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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Sail into the Black - Chapter 1/4

Sail into the Black - Chapter 1/4

  2017.04.14. 11:35

Note: This spinoff belongs to our “Come See My Cage” universe. It can be read as a solo piece too, though to fully understand the story, we advice to read the previous stories in this universe. Enjoy!

Note2: Title comes from “Sail into the Black” by Machine Head.

Fandom/characters/rating/category: Slipknot, Machine Head, Corey Taylor/Jim Root, Mick Thomson, Chris Fehn, Robb Flynn, Phil Demmel, prison AU, post prison, R, slash, M/M, light BDSM, light D/s relationship, established relationship, daddy kink, breathplay, romance, road trip, bikers, family, smut, rough sex, some (kinda manly) fluff.

Summary: Jim invites Corey on a road trip with his old MC. Corey pretends to be a new prospect who wants to get into the biker gang, but it’s all part of the couple’s dirty fantasy.

Disclaimer: This is a product of our imagination and was written only for entertainment and fun. We don’t profit from this fanfiction and we mean no harm or disrespect against any real person, culture or custom that might appear in the story.

Full-sized illustration by Useless-girl

Sail into the Black
By S.M.A. & Useless-girl

Chapter 1

They say time flies when you're enjoying good company. Well times did fly but in Corey's case the company was shit.

He wanted it, though... In some way it was all his idea… He and his stupid brain and big mouth...

After Mick popping up at their garage and becoming a more and more often 'guest' in their cozy wooden house up the hillside they made their love nest with Jim, Corey started plotting.

The ex-guard clearly was 'crying for help' and needed a cover from the police chasing after him too. And as he accidentally found out about them two, it was a huge plus why the mates had to help him. After all... a super corrupt ex-prison guard can never be fully trusted. Behind the more and more forced friendly welcoming, the feeling grew more with each time about when Mick would give them away to the police to save his own skin.

Jim's idea about taking Corey with him to meet up with the biker gang was forming more and more ideas in the head of the short man. And after telling his ideas to his big pair, the plans started to get into gear and Chris agreed.

Soooooo... It has been the third day Corey was eating dust on the road with the other bikers. A red bandana over his head. Just like the one over Mick’s and two other dudes and all four of them were the new guys applying to get into the MC. Chris, the Vice President agreed to take Mick in, and also let the mates play out some of their erotic scenarios...

Corey knew it will be not always pleasant. But the way the two real applying bikers came at him and literally pushed him off the road and tried to pick on him started to get on his – very short – nerves... Good thing he could sneak close to Jim during the nights... And admire him while riding beside Jim on the road.

For said big biker it was definitely an interesting situation, but he was grateful for his old MC for inviting them on this one week long road trip as the honorary Vice President. It was his former post before he was sentenced to prison time and Chris took his place.

Now pretending in front of the others – except for Chris and the MC president – that he didn't know Corey was definitely exciting for their quite active love life.

But Jim was also glad that they could find a place for Mick, because they could never fully let go and ease up when Mick was around in the cabin. From now on the ex-guard was gonna be the MC's problem. And Jim could focus on playing out their shared fantasy with Corey.

Although it was kinda amusing to see how the real prospects were trying to taste his big-mouthed lover. Even if now it seemed a bit more serious.

So when Jim noticed the trio on the side of the road, he slowed down and stopped next to them in his sun glasses and full on biker gear. Getting off his black baby, he straightened up to his full height and walked over. "What's going on here, prospects?"

Corey – of course – had to keep to his role. But it wasn't hard that time... The mumbled curses and growls came from his heart as he pulled the bike up to its tires and took a look at it. Being rather disrespectful by not looking at and addressing the Vice President as he should.

Robb, one of the real signed up biker dudes literally pushed his wheel into Corey's bike's rear and the small man flew off into the side bush, followed by the bike.

"I'm fine. The bike too as I see," finally he looked up at Jim and answered. He sent some death glares to Robb and Phil before turning back to Jim. "Sir. Sorry, sir. We can get back on the road."

Jim snorted looking over the scene as he hummed with an unimpressed look and stroked down his beard. Walking over he first glimpsed at the now standing bike. Aside from a few scratches no other damage was visible on it. That couldn't be said of the small redhead.

Having his poker face on, Jim towered over him to grab his jaw and turn his face to the side. The left side of it was mostly scraped off and slightly bleeding as well as there were a few tears and a lot of dust on his clothes and leather vest.

"First you should clean your face. And learn how to ride a bike. This clearly isn't the way if you want to join this or any other MCs!" Jim grunted coldly but there was worry in his eyes behind his shades.

Letting Corey's jaw go, he turned to the other two men. "You two get back on the road while we check this imbecile's bike to make sure all is good with it," he barked at Robb and Phil.

One was a shorter man with long brown hair and a beard, the other a much bigger and wider with similar colors minus the beard.

As they nodded and Jim got to his bike to toss the small first aid kit to Corey, the other two agreed and with a small smirk on their faces took off.

Corey caught the kit and opened it after placing it on the seat of the bike. Looking in the rearview mirror he dripped some sterilizing liquid on a cotton ball and started to clean down his marked face, gritting his teeth while the two assholes got too far to see them.

"I'm really fine… That moron knocked me off. I guess you even saw it. It is always like this competitive like these shits act?" he asked Jim quietly turning to him after he finished.

The way Robb tried to make him quit and have less people to compete with sounded logical in the raw and rough biker world, and since Phil was Robb's buddy and Mick was huge as a slaughterhouse – and looking like one too – it was Corey who got to be the target because of his size and kid-like look.

Once the dudes were gone, Jim walked over to Corey and the scratched up bike with the small tool kit he always had with his own. "Yeah, they are usually like this. Or uglier. Depends on the applying prospects and their temper. Robb looks like a real competitor. He and Phil will team up and help each other and they won't go against Mick, obviously... So keep an eye on them, baby," Jim said much softer as he shed his mean biker dude mask and stepped to Corey. He took the pad from the other man's hand and continued cleaning Corey's face now without his shades on so the obvious care and love could be seen in the hazel eyes.

"You sure you're okay?" he murmured tossing the bloody pad onto the seat and tipped Corey's chin up to peck his lips.

"Yeah... Getting better..." Corey mumbled hugging his tall man's neck and kissed him back longer. Even moaning into it. It's was making his soul bend back being in balance with the universe again.

"So you say we will camp down in a few hours…?" Corey asked after the kiss with a naughty tone.

Not caring about any cars that passed them by, Jim kissed back and his eyes turned from worried to lustful too. "Yes, I think so. We'll fuel up on booze and food somewhere first then find a place to camp. I'll make sure to put up my tent not so close to the others..." he murmured under his moustache, stroking down on Corey's back to grab and squeeze his ass meaningfully.

"But now... Let's take a look at your bike just to make sure all is okay with it..." he forced himself to tear himself away from his pair to get back on the road and catch up with the others as fast as possible.

"Okay," Corey said simply and let Jim do what he has to with the bike.

The big man adjusted some parts and they were soon back on the road. Riding side by side alone let some time for Corey to admire his lover.

He just loved how Jim towered over the otherwise very impressive sized full matt black machine. It was a majestic sight. And made Corey laugh wholeheartedly when Jim started to show off and fooled around for him.

Letting both handles go, Jim smirked as the wind was blowing his long beard. This was freedom from the purest kind for him. Only riding and Corey could give him that. And especially after the years locked away he tried to get as much of it as possible.

Taking the handles again, he sped up and cut in front of Corey playfully then let the other man do the same. They repeated that a few times then when they were catching up with the others, they got a bit more serious. The usual strict mask slipped back on Jim’s face as they were getting back in role.

When they caught up with the others at the shop, they were already packing up the bikes with the goods. Jim parted from his love and rolled to Chris talking the MC business through.

Corey helped with the beers and food as he was told and rather stuck to Mick. Which looked funny as the huge full muscle guy and the small teenager looking one carried the big loads together.

"Are you okay, kid?" Mick asked on a low voice seeing the bruises on his face.

"Yeah. Don't worry. How's it going staying as Chris’ right hand? You think it will work out?" Corey asked back.

"He's cool. Likes music and military stuff. Hunting and shit. I think it will. And I am grateful that you all are helping me out and play along in this for me," Mick flashed a smile at the redhead.

Of course Corey nodded back as they placed the packs down. Mick didn’t need to know that it was their fantasy with Jim. They were very into role play and this was part of that too. "Let's bring another crate," he added glimpsing back at the leaders talking.

"Is he going to be okay? Should I step in with Robb and Phil?" Chris asked Jim as they were a bit further away from the others, the VP standing next to the smoking tall man.

"Yeah. He's tougher than he looks. He can stand up for himself. Saw that several times while locked up," he said knowing Chris meant the scraped face.

"Alright. Just let me know if it gets ugly. With these two I wouldn't be surprised. Either way having Mick around will be beneficial for us all, I think. Him being an ex-guard and all..."

"He's gonna be a good guard for the MC too. And thanks, but think I'll be able to handle Robb and Phil. You should rather tell where you want to camp for the night. Sun's gonna set soon," he said puffing smoke into the air.

"There's a good place not far up on a hill a few miles from here. We should get going too. I see everyone is ready with the packing. There's gonna be the usual drinking and eating party for your and the prospects' honor too. Hope you'll stay for a while too."

"Wouldn't miss it, man," Jim said as he stepped on his cigarette butt.


The clearing was really not that far up the hillside. It was hid away by the taller trees, giving some shades and cover up from the road.

The 'newbies' were to help out the most with setting the camp. Corey was busy also with setting up the fire and as a chef at a diner he was ordered to cook up some stew and toast bread to go with it. He was more than willing and happy about that, though. Cooking became his passion and he always felt useful and free while he could feed others with his food.

A bit further away Chris was busy with picking out the places for the tents. And he had a very good eye for it too. "I was thinking for that place for you for the right," he pointed next to the few other tents while talking to Jim.

The VP looked over to that spot with an open beer can in his hand and huffed. "Thanks but I was thinking on putting up my tent a bit further up between the trees," he murmured with a small little smile under his moustache.

"I see..." Chris smirked to himself. "You know… I’m okay with such. And love you like a brother. But never thought I’d help you play out your sexual fantasies with your man," Chris laughed shaking his head, 'clinking' his beer can to Jim's. Of course he knew why the big guy wanted to be away from the others. And he liked to help out Jim, even in such things. It meant that the ex-VP was okay and enjoying his life happily. And Chris was glad about that.

"Okay man. Do as you think is best for you. Corey is almost ready with the food. And the others brought some guitars. So we gather by the fire and cheer for you for being here while our president is busy with other things," he winked.

"I appreciate, man. Really. All of it. You know how much it means for both of us to be here. Me for giving a taste of my old life and for Corey to experience some of how it was for me before prison..." Jim hummed lost in thought for a moment then sighed. "Alright. Let's this party started then," he raised his can to Chris once more before sipping on his beer then walked to the others to check if everything was in order.


Soon the gathering was eating and drinking heavily and Jim found himself playing one of the guitars, and even Corey got his chance to shine with his amazing voice which only made Jim secretly proud. Although he had to give to Robb that he wasn't much behind with his vocal skills.

The eating and drinking was nice. It seemed that Robb and Phil were also good with guitars and even Corey agreed on it that the annoying fuck could sing well.

Still it couldn't spoil his mood. Everyone loved his cooking and he was getting nice and tipsy and the glares Jim sent him made his blood boil.

So when the big guy called it a night and retreated, Corey counted back the minutes while he drank two more beers and chit-chatted with the others before sneaking after Jim. By that time most of the gang went to their tents anyway, so it was not that obvious...

By the time Corey drank those two more beers, Jim dozed off only in his underwear in the tent. But soon he awoke to hands caressing is tummy and sides and soft lips kissing and sucking on his awakening cock.

"Hmmm... Such a nice way to wake up, my eager boy..." he grunted, sliding a big hand on the back of Corey's head to caress it and lightly tug on the longer tufts.

Corey grumbled and sucked Jim's hardening cock deeper and looked up at him with blue eyes shining filled with love and lust.

Jim's hips came alive from that look and fucked up into the inviting lips around his filling shaft. "Thought so..." he chuckled deep and it ended in an even deeper moan as he reached under his sleeping bag for a bottle of half-empty lube to toss it next to Corey.

"Take off your clothes and open yourself up for daddy while sucking him," he ordered, eyes glued to his small man.

Corey only hummed on his deep voice, letting Jim's dick go to quickly undress himself. "Yes, daddy. Anything you wish," he said low as a reply and opened the tube to slick up his fingers, kneeling back and sucking Jim’s eagerly jumping shaft into his mouth while his hand reached back and he smeared the lube on his hole. Pushing a finger slowly in moaning as his sucking deepened.

"That's right," Jim purred satisfied as he watched his lover's mouthwatering body getting revealed. Of course it was followed with a low moan, trying to hold his voice back in case someone was still wandering around.

His hand fisted in Corey's hair and guided his head down further on his fully erect shaft now. "Choke on in a few times then I'll want you to ride daddy's dick, my boy..." he worded his wishes and pushed that wet mouth even deeper on himself.

Doing as his daddy wished, Corey swallowed that leaking shaft deeper till he coughed from it. He kept swallowing the hard cock deep while his fingers worked his hole open and ready for Jim.

When he decided that he can't wait anymore, he pulled back as he could from Jim's grip in his hair. "I want to ride you now, daddy..." he panted looking up at Jim with a flushed face and liking his swollen lips.

"God..." That was all Jim could say as he let Corey go and nodded, grabbing the base of his dick to steady it for the small man. "Then take a ride on my pony," he chuckled low, stroking along one of the thick muscular thighs that were now straddling him.

Corey giggled. He got out of role but just couldn't help when Jim brought up their one time getting maybe a bit too wasted and rapping all kind of stupid shit for fun... The pony ride was one of those remarks and he just loved Jim more for ordering him like that.

Already straddling Jim's hips, he leaned down and gazed into the hazel eyes from close. "I love you, daddy…" he whispered rubbing his entrance to the wet cockhead. He closed their lips in a passionate kiss while pushing down on the long dick, moaning and shivering from the feeling.

"Love you too, my sweetest boy," he smirked up at him and rubbed both thighs now. He dug his nails into them as Corey finally sunk his body down on his shaft. It drew a long deep moan from the big man and he kissed Corey back passionately and with a hint of his always present possessiveness.

That kiss lasted until the tight ass got used to Jim's size then the biker cupped the firm round ass with his strong hands to make Corey move. "Fuck daddy nice and hard..."

"With pleasure, daddy," Corey panted and grinded his hips more while moving slowly up and down on the hard meat. His nails dug into Jim's chest as he steadied himself and rode his daddy harder.

Jim groaned low again and his eyes rolled back into his head as pleasure ran through his body and his fingers dug into and pulled Corey's ass cheeks more apart. He even traced the stretched hole's edge with delight.

"You're so fucking amazing... Harder. Give us what we both need," he panted. It was so great that Jim had found the partner with whom all their needs fitted. Up till that day it amazed him. Especially because it happened behind bars. But now they were free and also free to love each other in any way they deemed fitting. And this now fitted their hungry desires to the fullest. It's been three days since they could really touch each other and Jim was planning to catch up with that. All night long since they were gonna stay in camp for most of the next day.

Corey didn't need any more encouraging to be honest. His own needs got loose after the frustrating days. Feeling the urge to feel more of his lover, he bent down to lay more or less on the bigger body and he showered Jim's freckled shoulders and chest with bruising kisses while he kept practically dropping himself down on the throbbing meat with low joy-filled sounds.

Jim was right on time to meet those thrusts with his upward pushes while his hands kept caressing and scratching Corey wherever he could reach.

Then manhandling Corey onto his back, Jim pulled the small body under him and pushed his legs up to ram back into his lover.

All Corey could think of to shout was 'FINALLY!' when Jim turned them around. His arms hugged the long neck and his legs crossed over Jim's back and he bucked up hard with delight to meet the rough moves. Trying not to be too loud. Which was in his case a very hard thing...

Jim tried to muffle him with his kisses while loving his man with slow but rough stabs against that sweet spot, sucking and biting on the swollen lips then pushing his long tongue practically down Corey's throat.

But when his hips picked up a faster punishing rhythm, he rather clapped a big hand against said mouth and he stared down on the pleasure-filled face.

"Oh you've been waiting for daddy to fuck you hard, my boy, didn't you?" he panted onto the right side of Corey's face, leaving the healing on the other side alone.

Unable to voice his answer Corey mumbled against the big strong hand.  Jim's bigger body pushed him down hard. Pressing his air out of his lungs a bit. But everything just added to his ecstasy. Not to mention the more wild thrusts that made the short man tremble and whine for more.

"I can tell you want more, you little bitch, before daddy fills your hungry little hole..." Jim chuckled out of breath over the trembling body he was taking as his again next to his biker clothes.

Only flashing his lust-filled and predatory eyes on the redhead he moved around a bit to be able to slide his other hand onto Corey's thick sweaty throat, his hips slowing down fully buried in him to circle his hips.

"Fuck, your tight little hole always feels so good," he groaned and licked into Corey's ear then when the next hard push against his prostate came, Jim's hand tightened enough to cut off the small man's air.

Already short on air, Corey's brain drifted into a higher bliss from the choking hand. His eyes rolled back as he groaned with his last breath before Jim's attack on his senses and body made his body jerk in pleasure.

His inner walls tightened more around the long meat, pulling it even deeper as his smaller orgasm rushed through him and was prolonged with the seconds Jim kept him without air.

It was time for Jim to fuck Corey as hard and fast as his muscles allowed him. Their sweaty bodies were slapping together loudly and mercilessly, Jim's grunts mixed into Corey's muffled sounds as he was watching his blissed out man, ready to pump him full with his load. "Now, my boy! Give it to daddy! Give it all!" he groaned barely able to phrase his words.

As Jim played Corey with such ease like one of his guitars, the grumbling and whining man under him started to lose his mind and connection to the world around him.

The breath control taking his breath then giving the rush of oxygen to his blissed out brain pushed Corey even deeper into his pleasures. His body tensed from the almost violent way Jim was fucking hard against his prostate. The small rushes of joy made the small orgasm build up into a bigger rapture and it didn't take long for him to tremble over the edge and lose it all in an exploding orgasm. He pulled Jim with him into the abyss of it as his body cramped and jerked hard and his nails left bloody lines on Jim's sweaty back as he held onto him at the last string of consciousness.

Jim couldn't hold a louder moan back as he felt Corey obey, the small body cramping around him like a vice. Jim fell out of his rhythm a bit and fucked up into him until his cum shot out of him in fast squirts and he latched onto the panting mouth to muffle both their sounds of pleasure until their bodies slowed and calmed down a bit.

But they both knew Jim was far from being done with him for the night before they would cuddle in his double sleeping bag for a while.

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