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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 7

Chapter 7

  2016.09.01. 20:23

Chapter 7

Another few days have passed and the two men in love and one cell tried to keep a close eye on everything and everyone. Especially Jay after the "talk" Jim had with him. Honestly they both expected some form of fast revenge for it all. But everything was quiet. An eerie and dangerous kind of quiet. The type that brings the thunderstorm and shit storm with itself.

Metaphorically speaking, if we think of it in visuals it's like a blanket. The thick silence pulls a blanket over its head ‘cause it knows that the crap will get ugly and it’ll lose so it wants to be covered under the blankie and it stays silent. Sure sign of the coming crap.

Okay Taylor you can't be THAT bored... Corey laughed on himself and shook his head walking along the corridors and almost steering the laundry collecting cart into two of Shawn's men. They jumped aside and said “hi”, but not even a little smile when Corey tried to joke it out and apologized for being clumsy.

Strange. That was all part of the blanket. People weren’t doing anything worth mentioning, really. And they basically avoided making them think they do.

Something was about to happen... But now dinner finally and he gets to see his mean biker man. The redhead giggled his way to the staircase. Yep. He seemed to be one of the few who still acted like himself.

He dropped down by the "Root table" when Sid just ended his whispered report on Jonathan's man acting very strange and quiet.

"It's a thick blanket. We better prepare," Corey murmured and laughed wholeheartedly at the gang members who looked at him funny.

Needless to say, the tall leader of said gang wasn't calm either. Since his little meeting with Jay there's been a nearly constant tension in him and his expression in public came off even more closed off and emotionless. But those who were close to Jim knew that he was thinking hard, trying to figure out what was coming their way.

The only time he could nearly completely let go was in the solitude of their cell in the dark when he was loving or simply holding Corey in his arms. Those were the times Jim dared to let himself feel happy. A very rare feeling in his life. But somehow the short red-haired shit could make him feel like that. He was under his skin, on his mind and in his heart as if he tattooed himself in there to stay. It was a nice thought even if Jim knew all too well that eventually all good things had to come to an end.

Sitting by their table while eating dinner, he barely looked up when Corey got there with his tray. He didn't sit next to Jim – although he probably would've preferred it just as much as the bearded man. But they were still trying to keep some distance between them when among the other inmates.

Jim lightly frowned from what he was hearing from Sid while he cut off a piece of the kinda okay chocolate cake they got for desert and put it in his mouth, slowly pulling the fork out of it, trying to make sense of Corey's comment. But then again, his attention wasn't fully at their table. He was keeping an eye on three of Jonathan's men who kept whispering about something, occasionally looking into their direction.

"He's right. I want everyone to keep their eyes open. Shivs and other weapons you might have should be with you from now on. Don't want to risk any of you," Jim finally murmured low.

Corey nodded eating in silence. All this mess and for what? Him? He couldn't shrug the feeling that he brought this all on the Roots, but again... Jay would probably be jealous of anyone else as well, and everyone knew he was a bit crazy and killed his ex and his new lover out of jealousy. There was a time when he heard the story and really got pissed. Like... what was Jim thinking to start with someone so unstable and with such a past… Then again…it was prison. You take what you get, really.

He just wanted Jim happy and safe. And it was all so sudden and crazy. He never even felt like going outside ever.

Sipping on his water lost in his thoughts about how this all built up in a couple of weeks. Everything happened so fast inside. A week felt like a month with so much happening.

He had some trouble from people outside the main gangs. They were literally coming into his face and trying him. So far just when he was not near the rest of the Root members, and he was grateful for the whatever fate he had. ‘Cause he knew how much Jim wanted to protect him too. And these small attacks were all planned to make Jim appreciate it that they try to clear Corey out and get into his place in one of the top gangs. For now…

Just as the small guy ended his line of thoughts, he was pushed hard from behind. "Accidentally," of course, and the guy said sorry, laughing and adding some shit comment about Corey being a lap dog...

"What the fuck you said, asshat?" the little man was on his feet and looked up at the much taller chubby and middle aged guy, ready for anything.

"You are like a size of a lapdog, asshole! Barking as much as a Chihuahua too. This group is for dogs, really. Root looks like some pedo walking you around, KID," the older guy hissed clenching his fists. His tone was dripping with utter disgust and for his last word Corey literally jumped at his throat, delivering a good knee kick into his most sensitive parts.

Quietly talking to Sid while he asked how they should act around John and Shawn's men, first Jim didn't notice what was going on but the second Corey raised his voice and jumped up, he tensed and straightened on the bench too, brows knitting together on his forehead.

Ah yeah, that big mouthed asshole, Terry had to take an extra bite from Corey if he couldn't otherwise, because he was Jim's. The biker was about to bark something at him to knock it off and fuck off, when he heard what he was saying. That's when the plastic fork snapped in two in Jim's hand. It wasn't really about the dog comments, he didn't really care about that. But the pedophile part hit home knowing Corey's past and well, as he'd mentioned to Corey before, he got that in the past too a few times for the type of men he preferred. It was stupid to let such bullshit comments get to him, especially in such a place, but still, he was only human too and had his sore spots.

And then Corey was on the guy, who got so surprised from the attack he clearly didn't expect that he lost his balance and landed on his back, Corey on top of him, landing a few nice punches. Frankly, the sight was very pleasing and... yeah, hot.

Terry got his shit together after the first shock and delivered a punch to Corey's temple from which the small man almost flew off of the bigger body, and of course Terry got his reward for it too with a few good kicks into his belly.

Jim was on his feet in the next moment too as the other inmates created a circle around the fighting inmates but not just to cheer them on, but to kinda shield them from the sight of the guards too. Glimpsing away, Jim saw that some of the guards started moving in their way in an attempt to restore order.

As much as Jim liked to watch Corey let out some steam while fighting with Terry, Jim didn't want him to end up in solitary confinement for the fight. That's why he pushed a few guys out of the way and just when Corey got a hit in the face that resulted in a split eyebrow, Jim reached around him from behind and lifted him off the kicking asshole.

"Easy, Corey. Let it go. Guards are coming. Don't make it worse," Jim murmured into his lover's ear fast as he pulled him a bit further away.

Corey practically was growling at Terry. His ear was ringing and his blood started dripping into his eye when the guards got there. Thankfully he collected himself a bit by then, mostly due to Jim and his closeness.

Officer Mick was one of the guards rushing down and after a quick nod to Jim he took over the lead. He was holding onto Corey's arm and led him away to the emergency room to check on his wound, all part of the protocol. Also he assured Jim that he would bring Corey back shortly and all was smoothed out.

There was nothing else Jim could do at this point, which he hated. He hated watching Corey being taken away, but thought that at least he stepped in before things could get out of hand and would make them keep his cell mate away for longer than the duration of his check up. Besides he knew Mick would keep his word, so he let the other guards take them and everyone else back to their cells for the night. Thank fuck they were at least over the shower.

So after grunting a threat to Terry while he was escorted away too, he said goodbye to his men and was a bit glad that for that day he could stop being on alert all the time when not in their cell or in the kitchen, which was his territory.


Back in his cell he was sitting on the bunk with his back against the wall, rubbing a hand over his face and lost in thoughts while waiting for Corey. That scene at the cafeteria was replaying in his head, of course, but he was more concerned about how they should arm themselves from then on without being spotted. Of course he had two weapons hidden away. A sharpened toothbrush and a knife tip that broke off in the kitchen and he saved and added a self-made handle for such situations. He was thinking about giving the latter to Corey, when said man appeared by the bars and once it closed behind him, Mick bellowed that it was lights out in five. Not that Jim would care too much about it when his eyes were glued to his lover's face as he was standing there staring right back at him.

"Sorry for the scene," Corey said low, the last thing he wanted to do is bring more attention and harm to Jim. Walking closer he sat onto the edge of the bed, then sliding up next to him Corey stroked his chest leaning in for a kiss.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Jim snorted. It was easy to see why Corey would say something like that. And it nearly made Jim chuckle. Instead he slid his tattooed arm around Corey's waist and pulled him closer, but before their lips could meet, he tipped his lover's face a bit up and to the side towards the light. That way he could take a better look at the damage. Which wasn't that much, just the split eyebrow which was now being held together by two stretch band aids.

Once Jim made 100% sure Corey was gonna live, his eyes met the blue ones again. "You were so hot... Thank you, baby," he added much softer and leaned in for a proper kiss. "How's the temple? No concussion? What did the doc say?" he fired off his questions, his left hand reaching out to slowly unzip Corey's jumpsuit at the front, the other caressing the small of his back.

"Head is okay. Not dizzy or anything. Doc said that I'll be okay," Corey smiled moving closer to Jim's body. "Want to cause the concussion yourself, daddy?" he added on his dirty tone he knew Jim would go crazy for.

Not surprisingly Jim growled low from that voice but he still tried to hold himself back despite the bulge under his orange sleeping pants. He's been half-hard since the cafeteria. Seeing Corey defend them so vehemently was... arousing to him.

"Maybeee..." he kinda sing-songed as his left reached under the jumpsuit to let his fingers rub against the smaller man's chest then nipple, but otherwise stayed put, waiting for the lights to go out. He so hated these last minutes before that... "But I'm glad you're okay, my boy..." he added on a playful yet sultry voice.

"‘Maybe’ sounds so intriguing, daddy…" Corey replied playfully too. Leaning in for another kiss with a half-smile on his pink lips, pressing his body to Jim's side, and waiting for the lights to go off too, like a predator waiting for the right time to pounce on its prey.

"Oh I bet it does," he said brushing his lips (and with that his beard too) against Corey's mouth and chin, his hazel eyes darkening with lust and then he pinched and twisted his lover's nipple, the other hand cupping and squeezing the firm butt.

Corey hissed low, closing his eyes for a second to fully enjoy the little pain his daddy generously gave him. The feel of that beard and mustache covered upper lip against his skin drove him crazy with lust every fucking time…

Smirking to himself, Jim rubbed away the small pain, feeling the nipple harden under his long fingers' attention. He loved how fully Corey could give himself to pleasure-pain.

Just when that thought crossed his mind, the lights fucking finally went out and Jim moved faster than one thought he would. The next moment he was chewing and sucking on Corey's plump lips, his hand dragging down clothes from the beloved small body.

Blood was drumming in his ears as his heartbeats accelerated. Fucking finally he was tasting Corey again. There were days when it was so hard to wait for the night. That day wasn't an exception either as they were practically eating each other's faces in that all teeth and tongue kiss.

"Take your fucking clothes off!" he grunted, pushing the small man off his lap and full erection so he could take off his wife-beater too and push his pants and boxers down enough to free his long cock. Spitting in his palm he grabbed and jerked it slowly while waiting for Corey. "C'mon, it ain't gonna suck itself..."

"Sorry daddy... I'm gonna take care of it…" the breathless reply came from Corey, his voice lower and clearly aroused as hell. Working fast in the small space he soon was kneeling there all naked, the lights sweeping through the corridors making his pale white skin glow in the half-dark. Carrying his eyes over the long body before him first, he admired it then dived down to the inviting dick, sucking the tip between his lips before swallowing the length into his mouth.

"That's my good boy," Jim praised him both with his words and a hand caressing the longer slicked back hair on top of Corey's head. Jim even let his fingers play with the curly ends as he suppressed a long moan when Corey swallowed his aching shaft into that fucking skilled hot mouth. Damn, he could never get enough of being sucked by the small man...

He let him work on the hard meat for a good minute or two then pulled him off the glistening dick by his hair. "Come here," Jim asked, pulling Corey to his lips as he was sitting there with his back against the cool wall. He helped the smaller man straddle him again, but didn't let the fine parts to touch his groin yet. Instead he pushed three of his fingers into Corey's mouth, watching them move in and out mesmerized as they were sucked just as good as his dick was previously. Then they slid down to trace the redhead's crack and rub against his tight opening. Needless to say, Jim attacked the slightly swollen lips just when his long middle finger started pushing into that tight little ass.

Damn, Corey felt like he could kiss Jim for eternity. Everything was so perfect in him. The mustache over his lip, the beard under his bottom one, the skilled tongue playing with his and the long finger moving inside him, teasing him more with every move... He was moaning low already out of his mind when Jim added more fingers to drive him crazy.

"Yeah..." that's all Jim moaned low into Corey's mouth as they came up for some air then dived right back under, the long fingers moving in and out, stretching and pressing down at the right places. By then Jim knew Corey's body better than he himself. He knew exactly how and where to touch him to turn him into a panting and moaning mess. Breaking the kiss he slid his mouth onto the thick neck, gently sucking on the warm skin there, inhaling that unique scent.

Then he slowly slid his fingers out. "Turn around on my lap, facing away. I wanna watch your greedy ass swallow my dick, boy..." he panted, lightly, slapping the naked ass to make him move. "Sit on daddy's cock... Slowly."

"Yes, daddy…" Corey panted weakly. He was a mess already as he turned around and lowered his body onto the rock-hard meat, chewing on his lip from the wonderful feeling as it entered and stretched him more and more deeply as moaning he was sliding lower on his daddy.

Jim couldn't stop himself from grabbing and slightly pulling apart the firm ass cheeks to see it better in the half-light how he was disappearing in the other man inch by inch. The drag was nearly too much but he loved every damn minute of it...

"So fucking tight and hot..." he rubbed and squeezed said cheeks until Corey bottomed out. Then as he stilled to feel that hard length in him and let his ass adjust to the stretch, he kept caressing the pale and warm torso.

Finally he took the smaller hands in his and after lightly squeezing them, he led them to the iron bed frame above Corey's head to hold onto it. "Now fuck yourself on daddy's dick. I know you want it badly..."

“Yes, daddy… I want just that…” Corey breathed grabbing onto the bars right above his head. His back and shoulder muscles were flexing as he started to rock his body back and forth first on top of Jim’s, then pulling on the bars stronger he lifted himself half-way off that beloved throbbing shaft just to drop back down on it, muffling his moans and cries as much as he could as he started to work up a fast and rough pace.

His mind started to go blank fast from all the feelings. He could hear his daddy’s praising whispered words and it drove him even madder to put on a good show for daddy and chase that burning itch inside him that was building up fast, making his skin crawl and sweat.

Jim was staring at the mesmerizing creature moving on him as if his life depended on it, completely blowing his mind too. That tight and hot body around his aching dick was heaven and hell wrapped into one addictive and nice little package that was his lover himself.

He let Corey keep moving on him as Jim sat straighter up and slid his long arms around his lover, kissing along the jumping muscles. His big hands rubbed along every inch of skin he could reach, torturing the erect nipples for a while. Twisting and pinching and pulling on them until he had to press a palm onto Corey's mouth to muffle his loud moans.

Corey came to the conclusion that his daddy was just plain evil… All the sweet pain he gave him, the kisses and small teasing bites over his back and shoulders... Of course he couldn't keep his voice down! He often wished in these situations that they could be outside. Together. In a cheap motel room. In bright daylight and stay in bed making love all day. Feeding his eyes on Jim not hiding in the dark, not holding back anything… These where the only times he wished himself out, but only with Jim with him. The thought didn't even feel strange anymore. He loved his biker daddy. The long arms around him, the one time soft and loving then rough and demanding kisses. His body was already trembling as his hips rocked harder and circled its way down the leaking hot meat as he got lost more and more in the feelings of love and being wanted.

"God, you're so amazing, Corey..." Jim "fell out" of his role for a moment as his feelings overwhelmed him in a hot wave of desire and love and urging to give them what they really longed for. Then he bit his lover harder by the crook of his neck and his free hand slid down from digging into Corey's hips (leaving dark bruises for later) to the bobbing wet cock between the wide open legs.

Taking a good strong hold of it Jim started jerking the other man, who kept practically impaling himself on his dick, which was so ready to explode in that tight heat. He loved this moment the most: them on the brink of losing it. The only better moment was when they were both coming. He loved that because then he could get so close to Corey like with no one else before.

Licking along the harsh bite mark – considered as a claim by some – that would surely bruise too, Jim twisted his palm on the leaking cock while the thumb of the hand that kept Corey relatively quiet rubbed the sweaty cheek lovingly.

"Milk daddy dry, my sweet boy..." he grunted hoarsely into the redhead's ear.

That bite almost made the small man blow his load, to be honest. Not to mention that big strong warm hand over his throbbing dick… The one pulsing deep inside his body was hitting his pleasure spots more and more rapidly as he was riding his daddy harder, squeezing his inner muscles around the long meat every time he dropped himself low on it. They didn't need much to explode as he leaned back against Jim's chest, whining his agony into the hand on his mouth, focusing hard to do as he was told. Luckily that skilled hand pulled on him stronger, and his body gave in finally, shooting his load as his coming body contracted hard around the leaking cock, milking it dry just like daddy wanted to.

Of course, Jim was cursing under his breath – and right into Corey's ear – as his cock was squeezed hard with each rough downward thrust of his lover, making his balls draw up and the pressure build nearly unbearable at the base of his spine.

Jim's fingers tightened on Corey's face when he leaned back and that wonderful ass started pulsing around him, pulling him deeper and that was just too much for the biker too, his seed shot deep into his lover, bathing his walls with it. He was moaning low into Corey's neck to muffle his own sounds. He also made sure to squeeze out the last drop from Corey's cock, smearing the sticky fluids down on it while they were riding out their mind-blowing orgasm. Fuck, he loved this man already so much! He never enjoyed sex this much with anyone else.

"You're perfect..." he whispered into Corey's damp neck then kissed into it as he held him against his chest and Jim leaned back against the wall, pulling the smaller man with him so that he could rest on top of him.

Corey felt that he will never stop shaking from the heavy rushes of pleasure bolting over his body and brain again and again, his senses super sensitive and Jim kept whispering something or caressing him or kissing his nape and the turmoil seemed to never end as he also couldn't hold his voice back while resting against the bigger body.

But of course, they calmed down after a while and Corey turned his head to plant a kiss to the bearded face of his love, nuzzling a little to Jim.

They have to get ready for what comes. And Corey had a very bad feeling about what may come with the rising sun. He wanted to cherish the moment with Jim. Just as they were… Blissed out and feeling loved and wanted, not caring about anything else… Someone can only wish, huh.....?

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