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S.M.A. & U-girl - Come See My Cage : Sail into the Black - Chapter 3/4

Sail into the Black - Chapter 3/4

  2017.04.15. 16:23

Chapter 3

Corey woke up late. It was usually Jim who slept in and Corey woke up at dawn due to his work in the kitchen. But it seemed his senses and brain got overworked in the last stressful days. And the arms around him made him sleep like a baby...

It was as if missing Jim's long arms woke him up. Sitting up he saw a familiar flannel shirt outside the cabin. Jim was sitting by his bike smoking.

It was a good thing that the party stretched long into the night, because Jim didn't see anyone up yet. But then again it was fairly early, only around 9 am. He didn't sleep much, but it was so worth it. He could still feel it in his ass while sitting there with his cig, his other hand playing with the name tag around his neck.

The tense and also intense situation between them turned into a deep and long lovemaking session with lots of pleasure and orgasms. Just what they both needed after everything.

Jim wanted to hold and caress Corey while he was sleeping in his arms, but he also knew that his man would need to be rested and strong for the afternoon when the newbies will get their tasks to prove themselves. Maybe at the end of the day Corey would become an honorable member of Jim's old MC. But even if not, Jim will be fucking proud of Corey. He came along for this week and even was keen to play his role to please Jim and to have some fun for his own too. And he outdid himself again, of course.

That cake was amazing – no surprise there knowing Corey’s cooking and baking skills! – but what truly rocked Jim's world were the words he delivered about Jim's real freedom... After all these years... now he was practically fully free – aside from in this state. But they would soon leave it behind them to go HOME. To that thought Jim smiled warmly and rubbed his fingers across the little cabin with the pine trees carved into his necklace.

Corey watched the back of his man standing at the small cabin window. He smiled softly recalling the long sweet lovemaking they had. Jim was his and he was Jim's. And as they panned, today their kinky love life will get another chapter by playing out the fantasy of a newbie tested in the garage by the big old biker dude... Corey already growled inside.

As if sensing that he was being watched from the cabin, Jim turned around to check. He couldn't help the dreamy soft smile that instantly appeared on his face seeing Corey there. He was so beautiful in Jim's eyes. And he felt so close to his man after last night.

Stabbing out his cigarette butt, he got up and walked back into the cabin to go straight to the short man and kiss him good morning.

"So... Tell me about what these tasks will be..." Corey asked once he was able to get away from Jim's sweet lips. "I'm a little nervous, to be honest," he added walking to his clothes to get dressed. He should sneak out before most of the others wake up.

"You think you can bribe the mean-looking big biker VP for information about the tasks?" Jim chuckled softly as he watched Corey getting dressed. It was nearly as sexy like when he was undressing. Swallowing hard to keep in control, Jim rather walked to the small table where the very little remains of the delicious cake were and picked up a small thermos to pour some fresh coffee into its top, handing it to his man.

"Went to the house to make some after I woke up," he shrugged to the questioning look. "And it's gonna be a bit challenging, I think. But nothing you wouldn't be able to do. We practiced back at home in the woods. There'll be some riding on a set route which you'll have to finish on time. You'll have to get a package from a member at the destination point and the fastest who gets back with it safely will win that round. Then there's gonna be some testing your mechanic skills in the garage. To make sure you can fix your bike if something goes wrong with it..." Jim murmured sitting down onto the bed and pulling the standing Corey between his open legs so he could rub and stroke the small of his back and his round ass.

"Hmm... I have a guess who will test our mechanic skills…" Corey laughed a little hugging his man, caressing the short hair at the back of his head. "You think I'll be good? Or I will have to seduce the honorary VP to pass the test...?"

Jim grinned up at Corey then pressed a kiss onto his tee-covered stomach before lightly squeezing said ass with both his big hands. "I'm sure you'll do just fine, but some seducing that VP won't hurt, I think... I hear you're just his type..." he added as an afterthought and had to force himself to stop touching his man.

After all these years Jim still couldn't get enough of this small redhead with the big mouth. He had no idea that he'd fall so in love with someone. Or if it was even possible to love this deeply. And both of them reassuring the other of that love – like last night – was an amazing feeling.

"Now... after you finish your coffee, give me a kiss then sneak back into your cabin and get ready. I'll do the same. Today a few of the girls will handle the kitchen to let you prepare. We'll oversee things through walkies. I'll prepare things in the garage with Chris."

"Good to know. I have to admit that the VP is the type of big rough daddy that I just die for," Corey said teasingly, wiping the longer tufts out of his lover's face. He couldn't help it and got lost in those loving hazel eyes as he absently kept caressing the bearded face. "You're the best. I hope you know that... "

"Oh really? Good to know..." Jim teased back, enjoying Corey's soft touches as they were gazing into each other's eyes for a minute longer. "You too. I hope you know that..." Jim gave Corey one of his cute little giggles then stood up just to lean down for a passionate and promising long kiss.

"For luck," he grunted low once they came back up for air. "Stay safe out there. Don't let Robb or Phil fuck you up. They'll try, I'm sure. It's not worth it. You can let them 'win'. Just stay in one piece for me. I'll need your cooking and baking for many more years, baby," he grinned, patting his cute daddy belly. "Now go before someone sees you. I love you."

Corey laughed a little and saved the thought of getting at Jim later on for only voicing Jim wanting the small man for his kitchen fairy habits. But for now he said an 'I love you too' and let it go.

Carefully looking around he got out of Jim's cabin and hurried to his own. He needed to gather his thoughts and focus more not to flip out from Robb. Yeah, he was also sure that those two would try to get under his skin. And even if it was a game of some sort for him, he wanted to impress Jim and Chris.


Meanwhile on the other side of the area, Robb was looking over his bike with Phil. He indeed had some sneaky plans to distract Corey and even Mick too. He was a vagabond for so long, and wanted to be part of a bigger solid club.

Slowly everyone got up. Some started the day with a beer, some with coffee, but there was also a big lunch for everyone before they would get to the newbies' tests.

Chris, Jim and Dan made sure everything was ready and once one of their members used the walkie to tell them that all was set at the destined point where the four men had to arrive, the lined up four bikers got the green light as Chris started the stopwatch in his hand.

And then the game was on.

Making Jim look after his man with some worry in his eyes. Not that he didn't trust Corey's abilities, but the determined look on Robb's face rang the alarm bells for Jim. Like any good VP or president, he could tell that Robb was very ambitious and took getting into the Chicago MC dead seriously. Jim just hoped even he had his limits about how far he would go.

Thanks to the amazing job Jim had done on the old red bike, Corey had no trouble to navigate through the threes and bushes with ease. He could see from the corner of his eye how Robb stayed close to him, trying to cut his way off or crush him from the side.

The more cross motorcycle base of Corey's machine took the uneven ground with more ease, though. He could see at the sharp turn how Phil let his friend get ahead of him and Mick closed the line with a concerned expression over his strict face.

No matter the better skills, Robb's bike was faster on the flat clearing between the trees where a biker chick from the Chicago MC awaited them with the small packages.

Corey turned back first with it, but Robb was right on his tale in a few seconds as they were heading back towards the bushes. Using his speed to cut before the red bike and biker, he showered Corey full of dirt and dried leaves as he let his hind tire overrun.

Phil and Mick were not far behind and soon the ex-prison guard cut in front of Robb's friend. "You okay?" he shouted at Corey who was spitting out some dirt and dry leaves.

But it seemed the redhead didn't hear or didn't want to hear what the big man asked. Or probably wanted to stay focused on the task and sped off to catch up with Robb.

Meanwhile back at the farm the others were informed through the radio that the guys were on their way back. The chick even told them the order how they took the packages. Jim was slowly sipping on his beer and couldn't stop feeling proud knowing that Corey was the first back there. Now he was just praying that all would go well. Standing in the open doors of the garage, he lit up a smoke, staring at the horizon to see whenever the prospects would show up on it.

Despite all the cool thinking before, Corey saw red as he sped after Robb.

As the black-haired man saw him catch up, he made a sharp turn and his bike's side brushed against Corey's. Causing the red bike to get off its tracks and speed through some thorny bushes.

Cursing and growling Corey turned the machine with a few more new short bleeding cuts all over his face and neck – the leather biker clothes were not just badass but served as a second skin too – and he let the engine roar up as he went after Robb to return the favor.

Mick's – and even Phil's – brow knitted more and more together as they watched from a safe distance how the other two knocked each other up a few more times. But thank fuck they were getting close to the farm.

Jim's eyes narrowed and he probably held his beer bottle a bit stronger when he spotted the dust cloud among the trees then as the bikers left the tree line, it became obvious that Corey and Robb were the real contestants in this part. Jim swallowed hard, watching as they both sped up to get through the finish line first.

Corey decided that in the finish he had to get more tactical against Robb’s faster bike. So taking a short turn he used the small humps to jump the red beast (oh yeah... this biker world got under his skin too and named his 'baby' as well, feeling a little proud of it inside and from the similar fair reddish color of it) ahead of Robb. He took up more speed from there and another hump before turning in to park before Jim, Chris and Dan, handing the package to the local president and ignoring how they all – especially Jim – were looking over his very bloody face.

"Oookay. I see the race was... well, bloody serious," Chris mumbled half-jokingly. "The winner is Corey. Then comes Robb, Mick and Phil," he announced and everyone started cheering. "Congrats for getting back in one piece!" he continued. "Go rest up a bit and clean yourselves before meeting us back here in the garage in half an hour!"

Of course Jim's eyes were glued to the here and there torn clothes as well as the bloody face and thick neck of his man. After Robb sent a murderous look at Corey for stealing his glory, the newbies walked off. Jim stuck closer to Corey as they were walking towards the first aid table they'd set up earlier. "You're bloody all over," Jim whispered Corey the obvious. "It makes me both worried and horny. I'm worried but proud at the same time."

"I'm a big boy. Worry about the next task, instead," Corey chuckled low. Yeah… Fixing things were not his biggest virtue... But he could try... "After all goes down here, maybe you can show me some tricks… Maybe I'll take a private test," he added as he rubbed his shoulder a little to Jim's chest as he passed him and went to wash up.

"A private test, huh? I'm up for that any time..." Jim snorted as he watched Corey from afar. Well yeah, he wasn't the best with tinkering. Usually Jim did that at home and around the cabin too.

But to be honest, Jim just wanted these tests to get over with and spend more time with Corey. Of course it was good being among these bikers, but worrying for Corey was kinda draining too.

Lightly shaking his head, he headed back to the garage to check on everything one more time.

Corey put his leather jacket down and washed his face in the garden hose. After all it was a farm with such stuff...

Feeling the others approaching him while he straightened up, he acted cool about it. Seeing a huge shadow next to him he knew who it was.

"You were really good. But should be more careful," Mick said with worry in his voice as he eyed the thorn cuts over Corey's face. "Some of those will get infected."

"Yeah, poor kid. I see you don't care who it is as long as the guy is a certain size…" Robb spit it with spite in his voice, clearly hinting on the visual closeness of Corey to Jim and Mick. Two very tall men.... "I am not such a big man either but don't need no one to nurse me..." he added.

"Oh yeah… That's why Phil lets you ahead all the time. Very nice indeed," Corey grumbled back, rolling his eyes. He already knew the bike fixing round he won't win, and anyway it was just a fake reason for them to make a background for Mick joining and live out some kinky stuff with Jim. After last night and what this was promising, he just wanted this all to be over with and let his daddy teach him some things with... big tools... Hmm…

But being a very sore loser Robb kicked the red man's ankle as they passed each other and Corey had to grip onto Mick's jacket to not fall over while cursing.

Chris saw and overheard the whole scene and he frowned too as he waved Jim over to him. As the real VP he didn't like what he was seeing either. If the prospects won't be able to settle this feud between them then he would have to step in. Especially since Corey wasn't really competing.

Jim quietly walked over and had to hold himself back seeing how openly Robb targeted Corey – again. "I'll rip him a new one if he doesn't stop this soon..." he growled under his moustache only for Chris to hear.

"Okay dude, you can cut it out now!" Mick barked after Robb while helping Corey get on his feet. "It's not how bikers treat each other. Having a competitive spirit is okay, but you're going too far."

"Did he already have fun in your bed too? Or you’re just hoping to get lucky and baby him till that?" Robb barked back to which Mick had to hold Corey back.

And that was the point where the tall honorary VP had enough. Shaking Chris' hand off his arm he sent a 'stay down' look at Corey. He was every bit of the VP and prison gang leader in that moment, his whole demeanor changed, oozing danger and authority off him as he hurried after Robb.

"Hold it right there!" he barked at him. They were far enough from the others so that their conversation would stay private and only saw how Jim was towering over Robb, talking him down, even pointing his finger towards the shorter man's chest. Until the long-haired man's body language started changing a bit. The others could only guess what he was telling to Robb, but it seemed it was maybe going to work.

Corey went to do his thing as if nothing happened. He couldn't give anyone a hint of how proud he was of his big bad daddy handling Robb like that. Instead he just pushed the bike into the garage and let the other members take parts of it and screw it up a bit as preparing it for the mechanical test.

The others stood quiet too. Finally everyone was minding their own business while waiting outside. Even Robb was busier smoking than to mind anything else. So the test was undergoing smoothly. Despite that Corey didn't really know what to do.

It was Robb who finished with the fixing up first, Phil second and Mick not far behind. Corey was shrugging under the laughing eyes of Chris, who knew everything. The red beast was mostly still in parts when all the others were already done.

But fucking finally it was over. At least that's what Jim thought as in an hour – after asking Jim's opinion and talking to Jason (the president of the Chicago MC) on the phone – Chris was finally announcing who got in. Well, all. Except for Corey. Who got only an honorary membership. It was too bad that Jim couldn't take a picture of Robb's shocked face when that was said and the situation explained to them. Most only laughed on it and looked at Corey with respect for trying out the not easy quests to prove that he was worthy among bikers too – and to his biker man. The few who grumbled about it were quickly silenced by the others and finally the party everyone was waiting for could begin.


Feeling relieved that they didn't have to hide anymore, Jim and Corey drank a couple of beers with the others and ate something too. But as night was starting to fall onto the farm, he snuck off with the small man hand in hand. "Come on, my fierce biker. I want to show you around in the garage. I think you missed using one tool. Might show you a few tricks..." he grinned pulling Corey along and soon the garage's door was closed and locked behind them, only some ambient light over a work bench left on.

Jim's eyes were nothing but predatory as the big VP was eyeing the 'prospect' looking around as if he was there for the first time. And with that they were back in their roleplay. "You like it?"

Corey loved how fucked up Robb got to the announcement of him and Jim being a long term couple. It was all he wanted to see on that little prick. But the party was good and the small man couldn't stop grinning when Jim dragged him into the garage.

"Yeah. It's interesting… Can you teach me to be as good with big tools as you are?" he asked Jim with an innocent look on his face as he walked around and let his hand stroke along the big tools.

"I certainly can. But I have a feeling you have the talent for that... Such cute small men always do..." Jim murmured, stroking down his beard then he pushed himself away from the door to walk right behind Corey by that working table. Damn, this was one of his fantasies and he was getting quickly excited from finally playing it out.

Letting his bigger body push against Corey's from behind, he pointed to a wrench. "That we use to loosen and tighten stuff..." he puffed into Corey's scratched up neck, barely able to hold his laugh back. He just hoped that the 'prospect' wouldn't object against Jim approaching him in such a straightforward manner. He was the cutest from them all. "I had my eyes on you and your small little ass from the beginning. You like big ass bikers, don't you? I always sense that..."

Corey slightly leaned back against the bigger man towering over him. "Yeah… I think I'm a bit obvious, huh?" he giggled acting shy and glimpsed up at Jim. "I really do think you are a very sexy man and I would love to get close to you and loosen up stuff with you..." he breathed with a naughty glint in his blue eyes from the double meanings.

"Just a tad bit, but mostly to those who have an eye for that..." Jim growled low, letting a big hand stroke down on Corey's side to his butt to squeeze it while meeting that "shy" look. "Oh I think I can loosen up some things for you, pretty boy..." Jim said reaching forward to loosen Corey's belt and open his jeans while he gently kissed and licked along a few healing scratches on the slightly flushed face. Then he kissed him right when his hand slid deep into the jeans to rub the redhead's bulge.

"You like that?" he panted onto the wet pink lips. "Want more?"

Corey couldn't help but close his eyes with a pleased sigh from all that and leaned a bit even more against Jim.

"Y...yeah I love it... Can you show me more...? I want to feel your skilled hands all over me…" he moaned.

"Of course I can. Whatever the pretty boy wants..." Jim chuckled then moaned feeling Corey getting hard fast from his long fingers wrapped around the filling shaft. "Let's get more comfy then..." he suggested, letting the short man's dick go to quickly push his jeans and undies down and pull the black tee over his head. Then – like many other times – for a long moment Jim just feasted his eyes on all that creamy white and tattooed skin.

But this time it was full of bruises and scratches. "That asshole Robb got you good. Wanted to rip his head off..." he said tracing some of the bruises and experimentally pushed down on a few before Jim bent Corey over the table to lick up on his spine. "You like it rough, handsome?" Jim asked and couldn't suppress a grin, remembering how he used to call Corey like that in prison too when he got in. "Because sometimes we have to get rough to loosen things enough."

Corey bit his lip hard not too moan too loud from those strong fingers pushing down on his bruises. He even parted his legs when the big man pushed him forward.

He put his hands up stretched out on the table to show his total submission to the big ol' biker.
"Yeah... I love strong rough men taking over me…" he moaned and tried to move back to rub himself a little to Jim's groin. Gathering all the strength he had to stay in his role and not pull his man over himself to get what he was aching for.

"So very eager, I see... This big biker likes that... and glad you said that because we don't have much time and this VP wants to test the merch on his own too. Just to make sure you'd be a good addition to the gang..." he chuckled low and went down on his knees to plant soft kisses on the firm butt in front of his face while his hands stroked up on the inner side of those dreamy thick thighs.

"You're so fucking gorgeous. I want to eat you up alive..." he murmured pulling the white ass cheeks apart to lick between them and start rimming that inviting hole passionately, soon pushing both his tongue and a finger in. "You know... you have to do a thorough job to make sure everything's loosened nicely... but sometimes there's not enough time and you have to do with what you get..." he groaned, watching as soon two of his fingers were sliding in and out of the spit-slick hole, his other hand freeing his own long cock.

"I… I see..." Corey moaned panting and pushing his butt more back to the invading fingers. As always, his burning desire to feel Jim inside him helped to loosen up quickly for his man and various grunts and moans left his lips as he started to chew on them with a vague attempt to keep his cool.

It was not just Jim's fantasy they where playing out. He really had a thing for big bearded bikers and getting fucked on the working table by the VP to get into the club was one of his dirty dreams too…

"Can you give me more?" he asked panting. "Maybe the tool needs to be slicked up too… I heard it's easier to use it if it's slippery… Saw that in one of those male educational videos at PornHub," he added biting back a chuckle.

"I see you're a naughty little one... I like that and it's true..." Jim stood up. "It's definitely easier to use it that way," he said slightly out of breath and with scorching desire in his deep voice as he turned Corey around and pushed him down on his knees with a big hand on his shoulder to get in line with his fully erect cock.

"If you watch such educational videos then I imagine you know what to do next..." he said fisting his hand in the slicked back curls by Corey's nape, pulling him closer to his burning groin. "Slick it up well, handsome."

Not needing any more encouraging, Corey licked the wide cock head and wrapped his pink lips around it. Taking long deep breaths through his nose he sucked the big meat deeper and deeper with each inhale.

His tongue was licking the under side of the pulsing shaft, rolling it around it too as if it was the best lollipop he ever had. He even made pleased moaning sounds like he was feeding on his favorite meal.

"Fuck..." Jim said on an amazed voice which was only partly for the role. The other half of it was that wonderment he still felt even after these four years by his man's oral skills. God, he loved it when Corey was sucking him!

"That's it... Take it deeper... Swallow it all and I might start considering taking you into the MC..." he panted and moaned as his fingers pulled on the red curls and pushed Corey's face more into his groin, watching as his glistening meat was getting swallowed so eagerly.

Corey put his hands on the long thighs to steady his moves. Maybe he even caressed and gripped on them as well. He loved Jim's endless legs.

Doing as he was asked he took more of Jim's cock in his mouth and when it bumped the edge of his throat, he took a big breath and swallowed it down as far as he could in one take. He repeated the swallowing movement a few more times to make his strong muscles contract around the leaking member. Practically milking it hard.

"Holy shit!!" Jim groaned louder from those amazing feelings, dropping his head back for a long moment then he had to watch the majestic and fucking hot sight for a few more rounds of this move. "That fucking mouth of yours, pretty boy! Most would kill for such a mouth wrapped around their dicks..." he panted and roughly pulled Corey's head back to make his dripping wet cock fully slide out of his mouth.

"I might consider keeping you for myself if you get in... But first let's test something else..." he grinned down at the gorgeous man on his knees for him. Pulling him up by his tattooed arms he roughly manhandled him back into his previous position, kicking his legs more apart and bending him in half. And then he was pushing and fucking himself into that tight heat mercilessly.

Groaning his approval over the fact that Jim finally entered him, Corey pushed back against the long cock moving into him deeper with each tough thrust. He circled his hips a bit to feel the thick head rubbing more against his sensitive walls and also to loosen himself up more for Jim. He just loved it. It was crazy how much they fit together. Not at first look from the outside… But with their needs and passion for kinky games and how they could let everything go and just enjoy that moment with each other. Jim really was all Corey needed in a man to have his wild side accepted and free. And the years didn't seem to fade those feelings. He just simply loved to be fucked by his biker man, who seemed to always know what he wanted and how.

Even reaching back with one hand, he pulled Jim closer to him and dug his nails into his skin. His hips moving to meet up with the hard pushes got more demanding too.

By then Jim was panting and moaning his pleasure into Corey's neck and ear too – especially when he started circling those wide hips to help him get deeper faster. God, he loved this man and how in sync they were!

A few years back, right after they reunited in that motel behind the diner, Jim wondered how it would be getting to know this man and living with him. He still thought that it was the best decision he'd ever made, because Corey was... It was as if he was made for him, no matter how sappy that might sound. It was true nonetheless.

And now as he was speeding up with his long and rough thrusts, making his balls and thighs slap against that beloved ass and the heavy table lightly shake in front of them, Jim had to curl his longer body over his man and his tattooed arms around the trembling torso. "So good... so fucking good..." he panted biting and nipping and licking Corey. Then he slid a hand down between the redhead's open legs to pull on the wet cock firmly, loving how very hard he was from all of this.

"Oh fuck... Jim... Jesus..." Corey mumbled as he felt that steel grip on his leaking dick.

He was so close and just loved how Jim hammered against his prostate. His hips speed up too, chasing that itch that was building up more inside him with each move and was burning him for a release.

Bucking into the firm hand a few more times he just lost it. And lost it hard… His body bent forward more from the sudden force with which his orgasm took him over and pulled his man with him into the flames of his ecstasy.

Listening to all the mumbling and noises Corey and their bodies were making, Jim groaned loud as that amazing ass gripped hard on him and he had to practically fuck it open again and again while he started shooting his load in thick jets into his trembling man, fucking them both through their shared and fucking blinding orgasm.

"You're... so perfect..." Jim groaned as he squeezed the last drops of Corey's cum out of the spent dick and his own cock pulsed in him a few more times. They were both panting for air still as the big biker chuckled low. "You're so in my club, baby... Gonna make everyone jealous of my pretty boy..." he turned Corey's head to be able to kiss him slow and sensual and also satisfied that their shared fantasy was fulfilled perfectly.

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