for a change he didn't enter the room with them, but let the door ajar.

"Thanks, man," the tall man nodded to him then looked at a clearly confused Corey. "C’mon, I have a surprise for you. I think you'll like it..." and with that he led Corey into the music room.

"Oh wow… We can play for an hour?" Corey mumbled totally amazed as he walked into the rather big room, nicely lined up guitars on racks and a few amps. A piano and basic five piece drums. Some other instruments lined up in shelves and a mic stand. "I sang and played guitar in a band for years... " he said low, lost in the amazement and memories as he stroked the metal pose upward, with such a gentle hand move as if it was a long lost and found again lover of his. Maybe it was… "But I already told you that," he looked with a shy smile at Jim "you play guitar… Show me some riffs."

"Yeah. It's not much, I know," Jim said, blushing a bit under all that facial hair as he too looked around the music room. Yes, this was definitely his favorite place in the whole goddamned place. Even if he couldn't spend as much time in there as he would've liked, this was the only place that kept him sane during all these years. "Yeah, I remember," he smiled at Corey then walked towards the lined up guitars.

"This place... for me it's kind of connection to a 'normal life' I don't have anymore, you know," he said picking up his favorite black and white Fender from the very limited collection. It was a bit worn in and beaten up, but it had the best sound. "I think I can thank this place for not going insane and ending up in Shawn's crowd," he chuckled lightly as he took the guitar with him, handling it with obvious care. It showed from their movements that they both were still musicians.

Adjusting everything on the guitar, Jim strummed the chords once more then focused inwards to invoke that tiny "voice" in him that would show him how to move his hands. And that he did. He started it with a quiet melody, slowly building and getting a bit louder, but staying just as hypnotic as it began.

Picking up a white Ibanez and tuning it too, Corey sat next to Jim plugging in the cord of the guitar and flicked the switches too as he listened to Jim playing. "Oh by the way, can you tell me why Shawn is called 'the clown' by others? I have a feeling it's something I would better know and I'm curious," he chuckled as he picked up Jim's melody and played the same a few notes lower to make it sound richer.

"I'll tell you only if you'll sing for me afterwards," Jim smirked as he kept playing, looking over at how Corey's fingers were moving on the fret board while copying his melody. He kept repeating it to let his lover figure it out. Which he did impressively quickly.

"Clown is someone you don't want to meet. I think Shawn is borderline schizo. They say it's his 'other persona' that liked to dress up in a creepy ass horror clown to butcher 14 people once. Not to mention the ones he might have killed before that. Getting onto his radar or bad side is... well, let's just say I wouldn't want to bump into him alone."

"Wow… sounds… lovely," Corey laughed following Jim's playing with ease. "He seemed like a psycho already but yeah, don't want to mess with that Clown side either. What you want me to sing? Request time!" he smiled back a little shyly. It was a long time he had to sing to someone other than himself.

Jim looked at him impressed and while thinking he added a few more complicated chords to the melody, separating their playing so that Corey's melody was supporting his.

"How about putting you to the test. Old Maiden? 'Running free'. Know that?" Jim smirked and smoothly led the impro melody into that song's more up tempo and tight guitar opening.

Corey had to laugh long and loud. "That fits now really, okay. Let's try how I can butcher that song," he put down the guitar and picked up the mic, growling a few times to warm up his vocal chords and looking at anywhere but Jim then he started the lines. First a bit shy but it still showed that he was experienced with singing. And after the first chorus he let his voice out and enjoyed singing the song again with Jim playing the melody for him. Damn he could get used to this... His daddy was a fucking great player. His long fingers were sliding with ease and elegance across the fret board, never missing a note.

Well yeah, it did fit. That's why it probably popped up in Jim's head. Watching his lover getting ready to sing, Jim chuckled a bit on his comment then waited until he was ready. Then Jim fell a bit more for Corey, because damn, that voice was so fucking awesome. He should've rocked on stage in front of full stadiums! But then again... this way Corey was singing only to Jim and his guitar (and okay, for the clearly eavesdropping Mick).

Once it was done and Jim's fingers stilled on the instrument, he looked at Corey with newly found adoration in his hazel eyes. "Your voice... it's out of this world, dude. I love it so much. Let's do 'Creeping Death' by Metallica?"

"Thanks man, but I’m really out of practice," Corey said blushing a bit and rubbing his head a bit shy. "Yeah we can. I love that too! That will be a bigger test, though, with all the different parts," he added thinking over the song and lyrics, like a professional from the vocalist point of view and waited till Jim started, tapping the rhythm with his feet, getting into the vibe.

"We'll work on that then. Maybe I'll try to get more free time here for us too," he smirked and nodded, knowing exactly what Corey was talking about when he said that song was a bigger test. It was true with all the shifts – not just in the vocals but the guitars too.

But it seemed they both liked a challenge when it came to music and Jim felt happy that it proved to be another thing they shared. And as Jim started the song, he thought that bringing Corey here was one of his best ideas lately. Because that fire in those blue eyes and watching him give in his all into his singing... well that was something Jim would never forget.

Yeah... Getting into that song was more of a challenge and Corey got lost in his lost passion. While singing again he felt so stupid for giving up music a while back. What was he thinking??? This was the best thing he actually was good at and which was not a crime.

It was quite funny that so much self and soul searching and realizations caught up to him while locked up behind bars...

The jamming session was great and the one hour flew by fast. He actually saw real admiration on the Officer's bearded face too as they walked out and went back to their cell. And the night was still young...

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