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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Sail into the Black - Chapter 2/4

Sail into the Black - Chapter 2/4

  2017.04.14. 11:36

Chapter 2

Sneaking back to his own tent at the chilly break of dawn was definitely something that Corey hated from the bottom of his heart. But also it was so worth it. Even the stabbing slight ache in his ass.

He slept a few hours more on his own before Chris' banging on a tin lid woke up the biker camp around 8 am.

That wasn't the best wake up call for the tired and very satisfied VP either. But he got used to it during his years in the different MCs. Not being a morning person showed on his face too as he emerged from his tent a few minutes later to hunt down some kickass strong coffee.

He saw Corey already making some with a few others while they were also working on making sandwiches from the leftovers for everyone for the road until they would get to one of this biker gang's brother MC in the afternoon.

Taking a mug full of the strong coffee – prepared by Corey just the way he likes it the best – Jim couldn't help himself and looked at his lover a tad bit longer than necessary before moving back a bit to light up a cigarette too. Watching Corey was one of his favorite things in the world. And he loved it even more how his thick throat was a bit red from where he choked him and also noticed how he moved a bit more careful time after time. That forced Jim to look away from him and sip from his coffee to hide his dirty little smirk.

Not only Jim had noticed the discomfort and bruises on Corey, though. Robb raised his brow checking the red guy out with an all-knowing look on his face.

And of course, the ever observant guard had a huge shit-eating grin on his face while they were packing sandwiches and other things.

"Be careful. Others have eyes too and many of them are also into guys... Like back in the days. It won't take long until you two get busted as lovers," Mick murmured low to Corey as a warning. He was right. Corey could feel Robb's eyes on him but decided to not care about it and just enjoy the memories of the night...

It was nice to sleep with Jim again. Even if basically pressed against the bigger body in the sleeping bag. Despite it being a 'double,' Jim's body took most of the place in it. But the romantic feeling of being woken up by Jim rubbing his hard dick against him and chewing on his nape to wake him for another round a few times during the night, totally melted his heart. Yeah, such things fitted perfectly in their dark and twisted love.

But coming back from the memories, Corey smiled at Mick as he handled the big guy the done sandwiches to wrap them. "Well... We only live and learn. Maybe we can be smarter this time about keeping it a secret."

"Yeah, sure..." the huge man snorted as he wrapped the sandwich and put it on the ready pile.

Meanwhile Phil joined Robb a bit further away by the bikes to go through their supplies like a few others were doing as usual. After packing their shit together, Jim and Chris went to check on all the bikes too and made sure everyone was ready to leave.

An hour after the wake up call they were all back on the road again, heading west towards their destination. This time the ride was relatively calm aside from Robb or Phil cutting in front of Corey a few times to make him hit the breaks, but when Mick drove up next to the small redhead, said duo rode up more to the front to be closer to the top dogs.

The biker convoy turned off the highway around 3 pm to drive to a more secluded bigger farm with cabins and a forest surrounding it. That was one of the gathering places of that MC where they had bigger parties, occasionally hid their less legal stash or tested newbies. This time the Chicago MC was invited to do the testing and the party there.

Jim and Chris led the others to park down near the main house and the big garage next to it. The president of the bikers – along with the other members – were already waiting for them with food, booze, chicks and music. Once Jim and Chris greeted the president and his VP as brothers, they sent everyone to find a room or a cabin for themselves and mingle. The testing would happen during the following day and close with another party.

Corey got one of the back cabins, right next to Jim's. He smirked as he parked his bike beside it and packed his stuff inside. At least it had solid walls and a real bed. The previous night Jim's tent almost fell on them due to their activities.

Catching up and drinking with Dan, the older biker president and the inner circle of his gang was nice. Jim had missed this so much and also these guys. For a while he used to work for them as a nomad too and it was good to see that the gang only prospered since he had left. Dan showed Chris and him around, talking proud of some of the new bikes they had finished or were working on in the garage.

They also talked over the tasks for the next day before going back to the others to join the nicely forming party. Jim could see that Robb and Phil were already popular among the biker ladies, but his eyes were searching for one certain redhead.

Mick laid low as his eyes roamed around the bikers. Maybe a few of them were in the prison while he served there... Not to mention he wanted to hide.

As Phil and Robb stuck together, by then Mick and Corey did too. Corey figured that on the fourth day it was not that suspicious.

The biker ladies and hired girls were doing their jobs. And indeed adored the newbies. Too bad that Corey got a grimace from them trying to hug and kiss him. Of course it was all to Mick's utter enjoyment and he was laughing so hard he almost spit his beer out.

"Take it easy, kid! The girls just wanted to make you feel comfy."

"Yeah... Then stay away from me…" Corey grumbled but smiled sipping from his beer.

"What about that President? Dan, I think... Tall bearded dude... I heard he’s into guys too. Maybe you're his type," Mick nudged Corey. "I know those are your type."

"Maybe I just look at the dinner, dude..." the redhead shook his head patting Mick's wide shoulder. "Have fun, though…" he winked nodding toward the new pair of girls coming closer, giggling and feasting their eyes on the buff man.

Robb was on his way back from taking a piss and refilling on some whiskey and beer when he walked past behind Mick and Corey's back close enough to catch most of that conversation. One of his thick dark eyebrows went up and a dark little smile appeared under his moustache. Well, well... That was some useful information for later...

Meanwhile Jim had his fair share of politely refusing some ladies. He had some practice in that from the past, but Dan and the VPs were mostly left alone for their talk while overseeing their people nicely mingling, the nice metal music making some of them dance or headbang. Others were eating and drinking and Jim also saw that a few were going to get lucky very soon.

Of course he was keeping an eye on Corey too, but left him to have a good time and get to know some new people too. After all, Jim wanted him to have the whole biker MC experience. Even if he didn't like it that much how after a while Robb started circling his pair.

"Tomorrow evening after the tests we could do a spontaneous rock concert too, don't you think?" Dan's question made him focus back on the conversation by their table and he hummed before sipping on his beer. "You still play guitar, right? Chris or some of our guys could join you. I hear that Robb guy is good with vocals and the strings too."

"Phil plays lead too," Chris hummed, thinking about the idea. "And Corey has an awesome voice too. It could be a good way to let off some steam and celebrate. If they survive the tests," he chuckled.

Jim rolled his eyes on Chris' comment but shrugged. "Sounds good to me. Maybe you could ask around and organize it while we're dealing with our newbies," Jim suggested.

"Sure, no problem, man," the president grinned widely and raised his beer bottle. "To the reunion of our families!"

"You would do anything for this, right?" Phil asked Robb, shaking his head. "If you are wrong, you blow all your chances away to get in."

"I'm very fucking sure that the little shit is already fucking Root. And I'm gonna get to that whatever it takes," Robb replied drowning his whiskey and smacking his lips together. And with a determined look on his face he headed towards the grills to get flirty with Corey.

"To family!" Jim and Chris toasted with Dan and drank, sharing a few laughs and old stories with each other. Dan was one of the few who knew some of why Jim had to lay low and was glad that he and Chris could both come to represent their president who was busy with other business stuff and his family.

In between two stories of the past, Jim ran out of his beer and offered to bring the next round. And while he got to that, he also saw that Corey was making some of his legendary hamburgers. To that and the sight of his lover, Jim felt the hunger flare up in him. Both kinds of hunger.

What he didn't like at all while he was approaching the grill from out of the line of Corey's sight was what he heard from the conversation he caught between the redhead cook and Robb.

Corey focused on the grill. Like the previous night, he was happy to be able to cook and not think about anything else.

Robb turned around and parked himself beside the table onto which Corey packed the done BBQ chicken, hot wings and burgers. First he thought the black-haired guy wanted to pick on him again... But he actually praised the food and started joking and even flirting with him... And Corey had to admit that he was a real fucking charmer, knowing his way with words!

Damn, he even made Corey blush when Robb said his voice was so passionate and deep. That's when his looking away eyes met Jim's...

The couple of beers and shots didn't help on Jim's mood as his face was automatically transforming into the indifferent mask with the intense sharp look in his eyes he used to have as the VP and gang leader in prison. It was familiar to Corey for sure.

Eyeing that blush on Corey's face – which wasn't put there by Jim – made the big biker press his full lips into a thin line, but while putting the tray with the beers down on the food table, Jim didn't say anything. Yes, there was that pang of jealousy in him as he caught the flirting lines.

"Nice party, man," Robb grinned watching the VP's reactions. He wasn't easy to read but the tension was clear in his moves as Jim was packing some from everything on plates and the tray.

"Glad you're enjoying yourself," he said on a neutral voice and even forced a small smile onto his face, not looking at Corey.

"Oh I hope I'll be enjoying myself even more tonight," he said low and glimpsed meaningfully at the short cook.

To that Jim's jaw tightened again and he straightened up, taking the tray from the table. "Good luck," he said then walked back to the others, planning on eating at least three burgers in a row.

Corey heard Jim's replies and bit his lip. He knew his blush could be misunderstood. And suddenly he just fully figured out Robb. The little wide-eyed crap probably noticed something they where not careful enough about with Jim... And knowing only that Corey ass just another 'nobody' like him in this gang, Robb probably planned on taking Corey's place in the honorary VP's bed to assure his place in the MC.

First the tension stiffened his figure with worry. Then he just realized that all this probably was going to end up with Jim punishing him... So a win-win situation anyway. He would get plenty of what he wanted from his man plus saw through Robb's cards…

But Jim's thoughts didn't automatically jump to the punishing part. He was more stressed and tense than for a long while. You see, living in their little no name town near Des Moines was like living in their little bubble of love and freedom. But it was still a bubble, cutting off most of the outside world. Now they were far from home among new people and Jim had to realize that he got used to having Corey only for himself.

In the diner where the redhead worked as the chef, he probably have people hitting on him too, but now he was kinda in the spotlight in this "prospect" role. Which was just part of their game. But Jim knew that Corey was a handsome and sexy man and maybe he liked Robb's compliments – and liked those in general when Jim wasn't around.

And that made the big biker's self-confidence drop somewhat and start thinking again that maybe he was tying Corey down too much – and not in the fun way. After all from the two of them only Corey was a free man, since the authorities knew him dead. Jim remained a wanted criminal after all these years too. His lover could leave him any time and Jim wouldn't be able to do anything about it. He wouldn't if Corey ever started to feel unhappy on his side.

By the time he got to the end of these thoughts, he already ate the three burgers and two hot wings. Stress eating. That's what he usually did when something fucked his head up.

Corey stayed with the politely replying but neutral and blocking the flirting way for the rest of the night. He hoped that Jim would come around again but only Chris came for more food and to praise Corey's cooking and to ask about that surprise gig.

So by the time the grilling was done and most of the people went to call it a night, the chef walked back to the cabins with mixed feelings. Not seeing Jim anywhere on his way he went around a few cabins as if he got lost. But he just wanted to make sure that no one was around... Passing Jim's cabin for the second time and seeing the small light inside, he took a wobbly sigh and knocked quietly.

"'Itssopen!" Jim slurred in the general direction of the door as he was half-lying on the bed, still fully dressed and more than a bit tipsy. It wasn't just because he had to have some drinks with the others. It was because of his dark thoughts that by then were trying to hook their claws deeper in him to drag him lower.

Corey took a deep breath and opened the door. He saw at once what kind of state his daddy was in... Not just the half-drunken one, but the sadness and self-beating rolled off heavily from the big guy.

Walking closer Corey put the cooler box down at the foot of the bed.

"Hi..." he said low and very unsure, sitting down on the bed and leaning to peck Jim's lip. "How are you, daddy?"

Jim let Corey peck his lips, but didn't move his. "Drunk-ish and tired," he said shortly, still not liking to show himself vulnerable in front of anyone. Corey was practically the only one to whom he sometimes opened up like that during the years they've spent together as a pair. But it was always tricky with the short man, because he had the most power over Jim and knew that Corey could crush him with one word.

So he pretended that all was well, although both knew it wasn't the case.

"Had a good night?" he asked instead.

"It was okay. I waited to be with you," Corey said and looked at the floor. "You know... Debby is right when she jokes around with me being the wife… Aren't you forgetting something, Jim?" he looked back into the hazy eyes a bit sad.

His daddy was tense and closed up before him. And it twisted his heart a little. "I thought we are closer than... than this tension... How many years, is it? You remember? It's funny... ‘Cause being close to Mick and out with these other dudes keep reminding me the time we met in that cell…" he said getting worked up a little inside, and maybe sounding like that a little more too.

"Nearly four years by now," he sat up straight from Corey's tone, his own face getting darker, brows furrowing together. "Reminding you of what? And probably I'm forgetting something, like always. Probably that and those memories make you want to flirt with other... and more attractive men," he raised his voice a bit as he finally snapped but then took a deep breath to somewhat calm down and the next time he opened his mouth, he sounded more sad than anything.

"Though I don't blame you if you got bored of me and our locked up life. I've told you at the very beginning that I can't offer you more. That won't change. I won't change..." he quieted down and drank the rest of his whiskey, putting the empty bottle down next to the bed. "You're attractive and fierce. I'm old, bitter and boring. If you want to go, you can. I'd never force you to stay with me," he added, the alcohol finally making him spit out his darkest fears. There it was. In black and white. Corey could decide what to do with it while Jim was trying to light a cigarette, but the lighter didn't want to work in his slightly shaking hands.

To say that Corey got speechless was an understatement. Even his mouth stayed open. When he closed it and swallowed hard he felt his eyes watering up.

"I never flirted with no one. And you are everything I ever wanted. I wanted to come this week, remember? I told you that I can get a holiday break this week only, but…" he shook his head and forced himself to get calm and picked up the cooler to open the lid.

"Mick remembers, you know... You had 4 years left. And would have gotten free on the anniversary of my first day in. Today..." he said with forced coldness in his voice.

Turning around he placed a small cake beside Jim. It looked like a hamburger and smelled from the fine forest fruits and Mascarpone crème. Corey even decorated the plate with two handcuffs around the sides.

"Happy anniversary. You're the love of my life," he said and one teardrop rolled down on his bruised face as he put a chain with a military tag into Jim’s hand. But it had lines and that date carved into one side and a little house between trees on the other side.

Jim sat there stunned. This was definitely something his sad and half-drunk mind didn't expect. He was so stupid! And his man was simply... unreal. Perfect.

"I'm an asshole and you're perfect..." he hurried to say after he was able to look away from the cake and the name tag and noticed Corey's tear. "I'm so sorry for..." he started but then his brain froze and confusion flooded his face as his mind was starting to catch up with what Corey said. "Wait... what? I had 4 years left? What do you mean by that? I was sentenced to die in prison. No chance to get free. What...?" Jim shook his head, suddenly feeling as if his mind was going to get overloaded.

Corey sniffed and rubbed his eyes swallowing. "Your president moved some strings. And he is hiding from everything now, as you can see. But the ‘thank you’ he was preparing was that his lawyers made a scapegoat out of one of the gang members here in Illinois. Your case got on retrial and Mick got the order of your release in 4 years when you were already in danger ‘cause of Davis and planning getting out from prison with Mick. He got drunk as fuck the last time he dropped by and wanted to get that off his chest," Corey shrugged. "But the day and month is the same as the day we first met. I just thought…" he shrugged again. "I would never leave you... And as now your jail time is done. You're only on the list here in Illinois for jailbreak. But back in Iowa or any other state no one is looking for you. You're a free man also, to go with anyone you want…"

Jim suddenly felt much more sober and his eyes couldn't go any wider than they already were. He even had to close his mouth from the shock. "No way..." he mumbled to himself. Was it true? Could it be true? Would his ex-president's hand reach that far? Jim didn't regret his deeds because it was to protect innocent lives and those bastards deserved it, but this... He was utterly speechless and his instincts were right. His mind was now totally blown.

Still, he had to pull himself together from that shock, because Corey was taking over Jim's previous brooding/sad mood and Jim just... couldn't let that happen. Not after such gifts and revelations...

"Corey..." he started but had to clear his throat and swallow hard while fighting with his tears. This horrible evening was taking an entirely different turn to the best. "Corey, baby... I don't know what to say. Just that I'm yours for the rest of my life. This... huge revelation... this won't change that I only want you and our home up in the mountains. I thought you didn't want me the same way any more, but instead you brought me these amazing presents. You are the best anniversary/release present," Jim chuckled a bit, still in disbelief as he put the cake down onto the small table and – with the name tag still in his fist – he pulled his man into his long arms. "You have no idea how happy you still make me. Every fucking day. You are all I ever wanted too," he whispered then kissed his man with passion and maybe a bit desperate to make sure he understood how deep his feelings for him still ran.

Corey grabbed into Jim's shirt and kissed his man back just as desperate. He really wanted all of what they had. He never thought he would be that happy with his life as he was in those long arms and their very low-key and organized life.

"I wanted a surprise. And to have this special day for us. Forever," Corey said rubbing his face into Jim's neck. "You're mine. My daddy and I will never let you go. I fucking swear on that. Hear it?" Corey sniffed pulling back and taking the silver chain from Jim's hand he put it around his long neck, like underlining the ownership he just voiced.

"I heard it, yes," Jim chuckled relieved and happy then looked at their miniaturized home on one side – which melted his heart more than anything – and the dates and the line on the other side. "Running free..." he smiled warmly at Corey. He vividly remembered playing that Iron Maiden song in that prison music room all those years ago. "Still fitting... Even more now," he smirked then laid down on the bed, pulling Corey on top of him. "Then make me yours again..." he panted onto the wet lips and stole another kiss.

Even after all these years Corey never ceased to amaze Jim.

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