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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage
S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Chapter 12

Chapter 12

  2016.09.06. 21:17

Chapter 12

Things were happening so fast... Even faster than before and that was crazy, really. Because in a relatively short period of time, like only about half a year, Corey's life had turned upside down and after the lowest depths he could imagine, now new hope for a happier and more balanced life started to form for him. Ironically while hiding away with a four time killer fugitive but life can be funny, right..?

But right now looking out of the window of the little nice wooden hunter shack while washing up the dishes and his big badass lover chopping wood outside in flannel was kinda idyllic, so to say... Even despite the trash metal blasting inside from the speakers...

Jim wiped off his forehead with the back of his hand, the sleeves of his black and red flannel shirt rolled up. He took a sip from his beer as he closed his eyes, letting the Gojira song wash over him. It was kinda fitting listening to them in the woods, their new home. They’d moved into the cozy cabin a few weeks ago and it was better than Jim expected. Especially because Corey was there with him.

True to the short man’s words, they started discovering a completely different side of each other now that the additional pressure of prison and the chase were gone. Or at least for Corey. Everyone still thought he was dead, but they kept looking for Jim. Luckily his traces were hidden well, so things were okay right now. Only Debby kinda figured things out. As Jim thought back on that, he picked up the axe again, looking back into the cabin, feeling a certain pair of eyes on him.

In the end things took a good turn. Corey could still laugh on the way his boss Lady looked when one morning she knocked on the door of her chef and Jim opened it half naked, while he just woke up naked on the bed and introduced his 'dead' lover. Debby was chill and cool, though and even when she got back from a business trip from Chicago and called the boys over to notice them about seeing Jim in the local news, she only wanted to hear the full story, and then assured them about her full support on one condition. Corey had still to work at the diner, because even when her late husband ran it the place wasn't this famous of the food. Luckily the little wooden hunter's cabin was close by the motel and after getting a kinda okay but run down bike for him, Corey daily rolled down to work on it. It was actually another plus because they needed some income to hide away. And things were forming for his dark, tall and fucking handsome man too…

As it looked, Corey turned out to be quite a great cook and that made Jim proud, because he taught him well, it seemed. And yes, Corey made those damned burgers even better than how they were in the past – and he made sure to keep the tall man well-fed. Not that he'd complain about that. He loved it when Corey cooked for him.

Jim also loved that now Corey had a bike too on which Jim worked whenever he had the time. While doing so and hunting down new or used parts in a nearby little motor shop, the owner said that he'd like to work out a deal with Jim to work there when he has the time. The tall man told him that he'd think about it. That little extra cash would come good next to his occasional wood-cutting. So all in all things were looking up for the lovers. Chris sometimes checked in through that burner phone while the boys were trying to get used to their new life.

Still watching his lover through the kitchen window, Corey was lost in the thought how his big biker daddy was now more or less a big lumberjack man, and so his fetishes were well-satisfied too. To be honest he kinda went wild from the raw fresh smell of wood all over Jim when he got home from his occasional jobs with the rangers’ lumberjack group.

Hopefully after a while the hunt will ebb down after Jim. And as Debby now followed the police wanted news, they knew that so far the hunt only stayed in Illinois and a bit at the much closer Wisconsin. The feeling of being safe started to get to the pair, but they knew better not to get too much comfy in that feeling. But a little careless liberated peace in their new home would never hurt, right? He somehow should try to lure Jim telepathically inside to make the best of the few hours remaining before Corey's shift starts... Maybe the smell of coffee...

With his eyes still glued to the kitchen window and through that to Corey, Jim finished his beer. Maybe he should finally think through the list he had to put together for Corey to bring them from town, like he usually did. Like a good boy should. From that thought Jim had to smile at Corey as he put the axe onto his shoulder and as if reading his mate's thoughts, he walked back inside.

"Do I smell coffee?" Jim asked, putting the axe down next to the door as he moved to the kitchen area, brushing against Corey's back as he reached for the coffee pot and a clean mug.

"Finally you noticed! I almost got brain damage from trying to connect to you," Corey chuckled and turned around, hugging his tall man and kissing him. "We have to work more on getting in sync," he chuckled letting Jim go and sipped on his own coffee with a mischievous smirk.

Jim had to giggle from Corey's comment and he winked at him as he prepared his coffee before walking to the worn out leather couch, sitting down with a kinda equally worn out sigh before taking a long sip, moaning his approval. "At least your coffee-making skills are potentially growing," Jim teased back. "So... tell me, my boy, how are you planning on getting in more sync with each other?"

"Well, fuck you!" Corey made a fake offended face putting his mug down. "Dunno... Maybe exactly like that," he giggled and walked over to his mate. Forcefully taking the cup from his big hand and straddling him, kissing sloppily into his wood chip-scented neck with a moan. "You’re the 'smart guy,' figure it out…"

"Oh I think I can come up with something... It's long and hard and in need of some attention. I bet it could bring us closer... and in more sync..." Jim kissed the side of Corey's neck, said big hands stroking down on his lover's back just to slide under the hem of his tee to stroke the small of Corey's back and the line of his spine. "What do you say? Would you be interested in such an experiment?"

"Sounds very intriguing… I have to admit. I think it’s worth a try," he brushed his lips along the short beard-covered jaw line of his lover, grinding his sweatpants-covered hardness to the said long and hard and neglected organ.

"Alright then..." Jim chuckled and moaned softly onto Corey's lips before gently sucking the bottom one between his teeth, his hands sliding down and under the sweatpants to squeeze and massage the firm ass, also helping his lover to grind their dicks together.

It didn't take long for the tall man to take control over the kiss, deepening it after Corey's tee landed somewhere behind them, his big hands gripping and caressing the warm body above him. "Off with the clothes, my boy and get down on your knees for me. I know how you love that," he grunted.

That deep dirty voice always moved something in Corey. That part that was a little needy whore, ready to please. And again it responded to Jim, making his body shiver and him moan as he slid down to the floor between Jim's legs. "Yes, daddy. I love to please your dick. It's a shame that there are not enough blow jobs nowadays..." he blabbered as he freed said – again – very neglected cock and licked it along moaning.

If Jim wasn't too occupied with watching Corey taking his cock into that small hand, he would've chuckled on that, because living with an eager little bitch like Corey was, Jim got his fair share of BJs, but oh well... he wasn't going to complain or protest. Especially when those plump lips slid down on his length. From that Jim groaned deep and let his head roll back onto the back of the couch.

"It's a good start... Yeah... Keep going, my boy..." Jim stroked along the strawberry blond locks, watching Corey working on him with his usual enthusiasm.

Corey made purr-like small growls to show he was happy that his daddy was pleased with his work. Taking the long cock deeper and deeper with each move of his head till he swallowed the whole down his throat, squeezing the muscles right on it to milk it from the sweet pre-cum as much as he could.

The moans and praising kept coming on a lower voice the more the other man's saliva was slicking him up until he had to take a firm hold of Corey's hair. "Up, up!" he urged him and let Corey stand in front of him and Jim couldn't stop himself from pushing down the sweatpants to feast his eyes on his lower's groin, his fingertips brushing through the red pubes there just to cup his balls and rub up from there along Corey's shaft just to let his tongue trace a few protruding veins too, watching the standing man's reactions.

The small man had to hold Jim's shoulders for support, because his knees went weak. His daddy was driving him crazy with his perfect tongue, making him moan out loud with closed eyes.

Suppressing a smug little smirk Jim continued returning the favor until Corey was dripping wet too then sliding off him with a loud pop he leaned back against the couch's back, pulling his boy to him by his waist so he could straddle him again.

Meanwhile he spit onto his fingers and quickly found that tight entrance, rubbing and pushing against it while he pulled Corey down for a hungry and rough kiss, his long middle finger finding its way fairly quickly into him, stretching and massaging the tight and hot walls.

Muffling his groans while kissing back Jim just as passionate and demanding, Corey started to move his hips to help the work of his daddy's finger. Grinding and trembling from the feel of that fingertip brushing against his sensitive spot.

Jim's approving sounds were grunted into the kiss then he added a second then a third finger, still mesmerized how easily Corey could open up for him once lust took over him. In no time his boy was grinding down on his fingers with those exciting noises he kept doing while they were having sex.

And this time wasn't an exception either, Jim felt his own cock throb for attention so he didn't waste any more time and grabbed himself to lift his lover a bit, fingers sliding out and keeping him open as his wet tip started pushing against that tight hole. "C'mon, slide down on it like a good boy. Take daddy..." he sucked on the other man's earrings and puffed his hot breath against the wet skin, starting to get lost in his own pleasure too.

He was hugging Jim’s neck by then and hiding to it as he was moaning and grunting his pleasure into Jim’s ear. His body took the hard meat eagerly and he kept swaying his lips to open up even more for it. Nuzzling his lover's neck with love, he started riding his daddy in a slow and passionate pace.

Just how Jim wanted him to. It seemed getting into sync was working after all. That thought made him smile but soon it was replaced with the pure pleasure he was feeling thanks to that tight ass moving on him. Resting one big hand on said body part, cupping it, the other slid onto Corey's back, keeping him close then finding the other man's mouth he started kissing the shit out of him until they were both out of breath and just then did his own hips start bucking up into that tight heat. "So perfect..."

"Yeah... You fucking are…" Corey breathed then cried out from the hard thrust hitting exactly where he wanted to feel it. Picking up the pace now and getting rough as his daddy added his share to their synchronizing. He just couldn't get enough of the feelings every time they made love. The slow flames getting alive and leaving him in that agony to feel more and become more one with Jim. It was indeed so perfect.

Jim smiled at Corey and slid his other hand onto his ass too to guide his movements and pull him down on his hard, leaking meat while he bucked up faster and deeper, hitting that sweet spot repeatedly in the pulsing heat.

"Touch yourself for daddy..." he grunted slightly out of breath and kept fucking up into his love, enjoying the way how they were both starting to lose it.

"Yes, daddy...." Corey whined and moved to rest his forehead against Jim's shoulder, one arm still around his neck, the other hand between their more and more franticly moving bodies, stroking his leaking shaft with utter pleasure, making pleased throaty groans while nearing his end fast.

"Just like that, my good boy..." Jim groaned peeking at Corey's hand on himself, his own fingers digging into that amazing ass he was taking roughly and fast by then. "Come on, I know you're close... Fuck yourself over the edge on daddy's dick... Let me feel you," Jim turned his head to whisper these things low into Corey's ear, he himself ready to fill up his lover again. He could never get bored of this.

"Y...yes... Oh gosh…" Corey whined then groaned as his body soon tensed up and jerked, releasing his juices with various growling moans. He even bit down on Jim's shoulder in his rapture, totally lost in the blinding bliss.

That bite, the tight grip on his cock and those fucking sounds Corey was making were what pushed Jim into shooting his load deep into the other man, a few loud moans rolling off his lips too while they were riding out their orgasm, holding on to each other tight while they became fully one.

Panting for air as he slowly started to come back to Earth was the best thing ever. Resting against his daddy's body and feeling the tender loving caressing hand over his body, feeling as one with him. It's was really all he ever wanted in life.

"And the diner will have a well-fucked and relaxed chef again. Debby can't complain," Jim lightly chuckled, kissing the side of Corey's head as he kept caressing his naked back, enjoying these peaceful moments with his love when they were still too tired and lazy to move.

Corey rubbed his face against the crook of Jim's neck, purring like a well-fed cat. Well, that was very true. "You are so good for that place and the workers, daddy," he chuckled pulling back enough to kiss his man with love.

"Well, I owe that to everyone. Especially Debby for keeping you as her chef after learning about our past," he caressed the back of Corey's head, even scratching a bit behind his ear with a soft giggle. He loved it when he was acting like this and that kiss tasted like Corey and coffee and Jim found himself wishing that they had more time. It was hard for him every time to part with his lover after everything they'd gone through to get here. No wonder they both were very protective about their little paradise up there in the mountains.

Jim's fears about Corey not liking it there were gone by then, because the short man seemed to feel good there with him. He never complained from the stuff he had to do in town, because Jim still had to be careful. He often brought some extra stuff home, the biggest one was a little bit beaten up pick up truck the other day on which Jim started working and usually took that to work too, keeping his bike in the small garage behind the shack. That way he didn't draw too much attention on himself, and when he had to cut trees that car proved to be useful too to bring home the wood they'd need for the colder months.

"Yeah and letting me bring home leftovers to feed you AND making sweets too," Corey giggled pecking more on the beloved lips. "I have to get going... Will you put up that fireplace to make it a grill with those bars I got the other day? I’ll bring home stuff to make a good dinner on it at home. Hmm?" he asked with one last short kiss and peeled himself from the long loving arms with a sigh, cursing loud from looking at the clock before rushing into the shower.

"But of course. We can't throw out all those perfectly good food," he patted his tummy, pecking Corey back then watched his naked lover get off him. "Sure. I'm not needed at the garage or in the forest today so I'll have time. Maybe I'll write some music too," he said glimpsing at Corey's guitar standing in the corner then with a sigh he watched those thick thighs and that cute ass wiggle out of his sight. Damn.

With a sigh he took some tissues to clean up and adjust his clothes then took Corey's remaining coffee and a "to go" cup to pour it into it, adding some more hot from the pot. Once the short man was done and ready to go, Jim pushed the cup in his hand and gave him the car's keys too. "Take the car and hurry back. I'll prepare everything for dinner so you can amaze me with your cooking skills again," he leaned down in the door and made sure to give Corey a thorough and deep kiss, pouring his love into it and making sure the small man would think of him during the day not just because of his tender ass.


The afternoon shift was crazy and Corey had to pay attention to squeeze in the extra things he wanted to do for their special dinner with 'the love of his life' – he had to laugh on that.

The staff learned about the chef having his –for their knowledge so to say – long-time boyfriend again by his side, and it seemed everyone was okay with that. Especially ‘cause this chef was more communicative and calm than the one before a boyfriend.

It was good that from the two of them Jim was kind of the handyman because he could fix a lot of things around the cabinet, which was a bit run down at first when they moved in. But now with quite some time on his hands he managed to work on a few things. The grill was one of the things they agreed to do to make the place feel more like theirs.

He was just finishing up building the grill at the end of the porch when he heard Corey park the car next to the cabin. Standing up with a cloth in his hands, cleaning them, Jim turned around and smiled seeing his lover jump out of the car, carrying some bags. He walked to the door, opening it for the short man, but kept his hand outstretched on the door frame to stop him from moving in until he got his usual greeting peck on his lips. "Need a hand, baby or this is all the stuff you brought?"

"Two more bigger bags in the car still with all the stuff you wanted from town," Corey said kissing his mate and walked inside putting the bags with the goods on the kitchen counter.
Seeing that Jim went to get his stuff, he started working on the vegetables and meat to take it outside where he saw the nice fireplace his manly man have put up.

"I will make you burgers and grilled veggies. Brought beers too, so you gotta love me," he laughed moving the trays outside. Thinking about dragging the smaller sofa they found here outside too and maybe even opening it to a bed and cuddle and eat and listen to music and wrap in blankets while drinking beers and talking. Fuck... He got that romantic virus too...

Nodding Jim headed towards the car to fetch said bags and carry them inside where he found Corey already packing and preparing the food for the grilling. Meanwhile Jim decided to put the beers into the fridge then pack the shit out he asked from Corey. Like parts he'd ordered to the garage for Corey's beat up bike and their car and some smaller tools for works around the house.

"Oh I'll love you with or without the beer," Jim chuckled walking out with Corey to fire up the grill, some nice metal tunes already playing from the speakers put into an open window. "Thanks for the stuff you brought home. How was your day?" he asked while working on the fire then gave the grill over to his man to do his magic. "I hope it'll do," Jim smiled under his moustache as he watched Corey. Man, he could've never thought that this domestic shit would actually work for him, but apparently it did. Thanks to Corey.

"It was okay. A little hectic but I managed with it," the redhead pressed a kiss as a reward to Jim's lips as he took over the place by the new grill. "Could you drag that older couch that came with the place out here to get cozy with me, baby? I have a surprise for you for it," he added even a naughty wink.

"Good," Jim smiled then nodded, heading towards the door. "'Course. And what's the surprise? You grew a second cock today?" he giggled on his oh so clever joke before disappearing inside just to drag said piece of furniture with two blankets and a few beer cans on it outside. He took his time placing it the right way then plopped down on it, cracking two beers open for them and handing one to Corey. "Cheers, babe."

"Cheers!" Corey 'clinked' his beer can to Jim's laughing, kinda used to those jokes by now so he just ignored it. Let the guy have his fun… Like… if he doesn't think he is funny then who will???

"You will get your surprise after dinner! Be patient!" He even darted his tongue out at the biker then sipped on his beer turning the burger meat and the veggies around. "Though, you did an awesome job with this fireplace. I love it. It's just the bars are at the perfect height. How you want your burger, baby?"

After the first few rough weeks adjusting to all the relative freedom and this new life, Jim was much calmer and he could thank a lot to Corey, who helped him through the hardest times and the worst of his anxiety. And he still loved him. Jim could feel it and see it every day and although the road that led here was hard and fucking bumpy like a dirt road washed out by some heavy rain, in the end it was worth it. Because he was accepted and loved despite his past. It took a special guy like Corey, some killings and those fucking long years behind the bars, but now – despite having to be careful not to get caught – he let himself feel happy and cherish every fucking day he could spend with his short man. And that radiated from Jim, he couldn't help it.

"Tease!" Jim snorted with a wide grin that he had only for Corey. "Gonna spank you good for that tongue though..." he dropped the first little teasing bomb of his own. "But I'm happy that you like the grill. And surprise me. I taught you well," he chuckled and took a sip from his beer, stretching out his long legs on the porch.

"Yes, master. We will please master with our cooking. As master taught us," Corey mimicked the voice of old horror movies where the vampire had a bug-eating half-zombie slave. Even leaned forward a little like he had a lump on his back. Well, anything to keep that addictive and full of life giggle rolling out of his love’s mouth.

He put the buns a bit on the fire to slightly toast them then he packed it full with what he knew Jim loved, including the sauces and grilled cheese and limped to him handing out the burger on a plate like some offering. "Here, master. Hope we please, master," Okay… He had to laugh also by then.

Needless to say, Jim was laughing his ass off on Corey's little act he'd put on. "You're one of a kind, baby!" And it was true, he couldn't remember the last time he'd laughed so much. Lately it became more and more frequent, but no wonder that happened. As it turned out, they both had a good humor and without most of the shadows from their past hanging over their heads, laughing and joking became easier for them too in their own little separate world that was mostly cut off from the outside world.

"Oh master is very pleased, my faithful servant," he added as he took the plate and put his beer down onto the floor so he could taste the mouthwatering food. Which he did and it was accompanied by a few approving – if not a bit dirty – moans. "Master approves. You can eat now too," he jokingly gave his permission and winked at his man.

"You know..." he started when most of the veggies and the first burger were already gone. "I was wrong about that diner. This is the best burger I ever ate. Here. With you," he told with a loving look and some blush on his cheeks that were more or less hidden as the night started to fall.

"We are very happy to hear that, master," Corey smiled back and leaned in to kiss Jim's flushed face. "I bugged you for this fireplace ‘cause I imagined this the first time we got here and walked around. That in this back terrace we could cook, eat and cuddle while the nights are not cold." Now Corey blushed too "and I am very fucking happy really that you like the burgers. Eat up! I'm bringing your surprise," he finished his food quick and went inside giggling.

"And you keep saying what a romantic I am..." Jim grinned, lightly patting Corey's thigh as he passed him. "And I mean it. The burgers are perfect," he repeated his opinion with slightly different words and went back to clear everything off his plate, washing it down with some beer. He knew there was plenty of food and from now on they could do this whenever they wanted. It was a real nice thought for two people living that long between strict rules.

A bit excited about his surprise, Jim waited for Corey, trying not to peek so he focused on the music and the sounds of the evening forest mixing into it.

Biting his lip Corey brought a small box out on a tray, glimpsing at Jim a bit nervously. "I think I got it from you, actually… You bit me. Remember? Not only once even. It must be some romantic shit virus," he chuckled and placed the box on the tall guy's lap first then pulled off the top.

Inside was a small cake, covered in fondant not so perfectly, Corey's second attempt to make such a cake. It was nicely decorated with whole nuts and raspberries and a little chopper made from black fondant on the top of it. "Don't laugh on it please. It's chocolate sponge with raspberry and brandy filling. I experimented it out. Please try it and be honest. I dedicated it to you though... Just test it yourself first before you add your 'biker' title to it," he offered a fork to Jim, watching his reactions closely.

"Oh well, I didn't know it was contagious," Jim snorted and chuckled then looked at the box curiously. Once the top was off and he saw what was in it, he couldn't really say anything. It's been so many years that he'd gotten a cake from anyone. And no one ever experimented out a cake just for him, so needless to say, he got so moved he had to fight his burning eyes for a long moment or two. No laughing on the imperfect look, of course.

Taking the fork from Corey's hand he cut a piece off and tasted it under the slightly nervous look of the other man. "It's perfect like you," Jim gave him the most loving smile Corey could ever see on his face. "I knew I love you for a reason," he added softly then virus or not, he pulled his mate in for a deep kiss to make Corey know that he meant every fucking word.


The End


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