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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 11

Chapter 11

  2016.09.05. 20:18

Chapter 11

Jim woke up in someone else’s room late in the afternoon. First he didn’t know where he was and how did he get there. He hasn’t been sleeping too well since his escape, but it was understandable since he was a wanted man. But now he slept like a baby, thanks to Corey…

“Corey…” Jim murmured, looking around, but not seeing the small man neither in the room nor in the small bathroom. Where the hell did he go? Jim’s mind quickly cleared out as he sat up. For a moment he got scared that Corey had left. But after last night when he made Jim promise that they’d never part again, he convinced himself it wasn’t the case. The piece of paper on the nightstand saying that Corey had to go work in the diner helped too.

With a sigh he ran his hand through his messy hair and walked to the bathroom to take a piss and a quick shower. He hissed when the water hit the scratches on his back. Oh yeah, now he remembered how they got there. It was still mind-blowing how Corey got back into his life.

And while washing his body, Jim couldn’t stop himself from thinking what a strange life he had now. He was kinda “rescued” from having to spend it in that prison. Or die there very soon. That in itself was a huge change he had to adjust to.

Frowning he got out of the shower to dry himself off and put his underwear back on. Looking around Jim found an open pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey too. Taking a long drink he lit one and took a deep drag. As he exhaled the smoke, he tried to figure out what he should do with his life now. He was out of his element. When he got into prison, he had to leave the real him behind and show the tough biker guy’s mask to everyone to stay on top of things. During the years spent in there, he got so used to this role and hiding the real Jim Root, that now he kinda felt lost.

What if Corey won’t like the real him? What if he only needs and loves his tough biker daddy? Jim was more than that and since he got out of prison, his real personality started showing. Maybe even before that. It probably started with Corey arriving to his cell, tipping off the balance he managed to keep for years.

The more he drank, the deeper he slid into his insecure feelings that were also fuelled by the sudden freedom he still couldn’t really process.

Corey didn't feel like getting out of the big arms to go to work, but duty first. He owed that to his boss lady and to himself too in a way. He worked a lot on the new menu and to train those idiot humans he had to work with to make the diner run smoothly again.

The morning went along very fast, though. He was actually not that much pissed and smiling quietly to himself more than not during those hours. He heard the others whispering behind his back and some even about the harsh bite marks over his neck and throat, agreeing on that his newfound good mood was probably caused by some wild bitch. The silly ones...

Jim was back in his life, and he will do anything anyone could imagine to keep it that way. He never wanted to be without the biker ever again. Also he knew that they were starting at a new ground. The outside world brought his more jumpy and careless nature back, and he was sure that all that Jim had shown only in the privacy of their cell at night ran much deeper in the big guy under that the picked up though prison gangster surface, or mask. Corey always felt that deep inside Jim was more of a romantic and even sensitive one, to the latter the panic attack was a good hint.

But none of the circumstances or new situations was changing the fact how deep he felt for Jim. He couldn't wait to get to know him, each other more and how they really are going to work as a couple in this freedom now.

Lost in these thoughts he packed a good portion of steaks and cake and a few beers even to take back to his room, hoping Jim stayed there. If not he bangs the other door. It didn't matter. He was back now.

Meanwhile in Corey’s room Jim was getting tipsy and more anxious as it dawned on him that he wasn’t going to grow old in that small cell – if he can avoid getting caught, that is. It was huge, because he’d forced his mind to accept that fate and this unexpected turn of events left Jim at a loss and kinda fighting his own mind while trying to accept his freedom.

Still, when Corey entered the room, he was sitting on the carpet with his back against the bed, the nearly empty whiskey bottle being squeezed so hard that Jim’s knuckles turned white and he was panting fast, all his remaining energy focused on controlling the starting panic attack.

It didn't look good at all from the door when Corey stepped inside. Putting the bag down he walked to Jim, kneeling down next to him and trying gently to take the bottle away. "Jim… I'm back. Look at me please, daddy. You hear me?" he spoke to the shaking pale man softly and slowly tried to make him focus on that and calm down a little. "Just listen to me and breathe with me. I'm here with you."

Jim was glad to see Corey, but he just couldn’t form the words to tell him that. But at least he let the other man take the bottle away and he looked into those beloved blue eyes, his left grabbing Corey’s hand, the other fisting around his tee as he tried to pick up the rhythm of his lover’s breathing like he did back in their cell a few weeks back.

“I’m… sorry…” he slurred, trying not to panic from showing his weak side again. He didn’t want Corey to think he was going to break down in every five minutes. He didn’t want Corey to get tired of his problems and leave him. These thoughts and worries were trying to pull him into the downward spiral in which it was so easy to lose himself. But for now Corey was there with him so he was going to try.

It took a few minutes, but finally his breathing slowed down and he closed his eyes, wiping away a few tear drops. “I’m sorry. I’m just… It’s just too much. It got too much… but I love you. Please don’t think less of me,” he mumbled obviously a bit more than tipsy.

"Don't be silly. I love you so much, and even more if you in need of it. I think I already think so much about you, from what you let me see under the tough gangster surface. I'm so curious to know the real Jim better. The romantic one who brought me cookies and caressed me while we slept then fucked me into oblivion," Corey chuckled kissing Jim's face and moved closer to him to make his lover feel him more.

"What you say we lay down and rest a little? I'll listen to what's bothering you. I know it's probably hard to process all that happened. But I'm here for you."

Jim stayed in silence then after a moment he nodded, letting Corey help him up then he crawled onto the bed, lying down with a deep sigh. He then looked at his lover, biting his lip for a moment. “You really want to know my soft side? Because yes, I have one. It’s just… hard to remember the real me after all these years forced into hiding… behind that tough biker mask… It was so hard… always controlling myself and overwriting my first reactions. Then it got easier with time… I did it so well that after a while I forgot the real me…And now… now I don’t know how to act… what to do or think… what to do with my life,” he paused then continued his babbling.

“There’s a cabin up in the hills. I’m waiting for the green light to move there. My old MC’s gratitude for what I’d done for them. They helped me… It’s a safe house… I have to go there. Do you want to move there with me? There’s probably nothing much there. But perfect for hiding… I’m sorry, I’m babbling… I’m drunk… So not used to alcohol anymore.”

Corey laid next to Jim and listened to him carefully. Listening to someone with an anxiety attack. And he really got it how Jim could feel now with this “start your life once again from zero” thing that was forced on him so suddenly.

"That sounds good. Of course I would move there with you. I understand it's hard. But you're not alone Jim. You'll never be alone with anything, I promised you. You only know half of how I am also. And I think it will be awesome to figure out and find out who we are now, together too. And living together is great for that. I can make a great raspberry cake..." he wiggled his brows teasingly to light up the mood.

Jim smiled a bit on the cake comment and turned onto his side and reached up to caress Corey’s face, tracing its lines. “I’m a big romantic. I hope you don’t mind. And… thank you. I really appreciate it. I love you and don’t want to fuck this up. I want us to work and… discovering each other actually sounds nice. Just… please be patient with me,” he said quietly, sliding his fingertips down to Corey’s neck to caress one of the bitemarks he’d left there the previous night.

“Do you… want me?” he asked then thought that rephrasing that question was necessary for Corey to understand what he was saying. “I mean… do you want to take me? I’ve been fantasizing about it for so long, but I couldn’t… not in prison. Because of that mask, you know… I’d like to give myself to you. I think… that’d help a lot in finding myself again… Getting lost like that in you…” he mumbled and this time it was his turn to blush.

Corey turned his head a bit, like a puppy does to hear things better. He blushed too and stroked the bushy beard-covered face of his love.

"Of course… I always wanted you. I was daydreaming about switching roles myself but... You know… prison and we had that agreement of some kind about those roles," he smiled looking into the blurry eyes. He quickly thought Jim's request over. The big guy had been behind bars for over four years and even if he stated – kinda – that switching roles from top to bottom was familiar to him, still that was a lot of time and Corey suddenly felt anxious too. "You sure you want to switch roles? To be honest I'm kinda nervous and horny as hell thinking about it …"

Not so surprisingly that blush only got deeper while listening to his lover. “Yeah… I’m sure. If you want me like that…” Jim nodded, trying not to give in to his insecure feelings and that little voice that tried to keep whispering into his ear that maybe Corey didn’t really want him like that. That voice was luckily silenced by the look on Corey’s flushed face and as Jim looked down between them, he saw the proof of his arousal since his jeans were tenting nicely.

Sliding his hand down he gently caressed the bulge, tracing the outlines of Corey’s cock and his own stirred under the boxers, the only piece of clothing he had on. He closed his eyes for a second, imagining once again how that cock would feel in his ass. “I’ve been waiting for this for so long, baby. Please?” he asked, lightly squeezing Corey through his pants while moving forward to kiss and suck on one of the bites he’d left on the thick neck.

The only thing Corey could do was moaning lowly, which turned into a growl. That big hand was pulling on his so very ready dick while his still aching bite marks got teased with that beloved beard and lips sucking on it.

He took Jim's face into his hands and lifted it to lick along his bottom lip, and suck it between his, gently but demanding.

"Anything you wish for, my love," he breathed onto the lips, looking deeply and longingly into the hazel eyes from close as he moved Jim onto his back. He got on top of him and pushed the long thighs apart to lay onto his daddy and grind his jeans-covered erection to his, stealing a possessive kiss. He wanted Jim. And wanted Jim to feel it exactly how much.

Jim moved as his lover wanted him to. It took a little effort at first to give control over to the other man, being so used to staying in control, but now that he did the first step, it became easier with every passing second. He welcomed the other body on top of his, his legs opening to accommodate the smaller man between them.

He let Corey’s tongue take the lead and Jim felt himself starting to melt under him, his own long cock pushing against his boxers, leaving a wet spot by the tip. He was getting more and more excited and maybe shook a bit in anticipation too. It’s been so long that he let someone fuck him, but if there was someone he wanted to surrender to then it was this small man. Bucking his hips up to feel his lover more, he let his big hands wander on the clothed body above him, pushing Corey’s tee up or squeezing that beloved ass. He couldn’t wait to get fully naked, but he let his lover lead.

Corey stayed a bit back and feasted his eyes on Jim in the bright sunlit room. Finally... He probably even said that out loud. He felt and surely looked like a hungry predator which finally got the prey of his dreams cornered right as he wanted. Kneeling between Jim's pulled up long legs, he was stroking his cock, smirking down at his prey.

"You are so beautiful. I want to eat you all up," he murmured leaning down and started to shower Jim's chest and belly with teasing kisses.

Jim swallowed hard from that look and if it was possible, he blushed some more, his eyelids lowering as his cock was caressed and his torso kissed by his lover. The releasing feelings in him were intense and Jim surrendered to them as much as he could. He wanted to please Corey in this role too, of course and as requested, he kept his hands moving wherever he could touch the soft pale skin that was now flushed a bit from excitement.

“Please… give me more…”

"No hurry, baby… I want to enjoy this as much as I can. And make you beg more till you lose your mind," Corey growled moving south on the bigger body. Paying special attention to the daddy-belly and tenderly licking along the scar, just as if healing it more.

"You're evil too, you know..." Jim sighed and shivered, his skin breaking out in goose bumps as his still tender scar was being licked. Damn, Jim was already starting to leak from the excitement, but Corey was right. He wanted to enjoy every moment of this too so he took a deep breath and steeled himself for everything that may come. He was sure in no time he was going to beg for his lover the way he wanted it. Or even more.

"You will love my evil side," Corey looked up smirking dirty and licked his lips. Then stroked along the long things he always went insane for and started nipping his way down on the right one, moaning and mumbling along the way about how perfect it was and actually said that he fell for Jim’s thighs first. But he didn't let his shivering lover react as he pushed upper on said perfect thighs and he laid down to suck on Jim’s balls.

“I have no doubts about that at least,” Jim chuckled softly but that chuckle turned into a moan, his thighs starting to shake from Corey’s kisses and hot breath puffing against the right one. He instinctively let it fall more open and before he could react to what the smaller man said about his thighs, Jim’s back arched and he threw his head back, his hips moving forward unwittingly as he moaned loud. “Fuck…” he panted, mind getting hazier by the minute.

Jim knew how good Corey could suck on his dick. But this time the redhead stayed 'far' away from the throbbing and dripping cock. His tongue and lips moved lower and teased at Jim's entrance, slowly opening it up more and more, pushing into it with his tongue. This taking it slow maybe was not such a good idea after all, ‘cause Corey felt in any second he would go mad from holding back.

If Jim’s previous moan was loud then the next one was even louder, his fingers getting lost in the red curls as Corey started rimming him. Fuck, it’s been so long that he could feel a tongue down there and it was still seriously amazing. Especially because Corey’s eager tongue was working him open. With his free hand he reached down to grab his thigh and keep it open, shivers of lust running through his long body. He had to look down to burn the picture of Corey’s face like this into his mind. And it only made him leak some more. “Please…” he panted barely audible then repeated it a bit louder, wanting some fingers in him too or something that would ease the growing burning in his hungry body.

"Hmmm... What was that?" Corey moved up a bit and sucked one of Jim's balls into his mouth, slurping on it loudly as he moaned and rolled his tongue around it. His right hand's middle finger drawling similar circles around the twitching hole.

“Please, Corey!” Jim moaned loudly, starting to lose his shit, his hips slightly bucking to brush against that fingertip, the loud slurping sounds only adding to his ecstatic feelings that were preparing his body for more. He wanted that ‘more’ right the fuck now, but Corey had control over the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ now. All Jim could do was enduring the torture and asking for it. “Finger me, fuck me… whatever… Just do something. Please!” he pleaded.

The evil small man let the testicle out of his mouth with a loud pop and licked his lips pleased. "I like that order… But you must stay here and stroke yourself for me," he said and stood up heading to the bathroom.

“You have to be fucking kidding me…” Jim groaned but his hand moved to his neglected and aching cock, a satisfied and nearly desperate moan leaving his lips as his long fingers smeared his pre-cum along his hard meat, eyes glued to the naked man he loved more than anything on this fucked up world. He could only hope that the little shit would get the fuck back fucking quickly as he bucked up into his hand with moans that were getting louder and louder, partly to drive Corey crazy too.

"So fucking impatient and ready. Just like I love you…" Corey smirked, kneeling back between the never enough said long amazing legs and wiggled a tube of shaving gel in his hand. "Sorry daddy, this has to do it for now. I want you to only feel pleasure," he leaned down to kiss Jim long and passionate making him feel all the love and want.

Seeing Corey come back was something the desperate man liked to see so damn much that a not too manly little whine slipped him, his hand squeezing his long cock harder as he looked at the tube and shrugged. “Whatever. It’ll work… Just put something in me already… Please,” he panted breaking that amazing kiss for a moment then he opened up his mouth for Corey again, eagerly coaxing that skilled tongue to dance with his.

Corey was itching so badly also to become one with his biker man. Still he stretched the kiss as long as he could before kneeling up and flicking the tube open. Smearing some of the gel between his fingers he stroked his fingertips to the slightly open hole, working some of the already foaming gel into Jim’s entrance then pushed his middle inside slowly but not stopping. Meanwhile leaning back to kiss Jim’s lips and neck kinda soothingly if he had any discomfort or something, waiting to see his reactions.

Needless to say that kiss left the big man breathless and so fucking ready for that intruding finger that he automatically pushed down on it, focusing on relaxing his muscles. Of course he couldn’t hold back a long drawn-out moan, looking into Corey’s eyes with pure lust and need, his fingers digging into his shoulder and back as he was holding onto the smaller man, panting for more.

"You okay?" Corey asked nuzzling Jim's face as he moved his finger around to loosen the tight walls up and slick it more with the gel. Adding another finger slowly.

The reply to that question was another moan, of course and some curses followed as Jim breathed through the pressure and moved to meet the fingers half-way. “So good… please don’t stop! Don’t fucking stop…” the biker panted, his nails digging deeper into Corey’s skin.

Corey loved how much Jim lost it. He himself was at the point where the shivering just wouldn't stop and the burning inside him rose to unbearable heights.

Working to open up Jim as fast as he dared without causing pain, he softly kept kissing and biting the other man. When his fingers moved in and out easily enough, he knelt up again to gasp for air and to calm down a little bit. Pulling back his fingers too, he smeared some more gel on his achingly hard cock while his hungry eyes never left Jim's.

"I love you so much. I never wanted anyone so badly as you," he whispered laying in position and aiming his wet tip at Jim's hole and pushed in slowly, biting his moan and urge back to hurry.

Thinking was getting very difficult by then and Jim was glad that those fingers were moving easier, because he didn’t know how long he could’ve been able to hold back, especially when Corey’s fingertips brushed against his prostate. It was mind-blowing, to say the least. And he couldn’t wait to feel something bigger and longer brushing against it. Which he got soon enough once Corey bottomed out. Jim was still panting a bit as they let his body to adjust to the fullness. It’s been too long ago that he could feel like this and he groaned, hiding his face in Corey’s neck. His hands slid down onto the firm little ass, keeping him there, buried fully into the biker’s bigger and hot body.

“Fuck…” he mumbled onto the damp skin, caressing the small of the other man’s back after letting his naked ass go. A non-verbal signal for him to move.

Planting a sweet kiss to Jim's temple, Corey caressed the long legs to make him cross them over his hips. He moved back slowly, moaning and panting as he was holding his wilder side back. Not yet, he wanted to take it slow and gentle first. To drive his love more insane too. So he pushed back just as slow and deep as for the first time, gripping hard onto Jim side.

Obeying to the silent demand Jim hooked his legs around Corey and threw his head back onto the pillow, moaning long from the slow, evil drag and push, his whole being shaking and shivering from. “Yes… please… Fuck me! Corey!” he whined on a needy and desperate tone, his nails clawing the slick back, leaving red welts on it, but not drawing blood. Yet.

"Not yet... Wait…" Corey moaned breathless. His little game started to backfire on him. But he wanted to make Jim feel so good he wouldn't forget it for a long time.

Keeping up the slow and frustrating pace for a while till he felt Jim loose enough and his nails on his back actually digging into his skin he pulled back a bit faster once again then biting his lips rammed back home.

Jim groaned frustrated, but tried to muster up the last of his patience and wait it out until the torture was over. When it did end with that hard thrust, his whole body tensed and he let his voice out, his stretched hole clenching around Corey as if he wanted to trap that hard meat in him. And if he squirmed like a bitch in heat, well… no one could blame him after all these years having to go without this. Now his nails did break Corey’s skin while holding him as close to him as possible. “Yes! Fucking YES!” Jim’s guttural growl came as his lover’s balls kept slapping against his ass, pure pleasure blurring everything around the bearded man. But Corey, who became the center of his universe once again, but this time in a different way.

Corey had to close his eyes and focus hard on his task to please Jim as much as he could. Though he was at his last straw holding on to not let himself go fully but aim precisely at Jim's prostate again and again as his lover's legs held him in a death grip, pressing him to the bigger body as he picked up a rougher tempo.

It all felt so amazing he was surprised with himself that he was able to hold back for so long. Jim's tight hot walls clenching on him and his daddy cursed, moaned, whined and trembled with every deep hit of his aching cock. Hearing all that and welcoming the sweet pain as his skin gave in to Jim's nails made the redhead balancing on the edge fast.

"You are so amazing," he groaned kneeling up, and griping hard on Jim's hips he started the last frantic race to drive both of them home. "Let it go daddy… Come for me… I want to feel you come."

Somehow Corey’s words reached his literally fucked up mind. By then Jim was so out of it that the only thing he wanted to do was to cum from the intense attack against his prostate. Corey was amazingly precise in what he was doing, completely driving Jim insane. And when he heard those sweet, sweet words, all he could do was cry out and do as he was asked, his ass clenching hard around Corey’s hammering cock to milk it dry, his own splashing his load onto their stomachs. The loud cries of pleasure echoed through the room as Jim was holding onto his lover as if his life depended on it. Fuck, he was doomed for the rest of his life. He didn’t want anyone else, but Corey.

Corey felt the same as the curses his mind came up with as comments about the explosion melted his brain and body into a blissed out shaking mess. He dropped on top of Jim and gasped for air, caressing his lover and blindly kissing his neck and chest as his hips rocked them through their orgasms. He was home with his pair.


For a moment Jim didn’t know what woke him up then as he looked to the side, he saw Corey curled up across the pillows, sleeping soundly and hugging Jim’s to him. It made the bearded man smile as he sat up. With another small smile under his moustache he concluded that he’d feel it for a couple of days where Corey’s been last night. Blushing a bit to himself he stroked down his beard and thought back on the conversation they had with his lover about how they should do their disappearing act and what they should do once Chris called the biker.

That was the other thing they should do something about. With his big beard, hairdo and bike Jim could be easily spotted. He knew he had to change things up a bit. He also knew Corey would sleep long enough for Jim to do what he had to. Picking up his burner phone Jim locked himself into the bathroom and took a picture of himself before getting under the shower.

By the time he got out of the bathroom, Corey started stirring. Smirking Jim crawled back into bed and left a trail of kisses on his lover’s naked shoulder.


Mumbling in his half sleep Corey moved closer to the source of the soft kisses, smiling a little. As he opened his eyes he blinked a few times just to be sure he was seeing clear.

Smiling back at him a much younger looking, short-haired and bearded Jim Root was there, with a slight blush on his cheeks.

"What the....? Okay, okay... I get it! Really! But… I will miss your big beard," he said almost pouting as he sat up to take a closer look of his man. "You actually look mouthwatering, though..." he chuckled rubbing the short hair a little at the back of Jim's head.

“I know you’ll miss it, but yeah… I had to. I’ll miss it too. But I took a pic for you,” he said showing him the half-naked bathroom selfie with the big beard and longer hair. “But I take it you like me like this too,” he smirked under his moustache and rubbed along his much shorter beard. It was strange for him too, but oh well. Maybe with time he’s gonna let in grow again.

“Sooo… you pillow hugger… what do you want to do about the mouthwatering part?” he grinned lightly squeezing Corey’s naked ass. “I have an idea. We still have some time before you have to go to work…” he smirked and pushed Corey onto his back to go down on him, his tongue licking along the awakening cock of his love.

"If you say so... I can be late a little…" Corey moaned caressing Jim's hair again, honestly loving the feel of. He could get used to waking up like this…

 "Good answer..." Jim giggled and happily sucked the tip into his mouth, enjoying the caresses in his shorter hair. It was a bit strange still that it didn't fall forward anymore, but he had a more important and better task than to think about that...

He was starting to build up a steady rhythm with his sucking when suddenly the burner lying on the bed started ringing. With a frustrated groan Jim slid off the rapidly hardening cock and licked his lips reaching for the phone, keeping the other on Corey's dick.

"Chris! Hey man," Jim picked up the phone and glimpsed at Corey, an evil smile appearing on his face as his other hand started slowly stroking the slick meat, mouthing a 'Be quiet' to Corey. "How are things? Yeah, I'm at a diner... You say the cabin is ready?" he paused while listening to what Chris was saying, but his other hand never stopped moving on the naked man. "Awesome. It's not far from here. I'll move in tomorrow then. With a... special friend of mine..." he chuckled low.

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